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Truth Matters-19 I See You pt 3

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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February 3, 2020 9:00 am

Truth Matters-19 I See You pt 3

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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Welcome to this week's episode of truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis. She continues this week with the ICU series, she discusses the woman in Mark five was desperate for healing and reached out to touch Jesus is Dr. David's beginning with verse 30 in Mark chapter 5 in verse 30 day knowing that Verity had gone out of particular passages she experienced the power of God and she was healed for many years I have read this verse and focus on her experiencing the power of God and being delivered and I thought that was it. I focused on this woman's struggle and her pain and I miss God's purpose. I miss God's purpose because of her pain and her own life. We miss God's purpose for our pain. The purpose of this woman's issue lies in verse 30 through 33, verse 30.

Jesus knew that his inherent power had gone out of him and he turned about in the press and the multitude of all these people and said to touch my close to touch my close the disciples in verse 31. Say really Jesus you are asking who touched you. Verse 32, says, and he looked around about to see her that I had done this thing at this point, Jesus is fully God and fully man and is omniscient.

He knows who touched him, but he looked for her. In verse 32 S. wanted to hear and talk about his power and his authority. Jesus knew exactly at the point where his power went out of him as power is the inherent power within Jesus. That is under submission of his own authority, even when she came to touch him is not like she can rob him of his power at the point that she touched him. He allowed his power to move out of him to heal her. He knew the very situation in which he was in the knew the condition of heart whenever she touched him and he allowed his power to heal her and he knew what kind of work.

His power performed within her as well as the depth in which he was healed.

He knows some of the same thing is with evil. Evil is about us, but evil doesn't happen to us or circumstances do not happen to us without the Lord allowing them. This is exemplified even in the example previously that we talked about Job. The Lord had a hedge around Job, the devil had to even ask for permission to touch his stuff to come to God and ask him cannot touch his stuff and the Lord gave him limits on how to deal with Job. Let's get back to the passage in verse 33, but the woman fearing and trembling knowing what was done in her came and fell down before him and told him all the trees. She told him that if he could think about this. I see her telling him how long she had suffered sure she said I was desperate to the point of misery and death and have exhausted all my circumstances and have exhausted every thought that I've had as a possible situation of trying to solve this myself even going to physician after physician and they could not help me but she then went on to say, but despite all that, I believe that if I do are just one more time and I press my way through this crowd because I've seen miracles that you have performed before, and I felt that if I just touch G that you would heal me. You have been my Jehovah Rossa, the Lord my healer.

She experienced the power of God and she was healed. And really, in her case that was important you.

Please don't think that I'm discounting experiencing the power of God because experiencing the power of God is important, but in verse 32 one ponder on what Jesus asked who touched you go back into the Scriptures. He asked who touched me. Jesus did not have to ask you touched me explain just a few moments ago that he is fully God and fully man. He is omniscient he knew who touched him, and he knew what her name was the very point in time she came out of the news for one purpose. Suffering can be overwhelming to the point we focus more on the pain and less on God's purpose woman in today's commentary had suffered for many years but when she touched Jesus finally found peace.

Freedom is with you. If you have questions. Dr. Davis is available to help you reach shall be glad to talk shop and pray with you Cheryl Davis project truth matters is the production of project

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