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NRB Chronicles - Miracles In Action - God's Comfort After The Loss of Two Sons

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 6, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - Miracles In Action - God's Comfort After The Loss of Two Sons

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 6, 2021 5:00 am

Angela Alexander shares her story of the loss of two of her children in a car accident and the Miracles in Action of what happened next

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So we are so lucky to be live on the convention floor of the National Religious Broadcasters Convention 2021. And I have with me, Angela Alexander, and she is obviously clearly a broadcaster and an author, and she does films and children's books, and all sorts of stuff.

Just very fruitful, Angela. So tell us a little bit about your story. You know, how did all this happen? Well, this happened, I was in Japan on military duty. Really?

Yes, Air Force Reserve. And I was working with a group of people, and Lieutenant Mevechi came up to me and said, Alexander, I need to speak with you. Now, this was April Fool's weekend, so I just thought, you know, it was going to be another joke. So we start walking and talking about nothing.

And we end up at the door of the small office, and inside was a man who was introduced as a priest. He began nervously shaking, holding this paperwork from the Red Cross, and he says, Angela, your family has been in a car accident. And from the looks on their faces, I knew this was no April Fool's joke. The day before, my husband and four children was driving down the highway in California, and a car cut them off. Our truck hit the center divider, and a poor impact, they were all knocked unconscious. My husband and four children crossed the highway and fell 25 feet below, and landed upside down on top of two other parked vehicles with people inside those cars.

Praise God, our car put on their engine and not the roof. So the people inside those vehicles were extremely shaken up, but they were okay. However, my two 8-year-old sons passed away instantly. They weren't twins? They weren't twins. Out of the four children, two were biological and two were foster. Maurice was my biological son, and Roger was my foster son, but they were both 8-years-old at the time.

And since then, I have retired from the Air Force and wrote my autobiography titled, Miracles in Action, Turning Pain into Power, and Grief into Peace. And it's titled that because although they passed away instantly, God allowed both of them to write and leave behind these incredible goodbye letters. Maurice did not know about Roger's letter.

Roger definitely did not know about Maurice's. They individually listened to the Holy Spirit and obeyed. There was nowhere for anyone to survive. The spirit was pinned down to my husband's lap.

Nobody was thrown from the truck. It was miraculous that they survived, but God did that. They walked away. Wow.

Okay. So then there were the letters. And how did you find the letters? The only two people who wrote home, the only two people who went home to our heavenly fathers, the only two people who wrote goodbye letters.

The letters, oh my goodness. The next day, I was on that 10-hour-plus plane ride from Japan to Los Angeles, and in the midst of my storm, I was just thinking. And about an hour into that flight, I sat straight up in my seat as I remembered this letter. Maurice had written about a month before the car crash. He was eight years old in the third grade. He had a math test at school, finished early, and received his A. Now, he had to be quiet while his classmates completed their test. And in that quiet time, he wrote this letter to me, my husband.

Now, Paul, he had never written us a letter before, so this is not one of many or any. And he ran in the house from school the afternoon. He shouted, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Daddy, I wrote you a letter. I wrote you a letter.

He was so excited. And I said, little boy, what do you mean you wrote us a letter, or where are you going? And he says, nowhere, I just love you. And the three of us at the foot of our bed, we read his letter loud, and he wrote three pages not only expressing that he loved us, but explaining why he loved us. And at the end of all three pages, he wrote the words, bye-bye, B-Y dash B-Y, and that's the bye and bye, and we'll see each other again. Oh, my goodness, and oh, I wish the listeners could be sitting where I'm sitting right now, because she has these letters laminated, and they're sitting right in front of me, and you clearly see the young man's handwriting was good.

Yes, yes, yes. And look, wow. And on that plane ride coming home from Japan, this is the sentence that really got me through, because I could have felt guilty about not being there, and I remember he wrote, he says, if I got to choose a mom, I would choose you. Now, the Holy Spirit knows everybody from the beginning to the end of time, and he knows all of my faults, and with all of that, he still would have chosen me to be Maryse's mother, and that let me know that all is in God's divine order.

Wow, that's painful. So there was another letter? Yes, so the Thursday before the double memorial service, I was praying in my kitchen, and crying and praying, dear God, thank you so much for Maryse's letter. It is truly the reason I can stand here right now, but I need to know that Roger was also at peace.

I really do, and God laid one word in my heart, and he said to search. I said search, and my house was filled with so many people, so I went up to my son's bedroom, I started going through the clothes in the closet, the books on the shelves, I searched my house over three hours, didn't find anything that I prayed, trusted, and believed for. But as long as God can create it, as long as God can orchestrate it, that night was open house at my children's elementary school. We went to Angela's class, Angelina's class, Maryse's class, somehow when I walked in his classroom, this hush just came across the room, because the parents didn't know what to say to me, and I did not know what to say to them. But the children just circled around me because they wanted to tell me how much they loved and already missed their friend, Maryse. And then we made it to Roger's second grade class, and I spoke to his teacher, Mrs. Blasy, and I asked like all the other parents did, what did my son do for open house?

So two weeks before the car crash, Mrs. Blasy gave all her second graders all kinds of arts and crafts supplies and said, do something for open house, your parents are coming, with no other instructions. Well God designed this opportunity for Roger, all their projects are safe and to the wall, Roger cut out the shape of a house with closed doors. I took it down, I opened it up, and it says, I have a big backyard and a big house! And I said, wait a minute, wait a minute, stop right there, because we actually have the smallest backyard on the block.

And then I had to remember when he wrote this, he was in transition mode. He was referring to his heavenly home, where he does have a big backyard and he does have a big house. And on the right hand side of their home description, he sent out a tombstone. And on this tombstone, he wrote three powerful words. He wrote dead, men, joy. He sure did. Now this is an eight year old little boy using the word men.

But men is the plural noun for all of us. But God also wants to have a personal relationship with you, so he had Roger draw a picture of himself beneath those words on a tombstone. Two weeks before he passed. On the opposite side... That's clearly a tombstone because it says dead men. Oh yes. And so that's Roger?

That's Roger. And on the opposite side of the home description, he cut out a second tombstone and this one says dead men jammed and drew a picture of his brother Maurice beneath those words. Dead men joy, dead men jammed. I almost fell to my knees in that second grade classroom. What is the jammed?

Because Maurice is always dancing, jamming around the house. And so you know, I set myself up joyfully jamming with Jesus. Amen? Wow. Isn't that... Isn't that amazing? I still get chills when I read these letters of how good God is to me. Because remember, I just pray I was early that day.

God, I need to know that Roger is at peace. And this is what God gave me that very evening. And so when I was writing the memorial program... Hey, so what I'm going to do, listeners, because this just doesn't have the same power without... Would you mind opening that up again so I can take a picture? And we're going to post this at our website like, oh my goodness.

You have to see this to actually even believe what it is that you're seeing. Like, oh my gosh. Isn't that amazing?

One of those pages of the other letters that say bye-bye on the bottom. Like, oh my goodness. God, how merciful are you? Just like, I am... Hey, I understand it all. And when I was writing the memorial program, God said, Angela, their letters are written to soothe your soul, but more importantly to share. And that's when the arguments began. I was like, oh no.

I was like, what I'm not going to do. Because it was so hard to even just say their names. Just grieving was just so hard. And God said, I want you to share this testimony. I said, what do you mean a testimony? But I knew what he was talking about because I was so grateful for these letters.

I knew it was a testimony, but I was like, who am I to share such an amazing testimony? And for six months I was in disobedience and I wish I was obedient right away. But I just... I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think straight. And finally I woke up and I said, God, I surrender all.

Use me as you choose to. So we have the book, Miracles in Action, Turning Pain and Grief into Action. Just a beautiful, wonderful book.

And then there's the video, which obviously then you get to see. But then there's this child, the children's book. I find that and I take it. So what I really love about this children's book is it's in this book right here, right here.

This is Maurice's letter in the book. Yeah, how cool is that? Isn't that cool? And right here they can see this. And this is just beautifully illustrated. Oh my goodness. And to see... This is my favorite.

I know they can't see it, but that's the last day I saw four of my children with my uniform on headed to Japan that morning. Oh my goodness. It tears me up just to look at it. And this right here, this is Roger's letter in the book right there.

And I put an envelope in the back here for a child or mother to write a keepsake to put a letter in there for their loved one. So I am just in awe. And God gave me a vision of a movie. So I truly believe and I'm just praying, trusting and believing this is the reason I came here to N.R.B.

for that divine connection. Because there's so much more to this testimony that I can't even share with you right now. But this is just this point where God said, okay, now it's time to write about your whole story. And my husband said, did you have to put all of our business in your book? Yes, I did.

Yes, I did. Because what we went through on Monday, somebody else went through on Tuesday. And the whole thing is now is to help other people turn their pain into power and their grief into peace.

Oh my goodness. Again, Angela Alexander. And so she's here at the N.R.B. to share what God's given her a passion for.

So I happen to know a lot of people that make movies. So tell me about that vision. From the very beginning, you know, he tried not to tell me too much because it was scaring me. Because even when writing the book, I was like, who am I to stress out an amazing testimony? And God said, you're my daughter. And he gave me this vision of me just speaking to thousands, you know, just sharing how good God is on your darkest days. So, you know, we say God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

But I truly believe that statement even on my darkest day. And we have to search for our miracles. And when we say miracles are always in action, you know, that's just not when the light bill got paid, you know, at the eleventh hour.

What happened when the light bill got turned off? Are you still praising God? You know, we can see all those movies where, you know, the child survived at the last minute.

But what happens when that child goes home? Are you still praising God? And that's what God told me to step in and show people, to be an example of praising God even if your child does come home to me. And I tell you, I'm that person. And I'm here to praise God in the midst of my storm. And this movie was to bless millions of people, all corners of the world, just to let people know that God will never leave you or forsake you.

And He never has. Where did that tissue fall? Yeah, I didn't know I was going to... I didn't know I was going to cry up in here. No, of course. Well, you got me crying, so it's just going to happen. But, you know, it's such an amazing thing that God is there for us in moments such as this.

And so I think how beautiful it is that He's entrusted you with this. Where do you live in? I live in Southern California. Oh, really? Do you? Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

So, you know, there's a lot of people that make movies in Southern California. I know, and I wish I could meet them. You can. You will. Yes. Today, probably. Amen. Because I interviewed all sorts of people. I pray for God's divine connections and appointments.

Yeah. Well, that's beautiful. Well, again, we will have Angela on our live show soon.

And when I do, I have the pictures and all this. You can see that God has a powerful message that He has for all of us. I guess to know that no matter whatever happens, He is going to... Be there.

He's going to have something for your heart to let you know. What was meant for evil. God meant for good.

He meant for good. That's beautiful. Angela, God bless you. Amen. If He really has, for me to stay here in my right mind, He really has. Thank you.
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