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The Shoes of Sonship

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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May 23, 2021 8:00 am

The Shoes of Sonship

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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May 23, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Robert shares a message about why it’s by grace, not works, that we are sons and daughters of God.

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Welcome to worship the word with pastor today were concluding our incredible series sons not certain which is been about lessons from the parable of the prodigal son. I'm your host Patrick and I just want to say we are so glad that you're joining us this series has been so insightful and powerful in the first message we talked about how God dresses us in robes of righteousness and how God has made a way for us to be righteous through Christ's sacrifice in the second message we learned how like the sun and the parable was given a ring of authority.

We've been given authority over the enemy as children of God. And today's message is all about shoes were to learn about the rights of sentient and how we can't earn a relationship with God is just all so good, so let's tune in with pastor Robert if you want to turn your Bible somewhere will be only 50 were getting a three week series called sons not service, and this way is the a message called the shoes of some ship so we talked about the three gifts that the father to the gifts of 15 verse 20. The father said to his servants very quickly.

The best robe and put it on top of the robe of righteousness, but arranging on his hand. We talked about the rate of authority and shoes on his face over and talk about the shoes of son ship this week that most messages I can like to let you know this because some of you think this way and some of you don't. But some of you do. So if you do think this way of the way I think.

I guess, which is not always the right way to think this is probably too much explanation for this, but this is why think this way was my wife's is a goofy way to fame anyway. I normally have three points so I'm telling Eleanor Ontario's another three points only up to today. So just mess up your cadence okay but the second one last twice as long so it will all work out again. I'll still be able to cover all the material in the three short hours that we have left. Okay, I jokingly fit your first time, don't delete okay so what I talk about what she is representing the Bible. That's what I did with the reading I would like a look at what it represents of the Bible is all we did with the road so don't do the same thing shoes let before I can tell you what shoes represent. I'm going to tell you what, taking his shoes off, represents so they will be able understand what shoes represent right so the first point is take your shoes off now you know you have to do that right now you can can can I get to go to Richard if you got no some sort of foot powder owners of the number one is take your shoes off, so what would that represent in the Bible shoes represent rights so we were told at the shoes of son ship. The father was giving the prodigal son that is rights as a son. The son was actually saying I don't belong don't deserve rights of a son just like you like a hired servant. He was they know you. You still have the rights of son ship. That's what it but when you took your shoes off in the Bible give Matt that you're giving up your rights, show your couple places, but there's a story the famous love story. The Bible, Boaz and Ruth and Boaz wants to marry Ruth, but there is a kinsman that's nearer in line called the mere kinsman redeemer, which represents Christ, by the way, so the mere kinsman redeemer, so Boaz goes and talks to him and says I want to marry her fear, but your first in line when you marry her, is non-not going to.

So this is what he does when we just show you read four verse seven. So now this was the custom in former times in Israel concerning X redeeming and exchanging that is really just jumped amazed that is when just mentioning this Christ has redeemed us and we have exchanged RCN for his righteousness, but this is the custom to confirm redeeming and exchanging to confirm anything. One man took off his sandal and gave it to the other and this was a confirmation in natural so what was this a confirmation of the confirmation that he was giving up his right that he had the right to marry Ruth, but he was giving up his rod, but the way that you confirmed that you were giving up your rights was a ejector shoes off say that now when we go back in Deuteronomy and show you where the law what the law said about this. Deuteronomy 25. This would be a thought. If a man dies and he doesn't have an air then the brother of that man was to marry his widow so that she would have an air okay but what if he doesn't want to marry her. So this one. Deuteronomy 25 tells us or seven but if the man does not want to take his brothers wife and let his brothers wife go up to the gate to the elders and say my husband's brother refuses to raise up a name to his brother in Israel, he will not perform, he will not perform the duty of my husband's brother now will reverse a personally I see humor in the Bible the lobby with unsafe and I see that God wrote the Bible because he knew about humans.

So watch how this I just just think about this conversation right per se in the elders of his city shall call him and speak to him. You need to marry the woman swept Los Angeles to marry her but if he stands firm and says I don't want the woman I don't want to take her wonder how some of these conversations with you matter since she's me she's she scares me. I'm scared of it. I don't know. And ladies on the make and fund Bureau of ladies, because think about the lady.

She could feel the same way that you see them when he's ugly you know is either I don't want to marry my husband's brother. That's why chose my husband. He was the good-looking one. You know, so I just got puts all these things in here because he knows humans okay alright so when he stands firm and says I don't want her verse nine. Then his brothers wife succumb to him in the presence of the elders removed his sandal from his foot please. Giving up the right of redemption spit in his face so she gets a little bit redemption itself and say answer and say so shall it be done to the man who will not build up his brother Sal's and his name shall be called in the Israel. She gets more morbid and severe that house 7 PM who had his sandal removed. That's his name. I'm at the moment to may say we just don't think about these things.

Think about 23 years later he goes in for a mortgage that's okay.

Let's get the mortgage application filled out here what your first night.

The DHCP in your last name removed. Blessings remove okay you have one goes the full magnet the house of him who had his sandal removed just wonder if I got what she looked like son. But there it is in Scripture say I'm trying to find out what shoes represent only take your shoes off me to give up your rights so is what you think because a lot of people don't realize their means. All these things in the Bible for me just remind you the end. If taking off your shoes means giving up your rights. Let me remind you of a very famous story that all of you know of a conversation that a guy named Moses had with God that a burning bush. What's the first thing that God said to him that your shoes off place where you stand is holy talk to me give up all your rights, you become to maybe with no rights. Give it all up. Same thing happens to Joshua. Remember going the promised land, thereby say Jericho the first city goes up on the heel and he sees a guy with a sort Joshua five verse 13 again the past when Josh was Jericho. They lift his eyes and looked the older man stood opposite him with his sword drawn in his hand and also went to him and said to him, argue for us or for our adversaries. For he said no but as commander of the Army of the Lord. I have to I'm the commander Joshua fellows face the earth and worship said and what is my Lord Savior service in the commander of the Lord's army said to Joshua, take your sandal off your foot for the price range that is holy judgment itself is what he said I the commander of the Army when you give up your rights was no way Israel could defeat Jericho.

By the way you read I read at this distance that the man is Jesus, and he gives him the planned walk around the city 77 days. That's where he gets the plan from this guy right here is Jesus because it says, then says in the Lord said to him in the Lord we know as the commander of the Army. I actually love his answer also he said are you for us, offered via the said note, no, no, it's, like, you know they been trained to ask you, do you want fries or an apple pie with that and the correct answer by way of yes is no no I don't want fries and fly with my salad with grilled chicken say here is what Jesus is saying Joshua, I'm not here take sides under takeover. I'm not here for to get on your side Joshua I'm your Savior, get on my side go my side. Everything be okay. I'm not here to serve in your army on the commander you serve and lower me or not but if you serve my Army give up on your rights take your shoes off right one.

Following so first called before we talk about what shoes putting your shoes shoes back on the prodigal son we all know what they represent. They reject represent rights and you gotta take them all for listening to worship in the work with Castro's thank you so much for listening. If you would like to hear this message or any of pastoral advertising messages please visit Pastor or call 833933 again to or call 833923 well past Robert still has so much to share with us so so number one is think shoes off years number two.

Put your shoes back home he say what he meant. I'm told that the rights of son ship, not what you can do on your own. Not when you've earned, not how smart you are, not how great you are, but the rights of being a son or daughter God, because Moses and also put your shoes back on and let the people of Israel, but they led the people of Israel under God, so God has something for you do and he gives you rights as a son, and is about but want to go back to Luke 15 and and just sum up what the rights are and bring in another part and actually I'm going out in the series here and will bring it back to my original burden that the Lord gave me that we are sons, not servants. And everyone talks about the prodigal son, that's that that's the prodigal son and there's the prodigal son.

But Jesus tells the story of comparable parable comes from Carondelet. The Greek word for all means, alongside the Holy Spirit walks alongside us, belay us to throat when Jesus of you as he would throw a story alongside a truth she could understand the truth is what a parable is.

So he's the one that tells us the parable of the prodigal son, but their two sons. Why did he put two sons in story and that it's a big thing and remember the father using a robe arraignment and shoes and throws a party foreign in the sun. The older son David tells us what he does he will come in the board. This is really important for us to check six of verse 25.

His older sons in the field. As he came and drew near the house. He heard music and dancing so I called one of the servants and asked him what these things meant and he said to him, your brothers, because he has received him safe and sound. Your father is kill the fatted calf, but he still brother was angry over not going and therefore his father came out and pleaded with him so he answered and said his firm is father lo these many years I have been surveying you member were sons, not servants. I have been surveying you, I never transgress your commandment at any time after Scott's ally because were all sinners will follow shortly. One, the perfect son this what though. There's only one perfect son his name Jesus. The so we know that slide.

The other thing is that unlike any says and you never even gave me a young goat, and that's alive because you like getting in, says the father divided the boat sons as Americans and because he was the firstborn he got twice as much but you never get anyone goat no I gave you thousands of euros that I might make Mary, my friends, but as soon as this son of yours son, memorized that I've been serving sinners. This son of yours comes Yahoo has devoured your livelihood with harlots, you kill the fatted calf working on and he said to him, son, you are always with me and all that I have is yours. I'm just sum up the rights of sons and daughters are right, it's the presence in the provision of God's presence in the provision of God and all these other every everything we could look through the Scripture to find but shoes will be summed up in what the father said to him, you're always with me.

You're always with me. You have me you have me and all that I have is yours. But why does Jesus even bring over son into because he tells three parables, he tells a parable of the lost coin. A woman had 10 points lost one search salicylate you found it diligently and then found it. She called all her friends together and had a party and he said there is joy in heaven when one sinner repents. Many tells about a lossy Shepherd has 100 sheep, he loses 1A leaves 99 goes and finds that she puts in her shoulders. Brings back all the odds friends together that a party says there is joy in heaven when one sinner repents that he tells about the, the prodigal son a sedative and the father throws a party for the YC wise even tell us that the older son. We got go back like even told the parable in first place and this is how I know right now it's not sound like I'm bringing altogether but in the moment I'm it's all come together when I save my burger for this series, I mean the burden the Lord's work. The Lord wants us to catch this. We are sons, not service. One is even tell this wise even till this parable is in the first fartlek 50 verse one and all the tax collectors and sinners drew near to him to hear him just notice that the Bible always puts tax collectors with sinners just want to give notice that in the Pharisees and scribes complain saying out again. Sometimes words just jump out of this man receives sinners since reward receives sinners UU audit just your body will just say it out loud right now. Thank you Jesus thank you Jesus that you receive centers means I got to be received and you got to be received study receives sinners, but that's another matter.

About an receives sinners and he even went up so so our number.

Because of this, what's only because of this he Jesus spoke this parable to them, site supplies a good these felons. These three parables which are all one per why click on the Bible to show us how much the father loves to recover stolen kids. That's one reason the second reason is he showing us that it's all grace and not works now know you're thinking that I don't understand that I want you to think about how much of a battle that Jesus had constantly with the Pharisees constantly and how many parables he told to try to explain to them guys.

It's not works. Its grace, its grace, so he comes to earth. Eddie hangs out with sinners in the Pharisees get all mad about why please hear me because they felt they had earned their relationship with God and the sinners haven't earned so he tells all these parables over and over, and he tells this one made that the older son has got to represent the Pharisees the and the prodigal represents the sinners because he said says the Pharisees were mad because he was this man receives sinners and need for the jail I would say that my father gets excited when one symptom so only say that you you're the older brother. This is Eyman server yelled, establishing every and every one goat and the father says all that I have pictures yet you're mad because I'm giving attention to the center of the kingdom at all.

These always pair all the things he tells he tells about the workers. The drawing working in the field like he tells that a guy goes out and hires people the start of the day that 6 AM and then in the third hour that would be 9 AM because they started 6 feet hire some more in the six hour that's movie hires more in the ninth hour he hires more. That's 3 PM and then in the 11th hour, that's 5 PM today in the 6 PM sunset you work from sunrise to sunset and he said and anything 11th hour he hire some more workers and got ready to pay him. He says to the 11th hour workers. He gave them a day's wage. So the guys I got hired at the first of the day said what he's gonna pay them a day's wage and I only worked one hour when what is give us and we got there he gave them a day's wage. I am mad about anything. Why you mad.

This is exactly what I read. This is what they said they said because you're making them equal to us.

That's why were mad. They only worked one hour we were told day by your pay, your making them equal to us. Think about this. This is exactly the way Pharisees feel. But we've worked harder Jesus saying yeah but you get the same thing forgiveness for all your sins and eternity in heaven. You get the same thing as a guide from Santa Fe 11th out what they felt like they had earned if they felt like they deserved it.

There's a self righteousness to cervix say if you remember when we went, the thing that jumped out at me in this parable that I never sleep never again have been preaching for all these years never say it was this world to go back where we started with 50 verse 70, the prodigal son but when he came to himself, he said, how many of my father's hired servant. I've never seen the word higher and I knew there was something that worked hard and I couldn't figure out any even the sun later says you know just I'm not were to be called the son might like when you're hired service. Here's here's what you do later is that there's a whole, the whole thing came together for me this week.

As I came together a hired servant is an employee is higher so when he gets his paycheck designed. I hope yes no maybe thought, but an employee when he gets a paycheck. He's earned he worked and he got it, but that's not what we are were not hired, cervix. We don't earn it with Jesus for sons and daughters and it's a free gift from the father. That's the difference. And that's what the Pharisees could not stand. They could not handle it with Jesus that these sinners haven't earned. That's what they were telling and Jesus over and over and over parable after parable after burble said to them know they haven't heard you have any you have any doubt, please hear me if you feel like you have earned your right relationship with God you won't others to earn it. Also you look at others a go live up to your standard of righteousness, and will be critical in judgment. Let me just say this like your Pharisees. That's a pharisaical spirit is a workspace mentality. Many, many people get this winter. Growing up, whether they have good parents, bad parents, Christian parents, non-Christian parents, they grow up feeling like when I write my parents love me when I don't act right. So so when I asked why, as an adult now.

God loves when the known act right. God doesn't love me. I got some news for you God loves you, whether you like it or not, no matter how you act, God loves us by grace, works. It's a gift it's not around.

What an amazing news. God loves us no matter what we do salvation. It's not a goal to be achieved. It's actually a gift to receive. We don't have to work for it in certainly don't have to. We can never change God's love for us because were not employees or hired servants. We are the children of God we are his sons and daughters and it's all screens. Well, we just want to take a minute and think about what Pastor Robert Scheer today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit saying to you if you would like to get a copy of this or any of Pastor Roberts. Other messages come visit us at Pastor Robert give us a call at 833933. To be sure to visit Pastor Robert Or call 833933, OR other Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope you've enjoyed this next time. Pastor Robert is going share powerful and insightful message that you will have less

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