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In the Belly of Grace [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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July 28, 2021 6:00 am

In the Belly of Grace [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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July 28, 2021 6:00 am

Though we may be surrounded by darkness and trying circumstances, we can find hope in the 'belly of the whale'. Join Pastor Alan as he brings a good news message from the Book of Jonah.

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Alan Wright, pastor, Bible teacher and author of his latest book, the power to bless Jonah get the second land where the Lord everyone came to Jonah the second time. God could read commission Jonah Gonzalez could be restored if God didn't give up on Jonah. Why would he ever give up on excited for you to hear the teaching today. In the series. Second, when it is presented with an old church in North Carolina do not able to disrupt the entire how to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now.

A copy of Pastor Alan's book lover of my soul. This can be yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright Ministries as you listen to today's message go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact us at that's pastor or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860. More on that later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is how Shay I stay saying what you say I am a stay. You are the problem in life.

We like to get rid of problems when you yourself Romans 322 says plainly. There is no distinction for all sin fallen short of the glory of God hate us and we say and love, the center, and that applies to ourselves. Jonah just hated the sin of rebellion. He does hate himself this point. Just it's all my fault.

It's all in. And as it continues. This is hell's logic. This is Shames launching the lives as my failures have doomed to me but the truth of the matter is that Jonah's worst opened him to God's best.

In fact, which we had time to read all of the song the prayer that he prays what happens inside the belly of that great fish is shown on becomes grateful because it's a story about how Jonah was sinking down and then got swallowed up in verse seven, Jonah chapter 2 when my life was fading away. I remember the Lord and my prayer came to you in your holy temple. Remember, the heart, those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love.

Let me give you that verse in NET translation when my life was ending away. I called out to the Lord my prayer came your holy temple. Listen to this verse. Those who worship worthless idols forfeit the mercy that could be worse. That's when he realized his worst moment of greatest rebellion in the grace of God has swallowed him. He understood the problem of rebelling against God giving up grace that God wanted to gift he becomes grateful. The fourth part of Rachel's logic, a lie. I must pay for my mistake. I problem God sent a big storm he wants to punish me and my worst is going to undo me this way everything and so therefore the only way I this is I should just pay for just throw me overboard.

Just get rid of me, sacrificed me to the angry see an angry God. That's what he's thinking I'll pay for my mistake. But you know the truth. Jonah's is for us. Jonah couldn't pay his debt wealthy enough to pay a thousand deaths, and it would not pay it is the fundamental problem of all moralistic religion. It assumes that our God is something we could pay as if you ever really understand what makes the gospel so good you have to start with this.

We have mounted a debt against God that we could not pay by any of our own righteous understand that is hard to wrap your mind around this because you might say well I'm not that big of a sinner murdered people I don't I don't run around stealing, understand the way that the Bible describes our predicament.

Instead, there's an infinitely holy, infinitely precious and sure powerful and just God's sin against God is infinite, infinite damage to our relationship with that that's that's the joy understand that it's like someone once said, listen, if you're here. If you're a six-year-old in first grade you push, you know, Johnny, on the playground. The teacher might scold you, put you in time out. If you if you come home and and push her big brother around then you know your big brother might retaliate and then your mom might punish you with several days of quarantine or something.

If you go back later and you got when you push your teacher is only something other than just sit in the corner for a little bit and they send it to the principles that you push the principal you might get expelled and later you don't like the way the police offers treating you go push the police officer put you in jail. But listen, if you go climb over the White House fence and go running and push the present United States. You will get shot. The point being is that there is a sense in which the same infraction is viewed differently according to the importance of the person against whom it is afflicted and God is infinitely holy and so there is a of sand that we cannot repay.

We are like people who have have have a day wage. We make $30,000 a year, but we try to big entrepreneurial effort that failed and we borrowed $10 million from a lender and were sitting here making $30,000 a year and we owe $10 million and you can't do this mistake.

Throw me overboard because this is what should happen I should pay for my mistakes and everything that makes the gospel beautiful and powerful and good is it God says to us, you can pay for your mistakes, you can't pay your debt you can't pay your sin and that's why came from Alan Wright will have more teaching moment from today's important series. Glad you believed my experience at the left book lover myself love story from beginning to end spiritual bride of Christ, the perfect bike.

The Bible tells us, met with the woman God's love for you this night pretty woman who searched for 255 Dr. the five love languages incredible procedures in life comes to myself ancient biblical accounts exploding etc. this proposal and showing his embrace of gravel in his live after the March meeting, lover of my soul right gospel is shared when you get to Alan Wright Ministries this broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. Now these are the final days. This offer is being made available to you this month. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website today's teaching you once again is in the fall process.

I'm trying to expose Jonah's hellish logic that is very much like the voice of shame plays in our heads when we are in our lowest an ally is my suffering and self punishment. Please God and the truth is, God loves mercy, not sacrifice. I want everybody.

Matthew 913.

I feel what Jesus feels when he just said to the Pharisees who learn I desire mercy and not sacrifice.

I came not to call the righteous Metz's Jesus is finally just justice.

Don't talk to me about anything else into you go and think about what the prophet Hosea said the word of the Lord I desire mercy tested steadfast love, kindness, grace I desire grace, not sacrifice.

Don't don't don't think about anything else into you can go and what that means, you can learn what that means you missing the whole thing. God, who takes the light in your personal suffering and sacrifice you think blogging yourself is going to please me good father on earth would be please and warmed by child who cut herself father on earth would be happy heart warmed to see child say I'm not worth anything and seek to take his own life. Father would be pleased by the price of a child towards the parent what any good father want any mother's we want is what God wants. That is love. I love you and I want to enjoy your life to learn what this means, I desire grace and love, not sacrifice all of the turtle's and all of the Passover lambs and all the RAM and oxen that were sacrifice on the holy altar by the priest in the temple week after week, day after day with the smoke rising, the priest eating the remains of the various offerings going on week after week, year after year.

On the day of atonement when a blood offering was offered on the very mercy seat of grace of the ark of the covenant in the holy of holies all of its was not pointing to a God who just will sacrifice all of it was pointing to the necessity that sin must be paid for and he had a plan to send into the world of the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world. Jesus came to be the sacrifice so your life with God is not built on your valves here sacrifice yourself suffering. Joan thinks God just wants to punish five different. I learned a lot about Jonah many many years ago Bennett was two years old. The lovely little kids to play Bibles. His favorite was David and Goliath.

How many times he take his blanket up or down like it was the slang lot of the Kleenex, put it in there and hurl it at me I'm Goliath. I have now become standard.

We must another thousand times. He also loved Joshua walking around Jericho walls. We go to the beach and build a big kind of like castle thing march around seven times and they go jump on the castle and knock it all is love that. But he also like Jonah.

We are planning Jonah's identities, and happy. Jonah and discounts. This is the boat and to be here sleep on the boat and first you be the sailors and you throw me overboard. And so put some pillows on the floor and I grabbed up wayward profit off of the couch and I threw them out.

I said the sailors are thrown overboard and down he goes into the tempestuous sea is okay daddy now you be the whale and so I said all right big arms out like jaw Jonah, no, and he said no he said the whale doesn't eat Jonah and the whale saves them like seminaries everything that's exactly what the Lord pointed a great fish and Joan if you read the story he's seeking down that CD about to drown in this big fish come and save. Jonah was completely confused thought, God sent the storm as he wanted to punish him. Jonah tried to kill himself sacrifice himself to God. And the whole time, I was just trying to save him. His prophetic own is white and is said to live our whole lives thinking that every storm was designed to come against us because God hated us and wanted to punish her only to find out later that is designed everything for our work together all the circumstances of our lives for our good.

We are called according to his purpose.

So Jonah gets a second when the word of the Lord. Jonah 31 came to Jonah the second time God could re-commission Jonah, who amongst us could be restored if God didn't give up on Jonah. Why would he ever give up on us. Romans 1129 the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Thank you is who amongst us hasn't taken some good gift of God in our lives in some capacity in our own discouragement abandoned and let it lie dormant or even for a season, despise disobedience as bad as it is as much pain it brings into our own lives are disobedience does not nullify the promises of God.

If I disobedience could nullify the promises of God that our sin could dethrone him. But his word is greater than our broken valves and his grace is greater than our shame is love is greater than our hate. So get ready for a second. Get ready for second plan. Get ready for recommissioning. Get ready for God's grace to break because God has made the way the real storms not something that happened on a sea Jonah is trying to make his way to Tarshish, the real storm is the brokenness of humanity. Sin of the world that is down to get Scott and could not pay.

So God came he came in the person of Jesus Christ. One day was interacting with some scribes and Pharisees, who were saying you got to prove yourself to us all.

He would give many signs and wonders, but it was funny like this. Someone said I'm not believe you must prove yourself you had words for them. In Matthew 12 verse 38. Some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him saying teacher we wish to see a sign from you but Jesus answered them, and evil in a daughter's generation's express sign but no sign will be given to accept the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. The men of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah and the hold something greater than Jonah is here, Jesus is the true Jonah is the one who was regarded as a great Hebrew prophet given access to the Royal on one occasion was in a boat down below sleeping not because he was depressed because he was at peace and because he was the Lord of the wind and the waves and his sailors those disciples despaired and said can't you do something, and Jesus didn't say her only into the sea because he knew that Hugh, with his face resolutely set towards Jerusalem because indeed he would be the sacrifice that would pay for all of our sin. Real storm was all around, Christ himself came. They said to Jonah what should we do reset her only over reminds me of pilots and what should we do it. They said crucify him three days, not in the belly of a whale, but the belly of the earth. Jesus in the tomb emerges and you talk about the word of the Lord, and a second and had seen faithlessness in his people throughout generation after generation. Running after worthless idols abandoning their faith. Joining with the idolatry of foreign deities, you name it he'd seen it and what did he do exactly the right time Christ died for the ungodly and the word of the Lord came in fullness the word became flesh, and we beheld his glory. 11.

Been a long year and if you had some low moments and bad moments. I say this God can never be disillusioned with you because he already knows the best and the worst of you and he came for you in the person of Jesus Christ here for like given up on God just be assured of this heat never ever feels like given up on you and that Allen right.

Today's good news message in the belly of grace in our series 2nd wind.

Pastor Alan is back with us in the studio as he shares his parting good news thought for the day. In just a moment, glad you believed my experience in the left but not so love story from beginning to end spiritual brown house, the perfect bike. The Bible tells us, met with the woman God's love for you woman who searched for 255 love languages incredible seems us in life comes to myself ancient biblical accounts exploding the extent this proposal and showing his embrace raveling live after the match meeting having lover of my soul right now these are the final days.

This offer is being made available to you this month. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support.

When you get today. We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanked him. Allen right ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website. Pastor your pastor out in sporting good news thought for the day and there is good news. There are so many layers in the book of Jonah.

And it's applicable for you today.

Get ready for second wind. Get ready for the recommissioning ready for grace to break through. I think that's the message of Jonah. If our disobedience could somehow nullify the promises of God, then that would mean that our sin could dethrone God, but his words greater Daniel then all of our broken valves.

His grace is greater than all of our shame and his love is greater than even our hate. So I would say get ready for second wind.

If you get ready for like that you don't have much energy left in for like you know I'm sure where God is in your life. Get ready for a second when I think that's God's word to many, many of our listeners today if she could restore Jonah can definitely restore you. Today's good news message listener supported production Allen right ministries

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