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Costi Hinn (The Prosperity Gospel)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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May 20, 2021 4:00 am

Costi Hinn (The Prosperity Gospel)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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May 20, 2021 4:00 am

What is it like to grow up in one of the most famous families associated with the prosperity gospel? And what happens when the true gospel of Jesus penetrates and dismantles that unbiblical “health-and-wealth” error? Costi Hinn, nephew of Benny Hinn, shares his testimony to the grace of God as we discuss his book, “God, Greed and the (Prosperity) Gospel,” on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort no to be a preacher's kid. But how much more tough. It must be to be penis preacher skater even beyond that part of a famous ministry family. It's got to be difficult to withstand the pressure and people's expectations in the sense that you have a responsibility to carry on what really amounts to a family business now imagine how much more difficult it would be to be part of a prosperity gospel family a really famous one built on a message that made you fabulously wealthy. That's the situation for my next guest pastor and author cost the hand that caused he is the nephew of the famous prosperity gospel proponent Benny Hinn is also son of Henry Hinn who is the senior founding pastor of Vancouver Christian center and participate in many Benny Hinn crusades and cost to join him and that but the Lord had other plans for custody plans for him to embrace the true gospel of Jesus Christ and leave behind the lies of the prosperity gospel, and he tells this incredible story of God's grace and his new book, God, greed and the prosperity gospel how truth overwhelms a life built on lies and cost. It's really great to have you with us. Thank you so much for being here. Great to be here.

Janet rapidly well it's my honor. And you know you are immersed in this issue talk about in your book for quite a while, the prosperity gospel crusade ministry.

The church life. And this all started, you talk about this when your uncle Benny went to a prayer meeting in Toronto and I bet a lot of people who know of your uncle. Don't really know the back story how did that all unfold. When he went to that first prayer meeting, you might family the roots are in the Middle East and they were immigrants. My uncle, my father, my grandfather grandmother portion having 825 86 uncles and queuing out and they moved to Toronto Canada and at that time my uncle who was sort about him even in the family. There were concerns in many Middle Eastern families the oldest on this post could be strong and independent and go on to a worker job and be successful in carry on the family. Will my grandfather would little tougher on my uncle because he had some concerns about him. My uncle was more reclusive and and and and in some ways just just seemed weaker and so they were tough on a ball.

Eventually they go to school and there's this group who is really accepting the calling of my uncle and the item to a prayer meeting and there was people speaking in column and they were trying to have experiences where the you know see God and have visions and experience of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and that was really the seed that was planted early on for that branch of of evangelicalism or of Christianity which you know, Christian, charismatic or Pentecostal beliefs, and so he goes down that road and eventually ends up meeting other people meeting other friends and getting linked up to go to a Catherine Coleman service when he is there of this is in the late 70s. He has this experience where he sees her, and she's talking about the Holy Spirit and she's wearing her white dress in the crowded Acton in Pittsburgh and he is there and he sees what he wants to do forever and he's told us the stories told the story, of course, many people now over the years that that is what he believes he supposed to do. He wants to be that and that sends him and subsequently the rest of the Hinn family.

Many of the brothers who jump on board with them on to this trajectory that is set on being faith healers and eventually that merges into prosperity preachers and so the big influences on our family legacy in our lives was Catherine Coleman, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagan, I William Brenneman many others who throughout the middle to late 1900 were these larger-than-life figures yes who were growing in popularity and growing wealth and we wanted to be back to now if you were to define the prosperity gospel.

I'm sure there are many people in the audience already know what it is but those who might be tuning in for the first time in saying I'm not really even sure what that is. I know some of those names are talking about. How would you define the prosperity gospel, the health and wealth gospel as it were, that has been embraced by not only your uncle Benny hand but also other members of your family and you for a time I would find it in the simplest terms as believing in Jesus Christ and following him will result in you being healthy, wealthy and happy analog or some big-name preachers but call this living your best life now you this idea that Jesus died to save your sin yes and give you eternity in heaven yeah, but is more like a cosmic banker and the riches of heaven or on walk on your life on earth. If you just believe and do XYZ so it's gospel plus and you're supposed to get wealthy from it and healthy and happy when you guys did you talk about some of the opulence and did what you lived in the Mercedes-Benz is in the expensive mansions and all the fancy hotels around the world and growing up. Of course, your kid, you don't know up from down like a lot of us when were little we just kind of accept what our family tells us in with what were doing in life. What effect do you think that kind of you know opulence had on you because your father also started a church he got on board with your uncle and you kinda were immersed in this world for quite a while. One of the health and the wealth I mean did you just buy into it whole hog or just not give it much thought you guy I bought into it whole hog like that because it was so wonderful in the human sense. You have all these wonderful things you have access to all these great people. There's people serving us. We had servants, we had multiple homes we had celebrities coming and asking us to pray for them so that they could have God's favor and God's blessing on their careers. Their business to be a professional athletes that would come around us to get the anointing so they could have better athletic season. It was this almost you know paparazzi buzz around and so the kid your enamored with your dad is a hero. Your uncle and you view them as faith leaders in the world and any time that the media or someone else would put out a negative report. We see it we would repeat what we are taught which is oh, that's just the devil attacking us.

That's just the world are just jealous. Those are those dead churches and we would often say those Baptists and Lutherans and Presbyterians in all all those dead denominations that don't have the spirit there just coming against us because they're jealous that we have the power and the anointing and they don't. I was completely if you were to say you know them in the sense that we have ethnocentrism that was how we view our family. We were the center of the world.

Our name and our heritage were above everybody else's and you did you see yourself as the most blessed because you had so much in the way of wealth. Yes, absolutely.

We thought that we were the middleman like the priest. The Old Testament God was unlocking favor and blessing upon us and we played mediator with the people we were a crusader everywhere else nor the young man I viewed our family is the conduit through which people would access the wealth and health and riches and blessing than an happiness or approval of God and so we were in my mind.

Noble, we were the best of the best and we were like the royal family and so that's kind of my thinking and it was arrogant and even in the book.

One of the chapters I called it anointed and arrogant for reasons because that's really good description of how we acted when do you think there was any sense in which your uncle pursued this because you see in the book he was determined to make something of himself, but your grandfather had told him out of all my children, you won't make it. How much of that desire to make it do you think played into his decision to go in that direction. Theologically, now as a grown man, along with many other people as we analyze the landscape of our family and what we become. Having a son, now two sons myself and having fun. I am a son.

I see the impact that the words of the father have on the young man part and I this would be personally be speculative in that you know maybe my would discard out or say no that's not true all the way toward importing a bit, but we've had lots of where ultimately it did impact determined to prove people wrong light while Costigan is with us were to come back after this right got greed and the prosperity gospel is the book listening to Janet. Never today will be right back. I disses Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant.

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Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to best suit your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty you're listening to Janet. Never today and we are back on. Janet never today. Thank you so much for joining us for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. That's first Timothy chapter 6 we for that verse many many times because the hand has an incredible testimony. He's joining us this hour to talk about his new book called God.

Greed and the prosperity gospel how truth overwhelms a life built on lies.

We were talking before the break. Honesty about your uncle Benny hand, many people will know Benny hand one of the most famous and wealthy preachers in all of the world and you were telling a little bit about your family background and how you got started out you were surveying your uncle Benny's ministry as a catcher and a personal assistant. I'm sure for a lot of people who seen at least two videos of the Crusades.

It's quite the show and I'm curious what that was like to be a catcher and explain for people what that is where people were slain in the spirit supposedly yet, the experience is like a little elf see in the Christian world or so-called Christian world. It was very grand and we had a massive choir. The best musicians around you to hire them, and the entire thing was supposed to create an atmosphere for healing and build the expectation of the crowd in order to see people healed, set free.

Note people having devils or demons cast out of them. I mean, it was all directed at Koch from God that was guaranteed and so every service element was built to get to that place where people would feel the anointing and they will peacefully in the spirit have some incredible.

And then we would televise that and show everyone and say what you can come in out this to write so yeah a lot of people a lot of desperate people would come to these Crusades. I know you talked about Mumbai, for example, where you had just 800 was 800,000 to a million people coming to the Chris I mean tons and tons of people really went went to these Crusades and wanted to have some help and were desperately reaching out, but you know that the flipside of that is, many people pointed out some of the stuff that was done from the stage wise to a lot of people who weren't there, they'd say will that's weird. Why is Benny hand taking his coat and swinging it at people that even come from. Do you even know why did that began in what was that supposed to be about you in the Old Testament. If you're not familiar go look it up if you're listening to this, but in the Old Testament.

There's this there's two men Elijah and Elisha and Elijah got the, the anointed office of profit. Any moving and power in his life is impacting and God clearly with them and Elisha sort of an apprentice all all layman's terms comes along and says you I wanted and I would double portion. I want to double portion of your your anointing, your ministry, and so Elijah rose his mantle on him and supposedly the mantle is anointed. This cloak and so that and when I say supposedly only in the Bible. Elijah was anointed and Elisha was but I need my uncle takes that in and use it as his jacket or his mantle that is on his life is anointed and so he takes that mantle and he swings it or hits it or puts it on other people they receive his anointing in favor so it a modern day 2019 version. The only thing is when we would go shoot through shopping. We would buy no 510 $15,000 custom suit on the ear.

I am saying that is very different than the cloak that Elijah was wearing this right, we were just putting on a show wall right and especially ear equating yourself right or wrong with Elijah mean that that takes a certain level of confidence to say the least, absolutely, and we were very focused on ourselves and on what we had and what we did with the way that you elevate yourself in front of people in a way that you can. Desperate people to believe you have something they need, otherwise nobody would be giving the offerings. Nobody would be following there wasn't this Baptist area.

If you didn't convince people in their mind and have some sort of evidence that you were a messenger of God when you were at the Crusades. Did you ever have any doubts about the veracity of the healing claims did you see miraculous healings. Did you see things that made you doubt what was your perspective. Looking back, yet you mentioned in the day, least acres upon it of land for that for the crusade at all sure and experience.

There was a point where my father was working that crusade.

Let me, I kept asking him can I go down with you. Can I go down the stage and he said okay that's fine. So I go down about 19 years old at this time and I'm working with and for my uncle. I'm supposed to be apprenticing in learning in a Middle Eastern family. I'm the oldest in the next generation.

Some supposed again. I'm, like Elisha was good, carry on the anointing when I get older and deployed by the ministry from their and working and my dad lets me down there and we go down into the area where the sick are and I remember this moment. It was like one of those war movies where Hollywood has a camera really fast that there's there's blood in their screaming and bullets flying. It may have, and I remember in my mind that's what that moment was like there were six children, sick people. There were people in the dirt. There were people and structures.

There are people crying out there were real sicknesses. The kind you don't often see in that amount of quantity that the US Crusades were my uncle Bielby people in wheelchairs, but this was real.

These people didn't have access to a lot of the medical technologies that we do here they were the poorest of the poor and I was looking in my heart was shattering because I thought let's just get him he'll come on and I remember looking up and looking back now I know why at this moment the Lord feuded in my mind of you can visualize it even now. I looked back at the stage and if there was ever a visual that made me question, more than ever it was looking up at the stage.

There were three metal barricades between us and the stage. My uncle was up there singing in this perfectly pure and clean white suit and we're down there and it was a contrast that seared in my mind the sick and the hurting were not getting what we promised. Meanwhile, we were staying in the nicest hotel in Mumbai. We had floated on a Gulfstream jet and we were just gonna go back to wherever and live the high life that really started to stir questions and meet. But again, I would push them aside because I was always taught. Don't question don't touch the Lord's anointed and then of course that we were blessed to be a blessing so we shouldn't be guilty about that God is in charge of healing those people, not us.

And then we would really justify it by saying you were not in charge of all that, even though he promised he would you like that, that's incredible. Sometimes the visual can jar you more than somebody saying something that that must've been an incredible site.

I mean this is one of the criticisms people have leveled against the prosperity gospel preachers for a long time, which is if you really want people healing why don't you go down to the local hospital, why, why do you have to have a crusade intake offerings out of the goodness of your heart and loving Jesus what each is co-down and start laying hands on little kids with cancer and people who are struggling with heart problems, you could do it today.

That's right. And we see the ministry of Christ and the apostles which we course claim to simply be an extension of the results are incredible. There going around in their healing at will.

Their speaking just one word, no shoulders, no fanfare there.

Just saying you November Peter silver and gold have I known that which I have give I thee in the name of Christ will rise up and walk. Yes, they were just healing with this amazing power and not what we were doing it all. I'm curious custody. How much did you read the Bible.

During those years. Did you spend much time in Bible study was there a lot of Bible study behind the scenes with the whole crusade crowd.

What's really funny is, the answer is absolutely yes.

I read my Bible. I understood the gospel that Jesus died on the cross for my sin that believing in him by faith I was going to be saved. I understood the grace of God, or at least mentally made a mental assertion of it. It's incredible how blind we were and that is what scary and that's why even the book in any any effort now is realizing like many of you who are listening course you Janet like we know as believers. There is a blindness in the deception that is over people and only God can set them free, and the only thing that will set them free.

The true gospel so what yeah I read the Bible and read it at night I wrote my prayer journal. I would get on my knees and pray to the Lord. I would seek him but I was believing in and seeking after and under the blindness of a false gospel and not the true Jesus that I know now well and pretty much her world was consigned to the prosperity gospel folks right because it's a bit of a job.

I don't if I want to say club necessarily, but you talked about all these prosperity gospel, people can interacted with each other so I mean, it sounds like you didn't even have a lot of input outside those circles. At that time. No and we were well sheltered and anytime somebody from the outside had criticisms or we were lightly exposed like the news media did report or if you know there was this guy on the radio about going without it. I didn't know all the details, but he would call the Bible answer man tell you I grow up and I realize that you know you got Walter Martin nor Hank Hanna graph are some of these other guys that showed will the Bible answer man would come on and my dad would literally bite be spitting out Bible curses under God's good judge of these men were they to talk about me and my brother.

This is the devil. These are Pharisees and so say you know eight 910 1112-year-old kid. I began to learn from being taught that Walter Martin, I can agree any of these guys get on the radio or anyone refuting us purchased Pharisee were like Jesus and so would only serve to further my roots in that sheltered movement is an interesting and then the Lord intervenes in your life customer to take a short break and when we come back working to find out how that all happens. The name Acosta Hinz but got greed and the prosperity gospel will be right back on Janet for today. This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe never great to have you here agree to have with us pastor and author costing him. He is the nephew of Benny can you know that name. No doubt his book is called God. Greed in the prosperity gospel how truth overwhelms a life built on lies and we been talking cost about your background going to your uncle's crusades participating in those and involve your whole family younger father was involved with the Crusades and had his own church and and yet and yet you started to have some doubts about the prosperity gospel, the health and wealth gospel as it were, and I thought it was kinda funny when I got to this point the booking you talked about finding a book in a Christian bookstore called the confusing world of Benny Hannon.

I set that buckets right over there on myself so that was a turning point. Can you tell people what happened when you picked up that book and started to read it so there in the book there is a list you could probably quantify five or six of these things that are I called them only God moment. This is one of them for sure the confusing world of Benny and by these guys out in the Midwest who knows and I know where they are and what they do now but I mean there could be a more direct indictment on on my last name and that one so I'm reading this book and my goodness I'm highlighting the I remember my reading light is on an objective salary reading nonstop and I grew up in the world. Sorry to say of footnotes and evidence.

You just don't back up things you say you just keep on going and so, here I come into this book and there's footnotes everywhere in endnotes and these guys are documenting what my uncle said and what the Bible says and what my uncle said what the Bible says and it messed me up and I remember hiding it like it was some dirty secret that I had an that was a huge moment of clarity for for what was going on, but also the wrestling match is still going on and this is the process that I was in is in one sense, it was pretty much a slamdunk. On the other hand, these are still the Pharisees that we claimed were coming against us. So yeah huge moment and forever thankful why still about book on my shelf forever thankful to those men who put in. You know, years of research to make sure that people could see the truth boy and I bet if they had been told to, you know the cost to him is going to read this, but they never would have believed, that's incredible. Yeah thank you letter that so-called wine that you also talked about your time in Dallas Baptist University and the effect that some of your mentors there had. How is that something that God used your time there at DB you to change you and move you in the direction of the true gospel. My baseball coach used to talk about the sovereignty of God, and we go for scrimmage one day were on the field. The hot Texas day Yankee scout in the stands coming to see a couple of the players who were really good and they went on to get drafted. Few of them end up in the big weeks but everybody gets nervous when a scout shows up to a practice game scrimmage because if you play well on the scouts there to see someone else you will write your name down you might get on a list or whatever and then you get drafted for every baseball player in about the dream, so coach called us all up and says hey don't worry about the scout door, but it God is sovereign guys K. Proverbs 21 one says the heart of the king is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord. He turned it wherever he wishes God control things you control scouts. He's in control of everything. So don't try to control everything just go out, play the game and I'm thinking what the world is this guy talking about sovereignty you you know I'm I'm sitting there and I've got this limited edition brightly $10,000 watch in my locker. I got a Hummer out the parking lot with rims on it and TVs in the feet and I'm thinking I'll tell you something about sovereignty. I claim those things. I believe those things and God gives me those thing. If I want to get drafted all just claimant believe it will happen coach talking about sovereignty, but that did something to me. It messed me up because my belief system was that I am the puppetmaster. God is the pocket I speak it. He does it. And here's this guy quoting the Bible that God is in control and you can't control him.

He in Argus on the psalmist wrote our God is an avid because whatever you see a sovereign God in the Bible so I pushed aside.

Move on with my life, but dad ends up coming back to explode in my mind and in my life. God used it to transform my thinking.

Some years later people have to read the book in such a great book and I don't want to give away too much of it. People need to read the whole story, but when did it finally clicks for you. When do you look back and say that was the moment that I finally trusted in Christ and embrace the true gospel, not the one of the prosperity gospel, but I really understood that I needed to be saved and that I was not the one directing God he was in fact sovereign.

I'm starting first sermon several years ago.

This is going to be about three or four years after leaving DB you three years later, actually exactly and sovereignty of God right there clear as day on preaching a message on the healing at the pool of Bethesda so I'm thinking you know slamdunk. I meet preaching on healing, and so well. I'm studying and the book has all the details on one of Borg Warner blog everyone down in the I don't mean we can talk about more questions you think off the cliff notes version my pastor at the time the teaching pastor gives me a commentary to guide my study and it's by a theologian is highly conservative and been very faithful in his teaching ministry and I pull this thing out because I'm reading the passage and suddenly things start striking me that I never saw before Jesus at the pool of Bethesda. John 512 17 G targets. One man out of a multitude one not all one thinking that's weird.

I thought you're supposed to heal everybody.

Jesus it's always your will all the time. If people are sick. It's their own fault. These people don't have enough faith well moving on. The passage I realized in looking Jesus heals a man immediately. He says arise pick up your pallet and walk him thinking wow, that's different. What what our Lord and there's no service, no music know Jack is fanfare.

Nothing you just healed with the word then the man goes off and is carrying his pallet. This still makes me laugh. The Pharisees go, who told you can pick up your pallet and walk. You know it's the Sabbath you can't work what you doing know that all the laws and made burdens they were putting on people will man doesn't even know who Jesus was. John records you know you told me I could well I have no way to quantify that it crushes my belief system it becomes that the dam in the crack of the crack in the dam of my theology starts to just crackle and burst forth, and I realize, oh my goodness there's something here. How did he get healed if he didn't even have faith or know Jesus was how to be of enough faith to get healed. Even though the man and so I grab this commentary in the commentator goes off and says here is Christ's sovereign healing power in action that a man with no preconceived faith no idea who he was, is healed, that God would single out one man and healed him is a showcase of his sovereign power and authority is compassion on this man and I'm thinking oh my goodness this is different and the commentator goes on to say that this is the cruelest lie of faith healers today is that the people they fail to heal are guilty of negative confession and unbelief and I'm paraphrasing a little bit that's essential yet and that God is a sovereign healer and I thought that is what I believe that's what I used to do. That's what my family and I believed it.

We do that and I begin to weep and picture at Domino falling and it knocked another belief and another belief I go on to work things and realize more things, but it was in that moment, Janet dear in my study as a pastor in the office crying my standard Valley to preach the true gospel that is awesome because for another quick freight cost to hang with us got greed in the prosperity gospel will be right back Jennifer today, many developing nations have no access to the desperately needed medical care.

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It is what you would expect my uncle and I are relationship is fractured.

Last time we spoke, or saw each other's in 2016 at my grandmother's funeral, and he knew and was aware of some of the standards I had taken an many, many conversations have happened behind closed doors within the family for years including my late grandmother. I'm not the first to say that she was warning for a while. Behind the scenes telling my uncle and my whole family to stay away from certain people not to teach certain things she had grown uncomfortable with it and yet of the mother she loves her sons and loves her grandchildren.

So try to be encouraging time while doing it, but yeah, I it's tough when when you got family and you see Jesus's words in Matthew 1034, 39 from the past where he is the dividing line and whole households are divided over who he really is and what is true message was so yeah fractured there with my dad and mom I would say it is well victories and challenges. There's moments of breakthrough where we have conversations about it at you know they're there talking about things really honestly and sharing openly and that those are great moments. I'm thankful of the fun that dialogue and there's other things that are still preached and taught, you know, somebody will send me a video of my father preaching somewhere and say no, I'm not sure what you what you doing or what not all watch it there still things that are lingering over so what I'm thankful for his open dialogue.

What concerns me is that now, having been saved like you and many of your listeners. We don't say this boastfully at all. We know what the grace of God really is and we know what conversion, repentance really yes. And once you've tasted that you look at your friends and family and you go. No no no work. That's not what it is II thought it was out to what repentance is what happened to Zakia repentance and transformation is what is happening our hearts when he takes over our lives. We let go of everything we go public. We tell the whole world.

Jesus saved me going the other way. It's a 180. I find myself trying to navigate those conversations with my family without making really an indictment on their eternal destination like saying you know you're guaranteed. Hell, I try to say you guys are going the wrong direction. Your your you're not preaching a true gospel or no house my parents or other family members have you thought about the implications if you don't repent openly and truly fully and go the other way and those are uncomfortable but but deepening conversation so like most people listening in the trenches with you. I'm try to rescue family at the same time make sure that I'm faithful to my family and my church to preach the truth and keep going and in the circle of believers that I'm a part of. Now very good and we all will be praying for your family to because you know as you were once deceived, we have to pray for people who are still you know it. Going off and saying the prosperity gospel is really what the Bible teaches. And this is something I mean this is really the heart of your book Costa drawing the distinction between what so many millions of people are hanging onto not just through your uncle Benny hand but also all these other prosperity gospel preachers were so famous and people seem on TV and by their books all the time. The fundamental error of the prosperity gospel.

I think you do a great job in your book of explaining what it is you call it a dangerously abusive theology somebody listening might be late. I don't know why they be listening to me but if somebody embraces the prosperity gospel and they happen to be tuning in. Right now they sell hand yeah I know I love Benny hand you say that person about this dangerously abusive theology and how to correct that false understanding of the gospel of health, wealth, and suffering. I would say to those people. I plead with them to surrender their hearts and their minds to the authority of Scripture rightly taught and do an exercise take all of the teachings of the prosperity gospel and then go and read the book and the way my words and those parenthetical Bible verses that I put in their way. Those words against the words of your favorite teacher and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide and decide because what happened to me was simple. It was like a T chart and on one side with everything I ever believed it. On the other side was what God's word actually said and it was the Holy Spirit's work in my heart that allowed me to see that I would plead with people you know if I'm wrong or Janet's rollover. The book is wrong, then let them find work all but let God's word prove that to you and I would guarantee that if were really honest we come into submission to the Holy Spirit into God's word in its authority and power will see that much of what we believe in the prosperity gospel is not what God's word is actually saying and then run to the nearest Bible church emailed me calling the Janet's show. Do whatever you must to get to safety. And I hope and pray and I know they'll be believers ready to walk with you, gather you in and the Lord will put your feet on solid ground. That's really well said and you have a section your whole chapter on a dangerously abusive theology goes into some of these important points that the prosperity gospel demeans Jesus Christ to twist Scripture and one you mention which I think is so important. The prosperity gospel is motivated by love for money. How important is the money point to all of this huge prosperity gospel is a get rich scheme. The goal is to have a lot of stuff.

The goal is to be rich and powerful and we see in the Bible that the love that the desire for riches. The greed that drives these teachers is actually the very thing that fuels their fate, and it leads to destruction, for all of us were chasing greed of Proverbs gives such great wisdom not to not to pursue or chase well and give it all your energy and effort as well has wings, we all would say it like this money comes and goes and so if you're wealthy, it's a responsibility it's not a sin. Many wealthy people are gospel patrons and they are blessed be a blessing of the Lord Jesus.

In that regard. But if your port doesn't mean God is mad at you, neither need to be taking care of the poor and those who are wealthy need to be active in gospel service using their resources to further the gospel, so we need balance in that area and there's a chapter in the book dedicated to that as well right and so those who salmon trusting God to heal me for all these years I'm given so much money did these TV preachers because I'm hoping and trusting God for my miracle and my miracle has in common. I'm about to walk away from Jesus because we had a deal and he didn't deliver what you say about suffering because clearly you have to understand the doctrine of sin, the fall of man. The role of suffering in the Christian life that doesn't have much of a place in the prosperity gospel scene that speak briefly to that issue of suffering and and how God uses suffering and how God never promised to heal us on earth everybody every time. Absolutely yeah healing and and no more pain, no more suffering is all fully realized one day in eternity where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more sickness and were human beings so we get caught up in our little 70 years, ours are snapshot throughout history are our tiny molecule of existence.

When we look at it in light of eternity.what is it that time. I'm here I'm gone. Janet you're here then you're going were like a vapor and we get caught looking at our life with the shortsighted you when in reality. Eternity is forever.

It's infinity infinite.

It never ends.

So the glories to come so vastly outweigh whatever temporal pleasures, we can come up with or chase younger, but it's hard because were human. We do have need to be to have desires. I would say this to those people.

There is nothing in the Bible that says you cannot pray for God to huge and we ought to pray, but, or end. I look at how Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. He said oh if possible father, let this cup pass from me the cup of suffering was coming.

The Lord of his humanity was feeling that weight and then what does he say after he asks for relief. He says, but not my will but yours be done. We need to pray the will of God, Lord, have your way to give Johnny her cantata. Yes, of all the people in the world she should get you the prosperity gospel is real. She's got faith. She is bold, but God is still with us in our sufferings, we need to trust him. His ways are good as above ours is perfect cost. He got greed and the prosperity gospel checking out it for the costing honor to talk to you brother thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you Janet God bless you. Thanks for joining us to see

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