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Things That Hinder Fellowship | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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August 5, 2021 8:00 am

Things That Hinder Fellowship | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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August 5, 2021 8:00 am

In this message from 1 John 1-2, Adrian Rogers reveals how God convicts, cleanses, and conquers sin.

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You need to restore your fellowship with God. Listen to Adrian Rogers were talking about how to have fellowship with God. You are saved all the way to heaven which are going second class because you're not enjoying that fellowship that quantity of it. We would talk about so long ago. I want us to say now how we can restore that fellowship how we can get rid of those secret balls those hidden sins that divide us from the father smile all the space and have a sweet wonderful fellowship with God will worth finding if you feel distant from God today could be due to sin, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers said, our sins are the secret bolts that cause moral earth, we were born again, God dealt with their sins. Judicial they were forgiven of the blood of Jesus saved by grace through faith, but our fellowship with God can be strained if we don't deal with our day-to-day sins, first John addresses the things that hinder our fellowship with God. If you have your Bible turn to first John chapter 1 is Adrian Rogers shares more about the things that hinder fellowship.

What I want to check all your cell in your heart and in your life. Something that is keeping you from having the sweetest fellowship this side of heaven that something is most likely sin is secret. Balls that caused Morrow earthquakes and really talking today about secret faults hidden sins of the Bible is the only book in the world.

It has the answer to the problem of sin and the way to deal with sin primarily with specificity is to recognize sin for what it is we have a generation today that doesn't even like the word sin this board sin is out of date. About the only sin today is a call send sin, we will call send anything we want to call it a mistake on this judgment. But Jesus did not die for errors he did not die for mistakes he did not.misjudgments Jesus died. If you think that sin is merely a problem to be fixed. You can be looking for a cure.

Rather than forgiveness and cleansing you going to try to compensate for sin or commiserate with sin. But thank God for first John that tells us how to deal with the sin problem and I have fellowship with God.

Now how does God be with sin. Well, when I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. When I repent of my sin. I trust him.

I received my faith, the Lord Jesus Christ. I am born again and then as a result of that sin judicially judicially not listen to the word judicially legally is dealt with forever and ever. Hebrews 8 verse 12 for I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and their iniquities. I will remember no more. When you get saved & past present and future, is buried in the grave of God's forgetfulness, you need understand that now that's the way God deals with us judicially. Blessed is the man whom the Lord will not impute sin. If God would put one half of one sandal my judicial record, one half of one sin would be enough to Damian do me forever. Therefore I cannot behave my way into heaven if I'm going to say that I got be saved by the grace of God you believe that that's the way God deals with our sins judicially but then how does God be with our sins, day by day.

If I'm saved by grace and By grace and similarly brought up against me anymore and my sin is buried in the grave of God's forgetfulness. How does God deal with me. Adrian day by day when I'm proud or arrogant when I tell a lie when I exaggerate when I have a lustful look. How does God deal with me day by day, not as judge but as Paul as well and I were not talking about legal judgment, but were talking about in this chapter, God dealing with us in a parental way you see we have two vital relationships. As a Christian, one is son ship when I am born of the family.

God son ship is established and son ship will never change. But there's another relationship that can change and that is called fellowship. Now John here is not talking about son ship John here is talking about fellowship son ship is established by birth relationship fellowship rather by conduct.

Now what John is talking about here in this book and the forgiveness of sin, the cleansing of our daily sins. And he's not dealing with us as judge but he is dealing with us as father. This is the way that the father deals with his son, for example, look, if you will, in verse three that which we seen and heard declare we unto you, that you may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with the father and with his son Jesus Christ. So he's not talking about judicial or legal forgiveness here. He's talking about parental forgiveness even as Jesus Christ taught us when he taught us to pray our father forgive us our trespasses. You see, this is a family prayer with talking now about how to have fellowship with God.

Many of you are say the only way to heaven which are going second class because you are not enjoying that fellowship that quantity of it.

We were talking about so long ago now, having set the stage. I want us to see now how we can restore that fellowship how we can get rid of those secret faults.

Those hidden sins that divide us from the father smile in the policy-based and had a sweet wonderful fellowship with God. Now the first thing I want to see is how God convicts of sin, how the father convicts of sin.

Notice in verse five. Look at it. This then is the message which we've heard of him and declare to you that God is light and in him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not the truth. But if we walk in the line as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all sin. What he saying is this were saying one thing and doing another. We are pretending here and what is talking about. Here's what I want to call the evolution of a lie. Now notice what he says you look at next. In verse eight if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. When you set out to see somebody if you know you can see most of all, you are going to deceive yourself and the many of you who have begun to save yourself that you've stonewalled God for a while and after you have moved and now the fellowship and and nothing seems to happen. You still sing in the choir you still teach the Sunday school class, you still are in the accommodation you still shake and you still body with all the people say maybe is not sin at all. Maybe all right. Maybe it was just an error. Maybe this psychological idiosyncrasy or maybe God doesn't call that a sin and maybe I am a pretty good fellow, and so you as you sin and not the second step in evolution of life. First of all, we deceive others, then, we deceive ourselves, and then finally we lie to God we light others that we light ourselves and then we lie to God. Look, if you will hear them in verse 10 he says if we say we have not sin, we make him a liar and his word is not in us. What you see when we call God a liar we once was lying to Metro because God cannot lie.

Now when we do that fellowship is with it, is gone. We step out of the library when the darkness now. How does God bring us back. Well God will not bring us back unless we expose ourselves to the light stairway in the darkness that will ever be any conviction.

But if you as a child of God will just get back into the light. God will shine the light of his holiness. Upon your life and God will bring you under conviction that is very important, very important. Listening is very, very, very important as a child of God, that you learn the difference between Holy Spirit conviction and satanic accusation.

Now the devil is the accuser of the brethren. The Holy Spirit is the one who loves us and convictions and so many times people do not know the difference between Holy Spirit conviction and satanic accusation. Now the devil is very clever before you, Samuel of the Delta. As you but I was was going and doing away with this anymore the devil tells you, you will never get away with and had met that's exactly what… They will entice you to sin, and then continue because you did you get away with that's accusation, that's accusation, that's not the Holy Spirit of God. Let me tell you how the Holy Spirit of God conviction when the Holy Spirit of God shines that light upon you, and there's nothing pure than light, God is light and when the Holy Spirit of God who is light shines upon you.

You will come in the conviction as a child of God. If you would just turn to the light and face up to the light. He will pull the veil of darkness back of those lies that you been telling others and telling yourself and telling God he will expose that sin by limiting how the Holy Spirit of God will convict you first saw the Holy Spirit of God will convict you legitimately legitimately say what you mean by that pastor, he will never convict you over any sin that is been confess and cleanse if it comes up again. It is not the Holy Spirit of God doing that it is the devil who is going back in your past bring up some sand that has been clans forgotten and put in the grave of God's forgetfulness, and he brings it up again. One man told his pastor fast I can get these lie well I can get a terrible plasticity confess to God. They said I can fasten the thousand time he said is 999×2 men confess it was praising the thousand times becomes up again.

It is the devil trying to bring you to double jeopardy and the devil will accuse you of sin already forgiven and claims the Holy Spirit will convict you legitimately.

You never come into your past and it was something that's already been dealt with and if that happens to you, you still at LMI don't take that stuff. Not only will Holy Spirit of God convict you legitimately by the Holy Spirit of God will convict you specifically that if the devil can't go into your past and drag if something's already been dealt with. The devil will just convict you vaguely just make you feel bad just make you feel unworthy just make you feel no good questions break on August the pool were the center would you get that some cool unworthy sending you the righteousness of God in Christ. You are a child of God, your Prince and the king your next of kin to the holy Trinity.

Jesus is not ashamed to call us but also just make you feel better knowing that you are unaware that you feel bad. Mostly all over.

That's just accusation you have to take it out Holy Spirit of God will conviction the Holy Spirit of God will convict you with specificity. If you do something and it has not been clans and forgotten and buried in the grave. God's forgetfulness always been to say hey that was a lot. You just hope hey Adrian, you were rude to Joyce just know yes you and he like a good doctor will put his finger on the sore spot and push does hurt that gleam in her Trenton just the way the Holy Spirit of God with legitimacy, with specificity, will convict you killer. That's Holy Spirit conviction. But not only will he convict you legitimately and with specificity, but he will convict you redemptive way below what accusation does it discourages accusation drives away from God. Accusation says is no way woe is me I'm done for. I might as well quit time for convictions as much of God. But if you come to Jesus and cleanse it back into the fellowship. Your love that my friend is a way that God conviction of sin, and that you will have to take this mess from the devil, who is the accuser of the brethren who is accusing you night and day before the throne and is accusing you of your own face that dirty down by God for the precious Holy Spirit, with light now with love by the conviction of sin less totally bit more about the cleansing of sin.

Once Holy Spirit of God shows you that this particular sin in your heart and in your life, and he does it now with with specificity and he doesn't legitimately and not condemning late draw you to Jesus about notice what he says in verse nine.

Take your Bibles and look at the there's another if and as he says if if we say if we say if we say, but now he says another. If we confess our sins not stonewall God, not in our sins, but if we confess our sins, he God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness says is not the judicial cleansing that we got were say this is talking about fellowship with God.

This is talking about God dealing with us as children that we confess our sin.

Now the word confess is an interesting word is the Greek word Homewood at all, which means to say the same to say the same is literally what the word means to say the same towards one word meaning to say you were at home eating the same to say the same confession of sin is in agreement with God.

It is saying with God. What God says about that sin is not just saying well I did it okay. That's not a confession that is an admission, a confession of sin is to say about that say what God says about that sin.

How should I confess my sin. I need to confess my sin immediately.

If we confess our sin, that in the Greek language is in the present tense is not talking about something that you have done. It is something that you do. I looked it up in one translation and it literally says if we are continually confessing our sin. That is, it is to be a habit of Allah. You don't need all just confess your sins at the end of the day, much less at the end of the week, much less during annual revival meeting.

If you get a speck of dust in your eye when you try to get it out at the end of the week. Be sensitive to send many of us do.

Many of us went down here living on such a low playing way down here and then somehow we hear a great preacher will get revival meeting a will read a book and we get right with God. We have all we have a religious spasm. We are for a while and then at last about that. We get down in the valley again were writing about in when we come up again.

They were down again. There were not roller coaster sometimes I'm up sometimes on down. Oh yes, Lord, but most the time you're downloading Europe that's not the spiritual life. Get all that roller coaster limiting what the spiritual life is one of the Torah's life is as life is not living without any temptation, any fault, anything we all sang that's what James is. That's what John is telling us, but here's a victorious life. We learn the truth that were talking about today we get up here on a higher plane.

We get right with God were walking in the light and when we're walking in the light. The minute we sinas you did wrong. That moment what you do confess that moment. The moment that happens at that time that moment that selfsame moment you confess your sin immediately.

Nobody has made no you don't.

I mean, you may be at the dinner table and said something about something winning Jesus he does, he does you do it immediately and number two, you do a specific specifically to see what he says if we confess our sin's not our sin, our sins, he puts it in the plural. Not talking about the sin nature were not talking about the whole body of sin when talking about what you did, particularly call it by name. That's the painful part is the Lord for sin. Forgive us our forgive us all our sins for my pin. You just wasting your breath away.

The copper not going to business with God you say God forgive me for reading that dirty book I dishonored you.

I dishonored my wife.

I dishonored my own body. God puts open my mind am so sorry God I should've done it. God, I will do it again. Forgive me, he will begin the Lord to let life's forgive me Lord/self just forgive me Lord let drive you may and may let let me tell you another thing you do it confidently, confidently leave you in verse nine if we confess our sins, he is listen to this faithful Jost the forgive us our jobs faithful Jost. If you agree with God, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Not some all all you like that I do. Sometimes the devil tell you something so bad now you can get forgiveness at the lie out of Hill. There is no sin that the blood of Jesus Christ cannot cleanse. But listen, listen, what the Bible says the blood of Jesus Christ.

God son cleanses us from all sin. This person is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I have that confidence. Thank God for the precious double detergent of the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ because not only does he forgive the cleansing the cleansers it washes out the stain he takes the inward part is gone, forgotten wash wider than snow look in chapter 2 verse one beer site because cleansing and forgiveness is by grace, and all you have to do is ask for that God is just encouraging us to sin. By writing this now know he's not encouraging us to sin, he is encouraging us not to Sam look at it.

My little children, these things why you that you say is not saying to say anything at all. Say what he says if any man sin, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and that would advocate that's just a fancy word for Lloyd have a Savior who is interceding for me. The Bible says he ever lives to make intercession for us, presenting his precious blood like God hallelujah for that in the Bible says and he is the propitiation for us not for ours only but also the symbol were less reliably many limited atonement.

He died for everybody to hold God for he is the propitiation for our sin was at work. Propitiation me, that means he sees the satisfaction for he satisfies the demands of a righteous and holy God. And that's the reason he says in verse nine he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, why because he is the satisfaction he is the propitiation for the sins he died, my God for that. But he is saying.

Therefore, just to be like them cavalier about your sin.

Read on down a few more verses. He talks about when we will live with him in us the love of God is perfected a slave service because he has to an employee service because he needs to child of God service because he wants to. I mean, there's the love of God that God would save me.

To begin with and then cleanse me you think that encourages me to sin no my friend with desire of my is never to sin again.

I may never, never again.

But if I send thank God I have a napkin and he's the propitiation for my sin. What a Savior. But we had no say to me people understand what we have in Jesus. You can keep them away with a machine gun with get those stubborn hearts are so many people just stonewall cells against God. John is saying in verse four, chapter 1, I'm writing this, you might have listened to all that you ship with God and fellowship with one of the sweetest fellowship the side of him knew what an Encouraging Word. In this powerful message you would love worth finding.

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