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Should Christians Keep the Feasts of the Old Testament?

Core Christianity / Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
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April 16, 2021 6:30 am

Should Christians Keep the Feasts of the Old Testament?

Core Christianity / Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier

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April 16, 2021 6:30 am

Episode 686 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes


1. What should I look for in a good Bible study?

2. How do I love toxic family members?

3. I have prayed the Sinner’s Prayer many times, but I have never had much confidence for if I am saved or not. What should I do?

4. People say they love the Lord, but in Leviticus 23, it says that, “these are the feast of the heavenly Father,” not the feasts of the Jews or anyone else. So, why don’t people keep the feasts? I believe Jesus would have wanted us to do this.

5. Did Jesus die on Passover or the Day of Preparation?

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Should Christians keep certain laws from the Old Testament best is one of the questions will be answering on today's addition of core Christianity will happy Friday. This is Bill Meyer along with Pastor Israel Sanchez and this is the radio program where we answer your questions about the Bible and the Christian life every day. We would love to hear from you and our phone lines are open right now for the next 25 minutes or so. So call us with your question 833 the Corvettes 1-833-843-2673. You can also post your question on one of our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, or twitter, you can watch us on YouTube live right now or later on if you can't catch it now and you can email us your question at questions at core, first up today let's go to glory in Modesto California glory. What's your question for Pastor Israel. So my question relates to Bible relatively new to when this morning and it was great.

But then there were also moments where people in the group started interpreting things that I don't know just made me feel uncomfortable. So, but overall it went back to you. Looking at the word in the words themselves. But I I'm not sure what do I need to be aware of or wary of or you now look out for in Bible studies yeah glory.

What a great great question.

I tend to love those Bible studies to get us into the Scriptures. You know sometimes there's a stated that people doing it is a lot of just sort of may be, I'm guessing you know about a group of people coming together and in sitting runs okay what you think about this verse and what you think about this person everything to sharing their own opinion, really nobody knows. As I think it's helpful to have a guide a Bible study guide there and there some really helpful ones out there. We been offering the revelation study guide which is a way to dig into the Scriptures, but to also have some guidance there with you so you don't go off into the weeds. I I tend to encourage that. I think it's great when when believers get together to open up the Scriptures to pray to study the word of God. It's wonderful. But we have to be careful that it doesn't just become everybody kind of sharing their opinions on on the Bible their own thoughts and then at the end of the day were not really getting to the real sense of the text, and so I guess I would say to you, one continue needle participating in the study if it's getting you guys in the word and you're able to have a good discussion around the Scriptures, but to do with if there isn't a helpful guide that you're using maybe a book by by a Bible teacher whose whose orthodoxies whose doctrine is good and faithful to the Scriptures than maybe getting a hold of something like that that will guide you in and help to guide the discussion so that it doesn't go off into the weeds and and everybody's left to sort of wondering what what does the Bible actually mean here is "you know some of their their resources over at our website. Core, and we have a few Bible studies that we offer there one on the Gospel of John.

One on the book of Romans and in this this most recent one on the book of Revelation, but there are other resources that I would encourage you to check out as well, and that keep on digging into the word glory. Nice to hear from you. Love the fact that glory is really tackling God's word on a regular basis really wants to grow in her faith that is so encouraging to hear from listeners like that.

This is core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez. We would love to hear from you. If you have a question about the Bible or the Christian life 833. The core is the number 1-833-843-2673 let's go to a voicemail that we received from Jessica Christian love our neighbor and another.

Not even though we try to show Christ when we want to child and I'm struggling so hard with the fact that holding the child near him bothering me so much and please tell me if I'm chilling he treated all but hoping for healthy boundary lines here with loving them. I don't want to shut my husband's mother and talk with her and so happy that sometimes we don't feel like getting what is the boundary line. How do we handle a situation not wanting a certain influence on the child but still living in Christ thinking hey Jessica, thank you so much for that question. Well, the priority has to be the safety of your children, the safety of your child and if there's something that makes you uncomfortable about this individual I would I would never say well you know you're obligated to still make sure that that your child is there with them just to make them happy that the reality is is you know if you're if your mom radar is going off. That kind of the thing yet use wisdom and the difficult thing here is right that can create a rift in family relationships and and maybe your mother-in-law starts to feel like hey what's the big deal but but first and foremost you have to prioritize your your children. Raising them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and being very careful about the kinds of influences we allow into their lives. I think it's wonderful. I'm I'm glad to hear that you have had this conversation with your mother-in-law that your husband is had this conversation with your mother London. I think you want to continue to have that conversation and maybe there are ways for for all of you to get together and spend time together as a family where you can keep a close eye on things, but I totally understand if if your desires. Look, I just want to send my my child with my mother-in-law and and not be able to have supervision. It makes me uncomfortable. Well that's that's really important that you use wisdom and also that you don't feel pressured to put your child in a compromising situation. If you think this is in a good place for my child.

This is in a safe place for my child and you do what what you know is right and and then pray that the Lord maybe softens the heart of your mother-in-law that you guys can continue to have conversations about this where you can express what your concerns are and and communicate in a way that's clear. But don't don't feel like you have to put your children in the situation that it wouldn't be safe. You don't and and God calls you to use wisdom in the situation. So thank you for your question and may the Lord bless you and Earl.

I'm so glad you use that term. Your mom radar. Obviously there something going on here were this so this mom is saying there's just I don't I don't feel comfortable with this. She's trying to be loving. She's trying not to judge, but the same time. Like you said first and foremost the safety of her child. Right, yeah. First and foremost in the end the mom radar thing I do know that was a thing until I got married and we had kids and my wife taught me about this.

You know she's just got this mom radar where she just knows you don't hate this is in a good situation and I think is husband's runaways week we can be insensitive to our lives.

This I hate okay and hopefully trust that thing because it works and and so yeah we don't put your children in those kinds of situation were called to be good stewards of all the gifts that God gives to us including our children and making sure that were raising them in healthy environments that were protecting them from danger, and that were were giving them positive influences in Christ, and so this is core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez.

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Let's go to block from Leavenworth, Kansas Buck, what's your question for Pastor Israel through tomorrow I go in the assurance emotional solution and have never had no! No insurance, you know, shuttle endeavor, emotional, you know, socially several bar no control over my emotions and feelings always analyze and overreact a lot of those situations, you know, I just can't get past the struggle here controlled by you know pleasure all time always to have some kind of stimulant and sometimes when you know the Lord will all foolish to you know everything and manages students and Bill rejected that also.

So Thompson told want to be.

Of course I know I need to be saved, along with certain personal vision returned and I disconnected so controlled while I Buck it sounds like you need rest to rest in Jesus and I think the words of our Lord Jesus, and in Matthew chapter 11 is praying. He's thinking the father and then he says come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in spirit.

You will find rest for your souls. Jesus offers you rest in him and you know a lot of times and were thinking about salvation in our own lives. You know we we recognize Still struggle with sin. I know I'm not perfect. I want to be saved. I wanted I want to know. Geez, what would you what I gotta do we send the prayer over and over again. I want to know that I know that I know that I met him say that kind of thing and we get caught up in looking within. Did I do enough did I do the right thing did I say that prayer sincerely enough, those kinds of things are assurance are rest comes not from what we do not from what you do from Christ himself. Jesus is salvation and we lay hold of him by faith. Faith is an empty hand it, it's an unclean hand, we might say because were sinners, that grabs onto the righteous robes of Jesus Christ your confidence brother. What can give you assurance will can give you rest is looking away from yourself to Jesus, whose perfect sacrifice on the cross was sufficient to pay for each and every one of your sins, your failures, your doubts, our faith is never perfect but were not were not saved by our perfect faith. The fact that we really, really totally get everything in and and what not know even a week faith even a mustard seed faith can lay hold of a strong Savior and so when you're struggling with those doubts. And with those fears look up set your eyes on Jesus, remind yourself of what he has accomplished for you that's objective, that's real. That's something that you can grasp lay hold of and know that it's for you, not because you're righteous, not because you've you've walked with the Lord perfectly or because as I said you perfect faith. Remember you Paul says in Romans five that God demonstrated demonstrated his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. That is, it wasn't when you were perfectly seeking God.

And when you you had expressed faith in and said the sinners prayer. Whatever it was that Walt while we were still sinners when we were turning our backs on the Lord God sent his son into the world for us. Even there and then and and so it it's so important for you to recognize that if God demonstrated his love for you at that time when we weren't seeking him how much more can you know Buck that he loves you as you as you seek to know him as you cry out to him for salvation and you can rest in Jesus.

Who is your salvation. So I would say interest is your having these doubts open up the word of God go to what the Scripture says me.

John says very clearly you know in first John chapter 5 write these things to you who believe in the name of the son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. You believe in Jesus you confess that Jesus is Lord you've asked him for forgiveness you're trusting in him you can know that the John says you can know that you have eternal life, and that he's can it keep you. He can hold on to you.

You can rest in that brother.

Thank you for your for your call. Buck would like to send you one of our core guides.

It's called nine ways to know you are really a Christian to hang on the line for second will get your address and send that to you by the way, if you would like that particular guide. Just go to core look for nine ways to know you are really a Christian. We also have a brand-new Bible study that we've just released.

I know that Israel's particular excited about this because it's on one of his favorite books, the book of Revelation, yes Bill I do love the book of Revelation written by the apostle John and one of those books of the Bible that there are a lot of questions about what's interesting to me is in talking to newer believers nor Christians is one of those books that I even knew Christians want to dig into because it just it's, you know, filled with mystery and you don't talk about that the end of the world that kind of thing the end of the of this world that isn't so. People have questions. That's what we we put together this resourcing earlier on the on the broadcast glory was asking about you. What are good Bible story study resources. This is one of them.

It's a helpful guide. It's going to get you into the Scriptures and and help you interpret. I think rightly one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible and so this is a great resource for you if you want to study the book of Revelation on your own as an individual or if you want to study with a group of friends or are in a churchwide Bible study that kind of thing get your hands on this resource and I think there's even a discount for bulk orders. But it's 20 for a gift of $20 or more.

Want to get this gift in your hands.

Would love to send that to you. You can request a copy of the revelation study by going to core or you can call us at 1-833-843-2670 300 and will mention if you have a church or small group that would like to get a bunch of copies of this and go through it together if you order 15 copies or more we give you the study at half price.

Again, go to core get that study. Let's go to a voicemail that we received your core Christianity yesterday. I don't really understand their data and teaching And Relaxed. They Wonder Why We like to Celebrate the Feast Day and Understand That They Say They Love the Lord with a Whole Heart, Soul and Mind and Know What the Radar May Be Passover Going When I Know about, but I Don't Know about the Rest. And yet in the Liquor 23 Says These Are the Feast of the Heavenly Father's If We Love Him with Heartfelt Might Rightly Know about It or Say. Neither the Jews Because These Are the Feast of the Heavenly Father, Thank You for Having This Program. I'm Glad I Discovered You Think That Question Leviticus Chapter 23 Verse One the Lord Spoke to Moses, Saying, Speak to the People of Israel and Say to Them. These Are the Appointed Feasts of the Lord, That You Shall Proclaim As Holy Convocations. They Are My Appointed Feasts and Then and Then Basically Goes through a Number of These Fees You Have the Sabbath to Serve Weekly Celebration of Rest of Resting in the Lord, You Have the Passover, the Feast of Firstfruits That the Feast of Weeks That the Day of Atonement Right Described Earlier in the Book of Leviticus Lease 18. The Feast of Booths Give All of These. All of These Fees That Are Described Really What These Were Were Periods over Their Periods of Worship for the People of God but Also Time to Reflect on What God Had Accomplished in History to Redeem His People You Bring Them Out Of Egypt, Providing for Them through the Wilderness. It Was a Way of Reminding the People of God throughout the Year of How God Had Been so Good to Them in Their History and That's Why They Would Worship Music Is What God Had Accomplished for Them Now in Terms of Why Christians Today and throughout the History of the Church Have Not Continued to Observe These Feasts Is As a Sort of Rule of Worship Will Inc. about What the Apostle Paul Said in Colossians Chapter 2 Verse 16 He Speaks Directly to This. Therefore, Let No One Pass Judgment on You and Questions of Food or Drink, or with Regard to a Festival or a New Moon or a Sabbath. These Are a Shadow of the Things to Come, but the Substance Belongs to Christ. There You Go by That There's There's Your Answer. In the Old Testament, They Did Practice These Faces As the People of God under the Old Covenant, but Those These These These Religious Rituals That They Would Go through Similar to the Sacrifices of the Old Covenant. They Were a Shadow of the Reality That They Pointed to Something Even Greater Than Themselves and Ultimately That Reality Is Jesus. He Is Our Passover Lamb, the Lamb of God Came to Take Away the Sins of the World Affect That's Precisely What Paul Called Him in First Corinthians Chapter 5 Verse Seven.

In Fact, the Lord's Supper Communion Which Churches You Know My Church Participates in Every Every Single Week.

Those Are the Fulfillment There That Is the Fulfillment of of Many of These Fees Anything. Think about the Passover and so in One Sense We Are Observing These Things in the Way That They Were Intended to Be Observed in Light of Christ.

The Reality, the Substance and so That's That's Why We Do What We Do Is Think of. Again, Paul's Words There in Colossians Chapter 2, I Appreciate Your Question Very Much, and It Is Wonderful to See How These These Rituals in the Old Testament Point Is Forward to Christ in the New Testament and His Work of Redemption for Us the Whole Bible Really Points Us to Jesus. Thank You for That Question. Amen.

This Is Core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez.

Let's Go to Charlie in Menlo Park, California Charlie, What's Your Question for Pastor Israel and Is on Call When He Read His Last Breath Was on Liberation Day Passover or the Next Day. Thank You. Hey Charlie, Thank You so Much for That Question. You Know There There Is Some Debate about This Right and You You Think about Some of the Discrepancies We Get in the Gospels, It Just in Terms of Window Jesus Breathed His Last Breath.

If You Look at Mark Chapter 15, Start in Verse 33 and When the Sixth Hour Had Come There Was Darkness over the Whole Land until the Ninth Hour and at the Ninth Hour Jesus Cried out with a Loud Voice a Low Yearly Landmass about the Knee, Which Means My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me. Some of the Bystanders Hearing It Said, Behold, He Is Calling Elijah and Someone Ran and Filled a Sponge with Sour Wine, Put on a Read and Gave It to Him to Drink, Saying Wait, Let Us See Whether Elijah Will Come to Take Him down.

And Jesus Uttered a Loud Cry and Breathed His Last, and the Curtain of the Temple Was Torn into for There's Jesus Last Breath Right There from Top to Bottom and When the Centurion Who Stood Facing Him, Saw That in This Way He Breathed His Last.

He Said Truly This Man Was the Son of God.

Now I Just Mentioned Middle. Paul's Words in First Corinthians Chapter 5 Verse Seven Where He Referred to Jesus As Our Passover Lamb.

So in One Sense I Think What I Would Want to Say Is We Know beyond a Shadow of a Doubt There's There's Debate about Specifically on What You What Moment Did Jesus Breathed His Last. We Know the Gospel Writers Are Portraying Jesus Depicting Jesus to Us As the Great Passover of His People through Him, Our Sins Are Covered. That's the Hope That We Haven't Really What's Focused on Their in in the Gospels. In Particular, Here in Mark Chapter 15 Is the Fact That Jesus Is Bearing Our Curse Getting Back to Verse 33, When the Six Hour Had Come There Was Darkness over the Whole Land until the Ninth Hour so This Is Darkness in the Middle of the Day When Jesus Is Being Crucified. You Know, It's so Interesting about This If You're a Student of the Bible You Know That in the Old Testament. One of the Curses for Disobedience to God's Law Was Darkness during the Day You See This and in Exodus Chapter 10 for Example, You Think of That, the Curse of Darkness. The Plague of Darkness on Egypt. It Was It Was Just Dark.

A Darkness That Could Be Felt Even during the Day but You Also See It in the Curses for Disobedience to God's Law That Are Outlined in Places like Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Deuteronomy 28, 29 Talks about Darkness at Noon Day As Being One of the Curses for Disobedience to God's Law. You See This in Other Places As Well. Like the, the Book of Isaiah, for Example.

So Here We Have Jesus Bearing This Curse for His People.

Why Brothers and Sisters. Jesus Never Sinned, He Was Never Disobedient, Ever, Not Once to the Law of God and yet He's Bearing the Curse of the Law.

Why Four Us. This Is What the Apostle Paul Says in Galatians Chapter 3, He Became a Curse, He Was Elevated on the Cross. He Took Our Curse so That We Might Have Eternal Life. That's the Focus of the People Get I Thinking up in All Sorts of Debates about What Moment Did This Happen Which Day Knowing Again. There Some Discrepancy, but We Know That the Gospel Writers Think Jesus Is the Lamb of God, Our Passover Lamb, and What's the What's the Point of What's Happening Here Jesus Is Bearing the Curse of Our Sin, so That When Were Struggling As I Was Speaking to a Brother Earlier on This Broadcast Today, Struggling, and How Can I Know How Can I Rest in God's Salvation Had I Know That I'm Sable You Can Know Because the Curse That You Deserve. Jesus Took on the Cross. What Comfort Brothers and Sisters.

What a Comfort.

We Know When We Look inside We Know That We Deserve That Curse the Darkness If You Will, Death, and yet Jesus Was Crowned with It. That's Another Interesting Thing about Mark 15 Actually Earlier Right Were Were Told That Jesus Had a Crown of Thorns Placed upon His Head. Prior to Being Crucified Wars. The First Time You See Thorns in the Bible in Association with the Curse That the Ground Is Going to Yield Thorns and Thistles.

Everything in This Texas Is Jesus. He Is Literally Crowned with Our Curse the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and Because Jesus Was Crowned with Our Curse. You and I Can Be Crowned with Eternal Salvation. It Really Is the Hope of the Gospel.

It's What Some Theologians Have Referred to As the Great Exchange. Jesus Takes All of Our Sin and We Get All of His Righteousness to Close Us in His Righteousness I Hope You Know That Gospel Because When You Know It's You Can Rest in the Hope of Eternal Life. Thanks for Listening to Core Christianity Request Your Copy of Today's Special Offer. Visit Us at Core, and Click on Offers and the Menu Bar or Call Us at 1-833-843-2673. That's 833 When You Contact Us. Please Let Us Know How You Been Encouraged by This Program and Be Sure to Join Us Next Time. As We Explore the Truth of God's Word Together

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