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Questions About Biblically Responsible Investing

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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June 7, 2021 8:03 am

Questions About Biblically Responsible Investing

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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June 7, 2021 8:03 am

Throughout the book of Proverbs, we are reminded of the value of wisdom. And of course, a great way to gain wisdom is to ask questions.  On the next MoneyWise Live, host Rob West welcomes investing expert Robert Netzly (NETS-lee) to ask him some questions about biblically responsible investing. Then Rob will take your calls and questions on the financial matters you’d like to discuss. That’s MoneyWise Live—where biblical wisdom meets today’s financial decisions, weekdays at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

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Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and Proverbs 811 tells us wisdom is better than Jules and all that you may desire cannot compare with her. And of course a great way to gain wisdom is to ask questions Rob West. That's what will be doing today asking questions specifically about faith-based investing and who better to provide the answers, then investing expert Robert take your calls and questions at 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 welcome to moneywise live for God's word guides are every financials. Well, it's always a pleasure to introduce my guest a good friend, Robert Metz lead to the program. Roberts is CEO of inspire investing an underwriter of moneywise and one of the leaders in the rapidly growing faith-based investing movement, Robert, great to have you back lately to be here. Thanks Rob Robert before we dive into our list of FAQs related to faith-based investing, which I'm really looking forward to what you give us a definition of what is faith-based investment will faith-based investing is sometimes termed biblically, responsible investing is really some approach to first Corinthians 1031.

Whatever you do, what you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God that includes I manage his money right belongs to him and suspicions greatly at really strive to do that every area of life. And so with investing were looking to invest in companies that are more closely aligned with God's heart and accompanies their doing good things in the world rather than doing bad things in the world. To put it very simply and so in practice that can involve excluding certain companies that are may be manufacturing abortion drugs or selling pornography or things that nature and instead looking for companies that are creating innovative medicines or stopping at high degrees of ethics and integrity really a blessing to their communities, their customers the world in general and that's you know that's in short what the responsible or faith-based investing is I appreciate that and I think the construct of embrace avoid and engage is really helpful as we think about this. You mentioned two of the three both avoiding companies who don't align with biblical values embracing companies making a positive impact in the world, or even in some cases a kingdom impact and then thirdly engaging which you what I've talked about before this program engaging as a shareholder or as an owner to express your values with the goal of influencing decisions made on the part of the company by the leadership in the executives of the company, which I know you've had incredible success on so there really are different facets of this exciting growing movement.

I want to begin today with the avoid side. Robert, as you know, in Matthew 75 Jesus rebukes hypocrites. He says you hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. So here's our first question a softball right over the plate. Is it hypocritical to screen out companies for my portfolio. When I'm still buying their products or services as a consumer is a fastball at Shanghai think that you get that question, but night it is a good question and I have no interest in being a hypocrite for sure since it's really important answer really was one of the first questions that I had to wrestle with you some 10 years ago when God really challenge me in this area of biblical responsible investing in just kind of dancing hypocritical. You know to be talking on an iPhone and doing business on a Microsoft you know computer and so on and so forth. When I'm also advocating for people to not invest in those companies you know and and others, but it boils down to the difference between ownership and consumerism in a some people in the rest with ideal, it will find screening these companies out of my portfolios but I'm still using their products is that in the critical and not put it this way.

Netflix is a good example so I can sit down on the couch and watch in a nice family friendly cartoons my kids on Netflix and I have no issue with that are there's nothing wrong with that it's it's a good use of the product. However, you can also use Netflix in many other ways and is all kinds of other adult type content on Netflix. That would be completely inappropriate and immoral for me to watch. So as a consumer, and responsible for what I am consuming as an owner asked responsible for what were selling is accompanies the fight own shares of Netflix responsible for everything that goes through that, things always item so that's that's the difference.

Now I had a bit more just around the corner rather naturally from inspire investing Janice today answering, moneywise live venture joining us today moneywise live do you have questions about the growing segment of the investing universe called faith-based investing well. Robert Metz lead CEO of inspire investing is here today to answer some frequently asked questions and hopefully give you a bit more insight into this exciting investment landscaping.

Robert just before the break we were talking about whether it's hypocritical to own the company's products or use a company's product and avoid their stocks being an owner as a stock you were explaining that you use the example of Netflix and perhaps watching a family-friendly program on Netflix which means you're a subscriber and yet avoiding owning their company which means your profiting from their business activities but as a follow-up to that to mean couldn't you make the case that you're actually directly benefiting the company by making that subscription payment every month. Where is on the secondary market buying their shares has really no impact on them as a company you actually can make that argument, and you'd be mostly correct and in a question a lot of people have when they're discovering faith-based investing. If were going to not invest in these companies does it even matter because I mean if I do by their shares on the near stock exchange or in a mutual fund or in an ETF money is not going to the bank accounts of that company right it's going to whoever sold that stock is like buying a used car.

If I buy a Ford from you, Rob. You know you get the money for doesn't get the money. Same thing with stock and but the question sort of misses the point because the point biblically responsible investing is not that were supporting these bad companies there doing bad things and use your money to do bad things.

The world that's not really the point when we got convicted my heart on this issue.

It wasn't because I know I've realized my money was going to these evil companies. There were many use the money for their own sordid gains.

That conviction was that I'm an owner that company. I am the company. I'm profiting from those things is not that I'm sending money as subscriber to Netflix and there you know, benefiting from that is that I own Netflix. I'm selling pornography to millions of people around the world and ruining the marriage is running lives selling abortion drugs to people in the next that's what I'm doing is an owner and an investor and Jesus said where your treasure is, that your heart will be also. And if I if I want my heart to be aligned with the heart of God. And yet I'm investing my treasure literally into companies that are selling products like pornography. I mean I'm I'm conflicted. And on one hand I want to do the will of God, and I want to be completely lined up with what he wants in this world. On the other hand I'm invested in a company that selling things that break the heart of God and I am you a sense hoping that more people buy those products that are immoral because I make more money when they do that and so there's this there's this inescapable divide there and so for me again when the Lord just brought this on my heart and I'm wrestling with these things. I realize I can't. I can't have it both ways and I don't want it both ways. Honestly, I want to invest for the glory of God is like everything else in my life and so that's enough so I can help people through the question of consumerism versus ownership there really are different responsibilities in different moral obligations. Yeah, you know, one of things really help me as I thought about my own convictions in this area is to recognize this is a conviction matter. Your Romans 14. Let each one. Be fully convinced in his own mind. I think we need to wrestle through this and come to our own conviction about how we want to approach our investments in light of what you just described what is our role as owner. What is our role as consumer. Do we want to avoid doing what embrace do what engaged. We want to do all three. And I think the opportunity is now there to have our values reflected appropriately. Robert next question. Can we really make a kingdom impact on big corporations with our investment decisions, and if so how do we do that.

Yeah, these businesses are so huge right companies and never been bigger in history the world with companies in $1 trillion in larger and it's quite easy to feel insignificant to mildly and were investing these companies and so you know there's a temptation to think well in. I can't really do anything that I can make a difference.

So why even try, but you know not only is that just if that attitude cannot people that I know God is on the throne, no matter how small bacon is but that he can use you know David's leg a giant he can use you to change the world. He wants to, but the truth is, and in practicality to you if your shareholder company.

You certainly have a voice and they have a whole department of people in the rest relations whose job it is to listen to you and it doesn't really matter how much or how little you have the company we are not the biggest company in the world, ourselves inspire investing in me. You know, God bless us with growth but far from being a big company in the scheme of Wall Street. And yet the Lord's been gracious and we been able influence major corporations to stop donating money to Planned Parenthood and to change corporate policies to reflect more family-friendly values and things of that nature. So you actually can make a difference, but ultimately it also boils down to. Even if you didn't make a difference. Is it still worth it to try right you know I mean even if nothing changes. Should we still try to be salt and light by the power the Holy Spirit, I think so. I think the Bible is clear that yeah well I appreciate that.

But let's talk about engaging a bit more that, can you give us an example or two where corporate engagement is working absolutely. Some my favorite stories over the past seen a couple years or so. One of them is out with Chevron so large oil company and they were there headquartered out in the Bay Area California were were from and they had been donating money to Planned Parenthood for some time and we had been engaging with them letting them know how that was problematic in our view, and why, and they were not polite but were changing anything, came to a head on a friend and colleague of ours in the faith-based investing movement went to their shareholder meeting their annual shareholder meeting and asked the question directly to the executives there in the room and connect them to the point, why are you giving money to Planned Parenthood who by the way is under congressional desiccation for the sale of body parts of these children and you know it's all sort of mess that was going on back then and anyway he and I my friend and I were in Boston together at an event and when he got the email back from Chevron. Some weeks later saying it because of our engagement. Together they made the corporate decision to stop their donations to Planned Parenthood. So any praise God right here is a company that did not want to change really, but it is came to the point where faith-based investors, Christians and others who were concerned. Frankly, made a difference and you know we give God the glory for that, but that's that's one example of many of the kind of impact you can have as an investor. That's really helpful well just a few seconds left Robert. How does someone get started. What's the first step. Someone should take if they want to align their investments with God's financial principles.

Step one open the Bible and pray right, read those verses include inspire we have a lot of bitterly based contents about BRI and he can screen your investments. Learn what you own. You can screen for and see what you own and just to go to the Lord and see what he had.

He had to do excellent, thank you for joining us. My friend, my pleasure Robert Exley of inspire investing is better yesterday. Your calls or next. 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live for God's word guides our every financial step right back for joining us today moneywise live on.

Rob lasted posing questions next on anything financial will take your issue. Whatever you're dealing with.

Whether it's how to save more how to track your spending. Maybe you have some questions about giving wisely or increasing your giving maybe you and your spouse find yourself on different pages when it comes to managing God's money, whatever it might be.

We want to apply biblical truth to your situation help you take the passages in God's word.

The principles we can extract employment and apply them to today's financial decisions that will do that when you call 800-525-7000 today you be able to talk to our call screener Eric Tidwell and Deb Solomon are producer will be there waiting for you as well. It's quick and easy and will look forward to hearing from you.

Get 800 525 €7000 just before the break in our opening segments. We were talking with her friend Robert Exley about faith-based investing in folks, this is an exciting and growing area of the investment landscape if you will.

This idea that we have the ability now where we didn't just a few years ago really in the same way we do today to be able to align our values with our investments. To invest in companies through mutual funds and ETF's that either screen out companies that conflict with our values or specifically screen in companies that give you incredible growth potential, but are making a positive impact in the world, and in some cases even a kingdom impact in the world. These types of investments were available even just a few years ago and so if you've not looked into this whole space of faith-based investing to see how in fact, you can be an owner of companies that are actually contributing to the common good investing that makes the world rejoice and be sure you do that you can check with one of our incredible underwriters here in moneywise with her.

That's inspire which show we heard from Robert Exley today inspire our friends that invest Eventide's doing some great work in the space of the praxis mutual funds are another one.

There's just a growing number of these world-class investments out there and fund families that are doing just great work in the name of the Lord in many cases that still are delivering award-winning results so you can be a wise steward and see great to growth in your portfolio while at the same time, really making a difference. So ask your advisor about faith-based investing or if you don't have one, you can search for a certified kingdom advisor that could help you navigate this faith-based the faith-based investing landscape. When you visit our website moneywise just click find ACK you'll just quickly and easily put in your ZIP Code you get a list of all the professionals in your area that have earned that designation that we believe is the gold standard for biblically wise financial advice, and then you can begin to interview and find the one that's the right fit for you and then perhaps start your journey into this whole area of faith-based investing and let us know how it's going.

We'd love to hear from you.

Perhaps you're just getting started. Or maybe you been at it for a while. Tell us your story all right. Lines are open were to begin to take your calls and questions. Here's the number 800-525-7000.

That's 800-525-7000 whatever is on your mind today that you want to deal with. We'd love to tackle it.

Working to start today and I believe Miami Florida is smile.

Thank you for your call today. How can I help you fight yeah dog it out here all really appreciate the work that you guys do married for about 12 years old, one year straight guy and we have been serving at one particular church for about 18 years prior to being married actually met at job for now. Trent would now transition on from that God ministry and I wear Catholic and in between space seeking ghetto where our next space should be that we where firm believer in tithing we been hiding for years, but at this trouble were just kind of in that in between. We been fighting to our old church even know were no longer there. We believe and continue to support that ministry, but now we're looking for new church home or were not sure we should continue fighting at that particular church or should we start taking out high acute that the new place were actually up interested in worship we have made a commitment to worship at this new place so, difficult spot. I hear you smell. I appreciate this question.

You know I love that it comes from a heart of really wanting to honor this honor the Lord in this area of giving, you know the tithe I think is a great beginning point when it comes to your giving. We should be systematic givers and if we want to follow the model in Scripture.

Using the principle of the tithes we see clearly in the Old Testament we see it referenced in the New Testament, even though the law of Moses was replaced with the law of Christ. Yellow we I think can still use that is a great beginning point, the author, Randy Alcorn calls the tithe. The training wheels of giving and I think that's a great way to look at it. The word tide simply means a tent ended be based on your increase gets all the lords but as the increase comes into you in whatever form, then beginning with giving back 1/10 to where you're planted to God's plan a the local church I think is a great idea, but then we stretch and we begin to give. Perhaps more on a percentage basis, or more on a sacrificial basis that we get to experience. I think the more complete joy that comes with giving but I think I to your question. You know the wearer of the tithe is is clearly to the storehouse because you're in a transition. Here I think what you described is exactly right. You know the extent to which the Lord is moved you on your looking for a new church home you're visiting. I think you've got a couple of options. Number one, I'd continue to be faithful in that systematic giving to the Lord. If you wanted to do that to the place you're visiting. I think that's perfectly appropriate if you wanted to give it you know, perhaps, for a short season while you're waiting to figure out where you're going to land to a ministry that God is using in your life. Perhaps a teaching ministry or some other ministry that has been meeting your needs in this area that would be another opportunity.

But for me, I'd probably as I visit around whether that's one place or more civil places.

I just give my weekly tied to that particular church. And then, as the Lord makes it clear that that's your new church home and clearly you would want to get that on a more permanent basis set up that's your physical gifts each week for electronically whatever you want to initiate your testimony of getting today as well. Bless the Lord to make it clear where he lives. Phone lines open today looking forward to taking your calls and questions 800-525-7000 much more moneywise live just around so grateful you did today to moneywise live on Rob last year calls and questions on anything financial planning truth of God's word to your situation just ahead will talk to Rose in Arkansas to know whether to sell her house, take the equity and buy a smaller house that's a question so many people are asking what your question we got.

We counted five lines open 800-525-7000.

That's 800-525-7000 before we talk to Rose. Let me remind you of the new moneywise that it's available in the app store. I want you to focus just for second on the Discover tab so inside the moneywise at begin a free download in your app store is the digital envelope system where you can track your finances and download your transactions and categorize them in envelopes automatically in the community tab or you can post a question and get responses from other folks in the moneywise community as well as our expert coaches. But in the Discover tab is what I believe is the very best content and biblical finance, all flowing in in one place and I was just looking at today's lineup of articles and podcasts in the Discover tab in the up to me today that from the Ron blue Institute.

Five conclusions on money from the Old Testament and from sound mind investing the impact of low inflation over time, and whether or not you need rental car insurance from a firm compass there dealing with what the Bible says about debt and debt from Eventide looking at values based investing in. This is just great content that I would love for you to take advantage of. So as you begin to think of your money in terms of it being gods and then understanding from a biblical perspective, how to handle it. Over time it will change the way you manage God's money.

We want this to be an encouragement to you. So go download it today and check out these great articles and much much more in your app store to search for moneywise biblical finance rights.

Arkansas arose.

You've been incredibly patient. How can I help you today I am 71 years all I am a way now. No children level on cannot fairly large house about 2200 ft.² and the main Antonette is just getting too much for me and I found that with the house-as they are now. I could probably sell it for around $300 then or more and I owe 97,000 in Arnett and I was thinking if I sold it I could take the proteins and by and 1300 square-foot house and pay cash for it and then I wouldn't have a mortgage at all and I would get funding at that the white decision still arose. I like that idea that you would downsize in this season of life to try to reduce your expenses at the same time, you'd be reducing your expenses, you'd be ill in some respects, reducing just the amount of upkeep and overhead with a smaller footprint wholemeal smaller footprint means less literal square footage of things that can go wrong and you know perhaps you know that would be a benefit as well.

Certainly less upkeep in terms of just keeping the home in working order on a daily basis. I think the question though in this market is making sure you understand what it's actually get a cost for you to secure this smaller home and whether or not you can in fact do that with the proceeds of this larger home, so I would not only do a little bit of due diligence. If you haven't already beyond just looking at the Cillo value. If you're familiar with that website of your home. Perhaps get a realtor in there who specializes in your particular market your particular neighborhood who can do a comparative market analysis to confirm what it is you think you can sell this for and then I would do a little bit of homework on where do I actually want to live what location, what neighborhoods you know is there that smaller home that I'd be happy with in terms of all of those things that I mention in Ken I in fact buy it for what I'm expecting to in terms of the purchase price, and then you need to factor in the cost both of the sale and the purchase and then, well, you would be getting a mortgage that's good you wouldn't have those costs but at least the transaction cost for both the sale and the purchase of this new home to make sure that you do in fact come out the way you think you will or close to it so that after you go through this process of selling and moving and buying and everything that goes with that you're going to be in the financial position you expect to in terms of, you know, the, the outlay and expenses. Do you feel like there's still some questions on some of that Rose or do you feel like you've Artie looked into that well enough. Well, there's a house just like mine and that on the market for 295,099 at night and not not nearly as nice and then I look at one that was 197,000 and it was 1300 ft.² and it was nice but the neighborhood wasn't exactly great but it was much smaller and entered something I could live with. Yes – I'm getting older and I'm getting it's getting harder and I'm recovering from cancer and I have so many things and getting too much.

Yes. Well, I completely concur with that. So I think you're on the right track here right I think what you're thinking makes a lot of sense to me. I just want to make sure you're using good data so you know somebody listing the home is different than a close sale so you can want to. In addition, the looking. What's actively on the market right now. You really need to look at what's in that some of those close sale prices have been with similar homes were somebody actually bought them because you know that's really the most telling anybody can list a home for anything doesn't meet some of these can buy it and then make sure you really think through our you to be happy in the the new neighborhood you've selected. And you know with the purchase prices were talking about. But if those things check out then I think you'll be very happy with less upkeep, less of financial overhead and this is a great time to do it because the housing market is so hot, but you do have to think about how you coordinate the buy and sell. The good news is with this new purchase. You won't need a new mortgage so you don't have to worry about any contingencies or anything like that buying with cash is gonna put you in a really strong position in terms of going in to that next purchase. I hope that's been helpful to you. May the Lord bless you and give you some wisdom here.

As you navigate these decisions, but I'm completely on board with where you're headed to Savannah Georgia. Dan is up next only mention we do have some lines open 800-525-7000, then how can I help you there. I will call and find out when I got them money to invest in a 401(k) with Vanguard and I wanted to do more socially more morally ethical investing. I'm looking at sound mind investing and the Timothy plan out. I want to get your ideas on which when way to go. Yeah, I love the fact that you thinking about the stand and wanting to align your values with your investments. As I mentioned earlier, the broadcast, it's a really exciting space right now because there are so many world-class mutual fund families and ETF's that are coming out in the been out for years now and doing very well in this space.

The challenge with the 401(k) is obviously you're limited to the investment options inside that plan. So you're whether it's a Timothy fund, or if some of our underwriters that I just think are world-class like Eventide or praxis mutual funds or inspire. Have you seen any of these names inside your 401(k) not and I have I gotten the land broke toward my red roof kind of the things that they offer and I also without sound mind venting off and actually using some of the Vanguard fund down mindbending so your copyright will that would be a great option.

Sound mind and then I look back in your 401(k) and see if find Eventide praxis or inspire because you can do some direct investing there. But I think you're on the right track and I would keep it up. This is a great direction that you had. We appreciate your call today, moneywise live around the corner 805 five 7000 thanks for tuning in moneywise live on Rob West know we can't do everything without you are. Financial partners are key to bringing you this broadcasted partnership with Moody radio every day. Delivering our moneywise coaches are CKs all the content that's available on our all of that is as a result of your financial partnership. Would you consider a gift one time or perhaps set up as a monthly giver, you can do that quickly and securely online that moneywise just click the donate button and we would certainly be grateful to LaSalle Illinois Barbara, thank you for your call today. How can I help you money in my 41 pay my mortgage and wondered why my pension security. I'm currently 60 years old, dined. My mortgage with that part of that 401(k). It's a great question Barbara. I love the idea of you becoming completely debt-free.

As you enter this next season of life.

You know it we like to say we want to become debt free as quickly as possible, but certainly timing the paying off of the home mortgage as you enter that retirement season asking the Lord. What's next for your perhaps reassignment if you will just brings your overall lifestyle needs down which means you don't need as much money gives you more flexibility. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from being unencumbered. Are you still working Barbara or have you stopped working and then move toward retirement working okay so you would need to wait to pay off that mortgage out of the 401(k) and to you separate and so when would that be like to withdraw on it now, but I would have to pay Yeah yeah you have to pay taxes. Either way, but you're right you you could take that withdraw so how much is left on that mortgage will record out okay will you have in your 401(k) roughly hundred and 50 okay and you've done your budget and you feel like through your pension and Social Security which are planning to take it 62 is that right, correct okay so based on the reduced amount you give it 62. Could you get about a 25% reduction versus waiting for full retirement age but with that reduced amount plus the pension that would cover your lifestyle as long as the mortgage was gone.

Or could you cover it. Even with the mortgage. I can cover it with the mortgage mortgage gone I think of all the interest I'm paying a lot by continued market yeah yeah well I think as long as you've done the math, you really have it.

Sounds like a conviction to be completely debt-free. You plan to stay in the home. I think really the only consideration. At that point if you've run the numbers and clearly if it works, you know, taking the so security earlier and meeting the needs that you have. If it works with the mortgage of the work even more effectively without it. I just want you to look at the tax side of that, so I'd probably rather you spread spread this out over a couple of tax years and a minimum to maybe even three and you probably want to talk to a tax preparer about the impact of that if you take it all in one tax year. That's can add $100,000 to your taxable income for the year which would likely push a portion of that up into a higher bracket which means you paying even more tax. So I just want you to consider that it could be that the way you end up doing this is you plan between now and age 62 to systematically pay it down over multiple years.

You could even string it out if you do right at the end of this year and then next tax year and the beginning of the following over three tax years, but you really time the payoff to your retirement so that you pay as little tax as possible, but by the time you're transitioning into that other season of life.

You've already got everything paid off and you own your home free and clear, and now your expenses are as low as they could possibly be. So I would talk to a tax preparer. If you don't have one. Find one if you do visit with that person just to do a little bit of planning to see the best way to do that to minimize that tax liability but otherwise I'm on board with that plan. As long as you run the numbers and you understand the impact of not having those funds available as you go, have as you move into that next season of life and we appreciate your call today to Elmhurst, Illinois Pat, thank you for your patience.

How can I help you and coming you are, you know it and we have to find what you do with that. I don't know the correct terminology and when we got it… It was the same as my annuity with my 401(k) when I went let go from my job in 2008 on, but it's not because I get money every month. Now that came to out to the point where I could get that when I turned 70. We don't know what to do. Eight $78,000. With that, and then we also have ED that we have to do something with within the next month or so and that one is about 26, $27,000. It could we put it all into a new annuity that would give us monthly money or much yeah so generally you have two options with an annuity you can elect to receive your funds in a lump sum or you can take it in monthly payments and that's called annuitizing the account in just about every annuity should allow you to do that now. If you can't, for some reason you want to reinvest that somewhere else. Do you happen to know if it's a qualified account where the contributions are pretax. When we put it all in and what he had not found he had a haircut. I see it work putting anything into it. It was 70,000. When we put it in and now it's at 78. Well I would go back to them and explore your options because you know it. Basically, you should just say listen, I'm looking to annuitize this contract and I want to take a monthly income stream overlooked over the rest of my life and you want to have survivors benefits on that which will reduce the monthly amount to make sure that not only do you get that through his life, but also through your life. If he predeceases you so. I think you know that's one option you want to explore further. Because I'd be very surprised if that option wasn't available to you.

Secondly if not then you could roll it out to another annuity and then perhaps look at adding this these other funds from the CD I would connect with a certified kingdom advisor there in Illinois to look at the contract that you have read the fine print perhaps help you navigate contacting them to see what they're saying and what options you have and then also exploring where else you might be able to roll it out to if you are concerned about your taking any risk by investing this money you really want to transfer that risk to an insurance company. Even though annuities are my favorite product is.

They tend to be complicated and you give up a little bit of the upside in their expensive in terms of fees and commissions yell if if you're looking to not assume any risk and just get that monthly payout and that's going to meet your needs, meaning that that monthly annuity amount, plus whatever other income sources. You have Social Security and anything else of that meet your expenses and that gives you peace of mind to know, at least our bills are covered, then you that can be a great resource and reason why you'd want to still have an annuity but I want you to have some competent objective financial counsel from a professional to look both at what you have in your current annuity and then what options are out there if you roll it out into a new annuity and add that the CD proceeds to it. So if you go to website moneywise just click find the CK put in your ZIP Code and you'll find a number of them in your area.

I'd interviewed two or three. Find the one that's the best fit and then have that professional look over these options and give you some counsel. We appreciate you checking with us today our final call today. Crownpoint, Indiana, Janet, how can I help you and myself and my call, and it rained out. This program, you young nephew of Michael Landis like a like a skunk to me to live better than you think will give us and I just need your guidance please to enable you to walk with our newfound insight you would expect to share aspect okay because I am trying to check but let's try. I got 20 looking people.

Sometimes you check the website you get different information I now they see fit with a kind of Michelle you give on discogram that was life.

That didn't come to you as you get any help and guide you and Kiki in counsel click on my way making a want to be ready to get back at Wam crime today very good and what it will and we just have about a minute left. What are your primary concerns at this point is certainly we want to making good decisions and your understanding. This is God's money in setting up a spending plan and it would have to wait. After the divorce is final to see what assets are his. And what are going to go to his ex-wife and then he can make a plan moving forward. But is there anything specific that you're concerned about how they don't have any children.

How like 401(k), like a setback is not the unit that I completely know I I don't have much's okay what I want to do Janet that when were done here today want you to stay on the line. I want to send you a copy of Ron blues book, master your money. It's a great high level overview of how you handle financial planning and all of the areas you know thinking about retirement. In the long term, and in the short term, your spending planned and saving for the future and giving you even estate planning and really covers the waterfront, but from a biblical perspective and if he reads that I think that'll give him a real strong basis.

Beyond that, our or coaches can help them set up a spending plan and then are certified kingdom advisors could help advise him on determined planning and making sure he is the proper insurance and just all the things he needs to be thinking about.

I know it's a difficult season but he needs to seek some wise counsel right now so low I will get to that book and then you get connected with a certified advisor on the website that's good for us today.

Folks moneywise live as a partnership between radio and moneywise thank you to Deb Solomon, Dan Anderson, Jim Henry and Eric Tidwell, a for my amazing team on Rob last bullet point out that tomorrow will do it all over again

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