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Those Who Mourn

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks
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August 22, 2021 6:00 am

Those Who Mourn

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks

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Good morning search.

Glad that you are here this morning was for summer services. A little bit syncopal songs and go to God's word now and hear the message that I believe that he is laid on my heart to share today and then organ it spends more time singing and celebrating the Lord's table together.

Remembering the Lord through the Lord's table. In a few moments. Take your Bibles and turn to Matthew chapter 5 Matthew chapter 5 today were looking at.

The second beatitude that Jesus preaches when he comes to the setting of the sermon on the Mount and and it's it's a beatitude that I have really enjoyed Dobbin into this week.

Here's a question for you. Who knows what a paradox is gone. Paradox is okay will all be on be clearly honest with you, and the general idea what a paradox was in this past week. I really look up the definition for paradox. Okay and and I needed that because I need to wrap my mind around the idea but but here's the definition of a paradox owner.

It's a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well-founded or true. It's an absurd self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well-founded or true. Not here's some examples of simple paradoxes okay simple ones.

First of all, save money by spending money gets up as a paradox.

Save money by spending money we hear them either going back on us is is absurd. In some ways but kinda makes sense.

If you have an old air conditioning system you can save money in the long run by replacing that air condition system right. And here's another one if I know one thing, it's that I know nothing who said that before. Nobody is another one. This is the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of the end start thinking about it. Okay all of a sudden starts to make sense. Not here's here's were my favorites are right, but to say that somebody came up to you and they look you in the eye and they were very caring and they look at you and they said you know deep down you're really shallow person. The paradox admit deep down you're really shallow person that these are simple paradoxes that I just shared with you. There are complex paradoxes that maybe sometime in in in philosophy class in college you learned about. For example, there is the Fletcher's paradox by the reflector is an arrow maker. Okay, if you you may have heard this at some point I want to read the whole thing and then you just need to remember Fletcher's paradox to go back and study it later going to understand what's being talked about your but here's the Fletcher's paradox. Imagine an arrow maker has fired one of his arrows into the air for the arrow to be considered moving it has to be continually repositioning itself from the place where it is now to any place where it currently isn't the Fletcher's paradox, however, states that throughout this trajectory the arrow is actually not moving at all at any given instant of no real duration. In other words, a snapshot in time during its flight.

The arrow cannot move to somewhere. It isn't because there isn't time for it to do so, and it can't move to where it is now because it's already there. So for that instant in time. The arrow must be stationary, but because all time is comprised entirely of incidents in every once in every excuse me and every one of which the arrow must also be stationary than the arrow must be in fact stationary. The entire time. Except, of course, it isn't how if you're confused at this point that I that's why tell you about that single item look at it later. Okay like a homework assignment will reveal the Fletcher's paradox study that thing is after I studied it and really thought about it for a while and really dwelled on it for in excess of 10+ hours and when that long. I promise okay starts to make sense as an absurd comment about absurd something that after a while, it just kinda starts to make sense. Here's another paradox is the beatitude they were looking at today in Matthew chapter 5 verse four. Look at Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Now if blessed means happy and we talked about already. That's what that means and blessed means happy then associating happy with the word mourn doesn't make any sense at all.

It seems like a paradox.

How can a person both be happy and mourn at the same time. How can they be happy and mourn at the same time, though in our world. We we mourn when a loved one passes away, we mourn when we lose a job or when a relationship is severed.

We mourn when something hurts so why would Jesus associate happiness with morning we got a whole lot to unpack with us today and so I wanted to invite you to to join me in in entering into this time where I believe God has some very specific to share with us before we go to that list of the Lord in prayer together. Father I ask that you give us wisdom, clarity that the Holy Spirit's illuminates your word in such a way today that were able to understand what is being said.

But then Lord deeper than that.

That we apply what's being said and taught to our lives.

Father, thank you for the opportunity to worship you, thank you for the chance that we had to come into the setting and and to bring our minds and our hearts in all of our circumstances into focus more we pray that you bless our time together. We love you in Jesus name, amen for everyone of the eight Beatitudes were working through right now right leg as they were in the second beatitude, but in every one of these eight beatitudes. There's a common theme that runs all through all of them and that theme is that the Beatitudes are deeply spiritual, they are deeply spiritual as a part of this upside down kingdom that Jesus comes to earth to present to the Jews were anticipating a Messiah who would overthrow the Roman government and who would usher in this time of Jewish dominance and all of the world they were thinking with a purely earthly or temporary mindset. While Jesus is thinking with an eternal or or spiritual mindset. So when Jesus comes this mountain to preach what we call that the sermon on the Mount doesn't take long until you realize that Jesus is thinking on a completely different level than anybody else is this different level thinking is is a thread that runs all the way through Jesus life and all the way through his through his teachings. The summer we got a realize we come to the Beatitudes especially good one, such as this one right here is to be really really easy for us to put this in earthly minded box and apply it in a really superficial way. But Jesus didn't mean for us to do it that way.

Here's what I mean your here's how we could look at this again. We could look at this beatitude is say okay Blessed is those who are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Okay art that is talking about the person who is mourning the loss of a loved one there to be comforted by God. In the very happy. I know you're pure partly truth that yes, that is, that is true but it goes so much deeper than that. And there's so much more to it than just that one simple idea was diving euros. Pull this thing apart together and you go to your handout. You can fill out the other. Fill in the blanks as we as we work through this first question that I want to ask here is what does it mean to mourn. What is a means to mourn is Jesus talking about here was me. First of all it means to be sad or to to grieve morning is gotten wrenching anguish over a situation of circumstance for some events. It's got wrenching anguish over a situation, circumstance or event.

We know what it means to mourn. We've been there before we been a part of this world in which we've all lost loved ones we've we see natural disasters take place all over the world. A week we've seen lives lost through that we've lost things that are dear to us. We know what it is like to mourn morning is a reaction to something that's not right. Death is not right and justice is not right.

Poverty is not right, racism is not right. War is not right. Persecution is not right. Addiction is not right. These are all effects of the fall and they are not creations of God. They are the result of man's disobedience to God for the great problems with with living in this world is that we easily become calloused to the heart ache to think about Afghanistan this past week we hear about it.

We get angry at governments that allow this great injustice to seemly to take place. But we don't grieve the death and we don't grieve the injustice we hear about the flooding over in western North Carolina parts of Tennessee where people were displaced from their homes, and many have died because of the flooding in the past week. We hear about it. We don't grieve it, let it let it touch us. We don't feel it. We are about the wildfires that spread all throughout the western United States. The complete destroy people's property will necessarily grieve it.

One of the coping deaths we hear about covert deaths and we hear about all these people have lost their lives, but we don't grieve those deaths unless there people who were close to us. Then we grieve it but but in general we hear about those difficulties is those great sense of loss.

We don't we don't grieve, don't feel in a deeper way. And when I first got married and started wearing wearing a wedding band all the time. This thing drove me nuts. I don't know if you are ever in that position. But listen, I never worn a ring in my life. All the sudden I'm trying to wear a ring and playing with it all the time and it's it's actually kinda hurt my handlers will sorely appear there on my hand and and just annoying my marriage was on annoying the reading the symbolizing marriage is annoying. But after a while you have to kind of forgot that it was there. Now I don't even know it's there greatly callous right here in my hand that that's now I did on pre-disorders are greatly callous on my hand instead of instead of hurting me is what seems to happen. We hear about people and in turmoil. Things are not as they should be.

We grow callous to it in different it doesn't sting us the way that use to be all God created us to mourn what is it right. He created us to mourn things that are not right is a whole book in the Old Testament, called lamentations where the author Jeremiah does nothing but lament the things that are not as they should be. Jerusalem is in ruins. The people are scattered all over the world and they are in slavery. When you read the Psalms seems like half the Psalms are people like David mourning and lamenting and breathing events and people in and strip difficult circumstances here some examples of mourning and lamenting is just as justice found in the Old Testament.

Okay the first example I think of is God himself, lamenting in morning. They even created the earth because of the way to his creation and turned its back on just chapter 6 verse six and the Lord regretted that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him to his heart, shows us that that God has deep sorrow when evil reigns in the world unchecked because that's not how he created the world.

Ezekiel 33 we find God lamenting over the sin of the disobedience of the people they turned their back on Ament and the result is disastrous, but that over and over again you find examples of individuals who are crying out there morning in the middle of very difficult tough sift situations. Psalm 130 verse one out of the depths I cry to you oh Lord, out of the depths I cry to you.

Psalm 13 verse two through three. How long must I take counsel in my soul and have sorrow in my heart all the day. How long shall my enemy be exalted over me consider and answer me oh Lord my God light up my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of death. Some 25 versus 16 through 20 turned to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.

The troubles of my heart are enlarged. Bring me out of my distresses consider my affliction and my trouble and forgive all my sins. Consider how many are my foes and with what hatred and violent hatred. They hate me all guard my soul and deliver me. Let me not be put to shame. For I take refuge in you is her prayers. People crying out breathing lamenting things are not right. This world is not right is not as God created it.

There's reason to mourn in this current sin cursed state that our world finds itself in Romans chapter 8 verse 22 through 23 Paul is this teaching and he says this he says for we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. The whole creation, not just man the earth at large. All of God's creation has been groaning together the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation, he says, but we ourselves Christians who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. So what is it mean to mourn is Jesus talking about here in this beatitude means that we take the heart ache. We take the loss and we take this injustice in the sin in the death all of it that is not as it should be, and we feel it in a deep way is a disease called congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrous may have heard about it before, maybe seen on TV show. Eunice was Dr. TV shows and bring it up sometimes it's a rare disease that doesn't allow a person to feel pain.

They can't feel pain. On the surface second cells also write because a kid falls off the bike and he scraped her knee and there's no crying presented for they don't really pain or maybe or maybe you burn your hand on some, hot surface and then there's no pain from that burn seems like okay let's have a good thing right. But honestly this is a really dangerous disease.

A person can be seriously injured and never even know it either in a car accident. They can't tell a doctor, here's where I'm experiencing pain or mayor. Maybe they have cancer and and they can't communicate what they're experiencing because they can't point to, here's here's what's going on. There's no nerve endings that are sending the right signal to the brain to alert the person was going on when the most dangerous things that we could ever do is to become numb to the pain that is inevitable in this world.

In this age of of of news be in everywhere is saturates our social media saturates our TVs. There's news everywhere eventually get to the point we see it so much that it doesn't affect us anymore. We will feel it anymore. What Jesus is trying to communicate in this beatitude is how important it is for us to not be closed off to the pain that is all around us is in that pain that he has the greatest chance of showing up and working in incredible ways through us as Christians if we close ourselves off to the pain they were to miss out on some of the greatest blessings we could ever experience. We are the hands and feet of Jesus taking his love and the message of the likely to be found in him to the entire world and when we mourn and lament the pain of this world were seeing with the eyes of Jesus what he sees when he looks at the world to tie together here for just a moment. We talked about last week of the first beatitude and and and and this one was tidies together for a moment true mourning takes place only after we have become poor in spirit members on a poor in spirit last week. True mourning only takes place after we become poor in spirit. You cannot with any level of of true understanding mourn the state of this broken world until you have been broken of the pride that says I've got it all together.

If you think you got your life altogether, then you can't mourn for the things that break God's heart because you still think that you are God, and that your way and your will is ultimately what's most important. What Jesus knew was that when we start to view the world through spiritual lands rather than humanistic lands to see a lot of things that don't line up around us with a godly kingdom mindset and were looking with those kinds of eyes start to mourn the things that break God's heart and then we have a chance listen get a chance to be a part of what God is doing what you doing Scott doing ultimately he's bring restoration and redemption to this broken world. That's what it is. Please don't own it is for just a moment here before we get to the comfort part of this talk more about the restoration here just a moment own owners answer this question, what are we to mourn.

What is the word tomorrow and give you some examples here, just a couple examples. First of all we we mourn the state of our own fallen soul. We mourn the state of our own fallen soldiers got come a point in every single human being's life in which they realize I am a sinner who is separated from God because of my sin. I can't have a relationship with God.

We repent of our sin, we turn to God is gonna come for every human being if they want a relationship with God but that of a Christian after they become a believer is viewed by God as righteous of being in a relationship with him through Jesus, but were still anything but perfect as we still live in the sin cursed body and we still sin.

So we mourn our sin.

Knowing that is not right and knowing that it flies in the face of our holy God as we mourn the state of our fallen soul. Secondly, we mourn our friends and relatives, associates and neighbors who don't know Jesus if they die without knowing Jesus and there to spend eternity apart from God, we mourn, we grieve that we mourn the death and the repercussions of death in our world. Adam and Eve were the first created human beings. And when God created them. He created them with living forever in my they were created to die when sin entered into the world, and death entered into the world. We mourn death because it's separation from loved ones and and wait. We mourn because we were not created to live in separation from our loved ones. So we mourn death, the repercussions of death on our world.

We mourn the effects of the brokenness of the earth.

The effects of the brokenness of the earth.

Just last week, we see the effects of of the brokenness of the earth using hurricanes and tropical storms are seen flooding seeing wildfires.

The earthquake in Haiti. There is a small earthquake in Morganton, North Carolina this past week. 2.7 on the Richter scale think is what was there was a loss of life from that but but it states the effect of the brokenness of the world. All of these are natural phenomenons that are taking place and that can bring to light the brokenness of the earth itself. Earth is decaying actively decay just like our physical bodies decay, but ultimately we mourn anything that doesn't line up with God's agenda. Anything that doesn't line up with God's agenda. Anything that goes against his holiness. Anything that takes the place of his glory being proclaimed throughout the whole world. We mourn what is not writes Scriptures is right.

First of mourn, and in this way, these are things that we are to mourn back to the beatitude as a whole says this blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Blessed are those who mourn happy are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. You look at that the very basic grammar lessons can show you that the happiness is not found in the morning the happiness is found in the comfort, happiness is not found in the morning the happiness is found in the comfort was discomforting really look like was really look like as a momentary temporal comfort, Inc. what could be yeah is the comfort is at the comfort and grace of of having the presence of other people around your difficult times, yet could be is having the presence of God with you as a Christian in any circumstances you find yourself in life yet. Could be it's all of these things. Comfort comes in a variety of forms and often times the comfort that one person needs is different from the comfort that another person needs.

As I look at this passage is really really clear that there is a comfort that Jesus is talking about here that is universal that all Christians can and will take part in this comfort is one that we will all be a part of comfort comes when we have mourned the brokenness we've seen the brokenness we felt the brokenness around us, but then we see God's redemption at work.

We experienced the death we experience the difficulty around we experience a severed relation whatever it is, but we see God's redemption at work. The book of Revelation when John the Baptist the sea, and all these things are to come in the future.

Here's a part of what he sees. Okay this is the end. All right, Revelation 21 starting verse one then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God listed the world as we know it right now maybe broken in our lives, broken with it, but all along God has been all about restoring all the wrong that is to be made right and ultimately one day he's going to do that so every bit of the wrong that we see around us right now will be restored in the end what Jesus is promising here. This beatitude is that when you are filled with that gut wrenching grief at the heart ache around you.

Hold on because comfort is coming as you see God redeem your brokenness and what that brokenness is for you right that brokenness may be a sickness.

It may be a death.

It may be a severed relationship. It may be any number of things that I can't. I can't say here exactly what is what it is. I know that our world is broken and I know that our lives are broken because of that. This God is in the business of making right all the things that are wrong this past week as I was talking to the sermon with Hillary. She brought to mind a song that that I've heard before, but honestly haven't really listen to that much when I look up the lyrics man it it it was powerful, read this to you is a song one day from Cochran company. One day there'll be no more waiting left for our souls. One day there'll be no more children longing for home one day when the kingdom comes right here where we stand. We will see the promised land. One day there'll be no more lives taken too soon. One day there'll be no more need for hospital room one day every tear that falls will be wiped by his hand.

We will see the promised land. Hallelujah there will be healing from this heartbreak we been feeling well seeing in the darkest night because we know that the light will come and there will be healing. Hallelujah one day there'll be no more anger left in her eyes.

One day, the color of our skin will cause a divine one. They will be family standing hand-in-hand, and we will see the promised land. We will see the promised land. One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess one day when our tired and weary bones find their rest. One day when the power of evil is brought to an end, we will see the promised land. We will see the promised land. Hallelujah there will be healing from this heartbreak we been feeling well seeing in the darkest night because we know that the light will come and there will be healing. Hallelujah, I believe there will be healing. Hallelujah, that's competent perspective. You know what this coming a day and we have hope.

As Christians, because of our Savior, day, which we will experience a heart ache anymore is what we do in this house we respond to this beatitude or should I wish the Christians action be in light of what we talked about.

Therefore, things that you can that you can write down here.

Look at on your hand out for the first two together because they go hand-in-hand, but it's prey and read okay. Prey asked the Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of God to you and read faithfully read God's word to gain wisdom and to experience God. And here's why I say that here the beginning is because when we can get a glimpse of God's heart about a matter or just a glimpse of God's heart in general. What it does is it takes everything that happens in life and it puts it into a new and true and genuine perspective, it is vital for us to stay close to the heart of God as Christians if we are going to succeed in order to thrive in this walk that we have entered into as Christians we have got to stay close to God's heart and we stay close to God's heart we pray when we read Scripture, read the Bible number three watch watch, look around you and all the things that you that you see that don't line up with God's holiness or don't line up with God's agenda further and just not right in this world and I would encourage you to write down a list of of those things that you see taken place. So when it is something this difficult was taken. This taken place in your life and then write it down, but on the other side of that. Don't just write down the things that don't line up with the gun right down when God shows up and he brings his redemption in that circumstance and celebrated so over here you've got the enormous experience of some sickness or difficulty or relationship issue overhears the way.

After a while I see God redeeming that in bringing about in his in his will in the way that he doesn't record you. By the way I mix those up. I said right is number three units were set up day right as number four number three is is watch, look for the things around you don't line up with God's holiness is agenda grieve those events with a number four right to keep up that list of selling about some of your here this morning and you are broken over something like that before. I don't know what it is but I can also imagine some of you may be here and you realize that you're not nearly as broken over the state of our world and what's going on around us, not just politics, not just difficulties with sickness. Cova 19. Whatever it is you just haven't been broken over the boat. The state of this fallen world.

I really believe that when Jesus talking about. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. He's keeping in mind all of this that is not as it should be. Maybe today usually go back and say, God, help me to feel him to see was not as it should be and see with your eyes, but the never ever ever forget that when God brings about his redemption and when he restores all things.

Ultimately one day, but in increments now when he restores all these things are not as it should be with our response.

I think it should be to praise our great God God, you have a plan you're doing something great. Thank you.) The residue that listing how great is our God father, thank you for this beatitude that really makes a stop and think that makes sense to be happy and mourn the same time, the father, we know that the happiness ultimately comes even if you can't come in the morning and the grieving father. Happiness ultimately comes we see you bringing about redemption and restoration so we ask you to bring that about.

In our world and our lives. Father, you are great. We love you in Jesus name, amen

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