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Redeemer - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 26, 2021 6:09 am

Redeemer - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 26, 2021 6:09 am


Do you have a Biblical worldview? We all have a lens in which we view our lives and the world around us. God’s story of redemption is the foundation of how we should view everything we see.

Part 1.

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For those of us who are in Christ was also our Redeemer. We have with Gipson through his blood, what is that mean for us. Jesus came as our team to set us free in the bondage of sin biblical worldview to moments of hope with the bank. We all lands in which we view the world and as Christians important for us to have a biblical worldview story of redemption is the foundation of how we should be thinking this world here stated, part one of the message because Redeemer, God love you till you come to faith in Jesus would be healthy, wealthy and prosperous for the rest of your life. There's just one problem with that line.

The truth is, Christians struggle and suffer just like everybody else does in fact solve it even though blank God is for you chalkboard and what people were filling in that blank from infertility to cancer to whatever it might be. Those are our staff who were writing in those lines. Those are the spiritual leaders of this church, myself included, yet amidst the pain that Christians go through. There is a wonderful promise from God that he is our restorer last week and this week he is our Redeemer. Even though blank can you fill in the blank you got your own blank.

Romans 831 says my God is for me.

If you are in Christ.

Even though blank my God is for me. Today we will look at this incredible message about God is Redeemer and the truth is your faith in God is directly connected to your understanding of the character of God. If you really believe God is our restorer, you will worship your faith will increase in direct proportion to your understanding of the character of God. I want to explain the meaning of the word redemption to you in just a moment before I do that living talk you again as I often do about developing a biblical worldview in your life. Everybody has a worldview whether you believe it or not, everybody has a worldview. If you're an atheist here today you have an atheistic worldview you believe there is no God hurt his random and you just live every day. The way you want to live. That is an atheistic worldview, there is something called a biblical worldview is how I look at life everything to me is explainable in this world through a biblical worldview.

And here it is. Genesis chapter 1 and two, God created the world perfectly. Everything operated exactly as God intended it to operate. He called good in Genesis 3.

Adam and Eve rebelled against God, they invited something called sin into this world and sin permeated every part of God's once good perfect creation that we see evidence is that fall in Genesis chapter 4 through 11. Kane hated his brother and killed him first murder. In the Bible we see the flood which is God's judgment upon the people's gross sin.

Chapters 5 through nine in Genesis 11 is the building of a tower called Babel that makes up people privately say we are God.

Look how great we are. The course God disperse them in different languages all over the world, then to begin something called redemptive history. Say that phrase with the police, redemptive history, one more time, redemptive history, folks, the Bible is not a rulebook, there are rules in here the got asked us to follow the right guard rails to keep us on his course in life to protect us against evil. But the Bible is a history book. It's his story of redemptive history and what God wants us all to do and will look at this at the end of the message he wants us to find our story in his story, but the story is I've redemptive history and so God looking at the fall and what it had done to his created order. He called Abraham and formed a nation called Israel and that Israelite people went into captivity in Egypt. God released them from that captivity brought them to a mountain called Sonny either got entered into a covenant agreement with them where he would be there God that would be his people, he would be like a husband to them, they would like a wife to him. He would like a father to them they would be like children to him and God just said one thing especially outlined in the book of Leviticus. Don't you miss the book of Leviticus in chapter 25 he said if you obey these laws and I'm giving you a blessed if you disobey these laws I will curse you, and the ultimate expression of that curse will be a foreign pagan, godless people that I will bring it as an instrument of judgment against you and they will take you into a captivity faraway and of course if you know the history of Israel after they left Sonny I and went into the promised land books of Joshua Judges Ruth first and second Kings first second Chronicles you saw they didn't obey God and the curses God promise were brought upon them, especially the curse of the captivity of foreign godless nation came and took them into captivity. This nation was called Babylon and the people of God were taken some 600+ miles away in the capital city called Babylon and the nation called Babylon and there they rested in a Jewish ghetto and amidst their captivity. God makes promises to them that he will restore them last week and he will redeem them this week and we see the promises of God in the book of Jeremiah, chapters 30 through 33, principally even more specifically, chapter 2031 and here we see in today's message God's promise to the people in captivity that he will be there Redeemer Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 11 for the Lord has ransomed Jacob.

That's another name for Israel. Jacob he's ransomed them to keep that word in mind because it's a synonym with the word redemption for the Lord has ransomed Jacob and has was the word redeem to him from hands too strong for him. So God's promising to redeem the Israelites out of their captivity.

Then the end of chapter 31. These enormous promises from God.

Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

Not like the covenant that I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, my covenant that they broke, though I was there. Husband declares the Lord, for this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord. I will put my law within them and I will write it on their hearts. This this is a promise about Jesus. I'm going to put a law with in their heart's and I will be their God and they will be my people, and no longer shall each one teach his neighbor and each one his brother, saying, the Lord, for they shall all know me in a relationship, they will know me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the Lord, for I will what forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

So the term forgiveness is like ransom and like redemption is very similar to salvation and look at these words from Jesus. Mark 1045.

He gives us one of the many reasons that he came to this earth read with me for even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. The word of the Lord. So God is one who pays a ransom. He is our forgive her. He saves us he is our Redeemer.

What is this word redeem me the specific decks and definition in the dictionary is the action of being saved from sin, error or evil. The action of regaining possession of something in exchange for payment clearing a debt so was the idea of taking something out of captivity and paying a ransom price. Think of yourself as kidnapped in captivity in the ransom price is paid for, or think of yourself as a prisoner and someone pays the debt to get you out the whole idea of redeem is to save us from a condition of captivity. So for the Israelites in their captivity in Babylon was a promise that God would free them from their captivity, and one them one day bring them back to the land, but for those of us who are in Christ, who is also our Redeemer. Ephesians 17 says that in Christ we have redemption through his blood, what is that mean for us. I would suggest you, it means that in the captivity of our sin. Jesus came to pay the ransom price to set us free in Jesus first sermon in Luke the fourth chapter he quoted from Isaiah 61 looking at the day of Jubilee. Every 50th year when all the slaves would be pronounced free and Jesus said today in your presence is the fulfillment of the reading of this text.

People understood what he was saying they picked up stones to stone. They knew that he was claiming to be God, but he was not talking about a captivity from a Babylonian perspective to the promised land.

He was talking about setting us free from the captivity of our sins. In Galatians the fifth chapter verse one, the apostle Paul says it is for freedom that Christ set us free, no longer to be under the bondage of slavery. Jesus came as our Redeemer to set us free from the bondage of sin and death.

You see what happened in Genesis chapter 3 when sin entered the world, the primary place.

It attacked is yours in my heart and were now birthed with an empty heart that continues to try to find meaning in anything and everything except original intent Genesis 1 and two with God's living list for you five places where we are captive to sin in our lives. First of all, were captive to self that gnawing uncomfortable feeling in her heart tries to find purpose in self we work harder and longer hours, hoping somehow to have prestige and power significance. Whatever it is, but the longer and harder we work the more we know doesn't satisfy all we get is exhaustion. So we try to find it in making our bodies more attractive for some of you women, especially its and losing more and more weight and you convince yourself looking in the mirror that you're too fat and you continue not to eat, you become anorexic thinking you have now the perfect body and your beloved for men and some women to its developing apps. We want a sixpack that is just perfectly groomed and we somehow fallen prey to the lie that life is about exteriors and not the interior part. Could we somehow think that somehow when we die and go to heaven. The first question God's going to ask is, may I see your abs, please.

That's impressive. You've got them skilled and sculpted perfectly. Come on in heaven would ally you know the books that sell the most in bookstores are not the spiritual classics, not the saints through the ages who teach us how to drive our lives inwardly interiorly in the Christ within the self-help books, even in the Christian bookstores.

The self-help books are the ones that sell the most somehow constantly trying to find a way. 10 steps toward that will make us feel good inside. But the truth is nothing about ourselves can ever free us from the captivity parcels. Then we look to other people to free us from the captivity in many different ways. First of all, some of us look toward our kids. I jog around here is why.

From time to time when I can and often times there are kids sporting events going on and sometimes I just love to run over to a father and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and say he sitting there yelling at his son or his daughter harder domestic shot can't do better than that and I just want to grab him and say do you realize what you're doing to your kids so you're crushing his or her heart because somehow you feel like you got to live vicariously your own lack of success that's trying to satisfy the gnawing something in our hearts and we look toward other people men look toward women and women look toward men to fill that hole in the heart of the great things about having children later on in life, like Marilyn, I did is now a little older we have lots of grandchildren come along well. That keeps us current with all the contemporary songs and there's a group out called walk the moon and is a guy singing to his girlfriend.

You will and are my destiny. I said shut up and dance with me and I do that well.

Thank you so much. Thank you. I'm very proud of myself even knowing that song. I'm very proud of myself this summer. Kayla my little two-year-old grandson Anthony won't let them say shut up. They think that's improper so they say get up and dance with me. So what ever you want me to play with and be safe you happy. You are my destiny. I said will stand up and play with me anyway us.

The truth is no man should ever say to a woman you're my destiny. No woman can be a man's destiny. Some possible in the same way.

No man can be your woman's desk can fill the hole in your heart and I'm so concerned about the number of slurping marriages.

I see where husband-and-wife or just drinking from one another thinking there there destiny. At some point it's going to be nothing left and that's why people are leaving marriages.

Only Jesus can fill the deepest longing of your heart. Folks only Jesus can meet your needs and then you're able to give to your spouse or other people what they need.

Have you ever seen anyone erect a statue to a critic trying to make other people your God's it's useless. May I share with you this truth. People make lousy gods. They cannot they cannot free you from the captivity of your hearts. Only Jesus can thirdly we look to created things.

You see the inversion that happened in Genesis 1 and two and three, Genesis 1, two, God gave Adam authority over the plants and the animals, Adam even named the animals, but in Genesis 3 in the fall. Something hideous happened in one of the things that happened was the inversion of creation now no longer did Adam and Eve and us have authority over the plants and the animals. One of the wages of sin is the plants and animals have authority over us.

Those of you with eating disorders.

Those we too much special animals have authority to moments of listening, enjoying his morning cocaine will be right sentence. What does the Bible tell us about time the Bible is about, some of us carry out your salvation and redemption, and eternal life. Taking it is made of informative-year-old in his time prophecy is the way through the book of Revelation as facts about the times we live in.

His relationship is we would love to give this video to you is a receipt to help you understand the ages of three and prophecies of the second coming will found in the Old Testament. In this video cameras the validity of Spanish created Jesus his first coming and how we can see in his second.

This video is a limited account of the foundations of the urgent to receive regular frisk God's favor. Go to moments at church and I was more of a\listens and regulate against similar moments of hope more bags last forever free educational video from David Chesley is on prophecies from David Chadwick get yours for free today actually comes online just in judgment as joining me in the stadium is our pastor David Saad make all things you Janet is such a pleasure doing the daily radio broadcast with you. You know if I was a telescreens hardware 311 of my favorites and absolutely I learned years ago always believe is more likely to he calls the fires of real or just issues. Many of us begin planning for retirement of their lives. Treatment drink is the Marion visual care for the days of our lives there. When we got together to play without any more work analyzing planning that retirement wasn't always the case on the Bible. Indeed, Scripture says that the idea of retiring was applicable only to the creeks. Jesus, God regulated the priestly medicine limited the age of 50 years of age and that was it is very for reading age. During that time. That's the only asset we have in the Bible of any sales operating environment – now is in Tampa backdrop is to serve Moses.

He was on a drunk heritage Joshua Hale and stated my email and has been out there and calling them in the latter. Here's another lie down for example, when upstairs and we use our noses Asian stuff folks 80 years of age and he faithfully continued his duty until he was 120 years old and then there's Aaron, Moses brother. He was 83 when he began his calling as high priest and Joshua he was in his late 70s when he led the Israelites into the promised land. And I love Caleb Caleb 85 years of age when he sought to take the land where the Giants were the biggest when Joshua and he entered the promised land together. Now think about all these men who followed the Lord's calling on their life.

They were well past their typical age of retirement. Here's the point. Don't set your mind to retire. Set your mind to re-fire find a way to serve others in the name of Jesus. No matter what age you may be. There will always be needs around you and as you age move from success to significance when you face the Lord one day he won't care about your successes for yourself. He will care about your significance for him and always remember this. Folks age is just a number.

Methane again age is just a number. Jesus can use you in great ways in every season of your life. That's why you don't ever retire you refire that is so grad and as you say age is just a number. I think of and gray hair is a sign of wisdom is that I might leave that well I'm trying to embrace that for myself of the word that comes to mind right now is purpose at every stage and age and gray hair or not we all are seeking purpose and this provide such an opportunity to continue to find purpose beyond a set age that society puts on you, absolutely. And as long as you are breathing and can move you can be the Lord's instrument of service to other so what did Mother Teresa say we are a pencil in the hands of God. She doesn't state hold a pencil. Is she just says you're a pencil in the hands of God. Let him write your story continually even in your latter years because as long as there are needs in this world. God can use you magnificently and you just might discover that your most faithful years are your latter years I latter this is so encouraging.

Thank you so much you welcome Jen and everyone who like to receive these daily David isms.

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