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Why We Must Stand With Israel w/ Gadi Adelman

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier
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May 19, 2021 10:15 am

Why We Must Stand With Israel w/ Gadi Adelman

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier

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May 19, 2021 10:15 am

Join me and counter-terrorism expert Gadi Adelman as we break down what's happening in Israel, the history behind the Palestinian/Israel conflict, and why we must stand with our ally.

Gadi is a former paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces and served in a Special Forces, Anti-Terrorism Unit.

You do not want to miss this critical episode!

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Speaking of how angry we got we got some going to the Truth Network. This can help the world not be so angry, just need God's word is to please help the Truth Network send Bibles to Africa and we know that they they need God's word. We have until the end of the month, just five dollars gets a Bible in the hands of a poor, impoverished believers all over the African continent with the help of the Bible league, just five dollars. Think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give you give more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word on 800 yes word RF angle with your host Ryan Fournier your thoughts out loud hello patriots and Americans well for why solicitors and hello to Democrats as well. Thank you for taking the time to tune into the RF angle podcast we break down what's happening in our country and cross the world from politics to culture and everything in between.

No holds barred no political correctness no thought police and no gender confusion simply your thoughts out loud before I bring on my next guest who is someone who I have gotten to know over the last few years.

He is an expert on anti-terrorism on foreign and international affairs. I seems Gotti Adelman and he grew up in Israel. After surviving a terrorist bombing at the age of 14 he started to study terrorism and its origins.

He served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense forces and special forces anti-terrorism unit after returning to the US in 1981 and serving in the U.S. Navy. He began to teach and lecture on counterterrorism after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and especially after 9/11.

His advice was more sought after. After 45 years of study. He was lectured and taught both local and federal law enforcement as well as the military.

Gotti is written hundreds of articles which have been translated into over a dozen languages. Very impressive. He's hosted to radio shows is a regular guest on many other radio shows and is currently the counterterrorism analysts for eye 24 news quite the resume.

Gotti quite the resume. Your beyond an expert on foreign and international affairs, which is why I wanted to have you as a guest on our show today for your insight. You know the truth of matters as this story is very complex and a lot of people are confused a lot of people do not really understand what's going on and the people out that are there just tuning in the social media you know just listening to the spewed nonsense nonsense and in misinformation being put out there from people who are pro-Palestinian. You're seeing people tweet out that they are supporting Hitler that they wish Hitler were back now really just showing their true colors and and and that they support anti-Semitism, but needless to say this is something that dates far back to the 1800s. You know, back to Zionism you look at the early 1900s conflict over them, and to simplify really a conflict over the land and who owns it, but it's been in everlasting conflict and I think you know for for you Gotti you you sort of dived into this really early on in your life and you experience a terrorist attack. I mean, what do you where does this all come from, what is the history behind what is happening right now in Israel and why is this happening will Ryan Robin Leon and and I'm glad you asked that question.

You know I want to really most people don't understand and we wouldn't expect country living in the United States, especially people that have never been outside this country, let alone the Middle East really have no concept of what's going on there and make your you know gaga of the West Bank.

Israel bombing Gaza. They have no comprehension whatsoever of what is really going on and you talked about going back goes back to waiting for the 1800s. I mean if you want a happy argument all the way back to the time of the Bible that people may not understand You were gone back to 3G if you want to get all the way back to the graveyard. What property and land belong to put right now here now. People need to understand what's going on on the ground so I want to give very briefly that you know thousand year history and five net working capital that everybody, everybody can pay attention so if you're looking at a map of Israel or of the Middle East and anybody you know I think your Google bit if you won't get the southernmost portion of where the border of Israel and where Egypt between each up in Israel you have this little script which is called the Gaza Strip, you have the little strip of land and it is very small and that's why the world chart United Nations another government Said it's one of the most densely populated areas on earth because it such a small area.

Now God way they felt governing territory and it shapes on the border of Egypt and it's good it's only 6.8 mile borders of gaga with Egypt. A lot of people forget that there's a border with Egypt.

There are always blaming Israel for everything that they're supported with Egypt as well and then on the portion of the Gaza Strip. You have the authority to my order with the country of Israel in order to understand what's going on over there.

We need to understand God not part of the West Bank is there to totally area what's known as the West Bank of the gamut from Mario between Jordan country Jordan and Israel.

So to totally different part of demographic here working to concentrate on what's happening now worked out.

God originally originally a Canaanite settlement and it was under.

It became part of the Egyptian country part of Egypt, about 300 years before it was conquered and became part of the morning to get into why that's so important because of the work shall escape, but then Gaza became part of the Syrian Empire around 730 BC. How far back are going. So let's skip forward. God was part of the Assyrian Empire until around 15 around 15, 16, it got incorporated into what was known as the Ottoman Empire and if anybody really know about the Ottoman Empire in the Ottoman Empire was basically over 12 during World War I all the way to World War I know what to choose.

Yeah this area little strip of land part of the Ottoman Empire and then during World War I the British actually captured what was known and after World War I before there was even a group called the United Nations the precursor to that was something called the nation in the week of May. Shared that entire area of what used to be the Ottoman Empire Empire, Great Britain, France to go over and over their land, but they were kind of charged blogs like colonial authority over all former Ottoman territory, and in this is sort of gaga commissions come in right know there's a neighbor of toxins are created to kind of settle. Who is going to take over this Terry exactly. So God became part of the British mandate and just throw it out there are different commissions. What is today Lebanon was part of the French mandate to countries that were running that whole area okay and God saw became part of the British mandate in the British referred to that area. Palestine knowledge understand why that was never called Palestine and Palestine never had a government they never had a flashlight and government are present in the premier Prime Minister not because Palestine was never a country.

It was part of British rule mandate and this is very important word starting the British took from the loan, and that word comes from because there never was a Palestinian people that ruled that area. That's why the British referred to Palestine. So when you hear people arguing about the Palestinian people. Let me just throw this little piece of trivia out there in the Arabic language. They don't call it Palestine output that does not have a P. Why would they call themselves Palestinian or Palestine, and the route that they do you ask, just like the word although in English that's spelled with a pH it's pronounced. The average sales.

Though there were part of that whole area. Just like we talked about because it was never a Palestinian area. There is no such place. It was a mandate, but let's move forward a little so during World War I the British capture what is today known as Gaza or Gaza strip given to Brittany as part of the mandate to govern over during the 1929 Palestine riots under the British wool horrible riots that went on to out the area known as the Palestine mandate and during those riots Jewish area of God was destroyed and most of the God Jewish, so we need to understand that even back before Israel exist. Jews living there with you. Many of them work together. They get things together they worked for each other with each other got along for the most part horrible riots in 1929. During this whole time. The United Nations and precursor to the United Nations, the league of Nations were working on trying to make a quote on ramp Jews that would demand area and that is why after World War II, especially after the Holocaust. United Nations finally get to choose an area land today known as Israel. In 1948.

As soon as Israel became a country because the British left no longer mandate country of Israel. Dottie I think you make a really good point right there though because this is something that we really need to highlight and underscore a thousand times is that Israel became a nation officially in 1948. Beyond all of this stuff that that that they went through me in Europe where they had to flee Europe Holocaust. All of these terrible terrible things that happened to them. They reestablish themselves and in I'd say this is their ancestral homeland. This is the home of the Jewish and Israeli people. They establish Israel. And when you look at them now at me. They became a thriving democracy multi ethnic democracy, all shades of skin color and from all different walks of life in that in that society. They believe in representative government, you know freedom and liberty and look at their research. Their innovation there developments that they've done in such a short period of time. You know, not even close to is how old the United States is right so I mean this is just in my view, such a triumph for the Jewish people and you know seeing what's happening there right now at this conflict and before a throwback to having a issue, something we have to underscore is that you know they have no right to that Lamb were talking about Palestine you know that that the stuff that they been putting out to where they're saying you know that they're the ones they're being treated poorly. They're the ones being maimed and attacked in their calling, you know, Israel terrorist state. They've used a whole bunch of terms equate able to that. I think it's outright wrong and I can talk pretty quickly. But beyond that, I mean obviously apartheid state that explain, but I want everybody to understand Israel became a country that Lamb of God. Part of the world. What actually was governed by Egypt because I mentioned earlier on the border of the future.

The Egyptians didn't want these people.

The Egyptians were the ones that created the quote unquote refugee camp of God and God occupied and one by Egypt all the way until 1967, 1967 we had thrown the country. We had what was known as the Six-Day War and during the Six-Day War when Israel took the Egyptian right hand they gathered and occupied God when it fell under Israeli control very quickly when explaining this is not coming from God. He is coming from people I have spoken with who was born and raised. Anyway been Gaza will be the first ones to tell you what they were there during the 60s, until Israel took over in 1967. We didn't have running water and electricity. We didn't have medical care.

We didn't have school because Egypt had made it a quote unquote refugee camp when Israel took over actually better in Israel kept it. I know 1967 and then in 19 79.

You have the peace with Anwar Sadat and the president of Egypt and Israel was huge 1979 is okay back the entire Sinai desert may make peace with the Egyptians being long-lasting to this very day his medical relations with Egypt but here's the kicker yet where is everyone that's listening. Where does the Palestinian peace coming does that mean I getting there.

I just was really this is kind of interesting and I really want to get this back story so everybody understands how bad this area was in 1979 when Anwar Sadat was then time limits on begging from Israel in Camp David United States drawing up this peace plan you're going to take back God as well about your land.then president of Egypt said no we don't want that matched your keeping God. We don't want those people are not our people refugee camp that we don't want to dealbreaker if you want peace with Egypt practice and I desert you can't Gaza so even Egyptians didn't want to. This is very important and then Israel after the Egypt Futurity all the way up until 1993 then the oxo record.

The Palestinian time and the Palestinians commit what happened was, and again, an honest person from that area of our gifts Will tell you they were never called Palestinian cells as politics and I even had one person who was from the West Bank that area. One day we woke up after 1967 and we were told by our leaders now and never used that before. It wasn't until after the 1967 Six-Day War that all of a sudden you had come out of nowhere, now*thought Palestine liberation known terrorist just atrocities against many many different nations including Israel, United States, the PLO, the pouch liberation organization didn't even come to me until after the Six-Day War in 1967 well then you had people say more pouch.

We don't have our where we were flown out of our home. You left your house in 1948 became a state.

You had your choice and this is also very important in the borders of what was going to become Israel were told by the Israeli government then start upcountry if you stay here for you will have the same rights as all the Jews in all the other people that live here, you will be Israeli and many of them chose to stay and are still living in Israel today. Many of them are members of Parliament involved in politics or doctors or warriors. They have an education have the same rights. Many of the Israeli army brought those that chose to leave because all the Arab nations in 1948 became a day to hold many of the Arab get out of the way. Working to crush the Jews working to make the Mediterranean ocean right with the blood of the Jews go back tomorrow. We have your own home to take over what was used to be there but unfortunately there when they attacked in 1948. They didn't win the war and all on the rest of the Arab Egypt, Jordan, and someone will put in these refugee camps they could go back to his will, which is now a sovereign nation, and they couldn't go to Egypt or Jordan because they didn't want them there were quote refugees and that's what they've been strong powers income and I like to explain to people will wrap this up. I know people that are Palestinian Jews. If you born during the mandate to Christian Muslim if you born during that time.

Three 1948 Israel was known as mandate and you want put on your birth certificate Palestinian Jewish Christian Palestinians. There was no such thing as only spinning in the so-called Palestinian that we hear today we live in squalor refugee camps does not even have anything to do with guys anymore because in 2005, Israel left totally disengaged member they took it over and 67 during the war. Egypt chronic back to 1979 and then you have the Oslo Accords and after the Oslo Accords were signed where Dr. quote unquote Palestinians were given the right to govern itself both in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel remained in Gaza until 2005 as part of the Oslo court agreement and then they left out not only the Israeli army, but all the Jews you will choose that lead to eight different Jewish settlements in Gaza and many of them didn't want to leave that was born and raised there and they work equally well moved quickly by the Israeli military. They were blacked out and all the cemeteries that were in Gothic Jewish cemeteries and all the bodies and had to move them in the intro. There was not one shoe left in God after 2005 August 2000 thought and how did God answer that we have our own land were self-governing started shooting rockets and this has been going on since 2005, and what bothers me the most. Brian is she what a shocker. The media spends there if you want since of the mainstream media monitors the rule governing party that God which is a noted currently no recognized organization, not just by usual the United States as well, on the day they took over and gave one a so-called want to call an election God, and they shoot rockets and mainstream media talk yeah you know is not rocket Israel because Israel did something inside Israel, even though they have the wrong country. Now their own area. I shouldn't call the country because God is not a conflict but it is a self-governing area where water and electricity their medical all their comments from you, not yet. You scream at each of their people at their current bloggers that will bring the Gaza strip one the supply of food and water, and medical supplies to them in and day out through the border between Israel and Gaza, and just yesterday, just yesterday on humanitarian aid, Israel into Gaza because there was about two hours of no rockets and finally got quiet and all the rocket started yet that me that that means that this is something that I think we need to make very clear to people, and I appreciate the background all that because it is very complex. I mean this this goes back to biblical times. You know I you start to see things heating up, and you know 1800 mean really mean it really can't put a pinpoint but as of recently, and it's gotten a lot worse right so let me be very clear on this, because I'm learning as this stuff is going as well. I mean, I unfairly versed on on Israeli history and sort of a conflict, but it's more modern day stuff that I I pursing us.

That's why got it wanted to have you on here because your expertise really for me is unmatched. But I want to be very clear about what is happening is that you know Hamas is firing rockets indiscriminately towards heavily populated areas, with the intention of naming and murdering civilians large and they have no fear of doing that is what I want to get. I wanted take a moment to talk about my good friend Mike join this fight is always consequences to his family. Now as we speak. Cancel cultural left is canceling my pillow almost 20 sources of my pillow off their shelves.

I'm asking for a favor. I need to support my pillow show Mike we stand with my" 45 to 66% of guys who is 45 x 66% off. We cannot let him win 45, 66%. Mike is fighting us know what's right for him. Welcome back to the RF angle with your host Brian Fournier, a large percent of these rockets landed in Gaza and in some people know that a large percentage of them are just landing in Gaza where they injure or kill innocent Palestinians, but the fact is, and you are about to touch on this and they don't care they don't know it's over because this lopsided if if I even call that death toll garners them.

You know international sympathy through their propaganda.

In fact, when they do these bombing runs these campaigns as they kill a Jewish citizen will they see that as a badge of honor. If they kill a Palestinian while it helps them you know garner this international sympathy because they spent in the media eats up anything that they say I do not agree with Joe Biden on nearly anything he says but I did appreciate when he did say that one thing that they have the right to defend themselves and in it and they are there responding here which strength by targeting the weapon for weapons facilities by targeting Hamas commanders in the region with precision air strikes but this is really no easy task because imagine the enemy housesitting or launching their mission missiles intentionally from civilian areas.

Imagine an enemy where there hiding their weapon caches in in schools and hospitals in mosques.

I mean, there was food actually that literally came out got in. I'm sure you've seen this.

I'm sure there's been footage in the past as well, but now with you know Twitter and Facebook things kinda spread a little bit quicker where you're seeing, you know these these these military vehicles unit with rockets. I do not know that the correct term of his vehicles but it looks like anti-air equipment and that they're just driving down the streets and firing these things and people recording and other Windows why do you think that the Palestinian Authority issued a statement saying total record the military conducting operations or firing missiles.

Why do you think that they have to say that in any other country. This would not be said because you want to be firing missiles near an apartment building.

You would be firing them from a military base in that you know does Aleut location that nobody would be able to see and to be blocked off for miles.

This is not the case for what is happening right now in Palestine. Many people may I not know hospital called Palestine yet which what you don't mind, I constantly correct report that I love you.

No country by the name of your right and and and that's the thing too is that it won't let me get into this one point here because this is something that I really wanted to touch on the show that I don't think people know about is that they call you know they call Israel this this aggressor use the term earlier that I really liked and I can remember what it was now. What would Beasley think they were are charged as an apartheid state. Yes, 100%. The referring Israel. This is this apartheid state, but they really don't understand that you'll Israel takes extraordinary efforts to alert and evacuate Palestinian civilians before attacking Hamas targets and in it I wanted to take you on that point. It's like yeah yeah yes show you what happened, Sharon, and there's two things I want to touch on the first you're talking about when it comes to Hamas firing rockets indiscriminately and many of them language in their own border because they are such move the mentoring they don't have a guidance system. The difference between a rocket or missile guidance system. Rocket was more like a mortar and this is why you know we joke about it.

When the war going on whenever they fire one of the Rockets Are One of These Rockets from God. They Scream out A Lot and Got and It's Basically What They Call Straight and Pray They Shoot off All These Rockets with the Hopes That It's Going to Hit a Civilian Area and Many of Them Landing Himů Number One Numbers Are Not Being Portrayed Again through the Mainstream Media Right Now If You Will Say about 224 Documents Have Been Killed during the Conflict, and of Course They Put That Talking about Israel Bombing Gaza. Interestingly Enough, Those People Were Killed by God Rockets Talking about This or Not.

They're Not Determined Are Not Numbers down and Not Doing That I'm Breaking down like Which Missile Not Missile Which Will_Morelos, Mortars, Rockets, Which of Those Was from Gaza, Which Was from Israel Right.

I Doubt Israel's Using Any Israel so Far Developed That They Have Technology Similar in a Way to the United States Of America. So I Don't Think That They're Just Some Ways above. Believe It or Not You Have A Lot Of A Lot Of These, You Know, the Iron Dome System and Things like That Were Developed in Israel. Now, the United States Actually Utilizing Break Bread and I Sure Wish Reagan When I Got That Really Made Fun of Them. They Call It the Star Wars 2.0 or Something Yeah Yeah's and You Got You Got about 224.Been Killed, but They Also Don't Talk about on the Mainstream Media over 60 of Those Now Targeted for Terrors What We Called Knocking and They Call It Knocking on the Door and Group What Is Real.No Other Country in the World Picked out Something like You Talk about Taking Care Of Mature Building T Not Occur. Enemies of Israel Know That Israel Will Not Sure What They Do. The Launching Basis for the Net so That You Just Mentioned Are Coming from Hospitals from Lot. People Always Want to Meet Rockets from the Porch and Regular Civilians Print They Know It Will Not Go after It. Now Let Me Give You an Example, One of the Readers of Kill. Israel Took out One of the Leaders of the Hamas Militant Wing Government When You Know What Healthcare Rating and Regular Political Organization.

They Took out One of the Leaders of the Military. What Did You Make Sure No One Else Was in His House with Their Intelligence, We Won't Talk about How They Think That They Made Sure No One Else Was Home and Then They Fired a Rocket or Missile from an Airplane Window Trunk out the Room He Was in with Him. Without Even a Surgical Strike, but They Made Sure That No One Else Was so This Is What Is Really Trying to Do on This Hard Doorknocking What They Do Is Actually Check All Cell Phones Gaza Arabic ML Say in One Hour. We Are Going to Attack at This Place, This Street Ministry.

This Building Number Such and Such Because We Know That Houses Hamas Offered If You Live in the Area, Please Leave the Area You Have One Hour in Arabic Saying the Same Thing for Those That Don't Have Cell Phones All about an Hour Later before They Actually Drop One Single Piece of Water over and Flopped Dummy Bombs on the Location about a Bomb. No Other Country in the World Goes to This Kind of Measure to Make Sure That You're Not in the Area Because Hamas like Many of the Arab Enemies of Israel Will Use Their People at Human Shield and Watch Your State Guy, and Portrayed All Day. Here's the Thing I Want You to Consider That You Would Take and All Of A Sudden 3700 Block Rain down on Phoenix from Mexico American Ship by and Say No Go Check the Box but We Don't Want to. We Don't Care How Many People Die You're Sitting New Jersey Rocket Center in Manhattan. That Is What Is Happening Every Day Israel. You Don't Blame That Way by the Media, You Bring up a Really Good Point on That Because I Strongly Believe That If Israel Were to Just Try, You'll Lay down Their Arms and Give up This Battle, You Know, in Theory, There Will Be Another Holocaust. I Mean, They're Saying Ryan You Are You Are You beyond Your Years. There Is a Very Old Saying You Group and Translated It in Language. If Israel Were to Lay down Their Weapons Today. Courtney Arab Nations Were to Lay down the Weapons Today. There Would Be Peace If the Israelites Were to Lay down Their Weapons. There Would Be No More Jews Now and with Her Situation. This Is What Is Going on Because This Is Not the First Time. You May Remember Several Years Ago in 2014 We Had Tens of Thousands of Rockets Coming in from God's. Israel Scores of Israelis Were Killed, Where in Their Own Home Bomb Shelters. If You Live in the Southernmost Part of Israel.

You Have Anywhere from 0 to 5 Seconds to Get into a Bomb Shelter. I Want You to Think about That 05 Seconds.

If You Have 5 to 10 Seconds. If You Want Your Child May Have Second Spoken with People Who Are in Israel This Morning to Go to the Bathroom. They Can't Take the Dogs out for a Walk. They Always Have To Be Back in Shape or a Bomb Shelter Because You Never Know When Not Read It Word Alarm Goes off to Catch the Incoming Rockets from Gaza, Whether or Not Your Home. They've Already Got a Picture School. A Pipeline in Israel That It Took out Three Days. It Took a Very Significant Oil Pipeline so You Know They Got Lucky. Imagine How Bad This Would Be You Had over 3700 Rocket Nine Date Going on for Nine Days That We Were Corkage Today. Can You Imagine If Israel Did Not Have the Iron Dome System.

How Many Israelis Would Be Dead. At What Point Will the World Wake up and Stop Trying. You Have a Portion of It Has To Be." It's Not Fair.

All the Military Device You're Using Them against the People Were Certain Rockets Will Only Tell You Something during World War II, People Demanded Use of Proportional Force You're Younger Not to Rule and I Probably Wouldn't Be Here Right That Your Hundred Percent Right, You Know, People of Got It All Wrong and That This Is Why I Thought This Podcast Was so Important Because You Know the Sad Thing Is, Here Is You Have Members of Our Congress AOC Reseda to Leave from What Think This Is Hilarious. Congress Will Monitor Real Yeah Yeah Yeah Well Yeah All of the Right No One Else Congresswoman Marjorie Tiller Dream Is Green Is Label Them As the G Hot Squad and You Could Be Further from This Trip Because I Mean, These Guys Are There Pro BDS Which You Note for Anyone Who Does Another's Boycott, Divest, Sanction You. Many of These Groups on College Campuses. I Founded an Organization Two Years Ago Called Radical Alert Where We Go on the College Campuses in We Callout These Groups and We Been Very Successful at Bringing These Issues to the Student Government Levels to the Administration Levels to Where Where Stopping SGA Legislation That Is Going to Be Anti-Somatic and Some of These Groups and Even Realize You Know SGA's That What They're about to Pass Is Anti-Somatic.

Because the Language That Is Yes and These Bills Written by These Pro BDS Groups. It Is Just so Ambiguous and Also Very Deceptive and I Mean Really What It Comes down to at the End of the Day. That Was That There Is a Rise of Anti-Semitism in This Country. I Mean We Saw Recently a Photo of Receipt of Sleep Pictured with Someone Holding a Sign Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Now They Did the Same Thing Pres. Trump Right.

They Called Him Hitler. They Said He Was Worse Than Hitler. Fact of the Matter Here Is to Break This All down for Everybody. This Couldn't Be Further from the Truth. Israel Is Not Nazi Germany. If Anything, What We're Seeing Right Now from from Palestine from What They're Doing Here Hamas Bombing This This Terrorist Organization Going out Trying to Bomb and Kill Innocent Civilians to Push Their Propaganda and Their Messaging That Is Wrong and I'm Glad You Brought up `Got It Because I Mean That If They Were to Lay down Their Arms. I'm Talking about Israel Here, There Would Be a Second Holocaust in the World Would Sit There Will Absolutely Be Fine with It. The World Would Sit There and Watch and Be Fine with It.

Just like They They Passively Watch What Happened in Nazi Germany Many Years Ago.

There's Tons of Misinformation out Here. Social Media Feeds around the World's Buick Lies with People. I'm Sure Am Sure You Saw This As Well, a CNN Contributor Was Sharing.

I Will Not out yet What Will You Quote Exactly I Think It Was II Have Actually Share Because We We Talk You a Deal. Ra CNN Contributor Said Quoted on 516 so This Was Sunday at 12:45 PM Said the World Today Needs I Hitler. This Is a Literal Having the Holocaust Wasn't That Long Ago Comparative to Other World Events and Exiling out People Averted about It.Either Party Forgot about an Hours Noticing People I Got Tired of the Holocaust. Nothing More Than Jewish Propaganda Said All the Way Back. In General, I Our General Power to Walk Your Concentration Camp Ordered US Army to Get, and I Quote, We Have To Document This on Sunday the Pastor Say It Never Happened. Yeah and You Know You Can Go All the Way Back to Talk Real Quickly. I Want to Explain Because the People Would Think of Any Other Box out A Lot Of Liberal Talking Points Lately and I Watch Them Anymore Because What You Know the Media Is Claiming That This Whole Situation. Watch Started.

Hamas Rocket There Claiming the Entire Situation Was Because of Quote Unquote So-Called Palestinian, Section inside the Borders of Israel from Their Homes, the Fire Rocket Sheet so the Matter Is Living in Those Homes Had Made a Deal All the Way Back in 1980 All the Way Back in the 1980s. When She Wrote a Novel Idea You Take Your Ranking Well Have a Very Left Court and Their High Court Which Would Be the Equivalent of Our Supreme Court.

They Were Searching the High Court Is Also Unfortunately Very Wet and Matching Problem We Have Here. The Court System in Israel for Dictate These People Didn't Pay Their Rent. Not a Month. Not a Year, Not in Years.

I Haven't Paid Any Rent Although the Columns Were Trying to Dictate Legally and It Went through the Court System and Just Last Week That We Can Go It Went All the Way to the High Court the Equivalent of the Supreme Court in Israel, Where They Said Yeah You Need. You Haven't Paid Your Rent for over 20 Years of You Know What Time You When You Want to Leave Physically Removed by the Israeli Police Had Nothing to Do It, the Reason That Hamas Started Shooting Rockets Because the Election That Was Supposed to Occur and I Can't Claim Every Day Suspended That I'm Hearing or Exactly What You Have Is You Have God's Love, Which Is Run by Hamas and You Have the Area Known As the West Bank, Which Is One by the Palestinian Authority. Their Leader Is a Man by the Name of Mahmoud Abbas, Otherwise Known As Abu Bob's Character Was Josh Correct the Group. Number Five, and TAH Show. Here's What Happened. The Head of the Palestinian Authority Which CLI Don't Get Me Wrong, I Want to Say Was 1998 for Your Child and Every Single Time There Was Supposed to Be an Election Still in Power. Hamas Is Other Faction. Another Group That the Political Group That Wanted to Run against Him in the West Bank Got yet Again Canceled the Election and They Started Shooting Rockets.

Many of Those Rockets, the Areas Where Our So-Called Palestinian Why Because Hamas Wanted to Show the Power on the Ground in the West Bank.

We Have the Power We Have the Might We Hear the Party That Wants to Rule You. So This Is What Yes a Person a Case of This Is Why All This Stuff Is Going on Folks Free for All of You Who Are Listening. This Is Why the Recent Conflict Is Going on.

It's It's a Big Property Dispute. She Char Long-Running Dispute. It Basically and He Kinda Summed up Really Well Involving the Ownership of Certain Property and Housing Units, and in East Jerusalem, Which Uses a Neighborhood East Jerusalem and I Believe It in Him Involves Palestinian Refugees and Israeli Jews. But This Is This Is a Really Interesting Scenario Because I Don't Want to Take a Much More Your Time Here. I Really Wanted to Sum It up for Folks That You Know That This like We Said before, This Is a Very, Very, Very Complex Thing. There's Many Different Working Pieces to It Right Now. I Don't Know When the Conflicts Can and If It Ever Does, and You Know and What I Want to Prop. That's the Problem Is Never Ends and I Think That's What Kinda Leaves the Rest the World. Kinda Confused. As You Know, You and I If We Were Property Dispute.

You Know We We Can Sell That Man-To-Man Just Talking to One Another. Lori Can Take out According over Wins, Wins, Whatever Right, That It Will Be Different There Because This of Course Were Saying Goes Back to Biblical Times, and Who People or Who Thinks That They Deserve to Let You Know Deserve the Way in Which Group Believes They Deserve This or That. One Thing Abu Courtney and Very Important Not Conflict That Has Been Going on since before Israel Was a Country before 1948 Is Not about Writing about the Hamas Charter Their Own Charters They Want to Push All the Jews into the Sea against the Mediterranean.

Whenever You Hear That That's What the Referring to Make the Mediterranean Red with the Blood of Not about Land. Israel Gave All That Land. What Is Known As God's Command to Engage Fully in 2005 Tonight about Land or so Shooting Rockets Never Been about Land. It's about We Don't Want Any Choose Here on This Property Has Nothing to Do with the Land Itself Has To Do with Those That Are Living in the Truth of That Is When Yachts Are Thought Started to Become a Quote Diplomat in China to Camp David Accords with What Became the Oslo Accords That I Spoke about 1993 He Was Offered 98% of What He Wanted, Including Cutting Storm and Half That Could Make the Capital Something That They've Been Offered and They Can't Get down Including All the West Bank Including Self-Governance All These Things. 90% of What He Was Asking for 400%. Table Literally Walked Out Of the Room.

Talks Were off and Matt Became the First Intifada. If You Thought about That Means in Arabic and I Think I'm over Millions Were Killed That You Resolve the Bus Bombings That Went Yachts Are Our Thoughts Answer.

98% of What You Want. We Can't Give You We Need Our Security. 98% of What You Want and He Turned It down and Going on, They Don't Care about the Land They Don't Want Me Jews There. If You Are Right You and It's Interesting to Hear Your Buddy Charlie Kirk. I Saw Him on the Panel Talking about This When He Said I've Been to the West Bank. Israel Please Jewish West Bank. Why Is That Your Children Are Not Allowed There. Why Because the Palestinian Authority Has Made a Law. Jews Can Enter Our Lamp You Have Palestinian inside Israel Work inside Israel Have All the Rights of Israelis, More like Any Other Nation.

Any Other Arab Nation.

More like Tumors or Other Members of His Political System and the Israeli Parliament Faithful Many of Them Serving Israeli Army. Sure You Can't Put God toward the West Bank Because the Walk You Want to Talk about a Part-Time If You Want Talk about Operating People Only Just That I Mean You Were Talking about, You Know, the Fact That You Know You Look at Israel Is Women's Rights.

Newsday Writes That There's a Whole Number of Things You Look at Palestine You'll See Videos of Them Dragging You Know Anybody in the LGBT Community through the Street on the Back of a Truck Being a Homosexual in Any Arab Nation. You Will Be Tied to a Chair and Turn off the Roof of the Building and I See Many of Those Videos before and It's Apsley Discussing It Automated. One Thing I Wanted to Mention before We We Conclude This Because like I Said This, We Could Talk about This for Four Hours for Days If We Really Wanted to, but According to an FBI Statistic Jews Are the Greatest Victims of Hate Crimes in the United States Of America Three Times More Three Times More Than Any Other Minority Community. And yet They Only Make up 2% of the Total US Population. Which Brings Me Back to My Fabric That I Made before That Anti-Semitism Is Once Again on the Rise, and If We Do Not Learn to Revisit History Understand Why It Happened and Why We Must Fight to Make Sure It Never Happens Again It Will Happen Again Ignorance to the past Will Bring It Back in the Future.

That Is Something Everyone Needs to Take Close to Their Heart. Read up on What Is Going on Right Now. If You Are Someone Who Is Listen to What Is Going on on Twitter Listen to the Mainstream Media. You Are Being 100% Light Two.

There Is Much More Here Than What You're Seeing There Is Much More Here That Goes beyond What Hamas Is Doing What the Font Is Doing This Is. This Could Lead to Something Even Worse and Were Seeing the Repercussions Worldwide with How People Are Looking Towards the Palestinians. Absolutely Angels Here. This Is a This Is a Big Problem. So What I'm Saying. Guises Don't Be Ignorant to What's Going on.

Don't Listen to What Your Friends Are Just Saying on Twitter Do the Research.

Do That Do the Work on Your Own Ideal Because I Have To Say This.

People Always Ask Me Why You Support Israel, Why Do You Stand with Israel. They've Been Our Ally for Many Years. They Are in My Picture Why Traditional Daylight. They Are the First Line of Defense for the West. Yes They Are the First Line of Defense Because When You Look at Our Enemies, and You Look at Their Enemies There One and the Same. We Support the Same Causes These Guys Have Bent Their Necks over for Us to Not Only Protect Themselves but to Protect Democracy to Protect Representative Government to Protect the Individual Rights and Liberties of Every Single Human Man, Women Child Is Living in That Country and They Want That for the Rest of the World, and I Think We Do As Well. This Is a Democracy Building for Me. I'm Not a Bush Neocon I'm Someone That Recognizes That When You Have an Ally and When You're Loyal You Know You Stick to That Loyalty.

I'm Not Saying the US Gets in and Starts Another War. That's Far from the Truth.

But I'm Saying We Must Recognize What These Folks Have Done for Us and What They've Done for Themselves in a Shorter Period of Time Than from When the United States Was Cut Was Created in outside Mean This This Is Something That We All Should Really Just Look into. Don't Jump to Conclusions on This Stuff like like Audi and I've Said It's a Very Complex Issue. We Could Sit Here for Days Going Back and Forth Written I Would Have To Do A Lot More Research I Would Leave It up to Him, but I Think This Is This Is Something Really Just Devastating Right Now. What You're Seeing in This Region and Got I Wanted Thank You Again for Taking Your Time and I Want That Way and I Appreciate That.

I Appreciate You Giving Me a Soapbox to Try Very Complex, but I Am. There's Just Very, Very Brief Points I Want to Make Number One and You Brought It up before about How Israel If They Wanted to Going to God, They Could Just Level God. They Wanted to What Many People Are Asking, Why Don't They Do That Israel Does Not Want to Go to War Israel Will Try and You Talk about Restraint You Hear about the Mainstream Media Shall Restrict Ground Troops. There Is No Greater Restraint. Yeah. So It Was a Cease-Fire, Hamas Will Fire Lockets.

Eventually They Call First to Fire When They Pattern Not like You're Doing Now.

They're Asking for a Cease-Fire Can All Aspire to Rearmament. It Gives Them Time to Build More Rockets and Start This Whole Process All over Again Going on since 2005. Here's the Second Point I Wanted to Make Number One Is Not Want to Go in Because Update Don't Want the Casualties of Their Own Songs Because They Had the Last Time in 2014, Mind You, the Body Israeli Soldiers Were Killed up against International Law and Get Those Body but Having Said That, I Want Everybody to Understand This, and Depending on Their Age. They May Not Even Know Who Gold Mine. My Here Was a Female Prime Minister Country of Israel.

She Passed Away. She Is One of My Greatest Heroes and I Have. I Was Blessed to Be Able to Meet Her and Spend Time with Her before She Got Go to My Here Made Very Sorry Very Important Statement to All the Arab Nations, and She Said We Israel Can Forgive You for Killing Our People and Our Sons and Our Daughters. We Can Never Forget Making Kilgore's. I Remember That Quote That I Was That Really Just Telex Alignment at All. Explained Know It. It Really Is. You Know I Keep Going Back to the Fact That This Is Something People Need to Do the Research on. I'm Not Talking about Going to CNN or MSNBC Your Twitter Feed Look into the History Here Read the Bible Look into Where All This Stuff Started from an Immune Look in This Recent Situation Here. Israel Has the Rights God Given Right to Protect Themselves to Protect Their Sovereignty to Protect What They've Built to Protect Their's. Their Citizens There Democracy like Every Nation on Her Every Nation on Earth Palestine.

What Ever You Want to Call It. There's Many Things You Can Call It.

They Are Being the Aggressors Here.

Hamas Is a Terrorist Organization and If You Support Hamas Who Are Actively Supporting Domestic or Wealth International Terrorism Cross Picture Right. Yes, in a Way, Yes.

So with That Guy's I Minute Were to Conclude This, We Will Definitely Have You Back on the Show Got a Amazing Interview.

I Forgot to Mention the Beginning of the Show That God He Is the Chairman for Back the Blue and See If You Guys Want to Contribute to an Amazing Cause. Go to Back the Blue That Is Back.

The Blue These Guys Are Going out There Supporting Law Enforcement All across the State of North Carolina during a Time Where It's Never Been in My Opinion, a Worse Time to Be a Police Officer in This Country Just Simply Because Array Hates That They're Getting the Respect That They're Not Receiving for the Job That They Take on Every Single Day to Make Sure That We Are Safe in Our Homes to Make Sure That We Have a Civil Society That We Can All Live in. They Do an Amazing Job. So You Have To Congratulate Anyone Who's Listening That Shows Law Enforcement's Family Members Were Praying for You and in Really Thank You Gotti for What You Do with This Organization. I Know You Lindsay Will Cause the in Thing Will Cause You've Done a Phenomenal Job on This. So Again, Guys. Please Support Them Back to Blue and and Thank You Again. Gotti Really Do Appreciate Your Friendship and Your Your Thought behind All This Stuff and and Really Your Knowledge of Mean This Is Expansive.

It's A Lot to Take in.

I Know That Some People Are Trying to Get off This Wanting to Know More or Look into This More Working Again Touch with You If They like to Know More on on What's Going on, You Know, I've Been so Involved Would Back the Blue and She Got.

I Haven't Even Kept up with My Own Personal Website That I Do Have a Book and Read All My Articles, My YouTube Page, under the Same Name I Website It G ADI You Can Search Gotti Ailment on YouTube and You Will See All My Interviews Are 24 or They Bring Me on to Counterterrorism and Terrorism Analyst so You Know, Read My Articles. What's Interesting and I Looked at This the Other Day.

If You Go to My Website and Read an Article That May Have Been Written in 15 Years Ago.

It Sounds like It Was Written Yesterday. Same Ongoing Problems That We Have a Week since 20 1948, When It Comes to That Piece of Land or Those That Occupy and Right Now the Arabs Don't Want to Choose Their Match What We See Going on with the Same Story, Different Players, Every Single Time. So Gotti Search Me out on YouTube to See My Videos Because I Haven't Kept up with My Website Says You Can Contact Me through Back the Blue Back the Blue Like You Mentioned There Is a Link for My Email. If You Guys Want to Email Me but I Really Appreciate You Having Me on. We Need to Educate like Anything Else, and I Know You Said Every Time Whether It's American Politics Israeli Politics or What Is Going on in the World around You People Need to Educate Itself. You Cannot Believe Your Hundred Percent Right. Gotti Will Thank You so Much, Sir. We Just at the Top of the Hour. I Appreciate You Coming on Again. Stay in Touch.

God Bless and Thank You so Much Guys for Tuning into the RF Angle.

I Hope You Guys Enjoy This Episode.

This Synopsis Really Is What I Call Them What Is Going on Right on the Middle East Again. Have Any Questions, to Reach out.

Thank You Again

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