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Back the Blue!

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August 18, 2021 10:54 pm

Back the Blue!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 18, 2021 10:54 pm

Back the Blue!

Steve talks to Antoine Thomas, Director of Grassroots, BLEXIT about backing the cops instead of defunding them. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble okay so you saw. If you're on Facebook live.

You're not save Casey are sworn to secrecy permanent so that title is Saturday back the blue rights organ obtain subjects. I told you yesterday when I could talk about Afghanistan today were not to talk about covert today I were to talk about something that you care about is about several subjects that you care about, but with the perspective from a friend of mine that is not a common perspective because this Anton Thomas is back in the studio today is the host of the real talk podcast is also the grassroots director with a certain organization, but I'm looking to tell you that yet either.

For all of you on the radio. So here's a gentleman who loves the Lord. Okay so is Christian. He's a police officers been serving in various roles in the police department for 12 years, both at the county level and city level. I so he's a conservative. He likes Trump he is against critical race theory. He's against defining the police because he is a police officer hard-core conservative Republican, a Christian.

And so now if I were going to ask you another question.

What color is. His skin, the answer would be white, right, that would be the assumption Anton, welcome back. Our I'm glad to be Tuesday. Thank you. It's good to see it's good to have you here. Good to see you as well. So let's let's get in the way back machine a little bit, and I'd like to know how you end up. A police officer. Why did you take that check that line of work, and how did you end up a conservative because as we know speaking plainly most African Americans in this country are not police officers, certainly not conservatives are not Republicans and in the in the last 50 years.

Most residential actions anywhere 90 to 93%. For the most part will vote for the Democrat candidate Trump change that a little bit so you're a bit of an anomaly.

That's right. So how that happened. Well we look at the police career.

Well I did call the second-generation police officer. My mom's oldest brother was a police officer in plantation, Florida.

But the first episode eczema show was entitled, the police officers: I believe it's a calling from God. So I was called, chosen for the profession and I love it dear near. This is always been the my heart is always safe and I just think it's something that is still Noble got a lot done while you like that you are you a little kid I want to be a police officer always want to be a police officer.

I was that little kid watching the police cops and I used to play in a little drama robot myself usually yes cops yeah because my bicycle yet and once you got in there.

What was the experience like it's one thing to kinda dream about it and think about it, but all the sudden you are, what is everything that I thought it was going be in his everything that I believe God's call me to do because I believe 90% of this job is talking folks and I love yeah yeah educated we recall that community policing we can call that community policing and I would like to say bridging the gap yeah, so as we've watched what's happened in the station.

We got a lot to talk with Antoine about his beer for three segments of the show again is the host of real talk of his new podcast look for to talk but also grassroots director with black sit that's what I didn't tell you Blacks it BLE X ID for African Americans that are leaving kind of the liberal Democrat world over the last two years in the deep on the police movement. It is been excruciating to watch this and there is a poll I saw earlier this year Antoine that 80% they do pull 10,000 police officers nationwide 80% of them said that they would not encourage their children to be police officers is change so much, and we have a lot of multigenerational police out there. But how do you kinda react to what's happened with Americans and think God not most of us, but a significant portion of people really turning on the police to defund the police movement so it's not just people in the street as people in positions of power. But how he reacted on the house that made you feel well. As always said, and then more than ever that I believe that the government folk solstice just called them on the left or always using the police as going to be able separated by race as you hear that the white cops killing the black man in high right right. We always are there so I believe this will help diffuse narrative man in the course maybe in his profession. I know and understand this not true that's not happy so I go facing day-to-day you know my whole goal is to make it back home safely. Of course get the whole go. Especially if I'm standing inside of a convenience store having a cup of coffee maybe have certain looks.

Always talk to that person is looking at me, because it is a cop. You haven't even had the opportunity to meet me wants to see how a jokester friendly guy am in a course open guy that starts another dynamics I believe is just again when Shirley get the public educated. How do you think that we've gotten to the point where there's a significant number of people in this country, including Mayor, city Council members and otherwise that actually think it's a good idea to start drawing back on funding for the police to effectively get there. What we saw that Devlin with the Georgian the child in the incident, but that just always been something I've been trying to push, but has been able to sell. So what happened last year. That was a selling point that child and when and to commit murder on the black person. He found one which wasn't true right yeah he didn't know speaking, but in a day that was going to help you to never skew the narrative because my people as I like to say my black people already kind of an uproar over the years that we seen officer involved. That sure him right so they just really sealed the deals I like to call it where Stephen Warner said it best, signed, sealed and delivered no kidding, but with a lot of pulling will show that some of the people that are our most against defining police are black folks that live in urban settings track because you see how bad it is with a significant police force you start pulling them out.

You start drawing down we know human nature.

As Christians it's only getting worse works been mind-boggling to you, frustrating, maddening and raging to see liberals going on this road. Well, it has been that we in my mind always news will turn around again because it's like a boomerang is combat because it is never going work is never going to work because police were created for the purpose right. I've been taught about the podcast on how police policing started in the and in England days okay colonial days when you look at the night watch when they were called in to protect property, not ours would protect people and property, but at the end of the day you have to have that existence, and it police has to be on earth yeah because we have people that are trying to take over.

Yes, our theology informs our community understanding of what that the why me at that police, but has been interesting to talk about the boomerang were coming up on a break in Minneapolis even important where they go, yeah, defund the police even the police then the natural thing happens. Crime gets worse the crime is just skyrocketing all across America, especially near major cities and now there quietly but surely saying okay. We really need to get some police officers back. I have and I got a question we come back. Is there a bit too much water under the bridge because now I think you have a harder time getting police officers people that want to come in that.

Why would you want to go in your profession, you get a good chunk of the country that distrusted hate you, and you want to put your life on the line for them.

That's a difficult one will be right back back it's even over the C double show. I'm not to talk about the coveted AR Afghanistan adjusted only reminder to continue to pray for the folks in Afghanistan is really bad not her sanity were in the 40,000 Americans could be buying any enemy lines, which is essentially the perimeter that the Taliban is set up around the airport there in Kabul and I get some reports from a few friends about people that are stuck in missionaries and interpreters and stuff like that. By the way, I put a link up on Facebook earlier today.

I'm up I'm a mixed fan of various people so somebody like Glenn Beck, for example, who I think is one of the most talented people in radio and has an maintains that title for years because he's just such a gifted communicator is very, very creative.

He's a little confused on the religious side because of his Mormonism, but he does do some great work so they have a thing called the Nazarene find he's got people on the ground trying to directly chartering jets flying into Kabul to rescue Christians you been doing this in the Middle East for several years now. If you want to donate some money because you should have that nagging feeling. What can I do about this. First of all, pray and God knows all the details so you don't have to know everything in order to pray effectively for what's going on Afghanistan, but that's a place and I put the links up on my Facebook pages today for the Nazarene find if you give them 50 bucks or hundred bucks 150 bucks or whatever. Every dollar that's going to go to the effort to get planes into Kabul to get Christians out there okay so that's one thing that we can be doing besides praying, so don't let that go and I'll continue to mention that on the air and then tomorrow on theology Thursday I mentioned a great author I spoke to the other day who wrote an incredible book all about. Really, it's all about Carl Truman love radios. The rising triumph of the modern self self and autonomy. That's the name of the game in the modern world, especially here in America. Carl Truman's brilliant he grew up and was educated in England illicitly here now so were in play that interview tomorrow. What's the deal.

How do we get to a place where somebody can say I am a woman trapped in a man's body and a good chunk of the American populace will say okay we get there, so it's really a fascinating historical study and a look at what's been going on in our nation around the world for long time. Right now, with Anton Thomas, a host of real talk podcast which is available in Apple and pretty much anywhere you get your podcast so real talk with Antoine. Thomas is also been involved with flexible years, Anton will excrete heavier how many states is flaccid and where and 35 that's incredible started Lasky just clicked as he started last year Artie and 35 state so that's wonderful Alaska being one of really absolute black people in the last that I do know I know that you sound terrible people try to come back the risk you run if you do radio or your be you married me your your your near me tell you what I'm thinking I'm a question or comment them just to spit it out. Now this case with Antoine. My brother in Christ I can. I can count on the grace in my brother through Christ, and we should extend that to each other so evenly have disagreements. We should be able to do that in the Christian way okay critical race theory I noticed something to talk about a lot of the real talk podcast again it's Anton Thomas. Real talk podcast a critical race theory. I know you have a perspective on this. I think we are re-segregating the country so so what what your thought and critical race theory can even talk about you know he summed it all up in the way added into the real talk is a syndrome. Please read yeah, I actually like to say strictly police. The police have been used for that purpose. To help divide and again during our break.

We talked about George and the child an incident. So what what what better professionally used to keep that division in this police work because I thought on the show. There is probably never done the pose, but 90% or more are white police officers were dominated by the end of course what white male please write so you look at that profession and and and then you can kinda dumb it down to say white men to come to work with uniform up, you know, on looking in the mirror Sam going to kill a black person and I miss you so right. Further from the truth but I think what I know this is how the left is able to interject critical race theory course we knows that the educational yeah is moving into the police because it's always been a part you know X, I brought my police chief on the last episode.

I did a black got arrested on the show to stay general, the same as all the right way by the wealth got tased but but in today I want to hear from a man who has 30 years more business went through it and and and in our training we do have implicit by stringing things like that but I asked the question, do you see critical race theory training strictly come into the profession and he left me with some well short of our here, but I definitely think it will some way be intertwined. Yeah, and it's really kind of scary to contemplate the impact of critical race theory as a nonoperational standard and operational lengths for police officers because it just it just re-segregates the country and if you're black you're pressing on a chance if you're white your depressor your jerk and so that we start teaching the next generation to just categorize themselves and others strictly by skin color that's going to manifest out of the street. Absolute, may we Artie have enough problems with that. But if were really trying to cemented to the educational process will be even worse.

That's to go to do. I haven't heard a lot of African-Americans commentators on the left or the right talking about critical race theory.

I hear a few on the right when you get a chance to put what's been your reaction in and just talking to other African-Americans, conservative or otherwise, about critical race theory is like in our schools are just a part of our educational process with the reaction there okay now bonnet and in doing some research, I realize that critical race theory has been known since the 1980s and yet when you look at it. People that are on my team like to say they they don't buy. We knows a false narrative in his all to make sure that the kids are grown up right now have a hatred for white people. In the say that the reason why you are unable to make in life is because the white man that you never met right hold you down. You know, is never to have you know this is never the white woman is always the white white. Yes, not the white. Well, I noticed that I got.

I mean, obviously no way to dominant right right agenda, but in the day is never the thing that your team teaching children, especially in an educational context, especially African-American children. Kids of color is that what you and here's your chance. That's right, I don't care I don't care what God has to say about your destiny.

I don't care what your work ethic is your your own driver your own abilities or your own natural talents that none of that matters looked looked down, look at this color your skin that determines the outcome. That's that's totally evil that's unloving this unloving when you tell someone that very small agent group to know that I'm a failure is no need to try because I'm already walk out the door on the already dim selling hopelessness. That's right. Hopelessness 101 new class in the elementary school. I love it. That's just brutal. All right, a topic that I know what you touched on earlier but the whole D from the police thing.

How do police officers actually police officers out there guys that you serve with guys and gals who serve a reactor that think is the dumbest thing that's that that those are the words I hear all the time because it is it would never be able to fulfill itself completely. You know, and we see in New York Mayor, Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to help man get the money back in the course Laura Lightfoot because she's only knowing because the police department started back but she want to put the money back in the Police Department you never left should never left.

Yeah, it's really remarkable to see and when you look at that from you mentioned right when we got going about getting out getting to know people and being in the community from community's policing standpoint, what in a city like Chicago from up a law enforcement perspective, what would make a difference there. Obviously, Democrats in charge and make a difference really have Rahm Emanuel all or part Lightfoot in charge has made a difference in they have put a lot of money into the police department in the past and that apparently did make it different so that's my question we come back from the break is from a law enforcement standpoint, what actually would make a difference in cities like Chicago or New York, Philadelphia, LA, whatever you want to talk about and in is that just a matter of leadership like if we turn it over to Republican to get better going to talk about that sometimes will run her hands one Thomas, a host of real talk podcast that a pineapple podcast. Real talk I would into one, Thomas. He's also been working with flex it, which is been around a long time like two years 35 states already so I saw some other that's predominately focused on African Americans that are first of all willing to have a conversation like why do we keep voting Democrat. Why are we where we clinical liberal Democrats by definition are by default and so people are starting to wake up and that's that way that's not just a thing that should happen on the left that's happened on the right to I was challenging started teaching again this weekend one. It's great to have you in the studio and I'm always telling students all time listened especially to call yourself a Christian, you need to be a critical thinker in your ultimate allegiances to the truth of the Republican Party is not the Democrat parties to the Lord is to truth and if you're doing that right here to make enemies on both sides of the aisle because the truth going to cut both sides now from a biblical perspective it's going to cut more easily on the left is a a lot of positions and are just, obviously, but if it's applied correctly. It's going to cut on the right as well. So as we engage in with African Americans. I want the same opportunity. I want what white Americans or Hispanic Americans such as sit down, set the plot, the political preconceived note notions down or off the table Talk about the issues is that starting to happen more. You think because it was amazing with Donald Trump and the presidency he got a bigger percentage of the black vote in 2020 than he did in 2016 and it was that was significant movement. Is there some hope there, we starting to at least some part of the culture starting to be willing to have a conversation that's a good question.

I hadn't seen the Taj turned yet. Actually, I was grabbing lunch today I decided that I was nowhere make America great again on the way am I so want to put the stuff was going back out is a great opportunity to bring you back out to but anyways the moniker that should always all yeah the worker there actually told me.

I love the hat we got a course about was school in the world but those are a conversation starter like excitement coming up to someone when we talk about not so much Steve.

I think right now the people in the left don't want to admit they were wrong or something that will you know my vote for for for Biden the sale.

We made a mistake and in the day not mean you're willing to admit yeah, but we try to tell him someday. You got a little pride issue you in terms of of work because he been in the few quavering Police Department wake County Sheriff's Department, Johnson County work in the Johnson County area as well, but getting involved in elections. A lot of display Christians.

I don't know many of them personally like Christians in politics. We shouldn't be involved with that. I know you have an interest in running and I think that's a great idea and clearly got I think is moving you in that direction, but also supporting people in an interesting one is Randall Brenda Rice of Randolph Beatty who is running for sheriff, wake County, which a lot of people are probably surprised as Randolph the Democrat right. He is a Democrat.

So now we just lost everybody. Now they're just confused. That's right. So what we do about stuff like this like what I like this Antoine that's her hard-core mega hat wearing and then there's Randolph who's not, after which are both law enforcement guys. So how does that work with SL half the battle right there.

We were seeing that is law enforcement totally related but you look at Randolph Beatty why my conservative friends is why I and I give them a list of things but what I talk about is that is not a leftist.

Now we always have a conversation. Him and I said may I just wish that your party once I defunded please get more of my Republican friends on board, but we say this vote. The person not a party and being a law enforcement is one that we can actually wish was nonpartisan, but because is not but he's also held to accountability because you had this brother who's on the right side who thinks that you know some of the things that we deal with in politics should be but the good thing is whether to enforce the law. We made it easier for me to come on the side of the and and again the whole campaign staff or or or D on the only Republican joke around town, but I hold the line.

I hold in response will with your call but in the day. He is the best. Can we have known each other for years and I just believe again. I thought about calling. I believe God's given him the opportunity in that I'll have some influence to help them what we need to push for the challenge there as it is getting people to look at the man supposed that the letter next to the word exit the letter next door isn't relevant, but in the case of sheriff's position this the reason I left sheriffs was there like that truck so we actually could have something to do with that which is super important. But how much is politics a part of how policing actually gets done this a huge part we see them more than ever now it is one of the maternal TV without seeing something about the police will get a bad sure we are in politics with people like to Randy radio says that is not a politician is a however you have become one yet because you got into running for sheriff and so the policies that he wanted Sheriff's office never seen before. One is between the human trafficking task force countywide to bring police officers board to combat trafficking where eighth in the nation is Northwestern also wants to fix that issue course the great sheriff done who I love and still respect starter citizens will trip program has to be brought back because there's people who can't reach them on young fathers and that's just the thing that people are very concerned about so a lot of good things on horizon. When you look at citizens Academy to give that thought maybe to most of the black widow know on both sides of salon come in and actually see what we do on a day-to-day basis.

Super important. All you I've seen some very liberal anti-police commentators people on YouTube. Whatever were all of a sudden don't come in. The police will put them through life like live-action training put you in the situation. What you think when things are developing in your making decisions at 1/4 second interval, and all of a sudden you see them get humbled like okay this is not exactly what I thought it was.

I can see how these problems can occur that they really have nothing to do with this police officer's perception of somebody of a different color, but that touches these these situations are so difficult which is why I think the stress level, the divorce level suicide level all the problems, not just in the please put the fire first responders military.

We we all you guys and gals a much bigger debt of gratitude that I think we normally pay and certainly our prayers, but inside I go back to the question about politics wink when guys and gals out of the street when you're operating in a police environment we County Johnson County.

Whatever I don't care police officers winter in it. When you're doing the job doesn't matter whether the other person in the squad cars, Democrat or Republican, they just all police officer all police officers as a matter fact taken a step further, no matter the person is calling you Democrat we come in because SR jobs.

We swore to and that will not come in and asked that question.

You know, did you vote for trial providing the data to determine what type help I give you, but you hit on the lettuce and law enforcement is in politics very heavy or politics and long yeah well you because law enforcement I think is to a certain extent, kind of upon her playing piece of politics out how to most police officers view politicians don't trust him. But, you know, even when you look at the chief. The chief can only make the rooms with policies within that Police Department still held to the Council you know and I think this will all the issues we run into to go back your question from earlier than the if. If you have a conservative Council, the chief is able to get more things done here she and you get the ball moving or like to say the pen no move to that end of the day. If you have a liberal counsel you know if we can just say this year. Your your profession is kind of you know damn or do you what should we do for me being a common citizen you been a police officer. What can we do to help you box lunch break was no monkey when you get to today's couple people but I did better stuff that does matter means a lot. No serious note, just spreading the word and stand up for is what I found out being the one thing I left off served on please Pennell's Association for years. I got involved in politics while going to those screenings and sit down with the politicians in the room where they're running or already rendered stronghold actually listen to them talk, but in a day of holiness accountable courses we need to be held accountable medicine were perfect, but any day you know defend this when we write yeah you know when it's time for some persecution were wrong will take it all in stride to get better, but always a reach one teach one. What I mean by that is just make sure that you not spreading false narratives about our narratives about all cops are pigs and what everyone calls races because it ended today we leave our homes to protect you yet willing or knowing if we will make it back. Yeah, that such a huge way. I think we need to go back 20 years to 9/11 were about to celebrate the 20th anniversary I'll actually be in Manhattan for that a while and and there was a newfound respect.

Maybe we baby was something we had before but on the heels of 9/11 to your point were police officers and fire and first responders in EMS and EMT are going in when everybody else is running out and and that lasted for a while that the effects of 9/11 were beautiful but short-lived and I think we need to be at that point now where we really understand. Setting aside our politics of what a value police officers are in this country and are so needed and worthy of defending and so I think that's a great point that you made that we need to make sure were not spreading false narrative in all his people. Everyone smiling to want to go.

Okay, what percentage of the police officers nationwide.

Do you think actually probably should have a job tomorrow and some people go really hides a 25%. That's ridiculous.

Some people go low, say 1%, which I think is bad and also okay, let's say it's 5% or 750,000 police officers nationwide. That's about 37,000 and that's real, but 95% are doing a good job and we need to support you and pray for you and encourage you, host of real talk podcast Antoine Thomas real talk I put the link up on Facebook like and get it on Apple podcasts and check that out. He just started that as well as his work with flex it in as a police officer. Antoine God bless you. I enjoyed it.

I never will do it again. Yes sir back is so good to be with you wanted to tell you about from my friends are North Carolina Kenya in this area in general just an awesome opportunity coming up on Saturday, August 8 up at the home of Liberty University in Richmond Virginia were to talk about that conference also to talk about the organization. That's my new friend Travis Witt is wet that's associated part of Liberty University that is a subject that's near and dear to my heart. I know it is for most of you folks that says that standing for freedom Center at liberty University and so it's great to have a Travis went walking, and so for the first time brother appreciate that. How are you oh my, what a great help thank you. Excellent. So let's start with let's start with the standing for freedom Center and everything is going on at liberty, and then that'll take us into the conference coming up a week from Saturday to be on Saturday, August 28 liberty is saying record growth numbers are up here of a number of individuals were returning here is higher than it has been for many years. Our role online students learn numbering well over hundred 7000 amazing situation.

What were saying liberty course we were going through the trials and tribulations of some shifting. Sure, I think in the long one ship is going to bring liberty back to a place where it looks more like Jerry Falwell, Senior look like and what is what has transpired. I believe that the outstanding freedoms going to be a great avenue for that to occur because were working with social media and ambassadors and really focusing on the younger generation to understand a true biblical worldview. My responsibility work with pastors and and to encourage pastors to reclaim the cultural vacuum that we have left simply because we chose not to be addressing salt and light even if you recall the result of your one of the world.

What part of culture are we not supposed to be touching Christ when you touch the young people and the pastors the whole.

Be able to have the opportunity to create them and have great relationships with legislators who were making decisions on behalf of us or against us. And we want to overwrite individual serving out and not all forms of government, local, state and national governments about, where we are in the city center liberty. The website is standing for which is an excellent resource Center for use go to the interviews, like the articles is a lot there is a lot of tabs to follow. There's a lot of information in breaking news it's really been effective in a great blessing advancing life, liberty, and truth for the next generation that standing for and I and I and I appreciate the way you're talking about liberty and and I wish more people would get to know Jerry Falwell Senior because it's that he eats. It is amazing man and he had a huge impact on the country. His vision for education in America was transformative on the Christian side but this is also a guy that that befriended some people that most Christians wouldn't bother talking to. I mean he was. He was good friends with what was the guy that was the founder of Penthouse and Hustler magazine Larry Larry Clancy sure yeah and am talking with Jesse Jackson was one who would come in and preach and teach, ingesting Jerry, won't you know I'm not Jerry was really hoping that he believed that the only way to have a more some through the blood amendment and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and course that was not where one common surgeries and what you know what we have only one thing we agree with many people.

My goodness you wonderful sense of humor very winsome Christian witness in an and yet he was a great example. Especially later in his life a bit of this mix that we find in John chapter 1 verse 14 of Jesus being full of both grace and truth. I talk about that regularly on the air, Travis, and it's something I continue to pursue myself, but Jerry never gave an inch on the truth but but he was had increasing measures of grace in this one suddenness that was just amazing and and I'm excited and believe that God's going to kinda bring that tone back to liberty because there's so much that the Lord is Artie done there, and some bumps in the road. Recently, obviously, but excited for that tells about the Stan conference because this is something I've known about this for little while Tony Perkins of the family research Council I've done, sometimes guys before, but this is really calling out men specifically it's next week from this Saturday. Saturday, August 28 in Lynchburg tells about that. We been looking out for months and on children born again central flowers. I was becoming Lynchburg for a man's comfort stand courageous. What we really believe that man courageous in your one of the courageous man look like when the University of Texas often calls anybody masculine features toxic and we we don't know what that looks like but when God shows up in features meant to be a man that is a provider and an essence of plotters when I'm a man, and I give my persons to my family. I am providing my presence, which is not necessarily on about being there man, the instructor, the defender of the battle body and the chaplain. So while we have a full day University from 725 at about 532 major to major issues that were to focus on what we were going to see men come to know Jesus Christ. Because the numbers of men that come forward at an altar call right before lunch are fairly large 10% of the men in former events have come forward and then went very in office people to be doing something called a father's blessing and and literally met with Jesus. Jesus heard the father's blessing when he was baptized Jesus hears Kevin is open all those around my beloved son in whom I am well pleased listen to you, purposeless on and and and influence. The reality is, God blessed Jesus with the blessings of the father labeling. That's one of the things that's missing out men because men need to know your where they stand and what the purpose is, and we believe that it probably stand courageous will and they leave with a purposeful design that says oh you go find somebody else walk this journey well. So one becomes to become for Bible studies break out onto your read through the Bible, monthly phone calls with Joel Boykin another suggest staying on track of what's going on right now in this country so the consumer PC. The toxic toxic masculinity there so much division both inside and outside the church. Travis and I were talking about that challenge earlier today on a phone call but but there's a lot of men that I think unfortunately just really don't know their place.

They don't know how should I engage how much should I be involved in political things, how much I be involved in speaking in the culture. How do I even impart the faith to my children how do I engage my family and there's a lot on us biblically but God provides for all of that but I think a lot of guys today Travis or Georges everybody in a gun shy away too many people are gun shy in terms of engagement because we see what happens when we step up to the plate but got but God never promised us a rose garden. He also he always focusing is likely to have trouble and and I think we have to stand up to that. So I appreciate the Stan conference the men's conference because men more now than any time in my lifetime we need to understand what it means to be a biblical man anymore. What we are saying is because they're afraid of controversy and told to respect people, but we are afraid of, conflict than what we do is we self censure and when we self censure. We are silent and violence is not courageous anonymous well because what happened you will find when you stand that there are probably 100 men who want to stand behind you. One person has to step up and stand and so unfortunately what were sitting in Virginia right now is not so much of the battle that we have with some LGBT Q are our school board of those discussions are being led by women. In reality they need to be led by the man of the family. In addition to the women to stand up and say were not going to draw a line in the sand when I'm back in. You watch these videos of people sewn up outside of school board meeting or inside a school board meeting.

The vast majority of them are are women. Now I understand that the numbers when it comes to a daytime thing, but at nighttime.

There's no excuse for men not to be there and I appreciate the lease that we both need to be there. Men and women of God need to be showing up at these things and whether you have kids in the school system or not.

When Jesus says love your neighbor as yourself pretty much covers everything.

This really is really no excuse there.

But, like I never expected as a North Carolina resident living in Raleigh that I would know anything about Loudoun County, Virginia, Loudoun County is at your point is a perfect example of all the things that have gone wrong with school boards and men need to step up to that plate along with their wives absolutely meeting up there last week where Robin would let anybody and from school really about that phone shows up.

We would let them in their get all the blame is was in the bathroom and then they vote totally against the wishes of the people and you can understand my people are getting frustrated but mama bears maybe help Papa bear pop apparently become the rescue as well and stand up and say microphone back in my old workdays Petting the Heartbreakers. I'm Not Back down to Stand My Ground Great Song. I Was Actually Going to the Letter Said That Some Not That Long Ago. Thinking Uses the Air so Got Great Minds Think Alike. How Can People Get More Information to Get Registered Because It's Coming up on Saturday, August 28 There in Lynchburg. Beautiful Unbelievable Campus for Liberty University from 745 in the Morning at 5:30 PM. How Do People Get Registered to Go through One Man,

Click on Event Will Lincoln University.

Click on That Link Form and Found up to Get Registered. Enjoy the University of Great Program on August 20 Stand Travis Went.

Thank You, My, My Brother, Thank You so Muchly. I Look Forward to Having You on Again. Thank You. I Pal Talk Again, God Willing. I Talked Again Real Soon and like My Dad Always Say Perform Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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