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The Favor of the Father

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 24, 2021 12:00 pm

The Favor of the Father

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 24, 2021 12:00 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss favor of God, and how we experience it in our daily lives. The clips are from the "Last Man Standing," "A River Runs Through It," "The Ten Commandments." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends.

Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure.

Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest for their band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey are glad that you're with us this weekend and we feel like your favorite show so you tune and we thank you for that. We'd love to hear from you though. I reach out to us on Facebook you can go to any of our names that you hear. and got our emails I sent you want to replace of the nanny says today like wow, good point Annie probably may happen and it is a water pipe that they could descendent I think now the only exception is we we had to distinguish our exam so we got jammin big dams yeah which only when the here and now is big Jim that he is an outreach artist would love to hear from you. We do hear from you guys.

From time to time, and it really just does Hartwell and elect God's doing, and I would love to hear what he's doing in your life and and you know how we can be part of that where they can't come up in November.

November 18 to the 21st it's the weekend before Thanksgiving. We'd love to have you there is not that far away.

I know it seems like a long way away, but it's really not that far away. So go register now not right this moment when were done with the podcast would then thread initiative register masculine can register their in Indy. This is your topic this weekend and I pick on you after this actually your topic. This way it is that in the days that there looks like you have great joy in pointing to four commands with that so yeah I did, I would like some vacation last week and but I had gotten this word probably about a month ago I was reading in Nehemiah and Ezra, finishing my 2 1/2 your Bible through great read through and it was counted to the end of it and it is, spoke to me. I've always heard about the favor of God and usually you know you know it when it's there and you know it's not there and and you know I just felt like that. God impress me to me that this would be a good topic for us to discuss because I think a lot of times you know, we try to do so much outside of him and I don't buy the text of the guys were in no I don't think anything is going to remain unless we have the favor of God on it. You know what it whether it's our ministry and what we do for the kingdom our relationships or families or simply our relationship with him. You know we need that favor.

We need to have that sense that God's good towards me and he's gonna bless all my endeavors which it continually says in the Bible.

If I put him first. He would do it I can bless is a relative term blessing God's wrath and how he's chooses to bless this so that actually brings us to our first clip which is provided by you writing to tell us a bit about will sure Sam will think you we've got a clip from last man standing and embracing it, it's Tim Allen's comic home improvements comedy yellow genius stuff and it's this family is just always really funny and when I first started looking for a clip from my because I was like oh I know this want to be great because Eve is the favorite is Yves is personal favorite, the family disease is a man's man who's got all daughters so the one that asked most like a man in out once the hunt wants to go be in the military is a big staunch conservative. She even politically aligns with his views and bills to see iodine about every single thing so that's why you know he'll always say on the show. She's my favorite.

So in this clip is when they have have been fighting in the family little bit and everybody thinks that somebody else is getting favoritism. So there's this jealousy that starts brewing in the family and course moms going to try to bring everybody back together by sitting around the table. Have a great dinner and what follows here. This clip is what ensues. After that things so we decided to even things out a little early cars is absolutely typical.

Everything you favoritism making grateful makes up the we do think each one of you let me live here mainframe and mom gets to live here and there is a job.

The sacred, I love that that's my favorite show. Thanks, Ron. But yeah, I love that I mean I think of the aspects of that are you know as children of God. We sometimes look at others and for all dogs really couldn't favor on them and what about me. I really believe that's part of the maturity process because God treats us all well you know a lot of us.

We don't all have the same lot in life that we were talking about this earlier big part of our growth in God has to route has to be that we realize that he gives us what we need. My difficulties that I had handed to me.

Probably one as bad as what somebody else was our thing like they tore up my life but yet it depends on how you respond to him and allow him to show favor in it to lead you through it in a girl out of that but one of the things I want to throw out there before two is when we are talking specifically about the favor of the father and you know what I want to give a quick story back in the day my dad went to work with them on a construction job. He was over he was superintendent had and so I worked for him in on this little guy didn't know anything about construction. I go down and help them on summer needs.

Gather all you like is that bothers you know the soupçon, or whatever.

So I'm down there to help them when I mean you know I'm not really open, but they all keep coming up and I was kindly kind of. I didn't want to know if anybody or whatever and gasket coming up to me and say I don't care what your dad says about your mom.

I got so I was about as gullible as I, at 17 or 18. I was like what you keep saying these guys write what I mean. They all like me, but do you know you must not, and he does laugh you know it was it was all in Joe. They were all is all in good fun.

What was you know that was an example of how we get favor from the father and the fact that you know there may be some may not like you that much, but you know the goodness of God can.

I've had situations where people didn't really like me in work situations or whatever you continue to allow God to move he gives you that favor or there are other people you know truly like your dad and I like you because of that unison there was a favor that I felt and experienced because he my dad was so I'm asking a question asked before.

Okay right so anybody can answer this right but you know that when you look scripturally you can't deny that there is God's favor and literally says in Scripture right and see of Cain and Abel. You have all sorts of things of Joseph and his brother David and his brothers. His family right you have God's favor. That is definitely there right private is a call to love us all equally share right so you know that he gets back to a house that work if you give somebody favor over me is that he loving them more, right and that's that's again where we I don't think you can actually look at it that way. Main I'll have one child, but I know you guys have multiple children and each one of you know every every one of you love your child equally. But you love the each child differently because that is.

That's a unique individual, but it can be sometimes perceive them. Maybe one child needs one thing at a particular time. The other one data that was example of that clip is that you know there's different times to give kids different things or whatever, but I think it goes back to what Robbie was saying a few weeks ago about iniquity. There's something in a heart that always is looking to be hey that's not fair that's not right.

I'm getting chipped and you know the thing is I think a true maturity in God is to really get beyond that and say I am going to shoot for whatever he has for me and not worry about the rest.

I hope I have a favorite expression that nothing relates to that all men are created equal.

However, more equal than others.

Maybe we get time to get your clip in its short clips. If you want to tell us a little bit about it will play yet from the movie River runs through it and see is the father and her two sons are vision to flyfishing out in the river which I admire but the I'm learning with some great instruction from Robbie, but of anyway. The and they put their fish out the day of calls and the father says God has been good to us today, but he's been especially good to me. His fish is a little bigger little different vein, but he's expressing that his favor was better than theirs. It is just in the clip. I then saw something remark rhythm. All of say the Lord's plastisol today is what was it about that clip really came and spoke in whether the coupling clip it you. The narrator is saying he saw something different got broken noodle rhythm and I think that our lives are based upon the rhythm of God, and we get in that rhythm. That's where favor falls in the I have a friend who says that ice is favor. Is it fair because the world screen for fairness.

But that's not what in the MY head against a bigger prayer for you and it was a brown trout masking to register for the Boot Camp will talk to you after the break. What if one weekend wasn't up to you now and frustrated all basic training designed to give men mission be how God made warriors on John Eldridge is wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed to hear masculine heart Coming up November 18 through the 21st masculine and register today. I this assumes masking journey here with my son Eli talked about ways he smiled at him as he is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a and find the email something to PO Box 550 92728 back to masculine journey in India cuckolded about the topic you talk about God's favor and so left that clip you want to go back to it because I know that you know you helped Danny with the clip right so you really love that your favorite obviously went around rescue these use it.

I think it just about everything that a particular talk right and so what is it about that clip you know all of you. Love that clip. What is it about that.

But the really skin and speaks to your heart makes you laugh to me. Just you know the favor of the father. His his humor. You know when you know, pointing out a God favors as Albany favor me a little bit more today but just the fellowship.

I think we use it in the boot camps to talk about the Trinity in the fellowship and it's just it's just a really awesome clip about what you would expect in a family you know a community and just but you see that favor on you know the father but history kids and and how that the favor on the family as a whole and for us that have been fortunate to have a father in your life or some of us in not maybe had the father that had a father figure. What does the father do with you depicts is always goading. He's always trying to get a laugh or get a response out of you and that's what was going on here is like yellow Yep things are good for you but yet the better for me is to say he's just like nobody going to say even come back me with something or what he doing here.

You know psych gods always working in us and that way I think this is such a great clip of the love of men, especially their father and sons Sets up kind of equipment were, not my thing to an extent for me because you know what I think about the word favor.

I naturally think of the word grace and the neat thing about that is Jesus is full of it right. Is it in coroner John chapter 1 and so I think of Jesus is like the ultimate in treating me like I'm his favorite and then when you get when you look back in the Bible you see this clearly in no because he's the first person that saw Grace in the father's eyes and it actually says. First, find a place you find the word in the Bible is in Genesis. When Noah found favor in his father's eyes. He found grace in his father's eyes will know is spelled backward. His grace in case didn't know that in Hebrew so spell forward it. It has everything to do with the fact that now I clearly since he was the only at the live data pointed out that he was a, you know, he was the favorite and so here we have the next clip is from the movie the 10 Commandments and I know there's a lot of theatrical license that's used in this but the stories, biblically accurate, to some extent that you have Ramses who was the Pharaoh and you have Moses and you have this interaction between the two and they were raised his brothers and Moses was a prince of Egypt and so as we begin the clip we can see the two princes and they both have the father which is Ramses the first and you know the brother Ramses is trying to set Moses up as a trader, and he's convinced his father that this may be going on and so you see the interaction between Ramses the first and Moses and Ramses the second, and then you see after that move. 70 years later and we hear interchange between the two brothers essentially at the end of now pretty close since the end of Ramses the second's life as he now is blaming Moses for everything is happening. And and siliceous list and will talk about 16 of these lands and Pharaoh got it and it shall be the city of cities stays like this it is going. Slaves worship that God and I serve only you claim I thousand year goal my falsities and I basically feel. Your name shall be called beside my house.

Ramses will be no my jumping book you have accused Job fair is the son of your body I need no help Moses to hold what is mine. I decide what is yours, is whether the slave of Egypt was saved from the Nile to be a shadow fell between me and my father be in my thing me in my shadow now feels all things with a lot of set you free.

It is not by your word, not by my hand that we are free for all of God's freighters would people you serve the as I look at that clip. It reminds me of something I learned recently as I was studying actually.

Genesis 10 has to do with the curse, the firstborn, but also has to do with Mela and that says no. I found favor in the father's eyes how you find it unless you're looking for right. How do you find grace and Lester. Looking forward, and so as you look at what would be biblically acclimated Genesis chapter 10 and other places what to call the curse of the firstborn. In other words came as Sam talked about you know Esau you know, David's brother, Elizabeth I will be last and last will be first actually comes out of this idea of David being the last son and he was first but why and is not that any of those people earn the favor that they got but they didn't do one thing and it was clear and then that clip. I think that Moses will was seeking to serve his father with her that was his God or Pharaoh. At one point in time and is in his life and and so you know that's the difference between a knob and a non-mother words when John Kennedy said was asked not you know what you can do for your country but ask which country can do for you but what you can do for your country. So it's almost like asked not you know why this isn't fair, so to speak, or why I'm not getting what I'm supposed to be didn't ask what you can do you know test to serve God, whatever that may be and in doing that you could see Moses found favor and clearly gave God the glory for that and I think that in that gives me some idea of how I can go about finding not the I have to earn and which to go to find you have to believe that it's available for you right right in you to seek him in the midst of it. Andy, what it we got just a few minutes left in the segment for good after hours went what some other stuff you'd like to cover this to open question of the guys on feel free to jump in but you not. My thought was, as I've got examples I have an example really of God's favor.

You know it I've talked recently about you. How found God's father in a much deeper way. In doing so I just believe that he's think Carol mentioned a few weeks back you know if you really believe in God. You seem everywhere. If you don't really believe in God you see nowhere and I feel like I seem everywhere. I feel like I sent them and I go after my thing if were talking about on this trip this vacation, you know Ransom heart. We talked a few weeks back about your recovery plan.

Although I had a changeup pace on vacations and ended up going to Western North Carolina and the beach this week.

I really look for an opportunity of talk to you some about just following my heritage.

I have family from Western North Carolina and I went with a relative to kind of go through all this and you know just in that endeavor. You know, of finding out what my history was about who the people are what God's plan was for my family. As we were going along to me. We went to this old house that fourth great grandfather removed of mine was in Western North Carolina we go.

There is a God is just recently bought a house east standing in the front yard and he let the sentence shows us the house around around the house and it's still the old part of it. Still the old cabin frame and all that. Really cool stuff that was just one of those timing things and that whole day was blessed like that and it was just one of those things where I sense the favor of God on my life and it was something that I didn't really plan for us. I got you got to do this. It just tap yeah and you found a lot of things you found out that you may be related yeah yeah and there's lots of things that came from that you know and I can said you didn't go with expectation. Yeah, you just went on an adventure with God. I will say that what I didn't go with expectation for a particular outcome but I did go with expectancy of of a realizing that it's going to be good for another point Of you know, I know we do the favor in the after hours, but mine such a short when I go ahead and throw it out there.

You guys give me such a hard time of being Tesla right and I think that that's God's favor on me a lot is just a lot doesn't stick to me, even as I can say some things that other people can't seem to say and get away with it. You know, people laugh about it you in it.

I feel like that's at times God giving me his favor and saying okay I got your back even when you not the smartest, you know, they're not that I haven't messed up another that hasn't been times that I've said the wrong thing or been in bad situations of got enough of those stories, but I really do believe that he does give me favor in those situations, especially you know when it comes to you know the enemy wanting to drive wedges in our team.

You know, I think I feel as though you guys trust my heart rate and I could be wrong.

Run is give me funny right click yet I feel like you guys trust my heart which allows me to feel very open and free with you guys and I think that that's something that the God gives me as a blessing is to know that people around me that love me well to understand that in I am joking when I say things in and lets me get away with things and how we should get away with finesse and that I am very grateful that I know that sounds like such a silly thing to be grateful for that is because that's my personality that lets me live in my personality and and and doesn't make me pay a lot of consequences for for that to get a masculine we get the boot camp coming up 18 through 21st of November, the weekend before Thanksgiving we love to have you there and you gotta love to have you there to some amazing things you must do for their go register right now and then come back and listen. After this is the Truth Network

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