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Miracle Babies & Idiots

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 15, 2021 11:23 am

Miracle Babies & Idiots

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 15, 2021 11:23 am

Miracle Babies & Idiots

Today Steve shares stories about a couple choosing life, abortion clinics, and the church problem too. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign as the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve no 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. You never know what's gonna happen when you hang around outside an abortion clinic on a Saturday will I will tell you that's a miracle baby. Idiots. Me being I want to be idiots. I want to take you and in that scenario and share that story with you that I wasn't planning on doing that, but our good friend Dr. Bruce Ashford who is a writer or speaker columnist is written nine books published up on Fox news and and daily signal first things a good friend of mine and I we first met at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary has done theology Thursday with me many times and I will get him T back up. He is not feeling well. Your company was be able to join me today, but not able to sell. I will talk to Bruce another time, but that gives me is to trust the Lord with the stop and I will share a story with you from this past Saturday that has a lot of different angles and on a different application from a not just a pro-life perspective but from a Christian perspective from the perspective of somebody that lives in a world that's really really broken and really really messed up and really really maddening and very very disappointing and then how do you come to work your way through that and and then of course owe me a little faith. So that's in there as well and then I was out of town on the last couple of days so thanks to my buddy Stu Epperson a truth radio network offer filling in for me yesterday. If you wonder where I was a fitting spine, but was out in Tennessee visiting my mother who is 89's gonna be having surgery on Friday and my three other siblings.

That doesn't happen very often. If you have siblings in your middle aged or better. I'm the last of four and I'm 55 so I told you little bit something but when you have that opportunity to be together with your siblings. That was just that the more of you and your mom, not my dad want to be at the Lord want to nap years ago and that she's 89 and in kicking along and living on her own really amazing and so that was just a precious time and an unusual opportunity. So when those come up. You definitely should take those and I highly recommend doing that whenever you have a chance to do so. I want to share story with you today in the three segments that we have in the will talk to David Fisher do a little money Monday update so much going on I what's going on in the in the economy and inflation and what's happening with following up at the show.

We did a week ago in modern monetary theory, which is essentially just print money to every one that's modern monetary theory and hopefully by the time over data will collapse and somebody also have to deal with all the nightmare later on so the Federal Reserve meeting this week, so will spend the last segment of the show, doing money Monday update with David. But this past Saturday as as I do. Many Saturdays of the year probably know, probably 30 Saturdays every year I with my friends that love life, love If you've never been out to an abortion clinic just to pray just to have a presence there. You need to experience that. That's one of the darkest places you can go as a Christian in America to engage right there in the front lines in this past Saturday was a little different because we didn't that you know it would sometimes we have a lot of people sometimes we have just a few people. I say we had a moderate sized group there this past Saturday, as well as people from in our good friend Bishop wooden my slightly older brother from another mother from the upper room Church of God in Christ happy warriors are there every Saturday and then people like Sharon Julie has a sidewalk missionary with love life is there five days a week and so you go out there and it's a very heavy situation for obvious reasons.

Right because you know across the street that babies are dying and women are making these choices, yet the escorts outside, most of whom are wearing lovely rainbows styled vests to identify themselves as escorts. They use big umbrellas so that when the clinical clients are coming in they get out of their car. Some people are calling out to them and offering them information. Other people are like preaching and calling out, and so it's a very interesting situation and that body of Christ is not all function the same way the same time so you have to have some charity.

There I with that if you're uncomfortable with certain things, but that is the last stop right when the baby travels into the abortion clinic and its mama's womb. That's the last stop. Odds are very much. Odds are that that babies going to die sometime in the next few hours that baby will be ripped literally shredded to pieces and were ripped from its mother's womb okay and they they receive blood money for that. The abortionist they make good money for that they do an ultrasound so that they can size the baby so they can determine the price like that so it's a very dark place and yet God is there and his people are there so often times when I'm there on the Saturdays, I'm especially struggling with. Sometimes I'm just sad right, sometimes I'm just kinda down in the dumps because of the reality what's happening there and then from a in in the current context that were dealing with the racial issue. It's also highly racial racial because every everyone of the escorts just about for the years that I've been going are white. Most of the clinic workers are white but 65, 70% of all the people coming to the clinic are African-American, so we talked a pro-life African Americans. This is a slightly different issue for them. It feels much more personal because of the disproportionate amount of abortions in the black community versus the white community. So we usually end up talk about that, especially in the environment that were in now in United States of America so you got that going on.

You got the escorts going on. He got his people pulling in and often times, and certainly this past Saturday was no different.

You see moms coming in in a car with one or two car seats in the back seat occupied by little children, and that for me personally really ticks me off. I'm like really your ended. In this past Saturday.

One of the ladies that none of the Graham mom. I don't know who drove her there. They actually took the kids into the abortion clinic with the like to go to the dentist or something up there going to the killing fields they're going to the abortion mill. They're going to the the Auschwitz and Raleigh and you drag your kids and so you. For me personally.

I really struggle with anger when I'm there and I know some of that is righteous indignation, but some of it is just condemnation for me towards all these various players will this past Saturday at one point there was a young African-American gentleman there and I didn't see his girlfriend who went in, but he was standing there with an end and I'm using racial terms because were in a highly racialized environment, yet states right now so all this going to place it as you're considering this young man and ends up his 20's girlfriend's inside. I think she was white and never saw her myself talking to three of the clinic escorts outside and their laughing and having a conversation while there's a black brother about literally 15 feet away trying to engage this young man in all this is happening as I'm across the street watching all this unfold and I'm just sit there thinking about my own 20-year-old son who just had a baby with his girlfriend and wow there was so much going on, and so much more the stories to make sure you don't go anywhere with you right back. You think your patient.

I did mention to me like hey, where are you, like I mentioned, try to telegraph using zero. While, but it's good to be back and I'm just sharing a story from Saturday I drove out to be with my three siblings, my mother over the weekend and not Chattanooga, Tennessee but drove out really early Sunday morning and but Saturday I was at the local one of the local abortion clinics called a woman's choice. Ha ha what what choice do you think they care about at an abortion clinic. Only one really one choice they care about is the choice for you to hire them to kill your baby. I take care your problem and and I know that I don't I don't I don't feel compelled, especially for you if you're a member of this audience regularly and you know me from the show and everything. I don't feel compelled to kind of massage the terminology when we talk about abortion. It is what it is you would be guilty of the same thing if we are talking about yelling some issues in Germany with the Jews and the Nazis are, you know, it's a really unfortunate and so what were they doing to well you know it's not. It's kind of, you know it's bad just there collecting them. They're experimenting on them there torturing them and their gassing them to death or shooting them or putting them in enough I just speak the truth and I don't delight, and that by the way, I'm not doing it on purpose because I want to hurt you. It's just that you need to know the unadulterated truth in this particular issue.

So this Saturday this past Saturday.

Young African American gentleman talking to the three white clinic volunteers and I put a picture of this up on Facebook are actually there were four of them in and he was just standing there while there's another black gentleman like 15 feet away, sharing his own story about an abortion. He was involved in when he was younger and is trying to get this guy's attention in this guys just have this conversation with these clinic escorts and my mice. Our son is 20 just had a a child, a baby to a little over two weeks ago and in things are out of order right so he and his girlfriend.

He's 20.

She's 18 A in their thinking as I'm just condemning the tar out of the sky I wanted to yell across street and say hey hey bro, my son is 20 and he and his girlfriend decided to keep their baby. He's more man than you are. I mean all the stuff I'm playing out in my head that I just want to scream at this guy. I was so upset because he just still in there and that another point he goes over and sits down on this planter thing like which is at the base of this building the abortion clinic exists on his phone and easily just looks like he's hanging out week wait for his girlfriend to come back from going inside coals or something. Go shopping and I'm just I'm like what what he said any and people are praying were singing, people are calling out and he's just taken. I like what is this pride I'm judging him on every level. I can judge somebody in the in this time. There on Saturday and it was just unbelievable and you know we prayed for him. We pray for is why people are praying individually and then then came time for me to leap so I left and often times are you feel like your prayers and your efforts are just landing on the cutting room floor like what's this actually competent, although I know and I seen it myself that some women choose life there miracles happen. There and you see people change their mind and come out and they get help. So I'm I'm I'm left right I'm gone for the day. I'm heading home and then I get a text message and it's one of those text messages you just can't get it in your like what you know what, what's up with that. So this Saturday at 1151 I left at like 11:15 right always leading to early August.

So I get this text message that young men father of twins saved those babies father twins so you find out later. Shortly after that, that his girlfriend when in cheat sheet. I guess she said something to one about one of our friends there. Afterwards, because they are pictures of people talking to him in. I guess she said you know it's against my religion. I want to do this, but he was pressuring her. I'm just telling you what I know.

But maybe they found out that right then and there that they were having twins. I don't know, but often times when a mom that's intending to abort. Find out there having twins that that for a lot of them, then ends up being a bridge too far and there's what it so yeah they I'm like what him. I sent her the picture that I put up on Facebook she was yet. I said what happened because they had twins to talk to anyone and she goes, we have all his info and I said gosh I missed it arc don't help him personally. Okay, let me know what you'd like to do several of us have his info and so got the sent information and people are talking to him and now that people have is information think his name is Marvin Atticus girl's girlfriend's name is Sandy and so there's a gentleman him to get a hold of who has his number and number go meet with the sky and so that the several lessons there. I'm like I was so mad and so condemning in and in and believe me when it comes to the choice that people are making some like their blind they're making a choice. They know their pregnant they know that's a child and that angers me as it should anger you. But there's a compassionate site. I don't know the situation. I know my son situation and his girlfriend are surrounded by two families that love the Lord and together we can all make it work. They have a community around in their own feelings and allow these people to talk don't have that or assume they don't have that maybe don't ever give their families a chance to know, but I was in their thinking and watching the soul thing that you that could just as easily been my son and his girlfriend didn't tell anybody just showed up to get rid of the problem right it's gonna ruin your life to change your life. What's deafly true whether you abort or not you keep that child to change your life. You abort the child can change so it was just I was like oh me of little faith where where where is the boldness of my prayers because you know 95% of the people to go there, abort it, +95% plus. As Sharon Julie likes to say it's a ministry of rejections. Oftentimes you praying and you just going to the motions, not actually believing that that miracles can happen yet it did right so that's that's one thing to praise the Lord. So pray and the guys were in a scar free Scarface T-shirts I was going bonkers on that. Of course, so pray for this young man and his girlfriend Marvin and Sandy or just pray for the guy and his girlfriend the guy in the Scarface teacher what it just pray for them. Okay, and hopefully God will give me opportunity sit down this young young man and we can figure out a way to be a part of this miracle.

So it's one thing here's the other thing I want to share with you on the other side of break, but all started here. One of the things that happen which occasionally happens there at the clinic and every other clinic is every once in a while Carl polenta client very fair to see the abortion people again are not there to help Pap smear to pick up if there there on Saturday though there for an abortion. So they came in and they had a sticker on the back of the car, of a well-known local church. So I took a picture that I crossed off their license plate and just as a reminder hey if you think this is just a problem." Out there in the culture with the godless with the lost with the liberal whatever it your wrong because it's a it's in every church in America is 30 to 40% of adult women in America have an abortion, and over half of them make the claim that there Christians church like people so I guarantee you in your church this Sunday. A couple days ago in my church and every church of theirs apportioned past abortion.

Maybe they are considering or presently it's going to happen in the future and that was just a reminder hey by the way, this is a problem in the church to we need to be talk about this in the church just don't assume it's out there political in the loss culture employed in `some people office open up all another conversation on Facebook and I'll tell you about that we can show pleasure sharing with you this miracle that took place on Saturday the abortion clinic young man in his girlfriend when and I thought you I just anyway.

Left there found out that the they chose life. Praise the Lord huge blessing, but then I will as I was sharing these things on Facebook. I included now if you if you I included a picture of a car that pulled in an SUV with a sticker on the back and if you live here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area, especially if you're involved in the evangelical community. If you look close enough.

The sticker might look familiar to you. Like oh I can recognize that and then you know what church it I did not put you have to believe me, that's up to you but I did not put that picture up in order to identify that church and people go alike to block that out because I didn't you and the known of the church exit is a local church, but I wanted to sting more.

Not that church in particular but the church so I'm not going to gloss over that stuff and I'm not doing it to harm the church that particular church because I guarantee what happens in the church that we attend right now, and every church I've ever gone to abortion is there. So whether was the sticker from that church are your church or my current church or whatever church that sticker just represents the fact that abortion is in the church so people really took issue with and how do you know they were there for an abortion if you go to a woman's club choice clinic on Saturday in the morning and you pull into the front driveway and the escort you in the front door you're there for an abortion.

You might not like the reality of the truth of what's going on there but that's what's going on. That's what happens on Saturday. They're not there for a free ultrasound there.

There for an abortion. That's what happens on Saturdays. So when somebody starts posting stuff coming back at me for things like this.

I'm like hello okay, conversation with you soon.

The posted that picture no. I meant to disagree with you there.

It could've been any church.

But I left it in and it was blurry because it I took the picture from a pretty far distance, but just a reminder and ended you think there's some church in your town or my town that's above and beyond abortion.

Your wrong. It's everywhere. Okay, so we don't like it when he caught the church, and you might want to say that I did it on purpose, and that particular church. It had nothing to do with that particular church small city. It was about V church big C that it's in our midst and no church even the bigger ones, even the most popular ones but they're not immune from the setting that aside to judge me all you want setting that aside, then the same person that had a beef with that brought up this really bad really twisted really dangerous theology that ultimately God really doesn't have a problem with abortion because you sometimes you have to have that to save the life of them what that's about 1% of all abortions. And now, because you can pretty much have a preemie baby at about 20 to 23 weeks at the moms being threatened by death somewhere after 22, 23, 24 weeks to assist Syrian get the baby you want to kill the baby to save them on nine octet octet topic pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy where the fertilized egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube and then that's going to lead to death. As you personally bleed out. That's a whole other issue paper that is super rare 97% of abortions are purely elected don't want the kid for whatever reason have an abortion, 3% rape incest life of the mother. Okay, about 1% is life.

The mother so then and I've seen this argument before some people in the church will say trying to make some excuses for abortion will cite to Old Testament references okay will go to numbers five and the go to Exodus 21 numbers five. That's were talking about if if there's nothing get where in the Bible is the book of Numbers in the book of Exodus, where is that older new right Old Testament excellent and all the laws that were written in the Old Testament or for, oh, that's right, God's chosen people.

Okay specific to the Jews, God's chosen people. The vast majority of the Old Testament law fell away, not the moral law, but the ceremonial law the feast laws a lot of the civic laws fell apart all that stuff fellow in the new covenant. Okay. And then it's Israel to spread herself out and became adulterous Gail but especially Jesus that's the Old Testament that's going so that's when people like today will say well if you you Christians I'm suppose you want to run around and stone all the homosexuals because that's what the Bible tells you to do, I might actually know that was written specifically to Israel for Israel only I wasn't for the great greater culture that was just for God's chosen people because there's was be perfectly holy to represent him properly so you have to understand that first that people want to use the Old Testament Jewish law against the 21st century Christian.

They're just wrong. Bad theology, ignorant stupidity, whatever you want to call. So, numbers five, you have the story of the unfaithful wife. So if they are concerned that the way the wife is been unfaithful and they're not sure. Then there's. It talks about this in Numbers five that the priest will take some water, mix it with some dust from the floor of the tabernacle and the maker drink and then if she missed Karis and that's a sign that she was guilty. Alright, so if she missed Karis who who who is providentially over that, like, who's who's seeing that happen. That would be the Lord okay so now you're putting that situation in the hands of the perfect judge. Okay, it's not a man and a woman that don't want to kid and are afraid and and don't think they can handle it or whatever and spend some people will look to numbers five and go see right there. God's okay with abortion. No wrong because you're also contradicting the rest of Scripture. What's one of the things that God hates the shedding of innocent blood. What's one of the main things and in the 10 commitments that shall not kill, murder, and that's murder clearly okay so Numbers five is a is a way to sometime somehow baptize abortion. Sorry. No, that's not like I'm the first person to argue this is been argued for as long as there has been abortion and people that want to twist Scripture and then they also but Exodus 21 yet the two guys fighting right and they're fighting your pregnant woman and if if they happened to bump into Hearn and Neil Herget. You know she gets caught up in the melee. Somehow, and and she gets injured, but that baby survives no big deal there. Okay fine reading spot now the baby dies.

I for not art the babies injured eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, M is the baby you do that, depending guy and then at the baby doesn't survived and there's a fine.

So then again this is Old Testament law specifically to Jewish people.

And then this person takes Exodus 21 and says see right there.

God's okay with abortion because he's he saying that the child lost its light, because these two men were fighting. This is like the manslaughter charge right in some states if you get in a car accident and you had a pregnant woman and heard baby dies, then you can charge with two counts of manslaughter. Right is not interesting. You can have an abortion kill all the babies you want, but admit him bad accident and you kill a mom in her baby in utero they get charged with two counts of manslaughter. So Nexus 21 is an oil okay, all it is is a fine if the baby dies eye for an eye to produce or find so that must mean that God's okay with abortion. What happened, how do you even come up with. Here's what happens.

This is proof texting and taking things out of context and having bad theology in order to satisfy your own desire.

So if you want to believe that the Bible has no problem with homosexuality. You'll subscribe to the gay gospel, God's talking about abomination of homosexuality. Whatever in the Old Testament and New Testament.

That's really just for effeminate men or if you don't have a monogamous relationship, but because God is love. If you're in a loving monogamous relationship with somebody of the same sex. It's not a problem and that's what the Bible teaches. What so people coming to go.

This is what I want the Bible to say no to make it say what I wanted to say the Bible is subject to my will and that's what happened in this person's case and this person is in the first person to argue like this you want to make a good know whether this person was involved in abortion in the past I have no idea. I think there's probably a chance that they are they have been or maybe have a friend a loved one. And so it's you don't you don't want to deal with. It's just painful. It's hard.

You don't hear it don't make a go it on to make it somehow want to make it less offensive. Somehow I want to make it less brutal. I don't want to use the word murder. I don't use kill.

I don't want to talk about sucking babies out. I don't talk about dismemberment. I don't want to talk about a second trimester abortion where they literally have to pull the baby limb from limb.

In order to get it out. I don't want to talk about the fact that after the abortion they have to read what they have to put all the pieces together in a petri dish on a bottom lip table in order to make sure you got all the parts because if you left anything inside the mom that could lead to an infection which would kill her now are worried about life so we can reassemble the baby they call him products of conception POC products of conception and some of the people like Abby Johnson talked about.

This is a piece of kids pieces of kids products of conception, you make sure you get. I know this is brutal, and for some of you this is personal and I understand that and I'm deeply sorry and grieve that you went down the road of abortion.

I praise the Lord.

That is not the unforgivable sin that the power of Jesus his blood is far stronger than the power of aborted babies. But the Scripture is clear on the subject. Case closed and you are not allowed to. The Bible speaks very clearly about this twist and turn Scripture to fit your worldview, you must submit yourself to its worldview. It's worldview is truth right there and that the lesson from this past Saturday.

Praise Jesus when we come back we'll go below. Monday Monday update with her good friends in Fisher the Steve Noble saying she looked back asleep Noble to say, so great to be back with you and should be here most days in the foreseeable future.

Sorry had to miss yesterday but it's good to be back in so yesterday we normally would have done a little money Monday update with her good friend David Fisher but him being good godly man and friend that he is understanding that is out of town and then just got back so we switched it from yesterday to today but always look forward to our time with David David how are you I'm doing good I'm working my note today.

We chose really getting home for me.

God is now this is such an honor money Monday update. I was just reminding folks before I brought John lives that we talk about money and possessions and things on a regular basis because the Bible does the Bible talks a lot about money, possessions Lexi more passages about that.

Then there are individual passages about prayer, or even faith. So God knew our heart and that we would struggle with this issue, but when we do money Monday updates with just the last segment of the show on the Mondays in the first Mondays close to it as we can we do a full show with David. But when we do our updates, we I started the passage in the past to Scripture and yes this one is quite a challenge in the book of a second current insulator started to screw it up and do it for light and momentary troubles them, but word movement. He also are changing something admitted to achieving for us in an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. You know none of us want to invite pain or suffering into our lives, but I think hold the writer crimping is a great example of a man who went through much suffering in the world for being a Christian much persecution the sky like you know Steve, the work of a muscle. When you work them. Also, it can be a little painful but is actually causing strength dampened a change in the emotional life of its challenges.

In MFL it is you up and you know we do and doing a lot of transfers from existing accounts to new counsel people can buy gold, silver, and there's this new thing that happened again this on 2008 the mine where there is a lot of resistance of a lot more closely put the client through an sub in dealing with all it out today and one point earlier today should put me through so much and so, can you ever done this without you, but I know I could've done know because we conference colleges. She said how old you have so much patience to show sharing with you a little frustrating because neutral curveballs this and we don't know literally keep calling them, but you something that the Lord is working in me again and for the eternal weight of glory. I guess yeah and that's the point was to go. Oftentimes, I think we were woe is me.

We wonder if there's any value in some of these seemingly random negative circumstances that occurred was they could be huge things in a cancer diagnosis artist.

She would struggle with that herself or something small and annoying. So the goal is ever wasted.

What I like to remind people, David. If I'm sure you've heard me say this before they think that in God's economy. Nothing gets wasted something federal government. It's not. It's not my bit budget at home where there's plenty of waste but in God's economy. Nothing gets wasted and sacred things for 17 such a great reminder and I love that first part our light and momentary troubles and they don't necessarily feel momentary in the moment, but we know the truth is that they are and we have this eternal glory waiting for us that far outweigh everything out on you know this stuff will be a blip on the radar screen, but praise Lord for that moment. Could be a couple minutes a couple hours there might be, you know, a lifetime, but as yet all in the perspective of eternal glory. Momentary great reminder. Thanks for that one. And thanks for sharing ourselves talking about the momentary troubles the federal return is meeting this week. So how important is that it always makes me nervous and can we expect any big changes.

There name tomorrow. Tomorrow announcement I don't think the announcement will change will keep rates of artificial 1/4 of a point.

And I think they're going to still keep buying and $20 $20 hundred $20 billion a month in treasuries was actually 80 intruders and 40 in the mortgage-backed securities. The significance of this is huge like that because you will even have it. Last week we had the consumer price index jumped 5% and may the fastest pace since 2008 right before the meltdown of 2008. Fellows really come up 4.7 I'm reminding people kick that's a hard number and softly came in over about 5% yardstick that the Fed says if we have inflation a.k.a. it's been coming in hot, month after month after month after month, so is not transitory anymore, but all can refer to another program.

The Lord, whose name is Paul to drone.

She's been influence close mommies you grew up in a Christian home a Christian schooling so the Bible is changed his life. This on Monday quote. I think the Fed meaning could be the most important Fed meeting in Jay Powell's career." Yes so that makes me nervous me to so will have to keep paying attention to that and see what they're doing what you think the feds reluctant to raise interest rates when it when it's pretty obvious I mean, the bottom line is they need to raise interest rates.

But why do you think they're so reluctant to do it and the think it'll ever happen, happen, the Fed will be forced to do it.

Keep losing credibility if they don't do this relatively soon prothrombin on a plan author is reached till 2023, but the market is saying raise rates are saying raise rates go I will talk more about what Jones said there's a lot of things you said you can talk all but the key points you should boost the idea that inflation is transitory to me that shows doesn't work with the world. I see it as he also went on to say, if the Fed treats these numbers numbers last week. Good consumer price index is just material been so nonchalant. I think with vanilla green light on the inflation trade. I would probably buy commodities by crypto buy gold" and he also went on to say, the flipside, if the course curriculum as they shake we got data coming in and accomplish our mission along the way to a very rapid recovery accomplish your mission on employment then were going to see her tantrum."

Jones said so in other words, if they should dissuade Rachel going back on buying treasuries which they should say to say that because you think that we would have a higher challenge to pay the debt because the interest repayment is higher, which meant that we have inflation and cause more inflation just be a snowball effects over taking the lesser of two evils that the market would correct, like it did in 2018 December about 15% and in the amount of three or four days so I can say that, but eventually were going to have to say that but it's like a slingshot to keep going about going about waiting waiting waiting finally let go of a lawsuit so much. That's why there's going to be this big change because they're playing the waiting game. Yeah, yeah. And sooner or later, that it is to let that go that stones can slide a pretty high rate of speed. Which of the pretty alarming, to say the least. So we talked last week we did the full show. Talk about modern monetary theory, which is basically making up the rules as you go in can print as much money as you want and everything will be fine so we talked about and into your modern monetary theory and we talked about the great reset I've done a couple of full shows on the great reset so in the scary thing about that is you see all the conditions lining up and even the even the phrase that Biden uses build back batteries pulled right from the reset website. I mean the whole thing is all setting up nicely, but why is this this coming environment so challenging. In theory, because it's really corporatism. We talk a lot about socialism in the rise of socialism and socialistic thinking. In America, but I think corporatism which is the combination of the big corporate's the elites and governments coming together, which is what the what the great reset is all about what what why would that be so challenging there to sit there. Just saying listen this hold that structures unsustainable covert showed us how we need to really rearrange the way we live life. But what's the big problem with all that work fine when we had not binary go personally or did it. Like I said last week Russia sold hundred $86 billion over US dollars. Show the Fed now is going to have to eventually start showing the debt so willing. You know the $6 trillion budget $4 trillion ago the new debt created for it can't just buy another $4 trillion. That's good.

The balance unit 8 to 12 trillion go from 8 to 12 children should Christmas big problem with who's going to finances think that's why this big reason is yet to drop the call and something happened there. Course because of slavery and that's what's happening there. I'm not sure what's going on there that put them on hold. See if we can get back to thinking back to David either didn't help. We dropped so what one of the things that David's going to get to all the time is the word diversify okay and I'm knocking to speak for him. Of these, call back right quick. I'm not to speak for him, but diversification is something that we all if you're all in stocks are all in cash or all in real estate or even in precious metals, which is really what David's forte is that's foolish.

You can't do that you have to diversify your portfolio miss if I get hey David, is that you up. Sorry about that.

Okay you are saying go ahead and challenge this time.

So nobody wants to buy the deputy going to risk in the last stop and they need to be showing the debt so that creates the poem so that cool resources instead is going to be US citizens through bail and that's why you gotta get some gold and silver. You know I can take physical possession. That's what a hedge against inflation. People get that information because education is so important right now.

People need to understand what it is were talking about something a bunch of information white papers: 8446045758446042575 or landmark is always David, thank you so much for the help in the education and started talking again next week. Have a great week, but he got blessed with your brother my countertops. Something so much. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show and you know, God willing him. I'll be back tomorrow and a lot of breaking news crazy things out of the G-7 resident. Biden is long pauses. God willing Tomorrow I like my dad always is ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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