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Snake Bit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 28, 2021 12:20 pm

Snake Bit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 28, 2021 12:20 pm

Robby is joined by Butch Vernon and Andrea Miller from Simply the Story to discuss "snake bites" that happen in our lives.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris use what we encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network boys and girls play on a gold Mandalay rise. Why listening may radio show and the Christian card is good to state that if you've ever like headed off on some adventure just like to get your wife to college. You probably understand the idea of being snake bit like oh my goodness, I got a story for you to get that in a minute but we gotta tell you all kinds of neat guest on the show today. I have Andrea Miller as well as Butch Vernon with sure is simply the story and they got some really cool stuff in my good friend Jerry Christian body shop guy long, long, long time friend.

We got all sorts of stuff coming your way and is always just like Sesame Street are shows like brought you by Hebrew letter in today's Hebrew letter is the letter. Hey and and I don't know if you've heard of that Hebrew letter before but it's kinda neat in that in the name of it. It is a description of what it is. So when you look out you go ahead.

The letter hay in Hebrew means expression. And so, what an amazing thing that God expressed himself to us through his word like God took the time to make sure that we knew the story so to speak, and so simply. The story is that the letter hay at all kinda comes together and I could spend a lot of time on that.

What I want because you need to know all my goodness who in the world was that that was sing and sneaky snake that was Tom T. Hall and he probably remember that before so you might guess there's a snake involved in today show and then once bitten twice shy could forget that song by great whites never thought you'd heard that on the Christian radio program. But I'm here to expand your horizons anyway and then your grand old flag by McMillan McGraw in a course, all those things will come together and I said I as always, I love my introduced perplexity like Robbie. How does all this fit together in today show me just begin with that little bit of my story. My daughter is gotta go back to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and for those of you don't know, I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina since Sunday night when she supposed to leave on Monday morning and we got to go through Atlanta to get there.

So anybody that knows about this trip but you do not want to be in Atlanta Georgia at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, so whatever your mission may be you don't want to be downtown Atlanta at 5 o'clock right shown here that you don't want that God never done that. I'm from DC so I know rush-hour traffic. A and so I get this call for my daughter about my 6 o'clock Sunday night.

Sam you know it's gonna take a bed Birmingham and it'll fit in the car right Toyota Camry know it's not going to fit in the car so I decide wow. I better get a U-Haul actually was able to accomplish getting the U-Haul and I knew I had a bumper at a trailer hitch on the family and I was like okay this this will be fine. About 3 o'clock the morning Jerry, I woke up to my horror of oh know this thing is not wired for trailer hitch.

I put the hitch on it just so I could move my sailboat from one place to go around the marina and so that started the adventure of how my gonna wire this car for trailer and even though you may be the Christian card.

I does not mean you have certain skills okay and that Sherry all the details of how I wired this car but let me just say when the U-Haul guy said you're good to go. I was breathing a sigh of relief by the timing of the bed loaded in the U-Haul. You may have guessed that it was 11 o'clock in the morning which meant that you can end up downtown Atlanta.

At exactly 5 o'clock now is this Toyota Camry has 200,000 miles on it and I'm concerned all the way that it's can overheat because it wasn't designed to pull a trailer. It's a four-cylinder and some watching the temperature gauge and watching the gauge on the – and how hot it is outside.

And as we pull into you know what is death Valley in the downtown Atlanta. I'm seeing that the temperature outside is 103° at this point in time the traffic comes to a dead stop night and I'm watching the heat gauge in the Toyota and all the sudden there she blow, and now I gotta go over three lanes against people that were not very friendly, Sean. They didn't want me come in over three lanes.

But my wife sees.

I think they didn't anticipate running into a NASCAR driver. At this point but anyway I got the car over and there I was with the trailer behind it and like any good Christian car guy didn't want know what to do in this situation you might be shocked so I googled it and right there on the side of the road in downtown Atlanta. When I do the cars overheat and I'm downtown Atlanta and it was genius was genius.

I hope you've experience this by just one thing I wanted to share with my listeners today in case you're ever in the situation I was snake bit. But God came through for me through Google, said you know what to do, Jerry. I'm curious what it said to do which four-way blinker zone and wait for the DOT truck to combine your hand and I'm just stabbing in the dark. No, I called Rich when I that would be the best think I'll raise bodyshop wrecker service would had a record six hours in Europe only been tested in the end on the side of the road he hosted would be a good word for what it said to do was turn off the air conditioner turn the heat on full blast right can swing the air-conditioners put more heat on the car by turn on the heat, use the radiator arming the heater core is an additional radiator get the heat off the car. So I sat there five now all the thing cool off when it finally, the gauge came down to where I could see it was safe.

The traffic was somewhat flipped the heater on full blast on my wife was thrilled about this as it's 103° okay without the heater so the point is like wow you can get snake bit out there and when you do, you're going to need a bronze serpent or some along those lines so here's here's the little bit of the settable really doing today want to share that. But these folks were simply a story wanted to do a radio show. I'm so excited I met him at the NRB and so we thought would be fun to kind of pilot this idea, but we need you, the listeners to be a big part of it like you're calling in today is critical to the equation. Okay, so get ready to call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884. They're going to share a Bible story, but your mission is to help in the discussion of it. So with Adam and to turn it over to Andrea to share simply start thinking Robbie. I'm super excited to be here and this story is is an amazing story. I it starts about 39 years after God has rescued the Israelites from Egypt where they were in harsh slavery under the Egyptians and the we need first came out of Egypt. God was going to take them into the promised land that he wanted for them.

But the generation refused to go in and so God said that those 20 years old and older would die in the wilderness so it's been about 39 years and most of them are almost gone and including Moses, their leaders sister Miriam and his brother Aaron so these. There's about 2 million people.

Moses knows he's not going in a been wandering the desert now almost 40 years, and constant providing food he's been providing man-hour Brad he's provided water he's been with them 24 hours a day seven days a week through a cloud during the day in a fire at night to easily's before the Israelites and just before this story takes place, the Edomites, which are distant relatives have told the Israelites they cannot pass through their land which would've been a lot quicker and this is where the story begins. Now this would probably pick it placed pray because I think it's a great place now. All right. Would you like to pray. Sure a Lord we just thank you so much for the opportunity we have, to come to people's homes and cars be able to share this.

Pray Lord that you would speak to each one of us today through your word just guidance directors encourage us and convict us just do what only you can do this. Thank you for Christ name we pray. Amen. So we come back, where Cheryl is important for Washington.

She is home and look forward to that. But we need your call absolutely share the stories and talk about it. Get ready to call us at 8663 for 87884 866-34-TRUTH we come back for his share. The story for all your you're listening to the Truth Network and boys and a Google News delay is by listening to me were talking about it today is snake bit situation on the Christian car guys show. We got the folks from simply the story.

Can I continue on the story of the Israelites in the desert and but before we do that we got.

Cheryl is in Port Orchard, Washington.

She wants to share a poem with us all so grateful you called and Cheryl which got morning Sarah, Linda, not Sharon off. That's okay we have a new caller screener that is not knows here Linda, but that's cool.

Lastly okay okay beyond compare. In the last two years you with their life with their careers whose light.

Would you like to share my daughter said grandpa Lee and I had great grandpa Bob.

They met together at their job they worked in the mind as you see we were at John's parents, John and I will were newlywed. I leaned on every word John grandpa said how he'd like to real family aged out did he adventure called entente all shipped on each word so much to me. They were tales my dad would tell tales that made my heart swell words from the Scripture. Grandpa also told each word count people would drink power to be my John where where my John where it might please with all of those who are resting now I am resting more somehow God's word says it won't be long week.

Yes, we will be with God.

We will be on our way going up still like light. Each trim their lamp.

Amanda, keep your light bright light pray God were all going out going all going up……… Sincerely, not so, and I can see completely how that supply to listen to. Last week I was hoping you'd call in yeah it was I was over here with no we are not used to it over with my oldest daughter's house is cooler so that I couldn't get the radio there. Thank you so much for calling Sharon a beautiful poem today. As always, you are very gifted. God bless you, thank you bye-bye alright so getting back to our snake bit story were so grateful for Sarah limit is always for those of you don't know someone is in her 90s and just a real treasure that we've had Colin many many many times it's it's hard to follow a poem like that is now well this is this is an amazing story, you know, the Israelites, it they traveled from Mount horror along the Red Sea and the window around the land of Edom, and he became very discouraged because of having to go that way so they spoke against the Lord and they spoke against Moses and they said did you bring us up out of Egypt to kill us. We have no food. We have no water.

And we hate this worthless bread. So the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the Israelites and they bit the people in many of the Israelites died. So they went back to Moses and said we have sin because we've spoken against the Lord and against you. Pray to God that he would take away the snakes and so Moses prayed for the people and the Lord said make a poisonous snake put it on a pole open that if anyone is been and they look at the snake. They will so Moses stated that he made a bronze serpent.

He put it up on a pole and that any of the Israelites that were bitten if they looked at the snake. They lived and that's the Bible story is pretty amazing Bible story, oh it is one of my favorites really I should ask why I think because in my case, John chapter 3 Jesus references it and gives us a picture of what he was going to yeah it's true I think as we dig into this story a little bit working to find out we might get some indications of what that picture really looks like, you know, I just want to say you know they are traveling. They've been 39 years in the desert are approximately 39 years they've been eating the same food over and over. Can you just imagine how the Israelites might be feeling think they might be feeling overheated and I esteem is it out because I can relate to this right this minute I'm going when you're in that the desert taught man in your hot and you're tired and you're frustrated and you know you're ready to go off and so unfortunately who we can go off on. I mean, you know, this was his idea and so man yeah yeah can see him be in the throng of bracelet death March and waiting for those people who refuse to go in to pass away before they ignore the promise land and I can only imagine what it was like every time you walk by someplace yo uncle Ben died there.

Aunt Sally died there.

You know, just that that morbidity that settled in yet close to home.

Even with Moses his sister and his brother passed away now and he knows he's not going in and there traveling from Mount horror along the Red Sea in a they went around the land of Edom in their discouraged and so we want to encourage you if you're listening like how about you have you been this. You felt snake like that before the payment of same before date is overheated. You're hungry and eat the same food you know how that works out share with us. We would love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH finally come back have a lot more of the store you're listening to the Truth Network and boys and you will only delay is my sneaky snake where talking about it today. We sure are the Christian card I should show snake bit today were talking with the folks simply the story I should tell you there if you go to Christian card. you know they do these stories wonderfully around the world and share this information for discipling tools unbelievable and I got all kinds a workshop coming up in ways that you can link with all their Christian card. and also need to tell you that today coming up at 1 o'clock is the cure with Amy Cabo and she's going to have a whole segment on saving our children human sex trafficking with Rosenblatt. So we do that all the time with Landon rescue, but this is an opportunity for you to call in and share with her today at 1 o'clock on the cure with Boris and Amy. How fun is that.

So getting back on.

We left our heroes there in the desert their shoes had worn out. As I recall. However, at this point time they could use some snake chaps. Just saying.

But anyway, with that the questions that that we were pondering like put yourself in this position and how do you feel, and we want you to call you and share you not just think about this. How would you feel 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH soon as you hear these questions that Andre butchered to share the idea is for you to engage like in this story, maybe in a way you never have before and think about what she's talking about and then call us and share yeah I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on these questions, you know, the people did speak against the Lord and against Moses, saying, did you bring us up out of the Egypt, to kill us in the desert and I'm just thinking what might they have been able to do differently beside speak against God and against Moses as is God not been providing for them. It almost seems just the way they phrase that question that they're looking back it Egypt is is something they missed out on right and and so you gotta kinda wonder wherewith they got that information. But who is who is giving them this grand idea of of Egypt and not reminding them of God's you'd said earlier daily blessing right and that the bread he's provided water in his presence. Is there everyday so I just find that interesting.

You make a great point. They were snake bit before the snake bit right yeah and I mean that was part of this thinking thinking that was going on. There is, they were listening to lies and they had swallowed them so to speak right. Oh yeah and there even same.

We have no bread. We have no water and we hit this worthless bread but wait a second. They have no bread and water, and they hate to spread.

I'm wondering if that bread is sustain them for a while now were talking about stuff mala this is the stuff that they would put in the ark of the testimony in man. They would wish they had it later.

Ablate me to sit there. Would love to taste it. Oh yeah, and yet what might we learn about the Israelites from the way talking to God and to Moses anything, what might we learn about them, and some is gotta call us at 866-348-7884. You can be courageous and call because you know you could really make an impact with what your thoughts on this and I just tell you from my perspective. They're a lot like me always my that there are a lot like you like me to. That was uncalled for but will play. They are Jerry know just how would tell the story. Thinking about it Rob, you're right. I mean, it is what is changed.

I mean one thing that has changed very little over the course of time is human nature and we all will sort of drift back into it, we forget how bad something was in our life but is something we were familiar with. So sometimes it's safer in your mind, go back to what you familiar with because really what they were doing now was continuing on the promise and so they're different.very, very little is changed very little from change with me as far as that goes. And when I read the Bible. This is just amazing. When Scripture you read a story in the Bible are or how God is speaking through through Moses are in the Old Testament are on the New Testament.

The gospel and step in you. You can read it and when you read it from the perspective of just reading that historical event you think it helped you help foolish. Where the hell narrowminded where they hell did they not understand the grace of Japheth realized within all the sudden we read it and we kind of put ourselves in there that those words are directed to me today then it just changes that whole narrative, I would never speak against my pastor would you okay on everybody hands down. NSS something in me right now it is perfect example of what were going through in in our society right now with that without the mask.

The mask end that vaccinations in the church.

This churches feels comfortable opening the said the church doesn't feel comfortable and we see that Satan is using that to pull the children Lord and it's the same thing. I mean that the Israelites were doing because really Satan wanted to see them at odds against each other.

I guess the leadership because the ship is making decisions best they could to the guy you know God was God and through that, but then the people were just hearing it from their ears and their process in it in allowing Satan to get in there and I think it's really what were in so many ways. That's what will live in through right now. And then it isn't just the coronavirus is also the social issues that were living in an know it is kind of frightening but when we put ourselves in the Scripture that that Scripture is to live in Bob voice is speaking to us directly today the lease injected and read it that way, it changes the Scripture for me.

I mean completely yeah yeah for sure. Well thank you for sharing that it's it's so easy to complain but I got lots of people calling in all sorts of courageous folks and got Trey is in Winston-Salem trailer on the Christian card I show good morning good morning Rob, I'm excited that you called in today so what I will love all people in modern Bob… Bob and many non-people in there in the body. So you very weak Christian usually go on their mature spiritually mature people you know I won't get all that level that the you also but usually snakebite are very vocal, very, dominant in our conversations are probably and you and you drop it like it's not a lot of psychological term orbit familiar things like their, ignorance, or the use their voice of wildness to try to cover up their ignorance and somewhat. You know, but I wanted to encourage people to unite against my you know we are and if that you know to look past the people looked very people instantly God United States partners. Thank you.

On your shoulders and just a ball movement to safety. You know, and I know that's what we got a very, that is awesome Trey God bless you and appreciate you call as courageous.

Thank you, man. I write we got to fall one of my favorites follows in Greensboro, not the trays on my favorite but fall under see Sarah Linda and fail. I can't read Sam get Oldfield mimes okay. Thinking about when they were complaining against God and the Bible always pillows that the mall within the heart and that would be designated in one day on people and we all we all do it, and some family hi what we say what will thinking, but thankfully it comes out of the mouth. No, it also still that will so grateful we always say okay God gave you but I like where they would benefit they had found on this on their feet when they were still in great sale is awesome.

Well fail.

I am so grateful again. She called and I talked in a while something glad you called in. We will talk soon, though, we come back we got Monica. We got Linda. We also your listening to the Truth Network and as you will only delay the rise by sneaking his name.

This snake bit today on the Christian Car Guy show as were talking about the story Moses in the desert. Your thoughts are welcome and actually with greatly appreciated if you would call with your thoughts on the story of the of Israelites in the desert as they were speaking against Moses and against God and the next thing you know him came the poisonous snakes and we've got Monica and Linda still we ever got to Sargon ago with Linda is in Hemet. I've never heard of tenant but were sent Linda hi Andrea hi Blake, how I hey Linda are doing great. Thanks for calling. What's on your mind up about privation, one that all of the who, 20 years old and going to die. That means the ones that are left over 60 years old being 40 and 62, who have any memory that I II just like little facts like that at the end of faith and that the Israelites wanted motor and God take a snake away like I didn't do that. He did something different in a snake, though there tonight is that strike you well.

I was going into application. Maybe not ready for that, but sometimes we can ask God to give something that you document that he got totally different way to its true. Thank you for sharing Linda. We appreciate that that is awesome. I stood out of nowhere tenant in the boondocks of what state California tenant California that's awesome. So grateful you called in today. God bless. Thanks. Thank you. And then we have. Oh and I just believe it or not cut off. Monica rather than Linda, but that's okay. I'm not unlike me to do that hit the wrong button. So maybe Monica, I'm sure she'll call back yet to hear from Monica again so moving on.

We need your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you know it's interesting, something that Linda brought up the Israelites asked for Moses to pray to God to take snakes away and got didn't I mean did do you think you mean a set sinned against leaf sinned against God and against you prayed that God would take away the snakes.

I mean, what would you expect God to do in this situation. Any yeah you would expect, you know, like, okay, good. No snakes like who want snakes. We pray you prayed God take the snakes away me. Does this happen in today's life or people are praying and praying they take a snake away for a long time and that steak is still there and very capable of biting.

So that really do not take away the snake, it doesn't take away its ability to inflict its punishment right one to wonder what God might be teaching the Israelites through all this. Any ideas for a contrary. If you know while Bobby, I think things just teaching them and that's it just teaching as you said earlier, sometimes we praying God doesn't answer that prayer the way we see fit. The way we think is the best way but God does answer our prayers and it may be said that we never even see on this side of heaven, but God does answer prayers and and what he teaches us is to completely trust him and trust his direction and new on this life journey. Zombie pitfalls is a be plenty of snakes.

I have good play night falls and I got some for you as I was thing about this okay God is like the master artist and he is painting a picture. The whole time right.

He isn't just allowing shenanigans for no good reason heat he wants to paint us a picture of something that is way bigger in my opinion, then what's going on here that would be available for us for the rest of eternity to think back to what really he's capable of. When we fall in that pitfall that also united with God. Every stroke has a purpose, just like with a painter mean every stroke has a purpose. I can stroke and take a campus unspoken. There's no purpose right there.

There's definitely some sump, some purpose in what he's doing here because he's planning something clearly Jesus uses later and an innocent very precious insight for me. Oh yeah more deafening to get into that I believe in the next hour for sure we have and it's just an amazing thing I've always wondered you know God could've wiped the Israel outs the Israelites out immediately with her complaint.

Having a pad how much experience with the Lord.

39 years at least and he doesn't he sends these poisonous snakes and I'm just curious, by sending poisonous snakes defined that may be merciful mean Howdy Howdy see that right now we have James Greenville South Carolina. So James maybe got an answer for James what you think is just my day whether it's call Sarah Levin if Joan okay Ryan I fail you okay go ahead and we can't be truly thankful. We cannot complain that I cannot you now.

I've heard you can't kill a grateful heart equipment at Danny's hell is he sayings knowing that he uses that when it's very that's it's it's very poignant right there so absolutely Joan and when we thankful that we go through. I got there that we trust him for everything and throw that in mind and yeah yeah work and when everything and everything including I that such wisdom really be thankful for because I have learned a lot to learn that work in my life. I had thank God for it. Not knowing why wait, maybe not even feeling that, like Tom, but it put everything in perspective only is it that you listen to his radio down there and yes ring LOL thank you John some very courageous and I will get your name right next time. I hope that Joe shall bless Sarai well for those of your listing on the Truth Network were to continue this discussion of the kingdom pursuits as we are simply distorting but also I want to mention to you as always you go to Christian There you can find out more about the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and my newest podcast series with his hidden treasures. 100 nineteenths, all continues oh so much fun and all I just want to thank you what you're listening mean so much to me your call today means so much to me, even though struggle with the names of thank you for listed and thank Jerry it's always great for Butch and Andrea was simply the story. It's all there listening to the Truth Network and This is the Truth Network

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