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Treasuring Truth | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 29, 2021 8:00 am

Treasuring Truth | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 29, 2021 8:00 am

Facts deal with knowledge, and knowledge can double, but truth never changes and is settled for eternity. This message shares the necessary steps in treasuring truth.

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Truth from Scripture is meant to transform this into Adrian Rogers. If you are just simply a general fines on notetaking which you do not obey what you hear. Are you living dangerous process to be transformational as your mind feeds on truth. The mind is renewed when you learn truth and don't act upon it yourself dangerous. Welcome to the Leavenworth line featuring the insightful biblical lesson in Rogers this day is not values. We just need virtue. We must be able to differentiate truth.

In fact require facts, but learn truth facts deal with knowledge and knowledge can double the truth never changes and is settled for eternity. We must make a habit of treasuring truth. If you have your Bible turnout of Proverbs chapter 23 verse 23 is Adrian Rogers delivers the powerful conclusion of treasuring truth is falling in the streets.

We have sacrifice proves only alter pragmatism, we don't ask anymore, is it true, we have lost the idea that there is such a thing is fixed truth. We just simply ask, does it work now we are drowning in a an ocean of facts and you can say this because where are the facts taking us where those mere intellectual knowledge take us today we see more suicide, more broken homes, more illness, more heartache than ever before, and yet we have facts to see facts are like a recipe proof is the me and we've not learned proof delicate passage of Scripture.

Here in Proverbs chapter 23 verse 23 by the truth and sell it. Not also wisdom and instruction and understanding by the truth and don't sell it now. Satan is a sinister minister of evil is the master of camouflage and deception and his method is to deceive Jesus said of Satan that his motive is murder.

He wants to bring death to youth, happiness, joy, purity, spiritual death, physical death, eternal death is a murderer and his method is to live. His motive is murder. His method is a lie. So we need today to learn the treasure proof bag and look at our verse of Scripture, the Bible says here by the truth and sell it. The three things a willing to mark today out of that verse of Scripture number one brothers and sisters, we must prize the truth.

That is, we must value truth in our own heart truth is indispensable. Why did God give us the Bible where the Lord Jesus says the Bible is truth.

It is called the word of truth. Jesus said in John chapter 17 verse 17 sanctify them through thy word by word is truth.

The Bible is the precepts of truth. Jesus Christ is the person of truth. Jesus said of himself in John 14 six I am the way the true and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me and the Holy Spirit is the power of proof John chapter 16 and verse 13 he is called the spirit of true and Jesus said he will guide you into all truth that you see if you have the precepts approved understand the person of truth, but you don't have the power proof than truth about power is deadening and depressing. That's what the Bible calls the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law.

Knowledge without transformation avails nothing, it only increases your judgment if you sit here today and here truth and do not allow the Holy Spirit, who is the power proof to transform you from inflammation to transformation.

If that doesn't happen. Your judgment is going to be all the greater and would be better for you not to have been to hear it and refused to live by. So what I'm saying is first of all we must value. We must prize the truth number two.

We must purchase the truth.

They see what it says it says and by the truth. Notice also. It says, also wisdom and instruction and understanding about how do you get the truth through wisdom, instruction and understanding. You see, the search for truth is closely there is a price to pay if you would have proof once again to cause verse 12 is going to cost you time. Time is precious ignorance is more costly, however, than time and in your quiet time and in your search for truth. Curry is the deathknell of prayer, study and meditation. It costs precious time. Another thing is going to cost you is discipline. Pelican verse 23, there's the word instruction BC that that word may be translated discipline instruction means self discipline that you can pray for wisdom, but you have to study for instruction about when you learn when you read it all read just to be a together a facts you learn to be a channel of truth. If you read and you grow in knowledge but you don't grow in grace, you want to make yourself obnoxious near one of these people who parade your knowledge. The Bible says knowledge puffs up.

Love builds up don't read so you can split a theological hair denied different sections but read so that you can be a whole person you read for enlightenment to know truth is no God number two we read for enjoyment reading is not dull reading is exciting you take books and you can meet people that you've always wanted to meet the great leaders of all history, read books, and you can visit faraway places, places you will never go to if you do not read, read books, and you can grapple with the great issues of life and death in eternity you read for enlightenment. You read for enjoyment. You read for an written instrument peoples. I will books are expensive brand ignorance will cost a lot more Bible's education cost money your treasures in your home out of your books, your children can inherit your books, your children can enjoy your knowledge in your home, you need to be building character by putting truth into your children. There needs to be devotional truth for the higher babies to be doctrinal truth for the mind that needs to be practical truth will will getting truth into the hearts of the children practical truth is so important.

Children need to learn about missions, about prayer, about soul winning about homebuilding other disciplines would you like to test yourself right now to find out whether or not you're growing in knowledge growing in truth I'm asking this question. Are you excited about proof. A person asked me I had dinner with a person's past Martin truth is a learning space masking that question what neutrinos are you learning. Are you excited about proof and ask another question, are you experiencing in your life, freedom, Jesus said, you know the truth of truth to make you free. Are you still in bondage to political correctness. Prejudice lies the partyline pressures and fears.

It is because you've not understood the truth.

Are you learning humility. A man who is learning, truth, and they are much he knows his tongue how little he knows and how much he has yet to learn because the more you learn, the more you realize that the ocean is so big in your boat is so small. Humility knowledge puffs up the charity edifies that are you learning balance, God help us to have balance.

Not all worship and no evangelism. Not all evangelism and no worship model prophecy but no devotion. Not all program but no meditation. You need to be balance.

What I'm saying is this friend that you need to buy the truth and sell it.

Not and it will cost you time it will cost you discipline. But not only do you read for enrichment. You read for enablement to do what you need to do you know why I continue to read. Would you like a pastor who never read our pastor who who is just simply drawing out of his own well know, I want my doctor to continue to read the manual work on my automobile. I want him to be up-to-date. I mean, do you want to do your job better. You need to upgrade your skills you Sunday school teachers need to read a book on teaching wives read a book on homemaking you husbands read a book on how to love your wife better now reading alone will not change you need to apply what you read.

Don't become a recluse readers a leaders and leaders are readers. It's going to cost you brain is going to cost you time is going to cost you discipline. I watched listen carefully. If you buy the truth is going to cost you obedience. Now this is very important if you are just simply a together a facts on notetaking which you do not obey what you hear you living dangerously prove this to be transformational. The Bible says, I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice wholly acceptable to God which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world but be transformed how by the renewing of your mind as your mind feeds on truth. Your mind is renewed when you learn truth and don't act upon it yourself danger. A wise man is said that impression without expression leads to be question impression without expression leads to depression. The apostle James said in James chapter 1 in verse 22 being doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own cell. A person who hears truth and does not act upon truth is self the sea. You know what Jesus said about them. I don't get angry but I Morte what Jesus said who so hears these words of mine and with them not is like a foolish man, Jesus said, you fool. If you hear and you do not do as a store. I've often told about a III don't believe the story literally happened, but illustrates the truth of a theater that was packed to came to hear a great actor and everybody want to hear this man was world-renowned, the manager of the theater came to just before he was to step on the stage and said to the actor. We have an emergency of fire has broken out in the wings of the theater and we don't want the people to stampede. We don't want to do as they say to yell fire in a crowded theater. So what we would like is for you to go out tell the people that the theater is on fire, but keep the crowd under control and asked them to leave quietly and politely and nobody is life will be in danger. So when this great actor stepped on the platform.

They applauded.

He held up his hands to stop the applause. He said ladies and gentlemen may have your attention.

I have a serious announcement to make. And I want to listen very carefully is and I don't want to be in a panic, there's no cause for panic. Everything is under control, but I have been informed that a small fire has broken out in the wings of this theater. And so it is important for safety that we rise from our seats and carefully leave the building. There's enough time for everyone to leave in order what happened when he made that announcement brought no problem with those part of that.

I said ladies and gentlemen, this is this is not a part of the act. There's a fire, it is important that you leave the auditorium. Now let's even now with the tears streaming down his cheeks.

He said for God's sake, you must go wonderful one too many times we sit in church and your proof that way, as if the preacher some actor and this is some form of entertainment and we do not act upon that truth and Jesus said when we hear truth, and we do not obey the truth, were like a foolish man that built his house upon the sand and the storms are coming.

James said that being doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves impression without expression leads to depression and so folks, if you would buy the truth, it's going to cost you but it be worth why the truth and don't sell it is the third and final thing you must prize the truth, you must purchase the truth and you must preserve the truth. I look at this verse of Scripture Proverbs chapter 23 verse 23 by the truth and sell it. Get all ball dog grip on the truth and never let go. There is nothing so valuable that you should exchange that for the truth but the Scriptures down Titus 19 holding fast the faithful word Philippians 1 verse 27, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel. Jude 1 verse three that you earnestly contend for the faith I win a battle for truth. Those who deny the truth. There is an open war today on the word of God like I've never seen in all of my life. There are those who deny the truth even more dangerous are those who distort the truth. We have now in extreme charismatic areas. Those are getting extra biblical revelations and visions and ecstasies and what they are doing is simply distorting the truth and not when when a person gets into these extra biblical revelations and somehow say what they say or what they think is compared to the word of God, they they distort the truth and it's a very dangerous thing because soon this extra biblical revelation becomes anti-biblical revelation and people are led away from the word of God. There are those who deny the truth.

Those who distort the truth. Those who dilute the truth that is that they mix the truth with error to try to accommodate biblical truth to what they believed to be, for example, modern science. I've seen people who accommodate themselves to modern evolution because they believe that that's the scientific proof and yet they say they believe the Bible, so they just say well I I believe in evolution, and I believe the Bible and I just believe that evolution is God's way of doing it for another day. Some as very sloppy thinking that's trying to ride one horse in two different directions and when you become a thinking person you find out that that is impossible. You cannot have both. Because they are at the they do not work together. They do not merge together, but there those who today would dilute the truth remind me of a preacher one time a man came to him and said what you do a funeral for me. Pastor said if I can get it on my schedule and be happy to do it was died he said is my dog will ship and he said I'd like for you to ship to reach was a little incensed but we don't do funerals for dogs. A man said I'm sorry I guess I have to go somewhere else. He said I wanted to give the church $1000.

Everett was a dental ship's funeral pastor said why didn't you tell me oh ship was a Baptist.

There those who try to just simply things together that are not fitting together just dilute the truth and then there those who defile with proof that is somehow they they preach what is true, but they do not live what they preach and they make merchandise of the word of God. And Paul said in second Corinthians 2 verse 17 for we are not as many which corrupt the word of God but is of sincerity, but as of God in the site of God speak. We in Christ's. So let me do some of the listen to me folks by the fruit and salad and when the child of God looks into the word of God and sees the son of God and is changed by the spirit of God into the image of God for the glory of God. He has found the truth of God and he's been set free. Now remember, Jesus is the person of truth. The Bible is the proclamation of truth.

The Holy Spirit is the power I have given you. God's word today and I want to present to you the Lord Jesus Christ who loves you so much that he died for you and I view as if you'd been the only one who ever needed. He took your sins and carried them to the cross with his own blood he paid the sin debt that your sins have incurred and bore the punishment that is due to you. And when Jesus bowed his head and died.

He said it is finished. That means it is paid in full the debt that your sins have incurred has been paid with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Now what must you do you must believe that you must receive, you must confess, would you believe it, would you say to God. God I believe in Jesus Christ as your son. I believe that he died on the cross for my sins. I believe he walked out of that grave risen and victorious. I believe in would you say Lord I receive it right now.

I open my heart and by faith I receive your son, who is truth in my heart Lord Jesus Lord Jesus come into my home come into my heart right now.

Forgive my sin cleanse, make me your child. I receive it by faith right now, this moment in this seat today.

Now, this moment now I give you my heart, I received telling the Lord, I believe Lord I receive, and then telling this Lord. I will make it public.

I will not be ashamed of you knew how to make it on the cross for me when that man gives invitation.

I will go forward.

Lord, I believe Lord I received Lord I confession I want you to tell the Lord if you just give me the strength I'll let it be known that I'm trusting you.

I believe I received my confession now Lord, I pray that many will do just the strong strong name of Jesus open hearts and draw people, Lord Jesus, to yourself, your holy name. Amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

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