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Praying For Revival!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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July 14, 2021 1:00 am

Praying For Revival!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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July 14, 2021 1:00 am

It's a time for revival - so Mike & Robby talk about why it's needed and how it happens.

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Your host Mike you would long for God to switch no doubt talk about revival. If not for God, I mean you got muffins and we were looking it up Robbie and you said it was Psalm 85 verse six what they'll revive us again that by people will rejoice in the were praying for revival were talking about Iraq revival were hoping for revival and we have seen me there are people getting saved left and right a lot of it's happening in small groups. It may not have happened yet. The way we want to see it.

It's not you know it hasn't been some huge thing what we saw the great awakening in America or the second great awakening, for we were talking about the Welsh revival, but we certainly are hoping for in praying for you know people salvation and we we I'm hoping that people get revived in the church and then you're talking about Rob, you said when people get revived in the church that a lot of times is an awakening outside of the church is at right right think it's interesting study in the words that actually report around the word revival so somebody doesn't know Christ that can't be revived is about to get revived right so if the idea of revival is when people get saved well, you know that really is more the concept of an awakening. The revival part is the part of the people that are in the pews. Like, you know. Second Chronicles 714 if my people called by my name will humble themselves and seek my face and pray your turn from their wicked ways that he's going to heal Delaval Tar Heel in the land is creating the awakening right.

But my people were the ones that you know hopefully will seek his face and and believe me, he'll bring it you know he'll definitely bring it in so for me personally, the way to God's revived me and I give him all the glory, for it is about three weeks ago. He put on my heart to memorize the 16th Psalm of the reason why that was, is, I just really love the last person, 16 formatives verse 11 where it says that you will show me the path of life in your presence is fullness of joy right hand are pleasures forevermore by Michael MS really good.

How did he get there. Well you want to get there begin where David did of beginning of the 16th Psalms of the first verse of the 16th Psalm is preserve me oh Lord, in whom I trust. So he's always asking for revival right there preserve me. In other words, I still need that fire burning in the end, the ideas actually to fan a fire that word that he uses for pleasure and then the second thing he says, which is critical. I think to the idea of reviving the church.

He said I have said to Yahweh Audubon Drive said the Lord. My goodness is nothing apart from you.

In other words, you want revival you got nothing. God's got the whole deal like my goodness is nothing apart from you, so you really really cool. You know to be friends of mine switches is just a joy is not unusual to get a text from him just out of the blue. Pray for this person right and so it's like a really great opportunity say okay God is this of you as you he says he likes on it.

So pray and time again Mike I got out you put me on something that God was clearly involved in and and and you know what an opportunity will II.

I thank you for praying in you say you pray for the. Matter fact I think you called people before and that's a big help in and it's critical when you have somebody I know is busy as you are.

You have all these shows that you doing ritual. You'll take the time out to to do something like that and and I appreciate that you it's it's it's interesting when we we started talking about revival this morning there were something that came to my mind was quote by Leonard Ravenhill that says you never have to advertise a fire everyone comes running when there's a fire. Likewise, if your church is on fire. You will not have to advertise it. The community will already know there was another quote I believe it was attributed to John Wesley, it's that he said were right.

I set myself on fire people come to watch me burn and I think sometimes it's it's so cool. We talk about revival and and we think about it a lot of times I believe when we think of revival. It may not come in is matter fact it usually doesn't come in the way that we think it's gonna come or the way that we may want to come. Matter fact I heard about a young man he was gonna marry Mary, a young woman, and he wanted her to meet his mother and he signaled to do. He sounded take the woman marrying animal to take two other women and him let them only my mother and dominant and ask her what she thinks. So he brings the three women to his mother's house and he said here they are in. The mother starts talking to all three of the.

The women and he says will mommy simply ask you something which one of the three women.

Do you think of to marry and his mother said the redhead in the middle. He said you're right. How did you how did you know that the mother said because I don't like her and it kind of reminds me of many of the revivals that I've seen in the past, many of the revivals that I've studied on where people think it's good to start a certain way it ends up becoming completely different matter fact, many of the revivals that happened was caught matter in the United States and Jonathan Edwards and many of these other folks a lot of parts of their churches actually kick them out, they wouldn't allow them to preach in their churches so they didn't open air revival. They spoke to the people who weren't in the churches will is and isn't that exactly what we what we need is I think one of the big things with revival that's coming now, and we've talked about this is is a lot of people for so long in churches or like you said the Billy Graham revivals where they everybody would say hey Pete, this prayer after me and then thousand people would get saved and then who knew who knew whatever happened to those people afterwards and that worked out really well I think for a lot of people. Some of those people. In short stock. Some of those people became disciples to become a real disciple. I think it it it involves following up with the people after they get saved after they decide to give their life to Christ she make sure number one. Not only that they stick with it, but that they can when other people Christ as well and I know you have a small group. It is well Robbie, but one of the things that we were talking about last night is that in a small group setting on. There may be something that you can get that you you're not able to get just listening to a preacher preaching church and that's were able to have the interaction and were you able to say hey I'm dealing with this problem may be the sin problem around having a tough time with my marriage around having a tough time with my children what you guys think you're able to talk about it with other people. But what you think when you are coming earlier about if you got a fire going on at your church.

You don't have to tell anybody that can run and well. It reminded me of you know when I got my leg crushed Told the story and you shall before then when they brought me to Baptist Hospital in the middle of the night. Got my word, my wife called her Sunday school class so there was about 40 of them there white nominee at like two in the morning and so the driver of the nurses were telling me there like and who were all these people out here and I said all that's my Sunday school class to go, you must go to. I didn't say this, they said it to me. I said you must go to that Calvary Baptist Church is one of one you guys show up, you bring a crowd that is right and and and so there was the perfect example of what I think Cracker Barrel has come upon the secret ingredient.

If you go by the highway these days ago.

The secret ingredient is what its care care right. Do you care like when I heard you talk about your friend.

Just you know Fatima's goals were set up. You know what that what the secret ingredient in might switch Bible studies you care about those people right you you love those people and you ask God to get involved in their lot and when it when I think back to the Goodwell flight revival or anybody I will guarantee you that that you could put a big billboard appears the secret ingredient to revival care like you care about other people you care you know about what God wants for your community that that you really do care that that things get way that God wants them to be not necessarily the way I want them to be an FYI love that that line and thought apart from you. I got nothing when you're saying that one of the things that I that I thought about is the is the power of the Holy Spirit and I think different people probably think about this in different ways or whatever, but one of the things that I was actually listening to JD Greer and one of the things that he said was many times listening to the Holy Spirit means saying something to somebody when it would be easier to say nothing at all and I made just recently I was in my home a few nights ago and I I felt the Holy Spirit told me Mike, there's a situation that you dealt with yourself it was back in 2015.

Another situation in 2008, it said that this situation that you dealt with is a similar situation young man that you been trying to talk to you dealing with as well.

Here's a Bible verse and so I took the Bible verse I said yup that's it whatever and I said I think it's helpful for the audience give names but I think the Bible verse is very helpful as we near this Bible verses is no wonder you just share with everybody right right and in and it was would've been very awkward if you hear that by the first, but I felt like the Lord has laid upon my heart and it was and it was first Corinthians 5.

Five. I believe where somebody who was I guess they were just living in sin and basically what happened was, was says to turn that person over the devil and basically I guess where the devil can kind of mess with them.

I guess it would lead that person to realize that they need to quit doing what they're doing, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because man this is tough. They're going through a tough time and they want to return to the Lord and and and I believe that's what it happened to me couple of times where I was doing some stuff that I shouldn't of been doing and so when I realize that and when I asked for repentance.

When I turned to the Lord of like all of a sudden the stuff that was kind of bothering me and I give you a little bit of a detail where it was demonic meaning it was demonic oppression as it was stuff you know why I remember laying in bed at night sometimes it felt like somebody was in my face all it was. It was real. It was, you know I was in the house in the house one time and all of a sudden the fireplace just started to open and close me know. You know you've ever seen the exorcist, it will assume you know it was some crazy stuff. Now I you know the thing I figure by getting back to Psalm 16 God was just teaching this is a beautiful way says that you will multiply the sorrows. He says of people to chase after other gods, and that sounds, mean or it may sound, whatever, but it's actually phenomenally loving. Yes okay because where I was at the same time reading this book called undeliverable or some like it was by showing lambs who got put in a Turkish prison for a big drug bust and should been a prostitute all the stuff was. She had so much sin in your life that you can't even imagine the demonic oppression she had. You can even imagine the sorrows that it multiplied sheep and if you read her book. It's like oh my goodness.

But while she is in prison and while she's crying out for relief right Satan that had got her right where he thought he wanted her, but then some soldiers therein or in a rant. I mean, in Turkey, smuggled a Bible and she was started praying for a Bible. They smiled by Linda her and because of the oppression right right.

She got to the place where she could hear from God, and God knows exactly what is going to take for me to listen if you know and and sometimes it's just incredibly loving to allow the multiplying of sorrows.

Yeah that's actually a really good point and I think we've seen so many people ever ever ever time and I've seen this where things are going really well and when things are going really well.

They're not really thinking much about God's better factors. A verse in the Old Testament where it says give me neither poverty nor riches, you don't talk about, says because if I become rich and all say I did this on my own and I feel like I will know God. But if I it's as if I become too poor, that I may have to steel and profane the name of God, but says just give me my daily bread so that I know I have you and and and it's interesting we you know everybody prays for financial blessings, everybody prays for success but so many times we've seen people cry out to the Lord, not when things are going great but a lot of times when they've fallen down on things are rough because when you're when you're that far down you only have one place to look, and that's up giving example the story of Christopher Yuan, talked about him before on, but his parents were both Christians and they came to the United States. I believe they were from China or from somewhere in Asia and they became born-again Christians on fire for God and I think he was raised in a Christian household and when he grew up he became very successful he actually was going to a medical school and he was in medical school, he found out that he sold drugs he could make a lot more money so he dropped that a medical school and he was just making blue coos of money and he was a smart guy figured out. During this time Christopher Yuan just decided he said well I found out mom and dad that I'm gay and he started to live the homosexual lifestyle started sleeping around with all these men all this other stuff in and his mother kept praying for them.

Praying for praying for him and then one day his mother said. God wanted to save my son by whatever means necessary wealth right after that he actually got busted for drugs got put away and the federal prison and when he was in prison right. He got saved, so it's interesting because it Bible says that the Lord rebukes those who he loves to go back to what you are saying it's like no I want you to want you to bless me, Lord, I want to whatever but a lot of times when he's blessing you you not looking to him, but it and maybe maybe that's part of what what's been going on this past year in this country were you know if if if we've needed a doctor's care. We just went to a doctor if we needed if we wanted to learn something went to the University if we wanted wanted money. We just you know what to work in and everything was fine and and now all of a sudden that that God is shaking things in America, where things are tougher and tougher for person and I think people are people are crying out to God. People are looking a matter fact was looking at.

This was this was not this was not a Christian newspaper or anything like that but something came out and said that the biggest age group of people who are looking to looking for God are looking for purpose are looking for religion right now are in their 20s thought, unit two or three years ago we never without but your light last Saturday I had an opportunity to interview Alex Alex McFarlane at the same time these ladies actually want them. A friend of mine had written a book on 9/11. Remember 9/11 and so Alex although he was touting another event goes well man I'll never forget what happened to me on 9/11.

I was like when he goes with the Billy Graham Association and I were in a relationship at that point in time and asked me to come to New York for 9/11 and and they station be right outside Wall Street like is the people coming out of Wall Street that day on 911 or the day after whatever they're coming out of the trading place.

Whatever's in Jim's rhino. So anyway he said all the sudden the Holy Spirit just came on, man, and he started saying you all are you ready for what you know what's can happen and and he led an actual revival right there and he said every single person that came they would come out in waves, and then he would preach to them, and nobody would cross the crosswalk, the testator and because God had gotten her complete attention right then all the sudden here was this revival you will be obviously an awakening out of revival.

People were coming to Christ right there coming out of Wall Street that that he said there was no Hannah didn't go up. And so it's interesting that you know God really knows what it's going to take a minimum.

It's one of the reasons I've always loved him prison ministries that don't give Bible for presidency alive prison lines that come stuffed because and here's people that know there at the bottom and I've often thought about theirs and Winston-Salem rescue mission and it sits below the big walkover your building or those people are all up there at the top of those buildings think they got it made, and they think the poor guys versus Mayor Dameron Winston-Salem rescue Mission.

Well, you know, I look at this completely different perspective for me.

Most of those guys Winston-Salem rescue Mission. Nowhere about it.

They're there and they're trying to find their way to God. That's right, and the poor people that are up there that are searching after those of the gods or sorrows will be multiplied. But God will find a way to get to them within them. In the meantime it gets back to what is Robbie need to do right and and I think Robbie needs to cater Robbie needs to care for the people that are around me literate and put in front of Mohammed. People opportunity that we have just share the words that God gives us in it for the so many times that we think that the preacher is the person we go to church and the preachers preaching and then we leave and then that's kind of the end of our Christian experience and I believe that a lot of Christians just layman men and women who have been a church a whole is whatever but the ones who go out afterwards and go and volunteer their time or go ensure the gospel with people.

Whatever that they're the ones who really get some of the biggest blessings because it is a joy to get his matter fact, there was a man we were just talking about. Not to mention his name, but you said something had told you to call him last night and something told me to call him this morning on the way over here and he said he was really upset. Things were tough. Whatever. And I believe the Holy Spirit told me to say this, I said when I've been really upset. One of the things that I've learned that is helped me to become happier to kind of get out of my depression has been to try to help other people. It seems counterintuitive. You want when you're depressed you want to help yourself. You want to do something for yourself that can make you feel better.

Whatever. But when you try to help others can actually make you happier Elijah mystery writer that one just got my soul I'll never ever forget were pregnant, was with Brandsmart ministries John Eldridge and all that while the hard, wonderful, wonderful speaker where he had cancer that would eventually take his life.

He had leukemia.

Believe and it got so bad that a course he was running these horrible fevers whatever in the way he describes experiences he was in this in this state.

You know, sort of in intensive care. His fever was run away up there and he was just screaming to God for relief like his fever was up so high had no clothes on.

He was still burning up. God give me some limit God. You gotta help me.

You gotta help me gotta help me screaming for relief in this this man I knew had a phenomenal relationship with Jesus. So is just really hard to hear them describe the pain that he was in and this time and he said the Holy Spirit said right now is a really good time for you to begin to pray for others and is like what you have a fit and it scared me, I'm dying here. I think you yes it is that it was the most crazy concept. He said, but I went with it. I was like okay and he goes, I gotta tell you that it was the most rich prayers I've ever pray Barry was in the phenomenal pain phenomenal fever, literally dying of leukemia, yes, and he's praying for Donna who knows all he prayed for that day is he said within 20 minutes of his beginning to pray it at this state. Yes, that not only did he feel the power of these prayers, but man it was like I'm good that God knew exactly what it is that that you're describing is that that that there is something to us that can supersede and and I've always said it is like one of the keys you know God's is to give you keys to the kingdom will you know I like the idea get McKee's billing car got right to the Thunderbird where so what I discovered is you can't get stuff for yourself so easy, but you can really get stuff for other people has another store real quick. I needed a record for the Jesus labor love a single mom that was broken down someplace in Lexington, Kentucky, and there was only one record driver within 50 miles in the place that was willing to fix it was a Christian guiding goes, man, I'll be happy to fix the car for you, but you gotta get it towed over here and the only tow driver is the furthest thing from a Christian and on the planet Earth.

So good luck with getting him to tell this talk yes. So I call this guy militant right but I got the keys to the LinkedIn management has got jobs said Sir I got this this single mom.

She's in desperate need. She needs her car so she can get to work. He goes online the world that I ever do that. You're on your mind. Why would you even call me and I was like, because we really need your help.need your help in this situation us ladies and he and he chewed me out for 10 minutes. Okay he told me all the reasons he couldn't do it. Okay and then unites is tightening up additional okay well I just feel God saying that you'll do this, he goes if I told his ladies call will you shut up you never call us though he told the ladies: will I tell the story on the air and I mention the name of the record driver will this lady calls me on the air and says you know, I know that God and I gotta tell you, man.

You need to you need to tell him I forget whatever it was, but she had me call him just to bless him that she was going to pay for the record or whatever, and when I called the guy goes out. No, not you, and you I've never forgot about we do.

Speaking of which, I bet if your listing you would like to you. Matter fact all of get a quote by Gypsy Smith is that if you want to see revival. He said go home, lock yourself in your room kneel down in the middle of the flooring with a piece of chalk. Draw a circle around yourself there on your knees, pray fervently and inappropriately that God would start a revival within that certain. And that's what we need to do as far as revival and if if you've never cried out to Jesus asked Jesus to show himself to we have we have Muslims all over the world. Jesus is coming to them in dreams and visions just to see Kim seeking out with all your heart and it says in the Old Testament you will find me when you search for me with all of your heart yesterday that you discern mention having these turbulent times piece of mind may be the most valuable lessons feeling secure your financial future is worth its weight in gold and liberty bankers insurance can help provide you with that most precious life-affirming sense of security.

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