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Leading The Way TV Special: Vision 2025 Update

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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June 4, 2019 3:00 am

Leading The Way TV Special: Vision 2025 Update

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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June 4, 2019 3:00 am

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Welcome everyone to a very special program of leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth. I'm T-Mobile now we have a fast-paced 30 minutes together now, as we share the impact that leading the way is having all around the world to reach the lost and to equip the saints go down from heaven found the most unlikely person is it already use you do my bidding. The work of evangelism in the Arab world and the Western world around the globe. The wanted the media to be debt instrument and radio and television was his idea when you think about 3.9 billion people, any of them hear the gospel preached in their language.

We are on hundreds and hundreds of outlets so that millions hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. All my friends greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia through 22 hours along the because the distinctiveness of Dr. Yousif's preaching stall that reaches across broadcast meetings it reaches across nations across language barriers across cultures because it is just the preaching of God's word. God has blessed us with enormous media resources and will want to use every bit of it in order to impact the world for Jesus Christ and what impact this ministry as having all across the world for Jesus Christ. Many of you tune into leading the way for the solid teaching seminar we spent a little time highlighting the impact of that teaching on people all around the world. Michael you just mentioned 3.9 billion people can be reached with the gospel message and it is having an impact.

These are hungry people throughout the world that really leading the way is uniquely situated to reach right when we speak of the 26 languages in which the messages are being translated to these are the most spoken languages of the world may just think of Mandarin and Cantonese and you cover the 1.2 billion people in the Turkish in Farsi and so forth. For God has given us us early days and I'm glad I did of Mao's younger because the energy that it took for me to sit in the studio and to have a specific message to the groups that within outside of the Western world and then have a translator and then being able to put these in different languages is really a remarkable thing that God allow that to happen 20 years ago started and now of course we are using it on the Internet so people can go to the Internet than that is, of course, dominant thing in the world today. You see it everywhere you go. And everybody seems to have access to. I love the fact that all of this was was born the Holy Spirit really gave me this vision.

Before the Internet was even born, exactly, I would never thought about it myself and it is now the snow away organs that I've seen that now didn't we were doing it just to go on shortwave radio and we knew the limitation of that. But nonetheless God who knew that this is happening in the technology that's coming down the chute as it were. He prepared all of that so that we now network ready and ready to go at any place.

Somebody can go and type Mandarin or Cantonese or farseeing or Turkish or Arabic and they can sit there in front of the computer or on their iPhone and listen to the gospel message, and that is a privilege. I do not take for granted and in this past year, there's been a great deal of focus to on the West United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, are you concerned about kind of the more commonplace socialism that working well you got socialism and Islamism seem to be working together for some crazy reason or that. I explained that, my books, but they are working together to undermine Christianity in Europe and in the states recently are just showed up in my social media video of the fudge echoed the third Jihad in Philadelphia. It's a Philadelphia Islamist school where they teaching the kids to sing, behead the infidels behead the infidels in the song is there in Arabic and translations of the model I showed the social media and it just went while people could not believe that this is happening in the United States and you know what the school authorities. And while we need to investigate that right investigate themselves eerily approved it. And this is happening all across United States and Europe and so that you write about my my new burden has been now we got the problem here. And while we have thousands of people over there coming to Christ that they coming here and there, trying to undermine the Christian foundation of this nation. So I've been challenging myself a fresh two double our effort in the United States in Europe and in the West in general Australia and Canada to first help the Christians wake up and know what's going on. Most people have no idea that schools and Washington DC or Philadelphia California where they teaching, not just that I have Muslim friends is not just Islam. This is militant Islam that I showed another video over and a mom who saying I came to the West escape from Islamism.

But now this is a Muslim them up. Is it now it's coming here. He said it scares him. And so when a Muslim person saying that he is seeing Islamism growing in the West, we better take notice and this ministry is uniquely positioned to take notice of that.

We want to share an example of how leading the way is equipping the saints meet Garth to ask Ally my name Scott Dixon from trauma Queensland Australia. Personally my walk of life from 58 and Markel 70 and Ardmore destroys the word retirement obviously assisted living entities mowing markers on station 62, and a zone at 730 in the morning and my wife and I would always listen to and have church forcing the morning before we can do at church in Australia these messages was very purposeful and very strong straight to the point.

My job overseas was the main mechanical engineer of different drilling rigs.

I spent eight years in Indonesia and indignation. Their anointing are percent was from. I had a fairly good report with the local boys that were working on the rigs you share their lives because you're living with them you're working with them you having lunch with them and I had the respect from these men because I've been with them for about four years. It came until Friday morning which is a prayer time so I went for praise and but this one time was very different to before they would not talk to me. I said to the driller what is going on and then with tears in his voice. He said boss, the cleric has told us that we need to kill an infidel to go to heaven and I said to him you know my face from a Christian and the God that I serve doesn't say that we should be killing people together-it's quite the opposite for me to get a haven on to love and care for the halo to mainly suggest bus. I know because of God's grace and mercy that I so the witness of Jesus and the why always working hard, walk the walk. Now in harmony now in touch and am grateful to this day that on here and I can tell that story. Praise God, but I've been working overseas for 26 years and I haven't had a cycle regular church. Dr. Yusuf my possible for me, but I personally lesson my wife is we can download sermons whatever is on the website was so hungry to gamble to get his and listen to it.

This is the I will download Marcus put on leading the way, we can listen to any of these at any stage. If we can't get to church.

Markel never compromises and I love the way that he sees it and he says it varieties and that's why I really enjoyed listening to them because I know what a sign is truth in its real Gothic said it right there is no compromise with Michael yourself. The truth is the truth and it all begins originates right here where we are in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the leading the way global operations center where the infrastructure is really built and created to send out that global messages is really crossing every line in the world reaching Muslims, reaching people who live in countries that are socialist or communist and reaching people in the West where those philosophies are now coming up Michael, it's all about the truth absolutely, and Jesus himself said when you know the truth. The truth will set you free. So philosophy pop psychology. All of these things motivational preaching, which is now becoming a commonplace in the West business motivational speakers really not preachers.

All of that doesn't help people's mandate on the cancer that is growing inside that cancer only has one answer one cure, and thus the blood of Jesus Christ. And that's what the message of the truth is all about the gospel is the gospel. The gospel have never been changed in 2000 years people try to modify the water down the but in the end, all of that is feeble and effort that will not produce fruit, and so it's been my conviction since I was a young man when I gave my life to Christ and I remember the age of 18. I said I go anywhere or do anything. But I'll always be faithful to the preaching of the truth. Now we want to introduce people to someone who truly knows what it's like to live under a regime that is socialist and communist.

I was born into the world and early 1950s existence that was uniquely different world of privilege, but also secrecy for everything. Everything about fellowman was exposed. They were watching and they were the only design for the common good benefits shared by few. This so-called new class power, not by excellence in education or ethical integrity by political scheming the complex machinations organizing and running society based on explication and deception. My family was the beneficiary of the society. My father was one of the architects socialism and assets we were launched into the inner circle feared revered leader Marshall Tito this is slimy. In the 1950s communism had reared its ugly head.

I was born in Washington DC when I was four months old my family returned to Yugoslavia. My father was minister plenipotentiary of foreign affairs under Tito and I kind of his time and for generations to come.

He was masterful in his ability to manipulate and control. Like all great estimates he had his way with people I didn't know it at the time I was living under his ironfisted it is possible to live life even comfortably and completely misread its underlying realities. One of the aspects of communism is that there is no religion. The state is your religion I was raised with absolutely no no religious foundation. It's like having something missing all the time between when he simply gone through life and you are simply not aware. I had a deep spiritual need which I always always that's I went through 35 years when my father defected to America and brought his family to freedom I learned for the first time, but my parents and little did I know that our new freedom is something people simply took for granted in America. They considered it their unalienable right that real freedom would not come for me until 30 years later when I came to know Christ.

I can see now how the Lord moved in my life each thing led to another jogger.

I would tune in to Michael use happened to coincide with my jogging time. Something about Mike but he really leads you into something through elliptical circles, honing in honing in on point so that you really understand it in person can apply what he was saying to my understood know who Christ was.

When I think about what Michael and leading the way, has brought to my life and I imagine broadcast all around. How many people just think about how much I love relate to something going on in my life as I look back and I know unequivocally that God is guided and protected me every step of the way it came to me through my presentation at the true gospel is what enabled me to make personally thing that has brought my internal secure and for the rest of my days in I were walking Michael. We can't change the situations that people ran around the world. We can't change the places where they grow up, the challenges they face every day, but we can offer through this ministry freedom observe crisis and that's the only thing were about in this ministry and that is why for all these years have insisted on not having any financial relationship with leading the way whatsoever. No compensation whatsoever because I wanted people to realize that I'm about the gospel a lot about personal benefits and many of our financial partners who sacrificially and sacrificing league gift to this ministry in that they don't have people walking up to them in heaven.

So thank you because of what you have done.

I am here today in heaven. And so this is the core and the heart and the heartbeat of the ministry is that one day we got to see millions of the other people that that we know that we don't know will be in heaven praising God and thankful as this great parable that Jesus tells that they have used Mammon to serve God and man leading the way is on the very front lines of reaching the Muslim world reaching the loss for Christ.

Here's one amazing example of a woman listened and understood the truth. My family came to my man 1970 to Lila is only-year-old thinking here fiscal night. My family finished high school and went to college here and actually decide to stay here in when I was about 11 mom. She was always from LHS that she became very religious as far as the Muslim faith. That's when she started to cover herself. Where the van was in force the prayers.

Rain forests go to Friday night prayers. Everything is changed overnight. It was very difficult because my parents forced to say that that was not for me. I didn't know now think I have a long commute to work and families listen to the news one day and time you listen to this station. The first time almost 2 years ago I listened to leading the way. I do recall just blown away. I was in traffic in my car first thing that really got me to make Lisa way then you start listening to his messages with pure truth made any patient to convert absolutely and after yourself. I really feel like this ministry is you weekly position to reach people who are maybe not really an segmented target areas. Otherwise this is a radiant woman. She was a Muslim, driving down the road that she happens across this channel she hears that she knows the truth and much of that goes back to your own background you grew up evangelical Christian poodle dictatorship in Egypt under Nasser, that you also have a degree in sociology and you also have a Masters degree in theology and willing to take your unique background right you able to reach people that are cut off the radar another place. Exactly. And God knows what else to help people the sovereignty of God is the most comforting doctrine in the Scripture when you know that God is overruling that God is the one who's in charge of all and we think were in charge even when we get into a mess and then we got them out of a mess and we think we doing this and wavering that the other thing in reality is a God has all of that all worked out with in his economy to bring his elect to bring his children as the book of acts as those who are appointed unto salvation and that's all we really want to do. We don't want to force everybody to believe we don't want convert anyone because we can't anyway.

Only God converts people story after story, we see how God doesn't it only wants voice. He wants our sacrificial giving.

He wants our obedience and heroes arrest and that's really the great joy of being co-laborers with Christ is that with this small part that he gifted us to do and he does arrest and we find out enough of that to give us fuel to be passionate about the very next day and the next mission that lies a lot and we appreciate so much that we and our listeners and viewers and people who support this ministry all band together people all of the will to maximize the impact for Christ to passionately proclaim that uncompromising truth God has blessed leading the way and to Michael you sent over 30 years has sustained and encourage the ministry leading the way.

He says to reach the nations and people. For Jesus Christ continuously shifted and changed but don't use text message proclaiming uncompromising truth has never way that so many things I would never have thought about. But God brought about doors that I never thought would open open the water literally.

We are all encircling ministry now leading the way is reaching into hundreds of millions of homes proclaiming God's word more than $13,000 a week. But what is more amazing testimonies of lives change. There are no words to describe factories in my life and helping me understand the love of Christ.

Faithful supporters from around the world have helped up to you. Sent bring the gospel of Christ to the darkest and most from the corners of the world using different forms to reach people right. No one had ever told me about this Jesus tonight, something I had never asked Betty I watched your videos and secrets away from my family and I really think that for you may doesn't just teach the good news on the ground following guidance and support believers growing FA connections with underground churches to help Christ grow and develop my uncanny logistical them back to them, but they couldn't win the discussion. I knew my Bible and your programs enable me to answer their questions leading the lake continues to use an attending method to transform hearts and lives the future and a brand-new challenge from Dr. you vision 2025 is a strategic plan that God laid on my heart, with the goal of seeing 1 million people come to Christ by 2025, is an unprecedented opportunity for us to reach more people than ever before. The gospel of Jesus Christ telling me that impact the way leading the way with Dr. Michael, you said we are passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth and after you set that has been another incredible year.

We just elevated 30 years of leading the way you already passionate about the next 30 years we could not do any of this without our partners, absolutely. I just wonder thank those who have given those who will be giving know that God is moving some hearts today and I want you to listen to a God direct you to do and please as you know I receive no compensation from leading the way whatsoever other than giving it of myself, so I want to challenge you. If you haven't now is the time. This is the moment help us meet this particular challenge for this fiscal year. God bless you.

I know he will you would like to participate in the future of leading the way with Dr. Michael yourself joint investments, giving challenge, multiplying the generosity of leading the way partners impacting generations to come speak to a ministry representative when you call 866-626-4356 again that 866626435 sex is the website LTW or that we encourage you to go online and watch the video today entire discussion experience what we shared lateral once again that Al Keene, W.but I thought that I do plan to join Dr. Michael yourself to my right here as he continues his practical series called the Masters manifesto right here on leading the way this program is provided by leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set

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