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Patti Garibay (Growing Girls in Christ)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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July 21, 2021 4:00 am

Patti Garibay (Growing Girls in Christ)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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July 21, 2021 4:00 am

The Conservative Baptist Network is calling for the resignation of the Southern Baptist Convention's new president, based on multiple instances of evidence that he plagiarized. Will Ed Litton finally do the right thing? We'll talk about it. Plus: How is God using a Christian-based scouting organization to bring hope and encouragement to young girls' lives? I'll talk about it with Patti Garibay, founder of American Heritage Girls and author of: "Why Curse the Darkness When You Can Light a Candle?" And a Hasbro whistleblower reveals how the company is committed to indoctrinating kids with Critical Race Theory. That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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For today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign five dollars cents one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone is the Lord our God says I sort of in first Peter having Jesus Christ, despite what were going through in life. It says this, starting in verse three Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, by his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that is imperishable and undefiled and unfading, reserved in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God's power for the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time in this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in various trials so that the proven character of your faith more precious than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire may result in praise, glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ. I love that passage. There is a purpose in the trials that we face, and in the case of my next guest.

Those trials have led her to have a godly impact on thousands of young girls. Patty Garibay is the founder of American heritage girls which started back in 1995 as a scout type, Christ centered leadership and character development ministry for girls that would help build them into women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country, and Patty recounts her own fascinating story in a new book that working to discuss is called why curse the darkness when you can light a candle. Great question Patty. It's so good to welcome you back. How are you very well. It is a pleasure to be with you again. Thank you. I loved reading through your book Patty, because there was a lot I didn't realize about your life that you have really had an interesting journey, and in some ways, looking at what you grew up as an how your life kinda unfolded. Your rather a surprising spot. I would think that if you look back at your childhood, you'd say wow I never thought I'd be here and aren't so many in the kindest spot we can use those as a reason not to answer God's call info. I pray that this book is a source of encouragement for the reader to figure what what Colleen is something I feel ill-equipped, but I have faith in bringing me through it because that's exactly what he did for me. It's so neat well while talking about your own life as a girl what you want people to understand about your background. There's a lot here.

People can read about it in your book, but just your life. Growing up your family situation and how God brought you along the path to coming to know him as Lord and Savior.

It's it's a very interesting story. But what would you like people to know about how God shaped you even from the earliest years were an important part of my story and probably everyone stories don't count don't count those times where we feel like my life is worthless, because what that little boy does with those kinds of depression or despair if he showed his faithfulness and his glory and his sovereignty and even melody young girl, I would. I was raised in the in a church, but it was not a church that had a personal relationship with Christ.

They didn't quite understand what that meant but I had a deep respect for faith and I knew that Jesus had died for my sins.

So at least I had that little feed that little kernel of truth that had been planted in my brains at the time I was itty-bitty and going through my my life and looking at content four years old. My father was diagnosed with acute, multiple sclerosis, so he was pretty quickly in a wheelchair and I never really knew my dad to walk. He always had to have a walker or a wheelchair in the way daddy, why, and not that it was a great thing you know, but it was something that was my eighth and so I learned to deal with that. I learned to deal with a lot of adversity. I learned to deal with a mom who was really struggling. Dealing with my children. I disabled husband and suddenly having to be be sole breadwinner.

I can even imagine the difficulty that she had and without paid how much more difficult that lives in so then mom became reliant on the bottle for being raped by an alcoholic mother and a disabled father. Well that led to a lot of interesting times in my life for sure wow that that partier story. I did just heart wrenching when I was reading about that how difficult it was on your parents, your mom and your dad in different ways.

When he was diagnosed with MS my heart just goes out, your whole family for going through that because that is certainly not easy when and I thought that another marked place in your life was when you were dating your now husband and found out this is before you are Christian obviously but found out that you are having a baby at 19 and that's that's a big and you chose life was kernel of truth that was embedded in my head in my mind and my heart and I would little bit. Life was precious and that you didn't just destroy it because of your body. I got right from wrong and I'm still grateful for it because Janet so many know many women have made that decision and it has been so difficult.

They spend the rest of their life trying to compensate for it or forgive themselves or that there is forgiveness in all of our men and the Lord is there for us but yes I chose life and you know that was an interesting story this on unplanned pregnancy. I went to plan parenthood because that sounded like the place you would go when you have an un-planned pregnancy that interesting how they played on words for the nave, and I went in there and of course thinking I could get a free pregnancy test because I was a poor college kid, and here they were immediately pushing into an abortion in my spirit I had a strong moral barometer sometimes not strong enough to prevent me from making these mistakes. But again, I knew right from wrong and I is no way I could kill this baby.

I I love this boyfriend I love this baby that can happen, but my heart today just as always so warm and reaches out to those women in that position in that situation that we as Christians are called to love them not to judge them to love them and bring them into the way they should go because that's what happened along my journey.

People loved me, and I believe I believed to this day if I decided to keep the baby and I was shunned by the Christian community. I would not be a Christian today so an important lesson for all of us.

That's again is that's a great point and so interesting to how you and your husband ended up coming to salvation, how did that story turn out because it it's very interesting how the Lord works in circumstances.

Oh yeah, you know, we look at circumstances is what our needs are. I need and we need it desperately. Money right you are the poor college kid that they decide to get married Ray start raising our family and had very little money and so we were looking for opportunities that we can continue our schooling but yet find a way to make extra dollars and so the we call it the pyramid scheme of the youth the collet of Amway came along all the unlikely places to find the Lord, but we were very blessed the people that we were working with and and we were strong Christian and part of their conventions, where we would go and learn more about how to do this business were all centered around 848 worship service where my husband came to know the Lord.

Now I'm a bit more stubborn and I had to go a little bit further to really start my relationship with Christ and that is when my my baby girl that the daughter that was unplanned but Philip so much we love was hurt very tragically keep was hit in the head with a badminton racket. She developed cerebral hematoma that was operable. She had been in the neurology neurological unit of the Children's Hospital for over a month and they figure child will never be the same and I made that literal many of us have done that with God.

Lord, if you will you will repeat them or if you will save a few or spare her life. I will give you mine and I did and I have been true to that in the Lord has blessed that in today.

That little girl is now very much involved in this ministry. Her name is Rachel and let stand for little lamb. That's what it means and I felt Lord, if I have to sacrifice little lamb to get to know you I will do that, but he came faithfully alongside and the rest I guess you might say, is history begins. I think you said in that particular recounting of that story that it kinda target the lesson that sometimes there's nothing you can do but pray.

I thought boy that's is that the truth that's so true. Be the first thing we do. Janet is frustrating with myself and like you know the Lord will bring you through this way, but maybe not in my later it out that bit you hit the nail on the head Patty seltzer working to take a short break will come back with Patty Garibay, founder of American Heritage girls and offer why curse the darkness when you can light a candle will be back, ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single do you pay more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family to pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty health share liberty. Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need.

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Well, it is wonderful to be with you again, thanks for joining us and it is just great to have with us Patty Garibay, founder and Executive Director of American Heritage girls. So many of you I know have girls in her troops and what a great organization. It is is a Christ centered alternative to the Girl Scouts why curse the darkness when you can light a candle, that's the question Patty Garibay and asks in the title of her latest book, kinda going through her whole story of how she founded American Heritage girls.

What a story it is Patty. I was going through all of these chapters kinda going through block by block on how you became concerned about the trajectory of the Girl Scouts that you are a leader, were you in the 80s.

It wasn't on 93. Was it that you started to really get concerned very true. I served in the Girl Scouts for 12 years I was not a troop leader but I was also an area delegate and also of you know that volunteer at the Council level. I'm very involved in girls government or five people in my community that I bled green and loved it. So my mind ministry I was using it to spread the gospel and there was a change right in the 90s that that really changed everything for me while right because they started putting what wasn't putting an asterisk next next to the word God and the promise which was unprecedented.

What the world really thinking exactly and in that, with the biggest concern I had here at what the character development program that was based on Judeo-Christian values until I knew founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon low. He was an added Bible reader daily Bible leader. She was also a Christian, why would they make this change in the 90s and questioning it until they know I'm leaving. I was trying to make changes locally show the Girl Scouts the error of their ways and certainly when they sell enough public pressure that is not what people that they serve wanted they would change the way quite nave.

I had no idea that in the 70s.

Betty free Dan. Now you actually served on the national Board of Trustees and the whole litany of activist feminist activists were part of the Girl Scouts to push for the ERA.

There is just a lot of damage that was done I believe the femininity during those days, and that in one of the know what in the volunteer, the boiler may change the Girl Scouts can no longer mandate a note to God. That's when my eyes out open and I won't.

I cannot serve to God through the Lord God Almighty or the Girl Scouts. One of them is going to go to be the Lord good for you.

I know another area of concern was sex education you talk about the sexuality and you guide which you tried to fight what happened.

Tell us a little bit about that fight that you took on right I heard about the sexuality and you can't that was being run at a local Girl Scout camp adequately funded my cookie profits until it's really important we understand all the things that we that we find you maybe we like you like any agenda it funding. I turned to look at that because my own daughter received a personal invitation along with the rest of the girls in my troop I was dealing with girls at junior high level at that point they were invited for the first time it comes to a retreat and it was innocuous. I read the brochure you know everything you need a little help with this topic, Sadie.

But then I knew that there was a lot of questionable stuff going on in the Girl Scouts and so I went going on Christian radio. Ironically enough, in talking about his listeners sent their daughters to death. We are interested in learning more about it and we get callers and finally the president of the Girl Scout Council locally for I want to meet with that woman that speaking out against this camp and the pastor who ran that show said okay under one condition you bring that facilitator's guide or the curricula of that particular retreat with you and you can meet that woman and so I was still nervous Janet.

I was with this with somebody. I believe most corporate unit. She brought up somebody that was the President of the Council and she was very high in corporate Cincinnati corporate America anyway and I would like will hide. Not all I can do that by a mustard seed.

I would really like mightily for the Lord to give me the courage to deal with these two what I felt were very highly accomplished women in here with me this mama housewife you just had a concern him.

What I really crazy, they handed over that curricula guide and I was not crazy. The Lord had convicted me of the right thing.

It was absolutely horrific but they were teaching these girls that were only in seventh and eighth grade man. It is such a nightmare when you start walking that path I I also was stunned at your story of how you finally what you know, put up your husband's name for a position on your Council's Board of Directors and how that went down. Can you tell that particular story Patty because I know that was kind of the end of the line for you. It really wise I mentioned earlier I had been an area delegate so I was given the honor to be able to vote on behalf of the volunteers for my area until I was in attendance at the annual meeting of our local counsel again were trying to fight the good fight. We were trying to make changes in Girl Scout instead of believing that they would listen to reason. And so we thought well maybe if we could develop product change by putting a Christian on the Board of Directors.

There was an opening. It was not a full flight. We follow all of their detailed ABC in the steps of faith that they create, and we did everything perfectly, but a quick this was all created this kind of profit for that they knew ahead of time who was going to be nominated from the floor and they were well orchestrated on how to demean that particular candidate how to save falsehoods about the journey annual meeting to that there was a quote rate where people lined up at two different microphones to be quotable things about this candidate who happened to be my husband and just try to any concerns with the most audacious thing happened when it came time for the vote.

The casting of the votes, and I knew it will be a handful of people. If not you that were voting for this candidate when they said that he received zero vote and then moved one step further and asked for a destruction of those votes was illegal for a nonprofit to do.

I knew that this was an immoral and not aligned organization that it was time, no longer the fight, but even to start something, it's clear that point even if you stand up and say that's funny.

We all voted for him where the votes go I mean at that point, you know, the fix is in and you can't redeem it so you started American Heritage girls. It's now been going strong for over what is a 2025, 26 years now. It's incredible and unbelievable. Only God could do that yes yes and and you know this is such a wonderful example Patty I what I take away from this is the fact that a you were willing to fight you didn't retreat you didn't leave you didn't just you know, wash your hands of all these people you really did your level best to try to reform from within.

Present the truth and an operating good faith when it became obvious you could no longer did do that. You lit a candle and I know that was not easy for you. You had all these children to look after yourself and you were in a very busy stage of life.

You know how do you look back on your decision to have done that. Now learn that the Lord taught me that you need to go through his open doors and pray for him to shut those Dorothy.want you to go through and fill it.

It's very important to be persevering and tenacious because it will be so many times like we would hold these information sessions about what American Heritage girls was going to be this crazy idea that a Don Quixote you know is wrestling with all of the windmills that lay very alone at times and maybe one or two people would come to the evening session time away from my family and my kids I might Lord if that's what you want me to do, but implies what he wanted me to do.

He wanted me to grow with brilliant and gritty to be able to take on this quite because it was not a pretty fight to the learn more and more it as the Girl Scouts continue to degrade me more of, more of a fire in my belly which I think we need in order to keep our motivation level up you the call of the Lord and then the passion for what you're doing a why did I look at my own life and I did not have those wayfaring spines that I should have had and I wanted that for every girl and 2 feet at the Girl Scouts were not not only not defined where fairies signed but they were actually bringing signs of confusion, I mean today they're sending girls to pronoun. I understand what their pronoun, it is damaging is damaging and that is why you have to say you know what this may be uncomfortable. This may be way beyond my means. But the Lord is calling me to lick. He will bring the resource and he got it so not need to hear the story and eat on their troops. Now, as I understand in every state and in 15 countries around the world through your trailblazer program and girls are learning about outdoor things. You know having experiences outdoors in service projects and all the wonderful things that the scouts offered at one time without all of the leftist activism thrown in. You know when you are looking at all of this and I know especially during the pandemic.

Patty, you and I have had the opportunity to talk a little bit off air about how much the pandemic actually helped girls in American Heritage girls really find that sense of community. We now must make you feel so good and and so you know, thankful that the Lord lead you in this direction. Despite all the trials that you went through, and I'm sure there are thousands of parents who are just so thankful for you.

Unbelievable. I mean we are not to be expected in our lifetime of what we do in service to the Lord. I don't believe we are deserving of that the Lord has blessed me incredibly by allowing those foods to be seen in my lifetime and for that I am forever grateful. It is, it is very humbling humbling for think even any influence was made in a positive way on a girl one girl's life, much less all of these girls over the years. I'm a blessed woman.

I absolutely thrilled to see girls growing in who they are and whose they are in for parents to thank all thank you. I have been working for this kind of want and a framework for adult clean for my daughter but I wanted to have like-minded friends I wanted to be in a safe environment and I want her to have tightest two mentors that are a Christ loving and that was of affirmation and encouragement really, really, to my daughter and what I'm excited about being part of not so much my influence, but the fact that at the trickle effect and the Lord uses is multiplication to create great great things that man well it's all told in this great book. It's called why curse the darkness when you can light a candle and all I can say is look what God can do through mom who is willing to surrender to Jesus Christ. You are wonderful American Heritage is the website Patty Garibay.

Thank you so much Patty for everything you do and for being with us again and thank you God bless you to your listening to Jennifer this Janet never today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word here is your host Joe I am so glad to see this. The conservative Baptist network is now calling for the resignation of plagiarist pastor who is now the president of the denomination, Ed Litton there calling for his resignation just out with a statement yesterday.

This is what it says recent weeks have brought to light evidence of repeated plagiarism of multiple sources on the part of Southern Baptist convention Pres. Ed Lytton, this sinful behavior and the lack of forthrightness when exposed, is inconsistent with the character and integrity. Southern Baptists rightfully expect from their presidents compounding the concern surrounding President Clinton's irrefutable pattern of plagiarism is the silence of nearly all SBC leaders see that's the second tier of the scandal, they say, further eroding the testimony of the SBC to a watching world is the way some SBC leaders have excused and even minimized. This troubling behavior. Scripture says, acquitting the guilty and calling evil good, or wrong, deceitful behavior on the part of a pastor is doubly egregious as those holding this office are called to be able to teach and to study to show yourself approved. Plagiarism is a violation of the eighth and ninth Commandments in Scripture warns that men leading Christ's local churches will be judged with even greater strictness the conservative Baptist network delayed commenting on this matter publicly in the hope that personal conversations and counsel with Pres. Lytton would lead him to acknowledge his error and repent. Sadly this has not occurred as further evidence of what appears to be serial. Plagiarism continues to surface and at least six videos from a variety of named sources.

I'm glad they said that the conservative Baptist network calls on the leaders of the SBC to address this matter promptly and biblically for the sake of the gospel. It is best for present Lytton to step down from office and focus on his personal spiritual development with his local church.

The testimony of Southern Baptists and of the gospel is at stake so I like to say first of all, here, here, conservative Baptist network and I'm glad they clarified why they had delayed in releasing the statement. I can understand very well why would they would want to work behind the scenes in so far as it were possible to bring Lytton to repentance and to full recognition and to full in admitting what he did. But here's what's complicating the entire story is you know what, what's been coming out of light is more and more information about the docent research group and this is the group that provides material for pastors. This is the group that wrote the books for Mark Driscoll back in 2013 when I found his plagiarism. That was the work of the docent research group which from what I understood they actually footnoted what he plagiarized and there was little story behind the story there, but now it's come out that docent research group is one of the groups at least that has been providing sermon help not only to add Lytton but to a lot of pastors. We had a we talked about this just recently we've seen recommendations for docent research group from people like Tim Keller and people like John North Bergen people like JD Greer, the immediate past president of the Southern Baptist convention and not everything is known to this date about the docent research group more and more is coming out about this group but were finding out that there are many people who either have been part of the docent research group or are currently part of the docent research group who are, let's just say it far from conservatives. They're not conservatives.

It is questionable whether or not all of them are even Christians.

So you know what are you supposed to conclude we have a multitiered problem here with add Lytton and his cohorts in JD Greer not JD Greer was the first pastor whom was revealed to have been the source for add Lytton's plagiarized Romans one sermon and then all these other sources came out and videos came out showing that he was lifting material and they were doing side-by-side with other videos.

One of his underlings there at his church in Alabama was also using similar material. So the question now becomes what's going on. Is it really a matter of flat out plagiarism now. According to Lytton's initial statements when that first issue of plagiarism came out, he apologized.

I should have cited JD, but JD gave me permission in advance. So, according to Ed Lytton's own words. JD Greer was in on giving the material to add Lytton out what I wonder because I no longer trust this guy to tell the truth. After what he did concerning removal of some of this heresy from his website on the sly.

I don't trust the guy. I don't trust the guy at all because I've seen nothing but a pattern of deception with him so I am disinclined to listen to him and immediately believe everything he says I'm just not that nave and when I see his response has been Stonewall Stonewall Stonewall give out a very minimized statement stonewall stonewall stonewall and then you see the behavior of the rest of the SBC elites were his friends, and it's disgusting. I'm to say that I know that people have in their minds.

This incredible respect for the big men of God. The big celebrities. The guys who were always out in front there on the stage in their famous and they put out very well filmed podcast videos and you know webcast videos I should say in podcast and they have great books which now we know we don't necessarily get to assume any more than any of these guys write their own books because we now we know there are a lot of people who don't write their own sermons. Is this okay with us as Christians. Now it shouldn't be okay with us as Christians if were going by the Bible in the world is above the Bible. Nobody is above the Bible. If you are a Christian you are under the authority of God himself in his holy Word and his word is not confusing. It is very obvious that when you look at the qualifications for a pastor you have to be above reproach. What you think that means it doesn't mean sinless, but it means you have a really solid reputation. Think of people in your life. For example, maybe people at your church. Or maybe your mom and dad maybe your grandparents may be neighbors that you had who you could honestly say of them. That guy was solid to the core or that woman was the godliness woman. She was honest she was loyal she was. She just had fantastic character. She loved people she was very giving and she just didn't have a mean bone in her body. We all know people like that. It's not that they're perfect.

It's just that there above reproach that you would never find anything in our lives that would be scandalous or deceitful or wicked in any way but now we have this question.

Is it the case that the docent research group was giving similar material to different pastors and so some of what looks like plagiarism might actually be the docent group giving the same material to the same guys I don't know.

I don't know the answer to that because now what's happened is you have leaders in the docent group making their twitter accounts private because protest you know his put out a long article about the docent research group, but God can know that's not really transparency guys when people start digging and and trying to find out what the real deal is with these guys who are paid lots of money to provide sermon illustrations and exegesis and things of that nature. You know it's sleazy it's just sleazy.

We if you are in the position of a pastor) sermons that should be job number one you preach the word of God. That's why you're there and you also shepherd the flock preaching your own stuff that shouldn't even be controversy over whether or not you're allowed to do anything like hiring docent and what of the money angle. What if all of these congregations who now know and I don't know how many people know because I don't know how widespread the knowledge is about what's been going on how many people in the pews know that there pastors have been paying a group to do their sermon prep. Does that bother you, and aside from that, how much have they been paid, docent research group and did you know about that. And when you are giving money in the offering plate or when you were tithing is part of your money going to docent so your pastor can skirt his duties to preach the word himself to you every single person listening to me. If you are in a church of any size and it probably applies across the board.

Also, because there are groups from what I understand, that will do similar work for smaller churches, but mainly if you are in a big church, I would advise you to go to your pastor or as close as you can get to him and inquire. Does this church pay docent research group to prepare material for the pastor sermons as we want to see how much that has been done and we want to see how much that his cost and we want to see the hard numbers. Everybody needs to hold your church accountable. Why because nobody is above the Bible folks and if you can't trust that your pastor standing in front of you is doing the study and the preparation which you pay him to do to bring you the word of God.

Every week, why are you there find out go to your church go to your elders. Go to your church leadership. However, you plan to do it. However, your church is set up structurally go there and find out it's really important because this is only going to get worse if you see what the CBN is saying about these SBC elites refusing to condemn add Lytton we have a massive corruption problem folks and and it is bad and it's going to take the sheep to rise up and test their shepherds. According to the word of God. At this juncture, but yes, Lytton needs to resign and so do his enabling friends. In my opinion will be back this is Janet my for partnering with Bible league international to send God's word to 1500 Bible as believers in Africa. In many parts of countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word because of corrupt governments majority religions remoteness and poverty. They've never been able to read first Peter 57 cast your cares on him for he cares for you reading that promise of God means everything to you and me, and now it will mean so much to these Bible as Christians in Africa. When you respond. Here's Pastor John in Mozambique, filed August 2 11 was stocking from the church was not so when we went to Joe and his son.log, you five dollars sends one Bible $100 since $2500 sends 100 and your gift of any size will help us meet our goal of sending 1500 Bibles to Africa. Call 800 yes word 800 Y ES WORD or there's an open the floodgates Bibles for Africa banner to maybes group if you will remember the other picture really was trying to from the Bible about us that I was on the weather was Bible but we don't know what was the got voted how the Bible from Regulus biblical is also submitted a good middle Bibles send God's word to a Bible is believer in Africa today for only five dollars. Call 800 Y ES WORD you're listening to you today and I think when all is said and done so much good has been done in the world by people who are just average normal people willing to do the right thing at the right time. The more I live the more I have experienced that truth. We are just normal people who aren't famous you don't have any huge bank account necessarily. They don't have any accolades and ribbons and trophies but they are just solid, decent people who want to do the right thing and have the right motivation for doing the right thing. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate like people like that not only Christians who are willing to do that, even within the church when there's corruption like in the SBC but also people in the secular realm and you know this is part of God's grace to the world.

You know he makes the rain fall on the just and the unjust, and I really appreciate all of these people who have been whistleblowers. A lot of them have gone to project Veritas and there's a story out now about a recent whistleblower. A man by the name of David Johnson, Harvey Nash, packaging engineer, contracting with the company Hasbro you know Hasbro if you have kids you have Hasbro toys around are you certainly seen their commercials or seen that product name when you go through Walmart or what were of you shop for toys.

He came forward because as it turns out Hasbro has gone woke and is now in the process of trying to put critical race theory into the minds of the kids who use and play with their toys. Yes, there is no safe harbor anymore for your children. Not only do you have to worry about what's happening in the schools. You now have to worry about the companies that provide child resources such as books, like at Barnes & Noble where you see woke baby and all these critical race theory-based books for kids.

I hope you never get your kid any of those books. Now you have to worry about the toys.

This whistleblower David Johnson sat down with James O'Keefe. I want to play a little bit of this interview for you. Here's how it started out cut one name is David Johnson, packaging engineer for Hasbro. They are attempting to covertly push CRT critical race theory through branding and messaging products. I decided to come the project Veritas because I oppose the indoctrination of children that they wanted to push spinal this is the program developed by the unconscious kid which is working with Hasbro to teach children about racial bias early this is so mandatory all hands training.

Yes, it was mandatory for me. Alright so this is the beginning of the story. Hasbro wanting to make sure that little white kids know that their racist conscious kid is the organization that he mentioned before, and according to PJ media. This is an organization providing the training that describes itself as saying we are in education, research and policy organization dedicated to equity type.

There's your first red flag and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth we support organizations, families and educators in taking action to disrupt racism in kids. Well all I can say at the outset is, if you're against racism then you want to be the world's biggest opponent of critical race theory because that is as racist as it gets. Having some kind of collective crime and accusing people who are individuals of a collective crime that they can improve. They just assert it and if you deny it, and if you fight back. And if you say that's not true.

You don't have any evidence for any of this. It doesn't matter because that just makes you a bigger racist. This is an excerpt starting out in this cut from the conscious kid program that apparently there seen over at Hasbro. This is cut to you are ready. 20 racist is just babies are beginning to read page 35 also may use language intentionally is where the people. This is critical race theory to explain why children in particular have particular bias against its mainstream ideology. Now minutes and a lot of our institutions people that I've spoken to about these issues, trying to explain to them why teaching people to segregate based on race or by gender or by any other inherent characteristic is wrong. If you want your children to be looking at people based on their race then you are opposing Dr. Martin with the constraint is right on the money.

And by the way David Johnson is black, he's an African-American. He's not a white man sitting there saying this he is actually telling the truth as any good American would see it. It has nothing to do a skin color.

This man is just smart and he's observant and he's on the side of the truth. It's just incredible.

I go back to something Stacy Lenox Road over at PJ media about this claim that by 3 to 6 months, babies are beginning to notice an already expressed preference by race whites and and she says to Freeman infants lack of familiarity with a novel situation is evidence of bias is beyond the pale babies also show a preference for the faces of people they know. Studies have shown that this preference does not appear until between six and eight months. None of this is shocking. The idea that it is the root of overt racism is absurd to anyone who is apparent is, of course, it is now. He's asked David Johnson is asked, tell us what you know about conscious kid. Here's what he said three.

This was the first time at her heard of them was following.

I did a bit of research on the work with a few other very, very large corporations like work with Google the file. Nickelodeon was also a big partner with Hasbro. Hasbro is in the only heavy hitter as you mentioned, they work with the NFL players Association MGM Nickelodeon and YouTube. That's a large share of like the market for children's entertainment like Hasbro's office Re: of huge company because they have like everything from my Little pony to transformers, but you two was almost like the man the main hall where people go for entertainment. Now if they're using you to push this ideology that's that's going very very far reach them very wide locations. Are you tired of activists everywhere you look there is just some wild eyed leftist activist find every curtain almost behind every tree every bush.

It's not a conspiracy theory when you're seen it all the time, everywhere you go and it's by design overwhelm the system out. Let's go back to Saul Linsky, shall we, the man who was so enthralling to a certain former president of ours who on his watch. When he talked about bringing the United States together is a purple country managed to start a race war. I mean effectively. He dead because he made all kinds of comments trying to divide Americans by race and it stoked hatred and it stoked bias in its stoked resentments and it really had nothing to do the overall plan had nothing to do with individuals who genuinely were mistreated and we all acknowledge that there have been situations where there have been very terrible situations with police and particular black man, for example, have been pulled over and were mistreated in many many ways tap into white people too, and it's all terrible, but we've always agreed historically as Americans that in our lifetimes that it doesn't matter what your skin color as well. Americans and and whoever is mistreated deserves justice and there should be justice for all its why Lady liberty is blind but were losing that and were losing that because leftists are pushing it and they have to get to your children here just a few days ago I was playing the audio of that San Francisco Gay men's chorus will convert your children and and making fun of the idea that in fact that's exactly what they want to do you have to get to the kids. That's how you create a new generation that you don't have to work on because they've been indoctrinated from day one who can stop this.

Parents can stop this.

Parents can stop this. If you have a child who's going to school who is looking at YouTube and they do by the millions and millions. You need to be involved in your child's life and you need to have forthright discussions with your kids teaching them biblical truth and not allowing the world to school them because this is what the world is gonna shut down their throats. This is what you are increasingly seen in these companies as were mentioned. YouTube for example, PJ media says created a storytime playlist to counter anti-blackness and highlight black authors and stories what anti-blackness Google curated a list of reading materials in lesson plans to support inclusive antiracist K-12 education. Education is antiracist whose pro-racism in education. They are, but prior to the CRT push, who was doing this Nickelodeon provided resources to support conversations about race and racism with children in East Baton Rouge Parish donated thousands of antiracist books to every school in the parish. This is this all this antiracist messaging they mention is the brainchild of Abram X candy and requires assigning behaviors, motivations, characteristics, innate abilities, societal roles and historical guilt on children based solely on their race. Protect your kids against this. This is not the American way. It's not true and it is fundamentally racist. We must fight it, and God bless David Johnson for coming forward. Thank you, David. Don't forget our wonderful campaign to get Bibles to Africa with Bible international five dollars is all it takes to send one Bible and were getting closer to our goal but we need your help. If you'd like to help, please call today with a donation at 800 yes word 800 white ass WO are doing or there's a banner to Janet when she thank you so much for listening. We really appreciate you

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