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Crisis in Israel - A Biblical Worldview - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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June 5, 2021 2:00 pm

Crisis in Israel - A Biblical Worldview - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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June 5, 2021 2:00 pm

Dr. Bruce Logan is this week's guest. He joins us to discuss the Israel / Hamas conflict and why it is critical to have a Biblical worldview to properly understand what is taking place in the Holy Land.

Dr. Bruce Logan (DBL Ministries –


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God committed to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life the window in the Bible now are other one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lets doing what you see Thomas for today's message. I'm sitting here and I will phones right here in my pocket.

Even here buzz every once in a while and when my phone buzzes. That means that rockets are being fired at Israel and the there is a political there is a spiritual there is a historical there's a lot of different ways that wintertime to this today is also an emotional element that ties in because these are rockets that are being fired literally at my family and I want to say thank you because most people don't understand what that means. Most people don't understand why that is happening. Most people don't really care most of the world doesn't care most of the United States doesn't care.

The reason I'm saying think is because I'm sitting in a group with a group of people who do care about what happens look into the program. My name is Brian Thomas and I being joined by phone today by Dr. Bruce Logan and he is coming on to continue with part two of this very important topic of the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas. Why is so important that we look at these things with a biblical worldview without a Logan I want to thank you for coming on and join us today and the voice that you heard in the opening that was we played it last week in part one. That was the voice of David towel he was speaking at the 412 church in California concerning this important topic.

So not a logo.

I want to do is begin with. Speaking about what we heard David towel speaking on and just unpack if you will force these components of how we should look at this issue when it comes to Israel and Hamas. Conflict labor and back. Political component spiritual component and balance rockets fired at family be an emotional component right component to background when you enter the right conflict.

There aspects we should understand number one we have a meeting right now.

I want everything going on in about that merit, but the truth of the matter is that there is no country that claim to territory through right back out back to God, who, for example, Joshua wanted Lebanon great River and all great Mediterranean and going down to the fun, show your coat under danger and on a map. All territory from the river, which by the way in Iraq going all the way west toward the all the land God promised to the current generation of the conflict talking about that man about the five New Jersey right right thing. What I have about five New Jersey nothing about. There are 22 states and but there's not room for that have their own state area. The five major so when you think about it you know there's a lot of it were not being told more land, God planted in Georgia don't know that I am the Lord your God will find mountain my holy Scripture reference to how the land of promise land and have more of a legitimate claim goes back thousands of years than anybody. So why is there is the reason that, and I agree with you totally that the Bible is very clear that this land is promised to Israel. God said so. And God is the authority to final authority.

Why is there this this this push out there about this two state solution that there should be a Palestinian state that there should be a in Israel state. Now go back to outline wanted time talk about that particular outlet but talking about it but back of the matter is that there have been offered by different occasions where the world community have offered each time the power and authority have declined that we get a brief understanding of area known as outlook on how to become as we know it or group. Now the land of Palestine report when they were there about her language in the landing territory automatic called to do. And what authority authority and a lot of mono and then also there was a lot of so, and in 1934, Emperor Hadrian decided to pretty much wipe them out massacre thousand of the population in bold kill XL and all the remaining Jews were in the land at the time or from Britain in order to come back to that point on. The area occupied by Empire groups gain control of the territory and prior to one under the authority of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire would look at the one in the area became known as barbaric. Occupied or controlled by the British are sold now limited to the back report to talk about that. Over the land and without all the name of the land to the caller. Valentina and I will basically in honor of former God time anymore back to modern times that after controlling area after world war one.

They tried to several different occasions to particular land and offered to Earth Island in 1937 in 1937 the British form of call commission commission and after work to the error problem continued to drive because of the dismissal of the land and the plan and now here in terms of the agreement of the 9037 the British offered the Arab territory now to think about that that you are the remaining 20% out of five that offer air rejected it. Not a project for all or nothing rejected outright.

So then later in 1947 when Ginger later 1947 voted on the UN partition plan to an ideal to create solution all parameters of the agreement. The correct were with him in the air rejected Belden 1947 in 1948, noted that when Israel was declared not remember all the time without migrating back area real because of their fleeing persecution about a not so Monica worked out of the thousand year end man from the land checked out so that again in 19 there was a war occurred in 19 called Syria, Jordan benefactor try to destroy them. But if miraculously they were about a month later, and that change occurred in a book called no no no real moment goes through and no recognition of so now the third time a plan or an idea about offered and rejected after they want to attack and they wanted and offered protection plan and rejected it with their favorite regional there was a lot of you don't read because there's a lot of guilt when in 2000. Israeli Prime Minister Barack Medicare, David all about liberation, chairman, Dr. Erica and idea of Camp David summit offer another two state solution. Granted Prime Minister offered Arafat about state all dogma and 9% of the West Bank and that he wanted to give Jerusalem 123 rather active But Arafat rejected that offer and present at the time the word Arafat was 14, noted everything about offer back in five bombing killed over about 10,000 more that happened thereafter rather than my bout and and and and and out stuck on building out having 94% of of territory. So, another worthwhile story short, that they could've had a matter back down the truth of what they really want one and now all about and nothing else they could have, but not what it was all about so in other words, the Palestinians really don't want to stay solution. They want a once the solutions that one state to be the Palestinian state. They want Israel to be wiped off the map and all of the nation's leaders and that includes our leaders, our presidents, we been numerous presidents throughout time that have been advocating for two state solution but did not God Warren in which he said do not divide my land. He will bring judgment upon those that divide his land and that all remember we talked about the prophetic God point time to come back and very very important component but is also very important were fired very important component have it covered, loss or, got I will bless you and curse that person. There Berkeley number one quarter of the country. It might, and honestly, and of course we can cryptically problem my speculation but I believe that a large part of why United group photograph and become the greater military and economic power in the world because of our undocking agree, the fact that now you have a minute, and there have been anti-Israel a lot of bonding to function in the United States as a result so connecting the dots clamp that out. But honestly believed that that spirit behind her back room left me up and got without paying whatever Kurt got out probably going out but I have gone out massacre to deal with muscle important when you talk about having the biblical worldview because there are people that go out and they cast votes at the ballot box and they are voting for politicians that are advocates for this to stay solution that want to divide the land which God clearly said if you divided there will be a judgment. He said there will be a curse that will contact you have a lot of Christians that they don't even realize apparently that what they're doing is they're doing something is going against the word of God there there putting people in office or pushing an agenda to go against the word of God which is in turn bring in a curse upon our land heart that our current president 1999.

That pattern of their own, Joe Biden, about $2009 and $90 out of our state of their own goes on to say there is no does not have. Without that just not possible in the middle without losing nothing about it that talk about it okay ballot. Right now you know the more I felt, but also be the fact that the hype about the idea that there will be out. Without a state of their own that also evident ultramodern plan. Not about mine. Mine right wiped off the face of the earth, the rallying cry Friday. Not only why United United number one supporter of Israel, so that made the great thing so today were talking about a mine. We talk about their mindset planogram time and an Arab state. I was writing about this happen while ago about that revealed general competence heard about the fighter name on opponent Montel Shabazz copied in her first found that is rarely heavyweight general partner won the match out component and walked away with fanout or the audience booed with that let you know the mentality that spoke volumes about the middle mentality that would this is deathly spiritual because as you said, the land of Israel. That is where Jesus Christ is returning and that is widely quoted in the book of Genesis chapter 12 when when God promised the land to Abraham.

He said also that all the nations of the earth would be blessed because of you and we know Jesus Christ came through the nation of Israel. He came from the tribe of Judah, so all the world and blessed by Jesus Christ or the opportunity for salvation and not only that, when you just look throughout the world at the way the Jewish people.

The contributions that they may throughout history ministers disproportionately on the plus side is for is what they contributed, so it shows the hand of God is on them. Even though most of today or are not believers in Jesus Christ for the Messiah goes but but we see that is definitely a spiritual battle behind it and when you look at when you're talking about the fact that usually is about the size of New Jersey. If you look on a map when you see the pics and I encourage my listeners to go and look up a map that shows Israel highlighted, rated, and then it shows the colors of all the Arab states around the Arab nations you see how disproportionate it is and yet they are fighting over this tiny Mason the size of of New Jersey and at some point is only 7 miles across. You can literally run from one coast to the other one border to the other in Israel.

And yet there fighting over the small piece of land, but it's a spiritual battle is because of Jesus Christ and the promises that God is made to that to the Jewish people so not looking in the last couple minutes if you could give us a final thoughts concerning the history with Israel is conflict and why it is so important that we have a biblical view worldview.

When we look at this issue that we have to general.

What the word of God. Clear more clear in Scripture that God's children landed God through the people to return. On top of Mount of olives and other data that I can talk about that we have to do. Zechariah talked about literally when she returned to the mall about and worried land to mount the great Valley archaeology but discovered that very location of been a good example land is preparing for the return of the Messiah and his daughter returned time that we think not important, or not happening in a vacuum.

RR God said to be milled from the beginning are being mapped out planned out in the spirit around spiritual battle know you have a short time and all he cared God's plan and God's people. But Jesus Christ is God, and God gone away little with which of the very mind and the land of Israel and understanding can be defined upon very very vital in order to have a better perspective that we have well but look how can I listen is fine if all you want to find out more about your ministry in your materials that you have checked out my website Dr. Bruce ministry by McNair about literate… One. Are you are the in regard to by me on the we are in a while down with him and their backup back and look at them again all right.look I want to thank you for blessing us again this week with his great wording. Hello, how you concluded things that this is all pointing to the return of the Messiah.

You, the world is getting prepared for it in.

He is coming again folks and that should be something as a get us excited to be something that makes us want to sell. So I'm excited about what is happening. I'm excited about the fact that I do believe in my heart that we truly are the generation that will see the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ got a little blessed so you think you could join us. Thank you to our listeners. Please come back again and join us next week. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem blessed God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen

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