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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Theology Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 20, 2021 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Best Theology Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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The following is a prerecorded program. I'll be tackling your best theological and biblical questions today stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown expressed thanks for joining us on the line of fire.

I am not giving up the phone number because I'm not taking calls today. Earlier in the week I solicited questions theological questions charismatic theology questions biblical questions from Facebook and Twitter to answer as many as I can on the broadcast today, so sit back and enjoy.

Take this all in honor start over on Twitter then move over to Facebook's are posted on Twitter said I'll be prerecorded. Our Friday Q&A show answer your best theological questions and especially welcome questions related to charismatic theology is welcome to so post here. Now I get to as many as I can on the show. By the way, that's a good reason to follow me on Facebook and Twitter because we often do this sometimes interact directly there. So on Twitter.

It is DR so Dr. DR Michael L. Brown victory are two elves in the middle ear. So that's where I met Twitter DR Michael L Brown Facebook asked her to Brown SK dear Brown, so the first question is from Paul. Genesis 12 one says now the Lord said to Abraham, to Abram.

Some translations say the Lord had said and signed. This command occurred earlier in the narrative. Can you comment on the ability of certain Hebrew verbs functioning this way it seems to occur more than once in Genesis yes Paul, this is a grammatical form called the pluperfect pluperfect. So it is not just the perfect form that he said this, but he had said this and and sometimes is determined just by the overall context that it seems that pluperfect would be the better way to express it because he reads not have as many nuances its verbal structure as we have. For example, in Greek or in English we have to have different ways to express things. Sometimes it just context but other times it is word order and and depends on what comes first in a sentence and then this gives you an indication that this effect could be pluperfect. So if we look at Genesis 12 one. For a moment. Genesis 12 one. In Hebrew again. The Hebrew would just logically be translated and the Lord said to Abram, is there's nothing in the word order that would indicate something earlier but some translated it just interpreted Lisa, this is not one of these word order things but if you go for example to Genesis chapter 2. All right, Genesis chapter 2 and it's it's dealing with the man a Dom God saying it's not good for him to be alone in an verse 19. Some we translate the Lord God formed out of the earth, all the wild beasts they will that that would indicate he had already formed them. So you see this argument coming up but again sometimes you can argue better. Based on word order.

For example, in Genesis 1, the Ha'aretz Heights Tombo.

Some argue means.

As for the errors it had become formless void.

So there is going to be debate because the Hebrew does not have a precise and simple way of expressing us like you would have in English or some other languages. Let's see Daniel something you mentioned recently has been heavy on my heart. Many believers seem to have come to spirit of deception leaving defending the most outrageous lies that we should pray that the spirit of truth to be revealed to them applying the same for ourselves. Can you expound on that thought.

Yes number one. The deception that I saw leading up to and following the 2020 elections, especially in the charismatic movement is the worst widespread deception that I've seen on my 50 years.

The Lord November December will make 50 years in the Lord. I told was grain from your times earlier in the year that my 49 years of the Lord.

It was the worst widespread deception.

I'd since I've seen individual groups and individuals get it, more deceived than believe crazier things but to see so many so sure the Trump trunk would be reelected, and then after the elections to be so sure that he really had one. Okay, forget the debate about election fraud is a totally separate thing, but to say no, no, no, he really did win and you want she's going to be reinstated by vines never get to be inaugurated or or bonds can be removed and people still holding to I just got rebuked yesterday; the applying guide on YouTube for not acknowledging that the prophets were right. For now, it said that the problems right in the Trump really did win four more years and really is the president so that serious deception and then many believing conspiracy theories.

She went on conspiracy theory. So how do we get this for one, as many are not grounded in the word.

This is widespread in the body. Today when not grounded sufficiently in the word. That's one big reason this happened a second big reason is that we have become very skeptical.

For good reason. A lot of what we hear from the secular media and as Trump was able to to blasted all his fake news, many kind of went to the extreme, ethical, he's normal we can really trust or just whatever media says his fake news. I was during the broadcast. One day in order to say this I come from right but quote this from CNN" within your times that I see someone comment and I don't see most, seven us to spot this one gossip on the phone anymore because you could CNN in your times of the more I was going to say this is not just going from right discovery from the left to the fact that I would even quote them and I couldn't be trusted to these extreme reactions and then with that the embracing of all types of conspiratorial theories because you can't trust the news but you control they're telling the real truth, so that appeal and certainly in the charismatic movement. Many, many years of lack of accountability for prophetic words.

Many, many years of of leaders just prophesying XYZ and it doesn't happen and they just go on. Or they change XYZ to ABC yet. We told you XYZ look it's ABC and people just go on some charismatics have a strength of being people of the spirit to be people of faith, we have a weakness to be very gullible so it's got like a perfect storm so we do in our own lives us as we are truth based that that we surround ourselves with people tell us the truth with people who are not impressed with us in an eight it's simply not true. Look, my wife Nancy is unimpressed with human beings. And and very few people over the decades that she's met as men or women of God that have impressed her in terms of the quality of their lives in God for people in general. Leaders in general Christian leaders in general.

She's utterly unimpressed, including with yours truly. I want to center what I thought would be the amazing beginning of a book I thought would really draw people in, and ascended to her printer printed out for her gave it to her and she gave it back to me in there in red at the top of the page were written words total sale. That's how it started. Total sale I see something she saw. But the point is that unless Rabbi flatters and that's important be surrounded by people tell you the truth and be honest with you and and candid in the be truth with yourself and be a person of the word and then humble yourself and learn to receive correction and welcome accountability gamer can a biblical case being made for differentiating between baptism in the Spirit from born or indwelling of the spirit.

There doesn't seem to be a clear biblical distinction.

I think you can make a distinction but a sunny hill that all died. In other words, most Christians believe that the more your saved you are baptized in the spirit that you receive everything of the spirit that you received that you grow in God.

The knowledge of God and experience of the spirit you receive everything that Pentecostals teach that the moment your saved or indwelt by the Holy Spirit, your bodies become a temple of the Holy Spirit, etc. and you are baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ. But there is a baptism in the Spirit where you are now immersed in the spirit and empowered for service. I believe you can make a case in arguing that the disciples were indwelt with the Holy Spirit before they were baptized in the spirit next to the Jesus told him to wait until they were endued with power from on high until they were born again until they redo with power endued with power from on high and in Luke 2449 and ask one of verse eight and in that we see subsequently that there is an empowering and asked to with it without outward manifestation and then we see there is the Samaritans are are born again, but this present come upon them yet, and ask a receipt asked 19. The class will be receiving from Ephesus to receive the spirit. When you believe suddenly the case can be made for silly not one that I divide over. Let's see here.

Okay, I, me, ass on worship question on worship the song. Do what you want by vertical worship says all-consuming fire fall fall on us.

How right or wrong is it to sing that garbage truck. I think it's wonderful to sing that song similar words without that song for decades. We know that Deuteronomy 424 and Hebrews 1229.

Both speak of God is a consuming farce of the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament that in mind. Mary reminds you, you can still preorder the new edition beautiful hardcover of my first book written in 1985, but now updated renewed and beautifully printed compassionate father consuming fire, engaging the God of the Old Testament. It's can be printed very very shortly. We've got an accompanying video stream that you can watch the takes you through the book is super practical so my questions about the God of the Old Testament today you get that on a website you still preorder sign the recopy along with the priest, a DVD stream that the free video stream asked Dr. ought to say. Matthew 311 the baptism of the Spirit is a baptism in the in the spirit and fire asked to when the Holy Spirit came came as tongues of fire. Our God is a consuming fire, which is judgment for the wicked, but for us as believers is a 3314. Following that, that we dwell with the everlasting burns, meaning God who himself is a consuming fire. Soul fire of God fall on us with the documents is by far be God first Kings 18 is not to destroy us with Vista to consume us with his love to consume us with his passion to consume us with his purity and to consume us with this power so we can be used by him consume not in the sense of destroyed but but fully absorbed with with the passion and fire of God for many years as I would pray for people, especially if I was laying hands on hundreds or thousands of people in the night. I would pray fire the just one word.

FireWire burn priority because it's my short prayer because I pray for a lot of people.

It's my short prayer for send all that your holy fire follow us with your holy fire Burness really the trust the Lord comes. Malachi 3 is a refiner's fire Lord burn away the dross burn away everything impure set us ablaze set us on fire.

Beautiful prayer, beautiful way of saying I'm all for all the words to the song in my head. Absolutely icing fire.

We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown during the broadcast. Today, not taking any calls but answering great questions that were submitted earlier in the week on Twitter and on Facebook if you're not connected with Milan were also super active on YouTube got really active non-Instagram is good asked Dr. SK your and whatever use most just connect with us. It's Facebook but supportive. It's Instagram if it's YouTube or non-tick-tock. Now we might be, but right now you can connect on all these different platforms and no two of them are the same in terms of putting out content that you can receive okay over on Twitter after this really go couple on twitter then go over to Facebook. Joshua a question.

Leviticus 13 it speaks of the priest discerning the leprous condition of the people about the way we translate with leprosy, but is not Hansen's disease as we know leprosy today is is a different type of severe skin condition. Leviticus 1313 the priest is supposed to pronounce people claim and their fully leprous this criminals body. I wonder why that is and what that means. It's basically this skin condition, taking its course and and now it's reached a certain pointlike someone we still have a certain symptom, but they've passed the point of contagion and they don't have to be quarantined. It's it's going.

Although the exact disease spoke of something is psoriasis, but it's it's kind of like it's it's pass through your system. And this is the manifestation and and now you'll be on the other side of it, dream catcher could you talk about John 1420 Jesus's time at the Holy Spirit that he says he is in the father we are in him and he is in us amazing and fills my heart but hard to grasp you on the surface.

Would love to hear your thoughts move yeah I simplify that. So on the one hand, God is all in all in his fullness so transcends our understanding that even the simplest exclamations he gave to us would still be beyond our natural understanding some of it, we we we received by faith and we we follow the sweet worship other things we get revelation and insight. Others we hold in holy tension. For example, that the fact that God always existed know to be true, but we hold in holy tension because we don't have the capacity for fully comprehending something that always wants. We can say it and agree with it but fully comprehended goes beyond our natural limitations on the one hand, God is one the fathers and the son. The sons and father. The spirits and the son and the father etc. and then we are in him and he is in us and yet we are not him and he is not us of the father is not the son. The son is not the father springs up the sun or the father, yet there's one God. So when the spirit comes and lives with us in the father and son also come because is one God and yet literally the father and son don't come to live within us. But the Holy Spirit does do some very simple thoughts very, very basic with your heart continued to be filled and flooded Jason is a reference in the Christian parenting book uses the gentle parent by L are not making the claim that the Commandments original Hebrew text is itself which is posting directions or guides ID did not see the specific word Deuteronomy.

This is the correct interpretation of the Hebrew this is that all change how we should regard the 10 Commandments try to dig in. More here understands the author's interpretation aligns correctly with biblical truth. Thank you Dr. Brown of Greece was a commitment. When Jesus talks about the 613 commandments there Commandments. Some of the verb. I can have the nuance sometimes in terms of died or direct us in Genesis 18 that he will guide or direct his family after but when it comes from God when it is God's guidance or God's directive is a commandment that the 10 Commandments are just called the 10 words and God spoke these words in there. There are a certainty of the brought the 10 words. As Heather often referred to in the Hebrew Bible 20 fact there Commandments there Commandments, we are required to keep them to be in obedience to God. So I don't know the book the author may may be may be making a great point. But when when a parent tells the child all right you will brush her teeth tonight and make your bed the morning and then you just keep those two chores in a little kid. Then you get this extra bonus after lunch or something and the kid doesn't do it well, that wasn't just a suggestion that that was a directive from the parent, which is command this way to do things obviously but commands command okay Isaac is speaking in tongues really the evidence that you been baptized in the Holy Ghost, and clarified in another Tweet the initial evidence is the most common sign of the baptism of the Spirit in the last hundred plus years as people are filled with the spirit, the common denominators refilled and you speak.

Sometimes people give another instant prophecy. The most common sign is tongues and it is a sign seen in in acts two asked tenant acts 19 and by implication acts eight. However, I believe there are people been baptized in the spirit. In keeping with my understanding that in the subsequent salvation and subsequent empowerment and they have not spoken in tongues, either because they didn't think they could reward her wasn't part of their understanding, but in point of fact, it is the most common outward manifestation but not the only and and certainly not one that we should put people under pressure to demonstrate proof to me near the baptism the spirit by speaking in tongues. I can produce all kinds of artificial and even counterfeit results of injury was Abraham's. I was at a resting place. People want before full tone from Jesus happened is one of her Abraham's side. Is this a metaphorical expression meaning by him and he is a godly patriarch in the father faith she go to be with him. Upon death in a place called Paradise whether this was where you went before Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead and then after that went straight into heaven or whether this is simply a metaphor for what you want and it could be in heaven.

That's debate but it spoke of being at his side because of his righteousness, and being a man of faith, being the father of faith, so upon death. The righteous will be joined with him again whether it was paradise like Luke 16 with the gulf separating from from Hades, where the wicked were and and and that was somehow in the netherworld, spiritually speaking in them with it, death and resurrection of Jesus. Righteous were brought up to heaven when they measly went to heaven upon death and Abraham's side remains was it was just a metaphor for that that can be debated.

Bradley West twitter question, could you respond to this part of the article in regards to the notion that Deuteronomy 1815 contains extra words which are found in the earliest manuscripts so the argument is Deuteronomy 1815, which says that God will raise up a prophet like Moses from among you from your own brothers is found in the Masoretic text will tradition is not found in the Samaritan Taurus offensive to the stuff on the Dead Sea Scrolls as if this was created later to make it look as if Mohammed was not the true prophet spoken of by Deuteronomy 18 the most outlandish ridiculous misinterpretations of the Hebrew Bible. It's ever existed that Mohammed is that the prophet spoken. Deuteronomy 18, but that the allegation would be. This was at it later to make clear that he can be Mohammed will number one. Even if this was only found it was called the Masoretic text will tradition that existed in the times before Jesus to the textbook physician already existed in the times before Jesus and misquoted centuries before Mohammed is quoted in an early church writings it's it's quoted in New Testament writings it's quoted in rabbinic writings, so this is for centuries before this, especially rabbinic writings in New Testament measuring textual traditions quoted exactly and attested in the Dead Sea Scrolls centuries. Over half a millennium before the time of Mohammed is the first thing second thing is bogus. So here is going to pull up.

So, my resources here to read to you a from the Septuagint.

Deuteronomy 1815 of the Lord thy God shall raise up for you a prophet of your brothers like me and show you here just have from among you. But of your brothers.

That's the first thing then and like meats is then in verse 18 I will raise up to them, a prophet of their brethren, like you and I will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak so is from your brothers is from your fellow Israelites. Okay, that's the Septuagint. Deuteronomy 1815 and 1818 if I look at the Targum, which is the early Aramaic translation/paraphrase there and let's just see. Yes, so the Lord speaks and felt sorry wrong verse.

There on my screen. The wonder was consumer is looking for okay right so a prophet from among you from your brothers. That's the Targum that's the Targum. This is early attestation that this this goes back to the early centuries of this error with some traditions preceding that even New Testament times right so so there is attested in the Targum and then if we go to the Dead Sea Scrolls okay if we over to Dead Sea Scrolls Deuteronomy 1815 is not found in any manuscript in the Dead Sea Scrolls so it's it's it's not there and in terms of bankruptcy you have attestations to it elsewhere. But in terms of manuscripts of Deuteronomy is on a test meter, will you still have attested from your brothers from your brothers which is fellow Israelites which is so is a completely lame week argument on every every level, and the idea that words were added from among you. Somehow these words were added and now this. This means it excludes about all things close mama from beginning to end, and the prophet that's raised up prophesies in the name of Yahweh.

You never find attached grandma 10 that the unit hey Volpe that the four letters of God's name in English were traditionally pronounced her hope you'll find that in the crawl on the lips of Mohammed exudes a false prophet was a prophet from among the Israelite breads ran in all the text speak of that from your brethren so incredibly lame argument to support incredibly lame point Texas I will be] over the Facebook group your questions from here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire though because today I'm answering questions that posted on Facebook and on twitter remove over to Facebook RS Dr. Brown's Facebook page. If you don't join us there on Facebook.

Bowman's new SK DR Brown, Matthew asked this. Who were the scribes in the Gospels. At times they seem like secretaries yet and others almost like they were denomination like the Sadducees or Pharisees. Thank you Dr. Brown. There certainly not put secretaries. The scribes were Torah scholars and on the one hand, this was generic.

This could be speaking of Torah scholars among the different groups or could be singling out Torah scholars within certain groups so it's not used with the same precise definition that Pharisees were Sadducees would be certain that secretaries describes it referred to Torah scholars and there could be Torah scholars, among different groups. So you have to read in context. This year they being singled out or you could talk about Jewish leaders of a Pharisee Sadducees, etc. you, you could you could talk about those holding to the traditions of the fathers that would be Pharisees. Another way of referring to themselves. There's some overlap and some ambiguity.

That's what each would have to be looked at in context of a completely legitimate question been how often you get to speak on behalf of charismatics to non-charismatics with sort of a college brat olive branch to think there can be between the two groups number one every day. A modifier broadcast of speaking to charismatics and non-charismatics, and often speak about issues that unite us and issues that divide us and of spoken even today about levels of deception in the charismatic movement that we've addressed with false prophecies and accountable prophecies and even following conspiratorial theories things like that in NY charismatics can do that number.

It's a strength of charismatics is to really be believers step out the spirit of weakness can be gullibility is like a strength of non-charismatics can be just to be more circumspect and evaluate things that often there can be cynicism and skepticism to each have strengths and weaknesses on constantly speaking to both because we need each other to me the quote all the branches number once there was a word say we agree on what the word says forget this experience. That experience can we agree on what the word says the lessons I want everyone to embrace the things of the spirit and even if you're not charismatic to see hey we have Scripture reasons for this. That's one and and then the other thing would be in terms of quote in Olive branch is we need each other. We need each other that each group has strengths that the other group could benefit from each group has weaknesses that need the strength of the others. So to gather we come in the form of snow again.

Obviously because of scriptural. I would like everyone to believe in the gifts and how the spirit for today but whenever you have complete doctrinal harmony and everything may miraculously right before the Lord returns, but otherwise we were always going to have strengths, but there are strengths in a mega church has that a house church doesn't have an vice versa that one may have more biblical foundations for doing what it does. The fact is going to be working in the midst of both of them and he can be working in a Pentecostal denomination of the Baptist denomination in a nondenominational church and and each one brings certain things to the mix.

So let's learn from each other as much as we can. Let's honor each other was provoke one another to go deeper in God you have some I don't have provoke me in a good healthy way to go deeper in God.

Mark could you explain your understanding of the kingdom of God.

Theologically express how important you feel this view of the kingdom is expecting manifestations of the spirited deliverance and healing alongside proclaiming the gospel is that normative.

Also, could you express your position on what is happening and asked to a 10 to 19 relationship to the spirit baptism you did address the latter question little earlier in the broadcast. We focus on the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is God's Wayne God's rule the kingdom of God is not a location but a spiritual reality. So as as the gospel is preached the kingdom of God comes in power as the gospel is preached, and we proclaim Jesus is Lord as people submit to that message turn from sin by grace and faith become born into God's kingdom and submit themselves to Jesus as Lord in doing that then the kingdom of God is advanced these people now come under the power of the kingdom. Do I therefore sink that as the gospel is preached in the message of the kingdom is announced that with it. There should be signs, wonders and miracles. Yes, look at it like this. Get a flashlight. That flashlight does not drive out all darkness or cut through all darkness, but depending on on the strength of that flashlight that shines the light over certain area and in that area. There is no darkness or this limited darkness the other night I was was going through through the house and everything was dark and one parlor house. I have find some I thought you rather than turn on all the lights down here my flashlight on my phone is very bright so I turn on my my phone mostly smartphones can have this you just flip on the flashlight setting it and so worm walking has been illuminated with darkness is basically disappeared from those areas. So as the kingdom of God comes in.

It has that influence of light shining in darkness, has that influence of light, driving out darkness and therefore it brings forgiveness of sins brings liberty to captives brings healing of disease. Acts 1038 Peter explains how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit power they went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil. So there is this freeing this liberating that comes as the Holy Spirit is poured out the kingdom of God advances, so the kingdom advances until Jesus returns with the final and full manifestation of the kingdom and then sets up his kingdom over the whole earth, and will rule and reign over the whole earth.

Now, as it is, is the extending of his reign the life of the time.

What one could be one area at a time as the gospel goes for the more people were more people come under the Lordship of Jesus. They submit to the kingship of God and with it his kingdom is extended in people's and freak hands. One of words in Matthew 10 78 where Jesus says to his disciples go and preach the kingdom of heaven, preach the kingdom of God is near kingdom of heaven kingdom of God being synonymous is is you compare usage through the Gospels and then when you do that heal the sick, drive out demons and such like his kingdom is here let's see Timothy since only God's elect can respond to special call for salvation.

How can God be sincere and offering a general call to all. When the model I can't respond. I don't agree with that, sir was a great question. I believe everyone can respond and everyone is held responsible if it's what Arminians would call proving it. Grace that through the cross, Jesus draws all people to himself.

John 1232 that through the cross. The grace of God has been revealed to all Titus to 11 and following their there is now a message that is going out all the Romans. 10.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word Lord some of the word is preached, there is the ability now by grace to every human being to say yes or no Bible nowhere says that only the elect can respond yes Jesus. She will hear his voice, so those that say Lord I want to follow you, we will hear his voice was written. John 112 as many as received him, to them he gave the power to become something of them are not born-again first and received them.

There were born-again supernaturally. John 113 makes that plane but but they were they were born-again by their choice. God in his sovereignty gave us a choice. That's why he says choose this day getting Deuteronomy 30 chapter and then before and after in many other ways. Choose choose choose to write right till Revelation 22 whoever is willing let them come.

So through the gospel, God makes salvation available to all and everyone can say yes or no. Which is why God holds us responsible. Otherwise it would be God telling a cripple, get up and walk. When this person has been crippled from birth is no possibility of walking and then God holding them responsible for not walking. Moreover, with all respect to my Calvinist friends in James if you listen now. Keep your eyes on the road as your on that bike. So for Calvinist, they would say the Jesus only died for the elect to secure the salvation of the elect. He did not die to make salvation possible for everyone.

Therefore, if you are interested I believe in the Lord Jesus will be safe heat, even if he could believe it would matter because Jesus didn't die for him.

So it creates this dilemma, which is not a biblical delimits a Calvinistic dilemma but not a biblical dilemma with all respect to my Calvinist friends so again Jesus is strong all people to himself beginning with with the cross and resurrection in a new way. God is doing something is grace is available and grace is not a work if it's by faith is by grace pulses Romans for can use themselves up. It is so salvation Dr. untimeliness of no you cannot save yourself in a trillion billion years with infinite numbers of opportunities we could never save ourselves. We are lost. But we can receive the offer of salvation by grace and is still grace is it's all his grace and it's not our works resurfacing this Lord have mercy on me a sinner was Jesus said in Luke 18 that the tax collector who goes to the to the temple and says God have mercy on me a sinner and beats his breasts goes home justified people asked for mercy and God had mercy all right. Let's see, Doug Brown, please discuss the difference between speaking tongues publicly.

The congregational singing privately as a boom edification for loose believers spirit. Thank you for the gloves on his eternal word and promises amen so privately, privately speaking tongues is much as we want when I'm away on prayer retreats. I will often speak in tongues hours over the course of the day comes a speaking tongues hours consecutively in my heart and mind are absorbed in the Lord and his purposes. I may be speaking tongues and getting insights and writing things down. As I'm praying or any praying tongues for five minutes and that moves due to groaning in intercession for specific burger and a very targeted prayer in English but pulses and for strengthens 14 that you reprinted Tommy your speaking mysteries in the spirit to God are edifying yourself and pulses, I think I was speaking tongues when all of you, but publicly is that a rather speak five words in a known tongue than 5000 words in an unknown tongue.

So listeners interpretation with the tongue, which would be like prophecy or the street just the to prayer meeting with 10 believers in your praying in tongues together and then one leads in English in your native language and you agree with it. We are not to be speaking in tongues publicly. I get a B on the pulpit.

I paced back and forth and speaking tongues for 10 minutes maybe getting built up but others left out. So there is a profound difference in terms of the function. One is very targeted specific and public list like this and you just gotta remedy with many of the general public meeting were nonbelievers and others come in tongues. We target specific otherwise number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I can tell you less than having answering your questions Facebook and twitter.

Teresa Lowe calls his fielding questions that I solicited earlier in the week. I love I love doing this. I hope you find it edifying and helpful. If you do share the podcast with a friend share the link with a friend told of the radio station, which was listen that mission lists in fairly good word so we can reach more people together right, Danica.

What's the difference between someone who strictly perform different charismatic, almost anti-charismatic and a hypercritical but it all depends on the attitude of the heart is a hypercritical is destructive.

Hypercritical is not necessarily reformed the hypercritical is not necessarily cessation is double many hyper critics are hypercritical is just that there destructive in their criticism. They tear down and they don't build up with a tear down much more than the buildup or they use unequal weights and measures or or they use personal judgments and attacks against people rather than constructively look at things of the world and bring constructive correction. Constructive criticism is life-giving, helpful, brings edification can save someone from from error. Hyper criticism is often destructive, tearing down mocking there's very little redemptive in it. This very little love behind it often is very little willingness to dialogue constructive critical cell great you want to talk good because of its real concerns about your Ministry of love to talk with you and interact hypercritical is this going to tear down, mocking, destroy, or if they want talk is just to prove their point is on an openness to interact. So it's it's all the characteristics in my revival answer book you don't have that you find health revival answer book which came out all ritually in the title that no one deceives you almost 25 years ago and then the second edition revival answer book in the early 2000's that you find really helpful have a whole chapter on destructive criticism. Let's see Sandy what he charismatic starts teaching people to speak in the tongue did it take to launch with the baptizer, baptize them in from carrying or seeking to receive the Holy Ghost with quick microwave formula for the call receiving a prayer language is a language that the Holy Ghost given the utterance.

That method is unknown of the Scriptures.

Actually, unknown method. Throw church history of the Bible you told to seek tongue sounds like putting the cart before the horse, which is a work in a natural or spiritual. Yes, it is been a real problem only when it started. Certainly it in the modern Pentecostal charismatic renewal beginning the late 1800s and then up until today, which is reached may be accounts for about 600 billion.

This is in a 600 million to be quite number 600 million of believers in the world today would be part of this, a larger movement so I can say when it would happen I'm I remember hearing about it you know fairly early on as a believer but I don't believe that the only Methodist Harry the tarrying the waiting for the Holy Spirit takes place between Luke 2449 and and asked to 124 so Jesus telling his disciples. This is an ascent to heaven. Stay in the city of Jerusalem to review with power from on high and then acts 114 day and night there praying before the Lord and then spirit falls within thereafter acts eight when Peter and John lay their hands in the summarily was they receive the spirit right then and asked him his Peter's preaching. They received the spirit right then.

Acts 19. Paul lays his hands on the believers in Ephesus and they receive right then so I believe that through the laying on of hands, the Holy Spirit can be imparted now believe that we have to quote Harry. I believe that we can pray in mass in the Holy Spirit can fawn people right now in the most common outward evidence will be tongues, but you are 100% right. Number one will not seeking tongues risky for the for empowerment of the Holy Spirit and not just receive a prayer line is it's more the charismatic emphasis than than history, Pentecostal one so yes, we are asking Lord, fill me afresh with your power, Lord, baptize me in your spirit would never receive that so I can be empowered for service. Yes, and in tongues is the most common sign we receive the batches in this present. The only but the most common were not seeking tongues and this whole thing is kind of repeat after me know that the car salesman all you should've bought a Honda just say that 10 times as though you should about a Hondo in the speak and outing say hallelujah over and over again seek your your your masters to trip on the words and finds the speak in tongues, even if in the mercy of God.

People stumbled into the baptism of the Spirit through that.

It's absolutely wrong that the only thing I can say is that some people have the misconception of the just sit with their mouth open in God's takes over and forces were struck by the mass of nothing ever happens when I tell people is lay hands new pray for the Holy Spirit, such explain what this is, scripturally, then pray for them and tell them as they feel something welling up inside of the Holy Spirit coming on distant give utterance to it to begin to open their mouth and speak it that happens always because honestly speak, but the seeking tongues to get people are formula to speak in a tongue of course were missing the whole point of the baptism in the Spirit.

I dealt with this ready in 1991 in my book.

Whatever happened to the power of God, a Scott, I love to hear more about the inducement of the Holy Spirit.

Especially are released effective service and evangelism. Julie's non-charismatic Christians are lacking sufficient power to effectively serve them and others to Christ. With this be an example of quenching spirit quenching the spirit is shutting something down. Not being aware as I quenching the Spirit but but resisting rejecting shutting something down is so there many noncharismatic set a great source. They love the Lord that share their testimony regularly. They see people come to the Lord and some of them put us charismatics and Pentecostals to shame. That being said absolutely the baptism of the Spirit being endued with power does make a difference in evangelism. That's why around the world today. The great majority of mass evangelists Pentecostal charismatic. There is power in their words and their messages confirmed with signs following and a large percentage of people he could borrow again around the world is born again, in response to demonstration of God's power and Paul even wrote first McKinstry that we came to the Thessalonians to the Corinthians, having terrible experiences in Philippi and in Thessalonica and becomes the current incident was weak with you in weakness and fear in much trembling my speech and preaching were not with wise and persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit empowers that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God absolutely absolutely there is an agreement of power, even those who didn't speak in tongues famous evangelists of the past be Charles Finney or DL Moody or other state. They talked about a seeking dog or receiving from God and receiving power in this power than mark them in their evangelistic ministries. Afterwards let's see brisket did a quick verse by verse exegesis of the book of Romans. Okay, seriously little or have exegete Scripture properly, but none of the time or money for enrolling in seminary could recommend a book or textbooks that could get me started doing exegesis properly, as well as any dangers to avoid when executing thanks. Let me address the dangerous first lever get away from the fact that the word of God speaks to us with power and authority limits. Sometimes we are so micro-focused on the meaning of the text that we don't with the text speak to us. Okay, so what's it saying how my supposed to live. Therefore, what therefore will he do with this. That's one thing. Second thing second thing is this you want to start with context, background really can so okay is written to wise written. What's the message about and then start within that and work from there and if you can review burglary control, then Rita read in one main translation but then as you're digging deeper read it and multiple other translations to seal cases saying things the same way if you have to read one book your serious student but that's been used for couple generations now of of students is Gordon fee and Douglas Stuart how to read the Bible for all it's worth. Still a worthwhile book, how to read the Bible for all it's worth.

You find it helpful. Jason using structure order in the Sunday morning church service hinders the move of the Holy Spirit, not necessarily structure order can be great, God is a God of order. God's got a structure but if that structure is inflexible if that order cannot be moved. Yes, that can hinder the Holy Spirit. For example, let's say your a large congregation and you got 15,000 people coming in and out of your building on a Sunday and Saturday so you have to send the night services in three Sunday morning services.

If you are irresponsible with your time and you let the first service. Ron 15 minutes late just because you get decidedly in all your points preaching even though you, adding extra stories in this way responsible really great traffic jam to create a mass children's work is getting people in and out. You have chaos, you will be responsible if, however, you cannot give room to the Holy Spirit in the midst of your structure. In other words, during the worship to get up and say hey friends, the Holy Spirit is really moving here and and cut short.

My surrounding hunger no thinner preach at all, but we got or after one so I listen I feel you change the order of the service on a preach now and give you an opportunity respond it if there is no room for the Holy Spirit to move within the structure and the order and yes that could be a problem for the very nature of the structure in order can be such that you got okay we can sing for 10 minutes and then preach 15 minutes in the Outagamie super exaggerated.

There was a most visible is no room within that for people to start to encounter God be in his presence structures are in themselves are not wrong, but is there flexible ability within that for the Holy Spirit.

All right, friends, time but what enjoy again if you don't get my emails take a moment now and asked her to run SK year-round double sign up frying as you won't.

And then once again we been a blessing to you spread the word want to reach as many as another program powered by the Truth Network

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