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False Prophecies and Deception Are Still Rampant

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 3, 2021 4:40 pm

False Prophecies and Deception Are Still Rampant

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 3, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/03/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network deception is as rampant as ever.

When confronted today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

You may wonder why I'm bringing up yet again. The failed count prophecies, and some of the deception regarding company idolatry regarding crop which bring up reminding you that I am a two time trump voter myself. What you find out today on the broadcast why I'm bringing these things up why they are highly relevant will look at some footage. Eight. You see for yourself. Look at some posts you decide for yourself. 866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the modify little later the broadcast goal.

Some shocking footage from England 71-year-old gospel preacher arrested for sharing truths from the Bible. Yeah will show you that tell you shocking situation from Finland regarding congressional leader up a parliamentary leader in Finland and what's happened to her for tweeting about what the Bible says and some interesting pushback on behalf of Sen. Josh Hawley and his book the tyranny of big tech okay let's start here, I will want to play could for you and these sentiments may express what many of you are feeling believe the election was stolen alright so this is Pastor Greg Locke preaching recently about his views on Pres. Biden. It be nice if all the Biden voters would put the signs back in the front yard so the neighbors at least know a lot are starving to death, semi-same in right there. What a socialistic garbage economy is worse than it's ever been. This fear mongering. The media is worse than it's ever been ridiculous in the light where you know you just need to accept the results. You just need to accept the results of Biden's administrative administration is making fraudulent today as it's ever been ever been so bad. Ms. Updike present the president based on the election believe that they had now I don't get to manipulative. I think about it what you say about me. He's a liar and a robber canopy that approved right. Aside from some of the sentiments expressed their the reason I play that is because before this video some months earlier after it was announced. The trumpet lost the election. Greg Locke was 100% sure.

I don't know little of never met probably agree on other points. He was 100% sure he absolutely guaranteed it with as much certainty then is he speaking on this video now that Joe Biden would never serve a day in office he guarantee that before inauguration day.

The elections would be overturned and trump would be installed, he guaranteed it on a viral video and then afterward said nothing to apologize for because by this, not the president.

What that wasn't the issue. The issue was that we were told that Biden would not serve a single day in the White House, you can say I don't believe he's legitimate president.

I believe the lectures were still you can hold your particular views. The fact is, he is the one in the White House right now.

The fact is, he is calling the shots and not social or his team are whoever's behind them call the shots and not on the trunk. That's reality.

You may not like it.

You may oppose every decision is made, you may not think is competent as a said you may thinků Told those are all totally separate issues. The fact is, it's him it's not a shape shifter posing as Joe Biden or some double it's him there in the White House it's it's him behind the resolute desk.

It's him making the speeches. It's him dealing with are the international leaders as president with you like it or not same when Donald Trump was present with you like it or not, he was the man there in the White House. In any case last week we put out a major statement called prophetic standards. You can read it on prophetic standards It had 85 initial signatories of another 300 as I'm speaking. On the other 330 something, have signed on represented denominations, riffs and networks of leaders representing individual pastors representing seminaries festers a wide range of believers from around America.

Now, growing from around the world all suggest we affirm these biblical standards for prophetic accountability and we put this out when I say we, it is a joint statement. I hope former together with Bishop Joe Matera and it was discussed with other leaders then farmed out to other leaders than all the input put into this is a joint nondenominational statement representing many charismatic Pentecostal believers. Those who believe that the gift of prophecy still exist today. So we put that out.

If you read the document for yourself.

You see is positive. You see it's it's intent is not to condemn or choose that we want to cultivate in environment with the gift of prophecy and the ministry of the prophet can flourish while at the same time holding for strong accountability as per the word well I will. I was sent this link by a colleague and it's Johnny and low. I don't know Johnny at all. We've never met, we never interacted to my knowledge, and I don't know what his general ministry is about. I can just say that I take the strongest exception to what he saying here he is one of those who continues to guarantee that Trump will be back in office, not 20, 24, but that Biden will be deposed and troubled back in office at the released is not step back from his prophetic words that Trump would be reelected, so he posted this that you say will why draw any attention to the summing. Who cares. We don't know him well, check this out. He has on of 60, 70,000 followers on his Facebook page. Susan is a public figure, but this post, which was posted on April 30. Alright it when I scroll down to the end of it and has 5 1/2 thousand likes.

That is a good number of likes that. That's almost 1/10 of everyone that he has on his eyes page and is 2.1 thousand comments in 1.4 thousand shares as of this moment. Alright, so that's a substantial response so I want to read through what he says let's take a look. The prophets were right vision of a golden scepter enough months of gone by since the election of 11 three 2020 that it is worth revisiting some important truths. There's actually no waiting to see if the prophets right to prophesy DJ T when the election it happened that happened Bigley believed that on 3 November was all but announced the DJ T had comfortably won the election prophecy fulfilled are the most out there from number one.

The prophecy was, not just the trumpet when the election, but that he would serve as president for him to quote win the election. Then have the election stolen and then him never serve as president.

During this term. That's not what was being said and and and if these prophets were speaking accurately for God and I say this is a charismatic Pentecostal myself, who believes the gift of prophecy and administer the prophet for today based on Scripture. The word was that he would be our next president.

In other words, an abstract bit of information he sees Garwin technically was going to be stolen and Lipson was present. Thus, I wasn't the issue. This was usually next president and we were told by a chorus of prophecy unanimously that it would be Donald Trump and some absolutely guaranteed it. He will serve another term. Eight years in the White House. Okay, not only so, where they prophesy the steel they didn't. This would have been one of the biggest events in the history of American that the election was stolen outright. Why wasn't I prophesy. What's the good of saying oh he's can be reelected when he's actually not going to serve really think about it.

Think about it if if if if a prophet tells you my brother. I see you on a job in the Lord, show me you can get the promotion on your job. Wonderful. Praise God never happens. You find out where you given the promotion within some of behind the scenes, manipulated and took a while it didn't happen. That's three happy that that's what were facing. Also, as of November 3. I stayed up really a late night person selects him sleep until four in the morning okay delete that person.

I stood up really late.

Following the elections and it was leaning towards a Trump victory, but my wife Nancy was watching one that working there saying they're a bunch of ballots that are going to be counted overnight, and based on our understanding those ballots that's going to shift inspector binds was still real close. We don't know it's gonna happen here and here and here. That was it was like a he said, and it's done it look good lives leaning in that direction, but in point of fact, there was no guarantee it's definite, etc. this going back to reality. Alright, so the ensuing unparalleled history steel that so multiple states claim thousands more votes than registered voters, pausing with that register is not going to stand. That becomes a suppose a second prophetic word which also will be fulfilled. The factors owners in a recount should tell you that there is no expiration date on one still gets bored. The fact that the Dems have sent at least estimate. At last estimate hundred attorneys try to stop it. You tell you right there that the understanding that the still gets exposed in Arizona also have another states would be.

He recount those 100% transparency in every step and every process only a thief is that these of course I'm 100% in favor of the recount in my position is been there's been so much prayer for this, that if this been fraud it will be revealed.

That's been my position the whole time and related development, Mr. pillow man has 100% proof of the national election steel.

The results will have to be searched for, because the thieves of cohorts and big tech platforms trying to suppress the truth is yet another proof. The prophets who prophesied GDT would wind went wrong.

Meanwhile, there is a leadership group in the body of Christ. Speaking of me and others upping the ante at going after the prophets that don't back down.

What God said and still say, remember, he is telling you Trump one Trump is the president and Trump will be in office during the stern. That's what's being told right at you. One look at what point hundred years from now, as it does it expire when Donald Trump is deceased. This one is it expire at what if if Arizona doesn't turn things or if other states don't turn things and binds her zealous turbine harassed her about the truck.

This expire. Then about .1 point if if my pillow man is is unable to to win his case in court or verify things you still say well it happened anyway minute of what point can things be measured against fax reality that's a concern about deception.

As for Algoma statement. It's it's not whatsoever to house to describe leadership of the blood of Christ going after these problems don't going after not mentioned Trump of the document all the failed prophecies in the document at all. In point of fact is called for biblical accountability and it does say in the document that there are some words that can come to pass her computer time, some words that are mysterious and in in their phraseology that may be subject to interpretation is really think clearly and the only one who would check biblical accountability. Whoever that person is someone who is out of line with God's word. It simple.

Accountability is a gift that God is put in the box. We are merely getting started with all the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking for is listening alone for many my podcast if you want your YouTube, Facebook, or in America's voice on food or dish TV.

Welcome to the broadcast and I'm getting into the subject again a failed Trump prophecies because there is a significant segment in the church doesn't believe they fail better. That is, convinced remains convinced that he is actually the current president. Some cities actually calling the shots and is much as just want to write it off and say it's friendship. It's not it's not, so it's important that we address these things for integrity signatures 60 Johnny yellow one of the strongest voices prophesying from his reelection and saying it did happen and he is the president want you to hear little bit more what he said the recent post again. I draw attention to it because of the amount of attention that Scott because of the likes because of the support so key. Speaking of me and others not by name, who issued a statement is a joint statement representing a large swath of charismatic Pentecostal leader for America and even other nations encouraging the gifted ministry of prophecy and also say we must have proper accountability because of accountability on the cattle prophecies been abandoned in our movement for decades to redo the prophetic with your ministry leader. By all means sign it as well.

If your firm so he said speak of us.

They consider that if a thief has managed to hold the lid from a robbery for five or six months that it is now has to be considered fair and square. His loot they see it as a valuable service to the body of Christ. Quote Wayne in these profits or keep agreeing with God so notorious that no matter what happens in the physical earthly realm because the prophet said Trump is president that he is. He is president and vice going for accountability were co-trainer wanes them in. They have unwisely speaking of us unwisely partner with the thief means the devil right three partnered with the devil by calling for biblical accountability. They have unwisely partner with the thief.

All true prophetic voices have no choice but to agree with God as God changes his mind.

We will tube if he doesn't we will meet her.

I'm guessing he won't change his months is basically saying what happens in this world. Trump is president. He won the election fact God said so there is now no reality check no ability to hold those words accountable. Then he gives this vision as I was praying today I saw a vision of DJ Tito J. Trump seated on the throne holding a golden scepter.

If you wonder what we mean by Trump idolatry. This one was visit vivid pictures of her missing. He also had a golden crown on his head. This social is his present status from heaven's perspective. False false word false word that is not Trump's present perspective of present status from God's perspective, that becomes all I need to know is to should I back off saying the steel knothole. Heaven does not recognize JB to abide having any scepter when any crown from heaven's perspective, there is only the legitimacy of Dante Trump God is assigned the massive contingency of angels to that scepter to the crown. They have not ceased assignment and anointed seniors can see this to repeat the prophetic word has been true all the way from November 3 on that date, Donald J. Trump won election as spoken by his servants the prophets. It was fulfilled noticing presently yet to be made visible. Will is will and outrageous steel hold for a whole term, it will not see you being told it will not.

It will not. So if the elections are not overturned.

Then Johnny unloads word is false. FA LSC false.

The answer from God to the question of when is soon driver did on that soon no I don't. But you have to be within the next four years. Right DJ T was called and anointed by God to lead our nation and the world into a new era. That's a good example of Trump idolatry. He refused by God some positive voice.

He also been falls that were false that were detrimental, harmful, he did a good he did a lot of bad that's the reality was the above-mentioned leadership group at one time believe some version of that reality. Note didn't believe that didn't believe that most of us voted for him think he was a better choice than Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden. Note didn't think that he was going to lead us into some new era now apparently if the thief is that this outrageous and thorough enough, you must bow to that reality and actually congratulate and even pray for this thief in chief babies were partnered with the thief may be demeaned statement. Biden whatever I continue to strongly oppose the direction of the Biden ministration strongly oppose decision after decision strongly oppose policy after pulse and will continue to do so and pray for him as my president. I trust our system with checks and balances in courts, and I trust the person God's people. If Joe Biden was installed as president is president. That's my view based on faith based on prayer right so he goes on here of those who refuted refused to disprove God must be pressured into accepting the skill under the guise of being humble enough to admit being wrong about being humble enough to keep agreeing with the argument for believers and fellow leaders push for abandoning what he is clearly revealed a bubble does not say to support or pray for criminal thieves. Just because it was the highest seat in the land. Those who gave up on going to the courts of heaven in order to now instead rain and prophets might consider that a more worthwhile assignment to get back to 100 million Americans know that a grand theft has taken place. That's an interesting stat they know it is most definitely not disarming any body of Christ leadership group to instruct that this be considered acceptable. Let's move on again document does mention that documents is calling for accountability set so bad. That's a terrible if justice does not sweep it at this time is no foundation forever motivating the body of Christ to fast, pray March what we did fast, pray, cry out, and this is the result we got the content effort was unprecedented worldwide those on their and what is your God of view allow for criminal seats and power to be the answer from God. After months of fasting and prayer hit such concise belief that God is on the throne and we prayed and fasted and that God did not give us four more years. Donald Trump simple, that's what happened. There are plenty of opportunities for the courts to turn that and why would you allow grand theft of the highest level to not go for some of what would you then blame shift prophets did they inspire you to fast-track pray March gather vote or was it God, you're free to approach God with your disappointment so you must predicted elsewhere, wrestle through the question might find yourself back in assignment you need to literally look at this literally thousands and the prophetic community are still getting dreams and visions and audible voices from God on DJ T officially back in power friends that's mass deception mass deception so you can add that in the common sections of those who see this become aware that nameless and face the prophetic voices are remaining faithful to the scroll through the comments section, but you will find one after another after another after another affirming this wiring in place of interest in video among one after another after another saying amen true, absolutely.

You're right were holding on Donald Trump is the current president that look there were people guaranteeing that things would've returned later. November than December.

You watch and see. There were people guaranteeing that Biden would never sit a day in office, you watch what happens on generally, for there were people guaranteeing watch the end of March that the end of April. None of it is happened. None of it has half the but here there were usually people think the underinflated clip from Jeff Janssen is been very strong on Trump's reelection the militaries can get rid of Biden and put Trump back in power, so he just needs posted on his Facebook page. The best is yet to come to the eye group is a picture of Trump and of angelic type of picture the light shining on him and and look at this response from a gal named Anita don't know are all just use this to illustrate the point ye yes time is been taking God's work. Many of scoffed at the prophets of the nations simply because time is passed from God didn't promise the process would be quick and easy effect is doing a sellout triggered a test to see who will stick and stay come with me.

He is building a strong and faithful army for the great awakening friends. Many people believe this many people are in deeper deception now than before the elections because they have dug in their heels. They haven't said hey I was wrong. They haven't said hey we prayed and fasted and cried out in God did not give us four more years of Donald Trump and instead of looking to Trump for some great sum, great awakening and some of it even ties in with chewing on conspiracies and a great awakening in and you know all the pedophiles revealed and removed from office and Biden Obama put in jail than Hillary Clinton put in jail for being pedophile. Whatever the thing is assumption of the chewing on green.

We can do great awakening I'm looking for bypasses the White House and bypasses Congress and bypasses the courts because come straight from heaven. The awakening I'm contending for believing fours the greatest outpouring of the Spirit in the history of America bring us to deep and massive repentance as a great awakening.

My heart is set on and that many are praying and fasting, cry out for right so Jeff Janssen, I just mentioned you don't know Jeff at all, just going through some factual information. Newsweek posted an article March 18 of this year. March 18 that the headline said this evangelical profit claims military carrying out coup to reinstate Trump as president right evangelical profit claims military carry out coup to reinstate Trump as president and then just posted this on his Facebook page. Unfollow just want to check on this yesterday.

He then posted this article on his Facebook page.

Listen to this message that he brought listen to this message got time to play before the break, where he tells you when this is going to happen. Let's listen. Clip number one. He stepped aside he never conceded and the last offense is military, so the military actually the militaries in control right now and they will.

They've already made their determination it now.

It's about execution.

Now it's about returning civil power after after the we the people factor of the rightly duly elected president from this past election a comes forward and they exposed the corruption. There will be civil power restored to United States and the president will be Donald J.

Trump, watch with the Lord does, but I believe that April, I would be surprised if things don't happen by. By the end of April, Montauk in the 23rd, 24th and 25th which I believe she's a well past that were in May has 1/2 friend at what point people wake up to reality and say hell is wrong I missed it. I blew it.

At what point will they accept reality that concerns me right that number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown began to draw attention to them after the elections began to say this is a great time for accountability and to test words if inch in fact the elections are overturned. This would be remarkable would mean that these prophetic people really did hear from God. Some did was Trump's first election would seem so completely unlikely with some of them spoke at the first place. And I do believe that the few that did speak it the first time around. Did hear from the Lord. It was so unlikely it was so impossible for us. Many of us as conservative evangelicals, conservative followers of Jesus to vote for some electronic that like Violet everything stood for his past, even though he was today in so many ways. It could be in course he kept his word. He did so many things he promised he do he was he when he was a French evangelicals kept his door open and move the embassy to Jerusalem international. Things like that push back against Isis stood up to communist China stood up to Iran stood up for freedom of religion here in America pointed conservative justices to the print court did a massive amount for years and the second time around.

I believe that many prophetic people got caught up in a partisan political spirit and saw his reelection got caught up in an unhealthy, Christian nationalism, by which I mean draping the gospel an American flag. I don't mean being a good Christian and a good patriot at the same time go for. God bless you.

I don't believe I don't mean being a solid Christian believing that God has a purpose for America.

Let it be me. His purpose for America come to pass. I mean associating the kingdom of God with America, I mean associating the fate of the nation, with some larger eternal gospel purposes of America was chosen the same way Israel chose my issues with Trump had to do with the downside to his character which we do justify look the other way or took on ourselves becoming nasty and crass into the pointy throws. Mike pence under the bus January 6, having dangerous, shocking stuff like that. That's destructive, and because of his destructive ways Republicans end up losing two ceasing George instead of being united front. They are to get those candidates in which then brings the precarious situation with a radical leftist administration trying to push things in such a way that they could they could really got religious freedoms and really hurt the economy really hurt international standard so that was good was bad.

The issue I've had is with exalting Trump in such a way that only he can save the mayor. He is God's man for the nation and only he can do the job that's dangerous that's idolatrous but with a spate of recent words and reaffirmation's may be energized by the Arizona recount. We have to address these things in the world this document. If we don't want to. The world's here, how about this Newsweek. This was out last March, so March 10 was two months ago and I again if I'd been follies of decoding all these and talk about on the air regularly but haven't Christian pastor claims profits will call back Trump for three terms in the referring to Robin Bullock don't know Robin at all, and in any intro never to interact with him directly and had never heard of him before the Trump prophecies in his voice coming up again and saying prophecy is the word of God and and Trump is president it in in in heaven in a spiritual sense and in the words of come to pass. So that's what got my attention. The bizarre unaccountable nature of them will this is some of the video that Newsweek is referring to. So you may want to ignore this, but the world's a governess is bringing reproach to the gospel which bring reproach to the Bible.

It's bringing reproach to conservative Christians. It's bringing reproach take to charismatic ministry and the gift of prophecy and the ministry of the prophet.

So here are couple little segments from his message. So then you start to see there's two kings after Cyrus and you wonder if it's two kings after Cyrus couldn't be two more presidential terms. Could it be something like that very well could be. You say, are you saying it is no I'm not, but I'm telling you, it could be we know if we look at the story of the good Samaritan.

It comes down to the point where he gave the innkeeper two days wages to keep the man that he had rescued the Samaritan being Jesus and had rescued took him to the comforter at the end he gave him two days wages.

One day as a thousand years a thousand years as one day.

He gave them enough to keep in 2000 years. He said if I'm any longer and mock coming. I will pay it when I get there, but the Bible says he gave the innkeeper to pay us and now there's a Cyrus trumpet offers an appearance so we could be looking at either two terms of pants which would be two kings from Cyrus or we could be looking right now Pitts is Cyrus is into full terms, this would be into full term. That's what you call abusing the Bible. That's what you call it a mockery of Scripture. That's what you call twisting the words to fit some bizarre ideas. It would be like me saying Jeb Bush will be the next president because God appeared to Moses in a burning bush.

I mean it would be as preposterous.

This friends, this is some of the stuff that's out there because I love the word of God because I love the things of the spirit because I care about the direction of our nation. I'm addressing these things I get a middle ax to grind with people profits.

I feel terrible when I see people do this in an guilty of such gross error and misinterpretation of Scripture. I feel bad for them-I feel even worse for the people saying amen and taking it in. But but much of what happens in the New Testament with the apostles with the early believers was they were confronting error.

They were confronting heresy in its essential we do that I normally just deal with the issues I people attack me because I don't caught names that often I normally just deal with the issues if unable to deal with people behind the scenes. I try to deal with it at times. I will deal with the people as well, as we have today.

Because of this ongoing mass deception must be confronted. All right at work. We get to change topics in a moment. We got some eye-opening footage to show you, but first let's go to the phones will start in Australia with E done welcome to the line of fire around like very much.

You're welcome arm under a question regarding the migrated heartbreak. Diarrhea and water, Oxnard and current topography it takes to be a look of individual pigment buildup. The individual button at church and when I look at one Corinthians people talking about how you clicked on top of the edifying build up the church doctors wondering do their difference between the old and posting the and in particular the property do with more of the petri storytelling oriented property mole to reveal biblical truth already been established right so the only time I prophecies primarily the purpose of pointing the biblical truth. This reading reveal this is once been missed. Numbers the profit would be raised up to say hey we got off track.

Go back to what's written. Otherwise, the teacher is the one that's just opening up the revelation what's there.

That should be done on a regular basis all believers take in the word and then pastors and teachers, just a regular basis. Building us up on him. What's written so prophet with would be raised up to do that if we if we got off track. If we forgot the fundamental truth.

The prophet would say hey got off track. Go back Old Testament and New Testament prophecy are similar in that they both include fourth telling and foretelling so fourth. Telling is just speaking the truth to generation. You're insane.

You need to repent God's about to come and deliver you and foretelling would be addicting.

The future ultimately pointing to to Jesus in his first and second comings, but the differences in old New Testament prophecy are many. We open it up in our prophetic standards of statements of your prophetic with a similar that the Old Testament prophet can operate independently did not have to be part of the leadership team to was accountable. God would send him as Lone Ranger with the word you might die for preaching. It and if and if the word was false. He could die for it. For that, but that was different. They spoke with authority that New Testament prophets still have today of because we all have the Holy Spirit living with us and we're all vitally related to Jesus, the head of but prophecy can encourage lift office in first with his 14 three can reveal sin as later in the chapter but New Testament prophecies can be personal, as in Jesus speaking to Peter, Jesus speaking to Nathaniel.

Peter was first called Peter before and after of the crucifixion of Paul tells Timothy in first Timothy 118 to fight the good fight, based on the prophetic words that were spoken over him, so there can be personal prophecies that you take hold of you know the Lord that affirm a calling in your life and base that Lord, you promised spoke it. So many of the functions are the same, but the authority structures different profit, such as being part of larger leadership teams Mike Bickel it at IHOP international House of prayer is pointed out that the prophet may receive a revelation that this mean that the prophet is the interpretation or the application that may come from other leaders on the team that may come from the local pastor and shepherd who is the application for it so we work together as a team. Words are submitted and were not to despise prophecy or put out the bit everything is to be tested Scripture through clear and I hate thank you for the call. I appreciate listen if anybody threatens you daughter spoken through me and if you don't Lucerne judgment will come on you ignore ignore walk away from it walk away from it even if there is any truth to what the prophet spoke with a person spoke if they warn you that judgment will come on you if you don't listen to them or if you don't financially give to the ministry that is spiritual abuse. Spiritual manipulation of the highest order, and we address it in the prophetic standards statement again prophetic It is so important that we do not allow anyone to put us into bondage based on the prophetic word that we do not allow someone to bring us under their power because there holding this word overhead as they try to quote Psalm 10 515 don't touch my anointed don't harm our profits. There was a different context for the it is read it read in Psalm 105 you'll see what it's talking about today. We can apply to leaders in general have respect for and honor leaders who are worthy of your respect and honor don't cause them grief. Your ultimate submission is to Jesus the Lord, the leader tries to bring you in bondage to them. You walk away from serve you honor and respect your ultimate allegiance is to the Lord of the great back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown tracking this for some years now. I don't mean doing a careful study as much as making note when I see this happen in the news and distiller. They started to pull together a bunch of news headlines all telling the same story, namely a street preacher in England arrested for offensive comments or homophobic comments or hateful comments and and remember the way the law functions is it's how you feel about with the street preacher saying was if that street preacher says God made us male and female Genesis chapter 1 and that makes you feel uncomfortable and hated because you identify as transgender and fill you transgender. Some of these binary distinctions that we make that that potentially could mean that it's hate speech member not exaggerating and pointing to this was happening. Time and time again now about seven years ago. One preacher got a settlement from the government after being arrested and thrown in jail for hours and kept alone in because allegedly offended a gay couple and and another another preacher recently received an apology, but this been over and over again. So this is this is the most recent one. There were two pastors that are preaching and other show you footage of 871-year-old pastor John sure with his call he could spoken. He's speaking and and in fact, let's let's look at the slides first okay I want you to hear first what the first pastor had said.

He said God's design in creating mankind was to set human beings and families headed by a father and mother, not by two fathers who by two mothers the distinction within mankind just two genders, male and female made the image of God constitutes the essence of God's creative order sets with the one preacher had said then his his colleague wasn't getting arrested, affirming the same biblical truth is there reading from Genesis 1. Listen to what this preacher 71 years old. John sure with this is what he said I wasn't making any homophobic comments. I was just defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman was on the same with the Bible since I was wanted to hurt anyone or cause offense.

I was doing what my job description says, which is to preach the gospel in open-air as well is in the church building.

Let's take a look at this footage of your listening only you'll still here the scene.

It's it's quite shocking and I am not one is not as you they rough them up a little bit. The 71 years old, standing on a chair the day the systole comes down from the chair. It it's wild that's what he was preaching friends. That's what he was preaching okay how about this from Finland we read the warning friends. It was a pastor in Sweden some years ago who was arrested for preaching in his church.

What the Bible said about homosexual practice and with the highest court was finally overturned. This is absolute insanity in Norway.

There hate crime laws. Now if you miss gender someone publicly and and and cause them emotional distress, but by doing so you go to jail for years. So how about this from from from Finland which we can land you in jail. Criminal charges brought against finish MP okay let them read this to you. This is from the alliance defending freedom, imprisonment for posting a Bible tweet is now a very real possibility in Finland.

The finish prosecutor general has brought three criminal charges against finish member of Parliament and Ms. Perez named Poppy race and it the former minister of the interior now faces two years of impressment imprisonment for each alleged crime medical doctor. Mother five and grandmother of six is accused of having engaged in quote hate speech for publicly voicing her opinion on marriage and human sexuality in a 2004 pamphlet for comments made on the 2018 TV show, most recently a tweet directed at her church leadership because the Lutheran Church and in and Finland is largely apostate, has been for years, much of Scandinavia, she says, quote I can accepted voicing my religious beliefs could mean prison. I do not consider myself guilty of threatening slandering insulting anyone. My statements role based on the Bible's teaching on marriage and sexuality. I will defend my right to confess my face so that no one else will be deprived of their right to freedom of religion, speech, I hold onto the view that my expressions are legal, they should not be censored, back down for my views are not the intimidating time.

I faith the more Christians keep silent uncontroversial themes in our space for freedom of speech gets let me reread that last sentence. Let me shout this out to everyone in America right now and around the world more Christians keep silent uncontroversial themes. The narrower the space for freedom of speech gets no we should not be hateful. No we should not be hypocrites. No we should not be mean-spirited, condescending, self-righteous, nasty God for bid does not represent God's heart. We should speak the truth in love.

This is God's plan for marriage.

This is God's plan for family. This is God's plan for sexuality. We hold to what the designer put in motion, knowing it is best for everyone. If you differ your free to different because bigots hateful. What ever that your prerogative with the love you pray for you if you curse us to bless you. We will not back down from speaking the truth. If we will simply do that together, the tide will turn there is no reason for us to get intimidated by vocal minority or by big tact with all of its power or big business with all of its power where prison political leadership. Because if God is for us known to be against us every other been jail wind up in jail. Believers are dying for the face all around the world all the time that's that's been given. Not much is being*Kaman, let's take a stand. Let's take a stand while we have the opportunity to take a stand when here when I began talking about various social issues in 2004 when I began talking about gay activism where it was going and and how the whole agenda would be the principal threat to freedom of religion, speech and conscience in America people to my coastal decrease when I begin to worry about with transgender gender Wisconsin because I hate people. God knows the tears I have for God alone and wept overpaying.

That is been brought to those who identify as LGBT by uncaring church members or by insensitive preachers or by theology that makes them think that that we all hate them. And God hates them in the dam forever wept over that. They say we don't want your tears. I'm just telling you is no animosity in me and and there thousand things I'd much rather address, but I saw were this was going another salt long before I saw an who knew who knew back then the donation would be discussing these things that that that the transgender issue would be one of the biggest issues in the nation and the whole equality act and the gutting of religious freedoms and now various states passing laws to to to to protect girls in sports and to push back against transgender activism and now major doctor in England. Even high court sings away we go slow down this whole thing about putting these kids on hormone blockers and getting them to consented to to vasectomies that we have slow this process down. There is an increasing recognition at the same time he has street preacher yet another one in England and try to find out reach out to Christian legal Society and in the front. How many this is a fun a few just online, doing some searches yesterday, but I want to find out how many actual and the situation in Norway and the situation in Finland and the situation in Australia, and the situation in Canada. We draw attention today and with a bill that could be passed potentially in Canada.

If it doesn't get pushed through. Now there could well be a national referendum on it which could then make things even more difficult for the Christians being a small minority list activism, conservative Christians in Canada friends. This is not some chicken Little tell you the skies for this is someone who for years and years and years has been speaking of the direction where things go back in 2007 revolutions coming to America. This could be a moral and cultural revolution. It's either be heaven sent were hell-bent and with the rise of the new atheists influence they've had general skepticism, rising spiritual discontent, greater division scandals when crisis right now when crisis when we do about it. Take responsibility in your own life.

Take responsibility in your own life to be a person of prayer.

Take responsibility in your own life to be someone who loves the truth. Take responsibility in your own life to ask God to give you a heart that loves your enemies and make a commitment to stand for truth. Make a commitment. When you have the opportunity social media on your job in your school in your neighborhood random contacts you have the opportunity to speak the truth in love, do it, do not back down so as to save your reputation for the moment, so as to save your Facebook status, for the moment, so as to save your job for the moment that makes you a slave opinion instead stand was right slippery. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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