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Prophetic Dreams!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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June 30, 2021 6:07 pm

Prophetic Dreams!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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June 30, 2021 6:07 pm

Mike & Robby discuss prophetic dreams they've experienced - and the ways they've come to fruition - while taking a look at the deeper scriptural meaning.

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Your host Mike Swift. If not for God, Michael Zwick really this is difficult for God putting Mandy's dreams that we was actually went back to us. It was January 13 dream with custard and a cover stone for that show and beginning of the show, you actually hold a couple of dreams and think about those. Can you can you remind us back in January. Mother actually forgot them until we list that shirt is tobacco at and what I remembered was just as absolute K like everybody was fleeing but my family wasn't there by myself. I was trying to make my way to somewhere but even the world was going about was the part that was like really confusing to me and the part that was very convicting to be was in spite of how terrified I was. I didn't cry out to God, and it really really bothered me, but somehow or another I wasn't aware that there was an answer to my problem and everybody was in these uniforms, but they want in uniform. It was just it was total chaos and nobody knew where they were going or why they were going actually was in the tank. At one point I woke up and I got mad at myself over that matter myself because I was looking for my family and had another dream very similar. This time I families in it and I still don't look out for so the next morning. Fortunately, I got to spend some time with God and really this show is helping me see like man I've I've been working on the part of the 16th Psalm were David said I've placed Lord always before me because he is at my right hand I will not be shaken and therefore my hardest, my glory rejoices in my flesh rests in a secure place like that's where I need to be always in prayer. Always there with God at my right hand. It's like man if I could get to that place from even there at night with good that would be a matter fact it says in acts 217.

In the last days, God says I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions in your old men will dream dreams.

Are you saying about well because I've been doing a lot of dream into inside our friend Angela Pierce actually said that to me this past Saturday, but you know what I think about this.

I had never really had prophetic dreams until probably around five years ago and around five years ago I had a dream where her home that we just moved into was being broken into. I told my wife I said that hate the home is actually can be broken into this and she says oh no us and sure enough that week. The home was broken into and that I had another dream where I was dreaming about my son and my son had fallen and it appeared as if you died it was the worst dream of ever, but the next night. Something told me to give her some books in the house and said, take people to get them out of house. I got the books out of the house was like 3 o'clock in the morning. I never do this, but I got the books out of the house and the just some random box, but the next day the next day my son fell and he actually hurt his leg and by the way the books were from a long time and it was from like 15 years ago that my wife and how to whatever and I had just remembered seeing them in something, but my son ended up breaking his leg.

But it was not bad. He ended up heeling about six months. Six weeks later and but something told me after that. If I hadn't of gotten the books out of house, then it could have been different. So I fast-forward, probably a few years now I have a dream where in the stream. There was this guy with long hair who was trying to get me. And so, in the dream he was trying to get me whatever and I just remember I was trying to get away from him.

It was just kinda crazy this that the other and right before I woke up that morning, I saw these green kind of tech looking bugs that were crawling all over my hands and then I wake up and I'm like okay you know I just I just thought it was another drink. As I have other dreams as well, that don't mean anything.

You know, but something about this dream seemed different. After that, and that's why I walked around the side of the house where and all of a sudden I see that green tech looking bug that I saw in my dream I was taking out the trash and I was like a man this means something, some going around selling insurance that ensure enough.

Who is it that I'm driving down the street in Burlington and this guy that I see in the dream is on the right-hand side inner then he tries to hide himself, and I was supposed to pull into the house right across the street where this guy was out well if I hadn't of Ida and I kept driving so I just left.

But I want if I have just pulled into that house right across the street. What would happen so fast forward to gosh this was probably 2020 extra had a bunch of dreams again.

But in 2020. I had had a dream at the beginning of the year where there was just chaos. And I remember everything I talked about it on the show where there was just chaos in America and I remember seeing smoke in the background so I guess it was a fire and I saw a lady with a gun and I hadn't really thought about it that much but I guess if you look back at it now.

There were riots they were setting places cities on cities were on fire and there were people there were armed protesters going around with guns and there was chaos last year so then try to think of what else it was, but then there was something else of his last probably last November were I had it. It was the only vision as far as I've ever had and and I had a vision. It was it was at night and there were people.

It was like wasn't a war war, but people were like fighting each other. It was skirmishes that the only vision I've ever have. That was a vision that I had and then come think was December or January had a dream where Pres. Donald Trump was in the dream there was an American flag in the background and all of a sudden people were screaming or some he was yelling inflation inflation inflation and then I woke up what's funny. The few months after that, people said there's not to be inflation. There's not any inflation in our recently everybody's talking about inflation. The dream I had probably a week or two ago I started off in the dream I was with my wife and kids and all of a sudden we got separated and I never saw them again, but what happened was, was that I kept going along and all of a sudden I remember that the prices of everything just started to skyrocket. Everything started to go high style, the cost of food. What sky and then all of a sudden continuing with the chaos I saw people driving on the grass and people were just going crazy. It was just it was insane and then I remember kind of similar to what you were talking about Robbie. Were you said there was no hope, and I was walking around and it just seemed like there was no hope, and I remember in that dream I did not cry out to God and I wish, but at the end of the dream. The good news was was that I found like a sanctuary and I found a place where there was water, and they gave me something to drink and I remember remember there was peace and then a couple of other things which couple of minor dreams I had one of the dreams that I had. It was a two bedroom condo.

I remember looking at condos before these condos are probably about hundred and $50,000.

In this dream I remember I bought the condo, two bedroom condo and it was $595,000 in the last dream that I had.

It was within the last week it was. My dad was trying to tell me something and he was trying to tell me he was trying to get the words out of his mouth but it was it was like he couldn't sound wouldn't come out. And finally, I pressed then and I said dad what are you trying to say and he said don't take the vaccine don't take the vaccine and then I woke up so here we are there we are sick this morning as I was praying God gives us stuff John chapter 1, you know, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

And that idea some reason, although I love it love it love it. God was like, let's go take a fresh look at that and so I began to look at that and I looked at the cross references and in Proverbs chapter 8 is reading Proverbs 8 last night before I went to bed to go have you see very similar to Russian about wisdom and which in Hebrew is chocolate okay and and don't miss them. Ma and talk tomorrow. Talk about has to do with life. It has to do, but what it describes in that mama sound is a memo which is water but it's long been said that water comes from the wisdom of the Torah which makes perfect sense because Jesus is living water and the ma'am is the first letter in the side and it is the first letter in Moses and other people interconnected with water and when you think about the concept of baptism. So it is interesting to me that you can find water so you're looking for hope. What you need more than you need anything, you need Jesus coming to rescue just simply do and inside of that wisdom that there he would have for you is, again, is it your right hand and and and you're looking for a drink of course your right so is one of the well right and end in and so I think that's a beautiful thing and it's interesting to me.

We were to start a Stu Epperson. He was sitting there with us. A moment ago, making fun of our dreams that my malaise if you talked about and I like this that he's been before goes to bed at night. EPP begins to process a verse begin to use the thought thing and actually if you look back and in Proverbs chapter 8 the next line talks about that wisdom hangs out with prudence and through it you get knowledge with certain devices or when you really study that particular verse. It's really cool because it's almost like to get the knowledge that is talking about a met verse which has wisdom you have to mine name the Torah after mine.

The word of God as you dig deep. Think about it like what's to talk about as you dig deep into that verse or that whatever it is that you're studying before you go to bed. I'm hoping personally that when were in the midst of that that we will actually get to the point where we can call out to God, but nonetheless, there's no doubt he's saying to us Mike you need me Robbie you need me. Yeah we we we need him there was no song that said oh I need you, will I need you every half hour. I need you and and so maybe for a long time and I've heard people say this before that, you know, if we needed an education.

We went to university if we needed a needed something to eat and go to the grocery store. If we needed if we needed anything we could almost kind of get it. We thought on our own, but I wonder if we may be going to a place in our country.

Where were going to have to fully rely on God and NJD Greer like what he said. He said you never know that God is all you need until God is all you have a matter fact go going back to that verse you were talking about John for 13 Jesus said to her, everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again. The woman at the well, but whoever drinks the water that I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water that I give him become in him a fountain of water springing up to eternal life, and this woman said to him, sir, give me this water so that I will not get thirsty in heaven and have to keep coming back here to draw water and so you I wonder if she was really looking for the spiritual just said hey I don't have to come back and get water anymore. I'd I don't know but what you think. It's one of them miraculous passages in the Bible, Jesus gives us insight is what when he says that that water spring out into living water and in the living water is if you're like me manually like your fix to go to bed and craving something you don't know what it is right right like my my wife made me chocolate pudding yeah split little chunks of cream cheese in the light yeah I got mad because this is the stuff of record for and there was, however, after I got done eating, you know what I want.

I was craving something I just don't know what I want but have you noticed how your heart just craves things and I think I really like what Stu said, I'm really good work on that tonight when I start to feel that tins that craving is like the check engine light long flashing in my face. Robbie just what you do saying that Mark is all I need you every hour of each.

My one defense by righteousness the Lord, how I meet. Yeah yeah I want one of the things that I was that I was kind of reminded others that I remember, I told just sold bookstore door with company called Southwestern and I remember when the guy Kevin Johnson was recruiting us to do. He said you know what he said in order to do this job you're in a go all the way across the country are so bookstore door. I went Appalachian State that he said got have a little Daniel Boone and and and that you know it it kind of reminds me of the Christian life where you know we were so use to living in our little box will wonder what if God is gonna take us outside of our box and I remember a book that I recently read and I believe it was by Dr. Michael Yousef just read about and it was in the third jihadist book that he wrote I was where he said in 1900 and the Boxer Rebellion. There were a bunch of us just Chinese people. I don't know if it was the militia or that of the military or who it was but they completely surrounded a Christian missionary site and what they did was they blocked all but one entrance and they were cross on the ground and when they drew the cross on the ground.

This is what they said they said okay you guys are in there if you come out and if you step on the cross… But if you don't step on the cross were to kill you, firing squad to the first seven people all came out and stepped right on the cross. On the eighth person who came out of the young lady and she kneeled down beside the beside the cross to pray and then she walked right around the cross and went to her certain death.

Interesting thing, there were 80 some people who are behind her all 80 some people who are behind her all walk around the cross and killed so it's it's interesting. It tells me that as a Christian.

Not only are we, you know, were responsible for ourselves, but it's interesting that people are looking to us as Christians easy will you're on the radio, no mean they're looking if you're Christian and you and people know that your Christian people are watching you when it in in in that story. Other Christians were watching her, and they followed her lead I thought was pretty awesome, absolutely. In a large government to cover the story that David Jeremiah told that when he found out he had cancer and of course they put it on years of people would he have lymphoma. If I recall any of the stem cell transplant electric quiet time. He says interesting. I've been getting emails ever since about how much stronger my messages have been since I've been having cancer but is that those messages recorded will be here. I had cancer, meaning that people hear it with different ears when they see what's going on in your life and that if you are familiar with my life, the words blessed me at such a note physically over the years and in people. I can't tell you how many people just come to me and said all is so inspiring as I watched you go through cancer or is what you go through the brain abscess or as you know and and you know I remember I not long after the brain abscess and Johnny Hendrix passed away and I'm told that story with you on your before but I went and talked with I spoke at a church that was there in Marksville and the people there were very familiar with my story and what I've been through the hospital, but because of what the Holy Spirit was doing through them watching this again. I give him all the creditors apart from me.

I can do nothing.

Jesus, I can't do anything apart from you. What I gave the invitation that day which the invitation was actually not to give your own heart to Christ but to witness to somebody about Christ.

If that particular church.

I can remember the name of it is a fairly large chart church in Marksville. I was around every single person came forward and I know in my heart of hearts that it had to do with them perceiving you know that you know I stayed remained faithful throughout the different challenges it's it's amazing you know that, but you couldn't be more right that people are watching, and that's a good part of how we were blessed because you know Matthew 28 says, go ye therefore make disciples of all nations, baptizing members by the wisdom of water in the other side of the Holy Spirit right so and you know that's where we really get an opportunity to do it. Sometimes when you think that all man this horrible stuff is happened to me in this horrible stuff that's happening to.

But God allow stuff so that people that you can be on display right because he he is going to think of the verse. You probably know you know where he's can make Satan you know spectacle based on what he does with your faith. Yet he he he he will and in one of the verses that I'm reminded of when you went through the tough time and also David Jeremiah was second Corinthians 12 eight through 10 concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times might depart for me.

He said to be my grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities and reproaches a needs and persecutions and distresses, for Christ's sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong. I was actually talking with the friend Alina yesterday and in the and she prays for people all the time to be healed and she sees like miraculous healings. I've I really believe that she just has the she has the power of faith.

She has the gift of faith in the gift if you it's it's just it's it's awesome but it's interesting the end of the conversation we were talking. She said Mike I've got this the serious health problems with myself and they haven't gone away and my husband also pray for people he's got a problem with his draw and and that's not going away and she was telling me a story about Smith Wigglesworth who was a great faith healer back in the I think the mid-1900s early to mid 1900s and he would pray for people just miraculous stuff happening. People would be instantly healed of cancer. I mean raised from the dead mean litter I mean it was stuffy and then she said he would go home at night and he would be bleeding through his pants from Emirates so it's like you.

It's like even that verse that that that passage just reminds me it's it's so true it's like God can use us, you know, and we think will. God can't use me because I'm broken know God can use you because your broker. I remember when I went through my my first divorce I was younger, but not my second divorce was very embarrassing for and a lot of people knew about and I said well I guess God's not to be able to use me, but that he has and I think it reminds me of Charles Stanley of what what I've heard him talking. He said that since Charles Stanley went through his divorce. He said more people now feel like they're able to relate to him. I dearly love that passage just quoted and for those of you Calvary listeners know that like me and you. We went to Calverley would know who Mark courses was son's name is John, and John was a good friend way. Still good friend but when I got the brain abscess. He came and brought me that her and when he showed it to me. You know, through your weakness. You know he's going to be made strong, and I can't even relate to how many times what God did through for me, through me. Whatever you say. During that time it was through my weakness, that he was made strong and people can relate pretty hard to relate to this superpower Christian elective. I'll do everything they can relate to you when you fail in your break in your week and all these other things and so the audience of the hero of the story. When I am weak and I love what Paul put their commitment. It's it's always been a treasure and I'll never forget who gave it to me when you read it, but when somebody like a good friend comes in Cicero.

The sources you and this time it's a treasure.

I think about all of the dreams that we hide in if they do start to come true and I was talking to Lenny yesterday and and she said Mike can you can you imagine people who have worked their whole lives to build up store up wealth and she said in a matter of moments. It could be all gone on somebody's experience that person right. I love the dealership and down that road been there and and while that's another place that you can be broken and God will show up for you miraculous is what you said so you have one God is all you need. That's all you want, you know, it's just beautiful. What it what is it when it was JD when you never know that God is all you need until God is all you have. But I can imagine you know maybe somebody's listening if there you're putting your hope and money are you putting your hope in insects or your marriage or something else and all of that stuff could fall apart. There's no promise at all that things are going to continue to go well, but it's amazing that when you have the hope of Jesus Christ and you have the hope of eternal life.

Yes, things may get tough things may be bad but we know we know that when we die working to go to heaven, and if somebody's never given their life to Christ. I think right now would be a wonderful opportunity for all you see will be there. He'll be that water when you're done. Thank you that you are the water of the spring that comes up everlasting life. Pray that you would heal our sin and and and take that upon your crosses you did and set us free. We may come to know you and live for you internalized what I thank you so much for this opportunity is truly part of you. We are nothing like the mansion in these turbulent times.

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