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What in the World is Happening?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 28, 2021 8:00 am

What in the World is Happening?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 28, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell’s two guests include Chad Thomas and Todd Hampson. They discuss the convergence of the signs, the UFO deception, the World Economic Forum, and conditioning for the Antichrist. We have a front row seat to staggering world events. Find both of Hampson’s books in our online store. Both guests are engaging younger people in a discussion of our times.

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If a certain topic involves one fourth of our Bible.

Why are the pulpit silent. People are going good and evil and evil good Bible prophesy right now. People see something going on around what in the world is happening welcome to understanding the times radio with Jay Markel radio for the remnant right you buy olive tree ministries today. Jan visits with two special guests whose outreaches Through the minds and hearts of the younger generation. Jan's first guest is YouTube or Chad Thomas Chad's cutting edge, current event updates online are helping many understand the times become watchmen on the wall. His day program. The key word is convergence. Everything is coming together right here right now at this particular time in human history is not a coincidence, and we take a literal interpretation of Scripture, you will know where we are right now and where everything is headed. You have a virus that shuts down the whole world, paving the way for the rise of the New World order coming one world government one world currency, and the stage is getting set up right now for the coming mark of the beast system which will be implemented during the coming tribulation. Which we are not in yet, and welcome to understanding the times radio now and then I like to check in with some guests of mine who I think are having an impact on the younger generation. Chad Thomas will join me in just a second. He is a very effective online outreach primarily on you to its reaching people of all ages. Certainly, some younger ages, as well. He's dealing with cutting edge issues many times a week and were to talk about a few of those issues here for part one of my programming and you can find him at watchmen on the wall 88 that would be on YouTube. Watchmen on the wall.

88 the Chad welcome back to the program here. Thanks Janet. Great to be back say Chad I know you're interacting with all ages, but I know you have some younger folks watching you and listening to you. How has the last year affected your younger generation. I think you suggested that those you talk to. Let's just say in the age under a 40 field that may be life will go back to normal. And frankly, since I'm a follower of years. I know you feel this ship is sinking because you say that quite a bit. Some your followers, I think, feel, it's all going to go back to normal and I write hundred percent Jan, it seems like my generation they know something going on they know something not right there looking around understand what in the world is happening. The problem of the majority of them. I know there's a small remnant I would say that hold a biblical worldview like I do, but I would taper a majority of them are portly their falling for the life of the enemy alive to the media, the government and listening to everything the government saying or believing things are to return to normal. In fact they wanted new normal. They want their lives back in there to do anything the government says to get the normal back with very little opposition but wishing right now is this absolute conditioning people for the rise of the Antichrist in the New World order after the rapture and that's why open with that little clip of you talking about exactly that. The other thing both of us talk about is the convergence of things that are going on in the world. It's hard to keep up with all the significant things that are taking place evil is being called good.

Everything seems to be backwards. Lotta people are just plain asking what the world is happening but let's just look at a few issues that are converging, and I would let you speak to that are generation in the years in which you've been alive I've been alive have seen a lot of things come together. Talk to me about what you see coming together. I'll add some of my own insight here, but you go first.

The number one thing that a lot of people that study and I'm just get out your focused on right now is God's prophetic timepiece which is the nation of Israel Israel.

Currently, as you know Jan, they don't have a functioning government that gone program for elections right now and are still no outcome as of yet you watched Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and what's happening right there again if you frequently for Jerusalem and the minute hand. The temple mount the secondhand and when you watch Israel right now. The timepiece you will note again that God is about to put his whole tension back to them. The nation of Israel for Daniel 70th week so I think Israel number one you look at what's happening with them currently show you how short time disinfectant. Israel became a nation.

May 1948 study in time to tell you know how significant that was when Isaiah and Ezekiel both prophesied that this would happen back. Isaiah said Israel would be born in the day. That's exactly what happened, but ever since then we been seen with the increase in technology like you should people calling good evil and evil good, the lawlessness yes lawlessness massive just over the last year to the increase in the lawlessness around the world and Get the birth pangs increase in the volcanic activity.

Earthquakes crave UK weather patterns etc. all these things are coming together, and in particular time and we have the interest in building the third Temple and corsets, Israel centric again. Even their search for a red heifer has gone on overdrive.

In the last five years they've actually found several sometimes await here two or three white hairs then disqualifies that red heifer then they are longing for a leader. They've had their fourth election. They may be going to their fifth election. The government seems to be in shambles say on this topic for just an extra moment, and I think I'm that a player clip here because the month of May and we are airing this program actually the last weekend of May, but it's been rough in Israel and that's an understatement. It's been a rough month for the Israelis here in 2021 because Hamas has launched tens of thousands of rockets during the month of May. Thankfully, a cease-fire was declared back on May 21. I'll hope to have Emirates are funny on air with me next weekend, folks, and will discuss this and much more with the mayor. I want to play this short clip of Tom he was speculating just how might the conflict that Israel saw in may spread to the point where we see the fulfillment of Isaiah 17. I'll let Tom explain that I want to ask this question. Villanova show you something in the Bible. What of Hezbollah from the north gets involved there. Lotta baldness. You see, Hamas is better rockets in the use that. So what if Hezbollah does get involved. Hezbollah was set a few years back. 12 150,000 rockets. Some of those are strategically guided missiles. So did Iran. As you know is fighting a proxy war with Hamas and will they do.

Hezbollah involved from the north. Can you imagine what could happen if Hezbollah also was involved.

This will be unbelievable. Listen, Hamas is small beans compared to Hezbollah. Hezbollah is most well-funded and most well organized terrorist organization on the entire planet called Earth has bought from the North coming from webinar from freezer incredible days and alarming days and pray for those who are over in Israel, listen, pray for them were system ago.

I want you to consider this. This is what Isaiah chapter 17 says Isaiah chapter 17 talks about during the last days the destruction of Damascus. I believe it's a war but still coming. Some of my colleagues say well maybe not. Maybe that's already been done, but I believe it still coming. Isaiah chapter 17 says this behold Damascus will cease from being the city and it will be a ruling this heap, the cities of AR are forsaken, they will be for flocks which lie down and no one will make them afraid the fortress will also cease from a frail effort to be in the northern part of Israel, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria. They will BS the glory of the children of Israel, says the Lord of hosts in that day there shall come to pass that the glory of Jacob will Wayne in the fatness of his flesh will grow lien as you continue to read through Isaiah chapter 17 and the destruction of Damascus. Also during this time with the baskets is destroyed and becomes a ruling asleep much of the northern part of Israel is devastated. So this very concerning event at the end of chapter 17. The Bible says behold at eventide or other words, in the evening there is trouble for Damascus and before the morning he Damascus is no more chat. I don't know that either you or I are favorably looking upon the obliteration of the city of Damascus sets many millions of people living there.

But it isn't very prominent prophecy. As Tom Hughes just said I couldn't agree more with what Tom just said and what you just said and here's the bottom line hooks we don't take any pleasure, and even talking about the destruction of the mat and we have people subscribe to my channel and also I can guarantee on your that are from that area. It's hard to talk about the reality is, the Bible says this will happen were not here to say exactly when it will happen, but if you've noticed the massive uptick in airstrikes right around the Damascus area because simply put, I ran and its prostitute that she Hezbollah have continued to move weapons right around that area and that's why we been seen the alarming increase in the airstrikes from Israel course or to defend themselves when they're moving these weapons around right around that area. Think about this right now Israel, with its government paid to say, in shambles. But the mess going on with the government and with Iran in his proxies currently with the situation going on with Hamas there, think, and their focus is going to be on this complicated and just imagine they're trying to use this time will Israel government in shambles. And while the other probably going on there and it probably uses time to make some more moves right around that area and this could be heading in that direction right when they think Israel has their guard down to make more moves. I actually believe they're trying to move possibly nuclear material around that area for some even have speculated there could already be nuclear material in Damascus, Syria. Been different report on apropos call. We know the Bible says it will happen. And when you see the headlines keep popping up that there's been airstrikes right around the Damascus area. It's only a matter of time before we go to bed one night we wake up in his proxies been fulfilled and moving on to a different topic and one you've covered. You can find Ted's presentations again watchmen on the wall 88 find that on YouTube. When he's not being censored, which is a constant problem here. Moving on to another topic you've covered and I'm going to second Thessalonians 212 actually a few verses before 12 winter read couple three versus the coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing because they refused to love the truth and so to be saved. Therefore, God sends them a strong delusion so that they may believe what is false in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Now strong reference here to this delusion. Quite frankly, that reference to dilution could be spiritual delusion. It's all kinds of delusion that it could be referring to. However, you have presented programming which I have as well, and that would be this sudden explosion of sightings of UFOs. The question you and I are raising in our programming is will this be the excuse for what Earth has happened to people after the rapture. Give me your take on it then I'm going to play a two minute clip that even 60 minutes in recent weeks has talked about this. This is the new rage being discussed on cable and other places as well. Talk to me about it folks.

If you just look around.

Right now people are fascinated with UFOs with alien abduction and supernatural it all over our television at all over our movie just all over our entertainment over the last few months especially been seeing a massive uptick on the sightings in the alien abduction report.

In this popping up all over the news and genuine mentioned second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 11 after the restrainer is taken out of the way, if you read again. Second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 6 to 12 after the rapture and then that wicked is revealed were told even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all the feebleness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, folks. The strong delusion absolutely has to do with the power and signs and lying wonders that the antichrist and to deceive the world after the rapture. Think about this after the rapture doesn't have to be an explanation why everybody went there not to come out. Use just came in and took his church. This is been in the works for a while folks should be part of the strong delusion used to try to see where everybody went is something to do with UFOs or alien abduction or along those lines, and I'll tell you why Jen I know that you had mention of clip you're gonna play but there actually was a recent article on Fox news Dr. Carlton on the Internet right now. This is titled UFOs may pose a real threat to the United States and the US military does not care that's just in and pokes another one was from an article back in December 2020 that don't know Pres. Trump in December 2020. Part of the 2.3 trillion Cove 19 relief in government funding bill started a 180 day countdown for the Pentagon and now agencies to say what they know about euros that's coming out in the next few days yet you been to some of the stuff come out a little bit that they're saying you're right.

And by June I think is when June 1 June 1 first is when they're expecting what you're calling it the more disclosures coming. That's why you're starting to see militaries and governments around the world are at this particular time releasing declassified footage of UFO encounters. Why is it all of a sudden now you part of the Kobe Bill were there saying hundred 80 day countdown and all of a sudden this is popping up all over the news focus because their conditioning people for what coming after the rapture there may have to blame it on something I think you said it all. There you said in the sentence they're going to have to blame it on something.

In other words folks, they can't just come out and say they being the world left behind if I can be blunt.

Well, Jesus just rapture the church so that's where those folks all went to heaven. No, they're going to come out with eight holes a secular pagan interpretation of what happened will.

Isn't it interesting that here in the spring of 20, 21, my goodness, I'm watching some of the cable channels. Particularly Fox and Newsmax, and every other story lately in this last month or two, including 60 minutes early here.

Let's just play it. We have tackled many strange stories on 60 minutes, but perhaps none like this is the story of the US government's grudging acknowledgment of unidentified aerial phenomena UAP more commonly known as UFOs. After decades of public denial Pentagon now admits there's something out there in the U.S. Senate wants to know what it is the intelligence committee has ordered the director of national intelligence and the Secretary of Defense to deliver a report on the mysterious sightings by next month. So what you're telling me is that UFOs unidentified flying objects are real bill if it were beyond that ready the government has already stated for the record that the real I'm not telling you that the United States government is telling you that Luis Elizondo spent 20 years running military intelligence operations worldwide in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Guantnamo. He hadn't given UFOs a second thought until 2008. That's when he was asked to join something at the Pentagon called the advanced aerospace threat identification program, or a to the mission of HF was quite simple it was to collect and analyze information involving anomalous aerial vehicles. What I guess in the vernacular you call them UFOs because of UAP's you know how this sounds sounds nutty, wacky look bill at Latonia that it doesn't sound wacky when telling his real question is what is it, what are its intentions what its capabilities buried away in the Pentagon.

HF was part of a $22 million program sponsored by then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to investigate UFOs when Elizondo took over in 2010. He focused on the national security implications of unidentified aerial phenomena documented by US service members. Imagine a technology that can do 6700 G forces that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour that can evade radar and that can fly through the air and water, and possibly space.

And oh by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion.

No wings, no control surfaces and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth's gravity. That's precisely what were seen how sound be upfront with you here if you listen to this programming for substantial amount of time you know the position we take here is that what folks are saying our demons demonic generated crafts of some kind is what they're viewing. Folks don't fully understand that but when you see the incredible things that they're capable of doing its beyond being man-made. Chad Thomas, I am moving on. And that's who. My guess is for part one of my programming needs a very outstanding YouTube presenter watchmen on the wall 88 by moving on just in the interest of time, to the world economic forum as you and I emailed here in the last day or two. They canceled their plans for August 2021, and are now looking at 2022 to implement the great reset to have their 2022 meeting possibly launch this close swab, the founder and Executive Director of the world economic forum called it a difficult decision again cited problems related to covet your thoughts on this.

You speak about it all the time yet to realize that there is definitely an agenda here. There's a timeline where they're trying to reach their agenda and of course they found the crisis that they been looking we've all heard never let a good crisis go to waste. Don't get pokes David Rockefeller back in 1994, the United Nations dinner at said we are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis trained nations will accept the New World order ran out of class. Schwab's mouth. Those of you that don't know who Claude Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum right out of his mouth said the following, the pandemic referring to the coronavirus pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world than he also said a new world could emerge the contours of which it is incumbent on us to reimagine and redraw.

They're not even hiding it anymore. Their plans in fact right on the time magazine gender picture of the earth, and there resetting the entire Earth with the great reset right on top. You can't hide this anymore.

This has New World order written all over, and there is a timeline there's an agenda behind this.

While I have said it on here than pretty blunt.

I seals the reset could even be the tribulation because obviously the church is not going to be a part of that alert.

Maybe the church will go through some early stages of the reset, but they've moved this they were going to meet in August in Singapore.

Not Davo's.

They met online a few months ago in January and all of this to get things launched for end of 2021 for the reset there saying too many problems related to covet, so removing it to 2022.

But again, Chad part of this would be a one world currency because they're talking about that as well. Again, this is slipping right into the book of Revelation. That thing pokes at me and Jan can't stress enough that we know those of us that study untimed eschatology. We believe in a pre-tribulation rapture invoked we know were not to be here for the tribulation. But how much are we can achieve.

Before that, we simply don't know. But when you start seeing the tribulation. Unit shadow like it is right now pokes just connect the dots.

The convergence and look at them coming out plainly in the same what their goals and what their intentions are. Janet simply can't be that far off.

Click click click the CHN on the world economic forum. Don't forget the world economic forum again. This is the year of the great reset 20, 21 Prof. Kloss club came right out and said this, the pandemic referring to the coronavirus pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world and he further went on to say, a new world could emerge that the contours of which is incumbent on us to reimagine and to redraw and he also said the following. The clothing 19 outbreak is the first big step towards unprecedented control over mankind. Folks that's got New World order one world government written all over it and this is the first big step. What's the next big step is it a cyber pandemic sure looks like it just to reiterate again that this has New World order. The rise of a one world government, a new system coming together before our very eyes, and it all comes from the world economic forum.

This group of globalist elites and world leaders and like the time magazine that came out when they were talking about 20, 21, the year of the great reset. Here you have the theme of the time magazine them literally reconstructing the earth very well stated chant you did 15 minutes or so on this and I think this is the major event of the last year is the obviously world economic forum is existed forever.

I believe club Schwab goes back as the director of it to about 1971. That's 50 years. This has been in the making. The plan has been to launch global government. I personally believe and think you would agree with me.

The church has to be gone for global government to blossom and think you would agree with that hundred and 10%, and the fact that were seeing things in motion and I know I mentioned in that little clip about what's next. They mention the first step. Months ago I did video on cyber warfare and yet the pipeline that was just shut down a main backup now we know that they rescheduled their meeting till next year.

What's the next big thing.

The fact that this is all coming in our face and are literally calling for a global government just shows us where we stand. How does your audience again. I suspect it's all ages, and I suspect you have something or under 30. Included in those all ages. How do they receive some of the things that you and I have talked about in this segment here, particularly this coming globalism this coming great reset the antics of the world economic form. Are they fearful are they curious tell me how they are responding what I'm noticing a lot of humor in my age group. A lot of people I work with a lot of my family right around my age group, it doesn't seem right now like there is too much of a fearful aspect.

It seems like there is a lot of folks curious they know something's happening in or asking questions, but at the same time they want their life back then see this if they follow certain rules and they do certain things that things lurking in normalcy back there like will I miss that.

That's okay will get through this and then when you bring up the God of the Bible and where this is all headed it times they can give you that fearful look, but for the most part it like to give me that look, I don't think were quite there yet. So they want to hang on a little bit longer unfortunately it seems like people and they want to get their lives back and will do anything that said to them, believe the lies to get the facts right Chad, I think it's important that we end the segment with an appeal that the Bible says today is the day of salvation. We may not have a tomorrow. The way things are going and then the other thing I've noticed certainly the last years. The speed with which things are happening and I think we need to appeal to listeners don't put off that opportunity to name the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Folks that the most important thing of all is we want people to get saved. That's number one. Above all else, if you're listening to this message right now. Yes, Jesus is coming, quite frankly is me and Jan are doing this the trumpet sound.

The other thing is you're not promise your next breath, folks, people are dying every day. Sometimes it's expected but other times it's unexpected things happen, folks, and you just don't know that you're going to be here tomorrow. The reality is heaven and hell are very real, held a real place that eternal torment eternal separation from God. I don't want you to go there again doesn't want you to go there.

Jesus doesn't want you to go there but if you die in your sin, rejecting him you're going to be separated from him for eternity. The gospel of your salvation is first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 1 to 4 folks believing and putting your faith in your trust in his blood, believing that Jesus Christ shed his blood for you on the cross of Calvary, so you can be forgiven of your sins and be with him forever in heaven. Your believing he died on the cross for your sins. He was buried, and he rose from the dead on the third day, as it is written in the Scriptures.

I can assure you of this.

If you're someone saying I don't get onto that religious offices and about religion. Religion doesn't save you Jesus Christ save you testament of that yet. I know you are till yes and I love your story Chad, listen you're doing to some outstanding work. Look them up right now on YouTube were all having to sign some other venues before doing anything online, ravens and issues.

Let's just leave it at that. Watchmen on the wall 88 for now on YouTube you can catch many times a week updates their short there to the point they're covering what's breaking in the news from a biblical and a prophetic perspective and not changing topics. Second half of the program. I am featuring another guests and will do that in just a couple minutes again.

Chad thank you for all you do will stay in touch. Keep up the very, very good work. I get are able talk again back in just a couple minutes don't go away.

We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of tree that's almost 3 views so far Judy you can call a central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 rightists through the veil that all of tree ministries and Jan Marco PO Box 1452 group and a soda. 55311, Box 14520, Minnesota 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in this age of fake news and false teaching.

Thank you for trusting understanding the times radio and follow through living in an era defined by global pandemics, natural disasters, political strife and ever shifting morality. One who examines this so effectively. As author Jeff Kinley's newest book aftershocks Christians entering a new era of global crisis find this an online store all of tree all of tree views.our time they feel tempted to question God's residence. Kinley believes these trends actually signal the nearness of Christ and the End of Days learn to live in a chaotic world with complete confidence in God's plan. This will actually inspire you to live with hope to respond to our times with grace and a time of 12 people uncovered God's prophetic plan workplace and also call our office to place your order to get on our print newsletter list will we offer 2000 products will help you understand the times contend for the faith and become watchmen on the wall you are here at this time or purpose is not by accident.

God has a purpose for you and he's in control. He still on the throne. He's not up there pacing back and forth wondering what to do next. All lining up with exactly what he said. Jim Markel was now joined by author and teacher Todd Hampson. We carried two of Todd's books in our online store. We encourage you to visit our product pages on our website almost 3 four 2000 cutting-edge books and DVDs. Some are also featured in RP newsletter and print magazine sign up online for those tears part two.

In answering these questions guys. What do we want the audience to walk away with work. Why think just a sense of urgency receiving these things are happening in our world today, and these things point toward the scenario that's predicted force in Scripture. One of the things that tells us is God is in control of my favorite word in the book of Revelation about God is called the Almighty and in the Greek it's a word that means one who has everything in their hands or has their hands on everything we see the world going exactly the way God predicted it wouldn't shows us there's a God is in control and I think that's a wonderful truth and no one is uncertain chaotic times in which we live there.

Someone who is guiding all the events of history run. That leads me to say that God never intended Bible prophecy to simply be something that filled your minds with what the future holds, but rather it's something that should change the way that you live and should even change the way that you interact with other people, including evangelism reaching others for Christ. So don't let prophecy stop here. Let it move you here as well. Welcome back, and I'm continuing the previous discussion in my first half with a new guest.

This segment author Todd Hampson and we carry a couple of his books say more about that later in Todd has written to me and stated that he is having real success at reaching a younger audience with the topic of the hour. That would be against the King is coming he's found great interest among millennial's and even younger.

As a matter fact I'm a Marine portion of an email that Todd sent to me and I'll bring him on air here and he says this I regularly hear from the younger generations who are encountering the message of eschatology Bible prophecy for the first time through various things that there is coming across and we'll talk about that and then Todd says in this email to me.

He said the condition of the world is the elephant in the room that is not being addressed this generation and Ian millennial's in younger sees the condition of the world and they are surprised to find that the message of eschatology or Bible prophecy provides the answers.

Eschatology is the best-kept secret in the world but it shouldn't be as secret.

It is the medium of the day the lens through which the gospel is presented in a fresh and relevant way. One more paragraph from this email.

Once engaged this generation is hungry to share what they have learned very often start small group Bible studies of their own as first-time small group leaders to reach their generation and he says just last night we had a zoom call with nine young people who came to our conference. This would event a month or so ago that goes on to say how they're ministering to this particular younger generation will Todd Hampson. Welcome back to the program so much. It's always a pleasure to join you that you are telling me if you've got some home group folks younger people in Canada trying to meet with you. I think perhaps on zoom is a yeah met with them but it was really interesting because we plan to meet for couple weeks but the day before we met.

There was a decree that went out in Canada. It was illegal to meet in your own home to do Bible studies or whatever. So these young men literally had to park a couple blocks away and then enter the house at different times and that's just north of us, our neighbor to the north.

So that really hit me in a powerful way that while we have an underground church in China, but now are starting to see the need for an underground church even in Canada and there setting along with you and time issues then they are very interested I'm reading right now.

Couple sentences of an email Dave Reagan said to you and he said shortly before Tim LaHaye died in 2016 I had a serious conversation with him in which both of us expressed concern over the lack of younger persons to teach and preach Bible prophecy. It seemed that all of the old time Bible prophecy teachers were passing on a God was not raising up younger people to take our place, he says. We also talked about our mutual concern that very few young people were attending Bible prophecy conferences and as a whole. They seem to have no interest in God's prophetic word, probably because they never hear it preached at their home congregation occurs that's a good point that David closes off on. Perhaps they never hear preached at their home congregation. So when I talk to you Todd when I hear that you are having regular online meetings at plus will get into your books here and you got your prophecy Pro podcasts and I know you're reaching all ages, but the fact that you're getting response from the under age 45 and below. I think my listeners who have children and grandchildren and their trying to reach them with any kind of a current event message and running into a roadblock. I think they are asking how on earth are you doing this it must be God I didn't set out waiting to reach that generation. Although I didn't want to wake up the church at large.

Just because I thought how compelling eschatology was and how relevant wasn't how we literally have a front row seat to seeing everything converge in our day, so I wanted to take off the confusion. Take some of the fear factor away and help people seat.

You can figure this out. Even a layperson in the everyday Christian can figure out eschatology and it's more relevant than any other topic right now. The mention of the medium through which the gospel can be presented right now because whether it's covered 19 or the result of that, or other global things were see happen at this moment. People see what's going on in the younger generation. In particular, sees the world fall into place in their anxious and worried about it and then when they engage with bowel prophecy in a meaningful way does two things. One, just the fact that prophecy is fulfilled that God said what happened gets their attention and let them know we can trust God's word but also just of compelling and along with that of the fact were seeing prophecy fulfilled in our modern times is to most Christians talk to if not even on the radar. Then I realized Israel becoming a nation agenda for fulfillment of prophecy and is Chad and I talked about first part of the program. The convergence in you and I hear talked a little bit about convergence.

Give me your thoughts on that because I think that's the key word for the day. It really isn't.

Almost any category you can think of. You could point to something that is converging in terms of understanding the timestamp example the set up for Ezekiel 38 the past 5 to 7 years with the met fall in the place to where literally that could happen at any moment the right players are. They are the right conditions are there and it was written 2600 years ago or the delusion were seeing our day. The confusion upside down thinking the deception from within governments and elites and what people are believing these days that you can be whatever you think you are in your truth is different than my truth and it's just absolute upside down thinking Romans one plan Romans one play to search. Click here to Pastor Jack Sampson and I play another one later in the segment here but here is saying, Jesus expects us to understand prophecy because it's 27 to almost 30% of the Bible, but clearly it's one fourth of the Bible to be very safe to say that what you should know about the real Jesus Christ is that he expects you and I to understand Bible students notetakers that 27% of your Bible just over 1/4 of your Bible on your lab is prophetic word. Dr. Warren wears the rights this and I quote, though we as believers today make up the bride of Christ. The church that will not experience the tribulation. It is an exciting thing to see the shadow that is being cast by the coming events and as we look to this you say what can I get out of this portion of Scripture, Pastor Jack, what's the deal we are starting to see the shadows being cast regarding those end time events all you want to write this down.

I think it's awesome in Matthew chapter 24 in Luke chapter 21 in Mark chapter 13. They cover this. All of it discourse, but check this out as you put them together the events of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

This topic is mentioned 321 times in the Bible more than any other doctrine in the Bible except the doctrine of salvation. What is anti-about how important Bible prophecy is, and specifically the second coming of Christ that it is the second most mentioned doctrine in the Bible, second only to the doctrine of salvation. Don't tell me that God does not think that study Bible prophecy is an important, is vitally important you want to comment on that. Todd Hampson talk a little bit about that in my book the nonprofit God to the end times in the fact that all of it.

Discourse is Jesus's second longest recording teaching so I would echo what Jack said there that obviously God said this is important. Jesus even had several parables. After that Matthew 25 and also earlier about the fact that he would be gone for a long time. In Luke 1913 he told us to occupy until we come. He constantly talked about his return.

In both Cummings and it used to be important to the church and it kind of faded away and I remember how Lindsay in the 70s brought it to the forefront and then, fight every decade or two. God raises up a few people to really remind the church that this is believers doctrine 101, first and second Thessalonians were written to a brand-new church plant and Paul taught them eschatology as part of their believers 101 class.

It's important, it's essential doctrine and it deftly should be taught right alongside other doctrine such as salvation very well put between you and Jack really appreciated that summary we are carrying couple of Todd's products. So let me just review them there in my online store on live trees olive trees we carry the nonprofits guide to the end times. That's P ROP HDT nonprofits guide it's illustrated that's cartoons. It's fascinating way of presenting and communicating this message. We carry the book and the workbook alive.

You write us and say what could I use for a home Bible study because they're looking for a book and a workbook will here's an option. We also carry the nonprofits guide to the book of Revelation. I think that's my favorite of the two. However, the first one nonprofits guide to the end times. Again, that's an overview of a lot of things presented an extremely understandable fashion. Obviously the one Revelation zeroing in strictly on the book of Revelation, Todd, we're heading out of the month of May here and I'm going back to the fact that you're dealing with a fair number of younger people in your zoom Bible studies are your prophecy pros podcast their tuning into that to. They see that fear has gripped the world and it has Cove. It has caused enormous fear there's always wars and rumors of wars were referencing what happened here in Israel during the month of May. How then do you deal with those, and let's stick with the younger generation.

We have all ages, listening here but my interest is in getting some of the younger folks interested, but their fear based some.

Those who have signed on to what we're talking about lose the fear talk to me about that.

Basically everything going on in the world. They hear every time you turn on the news now nothing but fear mongering and one bad day after another in their psyche even though they don't have a common way to communicate their living in fear.

So then when they come across Bible prophecy.

What it shows that is that God is still on the throne and you often say things are not falling apart. The falling into place and they see it in concrete examples. When you show them the condition of the day allotting up with exactly what the Scriptures would say so. This is what we should expect optional mentioned to them. Psalm 139 of the whole chapter is amazing. But I'll read a few verses, particularly the fact that if you're a believer. Every one of your days was ordained before one of them came to be. The tension between our free will and God's sovereignty, but the reason I share that with them in the few verses before that, about how God knew them together in their mother's womb. If I point out the fact that you are here at this time on purpose is not by accident. God has a purpose for you and he's in control. He still on the throne. He's not up there pacing back and forth wondering what to do next. This is all lining up with exactly what he said and he can still bless you and use you. So let's rise to the occasion and seize the moment, as believers in this generation and share the gospel through the medium of eschatology if you'd like to learn more. You can reach Todd and Todd Todd I'm carrying both of his books and study guide as well to this eschatology books I believe Tad you have a book on spiritual warfare as well, correct. I do in the fall have one on an overview of the Bible coming out as well. Really. Okay, I did not know that ships would like to play one more soundbite here again is Pastor Jacobs and he's referencing the tide of our times. He closes off this little soundbite talking about the mark of the beast. Well we are tuned into some of the ways that events that have been playing out in 2020 and 2021 are just causing everything to fall into place and I think Jack in two minutes sums this up and then I want to come back and talk about. Keep your eyes on Syria. I met, I believe, outside the rapture.

I believe that Damascus could go up any moment. I even think that Damascus and its destruction. According Isaiah 17 could even preempt Ezekiel battle could be that Isaiah 17 drug Ezekiel battle right now is a lot of people living in Damascus. According Isaiah 17 I believe is Jeremiah 49 to come a time when no one will ever again live in Damascus because of its destruction.

That was a distraction final thing about deception. The Bible gives us warnings in a unique description by the way that the last days to be days of lichen under the days of Noah. We don't even begin to embrace that was last time you read about the days of Noah my dear friend is pretty freaking all the Bible says Jesus said I'm to come back like it was in the days of Noah using his bed. Right now the stuff that Jan showed us those pictures are keeping up that night is nothing compared to what's coming. Daniel chapter 2 beginning at verse 41 to 42 tells us that in the last days, it could happen again. This is they, whoever they are, will mingle with the seed of men. There's things come in.

Ladies and gentlemen that made is to be spun off as Microsoft.

Maybe it's got to be spun off as Google. Maybe it's going to be spun off as DARPA made to be spun off as something some high-tech creation invention. I don't know but I know this you know that Satan is no dummy and he's already captured children with games. He's already captured a culture, none of us look at Rodney today that be a poor man you want to know why cashless lesson I have a wife I have daughters I don't have any money I have. i have no cash. It's a cashless society. My life is numbers. Ladies and gentlemen in the Bible says the enzymes the enemies and use that days of deception and we love you without numbers.

I want to carry cash want to stop human trafficking really do you really want to stop sex trafficking only one way bring in the mark want to secure the borders. Bring in the mark you want to remove global economies do away with them all. Bring in the mark's perfect answer.

We are prime we are ready days of deception. That's it on the very over Todd Hampson thing that jumped out at me is we are primed and 2020 and 2021 has further prime the pump here in prime society globally, not just North America but globally we had with my animation background. I'll pay attention to story and culture and art of the day and if you notice in a lot of commercials and secular media even placement in a mocking waiter, highlighting different things about the end of the world and the Apocalypse. Everyone sees what's going on and just like Jack said 10 years ago. Much of what he just said people would've written off as conspiracy, but now because of what we've seen, if anybody is willing to take the time to take an honest look in any given category. They will see the lines up perfectly with the conditions of the day, and as you mentioned to me it is very interesting that all of that convergence is happening in this generation that have seen Israel become a nation again. Yes, indeed, that seems to be the key and always gets back to Israel becoming a nation is being so keep. I highly recommend these products is a nonprofit's guide to the end times and then the nonprofits guide to the book of Revelation 1 has study guide nonprofits guide to the end times since the workbook that you can use dancing. You told me Todd was at and were talking about things going haywire.

Possibly YDS. Isaiah 17 the obliteration of Damascus were to take place knows the next day. Two weeks that huge uncertainty of our times. The fear-based society that's come about in the last couple years here. Certainly the last all of 2020 and 2021 you sent to me that sharing the message. At least with the group share working with of the pre-tribulation rapture was a comfort. It really was absolutely essential. Once they saw that the Bible can be trusted and taken at face value and interpreted literally that unlocked everything so that they can see that it fully supported pre-tribulation rapture which gives us hope and makes total sense because why would God judge his bride. He takes his bride out of here before that that gives them incredible hope to know that yet. Even though things are going crazy in the world and things maybe get darker in our day we met him. They some things before the rapture, but at least we know he knows what's going on and he will take us out here before his judgment comes over.

I'm going to read a couple of emails I got today.

That's why they're fresh in my mind they are a little on the let's just say these folks on the discouraged side and that's can it be for these reasons inside you and I get plenty of emails that say folks are in a state of somewhat discouragement simply because they're trying to share the things you and I are talking about the running into a brick wall so Mike says this and I can give the last names location. Mike says I'm so ready for the Lord to return.

I hope it's soon. I am totally out of place in our upside down world apart from my aging mother.

I am at odds with my entire woke family. Thank you for what you do. Christ is our only hope. Minutes later I heard from Lynn and she says good morning and everyone at olive tree, what is on my mind is this, we have been taught by the Bible to go out and preach the gospel. Every time I try to do this within my own family. They give me this look like stop. We don't want to hear it when she says, and as far as the fact that we are living in the end times.

They definitely do not want to hear any of it, not the rapture of the coming beast system stay away and she concludes they will stay away from me like the plague, and she says so thankful for one friend that I have that I can talk to and then she concludes we try to preach the gospel on Facebook, but we hardly ever get a reply. These are scary times right now.

That's from Lynn. Your thoughts because I know you hear from people I do it. Everyone I talked to everyone that was at the conference with Jeff and I just yes came from all over the country and they all share the same stories.

It's almost like there's truly a remnant of people to marry you and each given area that have the lens to see what were saying. Even though for us it's clear the bell.

People just don't have the odd theater of ears to hear it. Some of that deftly lines up with Scripture, Jesus, that will be faith on earth when the Son of Man return we read about a great falling away even know it is discouraging on a personal and a daily life. Level. That's also encouraging to know that it too is part of that convergence of things were saying in terms of sharing the gospel.

I think one thing I often have to remind myself of his it's not my job to save people.

I'll present the gospel up with the truth out there. The Holy Spirit's job to draw them but apartment so very clear that it amazing that people be what we see, we need to put our trust in the fact that Psalm 139, there were here at this time for purpose and for reason and for Stephen, and I think was unique town about your books is how the seats unique style here in illustrator you're putting a lot of illustrations into the books and the whole nonprofits seem here you are taking the complicated.

Let's face it, pre-millennial dispensationalism is a big term to try to unpack that in a simple way which is what you do is not easy and then you even go into explaining what some of the other theologies are millennialism let's talk about that for just a minute here because that's what Simon have to say is messing up the church big time. Tell your thoughts on that because I'm sure you hear from those who have embraced millennialism and they are very confused they really aren't with the books I wanted to present all of the views and then of course I showed the strength of the literal interpretation of that in the pretrip but I wanted them to be aware of every other view that out there. Deftly going to come across it or have someone challenge their believing and I don't want their beliefs to be shaken. Once they've formed his convictions and I want them to be about an answer that definitely use a lot of comedy and illustrations and simple graphics to help make the complex a little more simple. Most people are visual learners strictly see something that grabs their attention visually and usually draw them in the content a little less intimidating. But on the millennial front. That is one of the huge things that I think that's confuse so many people in terms of the nature of God's plan for Israel sent people during the Reformation.

When Martin Luther helped people return to a literal interpretation of what the Bible said about salvation felt a beautiful thing, but he really didn't go far enough in terms of eschatology, they didn't touch it, and they left the figurative interpretation methods that had crept in in the dark ages and before that.

Honestly, I think the enemy has leverage that to bring both a soft and in some cases a harsh anti-Semitism in the heart of Israel straight and also major confusion about incompetence, including the future millennial kingdom.

You can't explain that away. It's too specific to literal God's promises are crystal clear in the Old Testament prophets that there have to be this literal kingdom age 1 ranked with Jesus rolling from Jerusalem many believers today think that's all allegory, and that that's happening now.

During the church age. But the cause of so much confusion when you bump into other thing and I think the enemy is use that to cause people to stop studying eschatology altogether. Millennialism is embraced by most denominations. Catholic Church Lutheran Church method is sure to go right down the line. They have embraced the allegorical interpretation of what were talking about.

Whereas premillennial dispensationalism takes everything very literally. Obviously, when the trees of the field, clapped their hands we don't take that literally. But we do when we can take it literally that there is a literal tribulation, a literal Antichrist, a literal millennium thousand year reign of Christ on earth. A literal role for Israel. That's very, very significant in the last days.

That's the beauty of what you and I are teaching, but all I'm saying is, most denominations don't even embrace it.

That's confusing. So many people really do think a lot of churches focus more on the New Testament, in Jesus's words, which of course is our Savior we should, but we should not throw out the rest of the Bible. And when you look at interpretation method. The only one that is consistent from cover to cover the literal interpretation method.

Honestly, the only way we can truly make sense of what God's word and it doesn't mean that figurative language or allegory of use from time to time, or symbols, but those symbols on that poetic license found in the context and we can understand it. Just by plainly reading it. Got a big God. He can speak clearly so we need to take him at his word and sees that someone in your life who might the beginner attendance.

Things were talking about. I do think Todd's products would be very helpful to you.

Visit my online store olive tree olive trees use views as an viewpoint, olive tree call my office anytime and will get some of these products out to you as quickly as we can tell, were running real short on time.

Is there anything you would like to sum up, I know that both of us were not just teaching because we enjoy teaching. The ultimate goal in what we're doing is to lead the unbeliever to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want to sum things up in a minute here, be my guest. It is my prayer that many are hearing this broadcast right now who have never turned to the Lord and who are seeing the conditions of the world and maybe for the first time are really wondering wow does the Bible really tell us what happened in the end days and anything were seen today. Does this have to do with what the Bible says about the end times the answer is yes, God is a God of grace, but also you have to have judgment along with grace, God will not be gracious if you let Hitler or human traffickers or any evil person. You could think of, get away with what they do eventually have to judge evil and that's the time that's coming on the earth, all the signs are that the time is coming soon, but were rapture first.

But you must accept Jesus Christ as your Savior's operator right now cars are pulling over or pausing people are praying asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart at this moment and you will be saved thank you, Tom.

Find out more and so articles and so on. His book Todd I'm going out of the program.

I'm just reading Actually it's from the book nonprofits guide to the end times. Todd writes, here's why Bible prophecy is important for you fulfilled. Bible prophecy is one of the most compelling evidences that the Bible is from God.

As you will discover major historical events were told centuries, and in some cases thousands of years in advance. These prophecies were fulfilled to the exact detail. No other document in the world can make this claim, the only logical explanation is that the Bible is supernatural in nature. And then he closes. We can't show God to you, but we can show you his fingerprints all over fulfilled Bible prophecy folks alive.

Thank you for listening and we will talk to you again next week. She know you can always be via radio so just remember that our programming is posted to our website both its audio and video format. Just go to olive tree olive tree views or radio. We welcome friendly olive trees use for cola central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 male would you write to John Markel and altering industries.

Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. Glad to know that our times are in his hands.

God is the least of our times and everything is falling

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