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Erika Sanzi (CRT in Schools) Gregg Roman (Middle East)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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April 27, 2021 4:30 am

Erika Sanzi (CRT in Schools) Gregg Roman (Middle East)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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April 27, 2021 4:30 am

Fed up with Critical Race Theory and gender madness, parents are beginning to push back against the Wokeness in our public schools. We'll get the details from Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education. Plus: Is the Biden Administration moving Middle East policy back to the dangerous Obama years? Gregg Roman, director of the Middle East Forum, gives his analysis. That and more on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty.

Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soy is talk about woken as a little bit here on the broadcast. It never really seems to go away, but boy is it getting weird out there. It is getting so weird out there. You just can't leave your kids alone for a minute.

It isn't just a matter of keeping them out of the public schools or if they're in the public schools watching the public schools like a hawk to make sure that you're not getting all this woken is jam down their throats during classroom time.

You have to watch everything with your kids. You probably know this if your mom or dad, you have to watch everything these days. I remember several years ago when especially my youngest was very small.

We had to just put the controls on our TV over Disney channel and they started introducing homosexual characters and pretty soon it just seemed to be an avalanche like a snowball gathering snow down a hill of children's TV programming. And this is woken, this is LGBT and you just go what happened Neil Capt. Kangaroo and really dating myself, but just nice children's TV programs. And there's nothing controversial and it's just Q and their simple lesson Sesame Street, which is totally woke now know those days are gone. Here's an example of it is just amazing. I couldn't make this up, I really could not make this up, Nickelodeon is so liberal and you got so many LGBT activists involved over there, we talked about that at various points during the show, but Nickelodeon is now under fire because they aired a segment on earth day claiming that environmental racism is playing a role in the so-called climate change environmental racism what the environment is racist. That waterfall really can't stand certainty it wants. What is this about, well, I'm in a play a little bit of it for you. Listen first to cut one. There's cancer alley, which is an area along the Mississippi River in Louisiana that's aligned with oil refineries are so toxic in New York. South Bronx that 20% of children have asthma. What do these cities have in common. There are all examples of environmental racism a form of systemic racism were minority and low income communities are surrounded by health hazards because they live near sewage lines, landfills, power stations, major roads okay so anywhere there is an oil refinery or there is any kind of I don't know plants are these kinds of things not plants in the ground but but you plants that mean to do any kind of energy production that's racist now because they are near to areas where people live who are minorities, you're really reaching Nickelodeon oh but it gets worse.

This is a longer cut but listen to how they got into this story about Duplin County, North Carolina. This is cut to has never been more devastating and harmful. Then in Duplin, North Carolina, where, believe it or not, the number of hogs outnumber the number of residents. Fianna moved away from Duplin County. As soon as she could. Which is why she's okay. Opening up about life there when we tried reaching out to a number of people currently living in Duplin County. They were too scared to go on camera and there are every corner Duplin County in eastern North Carolina produces more hogs then any other county in the United States, and chances are that piece of bacon or pork chop, you need might have come from here and listen to this. There are 2 million hogs in that county.

We just under 60,000 residents and many of the people work in the hog farms, which, it turns out, are dangerous to their health and to the environment and deep accounting we would go outside and play with Brian's cousins by the air quality be so bad.

Where to strictly play in the house due to the hog farms spring easy in the video. Yes, you heard that right. For decades residents have complained that just breathing in the feces infested air alone can make you sick.

In 2014 more than 500 N. Carolinians, most of them black filed over two dozen federal lawsuit against the meat producing companies, but these hog farms have continued with business as usual at this trait I get this straight.

Your reporting on the fact that they have a lot of hogs in Duplin, North Carolina 2 million hogs in the early 60,000 residents. So what you can't have 2 million hogs unless you have 2 million people. What what exactly is the point.

There they more hogs than any other county so why is that a problem okay well we reached out to 1X resident but everybody else we talked to is too scared to talk what they think that the hog farmers again a time up and no stopping to stop on board.

What are people worried. I don't really understand the story. I don't understand this wedge go to the mayor of the town or or go to people who actually are aware of what's going on. Maybe they did later in the broadcast. And I just missed it. But this seems like a very flimsy report. We talked to 1X resident. I don't see the environmental racism. How is this environmental racism are you to believe then that if they were using these feces-based sprays, but there were nonminorities living in this town that they would not do it or not I don't know but who in the world. This could be asking these questions among the topics who are watching Nickelodeon you think any of these kids are asking these questions. Hey wait a minute, you will one source story with somebody who moved out of town.

I don't really think that's good sourcing for your journalism. I mean there's an okay the world is gonna do that and barely any adult who's going to do that.

I failed to see how this is racist.

It's racist that they have some environmental policies that may harm the air, won't nobody wants air to be harmed. I don't think that that's a good thing. In any case, but I need more. I need more information will Fiona the X resident. They interviewed said this three gone school you would be very thought, because now when you walk down the road and the way I you can fill sour on your skin will be environmental racism companies, but all far in areas that are mainly poor areas black people and Hispanic people side of a people of color.

Is that true hog farmers mainly put their farms in areas where poor people are minorities there no lights. I don't think that's true.

I don't think that's true, there may be some areas where you have farms and minority majority communities minority majority.

If you get what I'm saying. How does that prove racism. There's no link whatsoever is the point there's no link whatsoever how the world can you even claim there's racism in Volterra eat what you can say whatever you want. You have a very captive audience. A bunch of kids who mom wants to just plunk down in front of the TV and do something because I got a good talk on my smart phone or what have you. This is what kids are being subjected to this kind of nonsense. Now one of the things I really enjoyed was the fact that New York City parents are now speaking out against woke school curriculum of this nature are not environmental racism but the woke stuff and one of them was a woman by the name of yachting shoe. She's actually an immigrant from Taiwan and spoke over on Fox news about this standing up to the woke. This is cut for grade I faced a lot of challenges in the early years that I got the benefit of a great education New York City and go right after I turned 50, I wake up to a New York City where my school, my alma mater is getting attacked for having equal overrepresentation of Asian students is because they qualified for the school absolutely on the specialized high school and, specifically, my alma mater, the Bronx high school science uses a one race line line test called the SH SAT is through this test that students gain admission to the school right so now you have Asian parents fighting back against the woke is and because they're being marginalized for their race, because out in New York City. Apparently it's wrong for too many Asians to qualify to get into an elite school, that's not fair and that's racist. Whatever you call this educational racism, academic racism never ends. And you know what we need more than anything else we need for it to and Erica Sands is going to join me next, from parents defending education there group that is trying to bring about the end of this woke is him in public schools really join her when we come back you listening to Jennifer today Janet Mefford today is proud to partner with pre-born to help save babies lives. My name is Dan Steiner and I'm the president of prewar ultrasound truly is a game changer when mom comes into pregnancy center under pressure to abort her child. Perhaps the day is gone, perhaps her mother is pressuring her most of the time in her heart she doesn't want to abort what she needs is something that will give her the strength to choose life against the pressures that are forcing her to consider abortion. That's the ultrasound. She fears her baby's heartbeat and sees that baby on ultrasound. Everything's different.

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Pres. Biden's Department of Education.

For example, recently released the text of a proposed new rule praising the 1619 project and giving priority to grant projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse perspectives. This moves us even closer to the horrible civic secures democracy act, which is national review Stanley Kurtz pointed out, would effectively force critical race theory in action civics onto states and localities. But the good news is that the parental backlash has started against the activism and discrimination that's been pushed on our kids in the name of equity and diversity and also this insane gender ideology and remarkably, there's a rare bipartisanship to it all. That's a pretty unusual twist to get some more details on it now from Erica Sands. He who is director of outreach to parents defending education, a national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas and Erica great to have you with us today. How are you doing great. Thanks for having me according to your website.

You're getting a lot of letters as I understand it from concerned parents, and even from teachers about what's going on in the classrooms.

What parents need to know about what's going on in the public schools.

I mean, I sometimes assume every parent knows what's going on but I know that's not the case will what do they need to know why parents need to know is that most people have long known that there is been a liberal lien in K-12 education right and I think that what they need to know is that what were being now is not that this is not that your teacher, you know, just happened to love Dortmund upper you know pickers around the classroom are you now make their their comments that are pretty anodyne about politics. This is the what appeared to be a very fast-moving ideology that has a crack in the crack in the right work the kind of come like a freight train, but it has come anyways where I think that a lot of people who have who have approved it. Don't have any idea what they signed up for. That's crazy.

How can you not know what you're signing up for me it's all around us and there's so many controversies about it, but that they must've been very stealth and how they presented this initially. In order to get it going well I think hard admitted that it very rhetorically manipulative, though word that you and I and any person would want to be able to get behind diversity, equity inclusion, antiracism either. Words that have come to mean something different than what we know them to mean. And so that is where it gets tricky because who can be against antiracism. The problem is that antiracism doesn't mean what it sounds like it means, and so that means that it doesn't it not enough to be again.

Racism is not enough to be not race at the thought enough to be a proposed termination based on the color once again antiracism eventually said that you have a moral obligation to discriminate based on immutable trait to make up for past determination and also it in and it also means that you need to be actively working to dismantle the founded upon white supremacy. But then in the next breath. It says that every single for the Mid-America father in that category. Absent any real proof of any of that. And that's just racism and you and that when white people say hey wait a minute you guys are being racist toward us were told its white privilege to even say something like that. So you're in a no-win situation linguistically needed to know what to do a little bit like the black lives matter when you hear that three were black lives matter and no moral person is going to disagree with those word sure the problem the problem is that those words also represent an ideological movement and people who have an outlook into what that movement is and studied the cause have reason to be concerned and so but you get trapped because if you if you speak out against the movement. It sounds like you're also speaking out again. The three words as afraid, sir. And so it it there's intimidation and bullying baked into all of this largely because the language is really so genius and that it makes it hard for detractors to speak out without immediately being labeled no names and words that nobody wants to be called so the intimidation factor is big while it is not that mean there've been a number of stories in recent days in the news about some of these parents pushing back what are you hearing from parents about what their kids are going through and also about the bipartisanship of parents and educators were coming together now insane enough is enough at this stuff what we find that were hearing from parents from all over the country of all political stripes and now I will say that conservative and libertarian parents seem to be more willing to speak out publicly they're not. You know they're not in a situation of being afraid to speak out against their in group right but but many many self-described liberal Democrat are also contacting us saying you know I've been a progressive my whole life.

But this is crazy and what are a lot of different things for sure one of the groups that we hear from a lot being the most brought are the parents that that are biracial couple which is to say if one of the parent is white and the other parent is not white though their children are biracial and so the patient on race in the schools and it dictation on identity and putting yourself into these boxes and in some school district even being segregated during the school day by your rate. This is really creating a major upset for multiracial families. For obvious reason had one we had one father Tele that not only was their child told that he couldn't go to the white identifying group.

He had to go to the five groups. But then, in addition to being told which group you could go to get you the biracial head. He was also then told you need to understand. You can't ever really be yourself around white people.

She so that increasingly concerning.

And it only a rate thing. The identity groups that that folder forcing children to identify and now in really early great let like the new revisions to the state standards in Oregon about ethnic money and they have in their kindergarten and are that students will learn to identify there. I vanity group and they lifted race, gender, religion, and a couple other thing so it it it telling everyone the daughter that just because they were born email.

They are part of an oppressed class to Greece telling everybody none that they are oppressors simply because they were born male and that happens and they do that with rate and they do it with religion and they do with sexual orientation, and they do it with nation of birth and obviously varies, you know, some schools are incredibly incredibly egregious where you can even believe what you're hearing being others may not be stoic dream, but it still felt bad and I think what has happened is school board members and superintendents and people working in schools don't really know what they signed up for. Because you don't always know that an act that activists have kind of infiltrated your picture school committee may be at your administration that maybe the pressure coming from the community, but suddenly note you are signing up and paying big money to have diversity equity inclusion consultant come in and wreak havoc on your school community that's just it's enraging. It's enraging and I thought I talked a lot of parents to say was so frustrating about it for me is that you feel like you can't trust anybody you feel like what you can't to send your child to school and have you know operate in good faith that your parents and you know that your teacher site I should say in your administrators are going to do the decent thing and educate your child and not indoctrinate your child in a like you mentioned before, the gender Manas is part of it. Students are being asked what their pronouns are little kids are being told about cyst gender. All this LGBT nonsense.

What is the way to fight back against this. Erica your part as I mentioned of this parents defending education. What can parents do to fight back. What should they be doing what they can do and that we have resources on our website@@.or it could begin to understand some of the jargon and to begin to understand what is meant by certain term though under our resources tab on our website we have that in another important thinker. Parent view is that if we get into a position whether not always fighting against something, but that they can be for something to get the day what happened when you're again this this ideology or any curricular material, people like that that all will then you don't even know you think rate is in the problem. You don't think that any of these things matter, and that's not what the parents are staying with the parent are saying is that the way that issues are being introduced and discussed the way that their children are more to take on one point of view, compelled to say things that they don't believe that where the complaints come from our programs and there are materials and there are people doing work on the topic that is constructive and healthy and positive and actually can lead to create positive change instead of the. The programs that I'm talking about, which are destructive. They are toxic, and the truth is they actually make things worse yeah exactly and that I mean, that's such a good point that you shouldn't just be screaming at the darkness but also lighting a candle. I think that that's really good advice and people can check out defending for more information parents defending education. Erica stands with us.

Thank you so much and I tip my hat to you for what you're doing. That's awesome thank you very very much.

Thank you much rather you back take care you listening to Jennifer today.

This archived broadcast of Jennifer today is brought to you by Liberty healthcare Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation.

If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty River to peers, your host Joe Milford is Pres. Biden taking us back to Pres. Obama's Middle East policy. There is increasing evidence that he's moving in that direction and Pres. Trump, you'll recall, was able to broker the Abraham accords among Israel, Bahrain, UAE, Sudan and Morocco. In light of understanding the increasing threat of Iran under Biden. However, Middle East policy is turning back in a more pro-Iran pro-Palestinian direction leading over Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to criticize the administration for attempting to undo peace in the Middle East sets by Pres. Trump. The implications are huge for the US and Israel in the whole region and working to get some analysis now from Greg Roman, who is director of the Middle East forum. Greg, thanks so much for being with us grabbing Rick sure they know we have Pres. Biden contemplating the renegotiation of the Iran deal. We've had Secretary of State blink in announcing the reinstatement of aid to the West Bank and Gaza, and the UN relief and Works agency.

What is your take on the moves that the administration is making right now concerning Middle East policy trying to go from Obama and so for once would be able to carve out old red food Middle East policy, or the same time clopping a lot closer towards what I would call a sort of new policy wanted which party do I try new policies, but it's really just hurting what had failed under the Obama ministration with the Trump ministry should try to fix know it's almost a year for strategy knee-jerk reaction to try consider to be fixing what Trump did work with you. Even if those policies were actually small and they had good results yet. So from Morocco to Pakistan from church, you failed to pay the turkey one good thing, but the last week, but turkey go to Somalia.

This would prove to be another disaster. What rights know when you're talking about the Biden administration wanting to distance itself from Obama is certainly the renegotiation of the Iran deal would going to be going right back to Obama, where would you say they are positively trying to distance themselves from Obama. Turkey is one that you just mentioned.

Right when Pres. Obama was their local leaders consider to be from the United States will support one then Prime Minister turkey and later president known its current condition was listed as one of those top 31 Obama was in the top 10. Prime Minister Benjamin yahoo Prime Minister visual believer. Make that with some say almost article of Muggle brotherhood influence is used in the top three from the United States Obama quote Bell by saying quote we kind of see in the way the one of its operating United States.

The first and second four years of Obama ministration sponsorship of humanitarian was exploitation of the serial but also the way human rights abuses. The one conducted from 2017 when they had their lips built up until this year by over the arch now doing something which is almost enough about your spark or pulse interest under two years years. No, your media genocide you only recognize the oats calling for the White House. Yes, right. That was a good thing as well. What was interesting though these moves that have just been made concerning giving aid now to the UN relief and Works agency in the West Bank and Gaza is a violation of US law, because we have laws off the books that have conditions put in place if you're going to be doing something along these lines, how can they even do this so are all different. What going back on the record that deals with without a good quality national security section or national security Corp., the president of United food, safaris, or if you authorize a presidential finding that you serve in the interest of sleep on body piercing. Most of these pieces of legislation that picture that allows him to get over belt the case where you don't have one for the PLO is currently considered to be a proactive go to work your organization works government meeting that the Palestinians should not be able to have an interest office in Washington DC the way they get around it is a little reporting for the cost of the above set to represent Dell studio yes for interest is effectively the little box in Washington DC. This was struck down by Pres. Trump in the present by you back your food you would RWA the Palestine refugee agency but because would much speaking about so-called country.

The post but speaking of the area that was under British occupation will be fixed until my 48 was supposed to feel with the individuals who were living there at that time could not become part of the sovereign territory. No Arab state of Israel will become less relevant for you. They are not considered refugees and those who were left stateless were only supposed to be represented by the agency until they got.

Unfortunately really refugee situation." Where refugee status that were generally those Arabs from 48 rejected by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan future, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, rubber cultures that were or those that look the West Bank and Gaza, and for much. No chagrin. Now only perpetuate a crisis trip and fall over eight years. That's crazy and what's so weird here when you're talking about the ways in which the Biden administration wants to distance itself from the bad decisions of the Obama administration kinda carve out its own position interesting is for example give Linda Thomas Greenfield saying during her if this is the UN ambassador in Besser to the UN St. during her confirmation hearings.

We want to be pro-Israel.

We, you know, decried the BDS movement. We need to recognize Israel at the UN. These kinds of comments but yet they're doing this with Palestine is a hot is that you know ingratiate ourselves to get to Israel and send the message to Israel that were standing with them. It seems like extremely mixed messages will you Work hard .3 vertical and that's what are you administration and most most recent book Republican and Democrat, with the exception of probably first for your Bush to the Trump administration which have led to the United States, trying to treat Palestinians that was really the arm.Israel strategic. I want you to provide told technology about local military support and other cultural and religious people people.

Elections that have nowhere near close with the Palestinians, which were on their best without putting up a portion only contributes to with the way works backwards archaeology.

The ends up just leaving to their own foolish decimation and until they wake up and say you know what we were have a straight is when we understand next to a Jewish state, and whatever that looks like that through gradual side US flickers in the trunk.

The cost of the leadership get with the program and recognize your neighbors the Jewish state of Israel divided little Bob, the other US president try to treat them as equals will be able to get a little bit more credibility for the above but what about leading towards more rejections about occult well this is the problem and a lot of people are concerned in the wake of the Abraham accords what happens where you have the in a dangerous saber rattling by Iran and you have the Biden administration wanting to renegotiate this deal. What is this mean for Israel and and I think a lot of people are concerned about whether or not you will continue to have a road moving more toward peace in the Middle East. It is just so complicated. One of the things I want to get into Greg when we come back from this break is this issue of the Iran deal because many people have pointed out that this is not the same situation as we had back in 2015 out that the Iran deal is necessarily ever a good idea. It wasn't. But what happens from here were to come back with Greg Roman, who is director of the Middle East forum discussing Biden's foreign policy in the Middle East. Stay with us will be right back after taking the morning-after pill.

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As far as Middle East policy. Well, it's not the Trump years anymore, but it's not quite the Obama years either. Greg Roman is with us, director of the Middle East forum and we were talking a little bit Greg before we went to break about the Iran deal.

Many people have pointed out that these days are Ron is in a different position. In some ways than it was in 2015 as these Democrats want to go back to the renegotiating the Iran deal. What is your take on what's going on, especially in light of the fact that we've now got the Iranian foreign minister. This news is just come out saying that John Kerry had been involved in and telling about more than 200 Israeli covert operations in Syria while he was in the Obama administration them. This is just astonishing right and you have to wear US people.

We would take extremely sensitive and confidential information that is really resources provided to or use really government new was detected by US spy satellites rested from the ground and it was conveying this information. Israel's mortal enemy and I would even go so far. Ron is the greatest sponsor of the greatest threat of US security interests in the Middle East to review over 200 strikes to the spokesperson of this dictatorial to radical regime.

It seems unbelievable that the Democrats accused Pres. Trump doing what is worst would not even compare to the net that's crazy and and what you think will be the. The pushback against Kerry if any. I don't think that Kerry will face much Biden will start a was authorized by Pres. Obama, or be it was in line with the administration's approach towards negotiations or see he's not holding your law portfolio right now is doing with climate change with the nonissue also occurs going anywhere well that that's a shame, but you're right, I think you're going to be right on that. But yet you know a lot is going on with the Ron. As we talked about before killing silly money the unit from the Iran Revolutionary guard you get. He had the sanctions you had everything that went on during the Trump years now you've got this caring news that's just come out.

Where do you see the renegotiation of the Iran deal going from here.

I mean is it's put on the back burner at all by this recent news are no well just like Barden or security through Secretary of State Tony Boykin, the United States will be trying to negotiate a more comprehensive review which will deal with the nuclear program but also Iran's covert activity and foreign influence operations in the Middle East long-range missile technology and sponsorship of terror organization. I think that uranium or trying to change their tune leads for public optic six will look at an interview that the same verse informative through speaking about farmers to three God gave to the New York Times last year where he essentially criticized customs for money, the former head of the Arabian Islamic Revolutionary guard course oversees the creation by saying that solar body was trying to basically torpedo you Ron Buell that Sharif was negotiating by trying to get the Russians to intervene and interfere Ed to sabotage any likelihood of a second nuclear fuel so geraniums are dispelling their concerns and try to avoid any former activity also moderate Barden to say is try to be more comprehensive. It seems to me like the US Mitterrand record move or talk is never good with every good approach when you are what's really wrong to get back to you will socially submit their ability to have a nuclear program which could be by that is what the within 60 days of the current enrichment capacity you have written my goodness, what and then you had this story just recently where this surface-to-air missile was fired from Syria into Israel and what you make of that or we become seen a destabilization of the Middle East, already taking place and you tie that at all to some of the actions of the administration know I want missile which wanted 40 km Israel's own nuclear owner would not place that William squarely on prime minister, neck, shoulders, that might not be popular. To have but perhaps just selective party, but he has been in office. That means our enemies are no longer surprised that they know the limits of equipment you want to do is prime minister. They have long allowed them so far, rocket brush is risk-averse. We more interesting thing is prime minister rather than take that calculated jurisdiction and apprising military activity that Israel has been known for decades is relying more known covert operations through the most sought Israel's intelligence agency rather than what may be needed right now, which is an overt military operation to signal to you on Syria that if you file fire a missile one cooperatives was really church, let alone a few thousand kilometers from its nuclear sites will be facing a devastating response to this well now what is the future.

In your view of the Abraham accordance and that the property and of the progress that the Trump administration made on trying to get at least achieve some peace among some of these Arab nations with Israel.

What what you think is likely to happen there.

It was really fascinating about what Trump and his team were able to do my shutdown with a former official last Friday was better negotiating memorandums of understanding with each country that took part in those peace about deals is that it is devoid of Palestinian interests. So if Israel starting at North Morocco makes no mention of the Palestinians squarely about the bilateral relationship between Morocco Israel. Same thing with UAD.what Trump food was good, you piece with other Arab countries and Israel to the palace.

He said one of them make the Palestinian issue start that will get the real interest that lies between Israel other Arab states and by doing that that may guarantee the survival the prosperity and the eventual sort of sketching and stone.

The firm nature of the Abraham accordance rather than having a full part like happened with all flow after President Clinton tied to Palestinians, the Arabs together conditioning both companies with Israel. That's an interesting points. That's interesting what about the. The intent by the Biden administration to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. What do you make of that decision and its potential implications are you I'm never one for trumpeting your retreat. If you are going to want to go troops from Afghanistan, it might make for good points at home but you better have it convinces you plan for dealing with the reemergence of the first would probably bottom second Afghanistan pretty active and served as a was okay to worry about the next generation of the guys booked on Keller's size. I do worry about that and that's that's a lot of people's minds as well. The resurgence of ISIS which already seems to be occurring. Do you see it that way that Isis is going to war back to life but I have to tell you I don't think I ever went away to be able to define as a resurgence it's more a shift they have their nuclear superpowers curio droppable Coke like that you speak about what US is been gradually influence the way it would transfer to Africa. We have you're going all apprising in Mozambique on the eastern coast of Africa. We have them back to Nigeria with focal raw the group responsible for the kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of young women on the country and of the insurgency and Molly so you locate Africa and to some extent shall be featured never go away. No, they haven't gone away and they come under different names like you mentioned Boca from Nigeria and we've seen so much violence and mayhem.

There Nigeria and persecution against Christians. Obviously, which was a big part of the Obama years in the Middle East and it just it's it's very nerve-racking because you're right about these terrorist they may lay low for a while but they have a tendency to stick around and strike when you least expect and we certainly don't want that. You can read more over the Middle East for websites MEE Greg Roman director of the Middle East form spending time with us were so glad you did great. Thank you so much for being with us. You're welcome. Thanks for being with us today was great to talk to you. Thanks for joining us on Janet met her today. It's always a delight to have you with us as well will see next time

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