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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 19)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 15, 2020 12:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 19)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Hello friends throughout our nation's history. It has often been in the darkest times that God brought unprecedented revival.

However, the means God uses for bringing about revival are almost always the same commitment to prayer and uncompromising preaching of the gospel. For this reason this month I am launching rail movement called awake America and I want to challenge you to pray for God to bring a spiritual awakening to our nation starting with your city, your compass and your neighborhood to encourage your friends and your family and your church groups do not together in prayer revival starts with you and me. I hope you join learn more about awake America in ways that you can stand with your brothers and sisters in prayer. When you visit or by calling 866-626-4356 and 866-626-4356. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you set for another week of leading the way.

Had Dr. you set looks into the importance of worshiping God in spirit and in truth, expounding on five principles that will guide you to experience healthy living in a sick world that may give you a he started by dressing understand what the Holy Spirit inspired the apostle Paul in writing of this epistle is all about and call and flock all Greek cities at that time. Most of the Greek cities of Vietnam Gold Coast pagan worship in the gospel come into them while they worshiping having pagan worship of pagan worship always accompanied with ecstasy. This type of ecstasy manifested itself in babbling and gibbering and speaking of what they would call the languages of the gods and goddesses in the pagan world. Remember I told you in chapter 12 that for every spiritual gift for every after the Holy Spirit gives us.

Satan comes up with a counterfeit gift every gift. The Holy Spirit gives Satan has a counterfeit in the Corinthian church. Much of the speaking in tongues was taking on the flavor of pagan ecstasy. So now you understand why he is so adamant about this the neutralize the rational senses and open themselves to patient was and that is what verse 26 Paul is adamant that their worship must be edifying for the homebody, not just for the few, the selfish, you name it pleases important as you read very carefully first Corinthians 14. You will discover that their worship has been a bedlam. We know that from the communion, but I will bringing the food and there were not even waiting for each other.

The worship was a bit was a chaos and the apostles been exercised about that that were given very little thought as to the rest of how the body of the believers feel, let alone visiting nonbeliever who would never come under conviction want to hear all the gibberish stuff going on here that he or she is a sinner and a heading for help but Jesus has a way of escape out of that hell are coming to him, who shed his blood for you and rose again for you.

That is the only message that is going to bring people to their knees and come to God believing in him, you can beautify it.

You can dress it up and you can make it take all sharp edges out of it and make it soft and palatable to our culture. But that will not get people to heaven. Five things five principles that the apostle Paul gives the Corinthians, and he gives us about worshiping in truth and spirit five principles. Let me recite them for you. First of all, he says worship must be edifying for the whole body.

How many the whole body, verses 1 to 5 then he said that worship must be filled with clarity versus 6 to 12 suddenly said it must be rational, not just emotional. Verses 13 to 19 forcefully, it must not be counterfeit.

Be careful of the counterfeit versus 22, 28, and finally the fifth in the final principal that worship must solely and only based founded and springs out of the word of God versus 29 to 40 worship must be edifying to the whole body. You are not a face in a large group of people for God. You are an individual he sees you individually.

He knows you individually and loves individually. He calls her by name individually, and therefore everyone in the body is important and therefore the edifying of every single person in the body is important and while the apostle Paul says that every believer must discover we saw that the chapter drops every believer must discover their spiritual gift, the gift of the Holy Spirit and they use it in their life and we saw that the Corinthians. On the other hand, of all other churches. They decided no villa, only for one gift and even then they were misusing it.

Why because they wanted attention. They look at me guys let me boys, not the glory of God may beloved. If you are dissatisfied with the gift of the Holy Spirit has given you.

I want you to ask yourself the following questions why why I want another gift is it to serve me or to serve the congregation about is it true for personal use or for blessing of others and 12 for Paul said to all believers who are born of the Spirit of God are baptized into that one spirit, and that's the Holy Spirit, nor the spirit in this license test the spirits test the spirits because false spirits can sneak in in any church. In chapter 12 verse 10 he said, some were given gift of tongues. Others were given the gift of interpretation of times, but the folks in Corinth.

They view speaking in tongues to be glamorous and it wanted. They wanted because it draws attention, adulation, and even the envy on the part of the rest of the body.

So here is what happened. Listen carefully all the others in the church wanted in on this particular gift by pride. Attention-getting self-promotion power control so there were trying to outdo each other. No chart outdo each other in trying to get that one gift and in doing so they open themselves.

Why do Satan to come in and bring his work is counterfeit. Gifts and that is why is pleading with him and that is why look at verse four with me please healer speaks in tongues edifies himself. But here speaks in the word of God for spelling better stallion thus says the Lord in his word that person edifies the body blubbered through the years I have learned that selfishness of any kind, short-circuits, prayer, did you know that it tarnishes everything it touches. It creates havoc everywhere and closed here Marais plays the Corinthians did not understand that half of our problems is wanting our own way and the other half is getting away like the little boy was in the hobbyhorse with his sister little boy said if one of us could just get off this hobbyhorse than there would be more room for me. Look at verse five, Paul is not despising. I want to make that very clear. Paul is not despising the gift of tongues is not despising it.

In fact, he said it was up to me. I'll give it all of you, but I know is not good for your ego letter can really be a destructive thing but he doesn't decide that this is not for everyone.

Again, go back to 1210. It's only for some, but there's more. Nobody could ever accuse the apostle Paul of sour grapes.

Is it well, you know, Paul is saying that because he just doesn't know how to speak in tongues and eyes recommend mother all you but it only was for self edification while reading and teaching and expounding the word of God blesses everyone how many secondly worship must be filled with clarity. Look at verse 6 to 12.

Paul said that when there is biblical clarity. Verse seven everybody will be edified, but it is not biblical. Clarity is like somebody playing a musical instrument, who had never played that instrument before material for mom and dad. I know many of you can identify what I'm going to say one of our children, who shall remain nameless, decided in middle school that is going to play the trombone all day.

I had to run away from the house in the same way when biblical truth is not communicated clearly and bluntly in honestly saw a bunch of noise just noise.

Listen, having known languages.

You notice I said known languages have started languages.

I never said I speak languages but knowing languages as I studied them. I know that it's the meaning of the words not the literal translation is the meaning a few years ago.

Now I was preaching a certain Middle Eastern country and because I can speak Arabic with a lick. I hose have an interpreter so we were in the pastor's office and there were three guys who were all qualified to translate and they were going like this.

Now you do it now. Is it you're doing is you do it now. You do it and I thought well this is a biblically in honor of preferring one another. It wasn't the case at all.

I asked the pastor after what he said.

They all don't like to translate for you.

Is it why is it because you know the language and you're known for stopping in the middle of the thing if they got the meaning wrong to correct them when they don't want to go with this that I understand that I really do because I have done it if they miss the meaning they can be a little more translation but the meaning is not the same size opposite none. Amen this was expensive, beloved Paul is saying when people go to church been out there to hear the preacher's political opinion or his fancy ideas or his pontificating about the pop-culture and all this deficit now know know know they are coming to hear the gospel clearly preached whether they agree with that or not. It doesn't matter why because it's only when the word of God is clearly a man might either send monthly preached it builds up, it corrects, encourages, it comforts its challenges, and when the word of God is clearly communicated. We gonna find beauty for ashes and it pours. The oil of joy instead of morning it is replaces the garment of praise worship of God must never be guarded by selfishness, and that is why Paul said prophecy. More accurately, expounding the word of God is paramount is paramount. Worship must be edifying to how many secondly worship must be filled with clarity suddenly worship must be rational, not just emotional. Having said that, I'm very emotional have been all my life. Just above them in the early days. But God help me get over that. There's nothing wrong with emotions, but it is only emotional and not rational, and people are not gonna be edified, and you often hear me say this is not how high can you jump for Jesus. It's how straight you can walk when you land.

Absolutely true.

Verse 14 if I pray in tongues. My spirit praise, but my mind not fruitful if the mind is not engaged is not a help anyone, not even me.

If your mind is not engaged in worship. You will not spiritually grow. Also, if I pray in gibberish or self focused, if my prayer were just about me me me, God, me, God made God gonna find very few people going to say amen effect, nobody was amen to be sure in the day of Pentecost the disciples did not understand what they were saying because they were not speaking gibberish your speaking and known language languages that are spoken now.

The historian said there were 2 million people in the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem.

I find it very hard to imagine how can you cram 2 million people in that little city. But that's what they say it is the hundreds of thousands. They came from all over the world as pilgrims to Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost was a big celebration big feast for Jews in these Jewish people coming from everywhere from all over Europe. There were coming from Asia minor. They come from Libya from Egypt. You read about it in the book of acts.

It tells all the countries that they represented.

And so here they are. Most of them did not speak Hebrew. By the time you get the third fourth fifth generation Jews. They did not know Hebrew. They basically my learn the prayers and few things to say. Just like American Jews today, will been here for hundreds of years that don't resist beekeepers. I've so many of them with their friends they know few words but those McKeever is a wonderful opportunity for people to hear the gospel in their own languages. So what does the gracious holders. Do he supernaturally gives the gift of language to the apostles suddenly hearing the gospel England language that November. The disciples probably never been out of Israel. They did not speak language have not learned the language school did not learn languages so supernaturally. The Holy Spirit gave the other tongues or other languages to speak so that these all these things of thousand hundreds of thousands of foreign Jews can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Messiah was expected throughout all the Old Testament came. He died on the cross was buried, and rose again is soon coming to judge the world and there heard this message was struck in the hearts among those Jews in Jerusalem on that day were Jewish folks from the city of Alexandria in Egypt and there heard the gospel of the Messiah, Jesus and the were converted so thoroughly to Christ unlike what we do today.

They did not want to keep that message to themselves at the cost of their own lives.

They took the gospel back home to Egypt nation that was worshiping the god Ra, the SunGard and began to preach the risen Christ the dying Savior, rising Savior and we were told that within a short period of time.

85% of the population converted to Christ.

Listen to me. I am one grateful dude to these Jewish people from Egypt who were there in the day of Pentecost, because when they heard the gospel message. They brought it to my ancestors were converted and became believers in Jesus Christ and therefore has been a strong church in Egypt ever since four 2000 years.

To this day over 15 million who believe the gospel because of the gift of tongues. He said you have to understand God always always has a purpose, always when you wonder what God's purpose for you when you go through the house. 20. Not sure. Always remember that God has a purpose for your life who really does. He has a purpose for every individual.

As I told you earlier you. Not one in the masses of people you are individual as far as God is concerned, he sees you as you you were the only one who's ever lived. God always has a purpose. God's gifts always have purpose worshiping God always has purpose serving God always has purpose ministering to others always have a purpose exercising your spiritual gift always has a purpose and that purpose is always always always edifying and blessing others forcefully must not be counterfeit versus 2228, Paul starts this section by appealing to the Corinthians to grow up wise up and breaks my heart into when I'm talking to somebody's been sitting on the gospel for 20 years and have no discernment.

It breaks my heart.

He said be mature, not immature and non-discerning verse 20 brethren, do not be childish in understanding and malice.

Yes, by all means be childish and that but in understanding the mature will been seen throughout the series of messages you seeing this particular group of people. Believers in Corinth. They were loveless. There were immature they would not discerning the will, Christian and Paul is pleading with him because there were manifesting this immaturity and lack of discernment by not distinguishing between the true gifts of the Holy Spirit and the counterfeit gifts is breaking the apostles heart is that you should be able to discern this, but there was so stubborn about their own opinion. They do not want to be confused with the facts.

You can tell the Corinthians with you can tell a much though not interested in learning, Anderson biblical truth. They were not interested in growing there were not interested in edifying others only interested in impressing others their only interested in feeding the ego neuron interested in pleasing themselves and that's why the apostle John in one John 41 said test the spirits to see whether they are of God are not physically. And finally, worship must be solidly based upon the word of God versus 29 to 40. That is a key verse here in verse 33. It's really a wonderful verse for God is not the God of confusion. But the God of order and peace.

The reason we all should desire the gift of force telling the truth from the word of God because every time you speak biblical truth to a colleague or a friend or a neighbor you are prophesying, what are you doing every time you bring the word of God to bear upon a problem. You are what every time you instruct your children mom and dad every time you your future children. Instruct your children the word of God.

You are what every time you share relevant Scripture was someone you are, what that is what prophecy means because it's not a new revelation because anything that is contrary a counter to the Scripture is not a revelation from God, because the love of the Bible is complete our shaft, 30 from history.

Those who believe the Canon still open, and God still speaks authoritatively.

Many of those churches in history with totally annihilated. The Bible is complete say that with me.

You cannot add to it, and most certainly cannot subtract from it.

Why is prophecy a superior gift because it convicts of sin and brings us under conviction because it reveals the secrets of our hearts because it brings us on our knees, which is the rightful place for all of us to be before God and the gift of prophecy can only be truly administered and fulfilled only if you are spending adequate time with that word every day healthy living in a sick world is Dr. Michael Yousef's current series on leading the way and by the way, we know that not all who listen to this station or this program may be Christian.

So if you have spiritual questions reach out reach out to now before our time is gone. Allow me to remind you that leading the way is a listener supported international gospel ministry, meaning that God uses Dr. Michael Yousef and the team to share the grace of God all around the world and it's done through prayer and to financial support of listeners just like you want me to partner financially is by becoming a frontline mission partner regular most often monthly getting. You stand on the front lines of ministry with Dr. UNICEF and the worldwide staff learn about how you can stand with Dr. UNICEF when you call 866-626-4356 – 866-626-4356 or on your computer or on your mobile device is a frontline mission partner will get a nice discount on the online store.

Dr. UNICEF will send you a special gift. If your new partner class. You'll be the first to get ministry updates okay. When we hear that music we know were out of time and if you had just enough time to invite you back next time for another edition of leading the way this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael passionately proclaiming and compromising truth around the world more you or

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