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Unlocking Your Wallet’s Biblical Potential

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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May 17, 2021 8:03 am

Unlocking Your Wallet’s Biblical Potential

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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May 17, 2021 8:03 am

Financial institutions are increasingly participating in ungodly practices and Christians need to be aware of the options they have to do business elsewhere. On the next MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will talk with investing expert Robert Netzly (NETS-lee) about an alternative to the big banks that pose a challenge to biblical values. Then Rob will take your calls and questions on the financial matters you’d like to discuss. That’s MoneyWise Live—where biblical wisdom meets today’s financial decisions, weekdays at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

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This is Doug Hastings, VP of Moody radio and were thankful for support from our listeners, and businesses like United faith mortgage. Let's call it the couch cushion this is the moment when you need a tip for the pizza man a few bucks for your kids lunch or you can't say no to the sweet eight-year-old and her thin mints you got no cash and no other options but to tear apart the house searching for hidden money.

It's Ryan from United faith mortgage and it's funny how we can usually find a way to scrounge together a few bucks, hidden around our house. Shame on you if it's from your kids piggybacks for many listeners know there's enough money sitting inside your home to buy a swimming pool full of thin mints, home values have gone up across the country. The last few years, leaving many of us with a good chunk of equity tucked inside our homes that we could cash out to use for life.

If you'd like us to help. We are United faith mortgage United faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Melville, NY.

Licensed mortgage banker for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and Isaiah 520 tells us woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter gravel as there's a lot of call evil good and good evil going on these days. And Christians certainly don't want to participate will discuss that today with investing expert Robert Netzel event will take your calls at 800-525-7000 hundred 525-7000 welcome to moneywise live where God's word guides our every financial step, but I'm always delighted to introduce my guest and friend Robert that's lead to the program. Roberts, the CEO of inspire investing in underwriter of moneywise that a key player in the faith-based investing movement, Robert, great to have you back on the program.

It's my pleasure think you have Robert inspire helps Christians align their investing with biblical values and boy it seems like it's becoming increasingly challenging in our culture today. Would you agree yeah hi, I would agree it's it is getting increasingly challenging as more issues.

It seems than ever before that need to be aware of. We need to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves and that that's that's a tall task to handle all. It is interesting we as we do the research on companies publicly traded companies that are involved actively to promote issues such as abortion or LGBT issues, we find that there's not that many more companies getting involved is find that the volume is sort of turned up on the ones that are involved in these activities and you know that the players that have been kind of pushing these agendas really problematic issues from the faith-based perspective are just doubling down on their efforts and has been causing Christians as you know it. It seems to me were getting questions a lot more frequently from Peter's everyday people asking how they manage their finances in a way that doesn't end up funding agendas and issues that just violate the deeply held faith-based biblical values yeah was we talk about in this program a lot, Robert. It's an exciting development to see the growth of the faith-based investing space. As Christians become aware that they can align their values with their investments and firms like inspire and many others in this space are building really high quality investment products and solutions to do just that and I think what's helping all of that is the access to information right at me and think about the tool that you will have built this free resource inspire which gives visibility, perhaps, to how companies are using their corporate dollars in a way that wasn't available years ago. That's change the game as it it's really an exciting time. Now there's there's such an opportunity for us as believers to come together and ending United fashion align our investments align our financial lives you know if the intention of shining the light of Christ to the world and tools like inspire and and many other of our friends in the industry is doing. So it's good work in making this data and information available to to investors where you can be informed about what's inside your mutual fund, you know, do you own companies that are manufacturing abortion drugs to you on companies that are selling pornography. Are you do you own companies that are advocating for LGBT activist agendas. You know what's going on those portfolios.

Likewise, do you own companies that are operating with high degrees of ethical integrity are you only companies that are a blessing to their communities and to their customers.

This used to be really opaque and almost impossible for investors to discover and now you can do with the click of a button for free online and so we have more tools than ever before to really honor God, glorify God with intentional decisions behind our investing behind our banking banner spending all of our financial life and in his you know very well right, whatever, whether you eat or drink whatever you do, including spending, investing, saving us do it all to the glory of God. That's were passionate about equipping Christians to do well. It's exactly right. And you're doing it very well as a leader in this space and as we talked about many times you know there's multiple ways to go at this, you can avoid companies that are promoting and have practices that are not aligning with your Christian faith. You can engage in companies that are making a positive impact in the world and you can even express your role as owner by engaging companies through activism and voting proxies only come back will shine a light on a specific part of the industry-specific banking as we continue our conversation with a friend, Robert Natalie of inspire investing.

This is moneywise live where God's word guides our every financial step. Welcome back to moneywise live my guest today Robert Netzel he CEO of inspire investing today were talking about aligning your biblical values with your investments which can be challenging. The exciting thing though is that there's a growing segment of the investing landscape that really is built to help solve this challenge to help you invest in a way that you can feel good about where your investing companies that make a positive impact in the world where you can have assistance to engage the companies you're invested in as an order to let them know about your values and perhaps where they may be missing the mark as you advocate and then finally, what is the opportunity to avoid certain companies where there's not alignment with your Christian faith and what is look like to screen those out while were talking about all of that today. And that's what inspire investing is all about Robert. Specifically, we want to talk today about the banking sector know many of these large banks are engaged in ungodly practices.

Let's define the problem first in your view, what's going on with some of the big banks these days will you're right Rob, big banks are increasingly hostile towards movable values. It seems in you having worked at one of the largest banks in the country previously and got some firsthand knowledge and experience of what goes on behind those doors and, in addition to what goes on out in the public but you know one high-profile example was Wells Fargo and Samaritans purse were Frank and Graham publicly made the announcement that they were going to be moving their sizable accounts and sizable relationship away from Wells Fargo.

Specifically, because of the increasing advocacy on behalf of of Wells Fargo to promote LGBT activist agendas they had in this example began publishing and advertisements that show to same-sex couples adopting a baby and you know it just was in opposition to what Samaritan's purse in the Billy Graham Evangelical Association believes about the Bible and was, not in line with their values and so on Franklin Graham and his team made the hard decision is not easy to move a relationship like that to extract themselves at a Wells Fargo moved to different bank and that's a very high profile huge example right, but it's out, we are experiencing that on a microcosm I getting questions all the time from families Christian families Christian individuals know what can I do to align my financial life was God's word and biblical values. I see these banks you know promoting these things.

Getting money to Planned Parenthood of advocating for LGBT issues, etc. opening fake accounts and violating ethical, moral, you know the standards of business and it just seems to be increasing and you not sleeping Christians and a hard place because it's hard to move banks right this seems like there maybe not that many options to go so that's that's kind of situation is the problem I would just add on to that. I've also spoken to many conservative ministry leaders really the past six months.

It seems that have mentioned that there banks are actually actively hostile towards their organizations and some of them have even been expelled from there. Banks simply for believing the Bible that marriage between one man and one woman. They've had their accounts closed and sadly that's the world we live in. But Christians need a different option and talk about engaging companies like your bank or any company for that matter, and the impact that you can make in just opening up dialogue coming on a very small scale. My wife in the grocery store we frequent every week.

Maybe several types of peak with the size of our family.

She saw magazine on the rack. The shouldn't have been there. Adults didn't need to see it, let alone kids displaced what was on the cover, she grabbed the whole stack took him to the manager and said I would ask that you would keep these in your office. I really don't think they belong on the shelf and he said you know what I've been thinking the same thing and I'll do that got me and that's a really small example, but can Christians make a difference.

Robert when they engage their bank. For instance, in these kinds of conversations when these practices are occurring absolutely and that's a phenomenal example of many. Imagine a million moms going up to the managing the stores and and having the same conversation. The magazines would be on the shelf anymore and on the investing side that's also forcing is a huge opportunity as Christians are learning what they're invested in learning that there's problems in the learning that we can together to reach out is very easy. We been involved in multiple shareholder engagement discussions with some of the largest companies in the country, including banks and when you reach out and talk to these companies. It's as easy as a phone call to the investor relations department or shoot an email to the investor relations department doesn't have to be fancy. It's not hard and simply in a in a reasonable winsome friendly. If you know town but convicted town with biblical integrity, share our concerns and when you go into your bank branch and tell the manager you know that rainbow flyer over there on the line really kind of disturbs me. And rather not be presented with that when I walk in the bank. You know there is a there's my bank branch back in the back in the day when I worked at the bank I came in one day around Christmas time and right in front of the front door was a very large standup banner that had exactly that rainbow flags Christmas tree. Same-sex couple and their children said happy holidays right in front of the door and you know I didn't want myself or my children or my family to be presented with that. When I walked in the bank to make a deposit or withdrawal can certainly understand that. So help our listeners where they go from here if they want more biblical alignment with their banking relationships will certainly if you're feeling led to a Samaritan's purse did to disconnect from your bank or at least try some other avenues we've lost program recently called inspire faith-based cash that allows you to exactly that's free sign up and basically we screen hundreds of banks across the country for biblical values.

They compete for deposits in this program has a Visa debit card as it works just like any other debit card that you got and allows you to earn interest and spend money in a way that is aligned to biddable value C.

Know that your monies on deposit with institutions that are working against your deeply held values coming that's okay. I mean, at some point we may need depending upon the situation you're in and what your convictions are to sever relationship and make a change and then increasingly seek out companies that are putting themselves out there and being willing to take a stand for Christian values are released. If they don't share them allow you to reflect your Christian values even though they may aligned elsewhere. The bottom line is you have a choice in something like what to the team at inspire investing is put together with inspires faith-based cash I think is a great example Robert work in our listeners or more. I will inspire symbols that okay inspire and really appreciate you stopping by today. I know other ways folks can take part in faith-based investing is to seek out to advisors that understand this seek out mutual funds that are aligning this way and just make sure they understand what's going on with her companies and inspire was built for that reason was, that's absolutely right. We just want to help people possible. Thanks for sharing a great new way to do banking but doesn't conflict with our biblical values your faith-based cash program again the website to check that out inspire thanks be with my pleasure Robert that's live inspire investing is better yesterday. Your calls or next. 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live for God's word guides are every financials picture be with us today. I moneywise live on Rob West still glad you're here with us today. We'd love to have you call this is a call-in program and we will unpack God's truth that applied to whatever's going on your financial what's the number will give it to 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 will be taking your calls in just a moment you know we had the opportunity today to talk about an aspect of faith-based investing in. This is a growing interest in segment of the investing landscape that is based on your personal convictions. How do you want your money to be invested recognizing investing is ownership. What does that look like for you as you search the Scriptures and asked the Lord to make it clear to you how you should respond based on Romans 14. This idea that each one should be fully convinced in his or her own mind as we're managing God's resources do we want to avoid certain companies. If so, there's a way to do that.

If that's not what you're looking for and you want to embrace other companies that might be making an impact in the world. Socially, or from a kingdom standpoint there some wonderful investment options to do that.

Or perhaps you want to engage. You want to lean into your role as owner to reflect and express your values to company leadership and executives. There's a growing segment of the Christian universe that this expressing their desires around values in engaging with companies. This is really a whole new development in this faith-based investing space and periodically we bring you interviews like this that help you understand what's happening out there and I know many many Christians are excited to lean into that what we want to turn the corner and take any financial question from you today again the number 800-525-7000 were to start today in fishers Indiana Bonnie, you're next on the program.

How can we help you inherited from my parents. There have been ranking it out. I'll be here again have to pay $70,000 community estate that went up and my brothers have and now I'm wanting to satellite and I have no idea about capital gains.

This morning he can help me out. Yes, absolutely. When you inherit the property, such as a house or stocks of the property is generally worth more than it was when the original owner purchased it and if you were to sell the property. There could be huge capital gains typically but fortunately when you inherit something, the property's tax basis is stepped up, which just simply means that the basis would be the current value of the property as of the date of death. So that's typically the way it's going to work based on that inheritance. So essentially that cost basis resets based on market value as of date of death and then if you were to hold it. From that point forward than it were to continue to appreciate. Obviously there would be capital gains at that point, but that's one of the benefits of inheriting property again, whether that's stocks or real property like a home because of that step up in basis. When that property is transferred to set make sense. Bonnie 99 mechanic hits he felt inclined to sell it in my name and I look at something you don't make 40,000 on. You don't have to pay the tax.

Okay, my mind particular income is not 40,000 know it's it's less than that in terms of one when you might pay taxes go.

Typically you would use the standard deduction as the minimum which for an individual single person under the age of 65 is 12,400 so feel it would happen much sooner than that. So I recommend that if you have some questions about that.

Perhaps you been handling this yourself previously. It's probably worthwhile to check in with the tax preparer account.

You can look over your situation and advise you, but certainly income taxes. Although you may not have to pay it right at this level. Anything over 12,400 and you very well could owe some tax and you certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to file and pay what you owe because you wouldn't want to have any parental penalties and interest accruing. Hope that helps, Bonnie. We appreciate your call. Thanks for listening today. Let's head to Cleveland, Ohio Kathy, what's on your mind today here it all laid out 10 years ago now I work for a large one that but I am a little worried about me know because they're not forward like right there to divert Bernie. I can yeah and really what that would come down to Kathy is the prospectus and really the fund's purpose so there will be all types of funds, and as you said of mutual fund is essentially a basket of investments of those investments could include stocks of all kinds.

It could include bonds and and even other types of assets but the idea is based on the fund's prospectus is it has a stated purpose that might be to invest in you know if it's a growth stock mutual fund it would only focus on growth stocks of its a balanced fund. It would have both stocks and bonds may be a fixed income fund with bonds only. So what you get with the mutual fund is the opportunity to have broad diversification with a smaller amount of money a larger basket of investments that might be passive which you would have with more about what's called an index mutual fund it essentially just attracts various segments of the market, or an actively managed mutual fund where based on that prospectus the funds in 10 you have a professional money manager who is tasked with making the buy and sell decisions to beat the markets and do better than the markets based on his or her unique skill set in that area, but I wouldn't be no concerned about the funds.

In fact, there are a good thing because you're not good to be highly concentrated in just a few companies hoping that they do well and if they don't have a backorder has a severe impact on your overall investment you get this broad diversification. He is are you in the right funds based on your age and risk tolerance.

But inside that retirement plan. The fund choices you have should give you ample opportunity to be as conservative or as aggressive as you like. So I connect with a certified kingdom advisor and you look over your investment options. Perhaps make some recommendations just go to moneywise click find for joining us today on moneywise live for God's word intersects with your financial life. Would you like to connect with the coach. This is somebody who's been trained volunteers their time to come alongside you to help you put a spending plan together payment plan or giving plan. We have coaches available. We had a bit of a backlog we work through and so if you'd like to connect with someone to get started, just in order our website moneywise click connect with the coach and somebody will be in touch with you very soon. In just a moment were to talk about annuities with Jacqueline in Nashville but in winter garden wants to talk about money. He's got in money market currently in the best way to invest that. But first, Vivian is in Chicago. Vivian, how can we help you so I have a question about my credit card situation. So ended on Sunday when I came to Chicago I I I applied for a stolen credit card. My and then then increased my my credit limit limit to 800 old radios and meeting in between. I didn't have a job so I could pay my credit card but think that I'm just paying minimum on my you are in my school has really come down. I really want to be, but my school and want to know if I pay off my credit card fully of the consequences I'm on.

If I closed the account. All I need keep paying my minimum maintenance items are apply for new card ostrich card.

I don't know what to do in this one though increase my ex: in the credit. Yes, very good.

I can certainly appreciate what you're trying to accomplish here.

Just be clear and there's a number of facets to this, but let me be clear that carrying a balance and paying interest is never a good idea.

It doesn't really frankly help your credit score number one but number two. Even if it did, it's not worth sending it of that money when I don't think that's good stewardship, especially if you have the ability to pay it off so I would absolutely pay it off and only use it for budgeted items and pay it off in full every month and that in and of itself will reduce your credit utilization, which is the difference between your balance and what you have in terms of a limit and that reduction in credit utilization is actually working to your benefit, so that's the first thing the second thing is how does closing this account affect you well know.

In most cases closing the credit card account will lower your score a bit, but it's only temporary. It does it for a couple reasons.

Number one. As it pulls that particular credit file out of the mix that particular account out of the mix.

In most cases, which means you have one less account in some cases will remove that history may or may not, but the other issue is just that now potentially you don't have anything on an ongoing basis reporting you as an on-time payer which really is the key to having a good healthy credit score low utilization a good credit mix meeting mix between revolving in installment and perhaps a mortgage and then the day number one thing is just being an on-time payer.

So how should you move forward from here.

Well I would say number one is let's get that debt paid off as quick as you can see you not paying any interest number two if you feel like you can handle. They have having the credit card without it getting out of control without using it for unplanned expenses and you're taking on debt, and there's no monthly fee or annual fee associated with that that I would just set up an automatic recurring charge of some amount.

It could be a very small amount for a budgeted item that you can then pay off every month and then that's going to cause you to be reported as an on-time payer to the Bureau every month.

Now if you wanted to close this account to do that with a different account for whatever reason it had other, better benefits, or you wanted to be a secured account, you can accomplish the same thing but I think the bottom line is we want low or no debt and then we want budgeted items being charged and paid off because we want to show over time. Good payment history the way you can get up to the highest levels is again by having a good credit mix and a long history of on-time payments, but tell me what questions you have.

Based on all of that. My my only concern is I really want to move forward with good credit.

Credit cards are now our family and our son are here so I just want to be prepared if it is an emergency and are also reminded I might convolute my home sometime so I just need to have a backup in the image and she decided he will not want to close this. If I close this card. What are the consequences of finance should be you have another you have another active account that you're using with some sort of scheduled door of monthly transactions that you can then pay off so you'll be reported each month as an on-time payer and I don't have any other current card I have my current account okay why were you wanting to close this one. I don't have interest or just anything on my account okay so is long as you pay it off every month. Whatever you charge over a monthly cycle which is usually a one month.

As long as during that month you whatever you charge you pay off. You'll never pay any interest and if you don't have any monthly or annual fees with this card, then you're not paying any expenses. So then you would set it up to charge an automatic recurring charge for a budgeted item what so you have an online subscription for something or you set it up to automatically pay your utility bill, whatever it might be. It's a budgeted plant expense it hit your credit card in the same month that hits it, you pay it off. That's going to ensure that you never pay any interest but what's gonna happen. Vivian is that when that happens, the credit card company is good report to the credit bureau which the credit bureaus file for you is what generate your score or the information in it.

It's good to be reported, that you're an on-time payer and that consistent monthly on-time payment is what's going to build your credit score over time that you want to get it even higher. You would have a mix of account, so you might have a an installment loan like a car loan in a mobile home mortgage and a credit card but if you don't have any of those things at the very least having that monthly on-time payment reported to the Bureau and not paying any interest because you're paying it off I think is going to accomplish what you're looking for in the longer you you present yourself as an on-time payer, the better your credit score is going to get over time, especially you as you earn more income over time and those types of things so I would say is always not paying any fees. Keep the account open pay it off.

Let's get rid of the interest and then only charge on the card each month what you've already planned to spend so that you can pay it off in full, and I think that's going to be get what you're looking for. As you think about moving forward is that helpful to you, so I didn't I pay my phone but my debit card. It is, I have set up an auto pay if I switch my article. My credit card every month and I keep my balance and equity. Please. Might be a certain make sure you pay it off during that same. So it goes down to zero and then the next month. Charge it again for your electric bill, whatever it is paid off when you do that is the report of the Bureau that you're on time that on-time payment month after month after month is going to keep that credit score and build. We appreciate your call. Got bless you and thanks for the money was included on those market commentary broadcast all that in your calls right around here with us today for moneywise live on Rob West just ahead will go to Wintergarden Florida. Talk about investing some money sitting in money market.

Jacqueline was to talk about redeeming annuity. But first Bob Dall joins us each Monday with her moneywise market commentary Bob say industry veteran.

He's been on Wall Street for many many years. You probably see him on CNBC and FOXBusiness ESA manages literally billions of dollars and Bob were grateful for your time today.

Good afternoon. Happy Monday dear Sir, thank you weather story last week other than the gas lines around the corner here in Atlanta. Temporary her purple. He was inflation. It seems like everybody all the sudden is concerned about inflation. I guess everybody except the Fed.

What say you, yeah, I think we gotta be concerned that it argued Gleason has picked up because the compare last year or at depths of the recession and therefore the numbers are going to be big for me.

For the record core CPI increase 0.9% triple the pace that was expected and the biggest increase since 1981. That put the year-over-year rate of inflation at 3.01.6 just a month ago. That's the highest Rob 1995 when I can over some time. Is it transitory or is more concerned about. I think some legitimate concern when you throw this much money at the system and get the economy rolling. It's hard not Quite so Longer-Term. Let's Look Two or Three Years out and I Know There's so Many Variables Bob What Can Happen with the Corporate Taxes Personal Tax Income Tax Rates and You Know What Is Going to Happen with Inflation. And You Know We We Saw Corporate Earnings. They Been Very Strong.

In Fact, They Moved to Levels Higher Than Pre-Pandemic Levels and That's Good but We're Also 12 Years into This Bull Market and so You Know What's Going to Take Us to the Next Wrong If You Will, and Perhaps Restart a Bull Market Cycle. How Do We Evaluate That Great Question Is Even Legitimate Debate Only 12 Years into This All Was Last Year a Bear Market. We Are in a New Bull Market and Have That Arm Wrestle If You like, but It's Very Confusing out There. I Think That We Need to Recognize That There Is A Lot Of Cash in the System Provided by Both the Fed, the Central Bank As Well. As the Government Fiscal Policy and the Economy Generated Some so Much Earnings and People Been Pay to Put That All Together We Could Be on Economic Growth Trajectory. The Last Some Time Just on All of That, You Will If You Will Yes Policy Will Matter and I Think Lost in the Discussion about Inflation Last Week Was a Leader Not Listen to the Good Week in Washington DC for Bipartisanship. Nothing Decided, but the Republican Limit Democrats Might Actually Come Together on Infrastructure Package and Two Weeks Ago. Yes, Most of the Crop Output Is Very Low Now Moving up Some Probability of the Tax Increases Has Gone down Some As the Republicans Would Be Unified Not Going Allow That to Happen and A Few Moderate Democrats or Send Not Big so Think Things Are Very Fluid.

Rob and the for Now, the Economy, to Graduate. I Love It. That's Good News.

Obviously, for the Folks That Are Still in That Wealth Creation Phase They're Working There Saving. We Certainly Make the Case As Long As You're Looking Long Term, Following Biblical Principles of Diversification. You Know an Offense Being Speculative and Making Sure You Have Spousal Unity and You Know the Things You Want to Be Doing When You're Investing God's Money.

The Stock Market Is the Place to Be to Build Wealth. What If I'm Nearing Retirement and I'm Going to Be Work Moving from a Growth Capital Growth Phase to a Capital Distribution and Income Phase Will I Need to Know. I Don't Think You Do a Whole Lot Different in Implied and Always Said so Far Is Moderately Rising Interest Rates Go up Slowly but Surely Bonds Are Going to Go down Shortly so I'm Not Going Recommend That Retiree Take a Bunch of Money Out Of Stock to Bond You Want More Conservative Equity Lot Depends on Need the Money. If You Do Well in Your Even More Conservative but Somebody Was Retired Late 65, You Know Her Life Expectancy Is between 25 and 30 Years the Original 25 Year Period Were Stocks Have Not All Other Public Apps That so Don't Think Requiring Electioneering Retiring at 78 or Something like That You Should Run for the Hills and Reduce Equity Significantly. It's Really Helpful Just to Put a Period on It As a Wall Street Guy You Would Be Quick to Say As We Wrap up Here Today. Make Sure Your Trust Is Not in Your Portfolio but It's in the Lord Himself Right Amen As You Put It out and Introducing It All Belongs to God in the First Place. And so We Have a Solid Opportunity and Responsibility to Take Care Of It Well and to Realize It It's on Loan to Us While We Are Here to Store up Your Treasures in Heaven, Which Means Give It Away Love It Bob, Thank You for Stopping by. Will Talk to You Next Monday. Got Bless You to My Friend to Chippewa Lake, Ohio. Charles Your Next on the Program Go Answer so about Two Months Ago I Bought a Golf Cart for My Neighbor.

At Times There Is Asking $1200 for the Thousand Now Is a Good Deal Should Happy with It and after a Couple Months My Wife and I Would Talk about It. It's a Two Seater We Have Three Kids.

It's Not Practical.

So We Decide to Sell on Facebook by Money and Buy Something Better for Our Family Buyer at My House Yesterday and This Neighbor Came out. I Normally Towards You Because I'm Facebook When You Enter Price. I Bought This Thing in the Dark When You Enterprise If You Do Something Crazy like to Lower to Higher Combined with the Suggested Amount Sabin Neighbor Goes Crazy That You Saw on Facebook $2800 That You Only Paid Me a Thousand Farm from the Buyer Been at Work All Day and I'm Kind of Upset Because I like to Keep No Conflict with My Neighbors and I Was Hoping Maybe You Can Give Me Some Sort of Insight on How I Can about to Go Home Try and Rectify the Situation like so I Give Her Half the Money You Are All

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