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Standing For Freedom!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 30, 2021 1:00 am

Standing For Freedom!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 30, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is with Ryan & Scott from the Standing For Freedom Center on the campus of Liberty University, talking about religious freedom and their upcoming new show!

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Woodrow Kroll here wouldn't train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double trained hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio.

We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network with religious liberties under fire with all the gender confusion with the government forcing people to do things that go against their belief system with people being sued simply for standing up for their faith in Christ. What you do you turn to water the voices that you listen to to guide you. Should Christians just withdraw go to monastery and leave the country or should we engage in a how do you do that you become a Democrat, you become a Republican. What is one to do if they love Jesus but also want to engage the culture and I'm so glad those topics are on the table day.

I'm so glad because Ryan and Scott are in the house. They are here from the standing for freedom Center on the campus of Liberty University to men of God to oaks of righteousness – are these tough questions. Scott Archuleta just drop these easy little questions in your lap for either of absolutely set me up with some big softball questions are stupid.

If there's one thing we love about what you do here in your ministry and I'd be here in studio with you today is that you do stand for truth right in the name of your network and so were here from Liberty University. The stain freedom Center and were helping her to engage in the political arena while we absolutely with one hand, have her hand on the Bible have or have our power or mind wrap around the Bible about which instruments on the newspapers and engage people with the pressing issues of the day my compadre Ryan help combine great to be here. Stu hey thanks for having Scott nylon just to talk a little bit about what's happening in culture in one of the things Justin just to piggyback off of what Scott said is that we have to we have to go back to the basics of biblical truth. What I'm seeing more more in this younger generation is a. While there is an appreciation for the deep things in deep meanings and deep purposes of life. They're not in touch. They're not adept to biblical knowledge.

Others in the there's a large a growing gap of biblical knowledge in a typical basis for understanding reality and so often times you know parents and even grandparents are worried about the politics the political landscape.

What I'm saying is, where would we had to go back to a Google worldview that the that's an in game we gotta go north of that north of even culture.

And that's where the church should live is north of culture Walmart have you guys office for a show of truth talking Ross is a podcast owner want to share this with with everyone your to be introduced to a just a massive just a load of great resources that will talk you through such issues as HR five, where you may go to jail just because you're Christian because you verbalized you shared the good news of Jesus in such a way that you assaulted people according to the current ministrations legislation.

The try to force the center right now HR one another piece of dangerous legislation, the court packing the filibusters. What is it mean to be woke. Are you all will Christian. This is a danger that's infiltrating the church today in these two men are standing up against it with her doing it in a gracious way. The apostle Paul compelled the Ephesian believers to speak the truth in love, Ryan.

I love the way you do that I was with you guys on the campus of Liberty University not too long ago yet. Mike Pompeo get all these fellows we tell everyone, how this came about. I want to kinda guild biography on you guys was Ryan who Scott in this standing for freedom Center.

The freedom Center at liberty University, how did that was the genesis of this great if you were to be here like is there is a program in the works that were none of quietly announcing Microsoft announcement here on truth, thought it's going to be going national with you to teaming up to tackle these tough issues and on it on a radio format in a park estimate were pumped about, but tell us a little bit about why the start of the freedom Center of the standing freedoms are yes only start first ball with what the freedom Center is how do that in an obscure brief background myself and and Scott as well, but the stain freedom Center really exists right now as you see this cultural gap life, liberty, truth is under attack and increasingly secular, hostile and antagonistic age. Literally, the standing for freedom Center exist to promote life, liberty, and truth. To ensure that the foundations of freedom exists for the next generation is really about the next generation. We want to be able to hand on to it. The do it into a new generation. These truths will be one of the things that Reagan used to say over and over again that that freedom is just one generation away from extinction. We have to remember that that's not just a political principle.

The reality is is that if you go back to the Old Testament the covenant of Israel.

God warned the Israelites again and began to teach your children this so that they would not forget it and write it on their foreheads inscribed everywhere. Remember, he grabbed the stones of remembrance. But remind them about what God did in delivering Israel and saving Israel to remind people of the foundations of freedom and what really made America free for first free institutions the church. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ because that's where the gospel is as were the gospel is preached about spiritual salvation and ultimately that trickles down transform society about me.

I'm Ryan Helfand buying. I'm a Texas native takes me a little while to get that out, usually within the first 30 seconds of meeting me, you find that out. They've never met a humble Texan. I don't believe you, but I'll just say that I came to faith in Christ. An early age under the preaching of Jack Graham Prestwood Dallas grew up there. Went to school K-12. That little place called first Baptist Dallas and back in the days of W.A. Criswell when he was alive, and in so no fast-forward and went to seminary I went to seminary in Louisville Kentucky without molar.

And I learned a lot about worldview and apologetics from our heater get a Salem radio show. By the way Roy and I spent some time just print off your papers and documents for research in an elders in a library to have very small. The idea just a novel library about 200,000 volumes, you know the scary thing is is some say that is read almost every book in their head and without with almost a photograph, photographic memory, but so I ended up while in seminary working towards a PhD unit of spending some time in politics work on a congressional campaign, a Senate campaign and ultimately gubernatorial and up working for the governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin and then about two years ago came at liberty University is the VP of comms and really enjoyed my time and so I see this as something where I've a burden for the next generation of burden for young people, and I want to teach them in a way that they can understand, difficult truth, and your young guys also see a young guy out there communicating, articulating truth to a bunch of other young folks, not just DELIVERY but now through a national platform with standing freedom of the upcoming radio show, God will is is that's all being lost and also through these symposiums. These gatherings you guys are on the audit trail with Pastor Johnson doing things in churches all over the place and speaking out into the writing two articles is an amazing video.

What is the website argued early and often.

Here it is you generator five is critical.

On July standing for okay, no clever way of spelling it just standing and in the word for an freedom dock. I really hope you're all washed at work coming up on a break, but not there yet. Scott Lamb, who is Scott Laman. How did you get involved as you have quite a story to just like Ryan does well I've ever line for about a decade and go back to Louisville but art are shared love is things related to the Scripture thing where the gospel the local church and also uses lot of fun to be around. I know we for 12 years.

We we pretty much been talking nearly every single day for 12 years about things and met things are important.

We sure love a pastor like John MacArthur and great preachers like Charles Spurgeon guys that that first century so we sure those things in common and it's can be a joy to get actually get on the radio airwaves in and talk about things that matter. Talk about things that are grounded in truth, the name of that the center has the word standing in it and it really comes from Scripture lots of Scripture doesn't Scripture talking about standing firm against the devil against the world against her own flesh and and and and making a stand and sometimes the of the most courageous thing you can do is to not retreat did not run or turn around and run away from the battle so we built out right in the name for a reason. Okay, in we want to get to that next what's going on at church today.

What is happened.

What is all this woke Christianity.

While these Christians wimping out there putting the cultures agenda ahead of the Scriptures agenda no longer weakens holding God's word about gender, but were going into what feels good or what is anecdotal or what's PC politically correct. You guys are speaking of that, we are not just speaking of that in a angry knee-jerk fundamentalist Christian Conaway your put the fun back in fundamentalism in your speaking of that in a gracious way and the word of God speaks to that Messmer love most about your connection with Scripture, life, liberty, and truth passing on to the next generation. The standing for freedom Center stand for freedom.

The, the upcoming radio show your hear more about woke is him and HR five argued we want the most dangerous pieces of legislation. It's ever been proposed in the United States Congress and Senate.

When we come back right your true thought. So are you woke like was that means do about your driving around. I hope I woke on a precious car, no I don't mean that I mean are you a woke Christian maybe my buddy Ryan Helfand dine will explain to us what that means he's with the standing for freedom Center. It's on the campus of Liberty University have have the studio true thought.

I'm swept euros.

Also Scott Lamb is here. These guys are about to embark on an awesome, awesome, brand-new nationwide radio show podcast digital everything they have an amazing social media presence you follow. I love your quiet love your coaching clip type for them to people all the time. Great, great stuff. Funny stuff that Ryan puts out there. Make sure you follow him on Instagram and the freedom Center. Also, the standing freedom Center on Instagram just decide he awoke as a nurse.

There's almost it's almost sadness like what work was having the church's backbone. The churches have to compromise the truth amid all the politically correct stuff churches have to withdraw from the political process.

Can you be a Christian and be active in public policy Ryan some hot hot questions for some potatoes. Can you handle him and he tells what it means to be woke well is this come from. I'll tell you this. I never agree this is something parents you know you need teacher young people never agree to a definition if you don't know what it actually means. I think the first thing that the social justice movement attempts to do is bring a whole bunch of people into the fold and make new disciples so to speak, of young people, but do it do it through height.

A lot of hype a lot of emotionalism and a lot of propaganda campaigns and marketing. They are great at marketing.

The first thing I would say is a Christian, not local. We are awake in Christ, but we are not woke in the social justice movement is a new form of the therapeutic moral therapeutic gospel for a new age of cynicism and fear and and how I define that. Is this the. The whole idea behind the social justice movement is what I what I call a hermeneutic of suspicion and what that means do is that everyone out there everyone out there is looking for somebody who is an oppressor someone who has done something wrong. These are like ambulance chasing activists that are constantly trying to find the injustice under every rock and so yes there and there are inequities everywhere what the social justice movement wants to do is through this fear, the suspicion and evenness cynicism are trying to find ways to to bring about a new order a new way of of equity or recompense and trying to really turn things around, so to speak, and that's with it so it's a new it's actually kind of. It's a form of Marxism, but you can't go around and say I'm a Marxist, you can go around and say that's what I'm trying to do and no Christian right mind is against the concept or that the words social justice technically no Christian is against the words pro-choice does not sound nice and we were were about you.

You choose, I'm you choose to serve you today I would choose to share the gospel unity. I'm pro-choice, but those words pro-choice social justice woke woke is all that they've been kind of hijacked by folks that are enemies of righteousness that are putting on his grandstand and shaming people in the police officer goes and a ladies gotta be nice to death. He shoots the lady was knifing her and all the sudden air everyone before anything said before any for any investigation or one thing these please construct every cop is racist in this.

These guys are horrible. We gotta get rid of him and we got a D fundament it so but but when the church by · narrative and doesn't speak out biblically. Scott Lamb et al. so we are at liberty University. We are 15,000 students there residentially and and most of those were between the age of 18 and 22. Dr. Baer. If there's one thing they're afraid of. It's the cataclysmic canceling that can happen to them because of their own social media and enemies that will just they also smell you really can't stay also has a culture for if if you're if you're a young person.

That's how you make contacts. That's how you build a network Italian parsley land a job there on the social media networks, but they picked they've seen there. There there generation not make one mistake or perceived to be making one mistake and all of a sudden their entire life is destroyed and so they try to get these radars will were the kinds of things I shouldn't even talk about not even not even one word answers to some is really crucial issues that they don't say one word about those things are not call them cowards there. Just try to be careful because I know that you know you say one nuanced. You say one thing and Justin have exactly the right Nuance and all the sudden you know you're not in a job you know in your chosen field or or you know your to be publicly shamed and so that's, or talk about, like a covering up for kids are really actually in or rattled directly doing wrong things as on some… What you said the police officers doing his job. Next, you know, he loses his job and people are put you know what I'm praying for Paul police officers and then they get canceled entirely by the Hollywood contract driving social media companies – the Castle Fleming this show. I could cancel from all my affiliates by having you two guys will have no mileage liquor. If you have Mark Wilkins God bless you guys are. Stan was true, thought Truth Network all over the life of him that he would carry true thought were grateful because I got these two heavy hitters on you guys really good hitters you guys are rough guys and I hope everybody else figure heavy hitters. This is some the biggest duties are the corporations and then a group like the NCAA. Like soldiers, new little lucre stuff that happened in Georgia yet exactly silly said you got major gyri and airplane you should have you show your ID to vote here in which it is able yet here in North Carolina. The NCAA has such a powerful sway with hearts of the guys you know if you said what were never in her and come here for rascal championship and all of a sudden your corporations basing what slow change of policies and it's not. It doesn't have to go through legislation. It doesn't have to go through the courts. It really just has to go through corporate America that says your inner shame. An entire state into changing something so so the major-league baseball world headquarters in New York City, which has twice is strict voting rules regulations as the state of Georgia has incorporated with Isaiah. It's a it's just so that you know the deadline.

Voting is just to make sure you show your ID which right after you have your ID to get some of some kind of allergy medicine. I was like I couldn't open my O'Grady alacrity up one day as I did have a focus I I'm over my limit after showing idealist yet Colorado so they moved the All-Star game to Colorado, but they have stricter voting laws there right, but no one talks about this. There's like this, it has to be racist, everything has to be right there playing the race card everywhere. When Christians but what's sad is Christians instead of leverage that to share the gospel. They cower back and fear like I'm afraid that you know they will like my church they were afraid that if I speak the truth. Afraid it will be politically correct and and so often the case when they make these make these big moves. It's actually full of hypocrisy and full of illogic so they move the All-Star game from Atlanta with 2% African-American to Denver. 9% African-American makes no sense. And of course aftermarket MICU community is greatly entered when they do at the business plot was worth several millions of dollars for that one event that the other ironic thing is, Hank Aaron course of no Atlanta. The Braves baseball died in the off-season they were and make the biggest deal of him at the All-Star game which is one of the defining marks of 19 segment defining moments in 1970s was Hank Aaron going against you know Babe Ruth and received all that a racist male unity should be doing that and him prevailing. It was a great story come out in 1970s and now you're yanking you.

You send the baseball game to Denver.

So what is it doesn't even make sense enough you really wanted to further racial reconciliation. You would've kept it in Atlanta and you would've done what they were planning on doing so it actually is destructive to the very thing that they will open account and people just just run along like little sheep and government tell you some because they said it. I want to jump in there and post all my pictures and only realized it. I'm jumping into a communist socialist narrative that is eroding the values rights of all of our faith. Are we getting a break quickly and I just see the last thing just to piggyback off that woke ism unmasked. Is this pernicious pernicious evil that is actually more racially charged more racist than it actually does the opposite of what it claims to do. Tell us more about Ryan health Woodbine Scott Lamb. When we come back and we'll talk about what Christians are to do engaging culture what Christians are to do with these. These immoral bills coming up and who are some of the fellows you will believe the cool names that they've added to their fellows list at the standing for freedom Center for Liberty University and an upcoming a little upcoming teaser about their show right here next entry thought to men of God taking a stand using their voices to address the culture to lift up Jesus. Let's not forget we are not here to push and prop up a political party, or a political agenda were here to be salt and light for Jesus Christ. Yet Scott and Ryan with the standing for freedom Center at Liberty University so often the faith in Christ gets conflated with tropism or gets conflated with a certain political candidate and people like what you can't support that party and be a Christian or they go the other way will I have to hold this party because they said that there helping minorities because they said there for social justice because they said there woke will I've got to help them with the fact is that is an evil position.

They're not helping any babies be born and there's a whole thing with pro-life.

So how does a Christian. does a Christian navigate through this minefield of political correctness and wildness pick up where you left off the last segment so good. Have you guys are truth, so I mean I would just say that one of the things Egyptian about woke as it really is a religion not just as a political movement is that unmasked. It's a pernicious evil that is actually far more racist in in in it's what it's ultimately attempting to do is to divide every single person, including households you know and it's a father and son and a mother against daughter and that's what sold me trying to do and I would just say in terms of how we navigate this week got to get her own story straight is Christians. I think that's the most important thing is Christians you have to be rooted in biblical truth, turn off the TV, unplug it for a while. That's okay. Turn off the phone, you know, one of the things in the digital world. I will we talk about this a lot over at the scene freedom Center, but this analog versus digital conversion. The reality is digital is not just a medium. It's a way in which young people think it's Holly. It's how they relate truth.

It's how they ultimately it becomes concrete in their thinking. Right. The problem, and I think one of the reasons why the session social justice movement is been so effective any part of the reason why the younger generation is become far more agnostic about certain political positions is large because they can't can't make it concrete in their mind to their dealing with things just like it's difficult for Johnny to do math right because he hasn't been taught is been taught the analytical skills he doesn't, Johnny doesn't know actually how to evaluate hard ethical positions because he doesn't even know the basics so this this goes back to the basics of a biblical worldview and establishing truth laws of non-contradiction and all these other things.

They are absolutely necessary building blocks to making people think clearly and yes… So that also the importance of apologetics in the Christian worldview.

But biblical exposition. Now you know how are your encouraging pastors to teach the word of God. Yes, the framework that were missing this family land while the Greeks had they sought in three different ways logos at Dawson pathos. The pathos is the feeling there there in your passion, your affections, your how you feel about things. The low Goss was the thinking of the logic and and and actually there.

The rationality in the Athos is how we live, how we live that out.

We always like to think we would like to talk about it with, especially the younger generation look your leaving with your heart and the heart is an important part but it's not the only parts. Let's put some content in the brain.

Some solid content right that's Reagan Romans 12 one to the renewing of your mind.

You gotta think scripturally got have a grid of of a Christian worldview. See, think about things correctly and then of course as a doesn't stop which is to have the heart you gotta put your feet in your hands and let the truth go out out to into actual actions.

That's at this at the Athos of actually living out the Christian truth claims that you're so passionate about. So you put all Fritos together. That's where were the sweet spot is recorded onto strident appeal of a 220-year-old. So in my generation €47.

They can be led wrongly as well so and every generation we need to hear this yet. What do people believe, why do they believe it and fundamentally how how what you love the church is given weight is given ground. They've given up all this valuable ground. If anyone should believe the charge on Russian racial equity in and in connecting and beautifying Christ.

Only the gospel can bring great people together that hate each other, racially, and I if I if I start liking you because you're black and you start like Annika because I'm white, you might find out that I'm a Yankees fan your Red Sox and I get heavy flat because were sinners person on anybody there Yankees or Red Sox Panama Cardinals fan I know you don't want to recall) okay for the Texas Rangers of life that was taken out without Jesus. Is there any hope so Christian should be leading the charge in social justice. We should be feeling we've we've we've in a sense and a sense of the work were were we are rightfully critics of the wall culture and that the mishandling of social justice and the abuse and the hate this really visually charging this racial no police officer you know hating thing.

But the fact is worth the churchmen right we should be the leaders we should be feeding the poor, the Salvation Army, you all the know that the William Booth all that that this the slavery issue. You know that that so many believers have died for so the people to be free. So now the church is at a key point. It's at a key spot.

Ryan yeah how did she step up and be the church militant to lift up Jesus. The only solution.

Why think you always make the gospel.

First, I think the idea that by the way, these ideas have been around for a long time with the social gospel movement. 100 years ago, and churches divided denominations divided over biblical truth. They gave up the Bible, it became less about salvation became more about soup and soap and doing good by the way, orphan orphanages, hospitals, and all these other missionary organizations were started by churches and they gave up the gospel. They gave up the Holy Spirit. They gave up the power of God and so no longer can it be transformational. So the message is lost their power churches boarded up right in less they had an endowment right you see this all over, especially in the northern mainline Protestant denominations. That's what happened.

We have to go back to preaching the word. Yes, we also have to give people a clear reason.

I think one of the things that Scott puts so well is its head, heart, and in its hands and feet, and that you can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

If you don't have them in your mind and in your heart that's always up to start their first student to catch at super and so I 12 years I've known this guy just comes up with a something earlier what you're hearing the voice of light lamp Ryan Helfand buying I love his name and these guys are heading up the freedom Center, also known as the standing for freedom Center and the standing for freedom. Words are important because that could very well be the name of their new national radio program which is going to do what Scott what is your vision for this program. It's it's really kind of a retail version for the good standing freedom Center on the campus of Liberty University equipping the next generation of champions for Christ as shogunate. It was great.

I think the question we we hope to take Bible saturated minds that that the two was bring the table bring the microphone move in and basically be absolutely immersed in the daily newspaper what is happening in the world today. In the current today and then basically put those two together. The course that the truth of Scripture trumps the newspapermen attempted to take the truth of Scripture and interpret how we should understand what were seen both the good and the bad and that that's why goes across the political lines. It doesn't matter that the GOP are dancing. I don't care some is doing right. Some is doing wrong. Let's talk about through the lens of Scripture and I know a lot of people do that and and hopefully we know where were going to add an important voice (speak across the generations of both to the young people that are right there at liberty University that built the listening and other university students across the nation. Then also you know even our parents and grandparents generation mythic in her fresh voice of speaking truth into the issues of the day you got some fellows that are come along please tell us about those. I think first, we have an I was glad Mike Huckabee get from under Arkansas and ran present twice. I just a great guy and and love him and I asked him if he would join up with us and then W. David and Jason Benham right down the road hereof and Charlie and a brother designer brothers. Liberty University llama for baseball player for liberty University Avenue business entrepreneurs and basically just a gasoline can of energy you know one spark of talking women boom the whole room is blown up in a great conversation about truth Ryan who mostly well and I just said to that.

We also have the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also an advisor to the center and all things about national and in foreign policy in the course no stranger to the pro-life movement. Some of these leading in a very very big way and that is Abby Johnson she is the founder of in then there were nine and Abby and I've become fast friends.

She's great. She understands what's at stake in this next generation and one of the one of the arguments that I'm seeing marginalized in evangelical circles do and this is really almost alarming is how the pro-life the pro-life message and really the pro-life vote.

Especially in the last election, you had those who are so-called evangelicals who were supporting a very pro-choice, radically pro-choice president and use all that slipping away and I thought wait, no, no, no, no, we have got to. We gotta reclaim the center of that arrow young in our country.

That's right, and Christian pastors are supporting candidates doing that housing at falcon that Connie reconcile those that you really can't and it's one of the mud. Going back to the justice issue the justice question.

This is abortion is the most racialized thing in terms of how it targets minorities. How many abortion centers are located in minority communities. How many people have been ravaged by this industry. Then they say you just care about. Good morning.

You don't give a flip about them when they're born and how they grow up, but that's not true.

95% of resources that have been offered by pro-life crisis pregnancy centers are targeted towards the mother the mother of the child.

They exist for that mother to minister to that mother and to make sure that that mother is in a good place to she can have opportunities for her child is a little thing little institution called the church which Christ shed his blood for this there for that to what a blessing. The standing for freedom Center on the campus of Liberty University Ryan Scott were so encouraged this program to be on every day pumping people up, pointing people to Jesus and engaging the tough issues of our culture and for the bonus coverage year I got asking about HR five row quick Ryan Telus.the downside. The scary part of that.

So people are informed that this is what their senators are about to vote on either for or against what I would just say just just in summary of the equality act, nothing, nothing could be further from the truth. Okay, it is NTE quality is antilife. It is antifamily. It is anti-faith is antifreedom. It's against women.

Women won't have any protection when it comes to public restrooms, women shelters, all of those things when it comes to being a radically pro-abortion bill.

It strips away Riverfront in the Hyde amendment, all of those things that the scariest thing for parents okay is not just where you senior's kids to school.

It's the equality act would actually get between you and the way you counsel and raise your kids you think about parents conversion therapy.

Okay, what in the world is that even mean will everybody has a different definition, but you are you proselytizing your kids to the gospel. Are you sharing the gospel your children. I hope that you are the equality act would have something to say about how you raise your kids and talk about those very issues with your children to be written up for a crime your own home and your own about what they're trying to allege that you're trying to legislate. That is what you have to understand is apparent. This is no laughing matter.

It is very so pray for Joe Biden pray for Kemal to pray for the house and the Congress, but their agenda present advice for their express agenda is to turn the Bible and hate speech is why we go to say speech is rightly silly citizen when you know what God loves you, but your lifestyle is outside of God's word and will call you to trust Jesus to save like our wretched Sarah that he saved you have assaulted them according to the Fulbright equality actually inequality at this rate, which is really desperately evil and I guess it's passed Congress. And now it's about us.

His wife voting matters. This is why the process matter just by being involved matters because it's about to go make everything that we're talking about. We stand for illegal yeah it's free speech then becomes violence in the gospel requires us to have some kind of freedom will continue speak speak speak the truth and go to jail for what the way the gospel flourishes in this country is the freedom to tell the truth and not lies. That's what we have to live while and that's why we need the program standing for freedom. Posted by Scott Ryan. It's interesting it's going to be at.

It's gonna be just basically eavesdropping on a conversation you guys with having for over a decade, except now we get over the mics and people get to return work out so people can call in and participate in that sort of thing. Scott give your thoughts on this and what you're what you're kind of party challenges, we wrap up today party challenges me to say that the things that were taught money even today in this conversation so much overtime I would been basic 101 Christian sexual ethics won't raise of 101. Christian theology for 2000 years before the time of Christ, but certainly from the time of Jesus and apostle Paul. So it's it's amazing that we would have to talk about things that are 2000 years of Christian scholars Christian pastors Christian moms and dads would been passing down is the faith once delivered unto the saints.

Yet here we are. And so that is the calling Nonie to whine about that.

This is why we have thought about these things either so basic everybody but as always believe this wealth is what Jesus called to us to and so there's a thousand things we can talk about that would be controversial.

But Jesus called us to talk about the actually the things that our culture is chipping away and blasting away. So that's where we have to be found faithful pastor parents/schoolteacher public school teacher educator wherever you are. You have a friend in the standing for freedom Center. You guys here to be a resource now at your website. Give the website will more time standing for standing for always loves all these people are there that if these fellows fellows are there articles are there videos are there and we also have some podcasts loaded up as well just on these hot topics of dealing with sexuality homosexually oldest transgender is him. In fact, tucked away.

I did notice one of your speakers pointed out that tucked away in the LGBT Q under the Q is a license for pedophilia. How dare you make that illegal this right just how someone feels. Ryan opens up a whole deal that could and all the sudden was able to realize that there cannot allow that in our well that's what that's why we're here talking about it. That's right that's right you know it, but everyone needs Jesus, the pedophilia needs Christ just like I need Jesus.

But let's make sure our eyes are wide open that we know we've elected a majority in Congress and in the White House that is pushing this legislation and its dangers what your final warning right people about how to get involved and how we can pray for all does the crisis coming back are we active occupying.

Julie comes in a reactive spread of the gospel is only the God can cure the deepest in my hearts. I don't have a pessimistic view.

I have an optimistic view and I wanted I want to challenge Christians stop thinking in terms of it's only getting worse.

It's only the worse that moment that we stand up for the gospel.

We have something far more powerful to charge the gates of hell with we have to remember that and if we if you want to be persecuted and you want allow persecution to come and let it come, then honestly woe to you who see who do nothing, sit on your hands. I I I look at this age, this generation what you who call good evil and evil good.

We have to be reminded that in this time we have to speak up we are to stand for truth we have to go on the offense and not allow things just to come to us. It is not about living in a foxhole you know Martin Luther said if if if Jesus Christ were to come tomorrow I plan a tree meeting I'd invest in the things that matter for the long term. Stop waiting around, get busy, there's a lot of things to do and you guys have actually interviewed some Canadian pastors who have been to jail themselves standing up for Christ speaking the truth in love yeah and I could come to a neighborhood near you and are we ready to stand for him. If you were put in jail for holding the truth of the gospel.

Would you go, would you continue to preach the gospel natural question in we may be in those times are Chinese brothers or sisters or in those times the past and more people are persecuted, executed, tortured and beaten for the gospel.

Right now than have ever been in history, and the question is, is he worth it.

Yeah, amen. I'm so thankful for the courage of those Canadian pastors that new loving their neighbor meant not shutting down the church not being sequestered are in their hiding whole but loving their neighbor actually meant proclaiming the gospel unapologetically they were open every Sunday. God bless them for that. So Ryan half Helfand by Scott Lam to leaders of the freedom Center. The standing for freedom Center and the two host of standing for freedom coming to a radio alley near you tell it makes a noise wherever your listener to truth talk right now to tell them to carry this program were so excited it's not out yet, but hopefully sometime soon and that same bat channel same bat station right same bat network like a safe but Scott congratulations and thank you guys for us to never truth what your challenge out there took to the importance of just fundamentally walking with God, walking in his word and Christ being at the center of all of this. I think the New Testament as they wrote the pages of the New Testament. They wanted the believers understand Nero and his sword and the Roman Empire.

It sure does look scary. I mean, it really does but let's give you a little taste of what it's can we like in the end, because in the end Jesus Christ is the only victor that is not even a close call.

So the apostle John wrote the book of Revelation to those believers in and said don't don't don't think there's can be two winners of the and there's just one. So get get on his side and if you have become a believer yet get on the side.

If you are a believer, I just wear those white robes to be active believe the right things live the right things and stand for him and very soon very shortly will see him face-to-face and you want to be on his side with you guys for making the word of God. Central later what you're doing, standing for freedom Center on the campus of Liberty University website one more time. I know we fitted a bunch with all your videos all your interviews and articles very big resource. Get to know the site and go there singer young people there. These in the next generation of Russia were gone so they got a plug-in of this standing for fantastic. God bless you guys truth talk Google the podcast did it all your friends and family for them will make this a podcast and follow me on Instagram I'll get it all put a picture.

These guys up and some stuff there, and Instagram, both of them made a slamdunk on the rim in my office. They were not standing for freedom. They were slamming for freedom in my office. Here the Truth Network word world headquarters. I want to put that up on Instagram S big time guy coming out your buddy famous us to get to like some you have no idea if so also God bless you guys ate everyone follow Jesus. And yes, when you go on a voting booth. He's right there with you.

So remember to put him first. Did you first him in all these areas, you know, even voting, even a policy stand up for what's right and and follow him and let's lead our families to him. While we still have time and lets the other folks to me so I wanted to fix anyone. This is the Truth Network

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