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R1638 An Encouraging Word

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 3, 2021 8:00 am

R1638 An Encouraging Word

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 3, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton as we head to the book of Isaiah. That's right.

Isaiah chapter 26 is where will head in just a moment, Dr. Don Wilton would love to encourage you on a daily basis with time in God's word to help you with your quiet time.

Have a wonderful resource called daily Encouraging Word devotional. It's available in a couple of ways you can sign up to receive an email of chronically from our that's TEW sign up today and you'll have in the next 24 to 48 hours in your email box every morning like a hard copy will make that available to you for free as well call us at 8668998668999673 call for your copy today.

I want you to turn in your Bibles to Isaiah 26 okay not might take a little while to get Isaiah going to be in chapter 26 so if you're using a Bible app you gonna need to just put that in Isaiah 26 so this is what I'm I'm going to do for just a minute I can take my bottle back again want to tell you about what I'm about to read to you. So this story that were about to read this event here in Isaiah 26 I'm just going to focus on the first four verses talks about what you and I know about Israel. It was the land of Judah. Judah way back in the history times around long time ago Judah and the king his client had a king and there were a lot of people that came against them. Actually, it's not hard to understand that because in recent events we've noticed is been problems going on in the Middle East. We've all seen that on television. I'm so grateful that they've now got a cease-fire going there because a lot of people getting hurt so the land of Judah you had this this massive group of people. They were gone.

Followers and the people and the lands all around them didn't like them very much and so they began to come against Jerusalem and the people of Judah. There a lot of people that attacked so it was a pretty tough place to be and in the middle of all of this, God gave them a special word so that's what I want to tell you right there right now. First thing I meant to tell you is when I was studying that I realized again how much you and I need an encouraging word so if you want to know what I've called this message to you today and Encouraging Word. I want to encourage you today and it's not my word. It's God's word. I want you to be encouraged. You not have come to understand, I've come to understand that there is a broken heart on every seat in church on Sunday somewhere on every seat is a broken heart. Somebody is hurting and guys hurt is real. I got people that I know that have lost a job, you say will they lots of jobs, not for that person. They can't find the right place. I would people who are hurting physically, I'm good. Some people right now, folks that desperately sick. I mean seriously sick, like they getting ready to go to heaven. I would I would people who live watch their sons and daughters die. I've been around people whose marriage is dissolved is a lot of hurt and regret. So are all I want to share with you today. For a few moments is an Encouraging Word. So let's go and just awesome. First of all what God say to the people of Judah know they were and they will unprotect the land was under attack they people were under attack and the faith was under attack.

Let me read to you the first four verses of Isaiah 26 in that day. This song will be sung in the land of Judah. We have a strong city, God makes salvation.

He sets up salvation. He sets up its walls and ramparts open the gates that the righteous nation may enter the nation that keeps faith, you will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is stayed false because he trusts in you and watch this. This is the greatest part of this promise trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord is the rock eternal. By the way, that little word there.

Most of us don't speak Hebrew right. I'm sure they somewhat speak Hebrew. So I've studied a lot Hebrew and and when you study that would rock Aro CK it actually means Cliff solid Cliff sub back in those days, like if you were to go to Israel right now or the Middle East go to Italy go to the sum of these ancient places like Italy you see so many towns are boot up on a rock. They sit on a fortresslike they build their forts and their homes and the towns on these cliffs and what God was saying is listen you guys understand this. That's way you live.

That's where you bring up your children that's what you have your city where you're a nation where your people and I want you to know you boom the city upon a rock. Because you want protection you want, meaning you want to be safe you want to be encouraged. You want to be able to sleep at night you want to be able to stand firm, the Lord your God am goal hi place I am your solid rock.

I am the one that seeks to.

Therefore, I want you to be encouraged because with you and I'll never leave you. You can take me to the bank because God I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end and I want you to know that I'm exactly who I say I am, that's what he tells us here God in many ways a sign on know what you're going through. I see all these things coming against you.

I funeral your question. I know many times you don't have any nonsense. And sometimes you look at life and you say men where we going where is the school going in what's happening and I'm so very excited. What's happening to our students and we been looking at our boys and girls playing FCA baseball today, but some of you may not know, lost Sunday. This room packed wool toward at 9 o'clock for the student graduation they lead everything these of graduating seniors guys you want to be blessed. Download go to the where and just download just listen to the students singing leading praying and then speaking read for him to guys to.

It was incredible man you not happening. The right here on Wednesday night Wednesday night this Wednesday not a crossfire or our students kind of been a huge crowd of young people. Students under safe tips leadership with Jacob and Deandra and the teams of people that work with tenure. God showed up. They were there was students responding I'm get my facts and figures wrong there but I think they will lock 14 public decisions for Christ. You know that none of our students teenagers gave their hearts to Jesus on Wednesday not guys this is this is students men, the cream of the crop. I'm so proud of our young people God doing something I'm passionate about that. We are passionate about that. That's why we play bowl. That's why we have our FCA leagues. This is this is I want you to get this is serious fun, but this is serious business men so that is what I want to do your ready.

Everybody's gotta get ready for this.

I'm going to give you fall points of encouragement.

Jesus is trusting me on the rock waterfall points that we can shave today. Number one, regardless of where you are and what you going through someone here it is God's school is indeed still, I pray you stay with us. We have the rest of today's message on an Encouraging Word.just a moment. Also want to remind you that this phone number you heard me mention earlier, 866-899-WORD is not just available. Call for your free copy of the Bible guide our daily devotional but it's also a place where you can connect with someone like to listen later. Pray already connect with great resources. That's 866899 word 866899673 email us at eight wiggle discover great resources like this, our nation needs prayer and our founding fathers understood everything that we are is really where on our own. God has a very serious message for America this month for your gift of any amount to the Encouraging Word broadcast ministry. Dr. Wilson's powerful free indeed a lot like the 31 days of prayer for 93 source that will provide encouragement now and for the days and had you will have a renewed focus on the promise and power of prayer and for your freedom class at 86699 word 868999673 to request free indeed and 31 days of prayer for supporting the Encouraging Word as we continue to proclaim the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ to a nation in desperate need of biblical now back to today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton regardless of where you are and what you going on here, God is still on his throne.

So if I was going through the Bible, but so many passages you not look at all these, but in Psalm 47 this is what David says. So yes, David. He's running around from one rock to the next is being chased by everybody, hounded one minute he doesn't know if these are pulled down he's questioning all of these things and this is what he sees in verse two he says how awesome is the Lord God most high.

The great King over all the earth. In Psalm 47 verse seven for God is King of all the earth sing to him Osama price verse site God reigns over the nations.

God is seated on his holy throne. What is he telling us three things number one that God is King overruled the you can shake a stick at anything, let me tell you, God is still on his throne. What is it me, it means that God is King over all the earth. It also literally means that God's over all the nations. God is everywhere anything nations, it means he's in every hello is in every circumstance using every predicament he's in every question and I know people who all struggling with addictions and alcoholism and all kinds of things man God is still on. He strode he's the high rock. He's the solid foundation and a bubble. God is still seated on his throne. When you get to the last book of the Bible book of Revelation chapter 4. You see this picture of Jesus of God on the throne and there's God seated on a throne holding in his right hand. These hand of authority and power and absoluteness the title deed of the year and Jesus Christ is the son of God comes and takes the title deed because he is on the rise by God because he is God and he begins to pop open the seven seals of God's ownership over all the nation. Number one, you know, I've got friends all over the world.

Obviously, in I've had all of us dealing with this covert pandemic overruled these months and I have had friends who been devastated by other churches that are being closed by you know I got a call on Thursday from a pasta like me state of Georgia Monday losing Georgie's possible church like as you know these first words he said to me Doc he said I just want to give up.

So I'm just giving up. I spoke to him for a long time but you know, one of the things our city mouse a dream hey brother, God is still on his throne. Second is a second word of encouragement. Jesus is still Savior of the world you can shake us anywhere you want to do things show that you can be encouraged about God is still on his throne in Jesus the Lord Jesus stole the Savior of the world you know you can go throughout the Bible.

Men book of acts. One of the passages I love to read next chapter 26, when Paul goes before King Agrippa and he sees Timmy's right at the end of his life is about to be seen forth to Rome to be executed following Jesus mean he's at the bottom of the barrel and he says to the king uses King hey listen I just want you to know I know everybody's against me, but I stand firm, because Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. Number one he came to this earth. You know what it means that Jesus came to the service of means that Jesus identifies with me so maybe today you there and you saying man I feel so alone.

I'm going through this Jesus identifies with you know Jesus was even tempted like you and me, yet without sin, because he is God. He came to the suit. He died on the cross for our sin, you know that he still forgives us he gives it he forgives us in two ways because he went to the cross, someone he forgives us for our sin unto salvation is of your sin is not forgiven. Christ cannot come into your heart because our sin separates us from God. So the first time I was truly forgiven was when I went to Jesus and said, Lord Jesus, on a sinner. I know you died on the cross for me and I am sorry for my sin.

I want to invite you to coming to my heart. God forgave me for my sin and came into my heart. I became a Christian man I was saved just like you, but then as a Christian I need to be forgiven is guys when you become a Christian you don't stop sending you love us to take a survey to get all ask how many you consider yourself perfect right now, with the exception of one of two of you may be hardly anyone here would raise your hand and by the way, if you did raise your hand you would be proving to everybody that you are a sinner right so hope you weren't thinking of raising your hand on the perfect side of it no matter what your wife has to say about you.

All right because we are all sinners.

You know what I did this morning. I'm not trying to impress you. When I left my office early this morning and I was about to go preach at 9 o'clock and I just said Lord I know right talk about this right drive me look at me I'm no different to anybody else on the Cinnabon nature and by choice.

I have this little kneeling, but I don't do this every time, but I got down on my knees on this little kneeling bench that a friend made for me to close my eyes and I said Lord Jesus, I know that you went to a cross. Would you forgive me for all of Marson. You know what Bible says he forgave me.

So I'm standing here today as a forgiven person, not a perfect person given person. Would you like that you can. Jesus is still the Savior of the world came to this earth.

He died on the cross and he was raised so that we can have life. One day I'm going to heaven you going. I know that because he's remove the fear of death because Christ was raised from the dead. So I guess two things quickly number one encouraging be encouraged by this God is still on his throne. Number two. Jesus is still the Savior of the world three the Holy Spirit is still our greatest resource, so I have is you do because you're a mom, dad, your coach or teacher discipleship leader your Bible study leader or parents or coaches.

By the way grandparents right all of us so we will have.

I have people every week. Lots of people who come and say to me Doc, I and I need help walk cannot tell you what I tell people to do I'm tenure.

I know some of the most incredible doctors medical people you'll ever meet. I'm today love the Lord, man. They also unbelievable physicians and doctors and we could go on down the road I'm tenure. It's like they are missionaries. It's like they have a ministry. I love the Lord, but they use medicine. We need that I would.

I know so many wonderful Christian counselors you know, I know people who got addictions.

I'm so glad we have celebrate recovery in our church. As we've seen so many men and women be so totally delivered from all kinds of addiction. I tell people all kinds of things but the number one resource we have is the Holy Spirit so we don't have time today I'm I'm praying about doing a series on the Holy Spirit we can unpack all of these things together but you know the Bible says about the Holy Spirit in John chapter 14, in John chapter 14, Jesus said that God the father is going to Sandy's Holy Spirit is going to come. He's going to God he's going to help us is going to get along side of us and is going to minister to us.

You not the Holy Spirit does for us. Number one he enters us number two he fills us.

Number three.

He convicts us and here's my favorite one. He guides us. He guides us. It's like you come up to a road sign and there's the stop sign in the road and your whole life is come to stop and you don't know should you keep going over the road.

You turn left turn right the Holy Spirit guides us God working in us to do that which is well pleasing any sign, and I'm telling you the Holy Spirit is our greatest resource and number four here's the fourth word of encouragement you ready all right. Let me summarize. I will put these down. I want you to forget this, so you can you find yourself in your circumstance.

I want you to say these four things to yourself every time you ever hurting heart every time you wondering what Savior kids every time you wanting to know how to understand what's going on in our world. You see here things on the news when you hear people talk to each other the way they do say these four things.

Number one God is still on your throne. Jesus, you're still the Savior of the world, three Holy Spirit you're still my greatest resource number call.

Thought I'd never get there. Heaven is still preparing to come down.

What is that mean heavens coming down a Revelation 21 says that's at the end of the Bible the end of the world. The Bible says Jerusalem comes down from God out of heaven down to this earth. And God says from his throne. He says from now on I will make my dwelling place among men and women and boys and girls on the headquarters of heaven will be in Jerusalem. That's where eternal life is going to be if anybody ever asks you by the way, where is heaven right now with God. It's God's hope it's where guardians that's why he says when we die we going to be with them right so the Bible tells us in John chapter 14 and verse one and I'm put this on you ready to take this with us to the picnic, guess what Jesus said, let not your heart be troubled you believe in God.

Jesus said, believe also in me.

In my father's house there are many mansions in Avon were not so I would've told I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I don't prepare a place for you will come again and I will receive you to myself, so that way and there you may be also. So what's the fourth will be encouraged. Heaven is still preparing condo.

So here I am, and I found myself in the absent dog court betwixt and between God is still on his throne.

Jesus is still the Savior of the womb Holy Spirit is still the greatest resource that I have in heaven. Still preparing to come down in that great is great. That's our prayer that you've heard more than the great Bible teaching from Dr. today you've heard from the Lord being reminded that he loves you and is a plan for your life but you need to say yes to him. Have you given your life to Christ, or is it time for you to rededicate your life to Jesus. I love the lead you in a simple prayer, Lord God, I realize, and we realize together, Lord, we pray that we know that we have sinned our sin separates us from you, but today Lord, we commit to give our lives back to you to give our lives to you. For the first time, and to commit to make you the one in charge. The CEO of our life.

Lord help us to surrender to you. Thank you that that as we proclaim with our mouth that we believe you are the son of God, and died first that that changes everything that we pray this in Jesus name, amen.

We have wonderful resources we want to put in your hands that effect. We have great team members rated talk to you and 866-899-WORD right now. That's 866-899-9673 or online at OR G. These free resources will help launch you into a new rededication or brand-new walk with Jesus Christ.

Again, coffee or copies at 866-899-9673 or email us at Till next time, take

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