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On the Job - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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May 24, 2021 6:07 am

On the Job - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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May 24, 2021 6:07 am

What is the real value of work? How does this fit into God’s creation? Today we look at a biblical worldview of the work God has called us to do. Part 2.

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Worsen this message folks is to tell and she's your work is not working and I will invite you find more in the inward reality of war in Christ, our new life in Christ apply to our work life moments of hope with David Chadwick last broadcast. We begin a brand-new series we're calling on the job. This series will give us a new biblical worldview regarding the work we do today. Data begins by challenging each of us to recognize what's really important in our lives we've made our work well and it's evidenced by all outward appearances. The proof of our worth is all outward. So if I have more possessions than other people. I more worthy than they are and we live in a constant snare to compare environment and that's why so many of us go into debt in order to possess more and then every morning when our feet hit the ground we sing the song I oh I oh so off to work I go and also position we work hard to have a position a better office that makes us better then other people.

So we feel like were worth something not only our possessions in our position, but we have a people approval desire.

So, if people think were worth something. We think were worth something in the way people approve of us is by advancing up the American meritocracy.

And of course we have power over people and were the boss we really achieve something and were really successful in other people's eyes.

It's all though outward.

But here's the problem. Those outward things don't last, and I will invite you find worth not in your work, but in the inward reality of who you are in Christ. I want to challenge all of you with something that may hurt some of you, and I don't mean to hurt but I want to challenge you to live different because I really believe the gospel makes a difference in our lives long ago, I was challenged by a friend.

Do this exercise.

He said, paint a portrait of what you want in your last year of life and keep that portrait forever in your mind, and it's the gold that you're striving for. For all of your years. I wanted to be a faithful pastor and preacher of the gospel, but I never had in my mind all one day I want to preach the thousands of people. I just want to be faithful is that one for the portrait that was an outward success. Here's what I want. I want to Marilyn and me with gnarled bony hands graying with aging spots on her skin holding her hands together and surrounding us would be our three kids who all love Jesus with all their heart, souls, minds and mind and then the next concentric circle outward in the portrait I wanted times the grandkids who just love Jesus and loved us Mayor Maren Pappy and then if God would allow us to live long enough, you guessed it the next concentric circle outward.

What I want.

I wanted great kids and I wanted every single one of them to love Jesus. That was the most important part. I want all of them to know the inward reality of who they were, in Christ, and their worth was not defined by their work or any outward extremity was what was defined by their inward relationship with Jesus Christ because I knew that's what. The only thing that last forever.

The only thing so Marilyn with our three kids when they were younger brought all three to faith in Jesus driving around in the van, taking them to school, taking them to sporting events.

She knew literally.

She had a captive audience and she'd use every opportunity, especially when they would raise the subject and is amazing how your kids raise the subject of spiritual life.

When you begin dialoguing with. She seized upon the moment to share with them the gospel, she brought all three of them to faith in Jesus and the van. That's why we call it evangelism bad joke makes the point done it so all three came to know the Lord in their all three now adults.

All three now are walking with the Lord.

And if you asked them this day. Who are you, they would say I am a child of God. I burst into the kingdom by Jesus Christ, and I live for his glory. So that's the portrait I have in my mind because I wanted the inward reality of my life to be defined with the gospel in the heart and not by all the outward trappings all of us fall prey to so work became a means to an end for this particular picture that I desire you to illustrations of my two boys, David torn IME 69 he earned a basketball scholarship to a Division I school and that's quite remarkable because only 2% of high schoolers get athletic scholarships.

He worked hard he worked hard and he signed that scholar spouse of proud him when he signed. I said him son just always remember you are a child of God is a basketball player you're not a basketball player who's a child of God always remember that. And then for some of you know he went through a treacherous time in college with 15 different injuries. Three.

Need injuries had surgeries and never could fulfill the potential that was there but at the end of his college career. I said that with a nice it's time to love that get so much.

I said son always remember you're not a basketball player you're a son of God play basketball. Always remember that. Don't ever get that confused. So whether he succeeded what he failed. I keep reminding him of his identity in Christ because folks that's what will get you through your toughest days when all the trappings of externals failure, Michael Michael is a swimmer.

He didn't go the basketball root he fell in the water and started paddling and got really good. Went to the University Missouri on the swim scholarship outburst on the scenes. A lot of people thought he had a chance to make the Olympic team manager. Talk about a proud dad thinking my son can make the Olympic team, and on his first dive at the Olympic trials in Omaha Nebraska.

His arms separate. He had a terrible swim. He did make that happen.

He was collapsed on the pool deck, crying like a baby's college coach should Missouri came and picked them up and walked him around the pool deck and I will forever be forever grateful to his college coach for doing this. He walked around the pool deck is my son's crying. He said Michael remember who you are in Christ. Remember your true identity is in him and not in swing and we got together at lunch afterwards and he was crushed. Still, I said to him, son. Always remember your child of God who swims you're not a swimmer who's a child of God, to get the difference with the folks. Three people are with me are you with me. Your war is not your work.

You are what you do your healing not a human doing and when you know your child of God like we sang earlier, there is no fear of what because fear comes in your life when you got a law when it's performance-based living.

And when you don't live up to the performance of something bad happens to you what your conclusion, I must've done something wrong and God is punishing me Marilyn I have to go through that something bad happened because we had a little bit of a to all God punishing us know know know know father does that with his child, and when you understand your love child of God with the father in heaven really loving you. Fear vanishes because you know God's not punishing you when something goes wrong or why. Otherwise you live in fear. So think about this Jesus came to reverse the curse of the fall. That's why Jesus came say that with me.

Jesus came to reverse the curse of the fall became to change. Genesis 3 became to start restoring Genesis 1 and two in our lives and how does that fit in with work will first of all, he makes us into a new person.

Look at second Corinthians 517 we read this with me. Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.

The old has passed away. The new has if you know Jesus and you given your life to him. Your new creation that that old identity of finding your work in your work is passed away. It's gone. My identity is found in my relationship with Jesus and him alone. She folks I believe with all my heart that the gospel can solve any problem in our lives. But the problem is not the gospel. The problem is you don't really believe the gospel, and when you believe of the great love of the father through Jesus on the cross that when he died, and said it is finished.

Your desire to find your work in your work. That's finished that's done the laws, no one would find you my grace to find you. We believe that it gets way down in you and to the core of who you are never the same. That's what God wants for all of his people and that's the way the church will make a difference in the world is for God's people to believe in every ounce of their being the core of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your new creation bills passed away no longer a slave to fear. I'm a child of God.

Listen to these words. Romans eight 1617. The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs and heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that way be also be glorified with him. What's that say because of the fall when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Their relationship with God was severed and what they passed on to all their pros meet all humanity. Thereafter, you and be included is a dead spirit when were born. There's nothing within us when were born that seeks God. Nothing not ask you so often you don't believe in original sin. Sin do you have to teach your children to obey or disobey. Come on season obey because they're part of the rebellious nature.

Their spirits are dead. Ephesians 21 were dead in our sins and trespasses dad but God wants a relationship with us and what he did through his Holy Spirit as he comes and touches that dead spirit within us and he births it a lot.

It's called being born again we are born physically now the spiritual part of us that God wanted to be birthed is born again like it was with Adam and Eve before the fall. And when that spirit becomes one with our spirits makes us alive in Christ. There's this union life is going on and I'm in Christ and Christ in me, behold, if anyone is in Christ is a new creation. The word is unified and here's when the cool things that happens we are born of the spirit and folks of this don't happen to you got asked the question if I truly been born of the spirit we born the spirit there's a regular conversation that goes on between the Holy Spirit in our spirits and what he tells us, is the very words of the father to our hearts and one thinks he tells us over and over and over again share my child, you're my child and I love you and I care for you. I went to the cross to die for this life to be given to spirits as our spirits. We are children of God. So we become a new person and we know that who we are is not defined by our and secondly we work with a new passion.

Colossians 323 whatever you do work hardly as for the Lord and not for man now that's next week's message okay let me in this. Where do you find your identity is the curse reversed in you.

Let me give you these words that you may not have ever appreciated until now. Jesus said come to me, all who labor and are heavy light can't come to me all of you people who have bought the lie that your identity is, and what you do to try to find your work in your work come to me those of you are just tired and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your what your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light and I was at me over every Jewish homes opening door there was a yoke when you put over oxen to make them walk in lockstep. The yoke was symbolic of the law. But the Jews had to obey, have a right relationship with God and along comes Jesus and in an extraordinary verse he says take my yoke upon it's not a yoke where your relationship with God is defined by your performance by your take my yoke on your shoulders.

You'll find it's not heavy it's light because it's not a yoke of the law that defined your performance. It's a yoke of grace that tells you you are a child of God simply by believing in Jesus. If you really believe that you really, really, really believe in the core of your being the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus yoke is easy and his burden is light and you will have rest for your soul's go to work and you say my work does not define my work under the store card this next week's message, but not to define my identity but for the glory of God. Miss my Hebrews 411 says make every effort to enter into the rest of faith work hard to believe in this culture specially by identities not defined by what I do with who I am in Christ diet.

Five people got it with us a little better than last time, but it's the truth. Same with me one more time. My work is not my worth one more time. My work is not my work.

You are who you are because of what Jesus did for you on his cross, and isn't it interesting on the seventh day God looked at all creation and he said Don finished good and Jesus on the cross for his last words.

It is done. Creation defined by what God's creation in my mind when God is listening to moments of hope. Thanks for listening. David joins me in a studio in a conversation about giving up our hands for security will be right. This is the ministry meant focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community by Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte hello my name is Jimbo and Bowen direct tell you guys think you will David all of you there will, for us, you been there since OA rankings and grew into the dream Center building in the last eight weeks, probably exceeding 5000.

Where's the city is as the work with the meals and Rotary Park never amount as well is the meals you know the first collimated side is providing you a call. Everything you and not only is this week is all with you as you.

God bless and we just James Easton listening today. Joining me and our Pastor David sadly David thanks for being with us today hi Jim, great being with you too well in this morning he'd seen you side. Don't give up your freedoms for security.

Can you talk to. I can indeed because I think it is so important in our society today the American culture and our Constitution is the only one that has a First Amendment that guarantees religious rights guarantees religious freedoms guarantees freedom of speech. Let me in fact read it right now.

Here is the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law representing an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of press or of the right of people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for the redress of grievances and the whole idea of a people free to worship as they wish a people free to gather as they wish a people free to express whatever they want to express as they wish is really unique to our country. Chuck Colson was the one who said years ago. Don't give up your freedom for security. He said that when people start feeling fear they'll start giving up all of their freedoms that fear somehow leads to a desire to be controlled.

Jen, I don't know if it's true or not but it seems to me like the coronavirus Cove in 19 was somehow leased upon our nation and it looks like one of the desires of the perpetrators of it may well have been to challenge how far we would be willing to give up our freedoms in order to have some kind of control what we've seen nationally is the whole idea of states that lean more to the left, controlling people's ability to worship controlling their free speech we see states that are more to the right granting people the freedom to gather and worship saying the First Amendment is the First Amendment and they have the right to do so. Even the Supreme Court has tended to lean toward those on the right with this freedom given to them. But we've seen other people give up the right to worship give up some rights to free speech in order to be protected from this awful virus that's out there and when you give up your freedoms. It's so hard to ever get them back again and I'm just seeing our nation at a crossroads where we got to understand what this particular David is a means don't give up your freedom for security or if I could say it in a different way. The exact quote from Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers. Is this those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety. That's the point I'm trying to make today.

Folks don't let the fear of the disease give up your religious liberties your personal freedoms because again there so hard to get back again and government will take as much as it can to control your life is your gift of interesting things in my mind mind's eye right now. As a pastor being imprisoned in Canada for keeping his church open and I'm prayerful that we do not get to that point well and the difference between Canada and us is the First Amendment we have the First Amendment, dear friends, don't give up your First Amendment rights because of fear. Even the fear of the disease.

You just can't do it because they're so hard to get back again this is so powerful.

Thank you so much Stephen, thank you listeners for joining us today if you'd like to receive these daily written moments of hope, please go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there, they'll arrive in your inbox every morning at 7 AM from my heart to yours a way to begin your day with truth and a moment of hope moments of helpless senior pastor has moments of hope charts messages from our online worship service. You can be a part of our service each Sunday morning nine and 11 o'clock going to moments of hope while you're online predated daily moments of hope delivered every morning here in the meetings weekly hope they're both free and available through our website.

Moments of hope means higher moments of hope charts. James you pray for

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