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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 16, 2021 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 16, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/16/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network woods doing phone lines are open wide. You've got questions. We got answers stalk for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown transfer joining us on the line of fire today you got questions, we've got answers any question of any kind that relates in any way to anything we ever discuss on the line of fire or to any area of expertise.

I have worked anywhere above expressed a strong opinion.

Give me a call to my best to help out. If you differ with me on something on the probe want to find out if something is true or not. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 that is number to call before I go to the phones. Do you get my emails. If not, can I strongly encourage you soon as you get a break go to website, asked Dr. ask a your sign up. We are sending out great information. Several times a week we letting you know about latest articles, latest videos, special online events for coming to your area to speak will be notified if we have new special resources available.

You will be notified will also share more about my own testimony from LSD to PhD about the 3Rs of our ministry and how we can help equip you to be on the frontlines standing for righteousness standing for truth in a very confused generation often the mystery very compromise church so make sure you sign up today over it.

Ask Dr. By the way you also get an immediate free mini e-book, seven secrets of the real Messiah. When you sign up all right with that. We go to the phone. Starting with Anthony in New York. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello talk about Michael, you're very welcome my question about doing any kind in the Bible God spoken in June, for example, got appeared the government in a dream knowing he gave never connect the attorney babbling each of three. My question is got to think on God still speak to what dream and it comes from meeting the chapter of the book of Job on chapter 33 beginning in verse 14. How is that that you know God speak not one, but like the time injury or damage in the caveman communal complaining of all the phone you think got a clipping drink maybe one you not made any and all to get closer to him.

Or maybe no textbook of parking company. Absolutely, he certainly still speaks in dreams. The Scripture says plainly that I can give you many contemporary examples of that. At the same time. Dreams are often a reflection of just our own minds, our own thinking dreams are often a reflection of what we are what's going on during our day.

So we have to we have to learn to recognize whether it's God speaking to us in the dreamer. It's just our own thoughts, was okay right so so right so it's it's got to be over. Of time with track record right when you know plainly that cognitive yes absolutely. We know plainly from the New Testament asked the second chapter quoted from Joel two that God will give dreams and visions to young and old, in these last days in which we live. So certainly he continues to do it but for me almost 50 years of the Lord. Now as much as I've been led by the spirit many ways and heard the voice of the spirit. I have almost never heard from God in dreams, or received a prophetic dream if it happened a couple times. Maybe that's it.

Otherwise it reflects what's on my mind or the pressure, the moment I gotta get up early in the morning it is or whatever so how do you know the difference.

What I would say is this, several things one is if you get the same dream repeatedly and it seems to stay with you through the day and it's on your mind. I would say Lord, are you saying something to me through this to the thing with dreams is then only have to be interpreted right it's not this of the eight a straight out message which is why you have Joseph or Daniel of his interpreting dreams in Scripture. But if it's something that is you pray in your walking with the Lord stays with you. I was okay Lord you saying something to me or talk with may be someone spiritually minded in your congregation is got a good track record of having insight into the meaning of dream. Another way that I would recognize that a dream was from the Lord would be if the contents of the dream proved accurate and relevant. So let's say you're dreaming of an end. You see someone in a dream. You haven't seen in 10 years and when you see them there in great need and and and you have a gospel answer for them in three weeks later you run into them completely reminiscing. Wow. I dreamed about that if things like that happen more often then that would get my attention. I would more regularly pray about the things that I was dreaming I would say Lord if that's from you give me insight so absolutely God still speaks in dreams today, but it's it's not the way he speaks to everyone and even when it is from the Lord sometimes requires interpretation. So like anything else added into your overall relationship with the Lord lucida/things are. I would never ever ever even sink for a split second of making a major decision simply based on a dream unless I had years of solid track record of hearing from God in dreams and I had a sense of confirmation of my own heart. Otherwise someone tells me I had a dream about me and I should do thus and such. I just had a dream I would never act on it without it being part of my ongoing relationship with the Lord having substance behind it.

Some accents that all right, thank you so much hate. That being said, 866-34-TRUTH 784 that is number to call the front of the phones.

Let me tell you a couple of dream stories. I know my friend sued Roth is very controversial and so if you love his TV show and some of you don't. So I don't mean to draw a controversy around references or guests. He sat on the air or anything I just want to hear the story. There is a book that he put out old, 25, 30 years ago called a thought for themselves. That was the initial name of it. It was the stories of 10 Jewish believers. Someone who was a former Hindu group you know Jew that got into that got saved, so was a Holocaust survivor. Someone that was crippled in Israel and was was miraculously healed through Christian TV all different testimonies in my I was always one of the tent and I was was asked by SIDS sees me to share my testimony in their and I fell ultimately to write some little bit different bit more academic, which is why I didn't believe in rabbinic tradition to be authoritative.

That's a direction as we talked, the right to go anyway. I remember when he called me and he said like the Lord gave me this assignment and and I've got to put this book out etc. I want to be one of the 10 okay, I did it while that book has been distributed literally by the millions.

Several million copies combined in English and Russian, and Spanish and Hebrew and sent into the hands of millions of Jews who don't believe in Jesus and I've run into people who have received the book and I've seen it out in different places. What I didn't know that sued receive those directions in a dream yet in a dream it was the first prophetic dream he had, but he got the stream and it was just as if God spoke to him audibly with stomach justice is on the recall of me like I have got this clear directive boom boom boom. It was just like silicate machine check check check check your God use it incredibly, of course, knows my documents given out for free. It's is given out freely around the world so that was a prophetic dream of a given that example gets more calls, but a give you a striking amazing example that ties in with that very passage from Job 33 that was cited to us a moment ago. All right we go to Daniel in Fremont Michigan.

Thank you for calling the line of fire from Victor McMichael. Welcome home personal spiritual growth and evangelist of ventricular church are two main ways to operate more effectively in the supernatural with spiritual gifts. The first is to pray in tongues and the second is to practice the gift like your faith in action so stepping on faith and pray for some of the circle or audibly urging or verbalizing what you think of the word of knowledge and conflict that frequently specific scriptures to support this, but Fisher investments on personal experience, orders, first in terms of experience.

I agree with his experience in other words, I would give that same advice is this two ways to strengthen our walk and strengthen us in serving the body glorify the Lord reaching the lost. In terms of spiritual gifts so why the first one praying in tongues. What Paul says in first Corinthians 14 that that tongues is primarily so between us and God elicits delivered publicly with an interpreter because we are in our or spiritus praying, which is important, her mind is unfruitful. That's why we need to have understanding ourselves as we pray by the spirit. But he says we speak mysteries in the spirit to God, and we edify ourselves. This is negative. There is nothing that's negatively saying I'm edify my social. The goal is not to get up in public and speak in tongues for three hours is a skin edify me and nobody else. So from in public. I rather speak five words of a known tongue than 10,000 an unknown tongue, but Jude tells us to build ourselves up in a most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit certainly includes praying in tongues so we are building up that spiritual dimension in our lives. Think of it, just like a muscle that's being exercised.

We are building ourselves up with the spirit and sensitizing ourselves to the spiritual realm. That's one reason I agree. For those that are charismatic we discussed talking about what big you get something out of it. If not, wait for the next call of the second thing is that we grow in grace, we grow in knowledge, we grow in faith and much of it is by doing. It's the same in any area of life that would doesn't mean that we experiment with prophecies or turn sick people into guinea pigs with means is this if I sense I have a word for someone in him sitting next to someone after church service. You were just chatting and I sense are you, through like a really difficult financial trial. Now ask him really really intense that you need, pray to someone of the talk about it draw attention to yourself. Ask right if you feel it asked not to serve the Lord. I am if I'm wrong button in the Bible is not your no, don't do something foolish. But if you send something asset.

Wow, that was the Lord that was accurate. The same thing with prayer. It's not a matter of just going up to a sick person in the mulch of God totally healed Jesus not risen. Don't do something silly like that.

But if you if you talk to some of their sick and you feel the Lord wants you price hey can I pray for believing pray for the sick as you begin to see God move more than your confidence grows as a matter just like everything else in our lives in the Lord grow by doing we grow by acting on our faith. But we do it with wisdom.

Hey thank you sir for the call file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We have a wide open as it happened on Friday at 86 634-8784 a love taking your questions.

I look forward to doing radio every single day.

Those watching or video broadcast.

I look forward to it literally every single day but Fridays are specially funk is just which ever way recalls take us and often unexpected question so 866-34-TRUTH let's go to our buddy at Eddie in Madison, Connecticut. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Braun are going to do a good man. Why? Probable promotion again in the Bible about that a lot about lapdog thing with palm and I said what the original we heard the word pump in the Scripture that they were all filled with the holy.

And they began to speak in other tongues like the ladies and gentlemen here is your and we all know that the languages of your life. Why 991 by that all of the crazy but it all.

I've never heard a line number of the gut wrenching remembering that I try to find a bucket working to jump from languages where jump in the Scripture the languages but unintelligible. Nobody knows about that one more quick but a break before you got me you would pray for our roof and column field edify break so you know what you were going be settled. All I just went in there and and and you made noises and you came out and I never heard of anything like that and you feel good about right. So let's bet I'm sorry, first thing. For those that are not really with our buddy Eddie brings the New York spirit of from Connecticut, but it's normally a discussion that comes up in a Bible study that there have again he takes the kind of the minority position and a sometimes it's always right and sometimes I differ with himself or differ with you today but so number one what was the purpose of tongues there and asked to the purpose of these languages. It was to declare the praises of God and find languages so that all the listeners from around the world could recognize. While this is a miracle. These people who are just local Galilean Jews are speaking very praising God.

Our language now half the crowd up. The other part of the crowd.

They all they heard was gibberish like that. They're all drunk were they doing so.

Some heard and noticed it. There are some who believe that the miracles not speaking but in the hearing, but either way, just remember right from the start. It was like when you're Bible studies substance is great is equity talking about.

That being said, there is if if I'm in a group of 10 English speakers and I'm speaking in tongues. Why would I what's the benefit of speaking French, German, Portuguese, mentoring Chinese or Arabic. I think you know it's it's an unknown language to anyone there if if if I start speaking now in Hebrew over the air and lesser Hebrew speakers and it's an unknown language. So there was a purpose there on that day, when it mentions tongues. Later in acts in and ask the 10th chapter. Next the 19th chapter doesn't tell us anything about foreign languages or miracle foreign languages, but when Paul talks about it in first Corinthians 14 is very detail so that's what you need to do need to done take our first Corinthian 14 and read it all the way through. He says when I praying in tongues. My mind does not understand is, in fact no one understands we speak mysteries are spirit to God. So this is where the end of ourselves and Paul says I speak in tongues. I think that I speak in tongues more than all of you also. So he prayed in tongues all by himself and he said so what am I gonna do.

He said if if I pray with my spirit in my mind is unfruitful to us and so pray that you can interpret so you understand what I praying or the other thing is if you speak publicly a message in tongues. If there's an interpreter. There great so someone what it never sensibly speaks the foreign language seminal is the gift of interpretation.

What you need to gift because is not under the language I was polis at I know if nobody there is nobody there speech or language then because is no unless there's some important who can interpret the gift of interpretation does of the Republic messages. This is the other thing, only to do wrong in a sing with my spirit.

Meeting tongues under the same with my understanding on the pray with my spirit to pray with understanding I have of four periods of years in my life prayed, at least in our day in tongues and it's been Absalom critically important in my own growth in God you civil what happens to your brain.

My mind is communing with God.

In other words, I'm getting built up on the inside influences this rising sense of intimacy and closeness to God and then feeling directed.

Now my mind is communing with God. My mind may be pray maybe my mind is understanding what imprint she books that I've written have come out of that I've prayed in tongues report of time, which then led me to pray in English a specific way which then led me to tackle certain books, so this seemed to be the online vehicle at 101 yeah, sorry. You started a minute ago you said the guy got woman scream.

I probably got a bump on the bottom like the it's mysteries from from our perspective, that's how I love the value as the questions and this is not a mystery. God all right God solve this. There was a murder in the in the mansion and it could've who was it know it's not or solve this one God, how can there be a good God, and the problem of evil know it's it's mysteries just like Romans eight what is to say that we don't know what to pray as we ought never look at just the evil, suffering, pain of the world Middle East crisis racial conflicts like I don't know how to pray with the spirit praise rest with words that cannot be uttered in human speech, sometimes with groaning. Have you ever been so burdened that you just wept soberly is like all through the Holy Spirit.

Those things can actually be prayers of burden and pain just going up to God and the Holy Spirit praying through us in those ways, or with tongues.

We don't know what to pray. These things are mysterious to us. So the Spirit intercedes, there was this another passage to look at Romans 826 read Romans 14 and eight excusing first with his 14 Romans 826. Thank you for the call. As always, 86634 let's go to Joseph in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Welcome back to light a fire. Dr. Brown hey so my next question is I don't want to state that the nearly 2 year question to address people who might have concerns or maybe they want to point out something that they believe to be a contradiction. The question I have is in the first three Gospels Matthew Mark Luke says, when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. He would lead into the wilderness to be tempted and he was there 40 days and John says the next day after he was baptized walking by and John the Baptist said, behold the Lamb of God, and so did that and the other gospel that immediately after he was baptized, he went into the wilderness, but that week the and John that the next day he's going. Brian and John, the baptizer says behold the Lamb of God, so you know the way it is presented. Some people might confuse but be confused about MIP that as a contradiction. How do we present this to them in a way that helps them understand to harmonize the all yellow got together so the first thing is you tell me it's really great that we have these examples like this because when people are checking the authenticity of stories the veracity of accounts when everybody says it exactly the same way without any variation you normally assume that somebody got in there somehow to to adjust the story because generally if several different witnesses, tell the same story you're going to have minor differences that on the surface level could appear contradictory. J. Warner Wallace became well known as a cold case detective so here's a case 30 years old, a homicide, no one can solve.

He begins to look at the evidence of fresh and looks at it is able to put things together and they're able to solve the case. So when he began reading the gospel he thought while these really have the ring of authenticity because different witnesses are all gonna bring a slightly different perspective or say the same thing differently so you know, for example, I could say a week from now or after six days, or on the eighth day and in each thing is the same date or three different people consent you have that with the Gospels with Transfiguration.

The basis of the same thing three different ways so if I was looking for an answer here I was okay if if he's if he's immersed one day and the next day goes into the wilderness that would be an immediate that would certainly be an immediate thing. He doesn't go out start doing ministry goes the wilderness disable next day is on his way to the wilderness in what I'm saying is not. It's not that it has to mean that split-second but rather what were being told is he doesn't begin his ministry publicly.

At that time know the first thing he does immediately.

He now goes into the wilderness to be a few days later and would still count this immediately in the course of his whole life, so that's how I would explain it what what Augustine and others pointed to systems been discussed for centuries is that there's a certain internal harmony that you see there.

They're all giving the same accounts but from little different angles and I would use that. Not as a weakness but this strength of something is a blatant contradiction. One things is black. The others white one thinks his yes, that is no then you have to dig deeper as you can. What's going on here, but in cases like this in chronological statements. You can expect little different perspective to that that helps us realize this is not just organize but one group saying it must be like this. Different voices spoke and all the early witnesses said amen that's how it went down here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us frenzied clusters we get. Answer six so I was asked a question about John 129, which tells us the next day after Jesus was baptized John the Mercer sees him and says behold the Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world, then it seems to be a contradiction to the other gospels that say immediately after Jesus was baptized.

He was driven by the Spirit into the wilderness so you could interpret that by saying well the next day Jesus on his way to the wilderness. John sees him them and you keep reading and John is another. Next day another. Next, it seems that Jesus doesn't go into the wilderness immediately. So when you dig deeper. It appears that the contradiction would remain so then you go back and look okay to the Gospels, make it clear that it had to be the same day was baptized to the next day or two.

Or is it in terms of any major developments. The next thing so hence immediately next that happens is goes in the wilderness or could it be that there's something significant about the next day as is referenced in John one meeting the next day that John sees him as their significance to it.

It's the beginning of a new creation, a new error or epic so you have to dig a little deeper and sorting that one out. So you give the first glance possibility if I did know the text.

It also is giving the text, giving the first glance of possible answer.

My mom so yeah but what about what follows in job one. So that's the issue.

So you have to dig a little deeper.

Some commentators suggest that their significance to the term the next day in John 121 129 meaning something more than just the next a chronologically so these are things you dig deeper. But when people raise questions.

There seems to be a contradiction.

The best thing to do's. It was take a look at it yet. Let's take a look and scholars have been doing that very thing. For centuries in some cases the contradictions are easily resolved in medications. Other instances resolved with some difficulty.

In other instances, unresolved use and would he do with those you leave them unresolved overage. When you have a testimony of truth that is mountains high and and a couple of inches of unresolved questions. I'm happy to be the there are things I'm I'm getting insight into now, after almost 50 years.

The Lord that I did have insight into five years ago 10 years ago, let alone 40 or 50 years ago, so we we are happy to have some unanswered questions next to the mountain of solidly answered questions 86634 to let us go over to hang on my mouse is disappeared for a moment there we go, let's go over to Bobby in Lewisburg North Carolina walking to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Brown hey honey, okay all you you bet.

Okay so I got a couple questions in reference to predestination or election got a couple thoughts about that because I've been monitor this and over in my mind for years and I've heard you in the past speak on it and other there's a lot of people that talk about it you know around me in my life. A Christian brother so I know that God is not unjust, but to what they understanding of election it might good thing that way with the predestination those who are predestined to be saved and those who are not that one thought.

Another thought is that I know Chuck Metzler of not letting the Chuck (he addresses how God is actually not bound by time and he is not with in town like time is the only way that we can think thing with the perspective of like predestination and election. That's another thought and I'm thinking well, I made note from John Raymond that there doesn't think the made to be with. Thank God character of Montana got character to create in a human band for the intent to ultimately destroy even though I'm not listening to the teaching on destination election. He goes through multiple multiple multiple birthday and the Scriptures being very clear that election is its true.

I think somewhere the silly rights is understanding what we don't understand that my doctor that we it's a mystery of God that we just can't fully understand their rights. Rights, as written and the associate to slam Bob yeah and I appreciate your questions and thoughts number one so question the Bible teaches election predestination right. The question is what does it mean so I'm in agreement with you number one God exists outside of time. He works within time, but he exists outside of time oversight here. Isaiah 5715. He inhabits eternity.

So for him.

Tomorrow is no different than yesterday. In that regard he sees it as a ready happened use has a habit because he's God so look at this analogy, if you decide you want to watch in full a sports event. But you do miss it because you're working so you set up your TV to record it. Will that event happen live in those players made real plays and some play harder and one and some didn't play as hard and lost that really happened and people made free choices, but by the time you watch it. It's already fixed and done that's not fixed and done because it was predestined it's fixed and done, because it ready happened. So God sees the future in that way, as if it ready happened, but it happened based on choices we freely make. I also agree with you, with all respect to my Calvinist friends that it is contrary to the nature of God to create a being with the express intent of damning that being said let's all Calvinist teach well they would agree with John Calvin that some are doomed from the womb concert for certain destruction that God in creating them fully have the power to save them but chose not to. For reasons unknown to us and chose to save others with all respect my Calvinist friends and I was a Calvinist for five years, as many of you know from 77 to 82. I reject that is contrary to the nature of God and when he says whosoever will. It's a genuine invitation when he says choose, it's a genuine invitation when the Bible speaks of Jesus dying for each of us for all of us for the world for the whole world for all people, Jew and Gentile, though any other way that it can be expressed that he died for all, and then lastly, while I do believe that there are things clearly they have in Scripture that Jesus did die for all gives the possibility of salvation to all that all who will receive God's gracious invitation can be saved and that those that are in Christ in the Messiah or than in him predestined to certain eternal destiny because were dealing with God in his work. There will always be some love with Mr. my feeling is that sometimes we tried to tie the loose ends to get his colic under the table and see what we had to tie those loose ends together to make it all fit in a nice little package. When God has given it to us in a nice little package. So Bobby, I'm I'm with you in your thinking I'm I'm in harmony with a lot of where you're going in in your points. Thanks for the costs or 86634 we go to Robert in Australia early in the morning again.

Welcome back to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how eager doing well. Thanks so I'm I'm going to live up Dr. Bowen. I'm friends with them all okay wonderful I got it. That explains this in the apologetics is okay. Great.

You happen to see that yet.

Now my question and behind portable video speaking in tongues who look like a country? I got the languages? I was looking up Donald for compounds, three in Genesis 33 is 20 and he argues, in hindsight of the singular and plural forms.

He says about, and I could be butchering the pronunciation him LOL OT Israel.

He argues that Elohim should be translated God's plural use of God but God of Israel, and he is basically saying well. The map fits right in line with scholars like Michael Heiser point out in the works you number 2 pounds and have them be the plurality of the Godhead is out of his actually I a faithful rendering of the Hebrew that because the next Bible and and in the notes doesn't actually say that it literally the Internet Bible it says we don't know how to translate only knows what L is something of a God in them. You know, Elohim, you know, I don't know what to do with all, since personal will unfortunately Huber. I will start there has that right so I yet is LL hello hey Israel, writer yes a L hello hey Israel, so what exactly does it mean Dr. Heiser is a friend and a fine Old Testament Semitic scholar I'd differ with that reading here on the freaking bomb is respected messianic Jewish colleague of scholar. So certainly both of these people are coming with with lots of thought into this or not, I clarify, I hypothermic argument got out and got on pixel about okay right II that right.

I got her to make that argument.

Yet all NOTE the way I understand it is simply this AL was a common name for God in the ancient near East AL was the head of the Canaanite deep the Canaanite pantheon. So AL can simply mean God or AL can be the name of the chief god of the Canaanite pantheon in in Acadian you would say God that was you and Arabic.

It's a law right in in in Hebrew. You have AL and then you have other forms a law is another and Elohim the plural of that so I would take it that he is making a proclamation that God is the God of Israel, that he is identifying the preeminent God as the God of Israel, the God of Jacob. So it's making a statement about who AL is. Namely, the God of Israel, and of course AL is used for the God of Israel in the Bible, but just just like we could say today when once when people say you know Muslims worship a law as God of war or Hindus have many different gods that that God is a generic term right for a deity or different gods, deities, or the one we worship the one true God. God come to subsume a veil. That's what I take it to me like I don't agree with that interpretation. Hey, thank you for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, his friends sure to visit the website asked DSK DR Brown the sauna for email should be enriched and blessed and hope to do but search the site. We have thousands of hours of free material for you literally thousands of hours of free material, articles, videos, all kinds of things to watch, listen to many subjects are wondering about the answers are there waiting for you were here equip you strengthen you, help you if you appreciate the work that we doing on the website.

Just click on donates great way to stand with us if you watching on Facebook or YouTube is click on the donate button on YouTube beneath the chat box is $you can click on that. We appreciate your help.

It helps us reach more people for free. 866-34-TRUTH let us go to Lauren and Cary, North Carolina.

Thanks for: the line of fire Brown thank you for taking my call. I appreciate your ministry and your right have. Thanks counseling about my hometown church in Lumberton, North Carolina.

I have installed a prayer labyrinth in the churchyard and they had a bulletin man.

My parents still got church and when I found a labyrinth out of just really mortified and in which he had made the bullet tenant talks about going into the prayer labyrinth and found praying and finding inaccurate and terror in it which is very new age and she told one of the matriarchs of the church. What I had fed and about to be a New Age or whatever and I got really angry with me that I would like can you address the issue of the prayer labyrinth. Yeah, I have to say honestly in in all of my years of doing radio and taking questions.

I don't remember being asked about prayer labyrinth speak before so so the whole concept as I was looking at pictures you know, obviously labyrinth so you got this complex thing, like a puzzle the waterway through and where you come out there. There are obviously there is there some level of history to this before interest before it. A new age type thing.

This is of this is something I'm just looking for information to confirm what I understood. There is a history through the centuries of things like this so it's it's not New Age. In fact, if you just was a prayer labyrinth and justly forgot questions. A labyrinth is a path which leads via secure security through to the center of an intricate design back out again, etc. prayer life is labyrinth used to facilitate premeditation spiritual transformation in our global unity. The most famous prayer leavens to include entry one of the Cathedral shorthaired, France. Another can so unique. There is there is history to that that much. I understood but is there purpose to it. So I I would look into this look into the history okay see how far back goes back centuries and centuries. In that case go back and say hey I thought this was just a New Age practice. I apologize for saying that but then it's a totally separate questions. You think it's good practice know it's does it help someone get into a meditative place in prayer with God. It's an odd thing to me site. I don't relate to it in any way, nor do I see how it would help me center my focus in prayer.

But for some it might again.

You have to find out what was the practice did monks do a certain thing with it was a way of getting from the exterior thoughts into a deeper place of communion with God were way to try to okay here's this outer level. I pray for this in here. I pray for this to the people of different prayer practices, etc. so, I would first educate myself on the history of it right and apologize for think it was New Age Could be that the people at dinner, totally New Age.

That's always another possibility, but I haven't had parent right yet so here I am and I'm just looking the modern rediscovery of the labyrinth and its use in church settings celebrated by greasers such as the labyrinth society etc. according to the these groups. The labyrinth is a divine imprint to mystical tradition, a sacred path.

The sacred gateway got questions, says her prayer labyrinth biblical know they're not know your labyrinth never mention the Bible thrills conflict with several biblical principles of worship and prayer. I don't know that they definitely conflict with principles of worship and prayer.

Again it's an odd practice to me, but I would I would look into the history first. I would apologize for the accusative New Age, but then I asked them okay, what's the motivation. How is this supposed to help what what prompted you to do this now. Is it someone biblical thing is that some weird new modern tradition. Try to keep up with something. Are you thinking it's not enough for us to just get on our knees in prayer and talk to God alone.

I would ask, honestly, but not an accusatory way again.

For me it's bizarre and I see no purpose to it, but I'm not necessarily cobranded in the New Age or for demonic self-hate when he when you do have that discussion assure us a note to the website asked her to or call again in a few weeks and just let us know how it goes, and for others. If you want to weigh in. Why prayer labyrinth sir demonic or why prepare labyrinths to be beautiful. Feel free to do it in the future. I thank you, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH let's go to lengths to and in Cleveland, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire, you have a quick Hebrew question, yes, our market prior to the ruler coming out of going for 09 from Pemberton translate that origin and forgive my pronunciation of the word, like most is going for you now doing the research, I want to know the difference between most and that three parent letter.

No letter perfect organ of the Lord is going out this year as the dawn American both ugly immaculate with the different between those two right so so it in its decision, yet saw in the system. The verbal root is yet saw and then the, the noun mode saw or you can have masking Mozart is his friend and mode saw oats is plural, and the, the nuance of the word really is determined by context. It could be going out from it could be origin make it so for example with Micah 526 saying that the Messiah's ultimate origins, or in eternity past that it's speaking of of him being eternal is it. Speaking of him having an ancient pedigree going back to Bethlehem know that's that's the the scholarly debate as as to the difference grammatically between the words.

There are times when you have a feminine form of something. A masculine form of something.

So here just grabbing Micah 52 and 65 one.

In Hebrew, but 52 here yes so just making sure I have this correct him in my head right some oats out of which is is a plural. A feminine form is going forth's plural and then speaking of of the defect is feminine is of no it doesn't mean there's anything special at the origin just every Hebrew word has to be the masculine or feminine you like table or car or pendency can be masculine or feminine. Then in in the Hosea, which is just a beautiful passage of restoration you okay so is it is it Hosea 2062 or 63. Yes six or sorry I that's why when I looked it up.

It wasn't there.

Right yet Mozart right so Mozart over there it's it's masculine singular, just different.

Different forms of the same word or slight differences in nuance, but nothing. You're asking the right questions, but there's no significance in the difference. Basically okay going for Hillary are currently yeah so so in in him. Here, for example, the oldest see the GPS there's no lettuce, no easy distraction of the Lord is going forth is sure as the morning so one would be Mozart would be the that the origin in terms of going forth from there and and mode saw here going forth in terms of a moving forward. So one is from Lance. It comes the other is where he's going. You could say were oriented straight but again all nuances from the same root source of copper like this very very minor differences, but reflected in English translation say thank you sir for the call. Much, much appreciated it a listen. We are at a time, but I promised I was going assure the amazing story a man visits the Browns revival and nonbeliever. His wife is been a Christian. He pulled her way into drugs that parties at their home. He he saw a report on CNN about the revival, negative reported not to bed. Had little good parts in it.

He watched his wife sat facing. Not for me to speak my language went to sleep, has a drawing dream, so he sleeping is a drawing dream any comes under conviction of sin tries to wake his wife up she sat asleep while they had a Bible in the bedroom discuss her background. He takes out gets along to read opens to Job 33 God speaks to man once in a dream twice. It shakes his life. He wakes up a born-again transform believably heard his testimony shortly after that well over a year later, at the revival and of course he would respond formally to all the" God say when he encountered God in a life-changing way in a dream. Yeah, you really have another program powered by the Truth Network

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