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You Want Me to do What? (Part 10)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 17, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 10)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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I have seen people who have cried buckets that claim to commit the life of Christ. What went on without any claim of inheritance.

They never claimed that inheritance in and with Christ and that is why Joshua is crying to his people be staying on last one more day without you claiming victory through Christ and then you go and do that every single day. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you set daily powerful reading Joshua, the newly appointed leader. This will was becoming frustrated with God's people. They were being very tentative about taking possession of the land that God promised and according to Dr. you set it's a similar frustration that our heavenly father has with many Christians today. So next up a powerful challenge to live and to experience the abundant life.

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Let's listen now to Dr. Michael you Seth as he begins today's message on your question, what is the easiest thing in the world I'm in. The easiest thing in the world. Think about the easiest thing in the whole world for me is quitting.

This is quitting doesn't take much energy quitting doesn't take much effort quitting doesn't take time quitting doesn't cost you anything. The easiest thing in the world is the quick it really is business to our I'm quitting.

This is too tough I'm quitting is academic lot.

I'm quitting. This is still frightening. I'm quitting.

This is exhausting. I'm quitting.

This is due to challenging quitting. The easiest thing in the world is to quit and in the book of Joshua chapter 18 verses 1 to 4 where back to see the people of God quitting after all been through about to quit. Let me read those verses and then explain some more. Chapter 18 beginning of verse one. The whole assembly of Israelites gathered at Sheila and I set up the tent of meeting their member of the country. Joshua is letting us know was brought under the control already got the promised land of the control, but there were still seven Israelite tribes who had yet to claim that inheritance and so Joshua said to the Israelites.

How long will your way before you begin to take possession of the land the Lord, the God of your fathers have given you a .3 men from each tribe. I will send them out to make a survey of the land and to write the description of it. According to the inheritance of each. Then there will return to me is that what's going on here. Why is Joshua getting so exasperated with the people of God. Why is Joshua is soft frustrated with the people of God. And if you don't think he's frustrated you might be one of the admissibility you in the original language.

Verse three so Joshua said to the people. How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land of the Lord, the God of your fathers gave you now another translation.

Put it this way. How long will you be slack to go and take possession of the land.

Now, we have begun a series of messages from the book of Joshua entitled you wanted to know what and it is a challenge for us to begin to focus our vision of reclaiming the educational institutions to reclaiming our workplaces, reclaiming our neighborhoods for Jesus Christ. In the past nine messages.

We saw the people of God being powerfully and supernaturally crossing the river of impossibility. The river Jordan when it was high and flooding. We saw them supernaturally and powerfully penetrating and crumbling before them. The walls of Jericho. The impenetrable walls of Jericho. We saw how supernaturally they have received complete victory from the hand of God to defeat all the inhabitants and protect the land and in the last message we saw Joshua dividing this land of inheritance among the people of Israel, and he was not dividing it.

Based on the birth order of the children of Israel know he was not dividing it on the basis of the numerical numbers of each of the children of Israel know he was dividing the land based on the faithfulness of the people of Israel. So after all of this you have to say relevant after all of this.

You would think that they would take their territories and they will because it's literally like a walk in the park. You would think all they needed to do it. Just load the right of camels and just moving him and you think this is it's all over. The war has already been one you would say by now they would of been claimed that inheritance, but like a lot of people, they began to quit before the job was finished, they began to quit before they took possession of that inheritance. They began to dismiss their inheritance before they got hold of it they began to slacken and throw away the rightful place in the rightful inheritance reasonably. The land already has been allocated, but his mother would've got said, but seven tribes got used to the nomadic lifestyle that is not what it says but I'm explaining it to you. They got so used to the nomadic lifestyle that they would not think that inheritance they were not claimed that inheritance from the hand of God then thins that is being given to them since that's the inheritance that's already deposited in their bank account and all they need to do is cash the check.

All they needed to boost appropriate the inheritance that God brings them, but they're willing to settle for second-best, beloved, listen to me this is a picture of so many professing Christians. So many professing Christians live in sin and disobedience. The word of God and they still claim to be the children of God. Many professing Christians who never let anybody around them. No, what their faith is all about. In fact are so many Christians that of their colleagues at work or classmates at school or the neighbors found out that there were Christians that were shocked. They come so far in the Christian life.

And then they quit the quit it out on this one because spiritually speaking. When you come to Christ you have an axis to the feast, but they settle for food stamps. They have an axis to the palace but they settle for the ghettos, spiritually speaking, they have been given the power to reclaim the workplace. The schools in the neighborhood for Christ, but they choose to deny the rightful inheritance. Why, because quitting is what easy quitting is easy even challenge the times when I read stories of people who have far less of vision than what God has given us far less a call them what God has given us, and yet they never give up, and they're committed to the cause. Many years ago I remember reading the story put me to shame about a young man by the name of Walt. Walt had an idea of a cartoon named Steamboat Willie. Texas cartoon character at the Hollywood but Hollywood laughed at him. They would not give him the time of day they made fun of him time and again he would go and knock on the doors and he gets turned down many people would've quit long time ago but he would not give up on this cartoon character. We got about a cartoon character. He would not quit this conviction over cartoon character. We are talking about people's eternal destiny. Here we are talking about people's lives are in shambles.

That can only be made whole in Christ all we talk about a cartoon character. This young man would not quit would not give up.

And of course most of the younger generation would know the cartoon character is Mickey Mouse and was name Walt Disney's he would not give up while business it is his obstacle as a detour but not a dead-end street, he sees it as a teacher, not as an undertaker, he saw resistance as a cause for persistence there back in the old days in the rural America churches used to have night services for testaments where people would give up and testify of what God has done and that in fact in some areas used to call them quitting nights because that's when people come in and says you're not going to quit this and I'm gonna quit that and one night there was one of those meetings and emotions were running high and one man got up and he said he said I've been smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.

But I'm going to quit another person got upset. I drink six cans of beers every day, but I'm going to quit another guy got a principal been cussing and cursing too much. I'm going to quit so the little lady got so excited by the emotions of the moment.

Got up and she said I don't know anything.

But I'm going to quit but listen, there's an irony that statement.

There is an irony in the statement. There are many people in the church of Jesus Christ for not doing anything for God and the need to quit and Joshua knew the importance of worship. So what did you do he understood that worship gets God's people together being uplifted and being challenged and being motivated and so he brings them together in order to challenge them to claim that inheritance and so look at verse one of chapter 18 of Joshua verse one together them to worship and Sheila the listen to me when you come to church to worship the church is not what you do God's work. That's not your mission field when you come to worship that is not your mission field. Your mission field starts the moment you walk out of these doors worship should be challenging for you. Worship should be prodding for your worship should be encouraging worship should be motivating.

Worship should be strengthening worship should be empowering for you. Worship should be convicting, and equipping you equipping you to do what equipping you for going out into the mission field doing the work of Christ. That's in your where you work or you apply where you live and where you go to school and claiming the inheritance of the Lord that's what you supposed to do when you walk out of worship. The claim and to appropriate your inheritance in Christ to say what is that your territories, your opportunities, your spheres of influence whatever God places you with your coworkers with the people we rub shoulders with two of your classmates with your neighbors. Those whom you meet every day who are desperate to know that Jesus Christ saves from the Ghana most of the ophthalmologist who, desperate to know that Jesus forgives the repentant sinner that Jesus restores the brokenhearted that Jesus redeemed those who confessed and he is knocking on their doors through you and so Joshua gathers the people in this new worship center to worship the Lord. But he also did what I've been trying to do throughout the series of messages is what he was trying to do. He was saying don't let your inheritance go unclaimed. Don't let your effectiveness for Jesus Christ cut the waste.

Don't let the busyness of this world keep you from being a true apostle to send out of Christ. Whatever you live and work. Don't let the weirdness of this world cause you to quit your call in live of Reagan's smiling men and women, boys and girls to Christ. Don't let the activities of life deviate you from your primary activity which is being an ambassador for Jesus Christ. Don't let your social life be without purpose and so Joshua pleads with them. Look again at verse three on the line at the new Bible that it be an encouragement to you to be a challenge to you how long how long will you put off taking that which the Lord your God has already given you here on this one. You see, Joshua and his intensity in his his exasperation with the people of God, he is saying to them every passing day is that they lost in the program of completing the occupation of the land he is saying that every passing day is that they lost in which the enemy could regroup and come back and become re-entrenched in the land that all of what God has done and all that we have seen those of you been following this series of messages would've been gone to waste. After all, because some of them were not claiming that inheritance. Listen, I have been ministering well over three decades now and I have witnessed firsthand the significance of the warning of Jesus in Matthew chapter 12 verse 45. I hope that you going to read the whole passage when you go home. Matthew 1245 Jesus was saying that when an evil spirit leaves a person and departs from that person when that person comes to Christ and then nothing happens in the person's life that evil spirit is watching.

He hasn't gone too far and he was seeing that that that person never claim the promises of God never claimed the empowerment of the Holy Spirit never climbed in the filling of the Holy Spirit never claimed that inheritance in Christ. And Jesus said that the evil spirit will come back, but he will not come back alone. He will bring seven with him. Beloved, I have seen people who have cried buckets and they claim to commit the life to Christ, but went on without any claim of the inheritance. They never claimed the power over sin. They never claimed power over temptation they surrender to it. They never claimed that inheritance in and with Christ and they within just a matter of time, a matter of time. They become so hardened, so hardened that nothing and nobody is able to penetrate the heart of seen the danger of not claiming all of your inheritance in Christ have seen it too many times to doubt and that is why Joshua is crying to his people is staying. The last one more day go by without you claiming your rightful place as an ambassador of Jesus Christ without claiming your rightful power in Christ without claiming victory through Christ without claiming your authority from Christ without the rightful inheritance with Christ without your rightful inner feeling of the Holy Spirit that will empower you and then you go and do that every single day. The danger of quitting too soon because quitting is what so many people give in to it and it's so subtle that can happen slowly and you wake up you realize that you have quit person for Columbus struggled for years to have an audience with Queen Isabella of Spain. I mean, he tried he tried and he tried again all, but she inferred not her husband was so busy. There was so busy fighting the Moors there were so busy in trying to keep vampires swollen and spirit and body. She didn't have time to waste on this dream of a sailor who was telling her that you can go east by going West's crazy but he would not quit and he would not give up and he kept on trying week after week, month after month, year after year he would not give up. Finally, what she did, she did what a lot of leaders do. She formed the committee and that committee started Christopher Columbus's proposal took five years, five years and he would not give up and he would not quit and then came their consensus. The idea is impossible. But Christopher Columbus would not give up. He would not quit for the quitting was easy he would not quit and so a second committee was formed.

This one took a year and then after a year came the decision.

The consensus was, the idea is to expensive. But he would not give up. He would not quit. He would not surrender and finally Isabella just to get rid of him.

This persistent dreamer given what he wanted and sent him on his way. I thought about this and you probably have to if he didn't persist probably wouldn't be sitting here who knows we might have, but I'm convinced it probably wouldn't be here when faced with resistance.

Try persistence when you're faced with resistance. Try persistence and then I thought I had another thought this week it hit me hard. What if God give up on me so you come to Christ late. Some of you come to Christ early and whether it is a year or 10 years or 50 years that Christ pursue you until you surrender to him. What if you give up on you V quit on you, you would not have known him you would not have experience forgiveness. He would not have known that you are on your way to heaven and have eternal life with him. Thank God he does not quit and neither should we listen to the words of Jeff how long how long would you wait before you take your position of the land the Lord, the God of your fathers has given you.

How long how long you were listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent and an invitation to claim the inheritance that God offers for you if you'd like to talk with someone further about what it means to be a Christian and understanding inheritance of God please visit, God does many amazing things as he takes Joshua and Israel into the promised land and the principles that Joshua followed if applied in your life can make you walk with God, closer than ever. That's why we not only encourage you to listen to the radio each day. They also connect with us online through the leading the way the place to start is We've made it so easy. Just search through Dr. you sets pass messages by topic or by category that helps you through whatever it is you're facing today when you get there. Click on the listen link, scroll down a little and then use filter and search features can look at the link near the bottom of the page download the app for your phone or tablet. Once again, you can find out If you have a question or if you want to order product or CD or have a conversation with our team for any reason, give us a call 866-6264 356.866 626-4356 when our time is running out. We hope you'll make plans to join us again next time right here for another edition of leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth before we run out of conference today as an encouragement to our fellow listeners. I would like to invite you to share how God is using this program to encourage you in your walk of faith. I believe it is important to give testimony of how God is working in your life and if leading the way. This part of that we would want to know you can call our customer 877-941-7934 now want to hear all about it. Just my chair on the program that is 877-941-7934 do today.

Thank you in advance and goblins.

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