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Robby Takes His Own Advice About Listening to God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 11, 2021 9:57 am

Robby Takes His Own Advice About Listening to God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 11, 2021 9:57 am

Robby Takes His Own Advice About Listening to God

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So today I'm Bible wonders were no warmer about Romans 828 I guess it starts out with wondering, does Robbie take his own advice.

So this week on messenger honey. We're talking about of the joy of hearing from God. Always as she peers voice and were talk about one of the things that somebody asked me. You know how was a good piece of advice you would give somebody give me advice I gave that night was that when God tells you something believe it and act on it. When you feel like that's something that came from God you believe that in go check it out while this morning in my quiet time I was. I've been working on a sermon actually for peace church this week and I've been in Ephesians 1 and Ephesians 4. And so when it came time, ask God where we go on this morning, which is one of the joys of of my time with the Lord every morning as I like to ask God were going in either a word or scripture passage or something like that and so this morning he says to me. Romans 828 and I thought now I just made that up in my head. I know Romans 828 is that could have anything to do with what I've been studying. Fortunately for me, God is persistent and said no Robbie, I mean it. Romans 828 and so I said okay I'm at it take my own advice and believe that I heard what I heard, which was Romans 828 and I went there expecting that I knew what I was fine. But no, I didn't at all is what I've been looking at in Ephesians 4 had to do with the concept of all of it. God is in all things and you may know that Romans 828 says that in all things work together for good for those that are called according email that love God and the called purpose.

So I said well there's if that's interesting. That word always in both places so I decided to study that word.

All in all my goodness what a treat. God had for me as I began to look deeply into that word all that Paul used in Paul is very familiar with the word in Hebrew, which I had missed. In fact the first time that we find that word in the Bible, which usually gives us a good idea of of work God is going with the word is when he told Adam that he was getting no suffer all these things all the days of his life and so that word all right there is in Hebrew.

1/2 and a lament.

When I looked at it. I was like that doesn't make sense to me. Why would 1/2 and because I knew that a hump was a crown in and it might mean to suppress something, but it also as I went back and studied the letter it means potential because it's like an upside down half is like the palm of God's hand and since you receive things with your palm, that the that the idea of this all is that it has phenomenally potential. Every single day of your life is all kinds of potential and it could be potential for this or potential for that. But what God was talking about all things that you know there's all this potential in every single moment that you have and what a beautiful concept. As I began to think of a second letter being a little mad has to do with your your heart and when you really put the two together you get this concept of an understanding heart like taking all the potential in your heart and your heart understands all the potential in all the sudden, all becomes just spectacular. I process that some I went. While all there's so much potential in God is in all and through us all in all that that I've been studying certainly both Romans 828 in Ephesians 4560 as I furthered my way through Romans 828 I landed again on that word called so that's interesting because that word called is you also find a little bit above Ephesians, it may be for four were you know the hope of your calling and so I said well that's interesting that words there in both places. The word always in both places, and now this would calling his heirs right sided to take another look at calling and I looked at calling the Greek letter droit, what a surprise was waiting for me there. I'm usually not a huge Greek fan but it was this time for me and immediately said something that really led to the Hebrew understanding of the word which it means invited to the banquet I allow is considered as I saw that I was like what a treat to be invited to the banquet and so as I began the process that a little further and I and I pushed into that in Hebrew. I realize that the first place that you find that word in Hebrew is in Kings were the people were called to certain people were invited to Solomon's coronation and this concept of being invited.

Jesus talked about it time and time again and got a have on the right close.

It reminded me as of the really really spectacular. I'd seen one time it was Salamis commission banquet that Tom can't remember the name of the panther player that was a defensive back for the Panthers.

He was giving this talk and he talked about how we spent his entire life trying to get into the Super Bowl. You know that he worked so hard in practice and practice and all the stuff and they finally they got into the Super Bowl. And if you're panther fan you know they the panther. This was the first Super Bowl that there were in the course they lost both of them at this particular one they lost right at the end had to do with the missed field goal. This counselor and he said it was such a shock as he looked up at the scoreboard in the game is over and he said and they drew a rope and they literally pulled us off the field and you worked your whole life to get to this place and then a last-minute you're getting pulled off the field was again and think about that this morning I thought.

While there is they were getting pulled off the field as a hat on the wrong close I forgot you one probably good patriots one that your eye. I don't remember but whatever close they had on they had on the right close to be on the field because they were the winners well you know all things work together for good for those who are invited to the banquet but man I mean including we gotta get on the right close and so is your listing to this. I hope you feel like man all things work together, as is we get a understanding heart of the potential of all that's going on, but more importantly what all that if you're listening and I hope you are and you don't know if you have the right close like oh my goodness, here's how you get okay you asked Jesus for his blood. He died so that you would be covered in that blood's that you would be able to stand in the presence of God and and and when the game is over and were all invited to the banquet when you are waiting for your seat at the table right.

You gotta have on the close that have been washed white in the plot of land. This is your opportunity to asked Jesus. He did this for you so that you could be invited to the to the banquet of banquets and fees to FISA beats all Super Bowl games you could ever imagine playing in you.

You spent your whole life for this moment to be invited to this particular banquet. If you've never done it washed your washer close today in the blood of the lamb and of course feel free to email me call me. I'll even give you my phone number is on this podcast if you want to talk to me about this comic 336-909-2779 that's Robbie Gilmore from the be glad to talk to anybody anytime 336-909-2779 complex

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