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King David - Part 8

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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May 14, 2021 6:47 am

King David - Part 8

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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May 14, 2021 6:47 am

King David was a man after God’s own heart. God chose him to do mighty things, in spite of the mistakes and missteps that David made. Join us as we take a look at his extraordinary (and often complicated) life. Part 8.

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That's what it means the man or woman every step of your life is everything with your life because every moment you spend on the side of eternity because of the grace and mercy were set in today's Christian culture, moments of hopefully Chadwick. If you've been following along our broadcast you know that we are anything the life of King David. So we learn about worshiping God from the life of King David.

On today's message Pastor Chadwick shines a light on how he worship in spirit and in truth. So what we have in these verses in my or three different kinds of worship to God finds offensive. The third one is the way God wants us to understand worship the first kind of worshiper is what I'll call use the worship loser worship a been a dad is his dad. He is a priest. The word comes to loser and his brother Ohio bring back the ark, so they put the ark on a cart like it was brought to them from the Philistines in case you didn't know the Philistines were the ones who invented the whole cart idea wheels and carrying something in the cart was up a listing invention so the ark is placed on a card and started to go back toward Jerusalem, Ohio. When the brothers is ahead of the cart enjoying and celebrating bring the ark back to Jerusalem loses actually on the cart. They hit a whole. The ark starts to wobble loser sticks his hand out somehow to steady it and immediately he struck by God and in some of you cry out that just doesn't seem fair limited.

One thing about fairness.

Fairness was lost in the Garden of the fairness is in the sight of God to, and here's what you need to understand folks as you think that's not fair with loser God is a holy God. Moses could only appear before MacLeod, the high priest only after elaborate cleansing and then no one else could come into his presence without fear of death. The problem with loser and Ohio and his daddy had been a dab is they didn't know when they should've known as priests who had the tour. The first five books of the Bible available to them that the ark could only be carried by Levites on poles not casually placed on a full listing cart. The problem with loser was he casually touched the ark and he did not understand from numbers 415 other places that the ark should only be carried by Levites, not priests you as I read the story about who's I'm not so much surprised that loser is dead. I'm more surprised I'm alive. As I think about the ways that I casually worship Almighty God of the purpose of preaching is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. You need to know for the next minutes I'm going to do the latter, I want to challenge you, whether you casually worship the holy God of this universe.

What most Americans do is casually worship the Lord God of this universe. Let me ask you some pointed questions how do you spend your hours before you come to corporately worship do you go see movies or watch television programs that Almighty holy God would never want you to watch in the first place.

But you use. That is what you do before you come into his holy presence right. Do you casually come in late. Is that a casual attitude toward holy worship of a holy God. All they're just singing. Do you ever come in even early before the service begins and spend some time saying God, cleanse my heart, confessing your sins to an Almighty God and do you leave early and got beat the Baptist to the chicken line.

You know I gotta get that food before they could get over.

I'm not surprised that Cusa died.

I'm more surprised that I'm alive in the casual ways that I have gone before God and moreover do we worship God on the part of the Philistines is the purpose of worship for you to be entertained isn't for me or somebody else on this platform to make sure that you bad wonderful experience for you will start looking for something else and therefore churches start looking at the newest, most creative ideas in order to maintain your interest to put butts in the seats and as result we worship God on a full listing cart in the ways of the world, not how God wants his people to worship the holy God.

That's loser worship. Then there's David worship. David really felt badly about news is deaf. In fact, he was ticked off at God said, gotta like this one bit book but he goes back to Jerusalem. And here's the difference between David and all the others. David eventually asked this question, God put I do wrong. The reason David's a man after God's own heart is because his heart was sensitive and tender to the things of God. He's always asking the question that I do all the time. What I do wrong is there someplace I missed you and David goes back and he does read the word of the law first Chronicles 15 four tells us that he discovered the Levites were supposed to carry the ark, not the priests, and he realized he had done wrong. So what is he do he finds out the ark was left after loses death in the home of Obed Edom and the word gets to him is God's just blessing the socks off Obed Edom already has blessed this family blessed. His grandkids are blessed.

The presence of God was blessing. Nobody let me tell you something about this holy God is also a God of blessing. He wants to bless you. He wants to give you good guess is a good daddy. That's the nature of Almighty God is a blaster set with my father is a blaster he blessed Obed Edom, so much so I been told that he was that history will take the ark away but David does and he goes back to me list the Levites. But this is what's so interesting is he is the one now leading the parade, not Ohio.

David, the king is leading the parade and the text tells us that every six steps in bringing the ark back from Obed Edom into Jerusalem every six steps he would pause and sacrifice a pool as an offering to his holy God. Every six steps you want to make sure his hands were clean and his heart was pure every six steps he worshiped, put the ark down tillable worship God. Okay, six more steps put the ark down worship God tillable you know it took him a long time from Obed Edom to get to Jerusalem. Six steps stopping but David one make sure he was a true worshiper before a holy blessing God.

You want to make sure his hands were clean.

His heart was pure you want to make sure he worship God. God's way.

Not his way. That's what it means folks to be a man or woman after God's own heart, that every step of your life is a step of worship every day of your life is a day of worship because every moment you spend on this side of eternity, you realize everything you have is because of the grace and mercy of a blessing. Father that's how God wants there to be blessing and during those six steps. David danced dance in e-file of some people have taught through the years that he thought was like a prison Speedo no no I want to think about that the e-file was a priestly garb was a priestly garb is a plain road and what's cool as David wasn't wearing his kingly car he was wearing a simple plane priestly garb and that's what ticked off. Michael get her just a second.

He was dancing wildly before the Lord can imagine what that looked like this king of Israel, dancing wildly before the Lord, and even care what anybody thought. He didn't care about the opinions of anybody else. He just dancing for the Lord is great God is holy blessing God danced before the Lord, and he could care less what anybody thought because he was dancing to an audience of one. He was just dancing to the Lord and folks that's what God every step.

Just a free offering of our hearts to him. That's what a true worshiper is only desiring to please God and God alone because we're playing as Christians to an audience of not what the world thinks the final worshiper was Michael Saul's daughter King David's wife. She had fallen in love with David. David killed the Philistines was able to get her hand in marriage that we don't know what happened between them, but she watched David dance in the E Fahd not in his kingly guards. She got really ticked off at him.

She despised him in her heart so they get the ark back into the tent in Jerusalem. Everybody is given some meat and some raisin cakes and they have a celebration of party, church picnic, if you will, and they all go home and David finally goes back home to Michael and as he walks in the house he said will you sure made a fine display of yourself today. There you were dancing in that stupid lantern garb is appraised as the chain of Israel where that come from idiot face and you will. David says to her God chose me above your daddy. That's what he did know is of the Lord God of this universe chose me to be king, not your daddy, jab, jab you want have a fight that's a good thing to do guys okay he chose me above you and all of these women you say that were mocking me one day they will lift me up as they see me as the king and then says God closed Michael's womb, and she had no more kids know it could be that there were some is rancor between them. The David never slept with her again. Or it could be that this kind of caustic, cynical critical spirit. God will not be a part of. In anybody's heart and he closed one. We don't know, but she was bare. Here is the Michael worshiper today is a loser, was the casual worshiper.

Michael is the critical worship and they exist everywhere there. The people who come in and expect to be entertained.

They expect to have their attention be kept, but more so they want things the way they want them to be. And if they're not, they will criticize anything and everything that goes on Michael worshipers are the ones who at the end of the service. Ask questions like what is your lack of worship today. Did you like those lives. I didn't the Michael worshiper. They have roast preacher for lunch. Did you like David's message didn't touch my heart today.

I didn't like it at all. I think is very good. Didn't touch me whatsoever. I wonder if I'm going go back next week in the Michael worshiper thinks it's all about them and, ultimately, not only are they critical worshipers, their consumers and it's a huge problem in the American consumer worship where we feel the pressure up here to put on a show due for listing worship so that you'll come in and we can keep you come in and you give your money so that we can then look good in the world to because we got a bigger crowd than the church down the street and it all becomes a competitive show and then you come asking the questions. Does this meet my needs. Not good how David made a ask only one question, how did was my worship pleasing to you. The holy God of this, you are you Michael worship comes in and critically cynically evaluates everything that's going on instead of your heart being free to worship.

So which one of those are you are you use a worshiper casual worshiper, you can. Are you a Michael worshiper critical worshiper consumer or are you a David a Christ centered worship. I know which one. The Lord wants, and that's what he was trying to tell the woman at the well back to John for he said to her, there'll come a day when people worship me in spirit and in truth. What is that me dear friends the beginning point for loving God is not his love and grace the beginning point for loving God is his holy the holy God of this universe is without sin, you cannot come into his presence with sin. If you do, he will reject you. He will send you to eternity separated from him is not because he wants to.

It's because he has to, if my body is perfectly healthy and it is invaded by an unhealthy germ my healthy body. By its nature, must reject on health either by mouth or other places. Get the picture. My healthy body must God in his perfect holiness and his health must reject unhealthy if you try to come into his presence without your sins having been forgiven, he must reject you but God so loved the world in his holiness he came to us in Jesus live the life we could not live for ourselves, died on the cross to absorb our sin upon himself so that if we receive him.

We are born again, born of the spirit, his very presence living inside of us his Holy Spirit living inside of us will come a day. Jesus said to the woman when people will worship me in spirit because the Holy Spirit will live inside their hearts are not bound to mount kerosene for Jerusalem. They can worship me anyplace anytime anyway. So that means that if you're driving down the car and you're praising God during the week your worship.

If you go serve the homeless child, your worship if you wash the dishes you're worshiping him if you're changing a dirty diaper you're worshiping him worship is not limited to a place it's a lifestyle because the Holy Spirit lives in us were always in connection with the holy God of you. We also worship in truth, what is that me Jesus said in John 1717. Sanctify them Lord make them holy, sanctify them to prayer for us. Make them holy by your word. Your word is true, dear friends, if you are a worshiper of God, like David, like Jesus wants us to be, you realize there's truth in God wants us to be seekers of truth and it's found in his word. God has an opinion about what marriage is.

God has an opinion about what life is God has an opinion on how your marriages should operate as an opinion on how you live your lives as a single. He has an idea on how you should live your lives in accord with every issue that is in the world is found. So if his spirit lives within you and you are like David every day thing Lord I want your truth, not the priest with the Levites, I want your true don't go to your word and find truth and God conforms you not by your opinion or the opinions of this culture deforms you by the opinion that his word then you become a worshiper in spirit and in truth.

That's what Jesus meant a true worshiper is one who takes every step, every day asking the question, what is your will and the spiritual skeptics in the seekers who come here all the time trying to seek truth when they see the true worshiper the King David's good Jesus worshipers worshiping in spirit and truth. Many of them say I will let you listening to moments of hope.

Thanks for listening, coming out dated joins me in the stadium is on a mountain with right I am Tony Marciano presidency Europe Charlotte rescue mission ask you a question. What you do when you stand at the intersection of homelessness and addiction in the person's shoes for just the second what is it that you really need.

You probably been one of the individuals who stood at the end of the interesting Holden assigned to said hungry will work for food which never use the money for food and booze and drugs with it most likely you hate your life, your addiction has stolen every aspect of hope going to be part of the fabric of society, but every morning, your addiction screams and you surrender to it. There is one thing you do need and that is transformation the place to go to Charlotte rescue mission Charlotte rescue mission works from the inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness. The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high-quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation in a love for Christ commissions 120 program has transformed the lives thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership and change anything. Thanks for listening today. Joining me and Pastor David sign blank dated things fittingly that's great being with you, Jen. Well, today's David is in is called is like hills and valleys, or train track is a lot of wisdom in well, it's an interesting perspective on life gin and it's one that I have come to realize over the years.

A lot of people think that life is hills and valleys and by that I mean that there are some days you're on top of the hill. It's joyful.

Everything is working well and then other days are in the Valley, despondent, discouraged, depressed, and what I've learned in life. Most of the time. Life is not hills and valleys.

Some days great. Some days bad. Life is more like train tracks that you have great joy and great sorrow going alongside one another during the very same day you might have a great joy in the life of something that is incredible that's happening to you and right.

During that same time. A grief over something that is lost and I think if people could realize this when they go through the tough times in the middle of a day when everything had been going great.

They're not surprised by it that that's life.

Paul said in Romans chapter 5 verse three. Rejoice in your tribulations that word rejoice means jump up and down turn around a real expression of joyous life, but he said to rejoice in that way amidst your tribulations so doesn't he suggest that very truth that life is more like train tracks you have joy and tribulations simultaneously at the same moment, and again, the purpose of this teaching is for all of our listeners to realize that if you're having a good day and suddenly something bad happens, don't be surprised by that. Again, life is mostly train tracks, not hills and valleys, that's okay.

This reminds me, I recently heard Andrew Branson speak and he was imprisoned in Turkey for his faith. Just a couple of years ago and he was in a wet some people, dark night of the soul, and he did not feel God's tangible presence in the Scriptures that he held in his heart, and with his faith that he realized I can physically dance even though I don't feel like it like joy is accessible because I believe in sees that and says he nearly went out in the courtyard in front of the other prisoners and made himself dance and sing.

He began to experience joy in the next in his tribulation and a great illustration.

Thank you for sharing that gin. It also reminds me of Paul in Philippians chapter 3 verse 10 we said the purpose of life in Christ is to know the power of his resurrection. All of us are going yeah I want to know the power of his resurrection and victory over all kinds of problems in life and then he turns around and says, and also to share in his sufferings, you can't really know the power of the resurrection without first going through the cross and I think daily. We have those same experiences. We know the power of Jesus resurrection.

We live in joy.

We also share in his sufferings as we live in a very broken world.

Looking at all the pain that surround us. The payments in us.

But again, if you can begin to accept the reality that during the same 24 hour day you're going to have joy but also problems train tracks simultaneously next to one another. Life will makes more sense and you will be surprised with the pain that does come to you that's really got. I like the way same life will make more sense. It really does. It helps us to be present with what's in front of us and yeah I do live in the moment and understand what Jesus is trying to teach us amidst this day when both joy and sadness are in our lives so Gad think he sound that stated, and thank you Jen, thank you listeners please go to moments of hope church.or you can subscribe to these daily moments of hope from my heart to yours free of charge to help you begin each day with a moment of hope and moments of hopefully Senior Pastor of moments of hope church. Today's message is from our online worship service and you can be a part of our service each Sunday morning nine and 11 o'clock I going to moments of hope church.more your online sign-up for gated daily moments and help delivered every morning to your inbox. David's weekly hope they're both free and available through my website manager is moments of hope church.more moments of hope church

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