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Saving Christianity? (Part B)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 27, 2020 1:00 am

Saving Christianity? (Part B)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Stay with us for a very special leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth. Recently Dr. Yousef stepped into the television studio and took a few minutes to talk about the passion behind his new book, saving Christianity, you will be challenged by his words and his heart for the church is hard for you know if you like to get a head start in getting your copy of saving Christianity. Give us a call 866-626-4356 that 866-626-4356.

You can go online LT

More details at the end of today's special program right now. Let's listen to Dr. Michael you Seth regarding saving Christianity truth versus partial truth is more important how we feel about God and our personal experiences on exactly what the Bible says. I think it is close minded. There is only one way I church believes that we should love people, instead of offending them with difficult parts of the Bible. What causes the defection from the freight. What causes giving in to the false teaching something very trying to save Christianity so many creatures and so many theologians teaching falsehood under the guise of truth and no saving Christianity featuring the president of leading the way. Dr. Michael you so welcome to this special edition of leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set we are going to address that falsehood today know I've heard you say letting as a Christian living faithful to the Bible and everything that Senate is what brings you peace and energy one day and the next it's what allows you to handle the obstacles in life so why would these pastors and preachers want to change that for people. Why would they want to rob people of that tribe are robbing the treacherous treasure priceless treasure. We have only see is not Christianity denied I don't talk about it in the sense of religion but is not a religion, Christianity is a commitment to come to the only way to heaven, God the father and Jesus Christ. Christianity is Jesus you think Jesus out of Christianity and it's really reboot the heart out of her body in this dead corpse institutions religions denominations all be a dead corpse without Jesus.

And so it doesn't matter whether you belong to a church or denomination, what you need to belongs to Jesus because his one is going to save you and so it's not only Christians are going to go to heaven. It's only those who have washed their sins under the blood of Jesus Christ is the language of Bible uses. It means that your blood was shed on the cross, Jesus is what saved me. Thank you. I receive it, I accept that that's a payment for me in that moment, God says okay I forgive you. And here's the good news about your saying earlier about you know walking with God, obeying the Scripture. I can tell you without the power of the Holy Spirit of God gives us to dwell in us.

That's the spirit of God himself comes and dwells on inside of us. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, enabling us, strengthening us day by day to live for him.

We can do it even if you're a person who is born again Christian, which is another term meaning come to Christ, receive salvation and then you, regenerated from the inside. The rest of your Christian life cannot be lived or say about to do better. I'm going to improve. I got a sheet coming from working every morning, which I do on a daily basis as a an empty vessel without your strength today. I will fail miserably, and the Holy Spirit says I heard this, I'm going to come and strengthen you and so we cannot live for Christ even for Christian believers without the power of God's Spirit in us giving us the strength giving us about universal wisdom give us the discernment to know what is deceptive, but what is true and that comes from intimately knowing God's word and is often set. The pastors I was a pastor and I was running haggard from early morning tonight and my life was shambles. My spiritual life I was doing and of the big sense but I just and and then finally after 2 1/2 years of that kind of I went flat on my back.

I can move for two weeks literally literally get out of bed, literally dictate to just an end of doctor friend of mine went with me in hospital but the great thing that happened is this was 1990, God said now that your attention, you cannot minister without me and my strength but I can minister without you and I remember I will never forget that they are. Diane just sat there in bed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed on the conviction running from early hours in the morning to late at night, helping people, always believing I was helping people but I forgot that I cannot help people without God working in me and through me to help people and so when God brought me under the conviction from that time on, and has been over 30+ years now.

I don't get morning appointments breakfast eponymous is an honor for me. I just don't do it because the first fruit of the day belongs to the Lord and spending time in his word, spending time in prayer is like a friend of mine went to be with the Lord many, many years ago was a godly saint and somebody asked him what you do what you say. Praying for two hours simply said I don't do all the talking and that is true. When you are with the word of God open and in intimacy with God and in your listening, speaking, and talking and listening and you talking on your listening and you discerning that's the work of the Holy Spirit because back-and-forth between us and the father back-and-forth detects upraised heaven rings us answers and so that is a must. Once you depart from that insane or how I'm gonna be successful. How I'm going to do this and how I'm going to and all of a sudden it's you and it may take out of mercy God might let you do this for a few years, but the house of cards will collapse individually and so it is my desperation in in my desperate need to ask people to to wake up in time. I have allowed God to use me radio television, wherever it may be all over the world and and and and I have only one message is very boring, but it's only one message is not your best life is now, or you can do it or if you have good thoughts, good things happen to you.

That is falsehood, but saying God can use you if you submit to him.

Paul said his strength in my weakness becomes perfect. Address these topics quickly and then by want to make sure that we have time to tell Christians your Bible believing Christians how they can really sure but you talk about the Holy Spirit. There some people to say really, such a thing as a Holy Spirit. The devil, heaven help the resurrection, the virgin birth.

These are real tenants of the Bible believing traditional faith that there are a lot of people who identify themselves as Christians who just don't believe in this things Michael or Harry can you call yourself a Christian.

If you believe what Christ said how can you call yourself a Christian amid that is a misnomer in my go to church but that doesn't make you a Christian, you might belong to a denomination but that doesn't make you a Christian. The true Christian and again I use the word very, very carefully. The true Christian is a person who says Christ is my only Savior and Lord and what he said I will do. That's it.

All the other stuff is false.

Basically, falsehood, deception, you put your finger on this. Is it why is this deception taking off now.

Well you know the Bible talks about the great apostasy that the closer to the nearness of Christ, and I'm not them in time preacher, but I sense at least in my spirit that we getting closer to the time of the return of Christ and even Jesus asked in the gospel of Luke when the Son of Man returns will he find faith on the earth. And so this circle great apostasy their departure from the truth is taken place. There was a time in the 50s where everybody loves.

I can register church and everybody is nice and all that and but the time now is where I called the boat is leaving the peer and if you have 1 foot in each place you gonna be in a world of hurt because the boat is leaving and God is separating the sheep from the goats and we seeing it right now and those who like we saw in the first and the opening of this program.

God is loving everybody. My church says it doesn't matter what you do is falsehood that is absolute falsehood that satanic subs based on the Bible being truth said this is false ally is in Isaiah's truth in SLI when Satan came to even says well you know God is really loving. He is not going to do this to you Elijah, and she bought into it and he told her a partial lie. It's exactly right. It's always a nugget of truth wrapped in a whole lot of lies but then you kind of say well is this really true is no truth is the truth is the truth. And if it's not in God's word is not the truth, it was opposite to what God says in his word is a lie.

Several people of Satan. Not all of God's word is relevant anymore when he stated that well I who made you and give you the authority to decide what is relevant and what is not. NT Wright a great theologian and I don't know what mention names, but he is very popular among young pastors and he says we have to decide when Paul speaks as a rabbi is a Jewish robot when he speaks.

As the apostle Paul. Okay, who's going to decide that you who's going to make that decision. I like this but I don't like that so I accept this but I don't accept that okay fine you said as a judge, you are judging the word of God. Instead of the word of God judging you, and that's arrogance. That's pride and pride. This always at the very core of everything that's going on. The falsehoods that are going on in churches today. Pride looks like. If you'd like to get the details about how to preorder Dr. Michael you set some brand-new book, saving Christianity give us a call 866626435 sex, 866-626-4357, or you can go online and LTW.Ward speak to people who are not Christians. Michael people who don't really understand a great deal about Jesus is that the Bible it's pretty impressive.

We look for child that's true and what is fact true facts normally will Wright survive in perpetuity. The Bible has been in existence for more than 2000 years.

Viscount the Old Testament should weigh more than I'm sure that gives it some foundational truth right there fact that it survived, but what you say to people who are nonbelievers who are listening to this conversation should they want to discern what truth really is and whether or not Christianity is true for them should or you know truthfully, God knows my heart of what I'm saying I love nonbelievers and I have a sweet neighbor. She was in the media and in this her idea of the Christian right to add the arrogant day, unforgiving, and she had all this, and I get a book to read and she started the first page by saying I said in the particular book I write from. As a Christian person she put it down and then I ran into home start talking and she said the she said well you know I said do you know what Christianity is, well, you know, this Christian right people. Those people who hate homosexuals and I hate this and I hate that is that all take a moment and opened the Scripture and I showed her what Jesus said love your enemy pray for those who persecute you, and I'm sure she's really this is Christianity wide and I know see a lot of people been giving false information and they run with it. So I plead with them.

If you do not know Jesus, the loving heart of God that he manifested in Jesus Christ read what Jesus said, not what people said about Jesus not even listen to what I say go to the word of God, start reading in the gospel of John and see how God revealed himself in Jesus in the heart of Jesus. And then he said for God so that is how much you can describe it so loved the world that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him, whosoever knew maybe one of those whosoever believe in him will have everlasting life, and so God loves you and he wants you to come and believe in him and enjoy him forever. And so don't listen to what people say because you gonna have a lot of noise. Listen to a gossip and historically I've heard you say before and you've cited instances Christianity is really just even just culturally speaking, Christianity has changed the world for the dog. Gosh, he summoned a look at the address of hospital movements, the library movement and I can prove it.

Historically, all of that started with the gospel. Started with the preaching of the gospel. The Salvation Army started William Booth went out of love and care for the homeless and the drunkards and in the streets of London will pick him up and in particular that's how so many of these ministries now.

Unfortunately, there are some who ignore the foundation and they just stay with the building but without the foundation the building can't stand all of that education first women schools in the Third World with a B in Indio, my hometown in the country of Egypt, or anywhere in the Middle East over the world. Africa, the education of women started by women missionaries who believed the women need to be educated in order to read the Bible and in no Christ, so everything that is good that we see around if you're honest, if you want to be honest you go back to find out how it started. Your father started by Christian believers who were impacted by Christ and therefore touched the world for Christ.

So a lot of people who say that Christianity is anti-women think is the opposite. Oh my goodness gracious.

Jesus is the greatest liberator of women that there is he and again you read his word. He did so many things that the religious leaders of his day would absolutely have frowned upon. He was talking to a Samaritan woman, a woman to talk to the Jewish woman but he was talking to a Samaritan woman. Even his disciples were shocked. Why he was lifting up women from the oppression of the spirit of religion which is man-made, and modified the original revelation of God in the Old Testament there modified date added to it that the limit 600 different rules. Plus, so Jesus is the one who uplifted women and that is why these women believers went all over the world helping other women to come to know Jesus Christ better educated healthcare and all of that was provided no people can deny all they want American put my hand on my face and so I can't see anything will remove your hand you be able to see to discover for yourself just take what culture is saying right now that's yourself what the Bible really says what Christianity really means and everyone is welcome to come to the cross and there is no doubt in my mind that even though that so many in the church or departing from the truth. There are people we know from our listeners and viewers, particularly in North Africa and in the Middle East. This people when they realized Jesus is so loving their allegiances. You can ask questions which I ask all the questions you want in the all of a sudden this absolve. Glad to discover Christ. Their life is in danger. That could be tortured.

They could be suffering for, but they do it with joy and happiness. Why they discovered the truth.

The truth, not what somebody says about the truth that even when outside its with you can read in the word of God itself and we can read much more about this in your newest book seen in Christianity? Is very important and vitally important because the sad thing for me in the sad thing for many of my friends abducted many of the theologians we talk about these things all the time. The saddest thing is they think they're rescuing Christianity they are going to need to be rescued by Christ and it is arrogance, its falsehood of saying I can save Christianity. If I change it and was seen that the Bishop of New Jersey, retired Bishop, but Episcopal Bishop Spong who said I am really trying to save Christianity so he denied the virgin birth, the resurrection of Jesus, the atonement of the cross so denied the core of the because he saving it is not saved his saving as shell that is not Christianity at all and so all of these people when they get into this modifying watering down changing the gospel thing, but to save Christianity arrogance. What pride that is is so illegitimate to say the anyone, even a group of people or denomination can save Christianity.

Christianity is Christ and Christ does not need to be saved.

This book, you have said is probably the most important book you've written more than 40. This is your most important book, absolutely. It's for Christians is for non-Christians who is this book for is for everybody because a lot of people that if I go to bloated today. I am happy our audit because that's my legacy and it's a very stern warning stern warning to pastors who have departed from the truth.

Stern warning to people in the pews who been fed all kinds of junk and and they're not concerned about it. Not worried about it because I think the best thing a person sitting in a pew where the gospel is not being preached is to run run out of the church because eventually you gonna be accountable, so all my past never told me this melena because of the why didn't you do something about it. And so it is for everyone. It's for the layman and the lay women it's for the preachers is for nonbelievers.

This is the truth.

Please think again about what you doing and where you heading and how misleading you are to other people and I pray to God that God would use that simple book to literally awaken the church awaken the believers so sitting in the peers awaken even the professing Christians that they will come back and truly come to Christ and repent and believe in him and walk with him so that he can use them to change the world and for people who are a little bit nervous about this conversation that we had Michael, what do you say to them, how do they shore up what they really believe and how they find real truth. Well number one. Get the book because the book is going to take it to Jesus. The book is that it take you to the word of God. If any book, including my books kind of be replacement of God's word or changing it just for your own edification.

Even now it is any book that doesn't take into God's word leads you there is not helpful. My books are always have a sign in the sciences that are Jesus go to the word of God, and that's what the book will do, it will open your eyes and realize that if you are ready down the road that you is never too late to make a U-turn and come back if you haven't gone down the road. This is an opportunity to say okay Lord open must virtualize solve recognize that I desperately need you what you've heard today is just scratching the surface of what can be found in Dr. Yousef's brand-new plot saving Christianity. I encourage you to order your copy today as you hurt, you'll not want to consume the content of the book for yourself that you gonna want to share with those in your circles of influence. So give a call to a ministry representative right now, 866626435 sex at 866626435 sex and of course you can place your order online as well. LT In fact, while you're there, watch the extended video of this discussion,, there are many ways God wastes their time focusing too much on the Bible. I think it is mind. It is only one way may change believe that we select people instead of offending them with difficult parts of the Bible. I think sharing your faith with someone is loving, it is more important to make an impact in our world today. Instead of worrying about eternity saving Christianity is the most controversial book delivery because exposing why and how all this modern defection from biblical truth by some Christian pastors and what causes that defection from the faith, how it starts and why you need to use yourself to galvanize yourself that you protect yourself from the postage in his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael use of exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today in shares that she still seen the revival of true Christianity in our day. Preorder your copy today for a gift of any amount you also receive a free downloadable resort truth tips for tips for discerning truth in today's culture. Preorder your copy of saving Christianity today you can call right or visit us This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael use passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth around the world connect with us through our YouTube channel Facebook twitter and all of our social media networks. Learn more and

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