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The Key to Prophecy, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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July 6, 2021 8:00 am

The Key to Prophecy, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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July 6, 2021 8:00 am

A lot of people think biblical prophecy is a complicated subject. But Dr. Tony Evans says that it doesn’t have to be if you’ve got the right key to unlock it. Discover the point of prophecy (and everything else in the Bible) when you join Dr. Evans in this lesson.

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Dr. Tony Evans is the point of prophecy and everything else in the district drivers for Jesus Christ because celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative. A lot of people think biblical office is a complicated subject, Dr. Evans, as it doesn't have to be if you got the right key to unlock it. Let's join him as he explains this master key. I want to go to the central verse for today. Revelation 19 verse 10 Revelation 19 verse reads that I fell at his feet to worship him.

But he said to me, do not do that. I am a fellow servant and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. So that the prophetic know that we will is the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the key prophecy and history revolve around Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 1 verse 10 says you administration suitable sometimes that is all things in Christ and things on earth as God's history when God looks at history and God perceive time and space. He says when God's arithmetic when he does his mathematical formulas of all things in Jesus Christ. Both in time something makes sense of the prophetic calendar which we're going to go over and how you fit into it.

What the world around us and what you can look forward to the uncertainty tomorrow is related to a person, Jesus Christ. Now that we've established the key spirit of prophecy. We want to move now to understanding that Jesus Christ is not only a piece of prophecy of prophecy of words. Prophecy only exists because of him.

God decided to create beings that would mirror back to him his own image and beings were called Angels organized according to a chain of command hierarchy and at the top of the chain was Angel in charge named Lucifer the word means shining he was. Angel was Angel superstar Bill 28 talks about this shining star. And how elegantly was right in the most magnificent jewels he existed in and talks about his pipes to the building site with his wife to talk with worship and remind them of the job used to lead all the other angels in the worship of God to reflect back to God's glory. But according to Isaiah chapter 12 the only domestic God complex. I want to start his own kingdom.

I want to start is no establishment in passing, I want to be like the most about God that we could create anything you doing you know was a creature was created because he was leaving the worship of God. But there was something about God that he wanted badly, and he said I will be like you actually it was apparent understand what he wants because your teenager wants independence and so develop a coup d'tat rebellion against God. In this rebellion. The Scripture says one word of all angels followed him, which will tell you how powerful this meeting is that all the other angels who living under God looking to God depend upon God's could be tricked by this. So God created a place called hell that would be good judgment against the living God. This fee was picked to the third planet from the sun to make a long story short, we come to the end of the Old Testament and the 400 year filing.

Before the beginning of Matthew the beginning of the New Testament. The New Testament begin. The New Testament begins with a genealogy the most boring parts of the Bible got a little because I was a once I got to do with the price of tomatoes. It gives a genealogy if you started genealogy usually somewhere and stop the genealogy, God has to skip people and bring in outside auditors like Ruth and tali got a great game and get the prostitute in on this to make sure that the sadism tampered with by the time you get the map in chapter 1 verse 16 it says who was married to Marek Jesus was born because the proper size that saved come through the line of David, but I couldn't have. So Joseph was legally in the line but not likely in the line you got to go to Luke where talks about the genealogy of who was so Joseph married James's got the Legoland Joseph and Mary and so he qualifies to be the king. In other words all through history and no man he could depend on. Because every man what was became a man, became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and other words he was fulfilling his promise because Jesus Christ is the cause of my prophecy and fulfillment of the word of God, you are living the story you don't understand that it is just regular born to live and to have a family event.

You don't get it much more dynamic and much more critical part of the scheme that is taking place in the unfolding story: this story so Jesus is not a piece of prophecy calls a prophecy exist. All of the fulfillment of Jesus Christ in history that leads to 1/3 thing.

Jesus Christ is the content of prophecy. Luke chapter 24 verse 27 the disciples on the Emmaus Road event miscarriage because Jesus died in but can't find her that there was a resurrection, but they haven't seen a human Jesus shows up a little recognizing when he says in verse 27 the beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, he Jesus explained to them the things concerning himself and all the Scriptures Jesus explained the things concerning himself beginning with Moses and the prophets and all the Scriptures lay up and stand at this point there is no New Testament. The New Testament has been written yet. All they have is the Old Testament. Jesus shows up and they all depressed and Jesus opens up his Bible started with Moses and the prophets basically leave the Old Testament and he started talking about himself from the Old Testament and New Testament.

Let me explain some I know you heard about Daniel and the line doing the three Hebrew boys got hit you with the Sunday school. We would send school we learned all the stories Jesus Sentinel Old Testament is about me everything you read in the Old Testament inside fooled all some passion pointed to me, which means if you miss me you miss the Old Testament makes me think of a book of Matthew Matthew the Transfiguration Took Pl. in Matthew 17 Jesus invites his homeboys, Peter, James and John. This posse once he was most intimate with invites them to join him on the mountain they go up on the mountain going up on the mountain and while Jesus is standing on the mountain, Moses and Elijah show that the Old Testament Moses not in his body was hidden. The bike identify Moses by the Bible says God hid his body. Elijah was rapture when we think of the church he was rapture, but they will show up in the mountain so enraptured you still very much alive, which is why you have to fear death because your soul will show up.

Remember, Jesus said he told Moses and the prophets, Moses wrote the first Bible to the Bible. The prophets were responsible that that was a summary statement of the Old Testament, Elijah Bingley prophets so guess what showed up at the mountain Old Testament but guess who it is. New Testament Peter, James and the apostles wrote the New Testament got all New Testament standing right there with you in the sample on the monitor figuration is not where is Bill some Tabernacles churches, one for Moses, one for Elijah Jesus.

That's when Jesus disrobed he unbuttoned his humanity and revealed the Bible says he began to show like a bright light as the glory of God shown with him so much and so that the disciples had to bow down and cover their face.

It was so bright and overwhelming, and when they did, it says heaven opened up and the boys came out of heaven. This is my beloved son. Now three Tabernacles just made him all because he is the content of prophecy. Dr. Evans will come back with more of our message in a moment, including a look at why for some people. The Bible is nothing more than a dead book that's coming up after these reflections from Tony on 40 years of God's faithfulness. Little did I know that he would take humble beginnings and turn it into an international ministry. Now 1400 stations daily hundred and 30 countries around the world reaching hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people with the truth of God is now using social media in all manner of ways, and the impact individuals and families and churches and even communities would take us on all levels of society from the homeless person to the White House bringing God's truth my praise God for 40 years of his favorite Tony said that the more people who meet Jesus more lives will be transformed. It's a simple equation is the driving purpose behind this ministry.

None of what we do here would be possible without the faithful contributions of people like you and that's why I want to let you know about a special package we put together is her way of saying thank you, when you make a donation to keep this ministry going.

It starts with her current two volume 12, message, audio collection, prophecy, and our world and enclose a copy of Tony's popular book prayers for victory in spiritual warfare. Together, this powerful package will help you better understand what God's design for this world and give you the tools to help overcome personal struggles as you walk through its unfolding plan. This information is so important we like you to have a copy of prophecy in our world and prayers for victory in spiritual warfare is our gift when you make a donation to help support the work of the alternative. But don't wait. This offer will only be around for a short while details are waiting for you can also sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again that's Tony or call our 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 like one of our friendly team members help you. That's 1-800-800-3222. Right now Tony's back was part two of today's lesson Jesus because it is all I went Jesus Christ as the centerpiece of when you are in trouble with the law. You don't just need a law book. You need a lawyer when you say you don't just need a medical doctor. When a criminal is after you just need a Penal Code you need a policeman living representative of what the book is all about. When you want to try Chapman and when the book got delayed until the information with no transformation of God as it is new to the son of God, because the son of God connection with finally Jesus is the culmination of prophecy as well of prophecy is headed. The 15th versus 24, 28, you got this balance ball going back between the father and the son son father son son goes out and build the kingdom and the sun turns around the turn of the kingdom, and the father turns around and praises the sun. They just keep paying back and you are not in the middle of the Trinitarian events and he says I will do my redeemed people understand that all of history culminates around me around Jesus Christ and that is why God measures his relationship with you by your relationship to him.

You don't get say and you don't get to live life as it was planned without you don't get victory without deliverance with healing without help with because it's all about so that one song sung about him than any other human. This Jesus never went more than 300 miles from the place where he was born. And yet there is no place on planet golf don't know about where people because God meant history to revolve around Jesus Christ in the Bible. The classic God has determined that the deity would God is not impressed that you believe in God. What impresses him is what you did with his son Jesus Christ. You talk about God all day long and nobody knows what you're referring to the patio where you are God to me may not sell the way God knows that you are talking about the God that is if your identification with Jesus Christ you never get in trouble for believing in God, you might have a headache believing in Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ has identified God to that's why Philippians 211 said it is not the name of Jesus, that every knee will bow the name of Jesus, that every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of the father only gets excited when he is a big meal being made of Jesus Christ. So if you are ashamed of Jesus.

The Bible says the father will not if you're trying to play it safe. If you're trying to be popular because you want to put it this way is that I am not ashamed of the gospel is the power of God unto deliverance to all who believe in Jesus. Individual national objectives.

If you believe in, if you confess with your mouth that God has raised Jesus from the day that's where deliverance comes.

That's why when you pray, you price and I ask this in the name of Jesus because it See that Jesus is front and center. God is not taken seriously. This is all about.

My son when living in a political day when everybody's talking about the candidate that interested in the candidate they're voting for Bumpus because on the call put placards in the God put posters on billboards talk about around the water fountains talk about the debate about who won and who lost their fall and will bear against doing unapologetically that there candidate, but none of those candidates is perfect. None of those candidates has redeemed you none of those candidates can't forgive you.

None of those candidates you want, was born on the verge of a perfect life, substitutionary death, from the day is coming back again to tell me you can't say Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with the final story about importance of standing up for Jesus.

Stay with us. In the meantime, if you'd like to get the full-length version of today's message to reviewing your owners share with your family, friends, or small group. It's available as a part of Tony's two-volume series, prophecy, and our world. And don't forget, for a limited time will send you all 12 messages in this collection is a way of saying thanks when you make a contribution to help keep this program coming your way. Get the details before time runs out. When you visit Tony and as an added bonus will also include a copy of prayers for victory in spiritual warfare.

A proven resource that is already being used by over 100,000 readers in the special keepsake addition includes a luxury cover that looks and feels like leather. Don't wait contact us right away to make all the again that's Tony or if you prefer team members are also standing by to help with your resource requests when you call any time.

1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222, when Israel rejected Jesus God on choose his chosen people will find out tomorrow as Dr. Evans talks about the relationship between Israel and the church right now though he's back with the final story to wrap up today's message for those web store downtown to pray for the city Council said no that was available. Don't mention Jesus because that's going to offend just mentioned. In other words, they wanted a generic religion. So I went down there and I said my heavenly father.

The city Council is asked me to pray for their meeting today. I can only assume that they want me to make contact with you so since you told me the only way I can make contact with you is through the person of Jesus Christ and I come to you in his name.

First of all I thank you for creating the city Council reviewed and create. They couldn't be, and according to Colossians 1 everything that was made was made by Jesus Christ. Jesus, that they decisions today don't know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Pray that Christ, if you want me because I am not going to be ashamed of some kind given me a.the alternative, Tony celebrating 40 years of generous contributions listeners like you

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