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Q&A with Koloff - #30

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 17, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #30

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 17, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita is at Man Camp - and he is joined by KT and Garrett Camper to discuss why they attended and the impact Man Camp has had on them both.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is good Truth Network cuticle all fear questions and answers they would pull off the devil's nightmare. The cuticle Russian not well I was once the Russian I met on the devil's nightmare were here were down here in Royston Georgia Little light and I have interviewing one of my staff today for man Kenneth Todd King was the start right well first of all welcome. Thank you. Okay, okay, glad to be here so explain the three-day weekend of talking I should get a dog, but I can if it is what my mom called me when I was in trouble and thought it would have gone by my life so last name just as my family name. Okay if I ever heard Kenneth talking. I knew I was going to get your trouble.

Oh boy, I would trouble go to self what will you prefer Todd or Kenneth. It doesn't matter as long as you don't call me late to dinner, responsible while McCoy caked our exams work.

Katie is actually here. We got more than more than what so it helps to differentiate yes or so. Katie your staff get to that in a moment before we get there. You came you felt led to a hand man camp versus just quickly start with what prompted you to make that decision to want to come and attend, make well you had offered the ability to come to man camp and I investigated it as to what was and I saw it is an opportunity for me to come and get the freedom that I had been searching for my whole adult life is good to be a challenge. It was going to be in a fast-paced type thing that did you know the five-day event to get you into serving the Lord chasing after the Lord desiring the Lord and you know that I wanted to be part of that. I wanted to experience that the freedom you've always been looking for for our listeners what was it look like for you all my goodness it's emotional, and spiritual. It's it's physical it it embodies the complete human being to you know that the God of the universe loves me and accepts me and desires to have a relationship with me and that that was what I have been looking for that that relationship, I hope it's okay to say but we talked about it in it and you get some challenges physically yes and she knew that was one of things we covered was talk about the physical man yes so that interested you yes and and since your time at man You do in great detail you've made some decisions prior to base a decision what in lenient departing may camp regarding your physical health, and you had some some results you got your great detail, but just give a quick overview of the results will be no I wasn't a very active person before and it may camp you have to move. You can't be sedentary or not allow us to become a potato and just sit somewhere. We have to know when we go we have to go out and go into the wilderness, have no activity so you know that taking it home and I maintain a level of activity. Also, the nutritional part of you expound on giving us pointers on how to eat better how to portion size, how to look for the things the nutrition healthier food yes and you know the with all that I improve my A1c because my diabetic improve my liver function.

I've lost some weight and I continued to work on that. But you know you give me a well-rounded frame to build good you know when I went home I was able to activity which was something I really needed a course which dropped her off that path to better health course. Let's back it is resting days was as chiseled as anyone ever stood on a bodybuilding stage at all. He facilitates that that that part of our camp is health and wellness course has a child in there, but he may facilitate and he's a plethora of information right now nutrition and exercise, getting yourself moving okay and how to continue to burn those calories is some of the freedom for all your life would you say to our listeners counter what you were searching after you can summarize the camp for you physically, but if some of the freedom you were looking for case okay let me transition just to the quicker you camp, you were impacted by And then extended the invitation in which a lot of guys like to consider coming back in service and so you've made a decision to come down and and volunteer your time on staff and just give our listeners just a quick synopsis of what that experience is to come to man camp and the one of the servants to is one of because we get to see the transformation of these men's lives as a command from the day one to David Lee huge change in and just through the active obedience of serving and giving of our time and giving of herself and helping these gentlemen, it is what makes you feel fulfilled.

You've been blessed immensely by coming to be able to serve these other and now see from the other side.

Having experience they can just just what step back almost go why I remember that that while we did that wonderful wives want to thank you for your for volunteering your time and that you know? Prayers on that path better. Thank you for allowing all right okay thanks. I forgot. On the other and Derek could rival Hulk Hogan here just saying welcome to show personal where you live man camp and you are big man. You fixate 68, you are likely to size like 24 shoe the came down from Ohio where Ohio River borders West Virginia about 40 minutes south of Wheeling town like you might like one stop stop sign. I can't stop you all okay I know what to write yet.

22 years old okay with my resume at the school for gas and oil now okay is an applicable time I start to leave me somewhere. I needed to be home for the chamber is the most humbling job. Okay really is right. Gesturing regularly and just committed that I meet some of the somebody's got to do that right so doing that and refresh my memory.

How we got connected and I know I should make every freshman NWA power actually popped up like while eligible Mr. Graham, Jeff is my man camp guy, and he said go to this website okay signed up first to man camp came and went out as I will hopefully things just didn't work out so you hung in there your credit you hung in there he didn't throw the towel and say that the enemy is really coming after me away from this place for me to get connected with God because I wasn't living for godly lifestyle. First day fasting here when he was trimming the tree with the ridge falling down.

He said that that might think that you have further explained in the ground to live on the edge is it's really really spoke to me because I was 11 for godly lifestyle. I had since passed since I have a payment of the Lord brought brought some some of those things into the life you can, and provided you the opportunity just shows a just to be set free.

Some things that were maybe cantering hindering any kind of a walk with Jesus. Yes, that is been part of your counter. This way I don't share with some amazing things with God's creation here hundred acres of property. I. God's creation how hollow you were.

You were impacted what what what else being set free of all this is some forgiveness I had for so many people left. I got nothing to forgive myself a lot like a brand-new man and God tend me to become 22 embraced this week shall be equipped to go back home to Ohio and be able to walk that outing and implement these things in your life for people for people to see the chimney go back to see the change. I don't think you have to open your mouth.

I think people just your actions will will see the changes that took place so anything else any other any other highlights that like to share Alicia why you looking at all are working or thinking about that I was you safe. Thank you NWA power for overrunning the man camp commercials for introducing you to man What one last thought anything else you'd like to share. If you ever have the option that comes up like this. Go actually change your life. You have no idea when you're around other men as you have no idea how how how much healing I can be hundreds of versions and it is annexed on the loan. We all have the same father were all brothers and my realization. Just amazing and I know yeah just a guy she got out with course the staff that was here serving is just a blessing from a characteristic to watch you engage in what you embrace everything this week and I know when you return, I'm excited to see what kind of results for calibration forces are, what reclamation 22 John everyman right of any age really get it up.

But what of any age to come to man camp taken from this taken from this this young man who's the Giants that only ever say this not only in the physical sense but I speak this over you right now you return home is biggest statutes. It's what they think you are even greater giant spiritual sense go home and pack. Many people get depressed with your size more impressed with your love for Jesus and how you pack them for years to come. This is the Truth Network

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