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Jeremy Dys (In God We Trust) Bert Fulks (Parenting)

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August 6, 2019 4:00 pm

Jeremy Dys (In God We Trust) Bert Fulks (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 6, 2019 4:00 pm

President Trump condemns white supremacy in the wake of those recent mass shootings - but will it be enough to satisfy his political enemies? We'll talk about it. Plus: First Liberty Institute's Jeremy Dys explains why courts have affirmed that our national motto, "In God We Trust," is constitutional. And author Bert Fulks discusses how to become your child's ally in a challenging and sinful world. His book is called, "X-Plan Parenting." That and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

This standby for today podcast is brought to you by a firm films and the Kendrick brothers movie overcome her, starring Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shire rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters August 23. More information is is our confidence is in Christ alone and be praised, and other people have reactions to the mass shootings and they are derided and lied about and what a study in contrasts. You might have seen that former Pres. Obama posted about the shootings days when presidents went off into the sunset. After they left office.

I miss those days was for those days, even when it was a Republican who left office because I thought it was classy.

You should get out of the way and let the guy in the White House do his job just like you did your job and your predecessor rode off into the sunset but it's not like that anymore because we have a resistance to engage in at least the left us Barack Obama talked about Michelle and and he grieving with all the families in El Paso and Dayton who endured these latest mass shootings. He talks about the few things we already know to be true. No other nation on earth comes close to experiencing the frequency of mass shootings that we see in the US has no other developed nation tolerates the levels of gun violence that we do just the same old gun nonsense. Then he says.

Second, while the motivations behind the shootings may not yet be fully known. There are indications that the El Paso shooting follows a dangerous trend troubled individuals who embrace racist ideologies and see themselves obligated to act violently to preserve white supremacy.

There you have to say that right. Well, fine. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with this man as I said yesterday being charged with domestic terrorism. I've no problem with that whatsoever. I don't want those kinds of people going into any store anywhere in America and harming anybody for any reason. But again, were back to the whole thought crime and can we talk again. Dayton Pres. Obama because he loved Satan, but he did he talk to him about it.

The guy was a committed leftist. He said he would vote for Elizabeth Warren.

He was very pro-Bernie Sanders. Just like Hodgkinson was member Hodgkinson who fired shots at the congressional baseball game and shot Steve Scalise and Steve's lease could have died and he was a Bernie campaign volunteer and are not saying it was Bernie Sanders fault that these people went violence but you know you only talk about the El Paso shooter. So what about the Dayton shooter because he was a committed leftist. I guess that just right and then he talks about tolerance and diversity in all the rest of the stuff that he always talks about me. You know what I had eight years. The man I don't really want to go into everything that he has to say today, but I contrast this with the story that is just so predictable. There is a state representative in the state of Ohio, where as we know, one of the mass shootings occurred over the weekend. Her name is Candace Keller. She is a Republican from Middletown which is about 25 miles southwest of Dayton.

She put up a Facebook post and the headline on the New York Post, and there were other sites as well that had horrifying headlines about his awful lawmaker headline was Ohio lawmaker Candace Keller blames gay marriage drag queen advocates for Dayton shooting and I thought there's no way in the world.

That's true. Nobody in the world, said the drag queens because the Dayton shootings. So let's go to the original now deleted Facebook post of state representative Candace Keller and I will read to you what she actually said it isn't that long and then you can decide at the end of this. Whether or not that headline accurately represents the thrust of what she was trying to communicate.

Here's what she actually said after every mass shooting the liberals start the blame game, why not place the blame where it belongs. The breakdown of the traditional American family. Thank you. Transgender homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates fatherlessness the subject. No one discusses or believes is relevant.

The ignoring of violent video games.

The relaxing of laws against criminals, open borders, the acceptance of recreational marijuana, failed school policies hello parents who defend misbehaving students disrespect to law enforcement. Thank you Obama hatred of our veterans.

Thank you. Professional athletes who hate our flag and national anthem the Democratic Congress, many members whom are openly anti-Semitic. The culture which totally ignores the importance of God in the church until they elect a president. State officeholders who have no interest whatsoever in learning about our Constitution and the Second Amendment as snowflakes who can't accept a duly elected president. She ends it by saying, did I forget anybody. The list is long and the fury will continue. I read that Facebook post and this is what I take away from it what she is describing is the breakdown of American society and in essence saying in different language when I try to commute it yesterday because I think the same way she does. Not that you have all of these individual things taking up guns and committing the crime.

Clearly that's not what she was trying to say what she was trying to communicate is these mass shootings are just a symptom of a broader breakdown of American society.

We are becoming more lawless, we are becoming more immoral is like a snowball, gathering speed down the hill.

We all know this.

We talk about this on the show every single day. That's what she was saying.

But in the leftists hands.

It became drag queen.

If the kids were responsible for the Dayton shooting. I cannot believe that these people are so dim as to miss the point that they do not let the serious crisis go to waste. Why in the world would you let it go to waste when you can find people who are state representatives, whom the most of the country has never heard of and turn them into demons and that's what they do and that's why the media largely has no respect from decent American citizens anymore. I think it's despicable spoke about she's right and she's not saying that the individuals like the leftist and Dayton Ohio who will love Satan and loved Bernie and would vote for Elizabeth Warren and loves socialism.

This is all per his twitter account before they took it down. No, she would talk about him but not really.

I wanted to I mean but that's who committed the crime.

That's who killed his sister. That's who killed nine people and wounded other people and then the other guy. If you read his manifesto. You can see plainly that he was not some died in the wool conservative. He talked about your universal basic income. He talked about environmentalism. He talked about universal healthcare. He talked about his dislike for the Republican Party because there pro-corporation stands leads to more immigration mean the guy hated everybody. If you read the manifesto you can read that. But that's not politically good for these people so they have to find somebody to beat up who some now Ohio lawmaker who otherwise is just living her life and course she had to delete it. Now people are calling for head on a platter is just despicable. 01 more despicable thing I gotta get to. Let's play the I think most important moment from Pres. Trump's speech yesterday. This is One shooter in El Paso posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate in one voice. Our nation must condemn racism and bigotry and white supremacy.

These sinister ideologies must be defeated.

Hate has no place in America hatred warps the mind ravages the heart and devours the soul we have asked the FBI to identify all further resources they need to investigate and disrupt hate crimes and domestic errors. Whatever they need, we must recognize that the Internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalize disturbed minds and perform demented acts okay Walt, now they got this denunciation of white supremacy and I think the president has always been against white supremacy. The problem is these leftists if I have always tried to equate the GOP with white nationalism white supremacy.

I fail to see how all of that rhetoric squares with some of the mass violence that we've seen in America from leftists and easy now it doesn't doesn't have to know 2+2 can be eight as long as they get what they want in the end that's just how it works over at CBS which had predicted the Donald Trump's remarks wouldn't be that good in the way he speaks is almost identical rhetoric to that of the shooter mean that there seen this kind of stuff by news busters, Nancy Corliss of CBS News had to say after Trump's speech this is cut to the very top of his speech and announced radically. Racism and white supremacy, something that many lawmakers believe is important who also feel that it may have come too late.

They believe that some of the president over the past couple of years has lysed the notion of white supremacy in this country.

They think he needs to do a lot more. Not only speak out against Nora but also to curtail his own rhetoric.

Yeah, it was Trump's Bob the guy Dayton was Trump Smoltz and the guy in El Paso was Trump's fault.

Even though even the manifesto writer in El Paso said blame it on Trump's rhetoric, but I have thought this way for a number of years and Trump has nothing to do with it. You can't believe a killer got a discount that is strong jobs involves there is no forgiveness there is no redemption. He's evil.

Get them out to put in a progressive more of the same. Want to come stay with us you listening to Jennifer today. Are you among the millions of Americans who feel uncertain when it comes to your health care as a Christian are you looking for healthcare that doesn't violate her morals and convictions were happy to inform you that there is a solution and that solution is liberty healthcare liberty healthcare is a community of like-minded Christians who work together to pay for their medical costs. It allows you to decide how, when and where you will access healthcare so you can make the best choice for you and your family. Starting at $199 a month for a single up to $529 a month for a family that's mom dad and all the kids. This is how healthcare should be for more information call 855-585-4237 or visit light your that's like your and regain control over your healthcare costs 855-585-4237 or light your Together were changing healthcare for good from a firm films problem films and the kindred brothers comes over, John Harrison is a frustrated coach questioning his value until he crosses paths with the student struggling on her own journey, you will find when you find your identity, the one who created you and Joe, if you're a medical professional. Here's a way to move from success to even greater significance. Mercy shifts as a merge of faith for pediatric registered nurses you'll be joining dozens of volunteer medical professionals blessed by the opportunity like that to serve their patient by visiting mercy mercy shifts bringing hope and healing to the world's forgotten we are back on him after today all students in Kentucky and South Dakota will soon return to school where they will see signs posted that say in God we trust. But even though multiple court decisions have affirmed that our national motto is not an establishment of religion. Atheists like those that the freedom from religion foundation are I write to over what is happening saying is South Dakota's measure in a statement. The law insultingly confusing patriotism with piety is part of the nationwide legislative push by project blitz which is a stealth campaign to inject religious bills into state legislatures across the country were in a talk about this now Jeremy dies, Deputy General Counsel at first Liberty Institute, who explains in a new op-ed of the daily why or why these sorts of bands or attacks on this motto are just ludicrous. So good to have you with us Jeremy how are you how it's going to talk to you tell us a little bit about the history of in God we trust. I know a lot of us have learned this and knew this back in the day, but there are probably a lot of us who have forgotten the trajectory, which is something you address in your column started trajectory of his or her country. In God we trust you are reading through all Britain's got workhorse of the Star-Spangled Banner be our motto in God is our truck strikes me about how only on a normal public about the general public even barred that time, it could be so… Should be our motto in God's work between €64 on her one of one book got time and been born 19 white garden hours barn built to make up your special national motto and your layered quote on our overcurrent as well so really long history.

A big part of our heritage story to the Ben Franklin raised up a militia was on the Russell definitely a part of our country hi Duke who we are and we shouldn't be afraid of it but I'm still fostered by the fact we solidified back against it when people get so interesting you point out all of these courts have ruled that this is perfectly constitutional to have in God we trust on our currency and to have a national model that says this in fact every federal circuit court, you said to have considered this has deemed it constitutional so why is this even an issue. Oh, what will that work on it on to try to take all covered your drug rewrite book smell 11 Circuit Ct. order or 11/12 circuit board you have actually reviewed include Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is not one white back in 1970 and the cold air elders Ninth Circuit case. Mike said this always concerns or implicated establishment of can't get much more clear than bad, and wonderful Ninth Circuit saying that you have no real long back in 1971 the look of 2013.

Well concerned about because I think we should take the bank got is not going to violate the cost yeah I think that's well said. The Ninth Circuit is not exactly really on the side of conservatives very often so important thing to note this is interesting though, when you talk about this accommodation is in, which I guess has been kind of a theme through these legal opinions about in God we trust. Talk a little bit about that, Jeremy. What is the reasoning of these courts. In saying this is not an establishment of religion. This is in fact something that is perfectly permissible. What sort of are like Star-Spangled Banner and have it with language which welcome people having no particular religious meaning. Okay were diverse were pluralistic society and understanding. You have a girl we still have a common purpose together until the court finds that look long-standing practice of our country while the country much like opening our public meetings with prayer and symbols on our monuments of the world around country. All part of the same thing as part of who you have been there for part of who we are not about what I think is likely why legislators and South Dakota another work back up on our property because we forgot what would make me laugh because the other side of said older now to the exclusionary brainwash American schoolchildren close to spray so the children will brainwash will that they themselves were tendered to brainwash the bikes on inaccurate information will proving the point that we need to remind ourselves where we so we know where we are going right what we look at the word God. That seems to be with the really annoyed about an interesting Jeremy because we've seen all of these winds from the left all the way back to Madeline Murray O'Hare and the taking out of a prayer from the public schools in all of these wins that they've had in the courts pertaining to eliminating any mention of Christianity whatsoever. And a lot of the schools is that really something that they are having a hard time wrapping their heads around because the minute they see God.

It seems to trigger them. Even though this is been a long-standing phrase going back to the 1800s, as you said before you know your number of the American Legion record arrived back in Berkeley was very clear that the government roaming around the country trying going is going to seek and destroy mission for anything religious symbol monument activity that is major in public hostility toward religion of the Constitution or in so today we have more freedom because of that the surgeon had gotten a side note, yesterday, girl peach order where the very small cross on top of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. There are all hot and bothered about God's will, 1954, not 1925, about to requalify will pervert her to do to honor people who died in war is not a problem just because it appeared in public with the quarters done so well for this business about being offended and qualify for lawsuit you so allow the overhearing right now are the last desperate draft of the overall war, public side, you are a believer on Jeremy. Is there any effort or has there been any effort mounted to change the national motto because I could picture. One of these activist St. well if the national motto is in God we trust.

And a lot of us don't trust in God then it seeks it's excluding people like me who are not people with any faith in God. Does that make me less of an American. I mean I'm sure there's some activist was made an argument to that effect. I'm just wondering if they've ever tried to mount an official campaign to change it so maturely related word for it is complete, you want to make sure that anything religious but hard work go tear down a desperate manner, but more more correctly, you will if you money.

One reason why we switched from Beverly casual is more of a fancy national saying of some sort, but the reason why we put a document God we trust because you want to work something you been the one dumping all blog our government even even governmental leaders have to remember their submissive Jewish well why is why all the leaders of said clear national model. This is who we are as a country. Much of this. Do you think is part of the continual leftist impulse to try to erase history because setting aside the legal the constitutional arguments over the national motto. The fact is that we are a nation that has a solid Christian foundation. We all understand that everybody was a Christian who founded this nation, but we know the Christian history. They don't want to talk about that. It seems that that really is the bigger picture. The bigger overall trajectory as they want to raise any sort of connection of the United States of America and its founding in any way shape or form to Christianity going through being controlled. Providing your healthcare provider you doing right audit and, directing your life will be can really have no competition without authority or recognition that there is a divine being that government that that directs the hearts of kings. The Scripture talks about Datacomp a competitor that the left has to eliminate where ever the God of the motivation Berkeley all to make sure that the whitewash over any kind of religious life in public and expressive symbols or activities in public because Great Britain can't allow any even even the most nominal recognition that there is a higher being that government bears that absolutely this is such an important point for us to remember we have been so accustomed to seeing the attacks on any mention of Christianity in the public schools that were often too willing to concede territory when courts have spoken in this way Jeremy dies from first Liberty Institute.

You can check out his piece of the daily wire. Thanks so much Jeremy this our chain of effort today brought to you by a firm films and the Kendrick brothers movie overcome her, starring Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shire rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters August 23.

More information is available and overcome her this day in an effort today podcast is brought to you by a firm films in the Kendrick brothers movie overcome her, starring Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shire rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters August 23.

More information is today. I think every Christian parent would be that our role in our children's lives is to be their best friends when were raising them. That is, we don't operate in a way that always makes them happy and like us a lot. But we also want to be adversarial all the time. So the question becomes is there another way were to talk about that today with Bert Fox. He is a former teacher who has 30 years experience working with kids. He's the founder and codirector of empty stone ministry, Christian nonprofit that ministers to drug addicted youth and today will be talking about his book called explant parenting become your child's ally, a guide to raising strong kids in a challenging world.

Bert it is great to have you with us today. How are you doing quite well. It's my pleasure. All right the first question, I guess very obviously is what's in explant. I'm sure that's what everybody is asking right at explant. What is that all about popular blog I wrote a couple years ago something that we've established for our youngest notion was out and found himself in a situation where he didn't feel so the she could text anyone in our family, the X all men who ever got the message would call him something come up with picking up five minutes. Be ready to go, rescue plan to give him a sticky situation and allow him to say some things with his friends as he grows and develops and teach them to navigate those waters right so that the group that the funny thing was the whole philosophy behind the X.

It wasn't just a random letter we pick up for a purpose and one of things is one of my cornerstone of what I believe was parenting our role is to help figure out who God made it back to the algebraic mystery were all solving for so let's work off without parents. The other part of the idea that different terms.

You are smart too. Really, it was where we meet in the middle the point where we come together. So Buck traveled maturing next Christ. You can't do this without God That's good now. Now this was interesting because we talk about this post that you did a couple years back.

Not everybody liked what you had to say. Why was that what kind of feedback did you get from a negative perspective. People who read it and said will wait a minute. I don't know if I'm on board with this boat will no be no question will get you where where are you? A lot of people totally but what you're really going for developing a trusting relationship with your should you develop a healthy trusting relationship. You will need to ask questions, they will come to you and talk about beautiful. So was a different strategy.

It wasn't so much that you were against knowing what was actually going on in your son's life.

It was that you wanted to build some respect and trust with your child such that he could come to you and tell you hasn't worked out that way in his life right there been something about the she came to me the day after our discussion I will also do you want totally accurate and tweak the truth a little bit here she totally offered. So yeah you you start with nurturing and developing back, relationship to give them some freedom to screw up makes a mistake.

But God know the doctor back in the day will come to you. I would imagine that for a lot of Christian parents were listing their same but wait a minute okay if you have a situation where child is out at a party that maybe he wasn't supposed to be added and there's underage drinking.

That's a no-no. Of course we don't want our children involved in that kind of situation isn't it the responsibility of the Christian parent to know what was going on and to say hey sign, you shouldn't of been there in the first place were glad that you got out of there but what about the moral lesson when you're trying to also be a good parent honey. Navigate that come up bring about up some point and it gives you the opportunity to talk about will say that blog post of such a minute portion of the book itself, but have you.we always put out there was we come to get you and your dangerous situation you or your brother's keeper. Anyone else in danger situation you have to speak you have to speak up so we can contact other parents so we can to look into whatever right so you're also trying to teach responsibility to your son along the way. You're not just saying I never can ask any questions. I want to know anything that's going on. That's that doesn't seem to be the rationale that you are operating under that you just want to let him do what he wants and and you don't want to know anything all marble raising strong to adult identity cannot your so they can stand for a very tough world and really believe one of the ways we engage our children. Strength is because empathy for others and for others. I call you will get a strong heart so the parent I would like to close her capacity to love people here for people's idea of how we doing on this journey you hear so many stories burned about Christian parents who did the very best that they could with their kids and they fell away from the Lord, or they got involved in all sorts of things they shouldn't of done and the Christian parent say, but we did this and this and this and then you talk to the kid and the kid will say it was such an oppressive household and there was too much heavy handedness. Is this in no way a response to what you have seen as too much heavy handedness Christian parents who might mean well, but it's backfiring because they were too oppressive with their kids possibly general. I have seen kids come out of very very strict households and they are leaving very loving wife will Christian letter Chrysler blog yes I hate the general life really try to get out in this book is parents to consider the placement in their lives were and they are still group. You still need healing and a lot of times our brokenness in our feelings of not having what it takes not being good enough. Whatever else that will change how we raise our kids parents wing of healing still focus on that quite a lot about think a lot of times we wound our kids through her own brokenness without ever realizing what brokenness do you refer to when you're thinking is parents who still need healing in their own lives. What if you say so.

There's a story out on the book. My oldest son is actually getting married next we use six years old and wants to play baseball. I'm in the backyard with him all him trying to get him ready for trials.

I wouldn't let them quit until you have perfect gestures and probes. We were up there until dark peers whining and crying that had nothing to do with him.

Everything my brokenness relate that to the story will appoint all young children played football for the first time and you know what I was still a member. The first game I got him grab my placement and drag me around. The first thing on the second hate to break things here, but without a pause for a quick break for Fox's book is called explant parenting will pick things up on the other side come back with us right after this effort today is proud to partner with pre-born to help save babies lives. My name is Dan Steiner and I'm the president of prewar ultrasound truly is a game changer when mom comes into pregnancy center under pressure to abort her child. Perhaps the day is gone, perhaps her mother is pressuring her most of the time in her heart she doesn't want to abort what she needs is something that will give her the strength to choose life against the pressures that are forcing her to consider abortion. That's the ultrasound.

She hears her baby's heartbeat and sees that baby on ultrasound. Everything's different. We can join us in saving babies lives pre-born funds. Pregnancy centers across the nation so they can offer free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies. Ultrasound is a game changer because one abortion minded women actually see their babies in their wombs for themselves. 80% of the time they choose life, would you please join us at Janet effort today to support the ministry of pre-born for $140 you can provide five free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies a gift of $22 will provide one ultrasound and every gift helps to donate please call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to All gifts are tax-deductible, and 100% of your gift goes directly toward saving babies, you can get involved and you can help save a life for a gift of $140.05 free ultrasounds will be offered to women in crisis pregnancies. Let's do more than talk about abortion. Let's save some lives. Please call now with your gift. 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to enter today. My guess Burke foxy is founder and codirector of empty stone ministry and author of explant parenting were talking about the book and becoming your child's ally and raising strong kids in a challenging world, which is always something that we all strive for his Christian parents something really interesting. But before we had to go to the break you were talking about the fact that often times when we make mistakes in parenting, it's because parents are dealing with their own issues and perhaps projecting them onto their kids and that's where we can really mess up and you are talking about your own experience as a kid with sports with football in particular and how that impacted the way that you were dealing with your son and requiring him to have so many perfect throws when you were out playing baseball with them.

Wanted to let you finish that story and kinda finish making that point is I thought that was a really good one to drag me around the field. I was humiliated and just I was so broken inside a couple weeks later I quit football man that buried deep in me and I made a secret that all that relevant to your slow your goal without. I would never be unprepared. Yeah well and now back to become a heavy burden to bear.

And I was really affecting almost parenting them so hard to do everything right and to be ready. You must be ready for trial don't want him to feel what I felt horrible, terrible brokenness. So much of our relationships with we go back and or stories to figure out where we will correct so we can help our kids find the path was late for them to really believe she is something unique, something special.

God made the to bring something that no one else can bring our job as parents to help them find the screen well. Can you see this in a lot of areas. I think a lot of times people will notice with fathers.

In particular, there is this desire to have a sports star for a child and maybe it's because dad was a sports star.

Maybe it's because dad wasn't a sports star and moms moms will have other problems and there's academic pressure on kids.

I want to have the smartest kid I want to have the most achieved kid in the universe and all this kind of stuff and you really are looking at your kid is living out you know you're living your life vicariously through your children back from that though because you obviously realize the error that you are making and said listen II want to become my child's ally. I don't necessarily have to turn my child into the perfect child out that there is one. Anyway what woke you up and and how do you get other parents to wake up to that and correct it in and really see there's children. Those children that God is given to us is created in his image with his own talents and gifts given to them that they need to discover and we need to give them the freedom to discover them while parents are willing to most if not all of your listeners are unsocial and would probably post about their kids will look at your Facebook post about your kids and see how many of them are related to some kind of performance sports or academics or whatever else I think a lot of times we damage our kids through our praise in our kids start to equate their performance with their value totally different things. You parents. We encourage our kids take some risks in life. Teach them the okay to say no failure rate we all fail.

We all learn from and grow from. You will throughout the Bible, all the Bible heroes were pretty big screw ups and failures, redemption stories close. Sometimes it was a performance that mattered. But the person actually happened still to celebrating your performance also brought you just your awesome something special. I love your heart I will refer others, I love your sense of humor. Whatever it is your kid shines. We celebrate who they are much more than their performances. That is really important absolutely.

But how do you see the role of straight up disciplining correction when the Bible talks about you don't exasperate your children bring them up in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord. Ephesians 6 for we do have that role as well. When our children are young and we have to discipline them at times and instruct them and correct them. How do you do both. How do you navigate both of those responsibilities to become your child's ally and give that freedom and and embrace them as the people God created them to be, but also make those corrections that are necessary for being a good parent and creating a future good adult teachers in the background teaching product provide more guidance and structure. Early on, and then you can listen up on the way a lot of parents who collect to run while when they're young and found themselves in crisis mode. Later electrons shooting back and will probably try to throw in some discipline that heart you start your own nurturing himself discipline for more from what we do what we modeling for right in there. There is very quick to see when you are falling short of what you're telling them to do but mom, you did ask but dad you don't follow that that sort of thing now yeah but it's also not a bad thing I think is apparent to say to your child. I messed up to Safari. I'm not perfect.

I'm telling you what we all ought to be, but I have to and I'm a sinner as well. I have I need God's grace and forgiveness to just as much as you do so much better reflection of the ceiling that I continually go through my life… Still a long way to grow but I'm sorry for how I handled and stood for just so when you're implementing the explant as you mentioned at the outset of the so that you have your child if he's in a bad situation, just text and ask and then you know, no questions asked. Mom and dad come as that changed things for your child. What kind of long-term effect has implementing that plan made for it for your family like how well does it work. I think a lot of people would want to know personally. It really changed or really just a natural outgrowth of our family functions.

You know we we have really pretty good relationship with her to open and honest with each other. However, I've heard from parents all over the world who went to their kids and so I read about this morning and may contact all we had a beautiful conversation about sex, drugs, whatever. We've never been able to talk about for so you know you're not trying to be heavy-handed. You're not trying to cover them up for you genuinely care about them goes a long way in the building.

Those bridges talk about your kids how different if you need your kid to be your best friend. Well yeah that's exactly right.

I always say this every time I get on an airplane. I IC pick bad parenting and action and little kids to just not there. Running the show. Moms not running about. I think those kids get a turnout. Mom can't even handle them at two and three. What you do when a teen in 17 or 16 on the long-awaited I have a lot of real time. Kids are flexible strong enough to most of them in spite of what we do to his nature, isn't that true love goes a long way and that's that's what's coming through and I'm listening to talk about this and going through your book Bert, and that is you want to have long term. This relationship of love and trust with your kids yeah yeah yeah all right you say in the book. At one point I would like to book how to really wrote the book to (100 questions to think about themselves on their own journey in their own relationship with Christ that impact your relationship on that journey are taken together, that is a really important point and people can read about it. Explant parenting is the name of the book become your child's ally guide to raising strong kids in a challenging world and so good to have with us its author Bert Fox. Thank you so much for being with us really enjoyed the book and enjoyed talking to you. Really appreciate it. God bless you. Thanks so much. Thanks. Thank you and thanks for being with us on Santa Mefford today was the next

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