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Season of Recovery

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 29, 2021 12:30 pm

Season of Recovery

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 29, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The Fall boot camp is just before Thanksgiving, so the guys discuss why you should attend and talk season of recovery. The clips are from "National Lampoon's Vacation," and "Ordinary People." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here. No welcome to masculine journey.

I'm glad that you're with us this weekend. Robbie, I just had a quick lesson.

How many years until boot camp 26 actually boot camp is 70 begin seven needs before Thanksgiving will.

It is seven days before the sleep before yeah and so you know you keep talking about its November 18-21 with the easier way and I think rightly pointed out last week, probably saying is that it's the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Yeah. And so, how exciting it is and into the question I have for that that the team it's with us today is why is it important for somebody to really consider coming to this boot camp, especially with it being the weekend before Thanksgiving. Ushers in from my perspective, it ushers in the holiday season and it's a special time always for me.

You know the whole idea of Jesus coming to earth, and I think that anybody's never been to boot camp. As they begin to experience boot camp they will see Jesus's arrival at Christmas.

As you know, getting a foothold in and in a beachhead in a similar to you know what happened on the day and it's a whole experience. Christmas is when you're looking at it from that perspective of the larger story. And so I think that you will have an amazing Christmas season that as a result, on a lot of levels. Not to mention prepare you to deal a little bit better with the relatives in yes.

So if everybody replays back to say the last few thanksgivings and Christmases I play them back in your minds. Everybody get along and just seeing Christmas carols together and just so rosy so so wonderful together. Do you have a cousin Eddie and your family are something worse like yet we get issues and problems. Nobody wants to talk about them or bring them up all the boot camp is a place to go bring it up before you ever get to the family gathering and you get it out you get in front of God and let him help you deal with something so that you at least as an individual can enter in to that relationship or relationships when a much better state yeah and if you don't have a cousin Eddie and your family are probably at just saying when I look in the mirror and see if you and I think you you don't know how Christmas thinking on how it is, exactly, you may not be but it could be earlier some thing. One of the important things is by gathering with other guys. You can find out what you really need to be thankful for because you're always going to run into somebody that's experiencing things that you're glad you're not going and he is yeah so I'll give you a little less spiritually for so we play or soft it but can't say to give you an opportunity to rent a few people with herself going before you make your family now. Seriously though, really like what hair was saying no is no. I think it's it gives you a deeper insight into yourself and what's going on in your life and maybe some of the warfare that you have with where the enemy tries to bring it things between her family and it really gives you an opportunity to go in on Mesa. Maybe spiritual hirers spit spiritual preparation for that tour.

You can be a blessing to your family and and come from a point of strength instead of the point of weakness and and really just cannot be in you know Lord into things that you probably shouldn't be arguments or whatever point and on that weekend you can experience several covenant of silences which is very rare to the holiday season around my family. Yeah, I think for me it's it's it's going the same stuff you guys methane but mainly I wanted to leave my heart in the right spot before the holiday season before I go into that time in it can be a very good time can be very trying time. Depending on your family dynamic is and depending on who shows up and on and he you're planning on showing up exactly shows up in some of those things play in and so getting that all kinda your heart in the right place.

He prepared regardless of what the next week brings in how much better would it be to take a cut couple days off her day off at the end of the week come back to really short week right you come back and at least I only have and probably for most people, three days they have to work and for some people, three days a good day off and then another day yeah like to say which one of you show up at which and which one of him or her show up and you just it helps to go back through that and just have that time to think about. Okay, these are things they have in the past I prepare myself prepare my heart so that I can have forgiveness in my heart before Avon walk in because a lot of times there's things that unfortunately happened during that season that you don't want to have happen, but they just always seem to exactly as if you do want to register go to masculine you can register now that the registration pages up lead heavy register early in going make your plans now you know everybody else is going try to vacation around Thanksgiving. So go ahead and get your request and get it and now you can avoid that.

All I didn't do it soon enough. Right.

It soon enough. Now you can go do that so on. Today's topic Robbie, this is a topic that can came up through discussion last week and you were kind of leading.

That discussion is nice facing traffic backup but yet we actually copied yet wild at heart. Last week they they did in talking about recovering your heart is you going in the summer season, but it really dovetails so beautifully. From my perspective from the vulnerability thing we've been doing for the last couple weeks on and I'm getting real and then here we come into is wild and heart put everybody has been in a season of trauma for over a year and is things are beginning to lift you know where seeing things in the culture that really blow my mind. People think that money is going, deal with this pandemic. You know, that they been there was so their buying houses and cars and boats and RVs there gone Hawaii there set up all these expectations in order to recover from this trauma when it is really a beautiful season to be able to do that and so we want to enter into that and in the show and talk about the season of recovery ran. Not everything is fixed and were lavishly there's a lot that's not fixed but at least the covert part is lifting in most places leisure we live in the places around us and so see people's faces again and I don't how long you been since it seems my space. I did not know what they look like I am. I when the waitress where we normally dinner with Sarah.

I'm like oh my gosh, if you ever seen are doing everything we do every week when you get to cook the get about five minutes in the segment. So Andy, what if they went to the Wally world you tell us a bit about the client so yeah this is vacation from the 80s. I think it is. Courts taken the family via doing some family chores of deliveryman across the country and they ran into some problems, but basically he really wants to get the family, the Wally world like that's the is the Disney World it's you know everything is right there, you know, happiest place on earth all that stuff and they been through some tough times in the family discussing what they should do now.

Can't family start bailing and then Clark goes on this tirade review normal understanding seasonal sleep sack, I'm sure he won't mind. Look, it's all over and done with. Find a place to stay for the night and will start fresh in the morning. Anything you want to bail out some of this is no longer a vacation you have fun as the place so much fun. It is a fun place. Yeah a lot of fun going on the meeting and this is the guy that really wanted this for his family. He kind of set that vision and legs were binder and I think that sometimes you know vacations in American cultural songs from either the day. Europeans were like six or eight weeks of my mind that this is dealt with my work remote multinational company and they would just disappear in and get off the like, sometimes we as American People where we does work so hard when you live from that to that vacation. That's a big deal in the summer to bring relief, but I think it's their sons expectations that we try to get out of vacations that aren't real, there's some dimming to experience adventuring when you hear a dull job or a job job really is demanding you know there's good things, and that there is good you the ability to rasping time with your family but I was I was Clark I mean I was. I had a check list the stuff that we were going to do and it brought a lot more straw-and when you got back home from vacation.

You were so worn out. You had didn't realize that you had gone on vacation. You were more tired than you work you would've stayed at home. I think that's the one I picked up from the wild at heart podcast is really just before you just jump into something this year. Think about what you're doing before you do, asked Jesus, John's bagel man and we all should be know vacations are essential for our family, so we should really asked Jesus what were to do to get our hearts back. Yeah, I think that the part of that when he talks about it being a quest maybe not planning a vacation for the summer.

But what are you questing after right now you know is it something new is that a project around the house.

Is it something like that and and are you talking to gods and goddesses good for my heart right there. Is this what my heart really needs right now in the season and maybe it is a vacation maybe to someplace different.

Or maybe it is a project but it's something that someone else's house or whatever it may be that in walking him through it because we can find yourself very quickly running down the wrong road very quickly and then just not been happy with the destination we write about so just a little bit on their give up the mic that my daughter is going on a mission trip to Salt Lake City this year and that last couple years I've been out to Utah. Beautiful place so much life that you can experience in beauty there and I when I was out there and wish I had you know my family with me and you know what part of me just wanted to jump in and say and I'm probably still leaning to go and I just wanted to the same pay on the schedule things that she'll stay over some time and it will get a good time together that I drew back from that.

After hearing this essay before I just run into something I need to ask the community, we can macro talk about our plan for the season for recovery individually. So Rodney bethink and then we're getting in get a masculine to register for the Boot Camp coming up November 18-21 regular think what if one weekend wasn't up to you now and orchestrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors on John Eldridge's wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed to hear masculine heart Coming up November 18 through the 21st masculine and register today.

I this assumes masking her name here with my son Eli. We talked about ways he only smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine email something to PO Box 552 728 whole season the fast anything about the story that song if you're as written by Terry jacks and is actually about somebody dying right.

Is this the end of their life and it was it was taken from a man that when old man that was dying of a broken heart.

His wife cheated on and with his best friend and lease was him saying goodbye to these two people that he loved Tom and he still loved him, in spite of the fact that they were killing it and then Terry jacks had checked change the song from a Belgium song from American song. This friend that died of leukemia, so once again, I think a lot to do with what were talking about today. We are swimming around in the river of denial and you and you was that song you know there dying but there you know there there talking about the season and so as we go into this season.

You know are we going to deny that again you have your own situation, but you've got your wife you get your kids or grandkids. Whatever you got that's in your family that are currently still dealing with trauma was some deep loss in some deep stuff in and what we can and do in this season. Sam is I remember when I was a kid. The only time I ever got to see my father that he was in work mode and I was. He got a month vacation from Buick and so for that month we got a dad the rest of the time he was always in work mode and sped up, but for that period of time in that season you know I felt like that's what I got to experience him for real. Yeah, I think that there is so much taken away from us as individuals during Covidien and collectively you know that the challenge is not rushing out and trying to do everything right.

I miss the sadness that I missed this semester and honestly from last week's show.

When we talk after the show. It made me rethink what I was doing is doing exactly that.

I was feeling almost every available moment with some type of activity right if it wasn't going somewhere. It was doing something you know and the more I thought through it and had a couple setbacks last week with some things, the more I just kept thinking about do I really need to do this particular thing is going to be good for my heart to do that or my going to be stressing over finances remember stressing over it on all the stuff have to do when I get back at work are all these types of things are in and the answer came to was I think it's really better for me not to do it this season. Not that it was a bad thing that I wanted to go do only to season family back in Indiana, but for whatever reason, I really don't like that's what I'm supposed to do.

The seasons are not going to another piece of that because I feel like a a process that through with God, and I think you bring up the fact your daughter wants to go on a mission is what were my mind went right for he said that was we need to probably take the eye off ourselves.

A lot of times I think the best way sometimes to suit yourself or make yourself feel better is just take focus off yourself to help somewhere else. It's a bigger need in your you put your focus on your family members or somebody else and will help them or work with them and help them through something in you that that's a great place to go.

There's a lot of people less fortunate than us that hey, let's go help them to do something it involved in some else's life that need some help is through the season and a lot of that needed revenue and thank you revenue and asking about the clip know that sometimes with family really deceives authenticity right now in this clip. This got all the content that is from the movie ordinary people, which is kind of disturbing movie actually from the 70s, Mary Tyler Moore after she'd always played these wonderful roles places really hurting mother and and pretty hard to watch if you can watch the movie.

But what's happened is their two sons had gone out on a sailing adventure and the weather had gone bad and only one of them lived but unfortunately the one that lived was not Mary Tyler Moore's favorite. His name was Bock and you hear them referred to in the clip. The other son because he feels so guilty because he was one that lived ends up suicidal and and ends up in the hospital a lot of things, but the relationship between the two. The mother and the son has been totally closer city right treating each other with kid gloves acting like you and everything's fine, I'm fine. You're fine until finally here near the end of the movie. The gloves finally come off and you'll hear this interchange between the two, but what I don't want to miss as you listen about the time the two finally start getting real with each other because nobody likes to go into the pain, and nobody likes a conflict the fathers trying to shut it down with. That's enough that's enough. We don't need anymore. This all I think you would agree that in the in this covert season as you listen to this.

Now it's not enough wheat we need to get the stuff our will. And Jesus can see it and we can talk about that. I quit the swim team. You might have an open mind when around library mostly I think it mattered. Why wouldn't matter.

Course it matters to me If you are important to try to backwards all that you embarrassing even for the friend she has no idea what her son is nice and she believes and would live at 630 hours I will not stand for a reason she just stopped stopping and I know why she became the hospital. This is how they sit around and talk at the hospital but we're not at the hospital is not so.

The more I listen as I was putting together the more it hit me. It just was not enough and actually reminded me of our vacation last year were a couple of my daughters got into it and the next thing I know one of them pulled out that same finger that Adams was pointing at me daddy you did this data you did that and thank goodness for some counselor similar to this from podcasts that I listen to from wild at heart to realize oh my goodness what she's wanting I mean she's understanding something different than what I feel she needs me, in spite of the fact that she screaming at me write this now and pointing her finger, which she really needs me to do is listen and validate all you feel this way and obviously quite strongly you feel this way and we need to talk about this so that you know daddy loves listening daddy. Here's what you're saying that he cares about how you feel. Daddy wants God to come into this and help heal us, because clearly you know that there stuff that we have been swimming around in denial.

We just you know that River is just all-encompassing and I really feel like covert is is so much got us and someone an opportunity actually stammered something about my season this year, wherever I go. I really want to make it my not my recovery.

What can I do to listen and see if I can find that place where I see somebody else hurting and and and help me and I'll essentially get it out me open. Obviously the best of the ripest fields are with the family right low hanging fruit hanging fruit that also bison stinky patch is everywhere the prior bushes on the side that a good thing Andy.

Any thoughts on like your season of recovery. What you want to accomplish any type of the trip out there potentially bit if I ask you what in an unknown discern this question in amenability answer right now that from what's been stolen from you over the last period of time. 18 months. Whatever. It's been seems longer year whatever year. What does your heart need to boast that I don't know. I think God prepared me in some ways before what we went through and I feel like for a long time that I was because it didn't really necessarily makeover took me by shot but everything else after that didn't really surprise me that much, but it mean it what it did grow it it it took time to get through my heart grew weary. I think at the end and you know I will say that out there. You know anything from where I'm at and in the weather and and then what we were going through. I can tell you right now when the mass came off the setting sun came out. Those were things that were beginning to just you know change my spirit but from a spiritual standpoint, there are things that I am angry aggravated myself that I could've taken advantage of more if so during that covert season and I think it's just kind of funkiness focusing in on those things. A lot of them get back to what they said on the wild heart team of finding those simple things that bring your life and that that's different for every person and some of it I kind of know I mean more time. I don't spend not enough time just getting on the nature and you know enjoying creation is much as I could.

I live in the mountains to to experience it. And you know better.

It will be looking for more of an opportunity to what you were saying Robbie of how I can help others how I can listen better how I can help other people get through this time as well, but I think it all gets back to just you know the answers Jesus you have a disease but really it does get back to him because he knows the what's gone on this world. During this time is not taken him by surprise and he knows how to address our heart and our and our needs and really what what is give-and-take to come out of this and I think if we did it all through this time.

If we don't come out evidence of more wise, his body being wiser, more more hungry for him, but also more understanding of how to help you know people who don't know him and and and and even those who we do know her and in and fellowship in relationship with and help them through those things we've missed opportunity and ill make sure that were clear and were not saying there's nothing wrong with taking a vacation right right I think what you need to do my opinion. That's all it is what I need to do when advice is conscious again what do I need to do. It's good for my heart rate is seeking a somebody like you talking about, is it spending time the word is it time in prayer. What is it look like is it a vacation just to clear my mind and say, okay, well, life can be normal again right. He knows the answer, what your heart needs and that's the thing is, we chased down the wrong roads you discussed in the deeper in debt. More than likely to not any happier and what's appointing that when you can walk with him and find a place of solace in place of rest in place of peace talk to you next week go to mask injury to register for the Boot Camp.

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