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Persevering Grace

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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July 12, 2021 8:00 am

Persevering Grace

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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July 12, 2021 8:00 am

Adjectives enrich our language; they add depth and texture to our world. And when we apply adjectives to the grace of God, we get words like boundless, indelible, matchless, overflowing, abundant, marvelous, unfailing, and irresistible. On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice adds persevering to the list.

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Adjectives enrich our language they had depth and texture to our world and when we apply adjectives to the grace of God we get words like boundless indelible matchless overflowing abundant marvelous unfailing and irresistible to date on the Bible study are Dr. James Boyce adds persevering to the list. Welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically the word persevere when we attach it to the word race means victory, victory over sin world, the flesh and the devil. Dr. Boyce now teaches persevering grace from first Peter chapter 5 coming to the end of this study of the biblical doctrine of grace as you probably know about it for many months, but if you can think back to the beginning of our study. You may recall that one of the ways I introduced the subject and what I believe was the very first of the studies was quietly number of adjectives in a variety of adjectives that have been affixed to the matter of grace and Christian theology, and in our him. I went to the Trinity Mullins are hymnbook to see the categories under which grace is listed in the back. I was really astounded at the number of categories that you find there you find converting grace. The covenant of grace, efficacious grace, the fullness of grace magnified grace rushing grace, generating grace, sanctifying grace, saving grace and sovereign grace and in the work combined listings like the love and grace of God, love and grace of Jesus Christ, love and grace of the Holy Spirit in salvation by grace when I turned to the hymns. I found other adjectives on phrases like bonding, grace, abundant grace, amazing Grace, boundless grace fountain of grace God of grace, indelible grace, marvelous grace, matchless grace overflowing grace, pardoning grace, plenteous grace, unfailing grace on measurable grace, wondrous grace, word of grace, grace, all sufficiently grace alone and I wasn't enough, I looked in the theology box and unifying terms that are not even covered in the others like common grace, selecting grace, irresistible grace, convenient grace pursuing grace and persevering grace I was persevering grace we want to look at in this study, and it means that those whom God has called the faith in Jesus Christ by the exercise of his grace are going to continue and it and were going to be preserved through this life having victory over sin world the flesh and the devil.

Until one day we come to stand before God's presence at all by the grace of God out there talking about persevering grace. There is a sense in which what were doing is something all the other uses of grace want to go to that whole list again. Let me put it this way when we say that God perseveres with this by his grace. According to his gracious nature, but where really saying is that he has chosen us by selecting grace. He has called us by his irresistible grace is blessed us with his abounding grace he sanctifying us by his efficacious grace and he is unfailing and is persevering grace toward us until the time comes when we stand before them and it is all by grace and by grace alone. When talking about persevering grace is to say this, God never begins a thing that he doesn't intend to finish and God begins always brings to a satisfactory conclusion. I makes me think of Philippians 16 is one of the great verses in the Bible about surveillance security and stability safety of the saints says he who hath begun a good work in you will keep on perfecting it until the day of Jesus Christ is one of the three passages that I think or perhaps the most blessed when we think about these terms. The other two were John 1027 through 30. Jesus is speaking, he says my sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish in no man will ever snatch them out of my hand. My father gave them to me, is greater than all.

No one can snatch them out of my father's and I and my father one, then perhaps the greatest passage of all when we all know very well.

Romans eight which Paul asked the question, who shall separate us from the love of Christ and the answer is nothing at all.

Nothing and having nothing on earth. Nothing in the past. Nothing in the future, not even possibly imagine. Nothing in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Now those great techs talk about perseverance and persevering grace, mercy, want to look at is in first Peter this chapter in its first 10 and the reason I turned to that now is because it uses the word grace other verses have to do with perseverance. Of course, but they don't use grace.

This one does. And it says this God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong firm and steadfast out there a few things got about before we plunge into look at that tax that I had to do this first letter of Peter we don't always study that I don't know that we never studied it here and so let me just review it briefly. First of all, the rodent, as he says in the opening verses to Christians who were scattered throughout certain areas of the ancients section of the world known as Asia minor and we call the turkey would see more or less that these were areas that province of Asia minor that the apostle Paul is not visited.

So he's writing to those scattered Christians of all those remote areas. Secondly, these believers in Christ had been suffering many kinds of trials you read through the letter you find at least four separate passages in which he is referring to their trials on a very long letter has five chapters you know that. That obviously was a serious problem for them as we study that it seems that they were experiencing malicious slander from unbelievers and also possibly persecution from government authorities so that this the kind of problem he deals with. The third thing we need to know about this is that Peter again and again in this letter encourages these suffering Christians by reminding them of the short glory that is to come, you find that scattered throughout the giving of some examples in chapter 1 in the third verse he speaks of the believers living hope speaks of an inheritance that can never perish. Spoiler faith is kept in heaven for you, so he's pointing them. I had to what they are certainly going to have inhabit many beams to encourage them in their trials. When a kind of reminder again in a later chapter. He speaks of their faith of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire and he says it will be proved genuine and will result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.

Chapter 3 reminds them that Christ died for our sins once for all the righteous for the unrighteous to bring you to God again. You see, directing them to the future. Chapter 4, he says rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed in our text. Also, dots are text speaks about the certainty of grace and glory, and it says even though you're going through many trials now and will the Christian life is all about. It's in the trials of our lives that we prove the sufficiency of the grace of God. We encourage she says because God it was the God of all grace is called you to an eternal glory in Christ Jesus. Let me say one other thing about this verse before we look at some of the things pacifically teaches the matter is that the verbs in the verse are all in the future tense, rather than being opted to have found that word optative really means what we would call a wish. If they were optative, the verse would be translated something like this it would say May the God of all grace restore you and make you strong. That's why benediction often written. May God do that there said and hope.

But it's a wish. You say, and as a matter of fact that's the way the King James version of the Bible translated and added the word, the God of all grace, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. But those verbs are not in that mode there actually future. And so they're not a wish, but there a promise telling what God will actually do what the verse actually says is this the God of all grace will restore you any will make you strong and he will make you farm any will make you steadfast. Now it is the tense of those verbs.

It makes this a great text about perseverance. What happens when we look at it when the first thing we save and return to is that it teaches us that perseverance does not mean that Christians are going to escape suffering combines people think of it that way whatever trouble I get in God's going to get me out of that is what perseverance means is a matter of fact, verse teaches the exact opposite. It teaches that we are going to have suffering even the policy says is going to be of relatively short duration.

It's going to be for this life, not for eternity, and it is going to be replaced in time by eternal glory. Let's ask a question about point let's say where did Peter learn that life or a Christian was going to be suffering he experienced some himself of course it was a great deal of persecution. He didn't escape it. That wouldn't necessarily prove that the Christian life is going to involve suffering Christians or to the necromancer as he learned from Jesus Christ. That's where Peter learn everything anything Peter knew that was any good to a lot of other things were any good were errors, but anything he learned there was any good.

He learned from Jesus and Jesus had taught exactly that.

You may recall in John's Gospel in those discourses that took place in the upper room just before his arrest is a fiction. One of the things Jesus said again and again is that the world would hate those who are his disciples. He said the world hates me. It will make you more likely you are, the more the world will hate you.

You don't belong to the world. I've chosen you out of the world and that's why world hates you and said more than that. He said they're going to persecute you, but you out of the synagogue. As a matter fact. Time is coming, said Jesus when people who kill you will think that they're doing God a favor said hang in there because I'm with you, take heart. I have overcome the world. Now, obviously Peter learn from my own experience is born it out so any rights to these Christians who are in the scattered areas of the Roman Empire under undergoing slander, malicious gossip, persecutions of one sort or another. He reminds them that there's nothing unusual in that it simply the way it is going to be for those who actually live for Jesus Christ something else from the context, if you look at the verses immediately preceding first Peter 510. For example, you'll find that he has a particular kind of suffering or persecution view is persecution that comes from the world what he talks about here is persecution that comes to us from Satan. Or perhaps it's a way of saying Satan himself.

The double stands behind the kind of persecutions we endure because him our enemy.

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of suffering many words that are used for the devil and the Bible devil is one of course it's our translation of the Greek word.

The Greek word is the velocity means the disruptor one a brings discord in the midst of that word actually is composed of two separate parts. Bold language means the front. We actually got our work bailing from it and DI which means in the midst of so the devil and someone is always throwing trouble in the midst of things, throwing a monkeywrench into the machinery as we would silence with the devil.that's what it means is also called Satan. Satan really means accuser. Revelation 1210 says he's the accuser of our brothers accuses them before God day and night is called Belial, it seems to mean something lower, morally depraved, is called the tempter the God prince of this world. The chief of demons bells of Bob Pauling on motor great Dragon. The ancient serpent called the devil and other terms now in this passage is called a lion lion crawling around looking for someone to devour us a picture of a powerful, very hostile fall.

What Peter says we better be prepared to resist him because the more we stand for righteousness over the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more likely it is and Satan will attack. Now let's ask the question how in the world are we going to do that Satan is going to attack Peter says, resist him, standing firm in the faith we understand against an adversary like that of a lion came in here. I would not be inclined to resist them. I would be inclined to run and Satan is certainly more powerful than any physical lion stand against him answer to that of horses and ourselves we can't do it we can do it for a moment the only way we can stand against them is in the power of Jesus Christ made available to us, which is also something the Peter learn. Remember that exchange between Jesus and Peter. Luke alone tells us about all of the 22nd chapter was before the crucifixion.

Jesus was speaking to Peter and he told him something that Peter had no way of knowing unless Jesus had revealed that Jesus said Satan came to me and Satan desired to sift you as wheat. What Satan must've meant by that. If we could put words in Satan's mouth or something like that Satan would've said to Jesus, I can tell from the sort of things your teaching that your preparing his disciples to stand on her own once you're gone exactly what your plans are but you're going to be leaving this world and going back to heaven on your putting an awful lot of faith in these 12 apostles and I want you to know that that's a foolish gamble because I'm dead set against what you're doing and against what they'll be teaching and I'll show you how we can IRF you just let me near the leader of the leader was Peter. Let me get near to them for a minute and I'm not going to pick him up by the scruff of his neck. I'm in a shaking so hard all the state is going to be tumbling out like chaff threshing time.

You'll see how strong Peter is going to be on the devil is a liar told that in Scripture but I don't think he was lying on that occasion. I think he really did think he could do it and do a certain extent. He succeeded C. Satan must've remembered back to the early days of the human race when it entered the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve were there, and God in a similar way, permitted them to tempt our first parents remember they were in an unfallen state that point in their lives. They didn't have a sinful nature and the more they were in perfect fellowship with God.

He came to them in some form in the garden cool of the evening. He conversed with them and so they had gone himself or a direct teacher. They had no inclination or any desire already motivation or reason to choose the evil.

Yet, when Satan entered the garden and began to tempt them. It seems from the account that it took a very short time before he had carried both Eve and Adam away into sin and rebellion against God. I'm sure Satan said to himself I accomplish that with Adam and Eve and their unfallen state. It's not going to take me anytime at all. What is big bag of wind. Peter was so self-confident he wants Peter and said to the Lord is even of the others like you, I'll never do it so Jesus told Peter that said Satan has desire to sift you as wheat and Peter thought he would never fall because he loved Jesus, but he did and it only talked at servant girl standing often aside and she wasn't even talking to Peter she was talking to somebody else said, looking in Peter's direction. Surely that man was with them as with Jesus, and they just arrested and Peter recognizing the danger to himself immediately became weak in the knees and he said I don't even know what you're talking about. I don't know the man, so he denied his Lord would Peter say at that point. I suppose if Peter were here he would say the office now. Remember what Jesus said to me he said Satan's desire to sift you as wheat.

One thing Satan didn't pay attention to it was what Jesus said to me next time.

I confess that I didn't pay much attention to it at the time either. But that was the critical thing because what Jesus said to me was I have prayed for you so that your faith will not fail when you fall in, and then a restored strengthen your brethren. Otherwise, I will let you fall because I want to show you how weak you really are in yourself. Once you have fallen your faith will not fail. I pray for you, you're going to be restored and then out of your experience, or others. Peter would say that's exactly what happened.

You see, I thought because I love Jesus I could never deny think I would be willing to die rather than turn my back on Jesus until I fell in what I'm telling you is that you cannot stand against that great enemy alone can't even stand very well against ridicule of the world, let alone when Satan is actually involved in your temptation. I'm telling you this, you can't do it you're going to succeed is going to be by the grace of God about what you need is persevering grace so Peter Paul and one was restored in this book and in the verse that we are studying is doing exactly what Jesus said he would do, strengthening his brother to those truths from years ago in one of the Philadelphia conferences on reformed theology.

We had John Gerstner herein was talking about Peter's temptation in denial and he said somewhat with tongue in cheek, that there is some of our hymn books that Peter wrote Peter did not actually write it, but it certainly expresses Peter in his confidence before his fall may be something it's not an argument, but I have actually heard a song that has a line in it. Lord, we are able right trampled kind of thing.

Lord, we are able. What Gerstner said as Peter found out he was not able and after that he revised the him and him now reads Lord we are not able, that's absolutely true. We are not able going to stand. It's only because God himself is going to do the work to make us stand at the second half of the stocks about the gives us four things that God will do. I mentioned a moment ago that in some respects, new international version is closer to what the Bible actually says that the King James version, King James version turns his benediction and will wish my God do it and the new international version captures the tense of the verb's right. It says God will do it, but in one respect the King James version is closer because what you have in the verse of the end are for birds that list for things that God says he's going to do for believers. For some reason. NIV breaks out, saying that God will himself restore you and make strong firm and steadfast suppose they think that reads better in English but want that text actually says is that God will perfect you got will establish your God will strengthen you and God will settle you.

No additional words is just as those for verbs in the future tense, so there's a very strong listening to what Peter tells us, God will do is what he did for Peter and what to do for us as well… Look at the first one is that God will affect you know the word which is translated perfect in the King James version means to make fully ready or complete way in which that is used is to prepare the nets use nets and fishing. They get torn and broken. So in between fishing trips. The fishermen will mend their nets restoring that's what that word is now. That's one reason why I imagine the new international version translators translated it restoring about a broken neck so you repair it to make it ready restore the Natalie translated that way, but what it really means is to make the net complete is not restoration but Peter is thinking of here spoken of suffering and his ideas, not the work to be restored from suffering, but rather that suffering is used by God to complete perfect what he's doing with us.

We approach another way also speaks of grace in the way he speaks of it is this. He says the God of all grace will restore you. What he means by that is a God is gracious and is the source of every grace we need in order to be complete in him and stand against Satan is another way we can think of it, you know, in the sixth chapter of Paul's letter to the Ephesians you have a listing of the Christian's armor all that is provided for us by the grace of God and if you go down that list of things you have an idea what this means the God of all grace.

Paul reminds us there in exactly the same way Peter is reminding us here that we do have a great and powerful enemy were fighting. He said not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers powers of wickedness in heavenly places. Powers that stand behind the powers of this world that are real battle is, but he said look, God is provided. What you need belt of truth buckled around her waist. Breastplate of righteousness your feet fitted with a readiness that comes from the gospel of peace and the shield of faith to extinguish all of the fiery darts of the enemy and the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. All the sword of the Spirit is our weapon. That's the word of God that he's given us the other things I am convinced have largely to do with Christian character saying is that God will work in you to create those aspects of character, righteousness, truth and faithfulness by which you will be able to stand. You can do that in yourself. God will do that. That's what it means when it says God will affect you and bring you to be what he really wants you to be in Christ Jesus.

The second verb is this verb establish in the idea conveyed by this verb is that we are to be established in a firm defensive position so that the attacks of the devil are not going to dislodge us when he attacks as he certainly is going to do when it was established is going to be able to hold his or her ground. Now we have any understanding of ourselves, we certainly should have concern we think about Satan attacking us.

Think of all of the things that Satan could do ask questions like this, we might say what am I ever going to do. Satan should attack our home.

How am I ever going to stand up Satan should attack our marriage should attack the children what I should lose my job or my health. What about my Christian witness. Suppose I get into position at work where they are forcing the either the can form to the wrong actions the immoral decisions of the company or lose my job.

Like really be able to stand firm's Christ of the circumstances say those are very valid questions. Those are not groundless concerns because you know your heart should begin to know something of our hearts as we live the Christian life. You know that is very possible for us to abandon Christ turn our back on them in just such circumstances, Peter himself did you see what Peter is saying in the stacks of the great promises of God will establish you just as he established me it's true I fell once I was turned back for my kind of confident self quality on established me and put me up on a foundation so I won't be shaken anymore. The third of these verbs, God will strengthen you caries is just a little bit further establish has to do with the defensive position strengthen is that it with an offense of against Satan.

It's a way of saying that God will give us the strength to resist them actually attack him when he attacks us. That's why the status of the previous verse resist the devil stand against him because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings and finally, this is last were God will settle you that word means to be made to rest upon a foundation like strong building on a solid foundation. So it's not going to be shaken. Jesus used that image like that in the sermon on the Mount berries folk of somebody trying to build their life house without a foundation. When the storm comets swept away. But he said those who hear my words and do them or are those who build upon a solid foundation: the floods of this life, you're not going to be swept away. That's what Peter is saying here God settle you upon the foundation. One way of looking at Satan's attacks is to say that what Satan is trying to do is get us off the foundation tried to dislodge us from Jesus Christ and one of the things that God is doing is to establish as upon the foundation of God in his wisdom actually uses the attacks of Satan to make a strong and settle us more firmly of the teachings about suffering and persecution in the Bible is a God who uses it for his and Satan intends it. For one, and God uses it for his and Paul spoke about that in Romans were he said this is why we rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance.

Perseverance produces character, and character produces hope that's exactly what happened. Peter himself, Peter thought before he was tempted that he could stand by himself. He wasn't settled upon the foundation of all was self-confident, but once he had fallen and was restored settled upon the foundation become closely to Jesus Christ.

That's what we have to do as well. I said at the beginning of this study that way Peter encourages us in the midst of these things is the plainest of the eternal glory is our way of talking about our destiny. God is determined for us to be one-day in his presence and he does that. Here God who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ. Grace perseveres with us precisely so we might come about eternal glory is a very interesting word. It's not an easy word to define the Hebrew language has two separate words for it, both of which are translated versions. One is the word come on, has to do with weight say somebody who is weighty, morally weighty and character is worthy of our honor and member talking about God is worthy of our glory. Glorifying him worship second Hebrew word is the word Shekinah and that has to do with the light. It's quite a different idea refers to splendor of light were told again and again in the Old Testament surrounds God perhaps is an expression of the act salute purity of God is why we can approach God is like approaching the son we can't do it would destroy any of us to try to do it.

So those two words are used in the Old Testament to capture the idea of God's glory. In the New Testament. You have the word side. It has to do largely with Martha glory because a doxology based on the word is those words in which we ascribe glory to God are we acknowledges character we worship him, so that word is used to embody both of the ideas of the Old Testament to give you one text makes clear how that is used Psalm 24. Lift up your heads oh you gates you ancient doors of the King of glory will command say that using the word of God himself, and then asked the question, who is the King of glory and the answer comes, the Lord Almighty is the King of glory so it's teaching that God alone is worthy of our worship be allowed in the ultimate sense is glorious on the problem with that word comes when we realize that is also used in connection with our destiny. We don't have any trouble when we use the word of God. We say he alone is worthy of glory. He alone is glorious.

He's the one who was surrounded by light and approachable, but how in the world that were supposed to be applied on us choose what Peter is doing here in this verse is that you're prepared to that eternal glory. One thing it could mean is that we are prepared to be with God eternal glory could be in God are going to be with him one night. That of course is true. But when we look at the way the word is used throughout the New Testament we find that meetings and go beyond that we ourselves are going to be glorified. What were taught, so we say well how the world we have to understand that you know the name of CS Lewis brilliant apologist, very fresh thinker word comes the biblical material.

Perhaps the greatest thing that CS Lewis ever wrote in my judgment as an essay called the weight of glory, and certainly a brilliant essay in which he studies this matter glory and offer some ideas when I find it very very helpful. He admits at the beginning of for years is ideal glory seemed unattractive to them because he thought of it in two ways.

Either his fame very close to what I'm talking about arouses luminosity a set of a thought of our being glorified in the first sentence seemed wicked. Why should we want to be glorified. Christian should want to be famous I that's God we ought to be praising God. So the idea seemed wrong and then as far as the second ideas concerning Sidwell who wants to appear like a great electric lightbulb. I didn't seem to make sense, but we began to think about a little bit and he found out as he discovered it studied a little bit that this idea of wanting to receive the approval of God really is not a wicked idea what got him on the right track with realizing how Jesus said on the number of occasions that if you're going to get to heaven has to be like a little child that is in the simplicity with which a child will come began to think of a child approval and he said this he thought about it, he realized that the most natural thing and proper thing in the child is the pleasure that a child has when it is approved by those in authority if the child does something and the father of the mother praises the child.

The child is pleased that his point is that's absolutely proper now he says it's a match since you say that we have to begin to think of our being glorified. It's true, we can pursue morning in the wrong way we can pursue it in the sense that we want to receive more glory than someone else. So whenever we think that way is our old sinful nature entering into corrupt but pursued in the right way, you say there is a right pleasure at being praised by God and it's actually as Lewis said humility of a childlike sort, because what we are acknowledging is that this is due to God alone, and what is done in us what Lewis says here is that the day will come when were going to stand before God. The having persevered with us under the and and he is going to look upon us and be pleased at what he sees.

He says when he looks at us. God mad day when we stand before his throne, and put it in these terms is all been worthwhile all that business of sending my son Jesus Christ to die for that simpleminded life of that sinful woman to have been hung up on the cross and work all that suffering all that persecution all that pain that ignominious that it's all been worthwhile because this sinner is by the work of my son Jesus Christ become what I wanted him to be. He is not like my son.

She is now like my son I absolutely satisfied. I am very well pleased say when you begin to think of it that way. It really does take on a dimension that is glorious and when we hear God say that of us were going to be well pleased to because we've done anything.

We have offered to God is our sin. God is cleansed us from our sin in Jesus Christ were going to be pleased that he is pleased by from taking any glory to ourselves, for what is happened were going to offer it all up to him. There's that wonderful scene in revelation with the Saints when they stand before the throne, take off their crown grounds. They been given because of the triumphs that they want for the cause of Jesus Christ and they lay them down before the throne way of saying anything we've achieved. It's been by your grace and it's for your glory.

Lewis says that the opposite of glory is to be ignored by God to be rejected, exiled and estranged to be glorified is to be noticed, welcomed, received and acknowledged, and M. I give you a quotation from this essay we take the imagery of Scripture. Seriously, if we believe that God will one day give us the MorningStar anything in writing about blab and cause us to put on the splendor of the sun and is been writing about that, then we may surmise that both the ancient myths in the modern poetry though they are false, as history may be very near the truth is prophecy presence here on the outside of the world the wrong side of the door we discern the freshness and the purity of the morning but they would not make us fresh and pure. We cannot mingle with the splendors that we see the leaves of the New Testament to rustling with a rumor that it will not always.

Someday, God willing, we shall get in human souls have become as perfect and voluntary obedience is the inanimate creation is at its lifeless medians and I will put on exploring rather greater glory in which nature is only the first sketch I Lewis was a professor of literature. Carson wasn't a theologian, acknowledges that, as a matter fact it is very essay he acknowledges that much of what is written is undoubtedly simply human speculation but you sees captured something of a wonder Peter holds out for us as he talks about the destiny for which God has prepared us and for which he is keeping us by his persevering race. What he saying is that we have become the objects of God's electing and sanctifying grace because God perseveres with us one day you're going to stand before him and hear him say well done good and faithful servant and we will be approved, should not transform the way you and I go through kind of things we experience now suffering as understandings slights the hearts that you and I know one English writer WH Burley thought so he wrote these words let us press on inpatient self-denial except the hardship shrink not from the loss.

Our portion lies beyond the hour of trial are crown on the cross prayer father, we thank you for the persevering grace that you have showered upon us, and by which we are For that glory imperishable know that if we were left to ourselves. There's no way in which we could stand even for a moment.

Certainly not against Satan but not even against the little slights that we received from neighbors and people stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our work. Father here in this text we have a great promise in the promises that although we can persevere.

You will persevere with us and you will perfect us and establishes and strengthen, and settle us and keep us until that day to stand before you.

Father, we praise you for it and we rejoice in what you have done and will yet do for the sake of Jesus Christ we pray in his name you're listening to Bible study hour with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance exists to promote a biblical understanding and worldview. Drawing upon the insight and wisdom of reformed theologians from decades and even centuries gone by.

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