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Covid Cage Match!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 2, 2021 10:49 pm

Covid Cage Match!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 2, 2021 10:49 pm

Covid Cage Match!

Fauci vs. Sweden & India. Indians are developing antibodies for Covid. Steve Deace of The Blaze joins me for my last two segments!


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Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble great weekend.

Walking back Noble the state Noble show the same number is always where you get your podcast like wherever the top three top or top iPod as places where you'll find there the Steve Noble show there or you can join us, right here in the studio will not literally but digitally you can join us in the studio disc of the Facebook page. The Steve Noble shell or YouTube live if you been banned on Facebook. Whatever works for you today. Several stories I want to take you through that are actually not coping related.

Even though today recalling the shell covert cage match converting to get to that. The second segment allows us set up a little bit a covert conversation and then the second half of the show starting in the third segment at 4:32 PM Eastern time will have a good friend, Steve days from the blaze will be on his been blazing the trail on COBIT statistics actual factual stuff that matters anymore and he just been ripping it up and down for over a year now, so will have Steve based on the second half of the show this Thursday.

By the way, I'll be down in Waco, Texas. I'll do the show from down there. Not with Chip and Joanna, sorry but I'll be down there on the campus of Baylor University with Dr. Thomas Kidd, PhD, historian, incredible Christian great writer and I were to be doing a show about US history in a meeting with him while I'm there to talk about how his get his input, his wisdom on how I should teach US history to high school age homeschoolers because I got three classes starting in two weeks so excited about that. Thoughts of this Thursday and next Thursday or skipping theology Thursday for couple weeks because I had some similar opportunities, but next Thursday at 20 Attorney Tony billers been on the show before great Christian constitutional conservative attorney attorney Tony Biller Thursday, August 12 week from this Thursday to talk about legal challenges to vaccine mandates at your work and at your school.

Whether healthcare worker in your business where you happen to be employed, at least for now or at school because all kinds of collagen stuff are doing covert vaccine mandates.

What are your rights do you have a shot and so will talk to attorney Tony Biller a week from this Thursday. This Thursday Dr. Thomas Kidd about US history, which should be fascinating and in Steve days in the second half the show today all right. Let's start with some non-covert business showing is doing that for my own sanity, hopefully for years as well. This one was okay. The American Medical Association right it was funny because only tell you a couple of tweets that came out first. I think it was who was it. I think oh what's his name Ben Shapiro when he saw the story, this just came out the other day, so much science he Ben Shapiro tweaked kind of funny so much science thing and then Nikki Haley, former UN Amb. Nikki Haley said this is literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Stop the madness.

So there's another one. And so what are they talking about what's so ridiculous. Well, here you American Medical Association over the weekend face backlash after opposing putting sex on birth certificates. You know, male and female. The American Medical Association is receiving criticism after its House of delegates called for removing sex markers on birth certificates with an advisory committee, arguing that their inclusion perpetuates the view that sex is immutable. Meeting set measure was publicized by the Board of Trustees in June and previously proposed by the House of delegates is all part of the American Medical Association caught renewed attention after web MD tweeted about it over the weekend back by the AMA LGBT Q advisory committee.

It favors removing sex on the public portion of the birth certificate allows quote that it be visible for medical and statistical use only. The committee worry that make marking a person sex at birth would encourage quote on quote marginalization and minor temptation minor to station the new word for me minor to station meaning making a minor. What being a male or female does what marginalizes you in my Nora ties as you. It's we think are so smart right it's American Medical Association, but they're not in this case assigning sex using a binary variable. Let me bring that down our street level, male or female binary variable either male or female in Steve Noble language, Audi, or in any game. Pretty simple, assigning, sex using a binary variable and placing it on the public portion of the birth certificate perpetuates the view that it is immutable. Even though this and fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity, medical spectrum of medically gender is binary, male and female course not.

When you're as woke as these guys are quote participation by the medical profession and the government is assigned sex is often used as evidence supporting this binary view all seeds like binary remains will be a racist same thing. Imposing such a categorization system risk stifling self-expression and self identification contributes to marginalization a minor to station right stifle self-expression itself but in the case let me break this down for you into Christian worldview perspective what they're talking about is idolatry of self so anything that gets in front of my self-expression or self identification, meaning God doesn't set the rules. God doesn't assign gender. God doesn't determine these things I do. This is idolatry of self. This is Mrs. Romans one that I reference every week on the show.

If we really want to see what's going on in the culture just read Romans one, five or six or seven times and you pretty much have we suppress the truth.

What's the truth. The truth that God exists and nobody knows I got exist as he made a play.

Okay, so there's no such thing as social racism and atheists. You need to understand in your mind intellectually faith from a faith perspective know they're not. There's no such thing as an atheist because God is made his existence plain in numerous ways that men are without excuse. So because we don't want to acknowledge that truth even though we know it's true, we suppress it we press it down and we replace will I and the life of the AMA is nothing can get in the way of an individual self-expression or self identification. Nothing God truly going what's going on there.

But that's the AMA that he American Medical Association totally control controlled by woke is intersection Audi and a godless worldview.

That's what they are.

So we come back somebody that speaking out against the wall culture somebody that you probably never watch never listen to what is get my attention. More and more is from HBO Mr. Bill Marr himself slamming woke culture to hear this is like for things that he went through. It's really amazing because a great job, Bill Marr here in the steeple show, so to speak right that look back and see Noble the same normal show featuring Bill Marr from HBO back.

I got back I it's really been amazing the last 6 to 12 months as woke cultures been just kind of exploding in all his other stuff going on COBIT and everything. It's interesting that Mars is in many ways, becoming much more conservative.

Or maybe it just got to the line in the sand for him, but is a fascinating little thing that happened just recently. This is on the daily wire Marr Belmar tortures woke culture. This is called a perch he said it's a mentality that belongs in Stalin's Russia drama that is of the vast majority of Americans don't know what who Stalin is and they don't really know anything about Russia. Bit of a problem right HBO host Bill Marr slammed woke culture and people who were complaining about cultural appropriation at the Olympics and Olympics.

Second, saying that the toxic ideology was something that belong to Stalin's Russia or some top lines from his segment on HBO's real time, a Bill Marr just recently quote an eminent is a some bad language here and there so all edit okay, the director of the opening ceremonies talk about the Olympics was fired hours before the event because they found out there was a Holocaust joke at a comedy routine. He did decades ago when we allow the people who just want to another word for complaint always went days before that firing the opening ceremonies musical director musical director was also forced out because someone dug up an interview with him. From 1994, where he admitted to bullying a classmate as a child as a child.

Remember when your two trees to try and scare you by saying this is going to go in your permanent record. Yet no longer an empty threat. Now Belmar said there's no as I begin this is Romans one. When we suppress the truth. Replace with a lie which is what were doing autonomy. The idolatry of self. That's the spirit of the age and Satan is mixed in with all that stuff quote and the creative director the entire shebang of the whole Olympics got canned because he wants me a fat joke in a private conversation private conversation, so there is a signature somewhere right this is called a perch it's a mentality that belongs in Stalin's Russia. How bad business atmosphere. We are living in have to get before the people who say cancel cultures overblown admit that is in fact an insanity that is swallowing up the world. There's another and that is not a conservative position. My friend says Belmar dumpling a concert, except in this regard is just logical right minded here came my politics have not changed, but I am reacting to politics that have and this is yet another example of how the woke invert the very thing that used to make liberals. Liberals, snitches, and that's not being liberal. The Associated Press is real news is a real news organization. Yeah. So why am I reading this headline in the AP Olympic surfing exposes whitewashed native Hawaiian roots. Yeah, I'll be Olympics added surfing this year.

Good servers deserve to be recognized athletes. Belmar said I'm sorry what I meant to say is no. That's cultural appropriation.

I must say all the violations of the woke Penal Code cultural appropriation just might be the dumbest of them all. First of all, this is so good you think this is just rational. Okay, just rational. Not right or left just rational. First of all, there are 25,000 islands in the Pacific. How do we know Hawaiian was the first to stand on a board in the water. It seems like something anyone in any ocean would eventually get around to it.

If your server doesn't matter if you're black, white, or in between your Allstate taste the same to the sharks crate point right. His final point Belmar from his HBO show, this new idea that each culture must remain in its own separate silo is not better and is not progress.

In fact it's messing with one of the few ideas that still really does make this melting pot called America great. Not everything is about oppression stealing natural resources from indigenous people. Not everything which is why this Thursday when I'm down in Waco. Not not at Magnolia nothing to join LB of Dr. Thomas Kidd at Baylor University is a PhD in history were to basically talk about a get a talk about the classes I'm getting ready to teach but were going to talk about how do you how do you deal with racism in the history of this nation. How do you you have a balanced approach to US history because the left paints it all in one color, but even on the right. We said we tend to overcompensate and will not use vibrant enough colors in our difficulties from our past and present.

So both sides are playing games with our history, mostly on the left by far. It's not 50-50 is like 9010, but it still happens, but for me as a Christian is to teach US history nicely to homeschoolers. If you're to be a Christian. I'm to be a Christian than what their allegiance to the right is not the left is not the Republicans up Democrats is not even to the united states of America.

It's to the truth so I'm glad to see people like Bill Martin coming out swinging because his side won't listen to our site but though they might listen him fascinating art, so they Olympics.

Go Laurel Hubbard of your to him. I'm in trouble.

Just as I said out of weightlifting.

I have to tell you when I saw this as a good good transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard made a limbic history but failed to record a successful lift in the women's 87 kg weightlifting and I'm like he's not a woman but in the story she became the first openly transgender athletes competed games in a different gender category to the one in which they were born.

See autonomy doesn't matter how you are born of the matter with the genetic say doesn't matter what sign says be a science denier mail is male, female female, but after a failed attempt to lift 120 kg and two failed attempts at hundred 25 kg and snatched her competition and his competition ended, Hubbard said, I know that from a sporting perspective. I haven't really hit the standards that I put mice on myself and perhaps the standards that my country is expected of me, but one of the things for which I'm probably grateful is that the supporters of New Zealand have given me so much and have been beyond astonishing.

I like to think the New Zealand Olympic committee.

They have supported me through what has been quite difficult times.

Notice of this. This is interesting. I know that my participation at these games has not been entirely without controversy, but they been just so wonderful and I'm so grateful to them. It has been with entirely without controversy. There's been a lot of controversy around the speech by the way goes all the way back 2004 and 2000 for the Olympic committee permitted transgender athletes take part in the Olympics since 2015 at stipulations of stated athletes who have transition from male to female can compete in women's sports eunuchs.

That's fair without requiring surgery so you just make an identification right autonomy. The idolatry of self.

I am woman because I said I as long as they have declared their gender identity is female for at least four years, and kept their testosterone level below 10 nmol per liter for at least 12 months normal for men is between 20 and 30 women's testosterone levels between .7 and 2.8 so they just get jacked up on testosterone to try to manipulate the physical realities of the male body to try to be more like a woman suppress the truth. Replace it with a lie. Okay that's the deal does us will get to this on me tomorrow to get time ultra Australia sends an army to enforce any lockdown goal setting up nicely. Isn't eschatology wise in times like that really set up nicely. Australia is the place hundred soldiers to Sydney to help enforce an extended code lockdown adult outbreak, which began in June and June for Dokken two months now has produced nearly 3000 infections led to nine deaths, 3000 infection cities. Sin is not a small city and we got about two months to get 3000 covert positives and nine deaths and they send in the military. Hundreds of soldiers to Sydney well the lockdown in place until he saw 28th of August bars people from leaving their home except for central exercise, shopping, caregiving, and other reasons Estrella defense for soldiers with joining fleas and virus hotspots to ensure people are following the rules include a 6.2 mile travel limit. The police state.

It's all setting up nicely. So if you're in Christ. We encourage friends is everything he said going to happen Will be right back with DJs from the blaze back Casey Noble to Steve Noble sure great to be with you turning the corner okay picture this pay-per-view and the prize is saving the entire globe, saving all 7+ billion people 7+ billion people on the gloves you have a cage match and the fight is over how you deal with COBIT and then on one team in one corner.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have a Sweden and India and in the other corner you have Pope Ouchi and de Blasio, the mayor of New York City and Cuomo, the governor of New York and you're gonna throw down your to put all your money on your savings every thing you got one team versus the over in the COBIT cage match you to go with because that's about what were thinking here if you're to go follow the science but now I'm saying follow the political science summit and knows that better than pretty much most of us, if not all of us is our good friend Steve days from the blaze live every weekday, Monday through Friday 1:48 PM Eastern time on Glenn Beck's networks debased eBay. Sorry, but he ain't happy belated birthday you are you even in your 40s yet on 40 80 I feel so much better.

Okay good thank you alright so cage match. This is crazy and I wanted so when you talk about Sweden in India and what we can learn therefore to bother paying attention to the facts versus the way we've done it here in America and you been putting out so much great information for over a year and 1/2 nasty but recently just one just an onslaught of facts and actual science versus political science.

So where do we stand now which cage match team you go with Ronnie. I would take about anything within the nine realm being over okay like Caliban called up and fit a regatta COBIT mitigation plan, at least get Alyssa, but you know you look at look at Sweden meet in July. They had nine total COBIT death not be a catalog there the same as we do meeting anytime somebody dies with a positive COBIT sample. It catalogs the COBIT death, regardless of underlying cause or amount of comorbidities get at least a master country in the EU estimates are below 9% of sweet mask it with the least lockdown country in the EU.

They are doing a vaccine offensive. Right now, but they've only got 41% of their population fully vaccinated as of yesterday that's still about 10% behind us so we look at all those numbers and you know what they did is actually built immunity in the population and then vaccinated, which is the way we have actually done this forever. The first time we've ever attempted to do something live during the pendency of a pandemic with with this sort of a mass vaccination program so they built up immunity in the populace and then began vaccinating them when they kinda follow the pre-COBIT script of what we do without breaks and right math speaks for itself. As if there is a creator somewhere that created the human body with an ability to fight off viruses that attack it by producing anybody's as well as the T cell mechanism. As if that word like something that's out there. Important distinction. MEI I know people who are constantly checking their antibody levels that depict liquid in about old it.

If your body Producing antibodies prevalently for everything you have a past infection. They bookmarked exactly so I mean there's that that's what your cellular memory is kind of your body. Urological equivalent about the cloud system so kind of storage, a record about immunity in there so that if it encounters that again you going to that record and and recognize that it bought that off in the past so there's just so much in permit misinformation out there so much denial of fourth and fifth grade biology, let alone high school or college and because the science were doing right now and have been doing all this time, predominantly as political science will now now the political scientist working against because people are going beyond impatient with this, the idea that you know there's been there's been a cadre of us that pushback on this from the beginning and then there's another group that bought Hale follow the direction the weight to get vaccinated and get her life back and they get all that, only to be now told that your super spreaders so mask up again. Now what they've done is a tick. Both of these. These branches off at the exact same time against them gift Ouchi and the CDC, they can even get on the same page about their own narrative. Yet Francis Collins went out the weekend and call difficult Biarritz North if anything is not even a Delta. At the same virus we had gorgeous with the same from Beltway we had last summer was a better chance of fat that if the new virus they can even get out. I got Michael's strong actual scientist by the way told you before he actually tries doing science just let everybody think then what happened to get shouted down any for God. Going to the spirit of the age. He would on CNN today and say amen that your your math, you don't work you never have work okay so their narratives were kind of falling apart upon each other right now because the real-time data contradicts pretty much every thing there say which is why we keep talking about follow the political science rather than the science were talking to Steve days from the blaze exit the author of a sound caught her couching bargain which you can get everywhere. I just put the link up again on the Facebook live feed, but so the question is always right. So what what happened here as we come to do the pathology of it because I think counties trying to cover his rear and the whole time there is a superlong article. We both saw over the weekend or maybe on Friday that goes back in the looking is found.

She's all about covering his rear end because again a function research and the money that slugs in the United States by one router or another over to the lab in Wuhan and then you've got the fact that they just decided to throw down with Ouchi's read on all this, which was self-serving and because of the political science there's no way, no matter what the evidences no matter what people say these guys just are going to back down. That's the spirit of the age and their pride because that would happen that would mean they would have to admit that they were wrong. I just don't think they're capable of that.

So what's the pathology as the wife Ouchi and the trumpet ministration than optioned by an administration thrown down on this and and and maintain this position, regardless what science I don't know I just know that all the potential options are bad. Okay, I think some of it is bureaucratic stubbornness and you just have a particular worldview that dominates our sort of utopian progressive DER you be like God worldview that will be advised I think some of it is track covering as you indicated that so we don't ever go back and find out what the true origins of the virus are I I happen to believe that the origin of the virus is that it's the output. There we come up with a preemptive a preemptive vaccine for the next stars or murderers, that's what I believe so. I believe they created eminently from the lab but all those. Is it just you know, big government, ineffectiveness and dysfunction think the answers to all those questions.

Yes, the following of you know, do not be deceived, God will not be mocked. The man will always replace those three things, corruption, worldview world, because you know worldview desecration or sacrilege and then incompetence does three things are pardon the pun at a pandemic level in America's institutions and I think they're all coming home to roost right now and in the problem that they're having politically is a whole other layer of parents regardless about.

They voted in the last election in all Branch Davidian my devoted bike not all biting voters are great. They're tired of him asking her, it's too they're tired of the duplicity to enter their scrambling right now to figure out how to hold onto her narrative that is alluding. That's a fascinating political science part of this is to watch their their point counterpoint and how to deal with this because they say got a midterm election coming up next year to all styling of the art writers admit that the vaccine the data shows do almost nothing to mitigate transmission of the buyers, but they are so far proving to be some variation of an effective therapeutic okay here's the problem. If they do that for a lot of our generation and and people behind us when they hear vaccine think they think that word means the vaccine cocktail. You and I got before he went to public school that was like 11 or 17 vaccines like measles and mop stuff like this writer. That's what they think. They think they think that they think the word immunize or when in reality they're often not anymore therapeutics. They're designed to mitigate the severity of symptoms like the flu back. For example, okay. So if they admit that this thing is a therapeutic a lot of the industry that is built up and this is my miter talk because of magical thinking that it built up around vaccines is sort of like a magic elixir magic being that there's different types of acting through therapeutics. There's a knock you later. There's tenderizers but but they don't want to draw those distinctions because it makes them a lot of money to help people to believe that just getting the shot means I'll never get this now. We got a US senator who was fully vaccinated with a breakthrough case and Lindsey Graham right and so if they came clean and tell the truth, then they would then the problem is that not only gives up kind of part of the industry and the money around back vaccination industry, but it also greatly diminishes the amount of claim for any form of vaccine mandates okay right and fitting that this thing doesn't do much will transmission in our country and another trailer was talking to Steve days from the blaze. The Faustian bargain you got time for all my segments save John Hall will be right back to Steve days of talk about what's going on in India. That's also amazing will be right back okay so you want to know what makes hope Ouchi. Good luck with that. Although there are a lot of things that can be known about Pope Ouchi and everything is going on there.

The signs versus the political science but Ouchi is done over the course of last half, including his entire career really got a look back at all that. So if you really want to get up to speed this. There's a lot of revelation here in this book, couching bargain by Steve days with toddlers and and it's just fantastic. Which is why became a bestseller's all over the place and if you really gotta look into this because full me once shame on me a full week for me twice shame on me for me once shame on you for me twice shame on me and SRS so what about the next time because these things are never to go away. Coronavirus: 19 is just like the flu. It's here to stay.

Socket didn't disappear. So what you do.

How do you handle that and argue the point of no return.

In this country where people even people that voted for Joe Biden and her vaccine. People are like, okay, I did all the stuff I jump through all the hopes but now you're telling me put a mask back on. I can't go here. Can't go there you put a mask on my kids.

Yada yada yada. Even though children in this country.fugal 29 down to zero okay as statistically insignificant in terms of death.

If you go up to 65+ Cova deaths in America the way we record them 78.9% of all Cova deaths in America were over 65 years of age. And what about teacher steep. The average age of a public school teacher in America's 42 from 40 to 49. Their their percentage of the population of the death all Cova just 3%. So I think like you're saying Steve that maybe a decent size of this country is beginning to wake up to the realities of it and just are sick of playing the game, but I don't know if that's wishful thinking on provide that currently the infection fatality rate for COBIT meeting people that never got tested so they never confirmed that they had a confirmed case found out later that anybody etc. infection fatality rate in America right now for those under the age of 65 is is .5 or lower so that means if you're under 65 people even stratify for comorbidity. There is a 99 1/2% chance that we that you will survive a COBIT infection and it just goes up younger.

We go the current case fatality rate in America for COBIT is 0.5 not which is 90%, 93% decline. Steve from where we were at our peak in April 2020. That's just simply dividing the amount of cases, partly by the amount of death, right before we stratify for comorbidity or for age so so so that would mean that you would have 99.1% chance if you test positive for COBIT today, regardless of age or comorbidity. Your baseline is a 99.4% chance of survival. You look at our overall numbers.

In July we had only 8300. That's what COBIT last July. More than 9300 the last week of July alone currently in July.

We averaged 270 cut.

That's what COBIT per day.

That would make COBIT the seventh worst killer in the country despite all of the media fixation slightly ahead of diabetes and were you know it's no longer considered epidemic.

According to the CDC zone threshold so I am reasonable measure. When you look at the data we are doing very very well at the Delta variant. Like most patient showing be more transmissible left legal thing that in every country including the country where it originated. India India with a paltry vaccination rate did have higher death numbers before it reached the cliff and went down then what works, what we seen in the UK and are seeing now in Israel, but the amount a breakthrough case is in Israel is pretty brisk breathtaking actually. They're reporting about 40% of their new cases are people fully vaccinated less than 1% of their new cases are people that were known to have been infected and recovered or natural immunity with the numbers and it went in Israel are really showing us as the second largest Lord second most vaccinated modern country in the world. United Arab Emirates is the most if what Israel's data is showing us that when it comes to transmission pushback. These vaccines are either not effective or losing their efficacy with ensuing variance, but they remain fairly effective therapeutics in helping to mitigate that that's what most of the data is showing us around the world is fascinating because there vaccination rate is a whopping 6.36.5 percent under 7% for a country that is three times the population, UK and Israel Bought 1.3 billion people and and they released a national blood survey last week at the goes on Tuesday where they showed two thirds of the people in India the same two thirds the people in India have have anybody's which means it ravaged its way through the country and then God system kicked in, and now you got all these people because now they're down, 90, 95% on all debt numbers and in the in about 60 days really miraculous turnaround. There now they did have a higher death toll the event or I could pay a higher because they have more people so that the total numbers irrelevant in comparison they they had a spirit that escalated along with their cases at a far higher rate than either will be sought in Israel and the UK still there peak testing of 5000 in a nation of 1.4 billion is a fairly significant statistic that people will pushback if they will Israel or India is lying about the first of all, it is not been Escuela. It is a democracy like politicians so they they were lying about their death numbers and why would they lie about their back.

Why would they live out there vaccination right by when they say will get 66%. You know, vaccinated .7. Why would they only live one way urine thing is to make any set. But even if their numbers are a little flawed and and they probably are because you have a permanent underclass forecast system so do they even count those people is death urine thing to just write them off. You know as less than human.

We don't know the answer to that. That's why I wouldn't be so fixated on the actual numbers with the trendline yet. This is why I don't believe you can make the case that these vaccines don't have any work combined with the adverse side effects because we still have to confront the fact that India is reported at least a 3000% increase death at the same time that their cases were escalating and we didn't see anything close to that in the more back country like Israel and in the UK, so on some level we have to rest aware that but on the other hand, if you think that the vaccines are magic elixirs. People keep saying will vaccinated will be around you because you're not vaccinated about it years ago I went down with a small group meeting Stephen Baldwin a few people In the: we went there a trip in Haiti mission trip. Steve yeah you currently down there.

The Obama ministration make sure I had all my boosters everything updated. How how Third World country.

How come I was able to update my vaccine and go down to Haiti and touch things and people and come back here and not infect everybody else you know the answer that is vaccinated worried about you bringing whatever was going on down in Haiti back here with because I was back so your your vaccines not work, that this logic doesn't make any edits because they don't want to admit to you that these vaccines don't immunize their therapeutic therapeutics. I they held a higher business model right messaging approaches that they don't want to admit that yeah because that's not great marketing. Once you got once you got the US government shelling out you know what $1 billion. Maybe you at this point in terms of paying for these vaccines. That's just not good marketing. You wouldn't sell on you and sells many that way. So why would you do that of course you would.

What you make. Steve of the various system we've got the voluntary adverse effects system that was put into place by the CDC and the NIH about 30 years ago and and a lot of people a lot of anti-vaccination people are pointing that out. What you do with those numbers because they're significant that in the showing more profit hours and including death we have, according to the particular 26,000+.338 miners at okay. However, according to CDC Barrett database 42 of the 6000+ death have been miners.

When you look at that ratio. That means far more higher percentage likelihood of children dying after I coded bassinet vaccination just been dying to code itself, which is why there should be no rush whatsoever to put the children are neither vectors or victims of the virus. We don't know what the long-term side effects are of this mRNA technology and so far as a parent for me. Me, I'm just far more concerned with with my elderly in-laws on far more concerned about coded with my children on far more concerned about the covert backseat yeah and so I think that people are very wise to be hesitant where that is concerned, but I would also say this to okay there's going to be more reports of side effects. Just because a the sheer volume of people were in and be more focused on this in any vaccination effort in our life probably spent polio half a century ago.

Okay so that will skew the numbers. Even if you account for that that there is a troubling amount of numbers. There's no question about yeah so the question is a blessing for you and I've got a great attorney coming on the show next week but but for all the vaccine mandates that are being put in place of the private sector, the federal government doesn't have to do it there to let the corporate world, do it in colleges and universities. What what are you saying the people. Do you have any advice at this point Steve yet. The people there to say okay if I don't do this when I get the facts I lose my job, healthcare, other businesses, Walmart, all these people are doing it, but your reaction that were almost done. I think you need organized with fellow coworkers admit they can't fire all of you, the only national legal entity willing to step in and fight for us on their favorite Liberty Council yeah I give him a call for sure absolutely have to stand up and fight are you just continue to get pulled over Steve Jason to blaze the Faustian bargain available everywhere I've got the link for Amazon up on the website and up on the Facebook slideshow today. Steve, thanks so much. As always for your time and for all your work.

Now we appreciate you here, I see a thanks CJ someone only just a wealth of knowledge, not a cure to guess that not a cure for therapeutics to get the vaccine. That's not 100% protection that you'll get it but I'll help you if you do try to Steve nobleness evil shall be back tomorrow. God willing, and I like my dad always used to say I hear this more and more my head ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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