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Afghanistan Falls!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 16, 2021 10:53 pm

Afghanistan Falls!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 16, 2021 10:53 pm

Afghanistan Falls!

Steve Talks about Joe Biden’s speech on Afghanistan's takeover by the Taliban. Afghanistan has fallen: Who should take the blame?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble okay so Pres. Biden is stumbling his way through his sponsor. Now, so I want to talk about this.

Okay, a bunch of stuff obviously to talk about with Afghanistan, but let's just go and bring this back up and Excellency, I mumbled way through this. July 8 he said Kabul would take six months. He said that on July 8 is expected to do, get there's a way to exit Sir get a few thousand interpreters there that are going to be beheaded.

Most likely just to Dragon on about. We should've been there this long yada yada okay I'm with you there but he needs to take a strong stand right now and is not quit your complaining. We did this we did that come yeah get to the point today did, she's right enough. I'm knocking to keep doing that. That's enough there. Here's this was an easy hi, welcome back about it.

Steve Noble, the Steve Noble show it would've been easy to say hey listen, we should've the nationbuilding in the Middle East because you can't that's a square peg in a round hole.

I talked about that on Friday.

Worldview differences hello. I will get through Steve days wrote an incredible article about that's why we failed in Afghanistan.

It's about worldview stupid and it is and then I mean in the Atlantic, the Atlantic, which is in exactly a bastion of conservative thought binds material. Afghans will live in infamy. Listen to this opening paragraph by George Packer in the Atlantic. He wrote this yesterday. My how things change in 24 hours. There's plenty of blame to go around for the 20 year debacle in Afghanistan enough to fill a library of books. Perhaps the efforts to rebuild the country was doomed from the start was but are been a minute. Afghans who helped us count on a stick their lives on us as a final gratuitous shame that we could've avoided the bite administration failed to heed the warnings on Afghanistan failed to act with urgency and its failure has left tens of thousands of Afghans to a terrible fate. This betrayal will live in infamy. The burden of shame falls on president Joe Biden been telling people been saying if you pull out too quickly. These guys are in a swarming socket to take much notice to savages heads up on another well.

July 8 is when Biden stared in the camera on somebody was asking about this six months six months will take six months workable.

The fall will to get things in place for that. And now you've got Afghanistan completely under control of the Taliban, which another sit at the former cowardly president's desk and then people trying to get out of there.

I'm sure you saw the video already of the US transport plane Air Force transport plane for engine plane trying to taxi to the runway to take off at a Kabul yesterday and all these Afghans surrounding it look like the scene from world war Z and Israel went. When the zombies are swarming all over the place in the regular folks of one's laughter trying to get on these planes that are flying out and that's what happened in Afghanistan and there and literally 54567 guys that were able to get on, the sign hub.

It is huge for engine Air Force jetliner and and they actually got up in the air and then you see video and still pictures of look like four of them were able to stay on the outside of the plane until it took off and then they fall to their death. It looked like 9/11 number when people were jumping out of the building because that fate was worse than a burning to death from the heat. So that's what's going on there and they should know this. I don't think we should've stayed but you gotta know how this is going to go down and they been warning people been warning them from the inside of a people in the administration been warning you can't just pull out lickety-split were out here because Taliban just been waiting radical quote unquote, I would just call it Islamic fundamentalism is playing the long game. The then cortical new president Artie came out and said hey listen were were playing the long game. Here we know one day, the 12th a month to come back.

We want to cow caliphate here in Afghanistan was starting to get in there can be a lot heads rolling literally and little girls being abused and raped literally anybody that help the Americans in any way there to find them in there to kill him and there's 4050 60,000 Christians there and they're all going to die if they Taliban has anything to say about it. They're gonna die. And then you're going to get this rise back up to Al Qaeda and they said the summer playing the long game. We are working to have a caliphate here sharia law here in Afghanistan and then we are the we know that one day that's going to cover the entire globe. That's how these people operate. So how do you negotiate with them.

Member those days, negotiating, negotiating with Taliban and Trump thought he could do that to you can't negotiate with fundamental Islamists. You cannot because there's this little thing called tequila, which is the teaching from the Quran and the hadith that it is honorable to lie to your enemy so you sit at a table with the Taliban or whoever Islamists fundamental Islam. You can't negotiate cousin lie to your face because I get props for that right. She can't negotiate with them, so she is heartbreaking and discouraging and things are moving fast, are they not faxing mandates or spreading things going on here in Raleigh around. Wake County different now down in Charlotte things are to be going on and the deal is with Afghanistan. You cannot nationbuilding the square peg is our form of democracy, representative Republic the American way of life.

This round hole is fundamental Islamic worldview, which lets the vases talk about his article, which I'll get to is heartbreaking not they would fight should've said to be on vacation and is a couple things we absolutely should do at this point I don't know if you figured out what I'll say what I should do is to come back to Steve Noble in the Steve Noble show don't go to find Pres. Biden concealing a rumble on about the past. This is that you don't own anything. By the way on a side note, we got a band on YouTube for a week because of our show lessers a bit rear lessers like the show with the attorney Anthony Anthony Miller Tony Piller we do show it. Then we talked about different ways to fight back against faxing mandates was the law say and so YouTube and us saying medical misinformation. They don't tell you what information they love to do that. There's no court of law is no discussion here, they just say you're done Sia so often there for a week.

We do it again raw for two weeks and then sooner or later the just the platform us on YouTube.

Whatever. Have a nice day YouTube so here's here's what I think the president should we we colossally underestimated what the Taliban was capable of doing. I know I told you on July 8 that it would take six months it took a basically 10 days to take over the entire country, including a Kabul of the Okay so we must set up and ran as a result we've left a lot of our friends and allies behind and so we need to figure out a way starting yesterday to get as many of our allies out of there's possible all these interpreters, all these different people that helped us all his people to work for the government because odds are the Taliban can figure out who they are and they're going to execute or behead them or something so we are knocking allow this to be our Bay of Pigs or ice are Saigon working to get in there and get our people get our allies get our friends come hell or high water, whatever. And here's the deal is what I want to say to the Taliban. We are not sovereign over Afghanistan and so are knocking to come back and try to tell you guys how to run your country were knocking to try to impose our way of life. You guys have made your choice, and some people didn't have a choice and that's unfortunate why we love America, we still have some choices but for you guys to you in the Taliban for you in Afghanistan that are a part of the Taliban.

I would tell you to resist and try to get out of there, but let's just assume this is a done deal and the Taliban are taking over. So here's my here's my message you Taliban if you do anything with terrorism outside of the confines of your country, your country now okay I'll give you that your country you do anything outside the outside the confines of Afghanistan and we will fly in before you know it, and destroy all of your concentrations of military power will take out your leadership will bomb the presidential palace in Kabul and will do that in the middle of the night from 30,000 feet you will know that where there eager to start blowing up, but if you do anything with respect to Islamic terrorism outside the confines of that country. We will swiftly come in and destroy your command-and-control and all your weapons and by the way, the other thing that we need to be doing should start doing this yesterday as every location of all the billions and billions of dollars in military hardware that we have sitting over there that now is in control is in the hands of the Taliban, which needed to start blowing all we can do that from 30,000 feet.

As well, so if he had been a good president and a strong president and actually were running the country, so to speak. That should've been happening yesterday in the feet and if he had done that he can set this and you may have noticed that our military equipment is being blown up all over your country. That's because were doing it because we want you to have it so working to continue to find where it is working to take it out were to blow up all of our military gear. So wherever it is and where and if you're there you'll die to so working to destroy the arsenal that we tried to empower the Afghan government with now it's your sword to destroy itself. Just a warning instead of some common human decency on our half because you'll have any. If you want to keep your soldiers and stuff around our equipment, but that's your choice, but they will die. We will continue to bomb until we destroy all of our military equipment. God bless you. Think of your tension. See later. Something like that and that's that apologize. Own it double down to get our people and our allies out of their let them do to themselves what they want to do to themselves that sad. It's tragic but were not the world's police and tell them you step foot outside of the country and were to hammer you to move back in will do it from 30,000 feet you won't see us. You will hear us until it's too late, and in right now are going to continue to blow up all of our equipment soever our equipment is that's gonna blow up you put it in the neighborhood. I'm sorry were to blow that up to. We have to destroy our equipment so that you don't use against other people. Now that's a really difficult position to take ethically from a biblical perspective. But the present that states is there to be a pastor. Okay, he's dealing in the world without a biblical ethic as a guide who is excited about it. China China is ready to capitalize. Here's what they said the Chinese military foreign affairs twitter account posted a press release on Monday thing and spoke with the Taliban. Of course, noting that the Taliban said it would be holding talks aimed at for forming an open, inclusive Islamic government oxymorons. It's all contradiction in terms, in Afghanistan to take responsibility to protect the safety of Afghan citizens and foreign missions right luck with that.

Carla funny China hopes to see these remarks implement it so as to ensure a smooth transition in Afghanistan keep at bay. Listen to this. This is China killing Uighurs regularly keep at bay terrorism and criminal acts in the picture that the Afghan people stay away from war and rebuild their homeland foreign affairs arm of the Chinese Communist Party continued this is an actual article. Whether quoting the foreign affairs arm of the Chinese communist party okay what would you do with that information without the joke. You know what they want. There's about $1 trillion with the natural resources and stuff there in Afghanistan. That's what they want saving of Russia.

Leon Panetta monotony.

Former secretary Leon Panetta, the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan was a Bay of Pigs moment for resident Joe Biden.

That's pretty strong. I strongly recommended president by Nettie. Take responsibility.

Admit the mistakes that were made.

I didn't hear any of that going on what he was just talking about Pres. that wasn't happening.

And then there's this Obama era Afghanistan ambassador has great questions about Biden's ability to lead. Let's go 30,000 feet here and look at what Joe Biden's connection to be the present answer.

That's obvious. Former Obama era ambassador to Afghanistan says he is great.

Questions about Pres. Biden's ability delete interview over the weekend, former Afghanistan ambassador Ryan Crocker question the president's leadership capabilities amid the Taliban Swift take over the country quote I'm left with some great questions in my mind about his ability to lead our nation's commander-in-chief. He remarked to the smoking's spokesman review to have read this so wrong or even worse, to have understood what was likely to happen and not care. Crocker called the fallout around the troop withdrawal a self-inflicted wound and said the road. Afghanistan is taking was foretelling what I think the direction was predictable. The stricture at the trajectory was not. He said what Pres. Biden is done is doing embrace the Afghan policy president Tromp and this is the outcome. When asked for, and Crocker's remarks.

The White House spokesperson pointed Fox News to national security advisor Jake Sullivan's recent remarks.

He said this is we can trust the federal government right should be obvious what the president was not prepared to do was enter third decade of conflict throwing in thousands more troops, which was his only other choice to fight in the middle of the Civil War that the Afghan army would fight for itself. Yet we arty know that when I talk about ending the third decade of conflict. I think most good thinking people know we had to get out of there. The question is how do you get out of to minimize what was going to happen anyway, which was the Taliban taking over again that was obvious that's not going away. These people are still think of like pre-9/11 just massively ignorant. So we come back and go through Ron Paul meets points that I think were excellent.

We need to quit nationbuilding and then our friend Steve days.

Excellent article why we fail in Afghanistan of the world you stupid and I will pray with you Lenny Monday update will set the stuff aside for segments assisting noble bureaucrat Charlie Trudeau is going on over in Afghanistan shouldn't surprise anybody because that's what fundamental Islam is all about and sit over the last several years I've done so many shows on the reality of fundamental Islam. So like I'm a fundamentalist Christian meeting. I'd take the Bible seriously and literally. And so that what it says is where I throw down so if Muslims can be a fundamental is is Muslim fund middle Islamists then are going to look at both the Quran, which is what the devil dictated to Mohammed as well is the hadith which are his sayings okay at those two things together and then people will go well you know what to their similar peaceful things in there. Yes, those earlier and you have to follow the history of what happened, Islamic mom, Mohammed got his vision right. His mom was can a Christian is a big mess and always better when God just a big mess and then he gets his vision that he claimed was all the caves right and then goes back to Mecca and starts trying to propagate his new religion, which was the direct result of a visitation from a demon and that didn't go so well. So they bounced his rear end out of their hands up in Medina and there he creates a following and starts to gather strength and then that's when they militarize. That's when I started reading up and down and then they went back to Mecca and took over and that's that's as long as other peaceful parts of his yes if you go to the older parts where he didn't have much power and in Islamic theology came over the name of the phrase, but it's the newer revelations overplayed than the older one so as as Islam grew got more radical and more violent, and that that would supersede the more peaceful part which is when he didn't have any power okay so you want to know what Islam is all about looking Isys and look at what's happening in Afghanistan fundamental Islam know most Muslims around the world don't even read don't even speak Arabic and don't read the Koran for themselves, so most Muslims are like a lot of people in America call himself Christians, we don't really know the in's and outs to the vast majority of Muslims worldwide are kind, friendly people, but about 20 to 25% of Muslims worldwide are not, and that's about 2 to 300 million of which is a high concentration obviously of the people in Afghanistan so is just brutal and we pray so that you are right now if I got we just come before you pray for everybody in Afghanistan. All the other non-Taliban types. We pray for people to just one of live their lives like we do. They just want to be left alone to earn some money, earn a living, take care of their families enjoy their families.

Lord, we pray for them protection and for those that don't know you, they would through all of this cry out to you cry out to Jesus, but we know Lord there's tens of thousands of believers.

There that's that's what the report say so. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the faith Lord, that you would to strengthen them and encourage them. I'm sure most of them are fearful even of their lives, fearful for their children, their young daughters Lord so short of Jesus coming back today. Tomorrow this week.

This month we just intercede on their behalf. We pray for peace and safety and protection supernatural protection Lord that you encourage them that they would find each other that the body of Christ would band together there to care for one another.

We pray protection against the death and destruction of the devil through the Taliban through Islamic fundamentalism Lord, we do pray for any leaders around the world, Lord, that they would be filled with wisdom and discernment and knowledge of what to do to help the Lord, we pray against a crusade ethic like we've done for years. There and all the blood sweat and tears and money and all the other stuff Lord we just crowd. On behalf of these people watch people so desperate to cling to a plane on the outside that's taken off and fall their deaths.

Lord, most of us don't know what that's like.

Pray that we never do that. We pray for the people in Afghanistan. We asked in Jesus name, amen. Ron Paul said this after a 20 year war that is drain trillions from Americans pockets the capital Afghanistan felt that a fight the corrupt TalkTalk Tuckerman Regiment regime, whatever that the US is been propping up for two decades in the Afghan military that we had spent billions training just melted away. The rush is now on to find somebody to blame for the chaos in Afghanistan, many experts doing the finger-pointing of the ones to blame politicians and pundits who play cheerleaders for this work for two decades were now rushing to blame Pres. Biden for finally getting the US out.

Where were they when succeeding presidents continue to add troops and expand the mission US war in Afghanistan was not lost yesterday in Kabul was lost the moment it shifted from a limited mission to apprehend those who had planned the attack on 9/11 to an exercise in regime change nationbuilding absolutely couldn't agree more, and there is a military-industrial complex that makes up a bunch of money off of war scumbags all yes it's true corrupt, brutal profiteering from war debt dismemberment should never stayed three days why we failed. It's about worldview stupid history doesn't just repeat it also rhymes that's is purely poetic that Joe Biden just been elected to his first of too many terms as a US senator when Saigon fell 46 years ago, just as he had been elected to his first too many terms as president of these United States when the country suffered its most embarrassing foreign policy defeat in Afghanistan since I got to Vietnam and that's because of these talk about Vietnam and in what's going on Afghanistan.

That's because the same counterculture with the same terrible ideas is responsible for both of them. Vietnam was the Big Bang. Quite literally, if you're old enough to remember what free love really meant of the counterculture. If America was founded by a generation that look to the past to find answers for the present challenges were inspired by centuries of Western biblical thought to recover self-evident truth is a pathway to liberty, it sadly may be tossed on the ash heap of history, but a cut by a counterculture generation that believes it, it can your truth its way to an earthly utopia which of course only proves the counterculture is ignored history at its own peril. For every attempt at utopia ends in some form of tyranny. Eventually the utopians have to confront the truth about human nature as Rolling Stones discovered 50 years earlier at Altamont where they attempted a free concert with Hells Angels providing security that ended in murder and mayhem. What a shock if the greatest generation had a singular failure.

It was failing to pass on Wyatt Road the boats to Normandy and island hop the Pacific to their progeny after battling through the Great Depression and World War II. They were rightfully anxious to return to normalcy and enjoy the fruits of America Americana. Once again unfortunately their children the baby boomers were given an inordinate amount of comfort and wealth. As a result, none of which they had to sacrifice for to put it another way, the greatest generation raised too many spoiled brats. Thus, when life is easy. It only makes sense you think the cost of that life is easy to that we can make love not war on our own as a species. If you just try harder. I mean, why hadn't any of the previous 7000 years of recorded human history thought of that may be man Attila the Hun Easter colored construction paper on the tip of his tongue.

He could've turned on, turned in and drop out in one of done all that conquest up that we can smile on her brother without a divine prompting and everybody could just get together and try to love one another. Right now, if the right album is fine. What's the point of dying at the hands the Vietcong when I can kill a few brain cells and morsels of my soul here at home just fine throwing a bloated military-industrial complex that mastered the art of mission creep and the justification for flower power as a replacement for American exceptionalism is a powerful hedge against global oppression was born. We've never recovered as a civilization recently mentioned Steve days mentions contract with America was the last time the Congress has worked on behalf of traditional American interests. That's true. Ever since Richard Nixon historically trounced George McGovern, the counterculture's first attempt at political ascendancy. The worldview that propelled McGovern's run is been on a winning run. Ever since, while our consultants and think tanks carefully crafted the conservative case for open borders and government mandates at the behest of ambitious corporatist Republicans and the corporations that control them.

The counterculture was completing the long march through the institutions that would be an entertainment culture, education, we offer tax cuts.

They offered existential purpose and meaning. Granted it was from below and not above but the God shaped hole in all of our hearts will be filled by something bad rather than nothing at all. You're going to be political correctness with political grit notice forever war stand a chance against white fragility cancel culture will prevail against no cultural heritage whatsoever. We're going to be inspired by something is just a matter whether it's good or bad right that's so true.

Which brings us to Afghanistan, which was always doomed to fail. For years now. People like me have asked over and over again.

What's the mission there. What is victory look like since we invaded Afghanistan in 2001, there been at least 30 attempted or successful terrorist attacks on US soil from those driven by adequate Islamic radicalism so we can stop that right.

We found our way of life of the plug-and-play system we abandon things like God-given rights that were our cornerstone and replace them with democracy, as mere process, a process that we could just export fill in the blanks with native tongue of the natives would take it from there.

The Judeo-Christian theologies of long wrestle with the extensive free will, so that's the point square peg round hole you can't take our type of governance and stick it into an Islamic cult context doesn't work.

Therefore, we blindly continued on with what George W. Bush said it a second nugget inauguration, the call of freedom comes to every minute of every soul. This is where you have a biblical worldview. Otherwise all the stuff just a mess.

She no longer believe in things. Steve days rights as a fallen world. We've evolved beyond that were more enlightened than that we know better than that. The sure we do so because if you fail to recognize the realities of human nature. At the end of this article is follow world in which we live.

Your doomed to fail just a matter of with sooner or later when you break the laws of nature. Nature's God enough they end up breaking you watch and okay shift gears. We held back her friend Dave McAfee nova Steve Noble show cause, but on the news the day Afghanistan. Everything will be back talking about that, most likely tomorrow. I did an incredible interview this incredible mine intellect Carl Truman book out really all about the propagation of self and how we defined our own realities which a lot of people in terms of a transgender-ism and homosexuality and gay marriage, and all these things are going on in our culture and Western civilization today, so I interviewed him earlier today.

I might do that tomorrow I might hold onto that one. Just because things are moving so fast and furious not only in Afghanistan but here in the world in America on the Wednesday Antron Thomas is very involved in black said and kinda conservative after American can have him in the studio and so things are just changing quickly so I don't know when I'll play the Carl Truman interview. Hopefully this week really gives a firm understanding of how we got to the place where somebody can say I'm a woman trapped in a man's body and a good chunk of the culture just says okay, but let's hit the pause button. All of that and talk our good friend David Fisher little money Monday update David how are you all hang in there.

Thanks for asking. Global oh my goodness you in just as so troubling and just never mind all of us remind ourselves, to pray, we need to be praying for knowing what's going on here in America but I was. He was happening in Afghanistan. Matthew 543 to 44 will start there today as we do on our money Monday updates with our good friend David Fisher.

By the way that's landmark is the website. As always, so let's start that Scripture and the will talk about some things happening in the world of finance. You have heard that it is good you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. Obviously this was going on. Today we hear the Taliban showing when they took over cobalt to America on their supportive almost at some level. Hopefully minor than major that we want to retaliate from level or the human nature, but our spirit should listen to me to pray for them. When you do show them love you don't know the love of God and obviously overlooked the logo don't behave that way so you know all the news over and talk about the moment is really in the secondary of importance in the shadow really was happening in Afghanistan and you know this is a reminder to all of us all. You know the plane you want to call it the physical plane, but the timing of asking the Lord in your life.

There's a time when we will have the time to do that.

So, hearing your voice no is one just a no man to be born in the beautiful gifts from the Dalian universe there is the judgment day in school having a relationship with the Lord is the most important exactly right in and echoed the sentiment. And I struggled at myself slowly after member. Vengeance is the Lords and none of these atrocities.

None of these injustices will last forever. Every single account will be settled in the final days and at the great white throne judgment. Every single atrocity, every single sin will be settled either on the back of Jesus. For those of us that accept him as Lord and Savior or each individual that's guilty. I will pay that price forever in hell and we need to remember that that's not our place to do that are places to pray and to love our enemies as opposed to cursing them and I know that's difficult, thanks for that reminder today David so yeah I saw the article over the weekend that the feds talking about, you know, deep dealing with tapering so tapering talk. It is in the news so help us understand little reminder of what the feds talking about tapering what are they talking about, what are they going to do here tapering and purchasing treasury security. Also, mortgage-backed securities, sleep, and purchasing $80 billion in treasuries a month and $80 billion in mortgage backed securities. July 27 28 meeting of the Federal open market committee meeting deliberated about these two things will be paper and when should we start so the Fed is Fred Sherman has not given any indication that they're going to want to taper soon and track cable to election on your program this week, but we were going to have open your Fed officials speak and they did last week. So for other six. The Fed officials or for tapering this year and some say as early as October 1 or two there's truth in officials that are saying we should taper one set into next year and the other one should sometime in the future, but not this year and maybe possibly will revisit this survey after the November Fed meeting so it's kind of wishy-washy but is being talked about and most economists do you believe that tapering will begin could begin as early as October October probably realistically November and will last summer between 8 to 10 months and there will be a drawdown from around $10 billion a month for a month for the mortgage for the treasuries and 5 billion a month for the mortgage-backed securities that will see is going to happen. We probably should hear from the feds as early as next week so not nothing to my ears, David.

I'm going okay were were buying treasuries our own debt with money that we don't have. So if we start to taper and stop doing that to me. I go okay that's probably direction we need to going, but that doesn't come without a cost. So what would happen to stocks example.

For example, if if they started to taper and start and stop buying less of our own junk. Well, you know, the stock market relies up because there's been this on purchases and it's been a sure thing, because the markets to rise significantly. Stocks like the first beginning of inflation. But then there's a time when you go sour and we saw this happen in the down the S&P 500 in the early 70s the market did really well but 1972 in the S&P 500 in 1975 the Dell, the cricket 50%.

So this inflation turns from good to bad to ugly, so that's where were headed and there's never been a time in history ever 100% of the time when the Fed has tapered and/or raised interest rates is had a severe negative effect on stock so just be careful.

The market is very high, very overvalued and anti-stock, but it is 100% sure thing that is happening in history when the Fed tapers it is bad for the market yes hundred percent sure thing, which means tomorrow the sun will rise once again.

At least that's 100% deal.

It has been since it's been happening in the same thing with this particular issue, so, so, can you this anyway to cut a project at all when the next bear market when it hundred percent that means history is shown is right right it's going to be that women right you're right so I don't know about their summary people try to predict this bear market when it might come in all the bull market is really strong and the problem is when run, a strong bull market invoices will be in us forever. And that's not how it works. When the bear takes over in it and we could shift this can be a brutal attack on the capital and pay attention to that. Because what happens when we fully move into a bear market. It's hard to get out over to Mr. say what's going on 10%. When we see they recover and then we go down 15 or 20% may say the same thing. So at the moment the sentiment Steve is role economists or suggesting there's a risk of resection a recession or bear market but just keep in mind all the same thing in Afghanistan. This would never happen. What were seeing right now and it really can change certain things can become reality if you will be environments was different.

So with that with the tapering, what, how would gold and silver react. That's a no, David, and in landmark M or is that's really his specialty is in the precious metals market and that aspect of all of the things that were talked about so what what would gold and silver do in response to this tapering the tapering psychology when everything changes the psychology of why the landscape changed. Same thing.

We just on Afghanistan but gold and silver usually reacts really well. Unfortunately, to downturns and economies and downturns in markets. I would forward central bankers are not saying that what they're doing and what they are doing fine. The most memorable day ever bought before this year were on track to be the top euro for gold buying by central banks so far this year. They bought 333 tons of gold. Which of the 240% more than the five year average. And if they keep buying at this level.

Steve is going to be the top year for buying gold by central banks in the last three years for your skews me has been the biggest buying of gold by central banks over. Looking back 50 years, so this tells us central banks believe there's going to be in an economic challenge or turmoil in the near future because of father behaving through the acquisition, massive acquisition of of gold so I say learn what they're doing.

Just see why they're doing it and see if precious metals was right for you and your portfolio yet is what your children say they're doing in the newsletter. Actually today, so we need to pay attention to what these folks in the central banks are doing. Regardless of what their mouths might be saying.

Sometimes your actions speak a whole lot more loudly and clearly than your words at some instantly good advice of people want to get more understanding. David and more education in terms of okay Otto I for example up approach gold and silver precious metals as part of a diversified portfolio. What what should they do. You act like children.

I think the old fashion way 460-4575 say it again April 4 604-2575 all website landmark excellent as always David, thank you so much for your help. Bless you brother. Have a great week we'll talk again real soon accomplish you my brother.

I don't think so much that I and that was a good friend, David Fisher always brings that expertise so helpful to so much going on. We need to be in prayer friends but don't lose your mind if you know Jesus if you're born again know him as your Lord and Savior. Your house still rock. It doesn't matter what happens in the world that will not be shaken. This is Steve Noble in the scene almost felt God willing I talked again real soon. Like my dad always perform another program powered by the Truth Network

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