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House Moves to Force Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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July 19, 2021 1:00 pm

House Moves to Force Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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July 19, 2021 1:00 pm

Today we're talking about how the House has moved to force taxpayer-funded abortions. We're also talking about what's happening in Cuba. Logan and the rest of the Sekulow team - including ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell - give the latest updates on all of today's key news items. All this and more today on Sekulow .


They were talking about what's happening in Cuba and also the house or some taxpayer-funded abortion my Washington DC secular right now. One 800 684110.

Now your hose secular.

This is Logan Sekulow the id for my dad, my brother got a few topics today really talk a little bit with Rick Gravelle about what's going on in Cuba and his new blog to me about right now we could find out more information about that. It was a confusing time for a lot of people's receipt people in the streets all across our nation as well is in Cuba are supporting the freedom for the Cuban people and for Cuba in general surround talk about that learned a little bit today. That's what I want you to do is to listen to the show. I'm in a learned world to learn together.

Also, what going on for the last couple weeks in terms of at the house. There has been major movements in and fanned of this we have videos coming up on the Hyde amendment, which allowed you've heard you may have heard about during the election cycle because it was a something famously that Joe Biden, a present bud supported for decades and then as of last year when it became election time things started changing. Of course the Hyde amendment. If you don't know to get people sort of a a big picture understanding what it does is eliminates taxpayer funding going to abortion services, which I know, look, this is a topic we have to discuss we have to be sensitive to it's not something to just jump in on and say is ridiculous, but look at your money.

As a taxpayer, and what's happening is for the first time since 1976. There will be potential.

Looks like the house is moving midwinter that you can probably speak to the house is moving to try to strip away the Hyde amendment, which again protects taxpayer-funded elective abortions are not life of the mother, not any sort of medical reason but for nonmedical elective reasons. After the first time since 1976.

As you mentioned, logging, and you know I would start by saying this.

This is initiated, pro-life, pro-choice Republican Democrat and independent American of voters. They pretty much agree on the slogan an overwhelming majority even on the pro-choice side. If he is, they don't think that there taxpayer dollars should you be used to fund abortions in the United States of America.

But you're right. Pres. Biden flip-flopped on the campaign trail. After decades of being in favor of the Hyde amendment, which prohibits that direct funding he flip-flopped and last week in the House of Representatives Logan that the House Appropriations Committee essentially followed his cue. They have moved out an appropriation bill that would strip that protection from the bill still gotta go to the floor of the House of Representatives still gotta go to the floor of the United States Senate and at least some, including Tom Cole, Congressman Tom Cole says that he doesn't think it going past the United States and here is what I think people have to understand Logan we've gotten to a place where you gotten so radical in Washington DC on the abortion issue that even a consensus issue like this one with the American people not good enough for the pro-choice, pro-abortion crowd in Washington DC. They are moving to repeal that protection is absolutely ridiculous and very sad is a very sad time. Look for a lot of people who bet on the front lines of pro-life activism for the last 30+ years to see these type of things when movement was happening. Progression had been happening for the last many years as technology hasn't evolved. We've always said that we hope technology would eventually show and kind of debunk a lot of the myths on life, but instead it seems to have been just replaced with it doesn't matter what the technology says it doesn't matter what the science says this has nothing to do with that anymore. This just has to stabbed last week protect you abortions at all costs not not as much is just checked you the person who may be against it. Personally, privately, you may not something to talk about social media here. The water still have to pay for wood right now. That's not the case and has it been since 1976. Three. Discuss that with a great video coming up there watching of social media thing to see a shortened version of it in the break and we are watching later on in the segment will play the full-length version in this blog grade available right now come to give you a break about this. We are currently managing challenging this is the kind of work that we do with the ACLJ. This is the core work we could use your support make a donation right now. $10 becomes $20.20 become sporting to some of the other. It is matching your donation.

We appreciate will be right back.

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We are talking about the current move in the house to remove the Hyde amendment piece that is been in place for this point going to close to 50 years, 45-ish years that this is been in existence that essentially stop taxpayer-funded abortions, but we know it's a sensitive topic. We know it's a topic the baby doesn't get served very much on your social media accounts you maybe don't have any. I did see the show to later will their reasons is this is a very sensitive topic. We understand it. I don't want you joke around about that are or delegitimize this conversation.

What I do have to say is when there are moments where your money is going to something you very much opposed. Maybe you believe is is is more extreme than some other pieces of legislation. This is where the ACLJ steps that we have as well so that told me during the break we have a petition right now but available available right now right and if you're watching on social media networking a pen that took to the chat portion of the video as well so you can sign it there, but that the petitions very simple to stop Biden and the left from forcing us to pay for abortions, and it has this line in it that Pres. Biden Planned Parenthood in the radical pro-abortion left are trying to eviscerate the pro-life Hyde amendment that is barred your taxpayer dollars from directly funding abortions for the last 45 years we have hundred and 36,000 signatures over hundred 36,000 signatures on this petition now is part of what fan does every day in Washington DC, is use these petitions to go to members of Congress show where the people are on these issues as it's a really important thing for you to sign because it helps our work on the hill and what play this video here just a moment, but it will encourage everyone if you're watching on Facebook watching on YouTube or twitter or however you get this Instagram, I would encourage you to share this because that's how videos like this shows like this become more widely available as we talk about these hot button topics. Sometimes they don't get as much traction if you will, and social media without you interacting so I would encourage it is absent, it will read your comments will take some of the air, probably.

But here's we need to share if you're on Facebook if you're on Twitter retweet if you're on YouTube. You have to hit that thumbs up this right under the title and a subscribe.

Those are great ways to make sure gets in other people's feeds. So this kind of news happens because what happens is there's so many. A crisis is in chaos. Sometimes they had important pieces that are happening in the world get swept under the rug because there's more yet salacious stories that will get covered on the Newsweek yet again lost Logan and especially I think a technical legislative provision like this when it moved through the appropriation process.

It sounds very confusing. We try to do Logan's explain it to our members get them to sign the petition and then we will use those with members of Congress. In fact, let me tell you exactly how this particular petition is, can be used. I referenced in the last segment of the broadcast that Tom Cole said that everyone in the room knows that this bill will never pass United States Senate without the Heideman or Logan. We eat we don't want to take that as a foregone conclusion. We seen moves in the legislative debate happen quickly before supporting the news were to take these hundred and 36,000 names plus any who join going forward and break them down by state in order to make sure that the United States Senate. Every single office Logan who will have a vote on this when the appropriations bill moves to that side of the United States capital were to let them know how many voters in their state.

I want to maintain the Hyde amendment provision and I would just say one of the things will stress within Logan. These will not be all pro-life Americans certainly that voice is very very important. But even on the pro-abortion side. Many people think that forcing taxpayer dollars to fund abortions directly is a step too far and quite frankly when we can find consensus in this country. There fewer and farther between the when we can find them. Logan we should take them and we should let the American people voice be the one that carries so to put this in context and talks about how their people on on both sides of the aisle that support this idea that that the taxpayer should be forced to pay for abortion but the left wing of the Democratic Party has made this their their cornerstone of their party now and so a member of the squad.

Congresswoman Eliana Presley. She tweeted this last week about this very topic.

Abortion care is healthcare and healthcare is a fundamental human right. We are now closer than ever to passing federal budgets that eliminate the racist Hyde amendment and affirm the dignity of all people, I mean there's a lot you can unpack there but one it in you saying that affirming the dignity of all people, you're taking the abortion conversation and and just completely washing away the dignity of the unborn child. Like it says they have done a great terrific job at PR in the sense of taking a topic that was least sensitive to a lot of people and flipping it completely to where now if you're on one side you're the enemy. If you're on the other side you're the enemy and its it gets you said like they just put that tweet out you have heard years ago, or even maybe, maybe a year ago or two years ago.

Look willing neighbors as a pro-abortion sign in their yard maybe listening. It's a little weird like not say that like I'm not out there on the pro-life side my political statements in my yard, but all your love may have a display that is a pro-choice of the flag. Essentially that's in their yard. It's like well this issue has changed so radically over the last few years. I do want to get the video make sure we are tied at the plant, but yet during the Clinton administration who we did not agree with on the the issue of abortion rights or or pro-life rights. As we as we advocate for, but they at least said safe, legal and rare. They wanted it to where now members of the squad are saying abortion care is a fundamental human right.

So it it it's like you're saying they have moved it way beyond this is a sensitive topic and you know in there's people on both sides now it is a war that if your against even taxpayer funding of abortion as she is pointing out here then you are against a fundamental human right.

So it it's taken it to a much further extreme than it ever has. Play this video. This is done by our excellent team here that the digital team and video to human are everyone who put this this piece together here in our media center. Take a look at this if you watch her the break. If you were watching social media lives in a shorter version is a little bit of a longer version. At the end of it. The come back about two and half minutes of the tell you how you can get involved. Take a look at God-given freedoms are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, protecting life is not and should not be a part of culture and value of life under attack. Abortion is not healthcare. It is murder. Heideman is been a part of federal law since 1976 when it was first passed as part of the annual appropriations process. Very simply put, the Hyde amendment is a prohibition on US taxpayer dollars used to fund abortions directly in the United States.

This Congress must take back its congressional responsibility and craft spending bills which protect the lives of the unborn. Every life is blessed with inherent worth infinite potential and sacred dignity. Imagine a world where every child was given the opportunity to dream accomplish and succeed the world would be a much better place.

Our future brighter than ever. The majority of Americans agree that taxpayer dollars should never be used to fund abortions to represent the values of all Americans.

Congress must respect their rights of conscience and not disregard the divine administration has now proposed repealing the Heideman good. That is why members of Congress are going down in defense of the Heideman and actually made a part of permanent US federal law. No should be forced to financially support the abortion industry. We must put faith and family back in the center of our lives promote policies that support our innocent unborn. Every President since Carter has signed a kind amendment into law, then speaker the question before us today is a simple, straightforward moral issue. There is no more vulnerable person than a child in the womb.

Do they not deserve our care and our protection is a critical lifesaving protection that goes beyond partyline politics is about human life and protecting the most innocent among us finding ministration is now healing the Heideman good. That is why members of Congress are going down the house days in defense of the Heideman actually calling for it made a part of permanent US federal law. We think that's the right move in with us in defense of the Heideman alright so that gives you a gay understanding what's happened the last couple weeks.

Now I want to tell you how you can get involved in family pitch to you for a second to tell people how important it is to some people may be new to the organization.

Listen to this radio show for TV show how you get social media for the last six months and last year seen a lot of political content. Yes, sure. This is political in nature, but this is the real bread-and-butter work.

The ACLJ does and has been doing for the last 30 years, and Logan.

There a lot of voices in Washington DC. I really think the one that sets us apart is the fact that when we go into a congressional office. We bring both the legal analysis and the voice of the American people. So were not just asking you to sign a petition so that we can say there's a big number that is signed this petition with no working to take those names Logan into the offices of the people, the federal officials that those signers actually elected and were to say this is what your voters your constituents want to stick it in and it lends a lot of force to that argument. Logan we can only do that with the support of all of you for watching and listening right now so you can sign that petition can also make a donation to the matching challenge right now to meet if you get $10 or some of the other in a match that $10. The rest the month to make sure he got sign the petition.

Read the great blogs are out right now. They had by members of our team are just coming up and member of our team. Rick Grenell went to Cuba because it we talk a lot about human rights in general. We do that we only want a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn gold light will show you how you are personally publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists. The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the ministry and what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question for mission life today online/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those faith uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this.

For that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes 20 $50 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without your generous heart wrenching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online okay hello etc. have air frequent attribute of the show and Senior advisor at the ACLJ for national security and foreign policy Rick Grenell, Rick, thanks for joining us. Are you have a new blog. It's up on specific type of what's going on at you but I think there is a lot of misunderstanding. There's a lot of confusion of what's happening in Cuba and how that relates to what's happening even in the streets of America as we saw over the weekend. There were protests and demonstrations against boards like throughout the streets of America, people are supporting the freedom of Cuba we saw a protest in front of the White House where they were flying Cuban flags American flags trump flags. It was an interesting display to see that. I think for people to take a look at what's happening because I think they see the bite administration and there may be little confused and we talked about the show about human rights, in general, including all of our pro-life work you are doing right now will I think that also relates to things like this and what's happening in Cuba, and that it doesn't seem like our support is as strong as it should be for the people what we've all known for decades that it's been a rough situation by allowing them to be lazy today.

I think that something has happened over the last couple of days and when you talk about our reaction hasn't been as good as it really means that the US government's reaction hasn't very good because I noticed something different when it comes to the people of the states in that the issue of Cuba freed anti-fascism anti-socialism as just become an issue for all of America not just South Florida and from my lifetime I've really seen this change usually when thinking about where communist government cracks down on its people.

This is largely a Miami issue. South Florida maybe Florida Florida politics. But what we've seen is you rightly pointed out is protest the White House in our major cities across America. I think the reason is that people are feeling like there's seeing the signs that the government, the media, big tax here in the United States are beginning to collude against them and that feels like early warning signs of socialism and faxes.

Absolutely I think that is a concern for everyone and for a lot of people this is Lisa.

This is the cellular right or left situation. Now, obviously, for some reason it does seem that way from a government point of view, from a political point of view.

Well, that the discussion seems to be again as everything has to be. It seems like right now. A party line in and I watched videos of college campuses with kids trying to explain why they were asking why there American flag flying and they going to Cuba protest. Next thing will they just don't know any better of the you know the trust of the atrocities that flag stands for and we all know the best. There are people who just don't get up at your right wing. There are are these demonstrations happening not just like in South Florida for losing one in Charlotte North Carolina. This is happening everywhere well in one question I have for you.

Rick was the, the far left of the Democrat party has been able to affect the policy of the bite administration very effectively.

They are able to ensure that they are far left policies are the ones that are promoted and end up becoming the administration's policies and we had a Washington Post reporter speak truth on CNN yesterday that many in the Democrat party don't want to go too hard on Cuba because they actually like a lot of the things that the regime does as far as her socialist policies are you concerned that once again working to see and not a strong response from the by demonstration because the far left is pushing these socialist narratives literally. The squad, and some of the radical elements of the Democratic Party have really made Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden afraid they're afraid to step out into the right thing we used to all just innately be against communism and socialism. Joe Biden gave that great line last week where he said yes communism is bad socialism is bad most people were surprised and the Democratic Party. They were a little bit. No way he was being so clear. I was happy to see him say it but I was puzzled as to what took him so long. I think that the Democratic Party is really in danger right now as I was saying that this is beyond the Florida issue of permeating into immigrants. You ask yourself why first and second generation Americans were so are the Republicans in trump last time like never before. It's because they lack totalitarianism fascism so they know the early warning signs they see it here with the Democratic Party very concerned about it and I think that the Biden team is over calculating. This is just a Florida issue.

The Democrats have given up on Florida and there they were written off towards Republicans and when they see the Cuba issue. They chalk it up to well, let's just ignore it because it's just a Florida centric issue is seen that it's not. It's a first and second generation American issue, yearning for freedom and liberty.

This is an uprising of people that we really had hoped and dreamed what happened at one point in Cuba and then also in our own streets you brought up in your blog that you have the 2009 when there was the green revolution in Iran that there was also sort of a soft response to what happened with the Obama administration.

Now you talk about Cuba, which is not across the ocean. The other side of the planet maybe are in the Americans can kind of disassociate with Cuba, which has been our neighbor a silly neighbor that we are connected with, but is been as close to Americans practically you can get. And we have hoped in dreamed of for a day when when those relations could be better. Now it's finally looking like something happened has happening progression is moving in. The people are taking control and we can return it signs by the Obama Biden team in 2009 Mr. green revolution going on in Tehran. They really missed the Arab spring moments and I don't mean to send US troops an event that seemed always be that the default position, but there are ways that we can help.

Like making sure that the people have access to the Internet so that they can talk amongst themselves and coordinate a response. Having them being able to communicate is is certainly one big thing but I think what we're seeing now is Iranian Americans Chinese-Americans. There are a whole bunch of people who are watching what's happening in Cuba and sensing that the Democrats keep missing these big moments in other countries when people are yearning for freedom and so the Cuba situation is just a reminder know how much other people.

The Democrats have really failed to represent.

That's right, figuring as it is a Christian organization as a as a conservative leaning that of people are on the show who you hear from.

These are issues that are as we are human rights issues that we always talk about here at the ACLJ.

You may not hear this kind of point of view from a lot of places that comes out it with a more humanitarian style. You may hear something more aggressive and more intense, and you make out that it's not really for what we do, that's what we do here. We spent the first half hour talking about was going on with a high commitment help you can help how you can sign the petitions get involved because they are trying to cure tax payer money and fund abortions. The Congress will talk about happening in Cuba is humanitarian crisis working to get involved wherever we can.

That's what we do here at the ACL check support people support human rights you can get involved as well go to sign the petitions make a donation as part of the matching challenge read all the great blogs which got this great blogs available right now you can do that right now.

Also phone lines open and said that all children would hear from you, Heideman, Cuba, call 1-800-684-3110.

That's what 684-3110 right back with more secular the American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes 20 oh $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online ACLJ live Washington DC secular low secular secular. Thanks for joining us.

We are alive right now watching on Facebook you're watching on social media.

Thanks, Roger Facebook share on YouTube hit the thumbs up subscriber listening on the radio. Just tell your friends that gives a copy of the phone lines open right now. 1-800-684-3110 time it was going to Cuba we could talk about was on the high commitment to Col. Smith joining us in studio for this segment. For the remainder of the show begin would hear from you at 1-800-684-3110 really continue this discussion will on a cube this is that still work week. We do a lot of good content on this is an issue that can get confusing and you can feel disconnected from as an American calico.

Why is this important, they are very close to us from a proximity standpoint to be in Key West and practically be there very very fast. We saw cruise lines start visiting in very secured small travel trips to Cuba, a little-known number of years ago now.

So when there is a humanitarian uprising.

We have to get involved in it. It's something we should at least discuss in Julie's understatement well and honestly, it's surprising to see this kind of protest movement happening in Cuba because the regime there has been so strong and such an authoritarian regime that date, we haven't seen this kind of protester or in the streets movement in 60 years it's been a long time so it's one it's it's new to see and it is what we've been hoping for. As Americans that want freedom and we want the best for the people of Cuba that our neighbors as Logan points out 90 miles away from the southern tip of Florida that you hope that this can be a moment for the Cuban people, unlike what the Obama ministration did with the green revolution in Iran, which we basically did nothing to support them. United States has always been that when people cry out for freedom and for justice. The United States historically always respond, sometimes covertly, sometimes overtly but always publicly that we we we respond to people who are crying out for freedom from oppression.

This what we should be doing with Cuba and you're right the first time in 60 years and have changed in Cuba is long. The Soviet Union was paying their bills and Venezuela was giving them part of the money from their oil. Things were not as bad as they are now in Cuba as part of the reason the protest are or are rising up now because the economy is changed but the other thing about Cuba and its is communist government like historically every communist socialist regime regime in history. There's always a select few at the top who are very wealthy and then the rest of the people. It shared misery. It shared poverty and that's what's been going on in Cuba for over 60 years and so now the people see their chance to rise up and try to stop it and change it and have freedom. What is amazing is that the people on the left in United States are not supporting the demonstrators there supporting the Cuban government, the Cuban regime and lauding socialism, which is the very reason the people there are suffering and it's sort of scary and and it is surprising, but people like the head of black lives matter in the 60 night project and AOC. I think they actually want the same conditions here Elisa same policies that Cuba has.

And yet it is a miserable failure. There you think you look to it go will clearly things are not going well. Clearly, things are wrong in Cuba. I think we benefited in the course as well of growing up in benefits will work with understand the situation because Fidel Castro was such a this villain if you will.

When you saw him on TV when you saw him speak, you clearly could associate that with Eve.

Maybe this generation. Just because he is been no not with us for quite some time now, did not go up on that and see the change they did not grow up with Cuban immigrants younger Cuban immigrants were older we are when we were younger, who came in at a time when Cuba wasn't what it is that you talk to your friends, talk to people around you get a little bit more cultured on the what all went on. Don't just exit except other spice. Good stuff they have Artie said oh yeah there's good things happen is Cuba so I will be back with six of your calls coming up on this as well as of the Hyde amendment grandma Smith brothers support work where the matching child right now. Every donation you make is the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those faith uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift comes 20 oh $50 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ.

The work we simply would not occur without your generous heart wrenching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you today online ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you personally.

Publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in your motion imagery and what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is powering the right question mission in life today online ACL/secular discussion Cuba. The first 16 phone calls because of the hold for a while Dale specifically about we talk of the first quarter. The show, which was the Hyde amendment and the removal of the hydrant which means taxpayer funding for elective abortions is the life of the mother. This is it a medical reasons. This is for elective nature abortion subsidy for those witnessing the medical specifics.

This is not that sober intakes and calls people some questions I want to hit into that was as well as we canceled go to Cheryl who is calling online will ensure welcome to secular part. Everything you do like my I remember when Pres. tramp op-ed you negotiate to get the bill passed to upgrade the military and he provided what I thought went money for Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood already. Now this is where things get moved around.

It is a little bit like we discussed the defunding Planned Parenthood many times there are technicalities that say that those funds do not go to abortions and what we know is that obviously frees up other funds that they go to abortion so it's a bit of a line item shell game with that so yes there is funding the Planned Parenthood. This is something we fought against for years, but there at least was the Hyde amendment is still with the caveat to that directly fund abortion services. Even if it is providing what Planned Parenthood put play parent would argue is that it's for their other services that they provide right so Planned Parenthood plays a very successful in there for their own benefit accounting game.

Essentially, where they will take title X money from the government to pay for other things on the service we know they are the largest provider of abortion in the country and also if you alleviate budget stresses in certain areas it frees up more money to do things like abortion that isn't directly paid for by the US tax payer, but we also know how that works.

What the Hyde amendment language does is creates that barrier where theoretically they aren't supposed to be using taxpayer dollars for the board abortion services. But what the Democrats in the house are trying to do now is to just even get rid of that shell game that accounting gimmick that they do and just say no any US taxpayer dollars that goes to Planned Parenthood they could use it on whatever in in the Hyde amendment has to be re-upped every year so then trying to get rid of it. It doesn't messily mean it couldn't come back. But once you get rid of those protections that have been there for 45 years. It makes it much harder. This is going to take that night shows you how progressive and how things have changed so rapidly because this was through card through Obama through yelp Clinton include these were, you know these this wasn't something that was a year like we talk to the next city policy which often changes day one today five of an administration whether you're Republican, is Andorra Democrat. Is that something that's kind of always one of those things that switches immediately. This is one that's been a mainstay, a standard now for 45+ years. I'm see there are things need to change in and things happen but should you how quickly you big to a big topic like this can shift dramatically fill in California and is probably wrap up a discussion on the Hyde amendment. But if the calls come in. That's five to 1-800-684-3110 we continue our discussion about Cuba. After this call, so Phil welcome Lucia. Thank you. I would, I would like to know what the Hyde amendment amendment. I mean it amendment and amendment to the conflict are they trying to do away with a piece of the Constitution, so Phil actually the Hyde amendment is an amendment that gets attached to spending bill so it's not a constitutional amendment.

It's an amendment within spending bills and that's why it has to be re-opt every year.

Now there is a group in the house right now.

Group Republicans are trying to get HR 18 past which would make it a law so it doesn't have to be an amendment every year. It doesn't have to get tacked on to spending bills, but as of right now. This amendment is something that gets put it's a language that they put into a spending bill each year and Congress has to pass it. And once that passes it covers it for the next year soak for 45 years. This language has been placed into spending bills and continues forward. What would happen if they get rid of that amendment is that the spending bills would go forward, which allocate money all over the place to title X programs to people like Planned Parenthood and other groups like that without the protection that the dollars that are being given to these groups cannot be used for abortion services. So that's where the amendment process comes in and and hopefully a piece of legislation like HR 18 would get put in place.

I don't think it can happen under Nancy Pelosi as a speaker the house, but where you wouldn't even have to re-up every year. It would have to be a political battle, we can just say you know what we agree. This is law. The United States is not going to be using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. That's why we have the workday sealed to try to secure those kind of things go for the wins for all those with with pro-life feelings in their soul in their hearts they know there's a summons important to them than what their own money being spent for, and I know look at the tough topic again to discuss that's in the Ouija bladder take lightly here at the ACLJason check out re-more information or to move back a little bit what were talking about with Cuba will Ulrich brought up that though the bite administration may be quiet on Cuba or maybe originally several.

This is because of vaccines.

This is coded, not taking responsible is really with happening or really even bring it up in the discussion we are saying that we people are missing the streets receiving news outlets also responding in maybe ways that are unexpected if you will. When it comes to whether this issue is quite frankly, another issue they could divide people. We've all known that Cuba was under a leadership and a dictatorship for our entire lives for our entire lives and for most people living right now for a good portion of their lives.

Other Cuba has been a mess. It's been something that we all hope for change, but we even are seeing news me about such withholding will not work were not siding with the Cuban government in this the situation so that was an interesting moment of truth on CNN yesterday and this was they had a Washington Post reporter so is kind of a double whammy for audience. We have a Washington Post reporter on a CNN show talking about the Cuba situation and he had a really interesting insight of why were not may be seen as strong a response from the left wing of the Democratic Party. Then we would have say even 1015 years ago. I feel like this would've been a moment.

10 or 15 years ago were people been like oh my goodness this is great for the Cuban people but take a listen to bite one what this reporter had to say about what's going on Cuba.

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party does not want to go hard against Cuba against some of the things that the Castro regime may have been a part of part because there are some Democrats or some progressive who agree with some of those things they agree with universal healthcare.

They agree with some of the programs that were in place in a more socialist kind of society necessary handheld on that. The reason this is happening is some Democrats and some on the more extreme progressive side. See Cuba go hey that's a good example of the military who had to deal situation observed involving the parts of the world exactly do you want to be friends that you do not want to model United States of America after Cuba or Venezuela or countries like that it reflects. I don't know a bias, maybe, but maybe some navet I meet people I guess the old adage, people believe what they want to believe if AOC and in the far left.

Most believe this they can but it's crazy. The Cuban people have suffered for over 60 years under an oppressive regime with with no secret police presence summary executions and lots of need and right now the need. It is super super great humans right now stand in line for hours in order to buy groceries.

They cannot find the medical care that was promised to them under the present regime me. It is a bad dire situation, which is why they are rising up in the streets and showing great courage in doing so to do that. The government's response. There is to send out what they call the ready reaction brigades and volunteers. Other civilians from the Communist Party who carry big sticks. Basically baseball bats to beat the demonstrators that's their response to this, as well as cutting off the Internet and selectively cutting off people's phone service a course in Cuba. In addition to all the other financial and food needs and that kind of thing they have rolling blackouts that have enough electricity and is a horrible place to live right now and the people of absolutely had enough and there are things the United States can do Logan I we talk about when maybe we should explore the option of restoring the Internet. We have a US military base in Guantnamo Bay, Cuba.

They can they said the other day that one government official out your customers would let us fly anything into Havana don't flat in Havana flight to Gitmo and set it up for things we can do all as well as publicly supporting the Cuban people recently discussed as an exhibit of Exodus thousand situation but I'm avail how that how we work with that in pubis we will discuss that. McKay if you want to be on the show other ticket call in the next segment and again want to thank you for supporting the workday sale J we can also give us a call get your feedback.

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This Should Be in in Is Something That Many Presidents Have Said Something Very Similar to for the past You Know 4050 60 Years but in This Day and Time by More Than 4050 60 Years. This Is a Very Shocking Statement Coming from Pres. Joe Biden Was Played Bite 16, and Is a Fail System Universally Fail System and I Don't See Socialism As a Very Useful Substitute.

But That's Not to Cuba.

Cuba Is a Unfortunately a Failed State and Repressing Their Citizens. There Are Number of Things That We Would Consider Doing to Help the People of Cuba, but It Would Require a Different Circumstance or Guarantee That They Would Not Be Taken Advantage of by the Government Here Joe Biden Making a Statement First Part of That Statement That Communism Is a Failed System Universally Fail System. I Don't See Socialism Is a Very Useful Substitute.

But That's Another Story. The Last Part Made Another Story Because None of His Party Doesn't Agree with You That You Will Tick Tock Most of the Far Left Tick-Tock Our Socialist Guidance.

It's Very Interesting to See Them. It's Not Me.

I See A Lot Of the in Your Feeds Continually in These Are like the Most American People You Ever Seen Who Are Obviously Very Social Confidence or in Support of Cuba Cuban Government When You Hear This, Though There Are Those Shades of This Joe Biden Is like a Classic DC Democrat, a Politician, but a American Who Says Oh Yeah We Don't like Communism and Socialism. But That's Far Away from Where His Party Is Going, Not like We Talk for the High Commitment You Talk to July 20 19 You Would like Oh Yeah This Guy Is More of a Traditional Yellow DC Democrat Someone Who Has Been in This Forever in Your Docket Us Have Have Opposing Views but You Get along like This Could Be Some Issues You Cannot You Find Some Come and Propel the Ground with but We Said a Statement like This. Communism Failed System.

We All Can Agree Universally Fail System and I Don't See Socialism. Socialism Is a Very Useful Substitute One Substitute Digital of the Conservative Who Is Going to Potentially Bow down to the First Part Very Strong Is Nice to Hear Very Strong Statements. I Know This Is Not Something Good. Cuba Is in a Crisis and Has Been the Majority of People's Lives. We Need to Have Unequivocal Equivocal Public Support for the Demonstrators in Cuba and That's Not What We've Heard Just yet. We Really Haven't What the President Said with a Blinding Flash of the Obvious. Of Course Communism Is Bad and Socialism I'm Sorry, They're Virtually Identical That the Difference in the Two Systems Is Basically How Their Leadership Is Selected, but in Every Case. It Shared Misery for Most People, and Then Is Always an Elite Power Group at the Top of Every Socialist, Every Communist Society so You Are Support for the People Needs to Be There. There Are Things We Can Do. I Think It's Fascinating Logan That in the Midst of All of This I Mean There Are Literally Thousands of Cubans Would Give Anything to Come to United States Of America and in Secondary America Set of Homeland Security Has Issued the Statement in the Last Few Days That If Cubans Try to Cross the 90 Miles There and Come to America, They Will Not Be Allowed in. And yet, Meanwhile, Our Southern Border.

We Had over a Million People Cross That We've Encountered This Year, Tens of Thousands More That We Didn't Catch but If the Cubans Try to Flee That Regime, They Will Be Allowed to Truly Be Refugees. In That Sense to Try to Get Out Of Very Dire Circumstance yet We Don't Support That. That Is Where the Hypocrisy Gets a Little Bit Hard to Believe We Grew up with This Healing Magic for Us in the 90s. The First Thing That We Encounter Luck of the Lillian Gonzales Can Write about That That These Are the Moments Where You Can't Let Them Slide. Eventually It Just Goes Back into the Ether.

We Don't Even Think about Cuba. What's Going on There in 25 Years Later, Another Big Thing 20 Years Later Than Seven 9798 Something like This Happens Were Goes, Oh Yeah, the Democrats Did That before to Remember When Generating All Bill Clinton Sent Any of the Guns Blazing to Get This Little Kid Doing Not, We Easily for Quickly Forget the Way We Have Treated the Situation and I Think If There Moments Where We Can Seize the Day and Say That We Need to Support These People We Knew. We Need to Stand up Well and to Wes's Point, I Think There's a Couple Things That Shed Light on Kind of the. The Inability of the Biden Administration to Really Tackle This Because I Don't Think They Understand the Real Crisis Here and One Goes to Sec. Mallorca Statement That If You Come by the Sea.

You Will Not Be Coming to the United States. Will One 22,000 Cuban Refugees Have Tried to Go up through the US-Mexico Border in the Justice Fiscal Year. Now We We Think That There Probably Have a Pretty Legitimate Refugee Claim. If They Were to Make It to the Nine States As a Legal Process for That. If We Weren't Having 188,000 Border Encounters Just Last Month over a Million in the Last Fiscal Year. They May Be Able to Handle a Caseload of 22,000 Cubans Using the Legal System Claiming Refugee Status through the Border, but Instead That Crisis Continues to Grow Its Unchecked and so They Can't Help Legitimate Refugee Claims. Second, This Happened Right after News of the of the Uprisings in the Protest in Cuba Happened. This Is from the Acting Assistant Secretary of US Department of States Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. This Is Julie Chung. She Tweeted out Peaceful Protests Are Growing in Hashtag Cuba As the Cuban People Exercise Their Right to Peaceful Assembly to Express Concern about Rising Coded Cases and Deaths and Medical Shortages. We Commend the Numerous Efforts of the Cuban People Mobilizing Donations to Help Neighbors in Need. Now She Quickly Had to Change the Language and Come Back with Something Stronger, but It Shows That This Acting Assistant Secretary Doesn't Really Have Any Idea What the Reality on the Ground Is in Cuba They Don't Have the Right in Cuba to Peacefully Assemble. This Hasn't Happened in 60 Years Because the Regime Puts down Protests, so the Fact That Someone That's in Assistant Secretary Of State Is Able to Make a Statement like This and Put It out on Twitter Is Absurd. It Shows That the Administration Doesn't Know What's Going on in These Failed Socialist Countries and There Are No Signs down There Saying in the Embargo Because What the Reason We Have an Embargo Were Trying to Deny the Regime the Ability to Oppress Their People. There's No Sense in the Embargo.

There Is No Signs about COBIT Are Vaccines There Are Thousands of American Flags Flying in These Demonstrators When They Didn't. They Fly the American Flag and They Cry out Freedom. That's What's Going on There Is a Symbol of Hope and Freedom across the World, Not Just for America and I Work in Your Saying That Not Only Streets of America in Support of Cuba Using That in Cuba Look I Wanted Tell You All Got a Minute Left on a Thank You for Supporting the Work of the ACL Table to Thank You for Listening to the Show Will Be Back Tomorrow, but in the Meantime Troy Any More Content First Will Encourage You Watching on Social Media.

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