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Was There An Original Hebrew Matthew

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 12, 2021 4:20 pm

Was There An Original Hebrew Matthew

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 12, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/12/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Is it true that there is an original Hebrew Gospel of Matthew in the so we have it today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always, 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown. We again have a fascinating broadcast. Today were going to dig into a controversial subject. Your best to get some wisdom on it, catch up on some Jewish related news and take your Jewish lady calls and questions.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast hears them to call 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-348-7884 any Jewish related question of any kind whatsoever.

Glad to take your call, of course, if you differ with me on something you want to challenge me on a point that I've made, by all means give us a call okay. You may have heard the claim that this new translation of the Gospel of Matthew is based on the original Hebrew text of the original Hebrew math Matthew has been discovered or something like that. That's bogus. We do not have an ancient original Gospel of Matthew in Hebrew. We simply do not have that it does not exist. However, there are many ancient traditions in the early church that reference either a gospel that Matthew had written in Hebrew or the gospel of the Hebrews in Hebrew, or a collection of sayings of the Lord, that Matthew would put together in Hebrew, and that may or may not have been identical with our Gospel of Matthew.

Most would say no.

It's not the same as that and we have later medieval manuscripts.

So you're talking many, many centuries after the writing of the New Testament in Hebrew that were some by the church, but others by the rabbinic community and their interaction with Christian missionaries wanted to refute them so that they could have Matthew in their in their own academic language Hebrew, they translated into Hebrew and there are some who claim that with in those manuscripts.

There are hints of the early original Matthew so I want to try to sort this out. But first and foremost let me say this again if anyone claims that there translation is based on the original Hebrew Matthew they are wrong they are either pulling the wool over your eyes or they themselves have been misled, but we do not have original Hebrew Matthew symbol three havoc ancient copies we have of the don't have the original Greek New Testament. The original books in Greek. We have copies of copies and and and you can trace it far back. Yes, that's true. We don't have anything like that with this. We don't have something we can go back to the first or second or third or fourth and fifth centuries. The actual Hebrew texts.

We don't have that right.

Some would try to argue that when Hebrew is mentioned actually means Aramaic but let's let's just take it at face value and say that it's referring to Hebrew here is what we do know of from ancient traditions and I was checking to see what was available online so that I could refer you to certain sources to look at afterwards to study a little bit more deeply and it turns out that the article on Wikipedia has a lot of decent information is a lot that it's missing but has a lot of decent information so correction can go there and into a couple of other online sources of in more recent years, George Howard New Testament scholar this going back a few decades out put out a book on the Hebrew gospel and the original Hebrew Matthew and speculating on that.

In looking at a medieval source and saying hey does this contain part. It was as rabbinic sorcery translation by the rabbis but perhaps it contains some of the original Hebrew Matthew minute became popularized for a wider audience by the carrots on the come you Gordon this what you've heard about this more in their both good scholars who do serious work. The question is how far we go with these things, how we evaluate them so let's look over on Wikipedia again not right normally go as an academic source but there's some libel information so it says this first major section basis of the Hebrew gospel hypothesis Pappy is in the early church fathers to assess the idea that some or all of the Gospels were originally written in a language other than Greek begins with Pappy us of her Opelousas so that he is someone that was in close proximity to John the elder with some essays the same as the apostle John. Some of the early witnesses.

There was overlap in their lives. It says in a passage with several ambiguous phrases he wrote Matthew collected the oracles bogus sayings over about Jesus in the Hebrew language. Perhaps alternatively Hebrew style and each what interpreted them as best as he could.

So again, some of said when he said Hebrew.

He actually meant Aramaic, which was the language of the Hebrews there their arguments.

I can be made for that others would say no at that point in time when you said that you meant he was let's just take it as meaning Hebrew others would say well it it means in Hebrew style, but because other early church leaders attest to a gospel of the Hebrews, or seeing a gospel of the Hebrews or a Hebrew Matthew or some connection like that in the lifesaving quote from it at times and that was okay, something did exist something certainly did exist.

The question is how does it relate to our Matthew that we have in Greek today and how much of it can be reconstructed. Those are the questions to ask.

So as you scroll down a little bit in the Wikipedia article it mentions some quotes by church fathers, Matthew was also Levi this is Jerome speaking so Jerome is now late for 35th centuries. Matthew is also Levi and who from Republican came to me. Apostle. First of all, composed the gospel of Christ intraday in the Hebrew language and characters for the benefit of those of the circumcision would believed translated after the Greek is not sufficiently ascertain over the humor itself is preserved to this day in the library at Caesarea which the martyr paraphilias so diligently collected. I also was allowed by the Nazarenes. So these were messy ancient messianic Jews, Jewish followers of Jesus who use this volume in the Syrian city of Barre at the copy it.

Then Jerome so 380 2P Scholl being a Hebrew routing Hebrew. That is, his own tongue, and most fully will things which were eloquently written in Hebrew, more eloquently turned into Greek and then Irenaeus. So second century, wrote Matthew also issued a written gospel among the Hebrews and their own death dialect and says that he then says that the Abia Knights. They were heretical Jewish group that believed in Jesus that they use that as well and then origin's early third century, first to be written was by Matthew was once a tax collector. Blame apostle Jesus Christ published it in Hebrew for Jewish believers. So there are a number of traditions attesting to that.

I want to go to another website or early Christian and it has a section on the gospel of the Hebrews, so we have this attestation that Matthew wrote a gospel in Hebrew. Was it just the sayings of the Lord. Many would argue know that that phrase therefrom. Pappy is actually is referring to a whole gospel a whole book, so it could be that he passed on in Hebrew original sayings of Jesus and and and put them out as a source.

It could also be that saying, he wrote a whole gospel.

He was let's let's take it at the maximum that he wrote Hebrew gospel is not the same as the gospel of the Hebrews. That's also mentioned and if so, do we have that today so let's look at a couple more quotes that are found here. All let's see okay so Irenaeus let's look at this one a little more depth. Irenaeus, but the Abia Knights so every let's deny the deity of Jesus and rejected teachings of Paul. The Abia Knights use only that gospel which is according to Matthew and repudiate the apostle Paul calling him an apostate from the law basis for the epidemic to use only the cost which is going to Matthew or convicted of the very book is not holding right views about the Lord. A Clement of Alexandria even are also in the gospel according to the Hebrews is written is saying he that wondrous shall reign and he that rains shall rest such as saying that we don't have anywhere else else were unattested climates also this for those words of the same forces. These, he shall not cease from seeking to define and having found will be amazed at having been amazed will rain and heavy rain will rest so with the saying come from. It's attested elsewhere is going back to Jesus, but we don't have any of our current Gospels origin's is this and that except the gospel according to the Hebrews with the Savior himself saith even now did my mother, the Holy Spirit, take me by one of my hairs and carried me away to the great mount. The bore will be perplexed, etc. so Jesus speaking about his mother. The Holy Spirit is is that heretical concept, even though spirit can sometimes be feminine is is that a heretical concept which would then tell you this is one of the heretical Gospels. There were many such newly church so anyway there there were lists some years back in the 90s are really research this in depth and got all the original sources that I could find. There's actually a compilation of all of the early church leaders and what they had to say about Jewish believers about a gospel of the Hebrews about a Hebrew Matthew so here's what we know there is at least one Hebrew gospel that some of the early church leaders had seen in here and there, though, refer to it word seems to clarify discrepancy. For example, in Matthew 23. Critics will often point out that when Jesus speaks of about Zechariah center bear Kia being martyred. That's the wrong name that's being used there that's referred to to the Zechariah in Zechariah chapter a mention Zechariah chapter 1 of the Zechariah who smarted in second Chronicles 24 such a mistake and proves that Jesus misspoke or Matthew Miss Road or scribes got it wrong, etc. and yet you have some attestation for the church losing know the original sets of different originals in harmony was read the Hebrew Bible that interested the family.

Gordon is pointed to places and drew cowardice pointed to places in some of the medieval manuscripts that differ from the Greek we have in a way that would not make sense unless there was some other source behind this is all speculation. This is all speculation. What we do know is this is the Matthew that we have is preserved in Greek and many scholars who believe that there was an original Hebrew Matthew say that was one thing, and it's not the same as our Greek Matthew that that which about two separate sources here so all I'm saying is it's complex.

We know that there was at least something back than that of the succeeding connected to Matthew in Hebrew.

There was also the gospel of the Hebrews is that separate or the same. And then there medieval manuscripts, some Mandy many many centuries later that that seem to have some different readings. We don't know where they came from you. We have an original Hebrew Matthew, no, don't. Don't we don't and did it underlie the Greek Matthew we have a dog. No error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown and I harmony with beautiful word and keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep with the Lord fulfill the desire of the hearts of those religious Jewish men as they sing about the God in whom the deeply one please God revealed his grace and goodness and truth to them in fullness to pray for each of us 866-34-TRUTH it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 784 any Jewish related question of any kind, my joy to take your calls so you say what what will witnesses leave us. You've told us a lot, but you really haven't told us anything definitive. What we we don't know anything definitive because it's based on interpretation of sources and even those few words and fragments that I've read their little quotes here and there and and and a few others could've been read there interpreted it in quite a few different ways. In fact there different ways of reading them and understanding them, but again, at most, there was an original Hebrew gospel that Matthew wrote that was widely circulated and that was kept in preserved for centuries and was used by early Jewish believers, even if Aramaic was their spoken language or Greek was the spoken language.

Sacred writings were primarily written in Hebrew. Now the Talmud mission is is is Hebrew, the Thomas primarily Aramaic but still that the Bible writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This continues the tradition of Hebrews the sacred language into this day, even in places where were Hebrew is not spoken for centuries and centuries. Hebrew still the sacred language of the Jewish people for study so this would this would make perfect sense. Again, most scholars whose words I've studied over the decades do not believe that the Matthew that we have in Greek today is a translation from the Hebrew they believe it's written in Greek, as the original language that would mean either. Matthew wrote something that was different in Hebrew again if if we say that he wrote them both that he wrote something different in Hebrew. One scholar has tried to associate that with the so-called shoe source. Again, this is all speculation has been no actually have this but but a large collection of of teachings of Jesus and life of Jesus, that of the gospel authors true on there's a tremendous amount of scholarship here in a tremendous amount of ink that's been spilled out. Writing about this but but please understand this if if you read popular books about this or while this is been discovered.

This is definitive, take it all with a grain of salt taken all the green Salter things we can be very dogmatic about things we can be fairly sure about and things that we have more questions about, so I'm all for the wondering and speculating.

For example, an argument that would be raised by George Howard are in SMU. Gordon would be that you have word plays Hebrew word plays in in the Hebrew gospel again. One of the medieval manuscripts and and there are quite a few of these over the centuries but you have some word plays in a document that purportedly was a translation from the Greek or whatever language the rabbis were working with him to Hebrew from Matthew now if they didn't believe Matthew was inspired and if they were trying to argue against Matthew. Why would they have these nice little word plays. That's normally translated to try to bring out the beauty of the original post for question Cisco could that are preserved in earlier tradition and these manuscripts preserve early traditions.

It's speculation. It's fascinating and I've I've used ancient testimony. For example, in a in a video refuting Rabbi Toby Singer regarding Matthew 23 of said hey, here's an early cessation for the early church, St. the original just said this and then later scribes added this original just of this in Hebrew. That's because we actually have a quote from an early church leader attesting to his not later speculation and interestingly the later manuscripts the.

The later medieval Hebrew Matthews of the ones I've looked at. Anyway correspond to the Greek nuts of the alleged original Hebrew. So that raises questions about the authenticity of the later manuscripts. Maybe they are just translations from the Greek or from whatever language the robbers were working with us is been assumed over the over the decades, so it some of the study to look at to consider, but please don't do these two things. One, don't think, well, the Greek New Testament we have is unreliable. That's how God preserved for us, better preserved than any book in the ancient world. That's how God preserved it for us at an from a thousand different angles.

We know that is not all of it originally written in Greek, the vast bulk of it originally written in Greek, so don't miss trust the Greek New Testament that God gave us this one to don't believe anyone tells you that their new translation is based on the original Hebrew or Hebrew and Aramaic sources. We do not have those three don't buy into any theory that now changes in dramatic ways. The meaning of New Testament texts based on an alleged original Hebrew which is even exist. Don't want that. It was three years just warning that I can tell you dogmatically everything else study look into fascinating 866-34-TRUTH I will stay on the subject. Craig in Louisville, Kentucky.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown on sure we are before, but I really don't about the issue and greater London*you are you on your phone.

Speaking to me directly on your phone. I am a life of your's not a speakerphone or is he asks to snow hard already living one okay get this little hard to hear you and I want to make sure that all of our listeners can hear you clearly. So will give you not us better is certainly better knucklehead.

Okay, so you will work as well and Celexa for instance when you're bringing out the workplace or the Hebrew word pond.

I agree that not concrete evidence that Matthew was written first by Soper and Sherman told people.there are word pond and one of the seven framework upon the existing good degree which is Petra truck right but I guess my concern about this whole topic you I could see how Protestant, Catholic orthodoxy would be at first literary is not first simply because the caulking that you have doubt on the number of copies that we have doubt the possibly could have dated before going yes associate or something and I just got a jump and somehow that the wanted to ally to get that out but with respect to our listeners.

Somehow the phone connection was still very weak and it was very difficult to hear it so we can we try to be sensitive to everybody's ears. Of course, so none of this touches on that subject whatsoever.

In other words don't have any ancient sources that it in writing that predate or agree copies of Matthew. None and we know the early church constantly quotes from the Greek Matthew so so no one is doubting the authenticity of that when when the Gospels recognizes canonical when when the early church would would be reading them regularly and their services when they were looked at and believed to be apostolic was Greek Matthew Snow is disputing that was there also.

Hebrew Matthew maybe maybe, but that which was that that would been used by by groups of Jewish believers, some who are mainstream and some who are heretical, but nobody's disputing that the early church had Greek Matthew business not up for debate. Knowing no one is in the early church is saying all we don't have the original we can't find the original Hebrew Matthew. All we have is this this lousy Greek translation of the one they are quoting from and and and that the mode because the Greek fathers is post the Latin fathers degree foes. According to Greek Matthew as we have it today as the Bible so that's not dispute.

As for the word plays that one that you mentioned in Matthew 16 with with Peter and Petra so so rocket Little Rock piece the rock.

Whatever, that's important to understand it. In other words, it would make sense to translate it like that into Hebrew to convey with the Greek word play was that would make perfect sense. It would be odd if there Hebrew word place when there wasn't one in Greek. Why would the rabbis do that.

But there are other answers but but again, thank you for the call because it enables me to reinforce this. There is no disputing the authenticity of Matthew's Greek gospel.

There is no question that when the early church leaders are quoting from it. In Greek, and when the early church is recognizing it as as part of this new canon of Scripture with Mark and with Luc and with John etc. with Paul's writings that that's the book they were talking about was there also Hebrew gospel and if we could find that would be of interest as well to compare it to look at the two absolutely that would be amazing and wonderful but it doesn't take away for a split second the authenticity of scriptural verity of Matthew in Greek K thank you for the call.

Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH is the number to call will be right back on the inside of the break taking your Jewish related questions and calls and the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and praises to the God of Israel, Michael Brown, welcome to through the Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind. Hebrew related to Israel today related to messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament, anything at all. Give me call 866-34-TRUTH so headline from Ha'aretz. So one of the leading historic and of course, famously left-leaning publications in Israel but just reporting the news here Israel now quarantines all arrivals from US and 41 other countries says arrivals.

This will have to self isolate for the seven days return at least two negative covert tests and anyone found breaking quarantine will be subject to a 5000 shekels fine US earlier this week, edit Israel to its highest covert risk level due to Delta variance spike in cases okay so as were trying to sort this out. On the one hand, Israel really did a lot to get the vast amount of its population vaccinated in many ways said hey we get back to life is usual and then no sooner was that happening that the Delta variant began to spread and now there were concerns about where that's heading and with the first wave of vaccines that that wouldn't be as effective against the Delta variant etc. so all I can say is the plot thickens. If Mr. broadcast yesterday we open the phones for the entire broadcast for you to call in.

Give your views pro or con with regard to the vaccine and my official view which I posted on Twitter and Facebook earlier today remains the same. Do the research. Ask God for wisdom, talk to people that you respect get their opinions and make an informed decision.

See Dr. Brown, what have you done personally. That's my personal choice. See what you tell everyone because I don't think that I have the right to influence you with my personal choice because this is your life is your family, your job in terms of decisions that you're making and I simply do not have sufficient expertise here.

I'll go on a limb all the time when it's appropriate.

When I feel confident about something it's risky, but if I'm confident I'll do it or not I'm involved in controversy day and night is not a day that goes by probably online not done a minute. This goes by that some of them attacking me for something a believer said I've got millions of words out there in print.

Millions of words out there on the year run staking out positions, but I do not have a position to stake out here and again something like this when some of much a civil judgment.

We respect you might get a week really choose an example my personal choices here. My personal choices. If something happens where where I change that view right. I want to shout from the rooftop of warning against vaccines or shout from the rooftop. Everybody vaccinated. I'll do that. Obviously I don't like the government pressure I and I know pro-vaccine people that don't like the government pressure but I'm simply reporting to update from Israel Civil War would happen if it is to take a tour to Israel ruins required to be vaccinated on the true group and how to handle it will cross that bridge when we come to it will cross that bridge will become to all right 86634. Interestingly enough of your phones momentarily.

When I posted my position on Twitter. One woman responded with you're the smartest man on social media as of the other, the less I say the smarter I appear to be the less stuff you put your foot in your mouth all right 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Adam in Montréal. Welcome to the line of fire doing well thank you yet. I have a quick Deuteronomy chapter 20 80 coming background and often times you hear a bunch of great joy to be driving 28 very good young Bigley and I did like to know how you rightly interpret that chapter in our mutual client primarily.

I will believer well yeah and and friends. I apologize for a similar quality of the phone call sometimes is just an issue that comes up and we are doing our best to resolve the pit. Adam, thank you for the requested question is very important. One Deuteronomy 28, which lays out the blessings and the curses for obedience to the Torah.

Blessings for obedience curses for disobedience and in keeping with ancient recent customs and in harmony with Leviticus 26.

The curses are much longer than the blessings devastatingly. So it's always overwhelming for me to read those listen to them on audio on the Bible, devastating to hear those words because the curses are so overwhelming. All right, how do these apply to us as believers today.

On the one hand, to the extent that there are principles. God wants us to follow. Following those good principles will bring blessing neglecting those good principles will cause us to miss out on plus members. If you live by the book of Proverbs. On average, if a million people live by the book of Proverbs. On average, the vast majority will live longer than the ones who flaunt the wisdom of the book of Proverbs. Look at Deuteronomy 28 the same way because we are not under the law, and that since we are not under the curse of the law. So I took that curse for us and we stand justified by his works, not by artist's a look at it as a principal, as opposed to a literal being under this that someone number to understand that we are in this world and not of it is different than Israel, which stood as the lead nation. We often for obedience will be hated and rejected and will suffer.

So in terms of outward prosperity. While there are principles from Proverbs that apply generosity hard work. Those things bring prosperity often in the New Testament setting or obedience causes sacrifice, persecution, opposition, so we have to apply things accurately and fairly.

As for Israel. Israel is not living under the benefits of the new covenant through the cross. Israel has not received God's grace through the Messiah and therefore to the extent that Israel flaunts God's Word and God's ways. There will be judgment that comes as a result of that. This is especially what ultra-Orthodox Jews would believe it it in the early days of Hitler's rise to power, when he began to persecute the Jewish people and began to pass at the Nuremberg laws and other things and restrictions on their freedoms. There were leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis of the day who said this is because we Jews especially the secular German Jews and others have flaunted God's laws and this is judgment is not now the idea that the Holocaust was divine judgment on disobedient Jews is considered out of the out of the apartment by the vast majority of Jews today and even many religious Jews would not hold to that in light of the horror and the madness of what took place. Look at it again on larger principles.

Is God dealing with the Jewish people explicitly as if they were under the Sinai covenant. I would say no because grace has come through the cross and ultimately the issue is accepting or rejecting the cross.

However, the same larger principles apply and and that Jewish people that seek to be God honoring and God-fearing can expect longer life and health say than those that flaunts his laws and commands.

It's something less point as far as how God is dealt with Israel over the centuries under Sinai covenant when not.

It's a discussion that I've never really had with other semi Jewish leaders but I be curious to know where they all stand on this. Maybe one day I'll do show just focused on that. Thank you sir for the question, 86634 let us go to Anthony in Des Moines, Iowa.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Dr. Brown how are you doing well.

Thank you. My quest I panic curious about this for a long time. I know you got a good answer for as we get the different information from Scripture regarding what we call the end time.

We learn that the temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt before Jesus returns. Now my question is, since the temples are from the old covenant time, so to speak.

And when Jesus died and was resurrected.

He established a new and better covenant. What is the connection right so number one off the top of your head. Could you give me any versus that that indicates you to the temple must be rebuilt before Jesus returns.

I don't have Scripture in front of me.

I know that I I know that I read it okay and I know that it's scriptural but I just don't have.

And finally, Dr. Brown, I thought you would wrap you know what you certainly so the reason I ask it is. It's not quite as explicit as many think. I do expect it to happen. Personally and it's based on the all of the discourse of Matthew 24, Mark 1321, which on the one hand, speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 A.D. so roughly 40 years after that that the death of Jesus and his resurrection of, but it also speaks of the events at the end of the age it's it's kind of like a mirror image again at the end of the age which would suggest that there is a temple that's been built is will we know other passages speak of a Jewish Jerusalem in the Matthew 23 and Zechariah 12 and then second Thessalonians 2 it says the Antichrist. The man of sin will set himself up in the temple of God as God, that you could say was metaphorical for the church is the temple, but I believe it's a literal temple in Jerusalem. So this is something that is important to Judaism. I do not believe it's important to God. In terms of atonement sacrifice as you said, the once and for all sacrifice has been completed at the cross is not a need for bulls or goats to take away sin.

The blood of Messiah has been applied in the heavenly's to get us eternal redemption. So this is something that is important for Judaism.

This is something that will tie in with with end time and time deception and time seeking etc. of how it can actually happen. The temple be built where the current over the rock is Al-Aqsa mosque and all that debate as to how that would unfold. Some claim is the location of the temple that that I don't believe but it's not important sir. In God's sight for our atonement or relationship with God.

It's important for the fulfillment of prophecy and for the full cycle of things for Jesus to come back at the culmination of that but it's not for our benefit, our forgiveness, our thank you sir for the quest. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown Jerusalem still matters Jerusalem still matters. Pray for the salvation of lost sheep of the house of Israel pray for God's purposes for Jerusalem, which will also mean blessing for the nation's God cares about the whole world.

Let's understand this truth. Israel to bring the Messiah into the world through this nation. He brought the Messiah into the world to bring the knowledge of God to the nations, and he is not forgotten his promises to Israel. Join us as we are on the front lines of outreach to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Yes, it's terribly insulting for for me to use that term in the eyes of religious Jews and others that say they're not lost sheep course from their perspective on. I am in idolater I am. I'm following a false God, leading people astray. So we have very, very deep differences. We speak them with tears, but we continue to pray for God to open hearts and minds for you.

She was the Messiah to be revealed. Thank you all of you stand with us in prayer. All of you help us financially, thank you, your gifts, your prayers are helping us reach Jewish people every single day. The good news of the Messiah around the world and it Israel a couple headlines for you. Just FYI, the stuff free for you to know, how about this, times of Israel reports Rabbi of New York City, LGBT Q synagogue to rejoin US religious freedom commission for Pres. Biden pics Sharon climbed down longtime leader creation. Best Simcoe Torah for panel that works advance international freedom of belief. So on the one hand I can understand the logic in choosing a lesbian feminist Rabbi to work for religious freedom because it takes a lot of freedom to recognize some of like that right.

On the flipside from so understand the Biden perspective. From my perspective it's apartment number one because God is supposed to lesbian and homosexual practice, especially for a spiritual leader number two will you be LGBT Q community is is constantly coming against the rights of believers to hold to what they do and challenging not just the validity of our beliefs but our right to hold to those beliefs. So so this to me is is one of the decisions that grievous.

Although I pray for this woman to really come to know the God of Israel. One other interesting thing going on with the present by its administration and this is a reports. This Bidens highest-ranking Muslim nominee Myers and GOP blockade so that the rollover door said has brought hardball tactics to a lower profile Senate committee not known for fielding charges about xenophobia and anti-Israel bias.

So there are concerns that the dispense a Muslim.

Muslims are welcome to serve in our administration in various ways it can be elected and appointed, so be it.

We have a free and diverse society but he has alleged connections with anti-Israel Muslim groups or an anti-Israel. Most group within America. Hence the protest to his appointment just some news that I share with you thoroughly Jewish Thursday okay, back to the phones we go to Chris in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. I got a brighter doing fine thanks.

Would Orthodox.

We take a little understanding of Genesis, or more specifically the first chapter with regard to creation date, they tend to read it differently in terms of not normally asking those questions.

It's just it's kind of an interesting thing you do have some us of of the most most religious that will will all hold to young earth idea and and the world is less than 6000 years old and the dating of 5781.

We are that the rear of the Jewish calendar that that is actually the literal counting back to Adam etc. but there is widespread Jewish interpretation that the understand his open word spreadsheet for him as a Shema avatar. It's not as in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, but as when God began to create the heavens and the earth of the heart cites a total of over push the company till roof of the rebirth after the Pam I am in and this is an ongoing clause and at the time that the earth was formless and void and spirit of the outer wing from God was hovering over the face. The board is radio my Elohim. If you are, and then God said, let there be light, so the sentiment claiming to be from the beginning of but it's just their different mindsets and approaching Scripture and how it's red and even though some talk about the intersection of science and Genesis 1. Most don't. So it's just it's this different mindset and because it's been read for different purposes know it's all about Torah it's about God's relationship with Israel so for example, the question is what starts Russia's most famous commentator when he starts commenting on what he quotes from some announcing actually, we should start in Exodus 12 regard gives the first Torah lost Israel. What is a start here and it's to show that God is the creator and that the nations of the world will have the right to the earth. God does. And if you must drive out one people and given other people or land he can do that so it gets approach from a different angle. What would you make of the worker.

I think it often translated permanent or org I think diverse chapter 1 verse 14 yes so we were in the firmament is actually speaking of something with substance and of in other words, conceptually, if you could have it say it and cognate languages in the ancient near East. They could become like an upbeat piece of of metal metal. You know that's the inner reset that that's that's what the word could literally mean but it's not a conception. There was a piece of metal, but that there was there was something of substance separating the waters from above the waters from beneath and then when the quote windows of heaven would open it with.

It would bring an opening there in the rain would come down there many many other pictures that are given in the Hebrew Bible in terms of how the universe is ordered, which would make the sale case is meant to be taken literally or is this observational, etc. of where very first chapter guard on the moon start guide of the firm or what it you know when you look at biblical cosmology. You take a little literal interpretation. It seems to suggest a flat non-rotating her with the sun and the stars inside the firmament it is that something that you would hold it down the intruder take that literal interpretation. I will perhaps you have other references dinner to the food of of of the of the world of the circle of the world and you know is that just look at the horizon or is it saying that that that the Earth is spherical, and then you have an Job that got hangs on nothing and since it was just a poetic picture but you could find ill. Psalm 11 other pictures that give different descriptions but there's no question that if you want to read it in a strictly literal way for sure the the ancient world.

Anyone that had any scientific observation believed that the sum around the earth right you know when and Scripture garner a goiter like a like a bridegroom coming out of the chamber and in Psalm 19 yeah absolutely right but so is your subject and sent that was universally believed in the ancient world right in the words all any literature that we have from anywhere in the ancient world. It it was it was geocentric in the sun everything goes around the earth. So if the Bible revealed that actually the earth was from the sun. Everyone for thousands of years, right up until the yield Galilean times would've thought that the Bible is wrong so that's why have a voice in the center teacher assigns it so that's what you have to realize that MMO is if you're single.

I'm struggling with this. Now another struggling but if someone said I'm struggling based on what we know about science will go back a thousand years as the Bible said it right. Everyone of us.

It will Be true that in him and Moses day.

Isaiah's day in the days of Jesus in the days of Augustine right out running right up until roughly Getzen, Calvin, that it'll everyone would've thought it was wrong so it's not there. He teaches those things is there to teach us about God and how he orders the universe and how he sets things in motion. Certain ways, etc. and a lot of it is based on observational language and we just have to accept look to this day.

We talk about the sun setting in the sun rising. You could get a check no S Google or Seery. Whatever. What time does the sunset today or what times the sunrise, but that was that was the understand so absolutely if you read it in that way it will contradict science today at many points for sure. Yeah they know it. If we take the word at face value and is the inspired word of God. It seems like you'd want you want to do just that you would want to put any other interpretation of times, so to speak on onto the word you just let it say what it meant, like an argument, but you have to ask Chris, here's the key thing, why was it written. Why was it written most. The purpose wasn't to teach a science. It was never the purpose of so you have to go back to why it's written.

What's the purpose of the cosmology was the rest of the Bible do with these accounts. It points to who God is, points to how he orders his university points to his victory over the powers of chaos and then if you if you really want to do kind of a micro analysis of how so much of it parallels the building of the tabernacle and the building of the temple I'm in with explicit Hebrew repetition and imagery and I mean one thing after another after another after another, then euros.

There's much, much more going on here. Certainly I say dig deeper.

Don't read it as a 21st-century person. Looking back it with the Bible says look at it as to why it was written what it meant to the biblical writers how these things referred to in the rest of Scripture and then make application, then it speaks to us just as powerfully today is everything hey let's continue this conversation another day.

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