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The Gift of Frustration (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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August 23, 2021 8:00 am

The Gift of Frustration (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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August 23, 2021 8:00 am

Three unusual agents God uses to help renew our minds - futility, failure, and frustrating people; based on Eph. 4:23 and other passages.

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God will use anything he can to conform you to the image of his son, your futility, your failures, your frustration coming up next on Destin for victory pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message. The gift of frustration. But before you get started. Enjoys me now to talk about a special gift we have for you this month. Pastor is a song much older than me. Of course you're in the Army now. I don't know if anyone listen remembers that song, but we have a resource and title during God's army now a special resource will send your listeners for generous gift tells about this book and what we can learn from it. Will you know as I was ministering the word of God.

I came across the fact that we are going to have to help people understand talk about weakness. We're not just the family were not just the flock when not just a group of people who happen to get together.

But the Bible itself calls us and Army. Paul said we are soldiers and that we've got to be strong in the Army of the Lord. I am a guy who's never been in the Armed Forces. I just never was led in that direction and and I wasn't born in war time where I would've been drafted, so I've not been in the Armed Forces, but I've had the privilege of pastoring a lot of men and women over the years who are servicemen and women either past or present service and talk to them about their experience and not a one of them was grabbed from civilian quarters and thrust into the front line of some battle. They all had to go through some form of what I heard them describe as boot camp and so what I did was took some time and made sure that this little booklet just reminds people where soldiers were going to go through some processes that God uses to help us get ready to deal with spiritual warfare. The Bible is real clear, we're not wrestling against flesh and blood. We are wrestling against principalities and powers against rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

So, since we are soldiers we might as well learn how to battle well and enjoy the victory that we have in Christ. The resource is called your and God's army now and it's our gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory again that's your and God's army now about the from Pastor Paul in our gift to you this month. When you make a donation to the ministry, call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, the addresses Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

The reality is all the same common mistake every slipup every misjudgment it's keeping you out of the center of God's will and soul the Holy Spirit until you're ready to renew your mind the newness that I want to bring into your life will never come. Well, you can't change her close until you take off the old ones today you will be reminded that God will often have to expose you before you can change stay right there. Or download the podcasts on it's bona fide or wherever you enjoy your podcasts now with this message the gift of frustration is Pastor Paul. Jesus said to his disciples, all of you are going to fall away on account of me. He said, but after I am raised I will appear to you again. Jesus told all of you will be walking with me these years you all about to fall away just to speak so same guy Simon Peter and he said I'll know about some of them are probably right about some of them. I'm sure his attitude was, why do put them in the first place. But I can tell you one thing that he said it is recorded in Matthew's gospel chapter 20 6M verse 33. He said all my fall away.

Here they probably will be said, but not me.

I will never fall away.

Jesus, I know you're probably right about them all know you got one guy left.

I will be staying with you back to back. I'll fight off any enemy. I'll do whatever I have to do and that was Peter's real believed about himself. That's what set him up for his failure. You do know that you have set yourself up for failure. When you are so full of your cell soul confidence or shorten your ability that the enemy knows this is the time to attack you because you're so confident shortly after that statement I will never fall away as they came to arrest Jesus same guy Peter grabbed his sword and goals. This lien and read it when you get a chance actually cut off their gentlemen who came to Jesus he cut off his ear.

Some when you are swinging a sword and you end up here. You know what that tells me you are going on here you meant for head role you meant to split you were serious was ready to somebody but that self-confidence and that vigor and vitality was something that had to go before God could make him the apostle. He was supposed to be so although he thought I will never fall away, you will end when you read Luke's account. He said in Luke 22 Jesus said to him in verse 31 Simon Simon in the St. and has asked for you, that he may say to as we verse 32 but I have prayed for you that your should not fail. And when you have returned to me that is the renewal that is that there's that mind change when you return to me, strengthen your brethren, what he say never leave you. Jesus said what you don't know is Satan has specifically asked for you. He's got you in his crosshairs. He knows you yourself he knows you think you are all when you look up that in the dictionary. He knows you think that you grinning all he says. But Satan have asked for you and he wants to say simply was weak. But the good news. I pray for you to use the plural leases are pretty folio evening of the following. I pray for you all and what did he pray he said, I pray that your loan fail will fall away, especially you, Peter.

You can later deny me three times publicly deny the Savior three times and he said, but the reality is I pray for y'all and I pray not that you wouldn't fail, but that your faith would fail. I need you to know sometimes when you fail God says good but your faith doesn't fail because he's got his hand on you he started to work in you and he's going to bring to completion came to tell somebody who is fresh off of a failure in your own life, other people might not even know it.

You still look the same at the say you still on your self, your public self but failure doesn't happen in your purse, failure happens in your personhood you failed interview filled in and in a way you fail, there might be some other people are familiar with it, but generally speaking, you have a pretty good reputation. Said I'm never gonna leave you and by the night. He had publicly denied Jesus three times because God can use failure as an agent to help you get to the place where your mind is ready to say okay I'm not going to put confidence in myself anymore because that hasn't gotten me anywhere. I came to talk to some of you who don't even like thinking you have failed with the very back.

I'm using the term failure. Well I had a slipup. Well, you know, I have some about failure and has some shortcomings. I mean everybody has shortcomings but it makes mistakes, everybody can have a misjudgment here and there. That's probably a problem you try to minimize your stuff you want your stuff to not really be that bad because you're comparing yourself to folk would done stuff that you say is much worse you think your problem is you only committed misdemeanors of the full Felony.

The reality is all righteousness is sown, every mistake, every slipup every misjudgment. What a nice time you will. It's keeping you out of the center of God's will, and so the Holy Spirit says until you're ready to renew your mind the newness that I want to bring into your life will never come to full of yourself. You're minimizing the worst of you and you need to have a renewed my so God is after somebody's failures, your failures, your shortcomings, your mistakes, your misjudgment slipup whatever long-term you gotta say I'm using them to bring you to where I need you to be throughout redemptive history. He's done it all way and God is really good at exposing you sometimes in order to change. You see, if you think God wants to keep your reputation intact. You don't understand God. He's after you saying an unequivocal yes to him and he will do whatever he has to do, and if that means embarrassing you. That's what he'll do, because he loves you don't believe me ask David there was one the greatest kings in Israel's history we all know that. But when he gets to the point where he decides he wants Bathsheba for himself and sleeps on her she gets pregnant and her husband is out fighting his war. The war that he wouldn't go to battle with and he thinks okay I'm ingenious so he gets word that she bring me the okay I tell you what sin has been home on much needed R&R and let him sleep with her. Many go back to the war and they all when he come home.

She pregnant against his baby that's also y'all are just ingenious.

I got this fix I got no problem what the soldier comes home and you know the story as a soldier reason is we get on and I can go and act like I'm a civilian I'm a soldier is out there land on the lives he wants to David his work. He won't sleep with this high since online notice is on why nobody since online didn't head but and except the one I know, but he stays focused on his mission as a soldier, but his wife in desperation. David says hi, send in backward order sealed orders is such a dedicated soldier.

He won't open the door to skilled enough for him before his commander and commander opens them and says sit right out in the front of the hot battle and pull everybody back what kind of movies that some almost no will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard listen to the broadcast on that's Pastor will find a host of great resources that are online store, including books and audio and video messages from Pastor Paul. Have you ever made a mistake and tried to cover it up.

God's way of bringing doubt into the light. Pastor Paul with the rest of today's message. The gift of frustration so as heat the man to protect himself. That's what God's after you gotta love God more than you love you. You gotta love God more than you love your reputation. You gotta love God more than you love your and sometimes God has to bring you to the point of harassment so that he can get you to where he wants you to be you know that story can walk your way through and he ended up bringing the child here baby thinks he got away with it.

Here comes a prophet named Nathan and you know what happened. So the bottom line is, some of you. Failure is in your life now. Maybe other people know it all still think you going to and you like that because you like your reputation doesn't like your reputation. I'm making you stronger, wiser, better and and sometimes go to get today. I have to embarrass you, behind a man so that's what he is doing some of your lives and you know the story when David finally figured out that the story Nathan told was about him. His heart broke. That's why he's called both before and after his failure. Man after God's own heart, because God looks on the heart and although he failed miserably in this field will never be minimized. It can be forgiven and he can be restored by a God who knows that heart that can be is a heart he can use for his glory.

And that's exactly what happened when I got one more thing and then I'm done with this part of the series.

Not only can God use utility.

Not only can God use failure number three God can and will use frustrating people American people making you sick people you care handle right now. God can use them for the people who disappointed you just when you expected them to be better for the people who let you down for the people didn't come through for you. Some of us are so full to come through for us. But God says actually I can use their failing to come through for you. That way they frustrate you, I can use that to get you to a place where you're ready to have your mind renewed. When I say this I'm thinking of people like John Mark John Mark was a young man who in in the days of the early missionary journeys of the apostle Paul. John Mark was a just a youngster who was learning to walk with the Lord and so he had relationship with those disciples and what have you. And as a young mentee he went out on a missionary journey, the first missionary journey that is spoken of in acts chapter 15 he went out on that missionary journey with Paul and Barnabas. When you get a chance read acts 15 beginning at verse 36. Then after some days, so the first journey was completed after some days Paul said to Barnabas, let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing so they going now to check on the fruit of their early ministry.

Verse 37 Barnabas was determined to take with them. John called Mark. Look at verse. The next verse, verse 38 but Paul insisted that they should not take him with them because he had departed from them in Pamphylia and had not gone with them to the work. John Mark forsook him in the middle of a missionary journey. He took all bills get a little hot out there and get a low you know, a dangerous feeling. He's a mama's boy. He ready go home with his mom and his mother hosted one of the churches in Jerusalem and so he like look, I know where the size of singing and shouting and eaten that where I'm going.

Mom and took all that young man to went back. Paul is a guy like look, you can do that to me one time you will get a chance do that to me again so we all like that. I know you've only got your big Bible but you just like that pulsating globally 11 first argument which is due again and look at the next verse, verse 39 said the contention between Paul and Barnabas was so sharp that they departed from one another. Paul was thoroughly sick of John Mark.

He was a frustrating person in his life. Some of you have frustrating people in your life. People who disappointed you people who have not met your expectations but I came to tell you as I wrap this part of the series a God is going to use even more frustrating. People to teach you a couple of lessons to number one. Keep your faith and your eyes firmly affixed on the Lord and he's going also teach you as you renew your mind to not have too high an expectation on people.

He's going teach you when people frustrate you if their hearts are open, just like David Davis failure led him to greater effectiveness. Gotta teach you the people who disappoint you to people who frustrate you. Sometimes that is what he can use to mold them and then you've got to be their mentor and they gotta see you willing to trust them again that something only a renewed mind can do so sometimes you gotta be open to not writing all your disappointed right away. Now true there are some disappointments would never come around and soon as you see that they're not coming around and not planning to come around. You are free to go on and dismiss them. God bless you. Love you, but I'm rolling absolutely, absolutely. That's true. Some of you had a disappointed you were married to passages, go shoot straight.

You had a disk when you're married to them you were saying okay Lord what's happening here. If you want to change his heart.

Whatever you go if you will do some work, then you have to do it so thoroughly and and make it so clear to me and counselors and all that that we all see that you've done a transforming work. They Lord I'm open to you.

I'll call you. That's right but sometimes you somebody has shown you a are not trying to change and when people show you who they are and will change it will let God deal with you.

I learned when people show you and leave them to themselves, but there frustrating people there that disappointing was just setting them up now that learn from their disappointment, they'll learn to grow, they'll learn to trust their learning depend on you to learn to follow simple. Nobody ever taught how to follow, but as soon as they a disk frustrate you if you walk away from him. They will have anybody new to follow what is good. You like a new man, but you get over God is up to something and you has to be written so he can take you where you need to go so that he can bring stronger, wiser, better into your life and I bring up John Mark because years later, John Mark was a disappoint or and he couldn't go with Paul the second missionary journey. Instead, he went with Barnabas and they did two different versions of the second missionary journey.

But Paul learned right off people that God is still working with.

If God speaks that changes everything. Now you're okay right now. People that God had said anything you notice any signs of growth loosening signs of change. But God says I'm still at work. Don't write them off just put them aside. Let me work because if I bring the two of you back together and I show you evidence that their heart is change.

God says I've got to have you with a renewed mind so you're ready to embrace them and walk with them again so I need you to know God is at work in your life both to will and the do of his good pleasure. You don't get to just write people off because they made you mad. Welcome to earth lot focal make you mad at them long enough to go make yourself man so we can learn God is the one who begins the good work and he is the one who is going to bring it to completion. God wants you to be so pliable in his hand that if he lets people mess over you only this section. Well, one thing about Joseph in the Old Testament, God let his brothers sell him as a slave to another country, but it was all a divine set up because God wanted their family in Egypt, and Joseph was sold any good spin is likely embarrassing.

If I see my brother them of killing and once he had the power to do so is the second in command in Egypt.

Guess what, there's a famine in Canaan, where his family lives. They come Egypt, not knowing who second in command there and they show hungry and Joseph's heart has been so in the hand of God that when he looks at his brothers read it when you get a chance.

In Genesis 45 I'm out of time. You will find out that when he saw his brothers when he finally revealed himself.

He said don't you all be angry with yourselves renewing your mind when you look at folk who tried to kill you, sold you away and you tell him which is God sent me here used your hatred to get me here so that his will. What others might mean for evil God always means for good.

Thanks for being here for today's message. The gift of frustration. If you'd like more information about destined for victory with a special thank you gift for your generous donation this month. Be sure to stop by our website Pastor that's Pastor when you speak. Tell the truth, something Paul is telling us to do it.

We are going to walk in the holiness and righteousness that God has ordained for our lives. We must decide that when we speak we will tell the truth that's next time. In Pastor Paul Shepard's message developing an honorable lifestyle.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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