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June 12, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 12, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The discussion this week is about discipleship. The clips are from "The Wild at Heart" podcast and "The Karate Kid." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is will Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man raise a great adventure but one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey are very glad that you're with us as we can in India normally ask Robbie Gresham how he would still be best of only three Ismaili the right answer would be until the week before Thanksgiving that Caesar waited a week before Thanksgiving's immediate family and asking a rhetorical question, was I was not asking questions and expect the normal Robbie that noted the big games coming up the weekend before Thanksgiving and love free to go register come spend the weekend with us.

But more important to spend the weekend with God. He's got some amazing things you love to do with you there and go to masculine to register for the boot camp coming up November 18-21.

That weekend before boot camp and its seems like a long way away, but Lemanski this work pretty close to the Fourth of July already and who believe that we were getting himself doing any this is your topic this weekend and sometimes I think on your topic yeah and I think I know the time it is sometimes a call at your topic when it's really not that this is truly your topic is God's topic.

He put some on my heart this past week.

It was just what we've been talking recently about discipleship ministry where we go from there and and I hadn't thought that map so engrossed myself and while the heart and all that the teachings around it that I've been a disciple as part of that but I haven't really thought about quote discipleship, particularly the way I learned early in my Christian faith and when I you know how did I get told the guys I was stunned, do what guys do at 3 o'clock in the morning. Is that going to the bathroom came back in for what ever reason I seem to get things from God when I wake up at night like that because I think it's because I allow things to quiet any choice but you're sitting there sleeping in your need is quiet down any just put stuff in your spirit, and it was like it was like, what is your export been your experience, what was your experience with discipleship and how is it changed since you you know begin to to read that you know while the heart. The book do the boot camps and obviously it's been a change.

We talked about it on the radio for some time but anyway I just wanted to. I felt like what he was asking me to do is just timeshare my heart of where my mind was because from talking with you guys and talking with a lot of other people. I think a lot of us didn't we get saved we love God we start learning discipleship. I learned discipleship what I thought was pretty pretty good but there were a lot of missing. There were things that I didn't understand that not necessarily teach taught commonly in an discipleship could lick, but had discipleship. He learned to study the Bible how to pray those things and those are good and as good or good for our spiritual practices for our foundation. But they don't address things of the heart. A lot of times to the depth that they need to be. For example, the one I uses like and think I really had any wings. I was good. Isaiah 61 in an Jesus, for the broken hearted. I wasn't necessarily in need of that, but really I was and understand where all wounded and had led him to come into that wound and heal it. What I hadn't heard that before so it was addressing the heart issue and so that's really what I felt like he wanted me to to bring to as the idea for for the show was just, you know what is things. What are things look like now worst what's the free debit will have benefited from it. What is the experience of the group because I think we all have our stories so they were in a play clip here right it's kind of funny how this went on this disc confirms to me that this is what God wanted to for us to to do that today is I had that idea shared with the group. We've all been collecting clips well on my drive down today to the triad. I was listening to the latest while art podcast and it was a clip or a show on Jesus stories, and John had people into the studio talking about their experiences really coolest Jesus stories, but he finished it up. He basically talked about how he felt like he had two conversions one would like me whenever he first got saved and then later on in life where he will address more the things of the heart and discipleship by you about for the heart by the heart. And that's pretty much what this clip is my testimony folks. I recently who are asking and you know back at it now, I've had two conversions in my first conversion was when I was 19 and I was practically a homeless street kid at this time and I had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ and he just showed up in my life. I never read the Bible never been to church never had anyone share the gospel with me and there's Jesus in my life. They have totally changed everything for me totally changed my life.

But then there was a second conversion. I call it the wardrobe door and it was the realization of my 30 minute 30 square mechanical second, Jesus in the Bible and in the stories and history of great Christian people on the ground. The website is actually normal Meant to Be Normal and so We Started Seeking and Asking for and A Lot Of It Had to Do with the Opening of Our Hearts by Bringing Our Hearts into the Equation and Not Just Our Minds and Opening Our Hearts to Him. It Was like Walking through the Wardrobe Door like Life with Jesus As a Whole World of Life with Our Father Life with the Holy Spirit. I Asked Him I Was Trying to Say Come into Agreement That God Actually Wants This Free in Greater and Greater Measure Yeah and That's Exactly Where Was I Don't You Not Had a Hunger for God.

Early in Life Is, like That Parable about How the Seed Falls on Good Ground and in the Following Good Ground That There Were Some Tears in Their Some Things That God in the Way to Choke out the Word.

The Cares of Life and and I Needed It That I Needed to Prepare My Heart and Provide Good Ground Again and Asked What They Come in and You Know Anything Anytime Your Mind Gets to Exposed to Something, That It Was Aware of. You Really Get Excited about That You're like Me and This Is Where I Was Missing It and That's What This Was for Me Again. I Want to Point out That We Only Have One Conversion Will Get Morning and One Time but This You Know It Got Being Coming a Disciple Out Of the Heart Is Almost like a Second Conversion like He Explains That's That's My Experience. I Think You At Least for My Experience, United Accepted Christ As My Savior As a Teenager Right in the Thing I'm Told Is You Can Read Your Bible Right Will First of All Reading for Me.

Yes, Reading the Bible Is a Good Thing. A Member Safe and I Get That That's Not What I'm Saying I'm Saying Is That's a Logical Kind of Thing I'm Reading I'm Learning and Getting Knowledge and That's Good. I Need to Know My Savior, My Friend, My Lord, Things I Need to Know That I Was Never Explain How to Walk with, and That's Really What My Heart Needed Because My Conversion Was Not a Logical Decision Right. It Was a Hard Choice Right We Really Have. And You Can't Think Your Way into Relationship with God.

It Has To Be a Heart Choice Right but Then Also Walking with Jesus, Needs to Be a Heart Choice and Info, At Least in the Church I Grew up with A Lot Of Really Great People. That Was Never Taught to Me in Any Way Was Just Praying to Read Your Bible That Was Pretty Much Instruction Was Given and Then Everything Else Seem to Fall Short in with That Heart Choice Is the Faith That Comes behind Stepping out Believing That I Can Hear from Father God, I Can Hear from Him That That Response That I Got When I Asked That Question Was That He Knew What People Taking That Step in Faith, and Testing You. He Tells Us to Test the Spirits to See If Were Hearing from Him Doing and We Haven't Been Taught to Look for Egregious Passages like Sheep Know My Voice and My Machine Know My Voice Tonight.

Great Oversight. It Is Everywhere in Prolonged Shape, but You Know What I Again the Vehicle to the Broadest Are A Lot Of This Is the Wildcard Stuff but Let Me Know That It Was It Was a Normal Thing to Expect to Hear from You. You Know That Something You Talk A Lot about Was Stan, I Have Set You the Idea That They Taught Early on This in the Bible Is a Book of Examples, Not a Book of Exceptions and When You Look at All These People. They Clearly Talk to God. They Clearly Heard Them and They Put in the Clearly Had a Relationship That Is Just As You Said, They Walked with Him and When All Of A Sudden I Thought Wow I'm Not the Only One Because I Really Thought That I Was Weird Crazy and Maybe That's the Word Languages Is I Was Crazy Because I Thought That You Know I Heard These Things from God.

I Thought I Thought That These Were Directions I Felt Important, but Nobody I Knew Would Admit to Anything like That until I Started Hanging out with You Guys and I Was like Why and They Go but I Think God Speaks to Us, Not Just Words.

I Just Love the Way My Sweetheart Will See the Bluebirds at the Box That's Just off Our Day and She Smiles and Says God Is Happy with Me. And so for Her Avenue Bluebirds Come to an Area Where I Told Her They Would Never Nest Is Too Close to the House to Three Times a Season.

We Have Bluebirds and We See That Is an and You Can, I Think That's One of the Things about Growing in Discipleship As You See God Everywhere Where Agnostics and Atheists See God.

Nowhere, and yet Were Looking at the Same Thing. If You Look at It. What He Is Created, We Will Live in a Beautiful, Beautiful World.

The Variety of Flowers and a Variety of Birds. The Variety of Animals Variety of People. God Loves Variety and He Made This World so That We Could Enjoy It, but It's Not Our Home, Our Home Awaits Us through the Wardrobe Door so to Speak. Yeah. How Can You Actually Put the Words When You See Something That's Truly Just Breathtaking.

As Far As Nature Right Unity. It Speaks Your Heart in a Way That Nothing Else Does. You Know You Know That That's Got to Be Coming from God and There's Just This Unity Do You Have with Him in His Creation Back in and Talk More about Discipleship and Really Helping Us Understand the Understand More What That Means in What It Means to Walk with Jesus in the Meantime You Think about Going to the Campus Coming up in November 18 through the 21st Masculine Journey That Orgy Will See after the Break.

What If One Weekend Wasn't up to You Now and God Would Constrain Basic Training Designed to Give Men Mission Be How God Made Warriors Stand on Outages. While That Heart Experience Four Days Purpose for Time to Come after and Perhaps Reawaken Dreams and Desires. He Uniquely Placed in Your Masculine Heart Coming up November 18 21st Masculine and Register Today.

By the Same Mask Internet. My Son Eli Talk about Ways to Help His Ministry Smiled at Him As He is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button they can get a masculine and find the masculine email something to PO Box 550 92728 back to masculine journey about disciple today unity. It's really kind of been some that's been on your heart for little while now anything you want to add to what we've been talking about.

Well, does that that bump right there. I heard that song quite a few times lately. It's on the radio now, but that really is the essence of discipleship, which, if I'm following somebody is surely in relationship, but that's what I think sometimes we get off track on his weight. We became we were in relationship with an idea of culture and expectation. And if you really look at it work. The people that got so messed up and that were supposedly disciples of God in the way were the Pharisees and all, and they were not living out of their hearts. They were not living in relation to the one he said, come, follow me. So I guess that it it it really is as simple as it is that song follow me.

The problem is in Swedish we hear a lot of other voices and start following is with you. Look back at Paul, Matthew, and he was so young for him after the name change.

Think you know he knew the Scriptures in handling right you know as well as anybody and it did mean that he had a relationship with Jesus. He didn't know I was thinking of the disciples. You know that he didn't say come read this story can read these books yeah here and I'll be back to see in a couple weeks. I write pray in the meantime you know me and he taught all those things that it was the walking and relationship that was the part that the disciples had a cool thing to talk about Robbie here for second. Yeah whatever I start, I joined the ministry in and we start doing a radio show. I was traveling staff and I remember a time. I was like this. The engine wildcard podcast and I remember Robbie saying you know what I see you knew he said as a disciple and I and we really will talk to disciple talk a lot but he said, as I said, really, things like that means an enthusiastic learner, you know what I'm not bragging that's just I meet in enthusiastically learning this new content. This new idea about the heart and its importance and that him speaking the end of my life made me just want to go that much further. And it's funny that we've all become kind disciples a listen to the podcast and stuff and then it's kind of funny that how we tie that to that while Emily we give a lot of credit to the wild heart team what they provided guidance and in content that they provide so yeah of your pulses in Corinthians, follow me as I follow Christ and for me it was a matter of like you, following Jesus is one thing that I needed something was kindled and you follow people I've not heard the phrase years ago the inactive 12-step programs is if you will. We have and will be good even if get it.

That became like a philosophy of my life and see people who had a wall that I wanted and I would basically get their back pocket and you have a but because he emulate those things you see semi whose happy and joyous in the Lord. I can remember God forgive me, but we had a choir director the church I go to any looked a lot like the Grinch and I thought if that's Jesus I don't know what that that's what I woke but but the fact is that you see people enjoying their life and its infectious and so following that any sky like a fountain or from one level to the other and that sets up a clip at this house, but that is for the karate kid and he had been.

I was in this apartment complex for this man that he you know saw a new kung fu and so you know he needed to know that can leave you get beat up at school and so he was willing to climb his back pocket as he said in and see what it was. He had offer. What he didn't realize this is that the teacher had been watching his actual habits, and so when you hear this discussion you will hear them talk about taken on his jacket and put it off a thousand times because his teacher and seen and just throw his jacket on the floor and and so he instructs them how to put that up by making them do it numerous times what she thinks is just you know over Kelly as he realizes he's actually teaching them kung fu with the moves that would be to take on off the jacket which will hear through the earlier part of the clip, but actually the young man is brought into this to learn kung fu.

He thinks are to learn how to fight but actually what the teacher has in mind is is much much deeper and you know when we get into the faith we we come in there for one thing, but what God has is just a holding holding Senate for ESM and this is not the original predicate messes the remake.

This is not wax on wax off, this is yet this is this is a similar scene but it's actually will Smith son Smith. I do not say Pharaoh now is it different Will Smith son okay so come here check on jacket on jacket. Jack get stone ticket on the kung fu everything we do simply put on the check and nixing how we treat people. Everything is kung fu yes and one of the surprises whether gigantic surprises for me as you know we we got into this.

I started hanging out with Sam and and Darren and this group and going after the heart and going after Jesus in healing individually and then what happens is what he said there how you treat other people's.

Next thing I know I find myself literally in a band of brothers in a relationship that I could really have only dreamed about actual deep close, intimate friendship with people that you really do life with that you really do share with people that that that literally is is it talked about a few weeks ago if they were going down a stairway and you knew that, and that you could die at the end of that stairway of these guys do that I'm following them because I know what their hearts are I know how good they are and what started out as something that seemed to be enough for me. Current turned out to be so much more of a community and and actually what I believe God has in mind for everybody not to be alone this thing he says is part of that I believe is true. As you start to see others that you don't know differently. I in building houses. Sometimes little by house very late in the process. You don't get time to really build a relationship with in in a while back I had built a house never met the person talking on the phone a couple times and met him and and it was really easy to tell the they had a very distrusting spirit right in me before walking through a lot of this and having God do the stuff and in disciple me with a light you guys and through him and other different ways.

Otis rewrote the person off as being better if it's something Anita said okay there's there's a hurt in her past that doesn't allow her to trust so how do I go at that two things that build trust, you know, and over the next few weeks as we finished out of the process of building a home closing home that kind of thing. She just open completely up to a different person with me and was funny.

I was talking when the other people that is after work with him. He's not gotten to that point yet he's only met her a few times is not gotten the point where he's he even knows he needs to build trust fees. Like that's a very difficult person you see on the surface is outside the circle of trust that comes from walking with Jesus and Jesus doing the work in your life and going man I know how I was, so there's got to be more that's going on underneath the hood of the car. There right now and so I would give that person some grace knowing and asked Jesus how to handle it under just changes everything.

When you want to add something that is to say, like you get into what we talked about earlier with the discipling them, seeing how you operate with this lady would actually help with that right or having that conversation with that gentleman explaining to walking them through the process. Part of the discipling thing walking with Jesus and of the disciples walked talk about it earlier. Robbie, how was the dust of the feet and walk so close the dust of feet coming off is the seeing people actually walk without actually hearing the stories actually getting together and having the conversations the community.

I think it is but I think it's also hard for them to really relate.

If Jesus is in doing network in their life. If you're not at a place with him of intimacy that he is showing them those things firsthand yet because they can they can see it what you're doing. That's for some people selected only to that effort.

You know it's like okay you doing this mice heart here anyway off on a tangent.

I guess in you back your topic like add to the topic that we just and in particular the rabbit trail so I mean just on that point. I think it is just this thing if we, as a disciple learning. I think to really understand what he's he's doing arming these people are people are what Jesus dealt with constantly along the road and in and I think it's great testimony. What you're saying same of just being aware of that we sometimes walk so much in our own, and if were hearing from him daily.

If we truly have this relationship. That is what is available to us the kindness and generosity to take the time to be that to somebody because the world is hurting right now and they need to see a representation of Christ mean that you fear that quite often from, you know, the church, but we really do with our opportunity to show that love and if it is a disciple somebody learns from somebody else. They've gotta see it from the people who claim that that's you know where the truth is, absolutely. We got so much more on this topic. If you listen to us on the radio show go to any of that podcast outlet and pick up after our show will be continuing on on this topic talk about more of our stories need to do way there and register the boot camp greatly due to any of the iTunes any of those places you get podcast will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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