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The Third Jihad (Part A)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 29, 2019 3:00 am

The Third Jihad (Part A)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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You've do to leading the way with Dr. Michael you set today something unique and challenging Dr. Yousef's invited author and radio talkshow host Erica Texas to join in discussing the troubled state of our culture and world governments. The rising influences of radical Islam.

Eric's radio broadcasters are nationwide in more than 120 cities in the United States and is also a New York Times best-selling author just a few of his book titles.

Martin Luther Bonhoeffer miracles and amazing grace the heart of today's content is found in Dr. Yousef's new book the third jihad is an eye-opening examination of a radical Islam's intent to conquer the West, but more than that it's a call for prayer and action by today's church to rise up to experience revival in days of trouble. Preorder your copy when you give a gift of any amount to leading the way.

Just give a ministry representative a call at 866-626-4356 that 866-626-4356 or go online. Weird.

LTW.Borg have more details at the end of today's discussion. Now though, let's join Eric as he digs in the Dr. Yousef around Ortiz in this area. Listen with me most people tuning and expect to hear you preaching a sermon. You do that so well. It's hard to think that there's anything else worth doing with you except I know that you written books that your experts are on many subjects, not least Islam.

Your main degree is in sociology right serve socially of religion your religion. This is something you have studied okay there many great pastors who have not studied this, you study this, you have grown up in this world you written about it a year ago we spoke about it in another book that you wrote on it's because of you that I'm persuaded that this is real I hear a lot about this kind of thing so you call it.

First of all let's talk about this. You call this the third jihad right before you tell us why you call the third jihad. What is it without my saying it what is it that makes you such an expert on this, even though you study that right.

You have a biographical background in the world of Islam. It will everything I have is documented is not matter what I think or how I feel in all her stuff is documented. I'll tell you something first and then I'm going to tell you why it's called I was in England recently at a very large reception of very prominent Christian leader got up after I spoke and he said all these years and all our Christian leadership in this country and around the world. I have never understood the problems until I read the hidden enemy which is my previous book you referred to earlier. We talked about that a year ago and he said the documentation is what sold me on the fact that it is truth is not somebody just expressing emotions and fear all that, no, and that's what he was almost in tears. One other Christian leaders in the meeting and rubbery malice or I have never seen this person feeling that passionate about convicted that the time is now. We need to do something number four jihad is not miter.

I want to make sure that that's understood. I did not come up with it and all the writings of the Islamists again as you remember, we always make a distinction between Muslims and I have many friends who are moderate Muslims and Islamists. Those who have this ideology of dominating the world, paving the way for the caliphate is that if you don't mind my interjecting my own biography. It's the difference. My mother grew up in Nazi Germany, is the difference between Germans living in Nazi Germany and Nazis living in Nazi Germany exactly some people didn't agree.

Some people their whole life with the take over the world with national socialism. So you are talking when you talk about Islam mysterious you're talking about those people.

They are dedicated to subjugating the world before we go further into why you call them. They call it the third jihad a little bit about more about your background.

You are obviously from Egypt from other present, you have grown up in this world to be your first 30 to 19 years of my life lived in the Middle East and us to go to the militia regular that I have many differences I have met with world leaders. These are leaders of countries, the majority Muslims who are as much antagonistic toward Islamist and Islamist ideology. Since all the Europeans believe a lot because they know what else was I the reason I want to bring up your background because you travel so widely because you know this world from the inside you bring a very different perspective. You have lived this you know this, you have a love for the for the Arab people ever Muslim people so I just want to be clear that we're not talking about that were talking about fanatics absolutely as I say is the difference between a German and a Nazi, or even between the German and SAS officer people whose whole life is dedicated to a strategy right okay so let's back to the term third jihad is that it's their term research terminus in the writings and this is where I got it from. It's not a matter of front I sat there and said what talk to her give this book. It's what I've read in Arabic solid English as well.

People have written about it extensively, you really read Arabic. Yes, you read Arabic.

Yes I'm very impressed. I was already impressed with you and really that's a accelerant that's the key pieces and it isn't so much of these writings are in Arabic and so most people don't read Arabic. They get the.

The whitewashed version of it right because the people and they're not stupid they're not publishing in English on website.

Some of the things that they haven't in error and I promise you that I have seen with my eyes and heard with my ears.

Some of them there would say something in English, but there was say something totally different in Arabic, how the war appeal to Western world is different from reality is that they say in your home country must assume that many many times as I travel but the reason they called this third jihad is these ideologues these Islamists who are totally committed to implementing Worldwatch sharia committed to bringing about the successor of the prophet Mohammed that is a caliphate where you hear the word caliphate caliphate and not the vast majority of Muslims that small minority, but they're very vocal, very active in every country and they have various strategies so let's go back to the third.

You had wiser defer because they say again that in the writing is all documented the first jihad was around the 700s when they come all the way to France, they invaded Christian lands they went up north from Arabia to Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and then there went west to Egypt, north Africa and all the way to the French country and are knocking on the door until Mattel going back nearly think everybody knows who Martel is Charles Martel right Charles the hammer Martel see this is the history that I love talking to you because when you look back.

Yes, you see that there are things happening many years ago that are totally relevant today. Try and sell it.

Martel was what year is nearly 700,008, 606 so is this amazing to me that that this is the cyst were talking out 1400 years ago in an effort to take over Europe right it's rebuffed there and then a number of years later, around 1500 is another advert to take ovary and it is by the grace of God rebuffed right and it's just in historical terms. It's just a few years later.

Now the same thing is happening. The third time exec they themselves say this week failed to pick Europe. Europe is the heart of Christendom.

As far as they're concerned and enroll. Is that a part of it. That's part of LA Llanelli was. This is not just you know like Hitler wanted more lebensraum. He wanted more room.

This is not the case. In other words, with these Islamists. They specifically are anti-Christian and they want to destroy Kristin dumb, it's not just an issue of we might want more room they want to destroy Rome and they want to go into the heart of Christian Europe exec even though Europe has slid in toward paganism they want to destroy Kristin them. Well at least dominated if they go to destroy it thereunto dominated. They want to make Islam to be dominant during the sharia to dominate your at least gross of modern times and so this I would failed in the 700s to take over Europe. We failed in the 1400s come all the way to the doors of Vienna and when we turn back the two part of Spain but that also later on was taken back from them but they said now it's 1/3 jihad which is going to be the final push to occupy Europe and bring the sharia into your now. There is also talk now to say well if our brethren in Europe have this ideology. Why can't read the Muslims of Islamists in America do the same for the United States and want to call it the Islamic states of America. The Islamic states of America and its right there in the writings.

What part of what's in there so it's it's interesting to me here. First of all, we live in a very liberal country and I say liberal in the positive sense of the word understand we are tolerance of her mother's okay I'm a Christian.

I don't approve of sex outside of marriage.

But I am tolerant and I love people who disagree with me and I don't want to subjugate them.

I don't want to destroy their lives. I have a point of view and we live in a country we get along, but what you have pointed out to me in the past is that people with a different ideology. We see it, sometimes with gay and transgender activists.

They take advantage of the ideas of tolerance.

These beautiful American ideas, exactly, and they cynically exploit them in a way to kind of bully people into shutting up right into not giving a position that we've seen, the Islamists have done this very successfully in England. This and in Europe and they are also doing it here. I mean, I know this is true, and this is part of what you call the third jihad rocked under this multipronged's and mean they say were going to use our investments. The billions if not trillions of dollars invested in Europe, we can use the birthrate because we are increasing by five or six a year while they negative in the European sense as I was a big that's a big thing. It's it's so European energy here here in the very liberal Europeans and you see this here mostly among politically liberal people that they cannot think well I want to bring children into this messed up world or I want to be burdened with children. Meanwhile Muslims have precisely the opposite attitude there having many children right in every four wives and while polygamy officially illegal in Europe it is winked at on the part of European governments according England. Okay, that this gets to the heart of it right and others.

There's a cynicism here because the Muslims are using the fear of the West numbers the Western leaders do not have the guts to take it on.

So they will officially say polygamy and bigamy has always been illegal, and it's still illegal, but they do nothing to enforce it never is there already allowing people to push them into abdicating their centuries long values.

In fact, it happens in the Minnesota among the Somali community service happening in America as well and in Europe. The four wives would get welfare checks. A very simple reason the women in the Arab world do not change the maiden name say keep the maiden names and even Christians in the Middle East. They do that. It's just part of the culture they do not take the husband's name so these four wives all have the maiden names and therefore there get welfare check. All four of them help. How can I mean, maybe you don't have an answer to this but I know there are voices in the House of Lords the Baroness Caroline Cox and others who know exactly what is happening and they cried out against it for decades. Where is the Churchill of today. I know I was in the House of Lords, hosted by senior members of the House of Lords.

My wife and I just a few weeks ago and when the time came for us to talk openly about this bill, lowering the voices we are in this incredible incredible institution. They were, speaking softly because they don't want to create problems for themselves.

Yeah and so part of their strategy the Islamic strategy is to penetrate and infiltrate political parties. They are infiltrating the Labour Party and the infiltrating the Democratic Party in the United States. For example, where three Muslim women and for the first and hundred and 81 years in the history of the Congress where the law says you do not have a head cover, but because of an Islamist elected member of Congress in the year 2018 and she wears that her job begun to change the law and the site not wearing her job in Congress because of this congresswoman was going to swear on the Koran and so forth.

We need to change the law is can us see this is very complicated, semi-brought this up. I was talking to group yesterday in the very subject came up. I thought to myself. In America anyone is allowed to be elected and those I don't care if someone is elected and they want to where he job.

However, that's not the issue. The question is, is there fidelity first and foremost to the Constitution or to something else. If your fidelity is to something else out. You cannot be a true American right has nothing to do with whether you're Muslim or where he job if your fidelity. We know this came up with John F. Kennedy okay in 1960 election. He said he's can be faithful to the Catholic Church and not to the Constitution, you can be a Catholic you can be a Protestant. You can be an atheist.

You can be Muslim as long as you have fidelity to the Constitution to what you're talking about is a specific design goal to infiltrate and not to have fidelity to the Constitution owes to come within the system right to undermine the system Constitution and if you really put a gun to their head this or that has to come second to sharia because I'm and that's the whole reason that motivated to learn that motivated to make speeches that motivated to infiltrate political parties is because they say yeah I will believe the Constitution but then if you press in the cell wall second to the sharia right but but see I would say the Bible comes before the Constitution accepts accept the Bible does not contradict the Constitution and the Constitution and the values come from Scripture, you put your finger on. That said, yes, that's a difference so so if you're Christian, a devout Christian, you have no problem absolute with the Constitution fact being a Christian. If you're in politics. The Constitution is the greatest document you can have outside of Scripture because it has scriptural values that respect everyone but sharia law in the Koran do not trust right and that's why so many Christians who really love this country have absolutely no quorums affect they are supportive that the defenders of the Constitution because they know how it was written. They know the initials behind at the heart behind the knowledge of the Scripture behind it, but Islamicists who are really committed first and foremost to the sharia and the sharia says there is no God but Allah, and therefore you know we are all infidels and so that is the core of their reasoning why the infiltrating the political parties and while they getting involved and why they want to change slowly. He isn't part of this that if the gospel is well represented in the United States. I mean, in the time of revival where most Americans love Jesus and believe in the Bible we won't have these problems. But what's happened. Let's say at least in the last 50 years is that liberals have moved away from classical liberalism. This into a kind of malevolent father father Richard John Neuhaus called the naked public square, and others.

Instead of saying we have a healthy separation of church and state where the state doesn't bother the church and lets the church be the church. We have liberals have increasingly moved away to say we don't want the church to have anything to do with our politics and so by making a secular political world.

You open the door to Islamicists taking over sure you create a vacuum because the vacuum will be created when the foundation of the Constitution and that which is biblical truth is undermined. Once that's undermined them. You got nothing but the shell okay so the reason we're here is not just to highlight the problem, which is a real problem when I was a duck use of I'm so thrilled that you have alerted me to this idea of the third Jihad and I were able to tell your audience about this because this is unfortunately extremely serious. But the question then becomes, what can we do about it because it's we're not just here to complain. We're here to say God has a solution. This was just reading a book by Dave Harward circled the dock agenda factor.

I'm going to endorse it. He asked me to drive.

I'll be endorsing it in here is an agnostic Jewish scholar gentlemen who is writing in this book to say that this America is a Christian country and regardless of how I feel.

The truth is the truth is the truth of this, why agree to endorse his book and so we are seeing people who would not necessarily committed Christians, but if they love the truth they're gonna have to say yes this is the truth. But now, of course, with the militant secularism with the Miller rent liberalism who are intolerant of the Christian point of view are the ones who are creating the vacuum and who is going to fill the vacuum force because once you have a week environment who's going to be the victor is the one who is good news for someone is going to bring fear into people's hearts and minds and then they have to acquiesce to them.

The enemy is certainly using here in battle today powerful content on today's leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent to remember the website if you need to get in touch for any reason.

That's where you can watch a video of today's discussion.

It's all therefore you let what you've heard today is just scratching the surface of what can be found in Dr. Yousef's brand-new book. The third Jihad me tell you, Dr. Yousef does not overwhelm you with historical accounts detailing the rise of Islam throughout history. He offers practical challenges for today's church to stand out to experience revival. The third Jihad is releasing in a few weeks, but right now is the time for you to order your copy, use tactic, except with some words of challenge for you my friend this book. The third you have.

If is not going to transform your thought and your understanding of what's going on in the world I give it to free this is a significant book will be the most significant book in the last decade because the title the third you had comes from what they are saying that they have waged already for coming to the United States. This is the third Jihad time so get it read and understand what's going on in our world today. As we mentioned earlier, the third Jihad is available for you to preorder right now when you get a gift of any amount to leading the way in a few weeks when it's published. We will make sure that you are one of the first to receive a copy to scholar ministry representative today at 866-6264 356.866 626-4356 and of course you can place your order and In fact, while you're there, watch the video of this entire discussion between Dr. Yousef and Eric the taxes and this is a wake-up call American to be taken down from the outside to be because we left the house. I can hear people out there who are targeting Western civilization targeting people who are not Islamist. The third Jihad is happening right now in front of eyes. This part of Sergio hopefully will take Americans and Christians by the shoulders and shake us out of our lethargy and our apathy. The use of sharing the third Jihad book a history where the first Jihad come from the second job comes from and so give your foundation to understand where the radical Islamist if someone were to come up to me and asked why do I need to read third, I would say you want to know what's happening right now you want to know what's happening.

The future you will see how we got here. I remember phrase that I read in the book that says it all happen gradually and then suddenly right now believe there is happening gradually were unable to see. That's the scary part, basically from the third Jihad would be the importance of realizing that if we don't act now to be too late. The stories that the use of sharing the third Jihad is easy to understand and I feel better now. It's a good thing this book Sergio has come along because now we have some manual will with which to fight back in with which to harm and I think every person needs to get this in her hands. Preorder your copy of Dr. Yousef's new book Sergio today for your gift of any amount and receive a free audio CD of Dr. Yousef's eye-opening message understanding and responding to Islam a 20 minute crash course on radical Islam give a gift of $100 or more and you will also receive audiobook for the 30 call right or visit us preorder your copy today program is provided by leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set connect with us through our YouTube channel Facebook twitter and all of our other social media networks. Learn more and

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