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The Perils of Being a Treasure Hunter - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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June 21, 2021 6:43 am

The Perils of Being a Treasure Hunter - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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June 21, 2021 6:43 am

What is the real value of money? The Bible tells us to store up our treasures in heaven — not on earth. So why are we so enticed by worldly wealth? How do we realign our thoughts about money with God’s standard? Part 2.

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As for individuals to work hard and earn money to advance the kingdom of God. That's the reason you want to make money for his glory. Don't start hardware welcome to moments of hope with Dana Chadwick, God's original intent plan for humankind from the beginning was to work. We don't work to earn anything from God. Rather, we work because of God's grace hears David with part two of an inspiring message called the perils of being a treasure hunter worried about that day. Judgment.

Jesus clearly teach when you get to heaven and got ask you, why should I let you into my eternity.

I pray this will be your answer. It will be my calls. I cling to the cross of Christ is because I know we did for me on the cross and by grace through faith been forgiven and the father double-click component that's the truth.

So if you're worried about the day of judgment. You receive Jesus today and you know the gospel of grace, and you never have to worry about facing the father in heaven.

Let me also tell you that even though we are not saved by our works.

Please understand we are saved for good works that is clear in the Scripture, that those of us have been saved by the grace of Jesus are called to work hard for his glory. So one more time.

We are not saved by our good works. We are saved for good works. We are safe for good works, and that's partly what this parable is all about. Even though we now bypass the day of judgment by grace through faith in Jesus, we are still held accountable for our good works in heaven and those who been faithful here who love Jesus with his Mina expanded it will have responsibilities in heaven because we prove our faithfulness here. Well done, good servant, so the application of today's message is simply this, don't shirk hard work. If you're a follower of Jesus, especially don't shirk hard work said with me don't shirk hard work you're called to work hard for the glory of the kingdom.

Your call to make money expand Mina's which were monies in that day for the purpose of expanding the kingdom of heaven.

So how do you do that, first of all, kill complacency, kill complacency have a right view of God, a right view of God. He's not austere and unkind and the fear he is a loving, good daddy who has his best desires for you also realize that work is a good gift from God. In Genesis chapters 1, two, God created the world and original intent perfect from all sin and one of the things God gave Adam to do his work and it's called good God called work good and he said to Adam, first of all dressed kill and keep the land and secondly name the animals. God authored mental and manual labor and he called it good. It's only in Genesis 3 in the fall that man especially starts to work hard to find his identity and his work.

That's wrong. Your work can never give you eternal identity that's a part of the fall. That's a part of sin, but work is a good gift from God that he and Doc desires all of us to use for his glory. In fact, he's given us the ability to be co-create tours with him in this or in this world. Secondly, work hard and earned God would want you to do that the Mina remember is all you are and all you have. Every person on this earth has been given a Mina all that God gives us and all we are, therefore, he wants us to work hard with the Mina that he's given us and expanded for his kingdom hard work.

Michael Jordan in the 1980s was a very slim live gifted athlete. For those of you who know your NBA history.

You know the for three straight years.

The Detroit Pistons eliminated the Chicago Bulls from the Eastern championship. They did so by what Chuck Bailey the coach of the Pistons called the Jordan rules in the playoffs. He put three huge guys a written warning Bill Laimbeer somebody else to always follow Jordan around and whenever he got near the basket to knock him to the ground to take away his physical strength after Detroit eliminated Chicago for the third straight season, Jordan called his personal trainer and he said I've got to get stronger so I'm in LA right now and I'm flying to Phoenix. I'm going to arrive at 2 o'clock in the morning we play the Lakers and now I want you to meet me in Phoenix and I'm to start lifting weights regularly and I'm knocking to miss any time together this personal trainer said to him, will Michael, you're flying into o'clock and we want to meet at seven in the morning to begin reliving programs and no meet me in the lobby at 2 o'clock in the morning. We begin the weight training process. From then on his strength and conditioning coach said Michael Jordan never missed a lift. Whether he was on the road wherever he was. He would always go in, day in day out and get his lips in slowly but surely got stronger and stronger. The untold story of Michael Jordan's extraordinary giftedness is his relentless hard work in the weight room over several years, and for those of you who know your NBA basketball history. You know that was the beginning point for the next year the bulls eliminating the Detroit Pistons in the Jordan rules no longer apply. He was too strong. He overcame it and led to six NBA championships because of his commitment not to shirk hard work Robert half an employment specialist said hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy. John wooden 112 NCAA college basketball championships in a row would always ask his players after every practice and every game that I play the best I could.

Did I give 100% when I played basketball, especially in middle school and high school out always call my dad after game, a goat that had you think I played always want to hear from you also need to just great and he was very affirming. But here's the first question he would always ask me son. Did you give it your best is trying to teach me the value of the work ethic, you can always hold your head high, with hard work, whether you win or lose, you can always hold your head high. If you know you worked as hard as you can.

When I was in high school I wanted to play collegiate basketball morning thing else in the world. I was a relatively gifted athlete, but I have my limitations. 6'8" tall, but relatively white which means I can jump very high, but I would not let anyone out work me. I read a quote from Bill Bradley was an All-American at Princeton play in the NBA Road scholar and he lived by this quote in basketball. He said when I'm not practicing somebody else's practicing and when we meet.

He's going to win. I drove myself. I worked so hard to earn a four-year scholarship to North Carolina because of a work ethic that my dad helped instill within me, let me address the myth of overnight success. We sometimes hear that term. There are very very few success stories but didn't have to work hard to become successful.

For example, the Beatles did. Do you know who the Beatles are okay good, the great rock group from the 1960s they burst onto the scene in 1964, and many people said all sensation did you know the Beatles played over 1200 different gigs and out of the place restaurants and clubs before their first hit ever made it practically everyone who successful is had to work long and hard hours for that success to occur. Malcolm Gladwell wrote the book tipping point said that every successful person usually spends at least 10,000 hours crafting their trade. He said practice isn't the thing you do once you're good is the thing you do to make you good and the fear of failure like this guy was the one Mina had. I was afraid of you. Many of you aren't willing to risk anything because of fear of failure when he first will tell you you're not a failure unless you choose not to get up again you may have failed. So what a lot of people fail. But you're only a failure, your identity being a failure if you never try again.

Most everyone who's been eminently successful, has been a failure. At one time or another in his or her life.

Thomas Edison, for example, the inventor of the electric lightbulb tried 10,000 different ways to invent the light bulb is assistant on the 10,000 failure said aren't you ready to give up Edison responded know now I know 10,000 ways not to do it.

Walt Disney was fired from his first job because like new, creative, imaginative ideas, go figure. Did you know that Walt Disney went bankrupt on three different occasions before he finally succeeded in one way or another. My college coach Dean Smith at one time college basketball's all-time winningest coach in basketball Hall of Fame came North Carolina's coach in 1962. Did you know in 1964 he was hung in effigy by the student body. Not once but twice. The question during that season was not what he become a college basketball great coaches. The question then was the last season. Yet during that time. He told me he learned something very important. First of all, he doesn't control a whole lot you can only do the best that he can do and trust God with the outcomes and he continue to do so with hard work and ultimately the results came but was still another 20 years before he won his first NCAA championship. Hard work and just to be fair to paint this illustration in another shade of blue Mike shish SKU Duke University Mike is shifting in his first three years to do many people wanted him fired anything, he was a good coach and look what's happened. If you ask him. He would tell you it's only because I devoted myself to keep working hard and trust the results to take care of themselves. Jeff: a researcher said no one becomes great without at least 10 years of very hard work 10 years. I have young pastors come to me regularly and say I won't let you got my goat.

Are you really go through what I've gone through from the lips of Thomas Edison. He said opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Jesus in Matthew 541 talks about going the extra mile. If someone asked you to go one, go to and I think he's trying to illustrate at least partly the importance of hard work and going beyond what people ask and it makes a huge impression upon them, especially his followers again from Thomas Edison genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration and he also said no one can ever drown it in sweat, Michelangelo, the famous painter once said, if people only knew how hard I worked to gain mastery my work wouldn't seem so wonderful at all hard work equals sacrifice getting up early.

Staying focused working extra hard.

No blame, no excuses from John wooden again if you don't have to work hard to get something. It's probably not worth getting that very famous writer. Anonymous once said elbow grease is your best polish elbow grease is your best polish by Angelou the famous port with the end of her life as a North Carolinian said nothing will work unless you do nothing will work unless you do, please understand this also. Hard work doesn't equal busyness hard work equals production there studies that are being done now to see American workers work about 50% of their days. They try to spend enough time to impress their boss, but the rest of time expended in brakes and idle chatter. You impress your boss work hard to raise work hard you were raised.

Don't complain about your boss. Those kind of things make a difference in his heart, let me address for a second you millennial's are worth ethic ethic is horrible, just horrible and you expect to have but it's taken a lifetime for us to work for. If you want to impress those people over you work hard and then be patient, and over time, your benefits will come Ellison I understand part of your reality may be that you looked at boomers and even your extra parents use all divorces you saw your dad's and even your mom's working hard hard hard never at home. Not having a relationship with you. Nothing could be worse. So yes you're called to balance family and hard work. I know from my perspective that I gave my life to my wife and my kids. I did as much as I could to love her and the love my kids. My kids spell love to the IME, and I've given my life to build a strong family so I committed myself to my family but I worked hard and I tried to balance the two. So balance the two.

But just make sure that you work hard and not expect to get everything immediately. It just doesn't work that way. In fact, quick rabbit trail. I think this parable is a clear statement from Jesus about the beauty and value of free enterprise and capitalism really only two options in the world capitalism or socialism and capitalism go with its flaws is the best system there is what is capitalism do.

It invites people to choose to use the mean as the gifts they have to the full it's the choice to try to make as much money as you possibly can. And that's not a bad thing. The question is what happens when you get the treasure if you find your identity ended in only to buy more and more that's wrong. This would been trying to look at the last couple weeks but I will exhort all of you make millions of dollars (everybody in this room right now becomes a multimillionaire, a man I hope you all do work hard and there's nothing in the Bible about the redistribution of wealth is not there. The call is for individuals to work hard and earn a lot of money but for what purpose to advance the kingdom of God. That's the reason you want to make money to advance the kingdom of God goggles every industrialist uses meanness for his glory not to amass and hoard before his glory, strong work ethic.

Don't shirk hard work. Use the capitalist system used personal responsibility. Use the gifts God's given you use free enterprise.

Just make sure that once you get it using God's glory. That way will always be here soon treasure listening to moments of hope with. Thanks for listening and coming up joins me in a stadium in a conversation about what we can learn from our failures will be right. This is the ministry meant focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community on Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte Jimbo and Bowen directed take a minute to thank you moments ago, David and Marilyn Chadwick all of you there being no real number for us. You been there since OA starting Kings and grew into the dream Center meal the last eight weeks, probably exceeding 50,000.

Where's the city is one word that with the meals, Rotary Park never amount as well is the meals and you know the first collimated side of his and provide you all everything you and not only is now this is all with you as you got last week is see nines NGC and listening today. Joining me in our pastor David Saad make David, thanks for being with us today. Hello Janice, great being with you as well. Well, you called this morning devotion make failure. My friend quite sure where you're going to go with this unit.

Well I'm glad you ask. I'll be more than happy to share with you the truth I'm trying to get everyone today.

Here it is everybody's failed every person in the world has tried something that hasn't work, whether it's in a job or a marriage or a relationship or trying out for a team, whatever it might be. We've all failed. And here's what I want to say so what so what that does not mean you're a failure. Just because you failed.

That does not mean you're a failure. So what people do is when they fail, they go to the fact I'm a failure which means their identity is in their failure and nothing could be farther from the truth. I point people to the life of Peter. I mean if anybody failed Jesus.

It was Peter.

He denied them.

Not once, not twice but three times and yet with Peter. First of all, in Mark 16. Seven.

When the Angels announced to the disciples that Jesus would meet them in Galilee. They said to them, go to Galilee and tell Peter he was singled out from all of the others to make sure that he knew that Jesus said I'm going to meet you again. You're still loved by me and then of course there's the John 21 chapter where Jesus restores him to ministry with that fabulous walk by the sea of Tiberius were Jesus asking three times do you love me more than the sun more than these fishing instruments more than these other disciples.

Do you really love me. And of course Peter said yes. Three times I know you love me and that's when Jesus restored him to his call. This Peter, who was a failure when Jesus was being crucified and laid in the tomb. Later becomes the head of the entire Christian church he's called the Rocky goes from Simon which means son of the wishy-washy flip back and forth to Peter the rock. The one on whom the entire church is confession of faith in Jesus is built so therefore if Peter can be given a second, third, fourth chance, so can we as well. You're only a failure if you never try again. You're only a failure if you never get up again. If you have failed. So what learn from the experience. Get up again because your identity is solely and completely in Jesus. And last time I checked, he uses everything all things together for good teaching us through them for our good and his glory.

This is so good and it reminds me of this concept of grant and estimate a space in the most successful people in life are those who have failed and I think that we do our kids a disservice when we don't let them fail and experience those emotions and unable to get back up again and move on with that greedy writer Ms. Daniels who is the president of Purdue University has recently said that they're looking less and GPA grade point average for kids who are applying to college and looking more to grip point average. Their ability to persevere through problems in their applications because every study that I've read says that one off. If the major characteristic for success in life is this perseverance keep on keeping on getting up when you fail not. If you fail when you do, so it's a key movement for success in life so powerful. Thank you so much for these thoughts today. Well thank you listeners and make failure Fred when you do so you're walking with Jesus faithfully and if you'd like to receive these daily EE blasts from me go to moments of hope church.orc subscribe there there free of charge for my heart to your 7 AM every morning arriving in your inbox to give you a moment of hope moments of hope with senior pastor and moments of hope church we would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We meet prominent state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte. You can find more information on our website.

Moments of hope again Sunday morning prominent day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd., #moments of hope for the entire moments of hope church to pray for our borders

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