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A Question for His Questioners

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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April 20, 2021 8:00 am

A Question for His Questioners

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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April 20, 2021 8:00 am

Even agnostics would agree that Christianity simply cannot exist as one among many supposed truths. The claims of Christ are too definitive and the means of salvation are just too exclusive. In this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll learn why--by its very nature--Christianity demands a monopoly on truth, and why it requires either full allegiance...or none at all.

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Even agnostics would agree that Christianity simply cannot exist as one among many supposed truths. The claims of Christ are too definitive in the means of salvation are just too exclusive in this broadcast of the Bible study hour with Dr. James Boyce will learn why it's very nature Christianity demands a monopoly on truth and why it requires either full allegiance or not at all welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act quickly with one simple question Jesus set the stage for the most important revelation of all time.

The revelation of himself as God's son.

Let's listen in to today's message from Dr. Boyce are very few things more deeply instilled in the American way of life than the notion of fair play here right on the playground with children's my turn to have the ball long enough. Sometimes you hear it in politics.

Everyone should pay his fair share of taxes.

That's what they say when they want to raise your taxes.

Even Ruth Graham Billy Graham's wife died in that they actually wrote a book some years ago called my turn allowance Jesus turn this questioners the Pharisees and the Sadducees of been going after him with trick questions and now he is going to have a question for them being nice. Of course they were trying to trap him in his words, the questions we raise are puzzles that we wrestle over really just fun. Some of you know, I'm sure that before the 11 o'clock service during the Sunday school hour labor is preaching at 11 goes down talks to the children about the sermon that's coming later. I did this morning I began talking about riddles asked with a new any rentals. That is the way to communicate with children might have more riddles than you would believe. I started out with one why did the chicken cross the street only real I can remember why they knew that all of the when and furthermore they had variations on it. Why did the turtle across the street because it was the chickens day off right.

Why did why did they bubblegum across the street because it got stuck to the chicken and I just went on and on like that and that they understand riddles II pointed out that those are fun kind of riddle we had here in this 22nd chapter of Matthew wasn't fun at all. They were trying to catch Jesus on the matter of taxes were aware lack should you pay taxes to Caesar or not. Anyway, answered, they thought they get them in trouble. Sadducees great liberals of their day thought they get him on the matter of the resurrection. They concocted the spent plastic story that made the resurrection look ridiculous, at least to their way of thinking is his answer that easily then asking what was the first and greatest of the commandments, and you not only answer that he gave them the second one as well, and run out of riddles. Now Jesus turns to that he has one. Jesus says what do you think about the Christ, the son is say well they thought that was easy, son of David, they replied I had lots of Old Testament tracks that would substantiate that good enough when Jesus continued his questioning. He said how is it then that David speaking by the spirit calls him Lord because David says Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies put them under your feet. Now he said if David calls him Lord, how can he be his son to happened this turned an apparently easy question into a profound searching question no father calls his son is Lord sons are subservient fathers of the other way around.

So if David called his natural physical descendents Messiah is Lord can only be because that one column of his descendents would somehow be greater than the mere human being. The mirror son what that meant is that the Messiah who was to come has to be the son of God, the divine Messiah as well as being man. I didn't fit in the Pharisees conception of who the Messiah wants. I thought of him as being just a great military and political leader so they were unable to answer Jesus? Taxes they were silent.

Now when Jesus asked that question. He was obviously referring to Psalm 110. The first verse and not only was he doing that he was establishing a pattern for interpreting the Old Testament that was picked up readily by his disciples that uses the basis of their preaching. In fact they use this particular Psalm so often that it's the most quoted Psalm in the entire New Testament and verse one. This particular verse becomes the verse most quoted in the New Testament will hard to count it up because sometimes it's quoted formally in full and other times it's alluded to parts of it occur in the New Testament, but by my count, it appears either directly or indirectly, at least 27 times. Normally that adverse form of Islam in which Jesus is described as a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek appears number of times more particularly in Hebrews and the fifth chapter the seventh chapter the eighth chapter the 10th chapter, and so on is the dominating idea of those chapters. Why should Psalm 110 have been such an important tax for the early Christian preachers answer is, it's the clearest of all the messianic Psalms that is the Psalms of prophesy. The coming of the Messiah is not the only one there are others, not a great many Psalm to as an example 2245 72 one Tam and a few others. Depending upon how you look at them, but those songs for the most part contain only messianic elements, which means that part of them are messianic. Looking ahead to a king who should, not all of them. Some of them have to do with current events that day or reigning king or whatever.

Psalm 110 is about a divine king entirely. A king who has been placed at the right hand of God in heaven and who is presently engaged in extending a spiritual rule throughout the whole earth also teaches that this divine figure is to be a priest. He provides priestly functions as well. As a king, and additionally he is also to be a judge who will judge the parts and actions of men and last day is going to judge all the peoples of the earth. That's a big order. Of course it's not a big order that Messiah who is to come is actually the son of God, like reading much preachers in olden days did with text like this and sometimes it's fun to read the Puritans because I can always get more out of the text than anybody else. One reason, of course, is that there people knew how to listen for a long time so they had to have a lot of points. One of them is a man named Edward Reynolds.

She was one of the great expositors of Psalm hundred and 10, he lived in the early part of the 17th century, he wrote this song is one of the fullest and most compendious prophecies of the person and offices of Christ in the whole Old Testament review of any of the articles of the creed which we all generally profess which are not plainly expressed or most evident implications crouched in this little model when he went on to list some of these of course are the points of the sermon. The Psalm teaches the doctrines of the Trinity, the incarnation, sufferings, resurrection, ascension and intercession of Jesus Christ, the communion of saints, the last judgment, the remission of sins and the life everlasting. Spurgeon when he preached didn't have quite that much time to preach. Although he preached long sermons but he did say about the Psalm. It is exclusively about Jesus Christ. David is not the subject of it, even in the smallest degree we need to look at especially this first verse, which is what Jesus uses to confound the Pharisees in Hebrew which they are very well known. The first word of the verses Jehovah Yahweh is the personal name for God that's indicated in our translations, most of them of the Old Testament.

Psalm 110 by having that first word Lord the translation printed in capital letters is a way of saying it's different from the word Lord printed in small letters. I was not that way in Matthew because Matthew is a translation are translation of the Greek and the Greek word is clearly awesome. Both cases but wasn't Greek. They were speaking they were referring to the Old Testament celebrity first word is Jehovah refers to the God of Israel, and the second word translated Lord is out of high which is really a title not a name. It simply means Lord or master reverse one was greater than the speaker case of David, the author of the Psalm sighting of word of God in which he tells some other parts of a Jew ever that may be, who is greater than David that he is the sin upon his right hand until he makes his enemies a footstool for his feet on the point of all that is that only way that is possible is if that person that Messiah is actually a divine Messiah, one who is both God and man. That argument depends on two assumptions. Of course, first with the Psalm really is by David claims to be. Of course, that's often in denial by modern critics of the Bible.

The second assumption is a David wrote by inspiration so you not only writing it, but he's inspired by the Holy Spirit, which means the rights correctly without air. Jesus calls attention to labs and putting the Psalm before the Pharisees because he said how is it then that David speaking by the spirit calls him Lord. In other words, this is an infallible testimony after take it seriously now makes it astonishing that so many commentators try to deny the Davidic authorship of the song. I wish we could say that that only applies to liberal commentators certainly date it was part of the liberal framework to deny the actual authorship of the biblical books but the surprising thing is that so many evangelicals will do it. Reason I guess is that they are trained in the liberal schools of late are not really approaching their academic work spiritually with the knowledge of God is the author of the Bible. But whatever the case, that is what is happened most able commentators, of course discuss this matter. They demolished the liberal point of view. They point out that the Psalm claims to be by David late say that although it's about earthly battles. The terms or use their superlative terms. I can everlasting priesthood. For example, you can't use that of a mere human being. So although it's using language that certainly comes from the climate of the day, the sort of thing that is near earthly king would know it's elevated higher language and I think they do that very very well. Peter preached on the Texas way in the day of Pentecost you have it in the second chapter of acts and the conclusion that David drew from it that Peter drew from it. Quoting David is as valid today as it was then Peter quoted the text and then he said in his conclusion, therefore, be assured of this God has made this Jesus whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ. The people heard this were told that they were convicted, they cried out, brothers, what shall we do in Peter's answer was this repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, so that your sins may be forgiven is what we need to do as well.

We need to repent and commit ourselves to Jesus Christ as our Savior now. Psalm not only identifies the Messiah as a divine Messiah. It also speaks of his position at the right hand of God in heaven, which means his lordship over all things in heaven and on earth. Jesus didn't elaborate on this part of the verse because his first question was enough to confound his enemies, he could've gone on. They had managed answer go back to ask this question as well, but the rest of the verse as well as the Psalm as a whole could hardly have been lost on them because they knew it was one is an Oracle that is this a specific direct word from God himself. Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet and tells us is that God is appointed as Messiah to reign over all things from heaven were familiar with some of that in the words of the apostles Creed we recited all the time and say he that is, Jesus ascended in the heaven and set it on the right hand of God the father Almighty asked what that means. What does it mean dissent at the right hand of God. Well injured world to sit at the right hand of anybody was a position of honor.

The main guest of the banquet would sit at the right hand of the host was an honorable position. They were not merely talking about the banquet were talking about a king, and the sit at the right hand of the king really symbolizes sharing. It is ruled course. That's what Jesus Christ is doing he is sharing in the rule of God the father because it's a question of one God God the father, God the son what they do they do in harmony and the two together Paul when he was writing to the Philippians picked up on that because after describing how Jesus voluntarily abandoned the prerogatives of heaven in order to become man take upon himself the form of a man and I am not death being even the death of the cross is descending the absolute depths of human experience for our salvation. He then goes on to talk how God has raised him up and he explains it in these words therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess Jesus Christ as Lord of the glory of God the father tremendous golf there is between that understanding and awareness of who Jesus is and where he is and what this experience was Christ himself. In the days of his flesh.

Harry was among his enemies. They hated him they didn't honor him at all. It was despised and rejected.

He was harassed and hated. He was last unjustly arrested was try truly executed. The point is a God reversed all that is enemies tried to take him down. But God as father, the God of the universe lifted him up into heaven, saying, sit at my right hand until I make these enemies a footstool for your feet. That's where Jesus Christ is today in heaven, seated at the right hand of the father. People have very strange mental images of Jesus Christ. I suppose the common one because of Christmas and its popularity and its commercial interests is that of the baby in a manger or people that little bit beyond that of course is a mere sentimental idea I think of Jesus hanging on the cross. That's a sentimental idea to although of a pious sort Jesus is in the baby in a manger in Jesus isn't hanging on the cross is not only rose from the dead body ascended and I have a 90 seated at the right hand of God. When Stephen the first martyr at his dying vision of the exalted Christ was of Jesus standing at the right hand of God rising as it were to receive them into heaven when John had his vision of Jesus on the Isle of Patmos was someone was as God himself.

The apostle was overcome by Jesus appearance and his splendor that he fell at his feet as though dead we are to recover that understanding of Jesus and think about them in those terms. Because we did it would really transform our worship of him and perhaps also our obedience order chamfer is one who is written on the Psalm and let me read something he says about it. Anyone who has caught a glimpse of the heavenly splendor and sovereign might of Christ would do well to imitate the saints of ages past only appropriate to worship him with deep reverence. You may pour out great love and recognition of your personal relationship with them. He is your Lord, he or she has, however, you are not piles.

He is Lord and the master you are servant and disciple. He is infinitely above you on the scale of being his throne hold sway over you for your present life and for assuring your eternal reward.

King is to be honored and fast obeyed and worshiped. Gentry says such humble gestures of adoration or the response required in the gospel you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved by Matthew's account of the story ends by saying from that day on. No one dared ask you many more questions. In other words, they were silenced. Even though the Pharisees so that day were silenced in their unbelief. Being unable to ask him questions, or pursue it further. Or actually yield to his teaching or his lordship was a parasail eventually did come to understand who Jesus was and accept his teaching and that was the apostle Paul. He wrote about them in Romans and did so in these terms. He described his gospel which she said was promised beforehand through his prophets in the holy Scriptures regarding his son as to his human nature. He was a descendent of David and the holy spirit was declared with power to be the son of God by the resurrection from the dead. Now that is the much short New Testament statement of the teaching we find back here in the 22nd chapter of Matthew, Jesus asked his question. They couldn't understand that we reflect on it to know what it means. But here is Paul spelling about in this greatest of all the doctrinal books is a contrast in Romans as Paul develops the idea between the two natures on the one hand, is the human nature word that's used various larks literally mean/but it really means. The whole man that's contrasted with Christ divine nature, which is described as the spirit of holiness is not referring to the Holy Spirit, primarily, but to Christ's own spiritual or divine nature, which is holy.

In other words, he has the qualities of man in full and he has the essence of the deity in full and then there's a contrast between a descendent of David and the son of God, the first refers to his earthly ancestry thing David is talking about my lord the one who is come from his loins, but also it speaks about the son of God, which is linked to his divine nature of the important point there in the text in Romans is the distinction implied by the borrowers when Bourbons was it actually is. The word became and it means that Jesus took on a form of existence that he hadn't had previously by the incarnation was birth of Mary became man. The other verb that is used here is the word declared it says, he was declared to be God.

And the reason he was declared to be God is that he always was God. What you havejust very few words.

28 words in Greek view more in English is a full Christology second person of the Trinity, who is God and was God from the beginning the kind of thing John writes about in the first chapter at a specific point in history took upon himself the form of a man being born in the line of David, in order that he be the Messiah not only an earthly Messiah. We had to become that in order to die for our sin on the divine Messiah, who now reigns the right hand of God in heaven. That Messiah is your Messiah. If you have believed on him, and even if you haven't, is still the Messiah and the Lord you may dispute his claims but if there true in Jesus as we claim to be. Then there is no other reasonable or right option open to you than complete allegiance to give you words of an unbeliever. Indeed, a well-known agnostic of the last century. His name was Col. Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll lectures on immortality at Harvard University are named after him wasn't any friend of Christianity, hated Christianity, but he said at one occasion Christianity cannot live in peace with any other form of faith that religion is true there is but one Savior, one inspired book and but one couldn't resist saying little narrow path that leads to heaven, there is one little narrow path leads to heaven. Jesus talked about it in the sermon on the mount Ingersoll is throwing it up as a criticism. Jesus is laying it out as a truth say luck if you want to get to heaven is by me want to know the truth, I am the truth. And if you want to live eternally. I am the source of that life. John 14 six I am away the truth and the life. No one comes under the father but by me. That is true so we asked the question is Jesus Christ's Messiah, Jesus Christ, your Lord is Jesus Christ, your Savior is Jesus Christ your God of the is you want to hear his call Bobby formula call upon him for salvation and follow him as your Lord's prayer. Father, we do thank you for this word that you would given thank you for the clarity of the exposition of the Lord Jesus Christ of the song. We thank you for the way the Old Testament and the New Testament were so beautifully together a testimony of your authorship of the whole level. We thank you for the way in grace, you work through the preaching of your words call men and women of faith in Christ, we answer because it's your word and your purpose because you do it through your power you might have your way with us this morning and grant that many might come to salvation through calling on Christ is you are listening to the Bible study hours with the Bible teaching of Dr. James voice listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals.

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