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God vs. Humanity | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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April 16, 2021 8:00 am

God vs. Humanity | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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April 16, 2021 8:00 am

In Romans 3, Paul writes as a prosecuting attorney, bringing the human race before judgment in a case we could call, “God vs. Humanity.” In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals our indictment, evidence, and verdict, and explains how God justifies us as His children.

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We want God to treat us fairly. Listen to Adrian Rogers. God is not fair.

God is Josh. God doesn't owe us anything for the out of Marseilles but you will matter.

Plea for mercy and receive a justice of God as long as you're writing about God being fair.

You're not going to cry out for mercy, but when you say that God is just God and we are guilty we desire judgment when we can say God have mercy. The understanding welcome to love worth finding featuring the timeless messages beloved pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers in Romans chapter 3, Paul writes as a prosecuting attorney bringing the human race before the judgment seat of God.

In part one of today's message past Rogers began to explain our indictment, the evidence against us and our guilty verdict, and yet while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

How does God justify us as his children.

If you have your Bible turned out Romans chapter 3 as Adrian Rogers concludes this convicting message God versus humanity. Paul opens this book and he began his lay down the problem so we can see it and understand. So first of all he talked in chapter 1 about the sin that even those who never heard chapter 2 talks about the sin of the hypocrite. Those who heard about the Moses lives are full of duplicity in the last part of chapter 2 talks about the sin of the Hebrew those who thought because they were God's chosen because they hurt so much because they had the Bible because they knew the truth, but somehow send it out affect them.

So after he deals with the sin of other even the Crip and the Hebrew baby just sums it all and it comes to the sin of humanity. All levels, he says is no difference between the Jew and the great all have sin and come short of the glory of God. What Paul is doing is this is becoming a prosecuting attorney and he is bringing the human race before the judgment bar of Almighty God and he is making an indictment and the case is this God versus humanity. And since you're human. It's an indictment against you.

So it would pretty well to listen. I want you to hear the indictment as it stated where in Romans chapter 3 verses nine and 10. What then are we better than they better than the matter that hypocrite better than the Hebrew. What are we better than they know in no wise we had before proved. Now the word proves here's a very interesting word. It is a legal term which means to make an indictment and prove it. We have therefore approved both Jews and Gentiles that they are all under sin as it is written, there is none righteous, no not one word under sin literally means dominated by sin ruled by sin subjugated to sin is not only that we sin, but we serve say that we have become slaves of sin elevate the irony of it is that the center boast about his ego peak case (that so ridiculous. He is us laying to a sand. He is free to do what he wants, but is not free to do is eat all and he is the servant.

He is a slave saying it doesn't matter about his ethnic background where these are Jew or Gentile, white or black, young or old, rich or poor. He is a Santa.

Sometimes we think that because of our environment, our pedigree that we excuse high priest one time in a church and a lady cannot wait to get to see me because my name is Rogers and she said you sir are a Rogers and she said I am a Rogers said my father was a Rogers and my maiden name was Rogers. MAC just smiled and threw her shoulders back and she said you know I have studied our family background. You will be pleased to know that we came over on the and I said what's interesting. I said I traced it back further than that.

She said you did. I said yes we have come all the way from a crooked farmer and a drunken sailor. The farmer was Adam and the sailor was Noah and we all way back, and friend. We are sinners by birth, by nature, by heritage. It doesn't matter about our race are background so first of all you see the indictment that is given.

That's the indictment as God versus humanity in verses nine and 10 that he got that now, what good is an indictment without evidence God makes the indictment handing God brings the evidence and then God gives it undependable on the jury, he himself is the judge here's the verdict, looking at will. In verses 19 and 20 now we know that what things over the law say it say it to them who are under the law. What that every mouth may be stopped, and all may become guilty before God. The verdict of the court is guilty and he goes on to say, as a result of that in verse 20. Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight by the laws of knowledge of sin. The law is not given to save you the laws given to condemn and convict you. The law cannot save you. God is given his holy law, but the law is given to show us that was sent as for Sam is the transgression of the law and we realize that God is given his holy law, and we have come short of God's holy law.

So what is the wisest thing that you could do today what is the wisest thing you could do today.

Shut up and plead guilty, shut up and plead guilty. That's what Paul is saying.

I know boys and girls that we use the word shut up in the wrong.

Since we are not to do but listen, here's what he saying the last part of verse 19, that every mouth may be stopped, got to shut your mouth and that all the world may become guilty before you go to get say unto you, admit your guilt before Almighty God. I remember reading in Luke chapter 18 about it Pharisee who came in he prayed and Lisa got, I think that I'm not as other men on here so full of himself.

But Jesus said that there was a public and that means he was a tax collector, and I may dishonest the Bible says he bowed his head, he would not so much as even lift his eyes to heaven, he smote himself upon the brass and he said God be merciful to me a sinner.

Literally the Greek language that he said be merciful to me, the same guy merciful to me, the Santa, and Jesus said this man, the publican went home justified rather than the other. The religious man are two ways you can go from church today. Some of you will go home, dignified, and some will go home justified to say hi, thank God I'm not as other men, and when the pastor gives imitation Ukrainian neck to see if any of those old centers go down there to get say God have. May God have mercy.

Paul says that plead guilty counting verdict of the court has been is a story tells about a king that is the slave ship was a galley slave Jay Leno with a chain into the awards and they roll in a man beats the drum and another man has a lash to make them or let him know diesel engines. That was the inch and they would take the prisoners of the state and I just let them languish in prison. I put them to use them, made them pull them yours. McCain visited one of these slave ships went below the decks began to talk to those who would change the awards and asked one man why are you here since I live here I was in the crowd when the crime was committed, and when they arrested they got me my medicine ask another and said why are you here the King asking is that old sire mobile King is that I have enemies who have lied about me is that I'm not really guilty but I'm a victim of false witnesses who have lied about me managing went through in each one of them had some reason why he was innocent should not be there.

We came to one man.

He said why are you here since I'm here because I deserve to be here is I've sin. I'm guilty. I'm receiving the just recompense for my Sam 57 I gaze my God I Sam is my chain and now I'm paying the penalty for my sin. When the king heard that he stepped back and he said you may, you rascal you scum what are you doing here among so many honest men guards releasing and getting out of here. Not until we admit our sin, are we going to know the mercy and the forgiveness of the king. God says be quiet also be quiet. Every mouth shut. Plead guilty now, here's the final thing want you see today not only the verdict but I want you to see now the mercy that is available to see God is not fair to the idea that God is fair, God is not fair in what fairness means. It means look like we go to Eton and we sit down and there is a piece of pie. A lady gives it to us both and I couldn't take the biggest half a bridge that one fair I would say the words we get the idea that we deserve something that it is ours. And when we get we just think we getting what we deserve we not thankful we get it we just upset. We didn't get a sooner doubly upset if somebody gets more and we got God is not fair. God is just, just God doesn't owe us anything he could visit to Marseilles, but you will never ever never plead for mercy and to see the justice of God as long as you're writing about God being fair.

You're not going to cry out for mercy, but when you see that God is just God and we are guilty we desire judgment when we can say God have mercy. We understand that little store about a lady went to photographer have a picture made him. She got it. She didn't like the reason she didn't like it as it looked like her so she took back the photographer and said you have to do this picture over any civil lady was wrong with she said addendum injustice. He looked at it looked at her and said lady only justice. What you need is mercy friend, God is Jost, but we need mercy. We need mercy, but it is not until the indictment is made and the evidence is given and the verdict comes down and we will ourselves upon the mercy of the car and were ready for God's amazing grace, that we are ready for salvation.

If you never ever come to the place where you see yourself as a set or lost before Almighty God and cried out to him for mercy. You never been saved, you may walls down somebody's church island join the church got baptized internal relief have you thrown yourself on the mercy of the court. You said, Lord God be merciful to me a seven new member.

What a preposition was in school I barely do, but I do. I want to give us a preposition's and I will show you what God's mercy is. I listen to these prepositions of by two through in and with, here's the mercy is what we going to get noticed when chapter 3 now and look if you will, in verse 21 but now I'm more thing. God pledges draw a circle but now he's changing the subject, but now now now now that man sees a sinner but now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets. This righteousness is God.

That's the first preposition the righteousness of God. What is justification justification is an act of God, no court can ever justify anybody if you going to court. All they can do is prove you guilty or innocent. They may be a partner, you may may fail to send you but they can justify only God can make the unclean clean. It is God.

Justification is the way that God declares us righteous in his sight.

He puts the righteousness of Christ on our account and places and takes and bears our own sinfulness. No one but God can do this.

Number two. Not only is it God is by faith look again in verse 22. Even the righteousness of God which is by faith and I'm so grateful that God doesn't require anything else. If you require anything else on would make if he knew if he applied baptism with the required money. If you require good works. Some would be disqualified now faith in the natural realm is a very common thing you get on an airplane that's faith you take prescription meds fate you eat a meal cooked out.

That's faith is getting me more and more what is the difference in saving faith is in the source and the object God gives us that faith and then we place our faith in the Lord Jesus. It is of God. It is by faith. And thirdly it is. All in all, that's the next preposition to all like you will in verses 22 and 23 again even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ to all and upon all them that believe there is no different.

All people need to be saying and I got all people can be saved. Listen to me precious friend. There is nobody so God he doesn't need to be saved and nobody so bad they cannot be say is you place with Naaman. Listen it is to all, whether you are Nicodemus of the Samaritan woman you can be saved and God sent me here to tell you that today is the next thing. It is through grace. Look, if you will, in verse 24 being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ.

You see grace is the most beautiful word in the Bible other than Jesus, grace is what makes God love us when there's nothing lovely about us.

God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet senators, Christ died for us.

It is grace that makes God love the unlovely we are not loud because we value, we are valuable because we love that frame is God's amazing grace is through grace and I watch this. It is in Jesus.

Look, if you will. Now in verses 24 and 25 of this being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. I love him today. I love Jesus friend is in Jesus not in the church got him good beats this amazing grace is in the Lord Jesus Christ's redemption in Jesus. I read that Abraham Lincoln who hated slavery was in the slave market and he saw a beautiful young slave girl being auctioned off lecherous men were bidding on her to make her their dirty plaything, though she might dirty but I'm about their dirty deeds. Abraham Lincoln began to bid for this girl and one man would bid another the mid-four and a bid for an easement for filing. She was sold, Abraham Lincoln. She lifted those beautiful sad eyes to him not knowing who he was. She walked over to him knowing that he known. He took the certificate of the sale and handed it to send you free is and what should your foot.

She said what he meaningfully he said you free. She said free to do what I wanted it. He said yes free to say what I want to say. He said yes free to go where I want to go sit's she said that I'm going with you. That's where I am with Jesus friend. He made me free. That's the redemption award redemption lemmings to buy out of the slave market. I have been redeemed by his precious blood is in Jesus and I am going with him to let me dive for me. They may thank God for this justification now is also with justice. Look, if you will, in verse 26 to declare, I say at this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which believe in Jesus. You see, that's the gospel bill thing is based on law. God is only God, God will be true to his own honor God will be true to his own law. Why doesn't God just overlooks him.

Why didn't God just say, well, all right, that's okay. You sent is on a loving God, come on, come on up to heaven.

Why can God do that because sin must be paid for sin is in the front door.

Only God and if God were to let Sam go unpunished. God would be unjust God would topple from his throne of holiness say the court of law.

When a guilty man was acquitted. The judge's condition. But on the cross, Jesus paid the full price because of Calvary. God is both just and the justifier of those that believe in him is in Jesus and it is with justice.

God doesn't overlook our sin, he pardons it freely by his grace.

Listen carefully is my solemn duty to tell you that there's no other way for you to be saved.

You cannot be saved by your good deeds. If righteousness comes by the law than Christ is dead in vain. That's what Paul says in Galatians, God is just, but is a God of mercy and grace by the cross, he will save you but I want you to know this, that your sin will be pardoned in Christ. What will be punished in hell but it will never be overlooked. If you have questions regarding how to place your faith fully in Jesus Christ. We'd love to offer you an insightful resource go to our website and click discovered Jesus at the top of the page. There you find answers you may need about your faith, we have a response section there as well tell us your testimony or share how this message is impacted your life go to and click the tab that says discovered Jesus, we can wait to hear from you if you like to order a copy of today's message. Call us at 1877 love God and mentioned God versus humanity's lessons also part of the insightful foundations for our faith series for that complete collection. All 27 powerful messages: 1877 love God or go online to or you can write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for studying this important Bible passage with us today.

Remember God is just, and he doesn't owe us anything yet he is full of mercy that we can only receive after we see we deserve judgment as Adrian Rogers said the fear of God is a reference to holy it is love on its knees. Please join us next time more timeless truth right on one with your love worth finding ministries. Our mission is to share the profound truth of the gospel so simply anyone can understand. That's why we are proud to tell you about her newest book he is story rooted in the timeless teachings of Adrian Rogers.

This book will help you learn practical ways to increase your head knowledge and heart knowledge of Jesus learn about God's purpose and plan from Genesis to Revelation. In this insightful new resource to purchase a copy go to our online store. It again to order your copy of his story. Or you can write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183.

Thank you for your continued support of love worth finding

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